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Just as Scores of liillsboro
pie UaVe.
Waiting doesn't pay.
Ir you neglect kidney Sackache.
Urinary troubles often follow.
Act In time by curing the kidneys.
Doans Kidney Pills are especially
for weakened kidneys. '
Many people In this locality recom
mend them.
Here's one case:
Mrs. Ida Mahan, Knauer St., Ba
tavla, Ohio, says: "Four years ago
one of the family was. In bad shape
with an attack of kidney trouble. His
back caused him so much pain that he
could hardly do his 'work,- Ho com
plained almost constantly, He was
unable to lift without getting sharp
pains across his loins. His kidneys
caused him much annoyance, disturb
ing his rest at night .and he got up in
the morning feellog all worn out.
Many a day he felt more like lying
down than working. Nothing seemecj
to give him relief and he gradually
grew worse. Doan's Kidney Pills were
highly recommended by a friend and
he used them. The first box relieved
hlm.of the misery In the back and
after he had taken four boxes, his kid
neys were normal. He hasn't had any
pain In his back since and his kidneys
are all right." -
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Euffalo,
Hew York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
Jan. 19. 1014, ,
Harry and Wilmer Glbler returned
to their homo in Springfield last week,
after a visit with relatives here and at
Miss Inez Stroup spent several days
of the pastweeX with Joe Brulportand
wife, at Fayetteville.
Mrs. L. Winkle visited Dora Saddler;
aqd family, at Russell, Thursday.
Bert King and wife entertained
Riley Hart and wife and Mat Hart
Lew Barrow was a business visitor
in Cincinnati last week.
Ed Lewis and wife were visitors at
the home of Joseph Stroup Wednesday.
Phil Stroup and wife spent Sunday at
the parental home.
Mrs. Lillian, Granger and children
spent Sunday with her parents at-Har-wood.
Ed Burton and wife spent Friday
evening at the home of Sam Drake.
Miss Evx Pulse,'of Dodsonvllle, and
Dr. Margaret Millar, of Hillsboro, at
tended church here Sunday evening
and called on Mrs. L. E. Handley.
Miss Isma Faris spent Sunday with
Miss Hazel Shaffer.
Mrs. John Easter and daughter, Miss
Louesa, of Belfast, were guests of Mrs.
Frank Tedrick part of last week.
CyiShafler and wife and son, Virgil,
visited relatives at Allensburg Sunday.
Mother Grays Sweet Powders for
Relieves Feverlshness, Bad Stom
ach, Teething Disorders, move and
regulate the Bowels and are a pleasant
remedy for Worms. Used by Mothers
for 24 years. They never fall At all
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dress, Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, IT.
Y. , adv
Jan. 10, 1914.
Harry Chaney and sister spent a few
days last week with Mrs. Ova Greed.
Fred Carey returned .home Saturday
evening from Clermont county, where
he has been assisting Mr. Hunter in
survey work.
W. D. Carey Is spending a few days
in Cincinnati.
H. C. Sanders delivered a fine bunch
of hogsand cattle at New 'Vienna last
Leona and Madge Chaney and Elvis
Michael spent Saturday evening with'
Olive and Lettle Smith,
Roy Beck and wife entertained
friends from Adams county last week.
Homer Grove and wife entertained
several of their friends to dinner Sun
E. H. Edwards and wife spent Sun
day at C. N. Carey's.
Kathryn and Ruth Devln spent
Sunday evening with Olive, Lettle and
Gladys Smith.
Ethel and Donald,Carey spent Satur
day and Sunday under the parontal
m m
If You Are a Trifle Sensitive
l About the size of your shoes it's some
" ' satisfaction to know that many people
can wear shoes a size smaller by shak
ing Allen's Foot-Ease into them. Just
the thing for dancing parties and for
breaking in new shoes. Sold every
where, 25o. Sample FREE. Address,
Allen S, Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. adv
There are 483 iron mines in the
United States, employing 65,170 per
Jan. 19, 1014
P. D. Stotler and wife entertained a
number of their friends to dinner Sun
day. Walter Ridgeway and wife spent
Sunday with relatives near Satnantha.
