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Jan. 10, 1914.
Mrs. A. G. Cameron returned last
Friday from an extended visit with
relatives at Dayton.
' Frank Lucas and wife, of Marshall
township, spent last Friday with
Ellsha Beaver and wife.
J. B. Davis, E. P. Carter, Leslie
George, C. A. Beaver and J. G. Redkey
spont part of last week at Columbus,
attending the meeting of the Ohio
Agricultural Commission.
The Ladles Aid Society will be enter
tained on Thursday afternoon by Mrs.
Frances West.
T. B. Powell left last Tuesday for a
couple weeks visit with relatives in
West Virginia.
UhicPenrod, of Columbus, is a guest
at the home of his aunt, Mrs. John
Fo raker.
Clarence Cooeland and Miss Lora
.Bobb were united In marriage at Hills
boro last Wednesday The ceremony
being performed by Rev. John How ard
The happy couple will begin house
keeping on the groom's farm on Rocky
The second quarterly meeting of the
M. E. church will be held at Dji las
next Saturday. Dr. VanPelt, the Dis
trict Superintendent, will be present
and preach at 10 a. m
The W. C. T. U. will hold their
regular meeting at the M. E. parson
age next Tuesday afternoon An Inter
esting program has been prepared on
the subject of "Health and Heredity."
The masque social at the K. of P.
hall last Saturday night added a
neat sum to the treasury of the Aid
Cecil Harrington has returned to his
work at Dayton, after spending a week
with his parents here.
Ellsha Beaver, who has bten in ill
health for several months, has been
much worse the past week.
Januaay 19, 1914.
Protracted meeting will begin at
this place on Sunday night, Feb. 1.
Stanley Frost and family moved
last week to the place vacated by Dan
Frost and wife.
Miss Essa Cowman, of Hillsboro, is
spending several weeks with her sis
ter, Mrs. John McCreight.
Mrs. Amos Hopkins and daughter,
Mozella, spent Thursday with F. L.
Crosen and family.
Hazel Carrier, of New Market, spent
several days last week with her sister,
Mrs. Frank Sharp.
Amos Hopkin and son, Harry,
spent Thursday with friends near
"Neal Collins and family, of Carey
town, visited Lafe Calloway and fam
ily recently.
Albert Beezy returned to his home
In Indiana last week, after visiting
his brother, Frank, for several weeks.
Clarence Kier and Dave Newell are
Nellie Johnson spent Sunday with
Al. Shook and family.
Ina Welbley spent Sunday with
Leanna and Ruby Crosen.
Harry Fenner and family spent
Thursday evening with Steward Ben
ton and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crosen spent
Sunday with Mrs. Harry Hill, of
Arthur Hatcher returned Monday
from a two weeks trip to Florida.
Ed. King and wife and son, of Snow
Hill, spent Sunday with Arthur Kier
and family.
Amos Hopkins and daughter, Mo
feella, spent Sunday with his mother
near New Petersburg.
Ben Fenner purchased a Studebaker
touring car last week.
Mrs. Ora Lelnlnger, of Shroffner,
spent last week with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed. Chaney.
Roy Harvey, of Mowrystown, spent
Thursday night with Arthur Kier
and family.
Mrs. Arthur Kier and Mrs. Clarence
Kier spent Tuesday with Mrs. Ed.
King, of Snow Hill.
Steward Burton and family spent
Tuesday with Frank Burton, of Bus
Mrs. Clarence Kier and children
Bpent Wednesday with Allen Purdy
and wife, of near Lynchburg.
Jesse Welbley, of Russell, spent
Sunday with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Welbley.
Wm, Fenner spent Wednesday night
with Stanley Frost and wife, of Tay
lorsvllle. Miss Elsie J. Achor, of Sharpsville,
spent several days last week with
Hazel Scott. .
Harry Fenner and family spent Sun
day with G. M. Fenner and wife, of
near Berryvljle.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Edlngfleld, of
Hillsboro, were the giests of Walter
Scott and wife Friday.
Tb,e presiding elder will preach at
this place next Sunday afternoon at
2:30 standard time. Sunday School in
afternoon before preaching.
Mr. and Mrs. William D, Gibson
Bpent Sunday with Cobe Vance and
wife, of Hillsboro.
I By the Hillsboro Orchestra
ADMISSION 50 Cents j
January 19, 1014.
Wm. Stratton and wife were enter
tained by Catharine Morgan Wednes
day. Mrs. Mallnda King was her
guest Thursday.
