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Don't Burn
"I have money to burn' Said old 81 "Chestnut,
"bub sorno way I can't stand the smell of tho
And 81 was a pjetty wise old man. Still
money actually does burn sometimes, literally
not figuratively. Hid in the stove and some chump
starts a flro, hid away in tho house that burns
down. The only safe plan Is to keep money In a
reliable bank like ours. It's subjectsto oheek when
you need it, but in tho meantime it is safe from
Are, burglary or accident.
The Hillsboro Bank
Feb. 16, 1014.
L. Berger, of Mowrystown, transact
ed business here Wednesday.''
Despite the cold weather a goodly
.number of our people have been at
tending the Tabernacle meetings at
Mrs A. V. Tener spent Wednesday
with Mrs. Itosannah Orange.
A number of relatives and friends of
M. J. Ludwick were made sad to hear
of his death in a hospital in Cincinnati
Saturday, and were in attendance at
the funeral In Lynchburg Monday.
Mrs. E.'Handley and Mrs. Orr were
guetts of relatives in Cincinnati Sun
day. Mrs. Jack Shrope returned home
Wednesday, after an extended visit
with her parents, W. A. Orange and
Mrs. W. H. Pence is sick at her home
near Allensburg.
Mrs. Bert King and Harry Shaffer
are sick. Bert King is expected home
this week.
Henry Clalbourn and wife and child
ren, Ruth and Earl, bf Lynchburg,
spent Saturday and Sunday with Isaac
Larrlck and family.
Llojd Hottle and bride are receiving
the congratulations of their many
Ed Burton was in Cincinnati the
llrst of the wqek.
Feed the birds while the ground Is
covered with snow and they will more
than repay the debt when the insects
are spoiling the summer crops
4Tlie Best Laxative' I Know Of."
"I have sold Chamberlain's Tablets
for several years. People who have
used them will "take nothing else. I
can recommend them to my customers
as the best laxative and cure for con
stipatlon that I know of," writes
Frank Strouse, Fruitland, Iowa. For
sale by All .Dealers. adv
There are 09,000 patents applied for
in America last year. Only 35,000
patents were granted.
If you are not familiar with LIPPIN
COT3"S vou are doing both yourself and
the editor an Injustice.
"The Standard Fiction Maga.
zine of America"
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. Season 1013-1014
Founded 1702
Washington Square Philadelphia
and Savings Go.
Sirah M., daughter of Henry and
Awrvnnf- tTnll. ...nr. Uftwn T..1.. 0 1 10KA
Margaret Kellywas born July 24,1850,
and departed this life Nov. 18, 1013,
aged 03 years, 3 months and 25 days.
She was united in marriage to Mich
ael Stroup April 17, 1873. To tills
union were born 11 children, 7 sons,
Henry, Alva, Earl, Leslie, Klrby,
Clarence and Leroy, and 4 daughters,
Grace, Ethel, Electa and Madge. Klrby
and Ethel died In childhood. Her
children were her pride and joy. Her
highest eajthly ambition for them was
that they grow to be good men and
women. To them she leaves a rich
heritage of an honored name and a
noble life.
Besides her children she leaves a
grief stricken husband and a host Uf
friends and relatives whose devotion
and attention to her in her hours of
suffering are testimonials of their love
and respect. She cared naught for the
vanity and pomp of a worldly life.
Her home life.ls fittingly described
by those few sweet words from the pen
of Longfellow, "Stay, stay at home,
thy heart and rest. Home keeping
hearts are happiest."
Her's was a home keeping heart.
Her home was especially dear to" her.
She was thoroughly attached to its
interest. Her thoughts and life cen
tered in it and its occupants.
Until within a few weeks of the end
of her earthly life she went to the
very limit of her strength in order that
the family might be relieved of any
anxiety. She was brought up in the
Catholic church but under the minis
try of Rev. L. M Davis In 1880, she
united with the M. E. church at Dod
She passed peacefully away surround
ed by the entire family except Alva.
All sharing In the common sorrow of
the loss of one who had gone to her
crown and to the life triumphant in
her father's house. ,
A dear one from us Is gone.
A voice of one we loved Is stilled ;
A place Is vacant In our home.
Which never can be QUed.
Colds and Croups in Children.
Many people rely upon Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy implicity in cases
of colds and croup, and It never disap
points mem. airs. m. tx. j. nomas,
Logansport, Ind., wrtles: J'l have
found Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
to be the best medicine fur colds and
croup I have ever used, and never tire
of recommending It to my neighbors
and,f rlends. I have always given it to
my children when suffering from
croups, and it has never failed to give
them prompt relief." For sale by All
Dealers. adv
Feb. 16, 1914.