A number of young people from this
vicinity attended preaching at High
land Sunday vnlght.
Inez Ford spent from Friday until
Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Wm. J.
Hamilton, near Fall Creek.
James Roads attended preaching at
Hillsboro Sunday morning,
James Roads and wife entertained
W. J, Rogers and family, of Hillsboro,
Saturday afternoon.
Biliousness and Constipation
If you are ever troubled with bilious
ness or constipation you will be inter
ested in the statement or R. F. Erwln,
Peru, Ind. "A year ago last winter I
had an attack of Indigestion followed
by biliousness and constipation. See
ing Chamberlain's Tablets so highly
recommended, I bought a bottle of
them and they helped me right away."
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Jan. 19, 1914.
Coburn Vance and wife, of Hillsboro,
spent Wednesday at their farm here
Chas. Elliott and Robert Patter
son called on Ralph Sprinkle Tuesday
Carey Kirkpatrlck, wife and sop,
Chester, spent Sunday afternoon with
Will Kelly and wife, near Carlisle
Mrs Geo. Prine spent Thursday af
ternoon with Mrs. Chas Simbro.
Walter Hill, of Hillsboro, was a
caller here Thursday evening.
Ralph Sprinkle, wife and little son,
Clifford, spent Sunday with the for
'mer's parents, Dave Sprinkle and wife,
near Carlisle Springs. '
Mrs. Will Johnson and daughter,
Miss Olla, spent Sunday afternoon
with Geo. Prlne and family.
Hoyt Gri filth, wife and son, George
Michael, of 'Pittsburg, Pa., are spend
ing their vacation with his parents,
Geo. Griffith and wife.
Doll Robbins is spending a few days
with relatives at Locust Grove.
Mrs. Delbert Robbins spent Thurs
day with her sister, Miss Bessie Myers,
in Hillsboro.
Geo. Prlne and son, George, called
on Ralph Sprinkle Sunday morning.
Carey Kirkpatrlck called on Emer
son Hathaway Sunday morning.
Geo. Prine and family spent Friday
night with Luther Campbell and
W. E. Noftsger and family spent
Sunday with friends in Hillsboro.
Mrs. Will Johnson spent Tuesday
afternoon with Mrs Geo Grifllth.
, Pern Grifllth Is on the sick list.
Miss Grace Simbro and brother, Wil
bur, spent Saturday and Sunday with
friends at Bridges.
Dangers of a Cold.
Do you know that of all the minor
ailments colds are by far the most
dangerous? It is not the colds them
selves that you need to fear, but the
serious diseases that they so often lead
to. For that reason every cold should
be gotten rid of with the least possible
delay. To accomplish this you will
find Chamberlain's cough Remedy of
great help to you. It loosens a cold,
relieves the lungs, aids expectoration
and enables the system to throw off
the cold. For sale'by All Dealers.
Jan. 14, 1914.
O. F. McNeil and wife, of Jlillsboro,
visited. Mrs. Elizabeth West Eriday.
Roy Miller visited his 6lster at
Balnbridge last week.
George Chaney is confined to his bed
with an attack of rheumatism.
Lon Elmore, ot Hillsboro, visited C.
C. Eakins and family last week.
Tom Soale, of Folsom, visited his
uncle, Benton Parkes, Thursday.
Mrs. HughiMoorman entertained her
son, Winnie, of Marion, last week.
John Herdman, of Lynchburg, Is
visiting his parents, J. Tfy Herdman
Miss Edna Willman
Wilfman visited Mrs.
and Beecher
Earl Trout,
Lorain SpargUr was a visitor In
Hillsboro Tuesday.
Earl Trout and wife visited Mrs.
Trout's parents, Nathan Bales and
wife, at Prospect, last week.
Miss Edna Willman was In Hills-
boro Tufesday
I Lorain Spargur visited at Onion
Wm. Hochenberger left Monday for
Greenfield to accept a position.
Miss Viola Sexton visited Miss Stella
Mercer, at Union, Sunday.
Mrs. Ellis E. West was a visitor in
Hillsboro Friday.
Mr, Ashmore was a visitor in this
locality recently.