Leonard Carpenter, of Lynchburg,
received a painful Injury recent y and
his brother, Claude, of this place, Is
doing his blacksmithing.
Miss Stella Hall is visiting her
brother, Allie, and wife.
Edward Burns and wife visited his
sister, Mrs. George Bumgardner, at
Marshall, Sunday
W. E Fawley and wife spent last
Thursday with Matt Fawley and wife
near Buford.
nenry Euverard and family enter
tained Maggie Gossett and sons and
John Fender Sunday.
Mallnda King Is visiting Wlrda Car
penter. C. Roy Euverard and family had as
their guests Sunday John Hess and
family, Frank Vance and John King
and family
G. E. Martin entertained with a
pop corn social Saturday night. An
enjoyable time was had.
Dexter Carpenter and wife and son,
Ezra, and daughter, Elizabeth, helped
surprise Agee Carpenter at Shackelton
one day last week.
Allle HalPs little daughter, Ursula,
is staying with her grandparents, T.
P Hall and wife and going to scluol.
Mrs. Mary Hess has gone for an ex
tended visit in Cincinnati and points
in Butler county.
S. A. Landess and wife spent Sat
urday night with A. Q Landess and
family and Sunday with Wm. Custer.
Mrs. Josie Ludwlck and Jennie Lay
mond were the guest of their sister,
Mrs. Vernice Carr, of Sonner's Chapel,
last Wednesday.
Mack Haynes and family entertain
ed the following guests with a music
party last Wednesday night: Wm.
McLaughlin and family, Estel Fawley
and family, John King and wife, Guy
Custer and family, Radford Davidson
and family, Nick Marconett, Lissa
Moberly and son, Floyd, Wm. Shaffer
and wife, Maggie Gossett and son,
John and Earl Fender, Ted Shaffer
and family, George Martin and fam
ily, Edward Burns and wife, Roy Eu
verard and family, Gall Davidson,
Stanley Carpenter, Francis Kier and
William Landess. All report a good
Several from this place attended
the box supper at the White School
nouse last Friday night. Hugh
Stock well, the teacher, was in 'charge.
Jan. i9, 1914.
Chas. Pluess, who was called to
Cleveland by the sickness and death
of his mother, has returned home.
Tie was accompanied by his sister, Mrs.
Mae Fellslng, who is visiting her
'aunt, Mrs. Kate Minke.
uphn Wise and wife, of Mowrys
town, were guests of Wm. Wise and
fatally, Sunday.
Rev. R. C, Davidson and wife were
entertained by Joseph Gomia and
wife, Sunday.
Ellen and Mollle Mock called on
Walter Mock ana wife Friday after
noon. Jane, DeHaas left Wednesday for
MIddletown, where she will visit her
cousin, Wm. Sanderson and family.
Geo. Mlnke and wife, of Buford,
were guests of Mrs. Kate Minke and
family, Sunday.
Chas, Furstenbergen, who has been
sick, is much better.
Mrs. Kate Wise and granddaughter,
Lena Wise, of Mowrystown, called
on Sue Mock, Friday afternoon.
"It Is better to have a light purse
than a heavy heart," quoted the Wise
"Yes, but it is still better to split
the difference," added jtho Simple
Mug. Philadelphia Record.
Paying Teller You must get some
one to Identify you before I can pay
this check. Have you any friends in
this town?
I Strantrer Not one. I'm the do?
catcher. Our Animals.
Mrs. Wombat My husban1
been arrested In 25 years,
Mrs. Coopley Mln's up fo' life, too.
Jan. 19, 1014.'
The protracted meeting, which lias
been going on at the Chrlstlan'church,
closed last Sunday night with 13 ad
ditions to the church.
Lewis Igo has purchased a new en
gine and will grind every day.
Mrs. Ira DeHaas, of Hillsboro, has
been visiting her parents at this place
for several days.
The Literary Society will hold their
next debate, at the school house on
Friday night, Jan. 23.
Jacob Ludwlck and family, of East
Danville, spent Sunday with Mrs.
Ludwick's parents here. ,
Amy Igo called on Lillian Askren
B. H. Morten, wife and baby, of
New Market, attended church here
Sunday rnornlng.
Conne Temple took dinner with D.
(J. Askren and family, Sunday.
fort" hill.
Jan. 19, 1914.
J. P. Havens and wife callod on
their daughter, Mrs. Blanche Cart
wright, at Sinking Spring, Sunday af
ternoon. R. A. Hall and wife, of Slate Hill,
spent Sunday with S. S. Deardoff and
Mrs. Maud Matthews and sister,
Bess L. Butler and Mrs Anna Rhoads
and two daughters called on Mrs. J.