Coburn Vance, of, Hillsboro, spent
Tuesday at his farm here.
Willis Lemon, of Hillsboro, was a
business caller here Monday.
Leo Chaney spent Sunday afternoon
with Lewis and Georgia Prlne.
.Mrs. J. O. Harris, of Harrlsburg,
spent Wednesday afternoon with her
sister, Mrs. C. S. SImbro.
Carey Klrkpatrlck called on Will
Kelly, of near Carlisle Spring, Monday.
A. S.'Welty, of Hillsboro, spent
Monday with Frank Wllltson and wife.
Lewis L. Gall and Clarence Patton,
of Hillsboro, were callers here Wednes
day evening.
Wm. Robblns called on C. S. SImbro
Tuesday night.
Recognized Advantages.
You will, find that Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy has recognized advan-
tflfrpa nvpr mnst mprilp.lnnQ In ncn fnr
-.,--..,. . -....w-, ... .
coughs and colds. Itdoes hot suppress
a cold but loosens and relieves it.
aids expectoration and opens the secre
tions, which enables the system to
throw off a cold. It counteracts any
tendency of a cold to result in pneumo
nia. It contains no opium or other
narcotic, and may be give i to a child
as confidently as to an adult. For sale
by All Dealers. adv
Tricycle taxlcabs have been Intro
du ed into Germany with great sue
A Little Care May Save Many
Hillsboro Headers Fu
ture Trouble.
Watch the kidney secretions.
See that they have the amber hue of
health ;
The discharge not excessive or in
frequent ;
Contains no "brick dust like" sedl.
Doan's Kidney Pills are especially
for weak kidneys.
Here's Hillsboro proof of their merit.
Cary Roades, retired farmer, 130 E
North St., Hillsboro, Ohio, says: ''For
several years I suffered greatly from
kidney weakness. I hurt my back years
ago and whenever I caught cold, it was
sure to settle there, causing sharp
twinges of pain. The kidney secre
tions became scanty and were highly
colored. 1 commenced using Doan's
Kidney Pills, procured at Garrett &
Ayres' Drug Store and was greatly re
lieved, I still hold a high opinion of
Doan's Kidney Pills. They have prov
en a wonderful kidney medicine in my
. - ....
case. The statement i gave in tneir
praise before holds good."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
States. y
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. anv
6eb. 16, 1914.
Wm. Shaffer, of Lumberton, visited
his brother, G. M. Shaffer, Sunday,
who is still Critically ill.
John Knauer was called to Dayton
Thursday, by the death of a niece.
Clem Burton and wife and son,Roush
visited Elza Wilkin and family Sunday.
Mrs. C. E Shaffer is very ill with
heart trouble and other ailments.
Floyd Roush and family spent Sun
day with his parents, John Roush and
Alva Kirkhart received the appoint
ment of tax assessor of Hamer town
Frank McNlcol and wife, of New
Vienna, visited the latter's parents,
C. M. Burton and wife, recently.
Hiram Phelps and wife have return
ed home, after a short visit with
relatives in Springfield.
Misses Anna and Louella Wood, of
Hillsboro, visited their mother, Mrs.
Ella Wood, trom Saturday until Mon
day. Quite a number from here attended
the meeting at the Tabernacle In
Hillsboro Sunday night.
Mrs. Daniel Henderson, who l)as
been suffering with an attack of grippe,
Is convalescent.
Arthur Berry and wife returned
from a short wedding trlp Thursday,
and will reside oathe Berry farm near
The friends here of Clarence Shaffer
will be sorry to learn that he is very
sick with pneumonia at the home of
Bert King, near fcalrview. lie was
employed by Mr. King to do his farm
work while he underwent an operation
for appendicitis at a Cincinnati hospl
tal. Whllelemployed there Mr. Shaffer
contracted pneumonia.
For Every Living- Thing On The
Free ; a 500 1 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm ;!' horses, cattle, dogs
sheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetinary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
up. Free by mall on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo Med.
Corner Williams iVAnnSts.. N. Y,
Feb. 16, 1914.
B. F. Morten and family and Mrs.
Sooner spent Sunday with Wm. Soo
ner and family.
Geo. Brognard and family spent
Sunday with Mrs. Margaret Brognard.