'uinif lun nror.orn Hriirrof
.vicamuiu ucdCAdcu ncnnio
By the Great Specialist, Dr. Frank
lin MUm, Who Will Send His
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To prove the remarkable curative
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Treatment for heart disease, short
breath, pain in side, snoulder or arm,
oppression,- Irregular pulse, palpita
tion, smothering, pulling of ankles or
dropsy, Dr. Miles will send free to
afflicted persons a $2 50 treatment.
These treatment are the result of
30 years' extensive research and re
markable success in treating various
ailments of the heart, liver, siomach,
kldnejs and nerves, which often com
plicate each case. So astonishing are
the results of his treatment tint he
offers all sick persons a two pound
Trial Treatment Free. His Book con
tains many wonderful cures.
Stnd (or Rcmarkibl Cure i In Your State
Certainly nothing could be more
generous. Few physicians have such
confidence in their treatments. All
afflicted persons should avail them
selves of this liberal offer, as they may
never have such an opportunity again
Delays are dangerous. No death
comes more suddenly than that from
heart disease.
- Send at once for his Book, Examin
ation Chart, Opinion and Free Treat
ment. Describe your disease. Ad
dress Dr. Franklin Miles; Dept. HA.,
642 to 652 Main Street, Elkhart, Ind.
Jan. 19, 1914.
Mrs. Alex Easter and brother, Lon
Swonger, spent the first of last week
in Cincinnati. ,
Little Evelyn Easter has been
threatened with malari fever the past
few days.
Harry Satterfleld, ,W. N. Satterlleld
and wife and Clarence Satterfleld spent
Sunday at the home of Murrell
Miss Letha Redkey is visiting at the
home of J. A. Gllmore.
Miss Mary lilllganspentlast Thurs
day with Will McClure and family.
Mrs. Geo. Umphlet entertained at
dinner Sunday Ada and Ethel Jami
son and May, Carrie, Cora and Charles
Mr. Fanning and wife and daughter,
of Dayton, are visiting tiie latter's
sisters, Mrs. Wra. Halgh and Mrs. Otis
Lewis Walker,of Flat Run, attended
church here Sunday and took dinner
with Otis Easter.
Rev. A. G.'Reynolds spent Thursday
with J. A. Gllmore.
Eugene Curtis and sister, Miss Ethel,
returned home Thursday after a visit
with friends here:
District Superintendent C. M. Van
Pelt will hold Quarterly Conference
at Belfast Monday afternoon at 2
Cough Medicine for Children.
Never give a child a cough medicine
that contains opium 1n any form.
When opium is given other and more
serious diseases may follow. Long
experience has demonstrated that
there Is no ibetter or safer medicine
for coughs, colds and croup in children
than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It is equally valuable for adults. Try
It. It contains no opium or other
harmful drugs. For sale by All Deal
ers, adv
Jan. 10, 1914.
Asy West, of Ralnsboro, spent Sat
urday night and Sunday with his sis
ter, Mrs. T. M. Frump and family.
James Butler, of Sinking Spring,
visited his sister, Mrs. W. L Turner,
Sunday. Mrs. Turner is rio better.
Mrs. Sallie Butler and Mrs. Ella
Williams called on Mrs. W. L. Turner
Friday afternoon.
T. M. Frump transacted business in
New Petersburg, Friday and Satur
day. Uncle Joe Hammond has been con
fined to the house for the past few
Will Lewis is still sick with la grippe
Mrs. Tressia Gall called on her moth
er, Mrs. T. M. Frump, Sunday after
noou. Willie Courtney took dinner with
Clarence and Ernest Frump, Sunday.
Mrs. Ella Courtney and daughter,
Ida, visited Crlss Courtney Sunday.
Mrs. Mollle Doggett spent Sunday
at Belfast.
John Lewis and wife called on J. W.
Lewisand family one morning last
Geo. Henry Williams and wife at
tended the Bobb funeral, Saturday, at
'Olive Branch.
