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1 "U'.J . J JP .u
Kerns' White Sale Bigger, Better Than Ever
Wrwi '-f mnif.iy .
The Expert Corset Fitter from the Gossard
Factory will be at Kerns' Store
Friday and Saturday,
February 14 and 15
Come and have a Front Laced Corset Fit
ted to your figure.
Prices $2.00 to $20.00
February 9, 1914.
Tom Hamilton and wife, of Eck
monsville, spent the latter part of the
week with her brother, B S. Hamil
ton. Unas. sprinKie aim wue aycm ou- j
urday and Sunday with her parents, I
J. A. Easter. I
Sam Hamilton, of Wilmington, I
spent Saturday and Sunday with his (
parents, R. S. Hamilton and attended .
meeting here.
Mrs. Washburn is .spending the
week with u. C. Calvert's and Is at
tending the meeting.
Rev. T. M. Scarff was entertained
Sunday at the home of T. C. McGulre.
Mrs. Joseph Swanger entertained on
last Wednesday Rev. T. M. Scarff, A.
W. Miller and wife, Milton Easter
and wife and Hamp Williams.
Ed. Williamson and wife and Mrs.
J. A. Gilmore spent last Monday in
Mrs. Sam Stroup, of Hillsboro, spent
one day the past week with her par
ents. Mr. Mao, of Dayton, recently visit
ed at the home of O. C. Calvert.
Mrs. Sidney Sprinkle spent Satur
day night and Sunday with her par
ents at May Hill.
Rev. Davis has been able to be in to
the church services, but not able to
do any work.
Misses Louise Easter and Myrtle
Hurst spent last Friday night with
Mrs. Chas. bprlnkle.
Geo. Umphlets entertained at din
ner Thursday the Union Circle: Mes
dames Newton Fenner, Jerry Mercer,
Ora West, O. P. Lyle, 0. T. Mullenix.
Joseph West, Milton Eister and J. E.
nalgh, Misses Anna Mercer and Mil
He West and Herchel West.
Mrs. W. S. nalgh entertained the S.
A. S. Society on last Thursday after
noon. Will Fanning and wife, of Dayton,
are visiting at the home of W. S.
Haigh and Ottls Easter.
Geo. Umphlet entertained at dinner
Sunday W. S. Haigh and family.
Rev. T. C. Kerr closed a very inter
esting meeting Sunday night at New
T. G. Walker and wife spent Friday
night and Saturday night at the home
of W. S. nalgh.
J. E. Haigh entertained at dinner
Sunday Ora West and wife and son,
Herchel, and John West and wife and
little baby.
The Evangelist, T. M. Scarf, of
Spring Valley, is conducting a series
of meetings at the M. E. Church. He
is a very earnest and enthusiastic
worker. You are cordially invited to
these meetings and to help make this
town and community Just what it
ought to be and to have such a church
as you love to see.
W. S Haigh and family, Mrs. flat
tie Williamson and Miss Lulu and
Misses Ada and Ethel Jamison were
entertained to dinner Sunday by Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Umphlet.
Feb. 9, 1914.
Miss Helen Dick spent Tuesday
night with Nettielee Boyd.
The sick are Mrs James Creed and
Mrs. Roy Capllnger.
MlssOsa Sprunance called on the
M. H. S. Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs Fran Kelly, of Prospect, spent
Wednesday with her parents, F. M.
Main and wife.
Miss Maude Cameron, who has been
at Cincinnati the past week, arrived
home Thursday night.
Harley Suiters and family attended
meeting at Harriett Friday night.
Mrs Elmer Garen called on Ed Cam
eron and family Friday afternoon.
Harvey Kneisley, of Cynthlana, was
the guest of his sister, Mrs. Harry
Wright, Saturday night.
Mrs. Leota Wise and son, Ralph,
called on Mrs. Fannie Spruance Friday.
Grace Boyd and Osa Spruance called
on Mrs. L. T. Dick and family, Satur
day afternoon.
Helen Dick was the guest of her
cousin, Mario Dick, Saturday night.
Rev. W. E. Shriver, of Ralnsboro,
filled his regular appointment at the
M. E. church Sunday morning.
Roy Watts and wife took dinner
Sunday with the latter's parents, J.
F. Bumgarner and wife.
Mrs. Wm. Elliott, Mrs. Clyde Bar
rett and Wm. Frump and wife attend
ed meeting at Prospect Sunday after
noon. The services were conducted by
Rev. Scarf, of Spring Valley.
Grace Boyd took dinner with her
parents, Ray Boyd and wife, Sunday.
Misses Mary Bell and Osa and Elva
Spruance called on Misses Maude and
Margaret Cameron Sunday afternoon.
Isaac Bobb, of Ft. Hill, spent Sun
day with Elmer Cameron and family.
O. n. Hughes and wife took dinner
Sunday with R. R Watts and wife
Miss Enie Elliott spent Sunday with
John Shaw and wife.