Miss Nondas Leininger has been vis
iting friends in Hillsboro last week.
Rev. Holllngsworth and family, of
New Market, took dinner with Carey
Whisler and family.
Wm. Stivers and wife and Emmet
Rhoads and family called on Nat Tan
nehlll and family Sunday evening.
James Leininger and family spent
Sunday with Lon Vance and family
in Hillsboro.
Elmer Whlsler and sister, Miss Bes
sie, called on Mrs. Charlotte Chaney
Sunday evening.
jrs. iu. ouuiier aim uaugiiiBr,
ciara, spent Thursday with Mrs Rol-
Mrs. Wm. Sonner and daughter,
Und Vaughn, of Sugartree Ridge.
Mrs. Newton Whlsler spent Tues
day with Jacob Saunders and wife.
Ira Davidson and family, of Dan
ville, spent Thursday with John DavIs
and family.
English scientists have found that
more than 600,000 tons of sulphurous
acid are discharged into London atmo
sphere every year, mainly by the com
bustion of illuminating gas, to the
Injury of tho city's stone buildings.
Sur anna Fletnming was the daughter
of John and Elizabeth Fleinming, of
Adams covinty, Ohio. She was born
Sept. 20, 1843.
She was married to Addison Thomp
son, of Clinton county. Sept. 15, 18H8.
Mr. Thompson died Jan. 7, 1895, and
sho was married to J. W. Wooddell, of
Hillsboro, Dec. 17, 1890, by Rev. Wll.
Ham McSurely, pastor of the First
Presbyterian church, of Hillsboro.
She joined the M. E church In early
life and continued her membership In
that church until her marriage to J.
M. Wooddell, when she joined the
First Presbyterian church, of Hills
boro,under the faithful service of Rev.
Faulkner and she was a quiet, zealous
member of that church until her death
She loved her God; she loved her
church; she loved her people; she
loved her home. It was her keene t
pleasure to sit in Christian communion
with God, with her brothers and alsteis
in Christ, and she loved to steal awhile ,
away from every cumbering care and
commune with God when none but
God was near. j
Her Christian experience was clear .
and well denned and her hope of lieav-1
en was stronir and well founded. She
liorl o otirtlr rf nnriltrclo at 1 r'lrl? '
on the morning of Tuesday of Feo. i,
1014, when she became unconscious and
she died near Martinsville, Ohio, at 3
o'clock-on the evening of Thursday,
Feb. 5 1914 and was burled at 11 o'clock
on Sunday, Feb. 8, 1914 among her
many deceased relatives in the Dunn's
Chapel cemetery in Highland icounty,
In the presence of about forty of her
kindred and tried friends in full hope
of the resurrection to live with God a
million years.
O change 1 O wondrous change 1
burst are the prison bars 1
This moment there so low
In mortal prnyer and now
Beyond the stars I
Oh change 1 Stupendous change '
Here lies the senseless clod ;
The soul from bondage breaks,
The new Immortal wakes
Walkes with her God I
We tender our sincere thanks to our
many tried friends and neighbors, and
to Dr. Scott for their faithful ministry
of kindness and help to our belovtd
during her sickness, and to the many
kindred and kind friends from Hills
boro, Russell and Dunn's Chapel, who
stood with us at the grave to cheer
our drooping spirits.
J. M. Wooddell.
How to Prevent Bilious Attacks.
"Coming events cast their shadows
before." This is especially true of
bilious attacks. Your appetite will
fail, you will feel dull and languid. If
you are subject to bilious attacks take
three of Chamberlain's Tablets as soon
as these symptoms appear and the at
tack may be warded off. For sale by
All Dealers. adv
Mary, daughter of Ralph and Mary
Stockwell, was born in Washington
township, Highland county, Ohio,
October 15, 1840, and her spirit passed
to the Great Beyond on February 3, 1
1014, as peacefully and silently as an
autumn frost before the morning sun, I
to receive the reward of the Great
Judge of all aged 73 years, 3 months
and 10 days. I
On the' last day of the year 1801, she
was married to Nathaniel Roush, by
George Leonard. Although this home
was not blessed with children, yet it
was not childless. She became foster
mother of Richard Roush and Mrs.
Arthur Chaney, who together with the
husband, are now grieving over-the loss
of a careful mother and dutiful wife.
She united with the German Re
formed church at Danville soon after
her-marrlage and lias lived a pure,clean
and consecrated life during all this
period of time. His life has been an
open book, which all her relatives,
friends and neighbors can read and
from it we may gather many lessons
which would profit us in ordering our
own lives.
