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Mrs. Isaac Larkln Is very sorlously
HI, She Wasallttlo bettor Wednesday.
Judge Nowby will go to Georgetown'
today to hold court.
Mrs W. n. Vance Is very seriously
ill with blood poisoning. ,
J. n. Tolle, oi Mlddletown, was
with his family here over Sunday.
Eon. Coke L. Doster, of Greenfield,
was here on legal business, Wednesday.
Misses Anna and Luella Wood were
guests of their mother at Danville
over Sunday.
Have your sale bills printed at the
Nkws-Heuald. 50 bills In two colors
and matter run In paper for$3.00.
The Robert Gaddts farm, which was
sold at Sherltls sale Saturday, was
purchased by J. M. Griffith for $3,000.
Mrs. J. E. Stabler and son were the'
guests of the former's father, Israa
Troth, at Lynchburg, a few days last
wee'r -.
February Clearance Sale of furniture
and rugs at Klncaid & Son's Store
now going on. Great opportunity for
bargains. adv
Miss Dorothy Hathorn returned to
her home in, Cincinnati, Tuesday, af
ter a two weeks visit with her aunt,
Miss Harriett Mahan.
The annual banquet of the Twen
tieth Century Club will be held at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Bean on
Friday evening.
Paul Williams, of Wilmington, re
turned home Monday, after a few days
visit with Mr. and Mrs Morris Mor
row Miss Nan Larkln suffered a severe
attack of acute Indigestion Sunday
afternoon. She was much better
February Clearance Sale of furniture
and rugs at Klncaid &, Son's Store
now going on. Great opportunity for
bargains. adv
Misses Ruth and Lena Kent, who
have been attending the openings of
the wholesale millinery houses in
Cleveland and Columbus, returned
home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Walker Overman had
as their guest last week their daugh
ter, Mrs. Gladys Grove, of Dayton.
Mrs. Overman and son, Oakley, ac
companied her home.
O. N. Sams was in Cincinnati Mon
day to attend the meeting at which
Cincinnati's claims for a reginal bank
were presented to Secretary of Treas
ury McAdoo.
The tire department was called to
the home of John Dellass on Elm
street Friday morning by a fire that
started from a defective flue. It was
put out with slight damage.
All K. of P's. are requested to be at
Castle Hall Friday evening, February
20, at 7:30 The Golden Jubilee will
be celebrated. There will be work In
the Page Rank and a banquet.
By Order Committee.
Special services will be held at the
Sugartree Ridge M. E. church next
Sunday, Feb. 22. The subject of the
sermon by the pastor will be "Our
Country." Special music. All are
cordially Invited to attend.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. McClure return
ed home Saturday. They had been
visiting relatives at Seymour, Ind.,
and had also been to West Baden,
where Mr. McClure had taken the
baths of that fanious health resort.
Evangelistic services will begin at
the Baptist church next Sunday, con
ducted Dy Rev. G. W. Philips, or
Hamilton. Dr. Philips comes here
With the reputation of being one of
the ablest preachers of the Baptist
church. He is a brother of the Mr.
Philips, who has preached here a num
ber of times recently and who so
thoroughly pleased all of his hearers.
Absolutely Pure
Absolutely has no suhatltutm
Many mixtures are offered as
substitutes for Royal. No other
baking powder is the same in
'composition or effectiveness, or
so wholesome and economical,
nor will make such fine food.
Royal is the only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
Comb Honey, fine full sections,
in good condition
15c per
The pfaoe where you got the BEST.
Ilarley Pulse, of Lynchburg, was
here on legal business Tuesday.
Lyman Ililliard went to Portsmouth
Wednesday, where he expects to secure
Miss Catherine Mclntvre. of Clncln
natl, was the guest of relatives here
John McMahon, of Loveland, spent
Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Mike McMahon. I
Mrs. Catherine Stockwell, who has
been In Norwood for several months
returned home last week.
Miss Anna Johnson, of north of town,
visited her sister, Mrs. Charles D.
Johnson, at Greenfield, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bell, who have
been at Deleware for four months, re
turned here Saturday.
Mr3. T. C. Bouman, formerly of this
place, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Cooper, died Tuesday afternoon at
Olney 111.
- m -
Mrs. Scott Skeen underwent an oper
ation at Chrlsts' Hospital recently.
She is recovering as rapidly as could
be expected.