Hampton Kesler and family, of Har
riett, spent Sunday with the former's
parents, Benton Kesler and wife.
Jesse Spruance and Mrs. Fannie
Spruance called on Mrs. Ruth Spruance
Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Fannie Bell spent Sunday with
Roy Capllnger and wife.
Mrs. Thompson, of Wellston, was
called here last week by the serious
illness of her daughter, Mrs. Roy
Gatch Spruance called on Wm. Carey
and family, Sunday afternoon.
New Librarian.
Miss Frances Detwller was ap,
pointed Librarian by the Library
Board Wednesday afternoon.
The postoftlce at Jamestown was
robbed last week, the burglars secur
ing about ?300 worth of stamps. The
safe was blown with nitroglycerine
and the manner in which the work
was done showed that experts were on
the job. The robbers escaped.
Feb. !), 1914.
Benson Butler and Floyd Chapman,
of Sinking Spring, were the guests of
It. V. Matthews and wife", Saturday
and Sunday.
Geo. Long, of Now Market, was the
guest of his cousin, C. A. Rhoads,
Monday night.
Edw. White spent Sunday with his
father, II. C. White, of near Cliff
Henry Deardoll and wife spent the
most of last week with the latter's
nephew, Frank Murren, of near Cliff
Miss Editha llolten was the guest of
relatives at Waverly from Friday un
til Monday.
Mrs Rebecca Stults spent the most
of the past week with her sister, Mrs.
Jane Stults
Mrs. Smiley Bryan and Linley East
were the guests of relatives near
Emery, the first of the week.
Henry Copeland and son, Leslie, of
Ralnsboro, were the guests of H. V.
Matthews Tuesday night.
John L. Reed and wife returned
from Middletown Monday and re
ported their daughter, Mrs. Frank
Irons, some better.
Chas. Johnson, wife and youngest
son, of Beech Flats, were the guests
of Simpson West and family, Thurs
day. Mr. Stineburg, of Chlllicothe, was
the guest of J. O. Stults and wife Sun
day night.
James Bobb and wife were called to
Carmel Tuesday evening by the ser
ious illness of theii granddaughter,
Miss Bernace McCoppin.
Arthur Reed, of Springfield, spent
last week with his parents, John L,
Reed and wife.
Miss Ruth Eubanks was the guest
of her uncle, Joe Eubanks, at Green
field, from Friday until Monday.
Mrs. J. O. Stults visited at the home
of her neice, Mrs. Ella McCoppin, of
near Carmel, Friday.
W. A. Kepllnger, of Ealrvlew, a for
mer resident of this place, purchased
the Geo, Murren farm last week and
moved his family there Thursday.
Tom Smith and wife, of Lathen,
were the guests of Harvie Holten and
family Friday night and Saturday.
They were accompained by Mrs.
Stults and daughter, Cloe, of South
Salem, who remained over to visit
Mr. and Mrs, Holten a few days.
Capt. and Mrs. Paul- narsha were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John R.
Horst, at Columbus, the first of the
week. Capt. flarsha attended the
State Convention of retail monument
dealers while there,
At the annual banquet of Allen
Lodge No. 276, F. & A. M Columbi
ana, last Friday evening, Prof. B. F.
Mclullon, son of ex Sheriff McMul
len, of this city, made one of the ad
dresses of the evening, his subject be
ing "Masonry from an Educational
Kerns' White Sale I
. One Day Sale, Saturday, February 14
Five Dozen White Dresses, worth from $8.50 to $10.00 j
Sale Price S5.GS
This Price Good for the One Day Onlr. j
Saturday, February 14 v j
February 9, 1914.
Mrs. Lena Stults, of Newark, is vis
iting at the home of her father, J. S.
W. Spargur.
G. G. Garman was a business visitor
in Washington O. II. last Saturday
and spent Saturday night with friends
at Greenfield.
John Watts and daughter, Grace,
spent Sunday with relatives at Mar
shall. Dr. Jones, of Greenfield, and Dr.
Ambrose, of New Petersburg, were
called here Sunday in consultation in
the Case of Rev. J. II. Davis, who is
critically ill at the home of his daugh
ter, Mrs Joe Overman.
Misses Georgia Bell, Emma Beath
and Mabel Ferneau spent last Thurs
day night in the country, the guests
of Mrs. F. D. Redkey.
Rev. W. E. Shriver commenced a
series of revival meetings at New
Petersburg on Sunday night.
Dr. O. R. Eylar was called to Wa
verley last Saturday by the serious Ill
ness of his daughter-in law.
The Ladies Aid Society is arrang
ing to hold a bazaar in the K. of P.
Hall on the afternoon and night of
March 14.
Cecil Harrington, who has been em
ployed at Dayton for some time, came
home last Wednesday with a case of
the mumps.
Miss Mae Davis, of Cincinnati, was
called home last Saturday by the ser
ious illness of her father.
Taylor Winegar and family, who
have been living in the village during
the winter, moved back to the farm
last Friday.