P. Havens, Thursday afternoon.
Walter Badgley, of Greenfield, spent
Sunday with J. O. Stults.
Mrs. Martha Rhoads called on Mrs.
Maud Matthews Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Ed Rhoads and Mrs. W1U
Rhoads, of Sinking Spring, and Mrs.
Peter Cartwrlght were the guests of
Austin Eubanks and wife Wednesday.
Mrs. Cartwrlght remaining over until
Thursday, i
Miss Celia Grove was called to the
vicinity of Olive Branch, Thursday,
by the death of her sister, Mrs. Polly
Mrs. Rebecca DeardotI was the
guest of Mrs. Jennie Miller, at Sink
ing Spring. Wednesday.
Mrs. Jane Stults and daughter, Mrs.
Mary Bobb, spent Wednesday with J.
J. Butler and family, at Sinking
Spring. Mrs. Stults remained until
Geo. Lawman, of Marshall, spent
Sunday with his uncle, Simpson West.
Bess L. Butler called on Mrs. Anna
Deardoff Friday afternoon.
Ben Butler and wife called on H. V.
Matthews and wife Sunday afternoon.
Harvey Holten left Friday to attend
protracted meeting near Lathern.
Benson Butler and Floyd Chapman
were guests of thefr aunt, Mrs. Maud
Matthews, from Friday until Sunday.
Heber Deardoff spent Sunday with
his cousin, Herman Rhoads.
H. M. Eubanks was a business visi
tor in Hillsboro, Saturday.
Ben Butler, O. A. Rhoads, Isaac
Bobb, John W. Stults, Alford Everett
and son and Jessie Burdett were vis
itors in Balnbrldge, Saturday.
Mrs. Billie Fullerton and daughter
and Miss Reah Eubanks, of Green
field, were the guests of their parents,
H. M. Eubanks, Saturday and Sunday.
Chas. Baldwin and Joe Swlsshelm,
of Straight Creek, were business vis
itors in this vicinity Thursday.
Lawrence Kesle'r, wife and baby
were entertained at the home of Al.
Turley and wife, of near Dunkard,
Mrs. John Lowman, of Marshall,
spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs.
Sallle West
Bess L. Butler spent Tuesday and
Wednesday with her sister, Mrs.
Chapman, of Sinking Spring.
Lute Kelly and wife, of Cynthiana,
spent Sunday with J. O. Stults.
Miss Osa Deardoff was the guest of
Miss Louise West Saturday night.
Mrs. Chas. Benett called on M;s.
Anna Deardoff Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Robinson
the Rhine ?
-And ware 70U up
Mrs. De Jones I should think so ;
right to the very top. What a splendid '
view there Is from the summit I Tlt
Bits. A geletine dynamite which gives off
no poisonous fumes has been developed
by the United States bureau of mines.
j A Ring and
: A Letter
5 The Latter Was More Valu-
able Than the Former
Going to my room at my hotel one
morning after breakfast, 1 was sur
prised to sec n young lady cqmlng out.
1 glanced ut the number on the door,
wondering If I were not about to make
a mistake. No; there were the tlgurcs
24, and No. 21 was my room.
"Where are you going, sir?" she ask
ed haughtily.
"Into my room."
"Your room?"
"Yes, my room."
"I beg your pardon, this Is my room."
"I beg to differ with you." -
The young lady was becoming angry.
Her checks flushed, and her eyes
flashed. At that period of my life a
pretty girl showing light was au at
tractive object to me. Now, an elderly
woman under the sumo circumstances
Is Just the reverse. I was amused at
this young lady's heat, especially since
I knew she was wrong.
"What Is the number of your room?"
I asked her.
"No. 24."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, of course I'm sure, Don't you
suppose I know the number of my
What should I do? I couldn't very
well go into the room with the, lady to
Investigate matters. Noticing a speak
ing tube for the use of the employees
of the hotel, I said tothe girl:
"Suppose you usk the clerk to give
you tho number of your room."
"I'll do no such thing. Do you sup
pose I'm going to lot him think I've
lost my senses?"
"Perhaps I am the one that is mis
taken. I'll nsk him myself."
I stepped to the tube, whistled, and,
receiving attention, said:
"Giye me the number of my room,
Tho young lady was not so far from
the tube .but that she could hear the
"No. 24, Mr. Eldrldge."
The young girl's look of astonish
ment wns very amusing. She came
for the tube like a whirlwind, scarcely
giving me time to get out of her way.