We desire to thank all the friends
and neighbors who so kindly aided us
in many ways during the sickness and
death of our loved one : also Rev. John
Howard for his wordsof sympathy and
consolation, and Klncald & Son for
their excellent services as undertakers.
Tnu Family.
To Enjoy the Popular Dances,
The feet must be free from pain. Many
women and men realize the comfort
to he enjoyed by using Allen's Foot
Ease, the antiseptic powder to be shak
en into the shoes before the dance.
Since dancing has become so popular,
Allen's Foot Ease is in demand every
where because it rests the feet and
makes dancing a delight. For Free
sample, Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
LeRoy, N. Y. (3 12) adv
Hungary has completely motorized
Its postal service. I
are curable. Allklndi
mean autrerinsr and
danger. The CAUSE
la always Internal.
Dr. Leonhardt'a
tablets produce amaxliur results by attacldnff the
Tba Dllcs arc dried ud and
permanently cured. 4 daya treatment, $1.00.
DR. LEOHUA1UJT CO, Buffalo. N. Y. (tn book)
The W. K. Smith Oo. and all druggists.
Once a year the leading automobile
manufacturers of the country send ap
proximately 11,000,000 worth of auto
mobiles to Cincinnati purely for ex
hibition purposes. This annual "Mil
lion Dollar Auto Show" will be Riven
I this year, as heretofore, at.Music Hall,
unuer me auspices oi ne isiiiuiiiiiuu
Automobile Dealers' Association, an
organization of local representatives
and distributors whose operations are
not limited to Cincinnati, but who Uo
business with dealers in various por
tions of Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia
and Kentucky.
This year's "Million Dollar Auto
Show" opens on Saturday, Februao
21, when the classiest and most popu
lar makes of pleasure cars will be
shown, this department continuing un
til Saturday, February 28. On March
2, the following Monday, a supple
mentary show, devoted entirely to the
display and exploitation of motor
trucks and general tervice vehicles,
will, be inaugurated, to run for a pe
riod of three days.
The fact that this year's exhibition
has been split up into two sections
Is due to the extraordinary demand for
space, the number and magnitude of the
displays of both pleasure cars and
service trucks exceeding those of pre
vious years. This means ""that pros
pective buyers, whether dealerB, pri
vate citizens s eking any grade of
' pleasure car, or business men, desir
ous of getting up to date by handling
their deliveries on motor trucks, will
And a greater variety of motor-driven
vehicles to select from than ever be
fore were shown in the Ohio Valley.
Nor will the display of motor cars
be the only attraction to take the pub
lic to Music Hall during the time of
the show. Arrangements have been
made for concerts every afternoon and
evening by the noted Cincinnati Sym
phony Orchestra, with soloists from
time to time. Special demonstrations
by the various exhibitors also will b"e
features, while the two largo halls in
which the vehicles will be shown will
be handsomely decorated, this portion
of the project alone entailing an ex
pense of $7,500.
Some idea of the magnitude of the
show may be gained from the follow
ing list ot exhibitors, many of whom
will Bhow three or four models of
their respective cars:
Charles Behlen's Sons Company, De
troit electric pleasure cars and trucks;
I Cincinnati Automobile Company, Stutz
and Pope-Hartford pleasure cars and
trucks; Cincinnati Motor Truck Com-
, pany, universal trucks; Citizens' Mo-
I tor Car Company, Packard pleasure
carB and trucks; Fischer Auto and
SerVice Company, Chalmers, Locomo
bile and Saxon pleasure cars; Ford
Motor Car Company, Ford; Franklin
Motor Car Company, Franklin; Han
auer Automobile Company, Plerce-Ar-row
pleasure cars and trucks; Hell
man Motor Car Company, Haynes
pleasure cars and commerce trucks;
I Herschede Motor Car Company, Rauch
& Lang electrics; Imperial Motor Car
Baker electrics;
' cara nn(j
Motor Car Company, Oakland; Kruse
Motor Car Company, Marmon and
Maxwell pleasure cars and Kelly
Springfield trucks; Levigne two-cycle
pleasure cars; Leyman-Buick Com
pany, Bulck pleasure cars and Bulck .