Mrs Lulu Barrere and daughter,
Miss Margaret, went to Columbus
Sunday for a week's visit with the for
mer's sister, Mrs. S. W. HIestand.
Miss Lucille Rldgeway, of Green
field, was the guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ridgeway, last
N All of the banks of HUlsboro will be
closed all day Monday, Feb. 23, observ
ing Washington's birthday which falls
on Sunday. adv
Mrs. James McJIullen and Miss
Florence Harsha were the guests of
the former's mother, Mrs. Eltifritz, at
Columbus, from Thursday until Mon
day. Mrs. W. C. McCoppin and Misses
Margaret Falrley and Lydia K. Parkes
left Wednesday to attend the Mardi
Gras at New Orleans.
Mrs. Henry Graham.BrownJand Mrs.
Winfield Shlras, of Pittsburg, Pa,
arrived here Monday for a two weeks
visit with the former's parents, Hon.
and Mrs. 3. J. Pugsley.
Miss Josephine Roush went to
Cleveland Saturday to'vislt the open
Ings Of the wholesale millinery houses.
On her return she will spend a few
days at the wholesale millinery houses
at Columbus and Dayton.
Miss Edith Smith gave a party Satur
day afternoon for her cousins, Misses
Lucy and Olive Clark, of Los Angeles,
Cal., who are visiting their aunt, Mrs.
H. M. Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Shepherd, of
New York City, who has been visiting
the former's sister, Mrs. A. A. Ken
nedy, for several weeks, returned home
Saturday. Mrs. Kennedy, who has
been very 111, Is much better.
The wild dog was killed Friday by
Lyman B, A meson the farm of Charlie
Fenner, known as the Crute farm. It
has been in the neighborhood for
sometime and had killed a large num
ber of poultry and run the stock. It
was part wolf and a very fast runner.
James Lelnlnger and family and Miss
Birdie Carrier, of New Market, spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lon Vance.
Frank Vance, of Ilollowtown, has
been the guest of his son, Prof. W. H.
Vance, for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. WF. Klbler, of Wll
lettsvllle, wore guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Klbler, Sunday.
Miss Madge Farls left Saturday for
a two weeks visit with Miss Anna
Hopkins, at Barberton, and her grand
father, Rev. J. B. Farls, at Canton.
Mrs. Fred Creamer, of Washington
C. II , has been called here by the
serious illness of her mother, Mrs.
Stephen Hickle.
February Clearance Sale of furniture
and rugs at Klncaid & Son's Store now
going on. Great opportunity for bar
gains, adv
i m
Mr. and Mrs. II. H. Maddox will
celebrate their Golden Wedding anni
versary on March 3. They will be at
home to thelr.friends on that day.
The Patterson Examinations will be
held at the Wasulngton School build
ing on the usual dates the third.'Satur
day of April and. May.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Davis, of Russell
vllle, are rejoicing over the arrival of
a fine baby boy. Mrs. Davis is a daugh.
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Haggerty,
east of HUlsboro.
Misses Callie McLaughlin and Ethel
Smith left Saturday for Cleveland,
where they will be employed Ifor the
next two weeks in Read's Wholesale
Millinery Store.
Misses Elizabeth Anderson and Mary
Landess left Saturday for Columbus,
where they will be employed in a
Wholesale MilllneryJStore for the next
two weeks.
Elbert Kerr spent; Sunday with
Burch Mendenhall. Mr. Kerr and
Mr. Mendenhall assisted the special
orchestra at the tabernacle with trom
bone and clarinet in the afternoon and
The Men's Brotherhood of the Pres
byterian church has organized, elect
ing the following officers : Frank Les
lie, president; Willi; Hugglns, vice
pres. ; Clarence Pearce, sec'y. ; Stanley
Rogers, treas.
The local chapter of the Daughters
of the American Revolution will have
a special meeting and program on
Saturday to celebrate Washington's
birthday. The members will be en
tertained with a luncheon at the home
of Mrs. George B. Beecher.
The Chicken pie supper, given by the
girls In the Domestic Science Course,
at the Presbyterian church Saturday
avening was a complete success. The
gross proceeds were 881.S5 and about
870 was cleared. The supper was de
licious and was both cooked and
serv.ed by the young girls and reflected
great credit on the girls and their
Dr. W. L. Burr, formerly pastor of
the New Hope Baptist church of this
place, died in Texas Sunday. The body
was taken to Columbus where inter
ment will be made today. Dr. Burr
had been pastor of a Columbus church
for 16 years, going from here to Co
lumbus. He was about 55 years of
age and death resulted from tubercu
losis. Charles Bolden will go to Colum
bus to attend the funeral.