$100 Reward, $100
The readers of this paper will b
pleased to learn that there Is at least on
dreaded dtoea3e that science has beer
able to cure In all Us stapes, and that If
Catarrh. I.ah'a Catarrh Cure Is tho onlj
positive cure now known to tho medlca
fraternity. Catarrh being a constltutlona
disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken In
ternally, acting directly upon tho blocd
and mucous surfaces of the system, there
by destroying the foundation of the din
ease, and giving the patient strength by
building up t'-.e constitution and assisting
nature in dolig Its work, Tho proprietor!
nave bo much f"'lh In it curative psw
jrs that they oTcr O-e Hundred Dollar!
'cr a -y c.o that l t-lla to cure- Bend
- r-t.ff teBtlmonlils. ,.'....
"ni", J. C'lCtl f CO., Toledo, Cfcla
1 1-7 r' p-iif-I-",, 7 -.
.a Uall's rnmlly nils 1 Jr eoMttpattou.
They Had a Fine Contempt For
Personal Appearance.
Turner, the Artist; Dressed Like an
Old Time Cab Drivei Dr. Johnson
Was Grotesque, and "Old Fitz" Out
raged All the Sartorial Conventions.
It la surprising uuw uutrugeously
careless of their personal appearance
ninny famous men lnive been. Genius
may or uiuy not be nl Hod to mildness,
but It has certainly very often been
linked with hu utter dlsregurd for
clothes and cleanly habits
It Is said of Turner, the great land
scape painter, that his bauds were "the
smallest uud dirtiest hands on record."
Perhaps that Is an exaggeration, but
be was certainly very slovenly In his
dress He wore a black swnllowtall
dress cont. very mucb In need of a
clothesbnmb vigorously used, tuiilln
the wannest as well as In the voidest
weather he wore round his throat n
sort of wrap or mulller. which be
would unloose, letting the ends dangle
down In front and dip Into the colors
of bis palette. He always worked
either with his old but on bis bead or
with this same large mulller over bis
bead His appearance was more like
that of an old time coachmnn than of
n famous tloynl Academician, for bo
was short and stout, with a red and
blotchy face.
Dr. Johnson's slovenliness has al
most passed Into a proverb There are"
many contemporary accounts of his
turning out of his house In Bolt court
with hfs wig back to front and his
stockings down. When Boswell visited
him at 1 Inner Temple lane he records:
"His brown suit of clothes looked very
rusty; be had on a little, old shriveled,
unpowdered wig, which was too small
for his bead; bis shirt neck and tho
knees of his breeches were loose, his
black worsted stockings 111 drawn up,
and by way of slippers be bad on a
pair of unbuckled shoes." When It Is
added that this great "man was con
stantly twitching, grunting, shaking
bis bead, pulling his cheeks and blink
ing his eyes, it must be admitted that
his appearance was not only uncouth
but grotesque
Thomas Carlyle, coming of .a peasant
race, never conformed to society garb,
ne was always the Inspired peasant
He would sometimes go out In his
old dressing gown, over which be but
toned a big coat, gray with age. When
he was left alone In the bouse be de
Jlgbted In swilling his flagstones with
palls of water, and many a distin
guished friend found him thus en
gaged with a kind of smock on and
his bushy hair all tousled. He went
about all. the summer among the high
est aristocracy In a frieze jacket which
was part of an old dressing gown. All
the cabmen and bus drivers Chelsea
way knew him One said, "He may
wear a queer 'at. but what would yer
give for the 'endplece Inside of It?"
It would not be seemly to describe
Tennyson as slovenly In any real
sense He was a singularly noble
looking man, but ho did not care a Jot
what be wore. His-old slouch hat bad
seen unnumbered years and flapped
about at all angles, and the Inverness
cape which he Invariably wore was
about as old as his hat- People who
met him without knowing bis Immenso
distinction would have regarded him
as a ratber quaint character, and a
tailor's cutter would not have assessed
Dim at half a dollar, all told
This Is a description of the daily ap
pearance of Edwnrd Fitzgerald, the
Immortal translator of "The Rubalyat"
of Omar Khayyam: "Straggling gray
hair and slovenly In dress, wearing an
ancient, battered, black banded, shiny
'edged tall hat, round which he would
In wintry weather tie a handkerchief
to keep It In place; his clothes of
baggy blue cloth, as though be were a
seafarer; bis trousers short and bis
Bhoes low, exhibiting a length of white
or gray stockings. With an unstnrch
d shirt front, high, crumpled, standup
collar, a big black silk tie In a careless
bow: In cold weather trolling a green
and blnck and gray plaid shawl. In hot
weather even walking barefoot with
bis boots slung to a stick." Surely
"Old Fitz." as Tennyson called him,
took the cake for slovenliness of all
the Immortals! Pearson's Weekly.