and Federal trucks; George C. Millor
Sons, Cole pleasure cars and Standard
1 electrics; Ratterman Motor Car Com
' pany, Maxwell; Charles Schlear Motor)
Car Company, Hupmoblle and Apper. ,
eon; Stevens-Duryea Company, Ste-
vens-Duryea pleasure cars; Towle
Cadillac Company, Cadillac; Welbon
Motor Car Company, Hudson pleasure
cars; White Motor Car Company,
White pleasure cars; ProgessIve Gar
age, Pathfinder pleasure cars; Rose
Hill Garage, Ohio electrics; Moore Oil
Company; Paragon Refining Com
pany, oils; Ten Broeck Tyre Com
pany, tires; Eureka Resilient Wheel
Company, auto wheels; A. S. K. Com
pany, metal and body polish; Dayton
Rubber and Manufacturing Company,
airless tires; Ohio Ford Shop, Ford
specialties, Perkins-Campbell Com
pany, seat covers; National Auto
School, auto Instruction, and other'
for whom spaces have been reserved.
Dealers from this section, as well
as many of our citizens interested in
motor cars, have arranged to attend
the show.
In France experiments with freezing
fish in blocks of Ice for transportation
are being tried, the assertion being
made that they can be, revived by slow
thawing and sold alive.
The Klondike fields, which are In
Yukon territory, Dominion of Canada,
have produced nearly $125,000,000.
2?rof$ional Qrdi
Both Phonei.In Olflct ind Rnidtnet
office Short St., Opp. Court Bci tt
I. w. c
ilenn Big.
Some 'Phone 340
Bell 'Phone 143
Hillsboro, Ohio.
Orrioi: In Holmes
HulldlnK, North HIM
Orrioi Bonus. a to tt a,
fi n. m.
2 to and e t
Uoth 'Phones In Office and Residence,
For Your Flowers.
Funeral Directors & Embalmers
IA Full Line of High Grade
V """ TUT
Prompt Delivery. Courteous Treatment
Your Patronage Solicited
(Successors to J. C. Koch)
Office krar or TtrclH r' rterot
Home Phone 344
Feb. 10, 19H.
Frank OrebaiiRh and wife spent Sun
day in Hillsboro and attended church
at the Tabernacle.
General Pence and family and
Wright Fawley and wife spent Thurs
day with John R. Pence and family,
at Tile Junction.
Mrs. Joe Barrett visited Ed Pence
and family Sunday.
Joe Slddons and wife, pf Hillsboro,
were the guests of John Lemon and
wife Wednesday.
Alva Overman and wife spent Sun
day with the former's grandmother,
Mrs. Murray, near Hillsboro.
Ed Chaney and wife and daughter,
Uertha, and General Pence and family
took dinner Sunday with Wright Faw
ley and wife, of Tile Junction.
Miss Wllla Robinson spent Monday
night with Miss Nina Evans, of Hills
boro. Ellis ;Wilkln and family and Miss
Rella Carpenter were guests Sunday of
Clark (hunter and family, of Hoag
lands. Mrs. L. M Robinson and family en
tertained Ed Chaney and family
Wednesday evening.
George Culhan and family, of Rus
sell, visited Chas. Trop and wife, Sun
General Pence, after spending the
past week at home, returned to Colum
bus today.
Mrs. Alva Overman called on Mrs.
Stella Orebaugh and mother Thurs
day afternoon.
Robert Hottle and wife entertained
Sunday at dinner nenry Saum and
wife, of Falrvlew, Rev. Spafford and
wife and Michael Rlzer, of Hillsboro,
in honor of their son, Lloyd, and Ids
bride, who was formerly Miss Elma
A recent census, the first of the kind
ever taken, credited Denmark, which
lias about one-third the area of Wis
consin, with more than 5,400,000 fruit
v How's This?
Wo ouer Cno Hundred Dollars Uo
vc;d for any case of Catarrh tut
cannot ho cured by Hall's CatanU
T. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O
Wo, tlio unCcrcIsncd, l.'vo l:nown V J.
Chcmy for tho l". . 15 years, nnd bclko
iilm perfectly hunorablo in nil bualner3
transactlo-ia and financially abb t- c r:y
out any cvjatlor.3 maCa Ly 1.1a firm.
n. -'.o:;..l, ea:: cr ccz:i:r:r.c -,
."Tilcdo. o.
Ila'l'j Catarrh Curo It ta'-cn Intern !'",
acting i roi-;!y ora 1 o Word and mu
cous bu .acrs (tl'u r .en Teat '-.or'
u-it U- J-' - 73 c-. i j r I. -t: b la
by rll r ru'ifR.
lake I1L a i. f.inlly I'iU - -r 'olipauoo.

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