"What's the number of Miss Chal
mers' room ?" she asked.
"What name?"
"Chalmers Marian Chalmers."
"One moment please."
The girl waited Impatiently while
the clerk was evidently consulting the
records. Presently the reply came:
"Miss Chalmers' room is 34."
I have never seen n madder girl.
Without a word to me she strode to a
staircase and disappeared. I went into
my room. There was nothing of mine
In It except a snlt case, and that was
where it would not be noticed. On the
porcelain washstan'd was a ring and be
side it a letter addressed In a feminine
hand to Charles P. Atwood. U. 8. A.
It was sealed ahd stamped, ready, for
the post I was not willing to trust
my reputation In tho hands of so Im
petuous a person, so, catching up both
ring and letter, 1 hurried downstairs
and gave them to the clerk for safe
keeping. I told him the circumstances
connected with my turning them In
and asked him not to notify Miss Chal
mers of their receipt till I asked him
to do so. '
"When tho young lady misses them
I think we shall have a cyclone," I
"Quite probably,," be said, with a
I returned to my ropm and had not
been there ten minutes vhen I receiv
ed a message from the clerk that Miss
Chalmers would like to meet mo in the
public parlor at once, I gave her a
little time to cool, then went to tho
"Through my mistake." she said, "I
left a letter and a ring In your room.
Will you "kindly give them to me?"
"Here Is the key to the room. You
may go or sendvthere to recover yosr
"flense do give wo the letter,"' sho
eald hi pleading tone. "You may
keep the ring."
Thin wits adding insult to Injury, but
It dul nut Irritate lne 111-(lie Slightest.
If thus Ihmtlted by u nuiil I would
4 have turned n my lieel and left him.
in t 1 wmh liei'otiung every moment
charmed with this waywilrd ircnture.
"You are Inclined to be complimen
tary." I replied.
There was oinethlng connected with
ho letter that deprived Miss Clialmurn
of nny reasonableness she mnyi have"
possessed In her calmer momenta. She
plunged deeper Into the quicksand.
"Do tell me If you have' Ksted my
"1 assure you that I have not done
anything of the kind."
This seemed to give her some re
lief. "I'll do this for you," I said.
"I'll go to my room nnd If I And any
thing there belonging to you 111 bring
It to you."
. "Will jou? Oh, how kind! I knew
you for a gentleman the moment I laid
eyes on you."
"Indeed!" I replied with difficulty,
restraining n smile.
In order to preserve the letter If not
the spirit of truth. I went to my room,
toon to the hotel office nnd nsked the
clerk to give me the ring. He did so.
nnd I returned with It to the young
lady, who was Impatiently waiting for
"Heie Is jour ring" I said, handing
it to her.
"The letter?"
"It Is not there."
"Oh, heavens!" she moaned.
I don't pretend to excuse myself for
iny action on this occasion, except on
the ground that "all's fair In love and
war." And this excuse may be far
fetched. I'ioui the lady's action, I
fancied that this Mr. Atwood was an
object of interest to Miss Chalmers,
and mj own Interest in her was de
veloping with lightning rnpldlty.
"Are you quite sure." I asked, "flint
you did not post it?"
"Xo. I did not. thank goodness, but
I nearly did. I put it Into a letter box,
bpt I held on to one corner nnd didn't
Imp it." '
"Are you fearful of Its reaching the
wrong person V" 1 nsked, throwing syin
pa thy into my voice.
"I'm fearful of Its reaching the right
"Can't you write a letter recall
Ing it?"
"The person for whom ,It was In
tended starts for the Philippines to
morrow mori)lng. But thnt Isn't the
chief difficulty In the wny. To recall
it would expose a contemptible fickle
ness." "A lady Is always privileged to
change her mind, you know."
"If she says 'No' a change may be
excusable, but If she says 'Yes' It's a
very different matter."
My conscience, which should have re
strained me In holding this advantage
oer the girl and permitting her to tell
her affairs to a stranger, was really
growing weaker all the while under
the excuse I have offered, for 1 was
becoming very anxious to "discover
whether all wns fixed between my
charmer and this army man. Her last
statement was a dead giveaway. It was
new plain to me that the letter In ques
tion was an acceptance and that that
acceptance was regretted. Such being
the ease, the pleasure I bad taken In
tormenting her ceased, and I began to
plan how I could return her property
without Incriminating myself.
"1 have au idea," I bum pretending
to think very haul.
"About what?" she asked eagerly.
"What has become of your letter."
"Do tell me."
"No: should 1 be mistaken you will
meet with a disappointment. Remain
here for a few minutes while I make
,iu investigation."
