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3P XT :ojcj ISIXBD every thuhsday
Oue Year (In Advance) .$1.00
Six Months - B0
Three Months ' '2!i
Entered ab Post Office, HUlaboro,
Criticism or Help.
We are all of us prone to criticise the methods used by others
in doing any kind of work and this seems to be especially true of
religious work. One does not have to go far to hear the work of
the churches or the men prominent inthem criticised or condemned.
One evangelistic service clospd in Hillsboro Sunday night and
one which has been going on for several weeks will close next Sun
day night. During these services over three hundred people have
confessed their faith in the Christian religion and resolved to lead
cleaner and better life. The critics and fault finders have disap
proved and condemned the way in which the evangelists in both of
these meetings have carried on the work and these same critics say
that most of the converts will only temporarily lead better lives.
Admit that many do backslide. It is a good thing for a man or
woman to lead a clean life, if only for a short time, and if some,
and no one doubts but what there will be some, remain faithful to
the end, have not the meetings been well worth while ? Surely
they have.
This world is made up of all kinds, classes and types of people.
What appeals to one man or woman may not appeal to another, but
whatever appeals to the better nature in anyone should not be con
demned, but should be supported.
We can not all of us see things in the same way and it is good
that we can not for there would be little accomplished if we did.
The important thing is not the way a thing is being donebutwhat
is being done. If good results from it, the man whc is responsible
for it deserves assistance and praise and not hindrance and censure.
Change of View.
When we contrast the view taken of politics and government
of the present day and the'one taken a few years ago it is encour
aging. One does not have to be old to remember the narrow partisan
ship that existed for years in this country. It is easy to remember
when the important thing to most men was that their party should
be successful ; when a party was in power that the main object was
to secure as many good appointments as possible for the members
of that party ; when efficiency, economy and business methods were
unknown in connection with the public-service ; when it would have
brought condemnation and persecution upon a man or a newspaper
to have approved or praised anything done by members of the
opposite party ; when for a man elected to office by one party to
have agreed with any of the policies of the opposite party would
have caused him to be branded as a traitor and a villian.
People generally are now beginning to hold a different view,
although many still retain their old prejudices and passions. Now
the demand is general for businesslike methods in government.
The people have come to realize that they pay the bills and they
want the same efficiency, economy and methods used iivthe conduct
of their public business that are used in the conduct of their public
business that are used in the conduct of private business. To them
the important thing is not that the members of a certain party
should hold office but that the policies which are for the general
welfare should be adopted and carried out. They are no longer
delighted because the members of their party have fat jobs with
little work. They want every man who holds an office to earn his
salary regardless of the party to which he may belong.
A long and bitter experience has brought them to a realization
that government is a large and intricate business and if it is going
to be properly conducted, it must be conducted upon business
This is a sane and sensible view. The rccie general it becomes
the better government we will have. And the important thing is
not what party is in power but how good is our government.
Our idea of the extreme limit is a Lizzie boy trying to make
people believe he is a sport.
If we did not talk so much people would not find out how little
sense we really have.
Here is a mathematical problem we would like to have someone
work for us. If you own thirty six' hens and feed them a half a
peck of corn a day, corn being worth 70 cents a bushel, and get two
eggs in sixty days how much are the eggs worth ? This may sound
easy but if you happen to own the hens you will find it hard.
When an editor doesn't write something once in a while that
makes somebody feel like coming right around and giving him a
good licking, he isn't fulfilling his mission in the world. Ohio State
Journal. We believe that we could prove beyond the shadow of a
reasonable doubt that to this extent we are fulfilling our mission.
Our friend Dusty Miller of the Wilmington Journal-Republican
says that during these Democratic times that he does not have time
to think that it takes all of his time to make a living;. We are moved
to suggest that it might be easier for him to make a living if he
did a little thinking. , r
. F,eb. 16, 1014.