A Useful Army.
Completing the Improvements In a
conquered town, says Popular Mechan
ics, Is an unusual occupation for an In
vading army, but tbls Is what happen
ed In Uskub. Macedonia When the
Balkan war broke out the electric
street lighting system was almost com
filete. The town wns then taken by tho
Servian army, and the engineering
staff completed the system and put it
In working order.
1 Dore's Musical Rebus.
Gustavo Dore. the famous painter
and engraver, once bought a villa on
the outskirts of Paris and wrote over
the entrance this musical rebus. Do,
ml, si. la. do. re. This, properly Inter
preted. Is "Domicile a Dore," or In
plain English "Home of Dore."
An Invitation.
"What are you thinking of, Miss
"Of your name. Mr. Htiggins."
"My tin me?"
"Yes, as Shakespeare says. Is there
anything in a name?" Seattle Post-In-telllgencer.
I liuve often wondered how every
man loves himself mora than all thi
rest of men. Antonlus
January 19, 1914. '
E'lsworth Warnock and wife enter
tained Burcli Parshali and family
II. M. Grove and family and Grace
Bice, of Hillsboro, spent Sunday with
Elmer Steel and family.
A number of the young people from
here attended the box supper at Bar
rett's Friday night.
Fay Washburn and Card Easter
spentj Sunday evening with Faye
Clyde Johnson and wife, of near
Danville, spent Sunday with Roy
Warnock and wife.
Ella Butler called on Martha Brown
Friday evening.
Harry; Lyle and wife, of Danville,
spent Sunday with his brother, Ha
iner Lyle.
Vora Barton and wife spent Sunday
with Albert Pierce and family.
Pearl Stephens and family visited
C. M. Stephens and family Sunday.
January 19, 1914.
Grant McConnaughey met with a
painful accident last week, breaking
his collar bone. He Is getting along
Rev. Pllzer, of Wahl's Crossing, was
the guest of J. V. Sanders and family
Saturday night.
Frank Custer and family were the
guests of G. W. Sanders and family
Wm. Huches and wife and Alfred
Miranda and family were entertained
at dinner Sunday by Homer Sanders
and family.
Isaac Larick and family, of New
Market,! met with what might have
been a serious accident Friday. Mr.
Larick and wife and two small child
ren were driving in a buggy down
what Is known as the Cabin Hill on
the Concordjplke when the breeching
of the harness broke. The horse, a
young one, started to run but was
guided toward a high rail fence which
lie jumped, breaking the tugs of the
harness and getting loose from the
I Farmers are plowing when the
weather will permit.
R. O. HufT received word Saturday
that his brother was lying very low
with pueumonla at his home in Col
umbus. i J. W. Emery and wife spent Friday
with the latter's aunt, Mrs. Nathaniel
Roush, at Mt. 'Aon. Mrs. Roush is
very sick.
j Mr. Kirk, of Illinois, is visiting rel
atives here.
I Minnie Vance entertained at dinner
Wednesday Mrs. Annie Eakins and
Mrs. Maggie Roush', of New Market,
and Mrs. J. C. Vance.
January 10, 1914.
Isaac Larrlck and wife and two
children, of New Market, spent Friday
with H. M. Igo and family.
John Stanforth. of Jessup, spent
Saturday night and Sunday with his
cousin, Ruby Caley.
W. S. Huffman, of Sablna, Is visit
ing at the home of J. C. Larick and
U. M. Igo this week.
J. C. Larick and wife and daughter,
Ruby, spent Saturday with Isaac
Stanforth and daughter, Ordella, at
New Market.
"Mrs John Capllnger and Mrs. Geo.
Caplinger are sick.