She followed me eagerly with hei'
eyes as 1 left .the room. I went to thi?
clerk of the hotel and asked him to
lake the letter 1 had given him to Miss
Chalmers' room and leave It on the
dresser. He assented, and on bis re
turn I asked him to send a maid to
the room and bring it to me. When the
maid did so I took her with me to the
parlor and told her to give it to Mlsrf
The look of relief on the lady's fact
vas u sight to behold. .
'Where did you find It?" she asked
the maid.
"On the dresser In room 34, miss."
Are you sure?"
"Yes, miss." -
"1 can explain It," I said, continuing
my Ananlns performance. "When you
met me this morning you were very
much rattled. Indeed, you said some
very unkind things to me."
"Forgive me."
"You must have thought you left the
letter In my room, whereas It was all
the while on your dresser."
"I wonder if 1 did."
"I am certainly very happy to be the
instrument for the return of that which
you seem lo prize so highly."
"I wish 1 could reward you for yo'ui
kindness mid 'make up for my horrid
treatment of you."
"You tan."
"By permitting this episode lo resuli
In a permanent acquaintance."
"I nm pleased to do- so. I llvq Jn
Chicago, and If you are ever in that
city I should be happy to have you
call on mo."
"I go there frequently." ,
I had neyer been there In my .llfp
but this wns the only truth I told on
that eventful day,, for during the next
four months I did go there frequently
for no other purpose Ihnu to court Miss
After our wedding I made a confer
don to my wife. I have said thnt she
wns mad when she disputed with me
about the room In the hotel, but thn.1
mad wns not a circumstance to tbt
trntd she developed at my confession.
Pfnn!fe i
Farm and Town property always'
tor sale. Money loaned on Real Es-tate-
Wade Turneb,
Merchants Bank Bldg.
D. Leadbettef, real estate, Are In
surance and pensions. Ofllce 134 S,
High street.
Lost Small mink collar between
Cynthiana and Hillsboro. Return to
Ray McBride, Merchants Bank. Re
ward given. adv
Fob Sale Farm of 100 acres on C.
& C. traction road 11 miles from. Hills
boro, on Chllllcothe and Mllford pike
near traction stop. Would trade for
small property. Can give immediate
possession. Bell phone. B. W. Muntz.
Appreciate the ease and com
fort that our glasses will af
ford them.
Don't hesitate to have your
eyes tested and fitted to glasses
because they are still able to do
fairly good service. Remember
"a stitch in time saves nine.'''
You cannot afford to delay
after the first sign of eye trouble
makes itself known.
Dr. C. F. Fans
Office 1 door East of Economy store.
Main Street, Hillsboro, O.
Winter Tourists Tickets to Florida
and, points in south. Tickets on sale
daily, liberal stopover, long limit.
All Year ITourlsts Tickets on sale
daily to California, Oregon, and Wash
ington. Seeyour agent for particu
lars. Homeseeker tickets to South, West
and Northwest on sale tho first and
third Tuesday of each month,
Important change of f.ime.
Trains arrive and depart from Hills
boro as follows:
241 8:00 a. m
243 3:45 p.m.
245 0:30 p.m.
347, 18:20 a. m.
235v..' "0:30 p.m.
242 10:30 a, m. v
244 10:05 p.m.
246 9:20 p.m.
248 2:40 p. m.
246 0:20p.m.
Two hour schedules to and from
Cidcinnatl. -
, , 1
January 10, 1914.'
Will Rhodes and family and Tom
Rhodes and family, of Brown county,
Albert Rhodes and family, of Aliens
burg, and George Allen and family
were guests Sunday of Ed. Rhodes
and family.
Charley Clark and wife and daugh
ter, Helen, were guests Sunday of G.
O. Snider and family,
Frank Mowery and family, of Bu
ford, were guests Sunday of Clint
Roush andjfamlly.
Hattie Whitley, spent Friday with
her mother, Mrs. Nancy Cochran.
Matt Rhodes and family,, of Dod-,
sonville, were guests of Orland Rhodes
and family Sunday. v
CharIeyCadwallader and wife and
children were guests oflra Cadwalla
der and family Saturday.
Rev, Hoggattand wife and baby,
Ruth, were guests of Albert A hers
and wife atJMt. Qrab Thursday. i
m 11.
According to an English parliamen
tary committee, the production of all
of London's electrio power in a fmy
large stations would save0,000,000 tt
of coal a year and greatly lessen b
smoke nuisance.
'--. . e-
-U B'l t Ufcj

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