Elizabeth, Emma and Robert Ran
kins spent Tuesday with Wesley Van
Pelt and wife.
iB. F. Lowman and wife were the
guests of J. M. Lbwmari and wife, of
near Westboro, Tuesday.
Estlo Chaney and family moved to
the farm of Bert Farls, Wednesday,
Rev. Hill took dinner with William
Alexander and family Sunday.
Andy Fawley, who has been seriously
ill with pneumonia, is recovering yery
Editor and Manager
Ohio, as Second Class Matter.
Made Known on Application.
Ezeklel Rudy and wife spent Sunday
with Lettie Miller and family.
Charley Achor. arid family were en
tertained by the former's mother,
Mrs. SaraiyAchor, Sunday.
Arthur JCler and wife spent Sunday
with Frank Achor.
Ray Rankins and wife and children
were the guests of Wm, Malone, or
Lynchburg, Sunday.
An orange tree will bear f rujt until
it reaches its one hundred and fiftieth
year. j '
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The News-Herald
111 Short Street
Feb. 10, 1914r
Geo. Hetherlngton and wife spent
Wednesday at Sugartree Ridge.
Ora Simpson and wife, of Greenfield,
are here this week looking after the
interests of their farm.
LouvaCarr spent Wednesday with
home folks.
. Elsworth Eaklns, of Norwood, is
visiting friends here this week.
Ira Miller spent Monday with his
daughter, Mrs. Homer Catlin.
Quito a number of the I. O. O. F.
and the Rebekahsof Danville attended
special services, at the Presbyterian
church Friday evening.
A. M. Vance and wife were callers at
Harrlsburg Tuesday.
Chas. Garen purchased a match
team of horses last week.
The W. O. T. U. met In regular ses
sion Tuesday.
Glascock Roberts, of Mowrystown,
Lcalled on A. E. Hunter Thursday.
Clyde Donjhoo, Cary Warlamontand
Scott Hathaway helped move Elery
Austin and family to a farm near New
Antioch last week.
Stella Garen was the guest of home
folks Wednesday afternoon.
Rev. T. C Kerr, who has been hold
ing a series of meetings at the Presby
terian church the past two weeks,
closed the meetings, Sunday night a
week with seven additions.
Grant McOonnaha and wife, of Har
rlsburg, spent Tuesday with the lat
ter's mother, Mrs L. L Eaklns.
Reece Roberts spent last week with
A. L. Miller and family, at Foleam.
Ralph Holllngworth, David Carrier,
Elsworth Eaklns, Amy Lemon and
Hazel Carrier were entertained by
Ralph and Neta Miller Tuesday even
A. E. Hunter has sold his farm to
Wyatt Roberts, of New Antioch.
Wm. Carrier was the guest of his
son, Charles, near Danville, last week.
B. F. Morton and family spent Sun
day with W. H. Sonner and family, at
Point Victory.
Miss Neta .Miller spent Saturday
night with Mrs. Orla Shaffer.
Chas. Garen and wife were the guests
of the latter'ssistre, Mrs.-Chas. Burns,
near Miller's Chapel, Sunday.
Born to Paul Fawley and wife a
Homor Harris, of Hillsboro, and
Harold Harris, of Peebles, spent Sun
day at the home of their grandfather,
James Eaklns.
D. H. Carrier will work for C. W.
Garen this summer.
Orla Shaffer spent Saturday night
with nls brother near Fairvlew,
Charlie Purdy is sawing wood with
his gasoline engine1 on the C. S. Bell
farm near Pleasant Hill.
John Pfarr will clean and press and
mend that suit until It will look u
good as new.
Give me a
I also do dry cleaning,
call, Brunner'a Shoe
Gathering and gelling acorns lsanaw
Industry in Arkansas tosupply Eastern
nureerrr firms with material for forest
Feb. 10, 1914 -
Fred Geoge, wife and son, Moxle, of
Blanchester, were the week end guests
of relatives here.'
Mrs. Irvin, of Greenfield, spent the
latter part of the week with Mrs.