Lew Igo and family spent Sunday
at the home of II. M. Igo.
Mrs. Curtis Rotroff returned home
Friday after spending the past two
weeks with her children in Wilming
ton and Sabina.
The Ladles Aid Society will hold Its
next meeting at the home of Mrs.
Sarah Hatcher, Feb. 5.
January 10, 1914.
Harry Lyle and wife, of near Dan
ville, were guests at the home of his
brother, Hamer, Saturday and Sun
day. Miss Inez Ford, of near Carey town,
spent a few days last week with her
sister, Mrs. Wm. Hamilton.
A number attended the box sup
per'and spelling bee Friday night. $7
was secured for the library.
J. S. Lovett and wife, Leslie Stevens
and Vernon Hammond took dinner at
the home of John Turner -Sunday.
O.IM. Stevens spent a few days with
his son, Cyrus, in Cincinnati last week.
" Mrs. Elizabeth Tompkins and two
daughters, Emma and Florence, spent
last Thursday with Mrs. Wm. Rowe.
Mrs. Charles Spence spent Sunday
and Monday witli her mother, Mrs.
Tom Cope.
Mrs. Sampson Lovett spent last
Tuesday with Mrs. Wm. Rowe.
Edward Meredith and family were
guests Sunday of Ben Bussey and
wife, of near Bridges.
Miss Ruth Barnes is visiting her
sister, Miss Ethel.
Mrs. Joseph Karnes is very 111.
Wm. Rowe and wife and W, W.
Wolfe and family were entertained by
Mrs. Elizabeth Tompkins Sunday.
Brofttaioncil (Sari:
Both Phorm.In Office and Rctldmcc
Office Short St., Opp. Court Bonn
Glenn Big. BILL8BOBO, ,
Home 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone 148
Hlltaboroi Ohio.
Orrtoa: In Hnlmes Uuilatnr, North Hlc
Or hoi Hours. P to it a. m., 2 to ana 8 it
o P. ID
Both 'Phones In Office and Reddence.
For Your Flo-were.
Funeral Directors & Embalmers
A Full Line of High Grade .
Prompt Delivery. Courteous Treatment
- Your Patronage Solicited
ISuccessors to J. C. Koch)
Ottlcekear ot Traction' repot
Home Phone J44
Jan 19 1904.
Frank Vance and family, of Hollow
town, spent Friday at the home of the
former's parents, Mose Vance and
Mrs. O. A. Lemon Is visiting her
brother Wm. McReynolds, at Mom
moth, and Reece McReynolds, at Ger
law, 111.
W. E. Lemon has sold his nrotiertv
on W. Main street, to Forest Emery.
Isaac Larrlck and family were the
guests of n. N. Igo and family, of
Miller's Chapel, one day last week.
Lewis Rosselott spent Wednesday
with Ed Fenner and family, near Tay
lorsvllle. John Custer, of Chicago, 111., spent
several days recently with his parents,
L. B. Custer and wife.
Isaac Stanfoithanddaughter, Delia,
spent a couple of days last week with
Frank Holmes and family at Hills,
Mrs. L. L. Eakins, A. E. Hunter
and Mrs. P. S. Bell are sick.
W. E. Borden was a business visitor
in Columbus, Saturday,
Reuben Fawley and wife were the
guests of Lewis Purdy and wife, Fri
day. Arthur Duckwall and wife called on
Lewis Rosselott and wife, Thursday
Mrs. G. H. McConnaughey and Mrs.
Joseph Strain spent Thursday with
Mrs. Geo. Brognard.
Mrs. C. W. Carr left Saturday' to
visit relatives at Portsmoutli and
Cincinnati for several days.
C. V. Purdy and wife spent Sunday
with A. E. Hunter.
Cary West and wife called on .Nelson
Barrere and family Wednesday.
Mrs. Wm. Carrier and daughter,
Hazel, were the guests of Frank
Sharp and wife, near Dunn's Chapel,
the past week.
Mrs. F. L. Lemon, of Hillsboro,
spent Sunday at the VanWinkle
Sarah Fenner, of Nirwood, Is the
guest of her sister, Mrs. Lewis Rosse
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