Miss Pauline Spargur will entertain
the ISunbeams next Saturday after
noon. W. S. Freshwater, of Columbus, Is
spending a few days at the home of
his father-in-law, Ellsha Beaver.
Homer Garrett and wife, of Wash
ington C. H., are guests of relatives
Mrs. John L. Gossett has been
spending a few days with her son and
family at Dallas.
Don't forget the meeting at the K.
of P. Hall on Saturday night in the
Interest of the schools. Able speakers
will be present to discuss the problems
that confront the country schools.
A play will be given at the K. of P.
Hall on Wednesday nfght, Feb. 19,
under the auspices of the order. It is
to be rendored by home talent and de
serves a liberal patronage.
The engagement of Miss Marguer
ilte Minnlch, daughter of Dean and
Mrs. n. C. Minnlch, of Oxford, and
Harold Keene, of Winnipeg, Canada,
was announced Thursday of last week.
The wedding will occur In the spring.
Miss Minnlch met Mr. Keene while on
a trip to Europe. Miss Minnlch has
many friends In Hillsboro, made when
she lived here, while her father was
superintendent of the Hillsboro pub
lic schools.
Scarborough lnmrance, adv
Men's Suits Dry Cleaned and Pressed 75c
Skirts Dry Cleaned and Pressed - 50c
Smith Dry Cleaning and Pressing Works
Do You Want an Opportunity to
Earn Money Without Leav
ing Home ?
The Mabley & Carew Company, Cin
cinnati's greatest store, require a
representative in this city and county.
A young man or woman of good char
acter, large acquaintance and a hard
worker will be given the position. The
duties are to act as local salesman, sell
from our catalogue and samples, and in
other ways represent us. The position
will pay what you make it worth in
other words a commission on sales will
bo given, and you are in reality in
business for yourself. Full credit will
be given for trade you solicit that
comes to Cincinnati and buys at the
Apply by letter, giving full name,
address, age, reference, etc. Success
ful applicants will be asked to come to
Cincinnati at our expense.
The Mablky &Oahew Co.,
Advertising Department,
adv Cincinnati, Ohio.
Public Sale.
I will sell at public auction at my
farm two miles north of Prlcetown,
and three miles south of Dodsonvillo
near Littleton P, O., on
Wednesday, February 18,
commencing at 12 o'clock, noon, the
followiug property, to-wlt :
Two good horses, two milch cons,
one to be fresh In March, thirty head
shoats, wt. 75 lb.
Farm Implements, consisting of one
wagon, one mower, Deerlng, one hay
rake, one 2-horse cultivator, one sled,
one new double shovel plow, one break
ing plow, corn in crib, hay in mow, 60
shocks corn and fodder bundled and
mowed, 25 shocks corn and fodder bun
dled and mowed, 2500 feet of lumber,
two buggies, one 2-horse surrey, two
sets work harness, one set buggy har
ness, one thousand lbs. of No. 1 flour
made at Lynchburg. Some household
goods and other articles too numerous
to mention.
TERMS 85 00 and under, cash.
Nine months credit or discount of 4
per cent for cash.
Jaoou Stuxtz.
Col Frank Slmklns, Auct. adv
Not-a-seed raisins at Selph & Te-
Music Rolls
The Best in Tangos, Two
Steps and Popular Songs.
Angol Food Rag two-step. . . .30c
Daughters of Uncle Sam 30e
Dixie Rag, two-step 30e
From Maine to Oregon .?.... 30c
Grace and Beauty, two-step. ..30c
Hilarity Rag, two-step 30o
Lights Out March, two-step. .30c
Memphis Blues, two-step 36c
Notoriety Rag, two-step 30c
Pomp and Pride, rag 30o
Popularity, two-step 30c
Rubies and Pearls, rag 30c
Something Doing, rag 30c
Sunburst Rag, two-step 30c
That Gosh-Darnod Two-Step. ,30c
Uncle Sam's Boys, two-step... 30c
Pepper Pot, Tango 30c
Tango Land , 30c
Tango del Maurice 30c
Brazilian Dreams, tango .... 30c
Parasimo, one-step .......... .30c
Texico, turkey trot 30o
Chinita Tango Argentine 30u
Pork and Beans, one-step 30c
Belle of Mexico, tango 30c
75c 88-NOTE ROLLS..
Peg O'My rfoarfc 30c
There's a Girl in Arizona 30c
Angel Food, a bear. 30c
My Melancholy Baby. 30c,
He'd Have To Oet Under, Get
Out and Get Under ,,30o
Flow Along River Tennessee.. 30c
Entertainers Rag , 30c
On the Old Fall River Lino. . , ,30o
Too Muoh Mustard, tango 30c
Ragtime Regimontal Band. . . . 30o
Parisian Ball 30o
Every roll in our immense
stock, to go at reduced prices.
Write for Particulars.
The Otto Graii Piano Go. '
221 West Fourth Street,
1 ''1

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