Llda Dixon.
Miss Luclle Ferneau is recovering
from a severe attack of tonsilltls.
The February meeting of the Ange
line Johnson Altruistic Association,
which was to have been held Tuesday
evening Feb. 17, has been postponed
indefinitely on account of the special
evangelistic services at the M. E
Dr. Garner, of Lynchburg, was the
guest of Dr. J. A. B. Srofe and fami
ly, over Sunday.
The students of the High School
have organized a Literary Society and
gave their first program last Friday in
the presence of a large company of the
parents and patrons of the school. The
program consisted of vocal andlnstru
mental music, readings and dialogues
all of which were greatly enjoyed by
the visitors. At the same hour the
pupils of the lower grades were enjoy
ing their Valentine boxes.
Miss Wllmuth Morris was the guest
of her uncle, Denson Morris, Friday
Harry Johnson and family will re
move from their farm to their town
property on North Fairfield street the
first of March.
Mrs. E. J. Patterson, of Greenfield,
will attend the Thank Offering meet
ing of the W, O. T. U. which will be
held Thursday, February 19, at the
home of Mrs. J. D. Hodson.
Cottage prayer meetings were held
Friday afternoon in some home on
eyery street in town in the interest of
the revival services being held here.
Frank King visited his son, Dudley,
and wife, in Cincinnati, last week.
Miss Emma Hilllard is in Cincinnati
visiting the wholesale millinery houses
J. E. Leaverton still remains quite
E. J. Fultz and wife returned home
Wednesday from a few days .visit with
relatives in Washington C. H.
Mrs. Margaret Teter is sick.
After a pleasant visit with her son,
W. H, Smith, anjjf wife, Mrs. C. H.
Smith left Tuesday for her home in
Lebanon, Indiana.
Saturday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Esta Patton on East Main street,
the Embroidery Club had a shower for
one of their members who recently
became the bride of Howard Walker.
A most delightful afternoon was spent.
The hostess served dainty refresh
ments. Arc, You Happy?
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ditlon. Trice of SEVEN BA1KS is but 50
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pepsla, the blues, cold hands and feet,
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Special Treatment, and a New Book
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Nerves." Addres Dr. Franklin Miles,
Dept. NB 042 to 052 Main Street,
Elkhart, Ind. adv
February 10, 1014.
Mr- and Mrs. Ozro Barker and
Misses Rachel and Nellie Farls and
brother, Levi, were guests of Wm.
Wardlow and family Saturday.
James Donohoo and daughter, Mrs.
Leslie Warman spent Wednesday with
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carey, of Hills
Mrs. Richard Roush, of Danville
visited her sister, Mrs Frank Glbler.
Mrs. Charley Cadwallader and
children, of Harwood, spent Tuesday
with Perry Fawley and family.
Mrs. Tlllle Tedrick is visiting rela
tives at Hillsboro and attending the
Tabernacle meetings.
Ed. Lyons and family, of Buford,
enjoyed Sunday with J. C. Landess
and family.
Lew Roush and family spent Sun
day with H. C. Roush and family.
A heavy snow fell on Friday, Feb.
13. It was eight inches deep.
James Donohoo has purchased a
gasoline engine and feed mill and is
ready to accommodate the people.
Myron Newton spent 8unday with
Harley Shaffer.
Tom Dehass and family spent Sun
day with his parents, Joe Dehass and
Mr. and Mrs. Elmont Donohoo, of
Danville, visited his parents, Mr. and
Mrs, James Donohoo, recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Jones, of Dan
ville, pent Sunday .afternoon with
Mr. and Mrs. John McConnaha.
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Shaffer and
daughter, Mae. spent Sunday after
noon with his parents, Mr, and Mrs
MartinShaffer, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Barker entertain
ed, a number of their friends Sunday.
Rev. Well spent Monday with M.
M, Workman and family.
. " UtLLsnoHO, Jan. M. 1913.
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oats....... ,,,,, . 40
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