James E. Roads and Charles Rose left
Monday for Missouri where they will '
examine a number of model produce
houses forj the purpose of securing
ideas and plans for the new building
which Mr. Roads will erect here next
sorlntr. Thev will be i-rinn ahnnt. a.
week and will meet a government'
specialist who will assist them in their
Heavy snows fell throughout High
land county Friday and Sunday. On
the level the snow was about a foot
deep. Sunday a high wind was blow
ing and the snow drifted" badly, in
many places the roads being impassa
ble. The rural carriers had a hard
time Monday, scarcely Jany of them
being able to go all the way over their
routes. Monday was thejjcoldest day
of the winter the thermometer regis
tering below zero, some as low as 8.
The partnership Selph & Tener
has been dissolved, Mrs. D. B. Selph
purcnasing tne interest oiu. jp. Tener.
The business will be conducted at the
present location under the name of
Selph's Cash Grocery. The firm was
dissolved on account of Mr. Tener not
being able to stand the hard work of
the business. The association of tho
members has been of the pleasantest
nature Mr. Selph and Mr. Tener de
sire to thank their many patrons for
their liberal support and the new firm
solicits a continuance of the patronage.
Mr, Tener will remain in the store un
til March 1. The present employes.
L. W, Thomas and Glenn Mullenlx
will be retained.
It is estimated that 00 por cent of
industrial accldentscan be eliminated,
60 per cent by safety devices and 30
per cent by the proper training of
5 ATinmun i-lminn tin C 1
X By C. -HAMBURG. $1 Vlftl IlLUIll
"By the way," said Harstetter, In
the middle of a poaceiul dinner at his
country cottago, "I asked the Powells
to come across the lake with mo next
.Saturday. I thought wo ought to
have them."
Presently the dead silence caused
htm to look up from his salad. "What's
tho matter?" he Inquired In astonish
luent. Mrs. Harstetter was gazing at him
with a tragedy face. "James Harstet
ter," she got out at last, "I should
think you would have known hotter!
Why, this week I'm getting ready to
close the cottage for tho winter and
we're all going back with you next
Monday and tho cretonnes will all
be down and the house looks like fury
without them and the curtains and
Mrs. Powell has never been here, and
what on earth will she think of the
place? With the geranium boxes all
emptied and everything! And eating
tho scraps and canned stuff that's left
oh, I could shake you"
"I didn't think," said Harstetter.
His appetite, however, seemed quite
unimpaired by the turn affairs had
"They'll want to go walking and see
things and go Ashing and goodness
knows what else and there's all that
canned fruit for you to crate. How
aro you going to crate fruit when
you've got to sit on the front porch
being a pleasant little host to a great
big fat man like Mr. Powell, who
wants to smoko cigars and have re
freshing drinks served to him all the
time and have the women sitting
around languidly ready to talk and
keep him amused. If It had to be
some one why couldn't you have
picked out any one else on earth but
the Powells? I do believe there is
something left out of a man's brain
"I Just Hate Youl"
that women have, some sixth senso
that should keep them from doing
foolish things! You are Just like a
little boy the present moment is all
jou, can manage!"
"I am sorry," said Harstetter, "to
have stirred up such a commotion."
Mrs. Harstetter sigher in an out
raged manner. "What good does that
do?" she exploded. "How easy life
would be If all of us went ahead and
did Just as we chose with no consid
eration for any one else's comfort or
wishes or convenience. Just becauso
we could say afterward that we were
sorry and that would make It all
right! I believe I'll try It, and see
how you like It, James Harstetter.
You'll come home some night and find
there Isn't any dinner and I'll say:
'Dear me! I didn't have time to order
it because I wanted to go to a bridge
party I'm so-o-o sorry!"
"That would be no excuse for not
providing a hungry man with his din
ner," said Harstetter.
His wife made Inarticulate sounds
in her throat. "You aro perfectly mad
dening!" she said. "There is no rea
son why the same allowances shouldn't
be made for me that you expect me to
make for you. All the good sheets
are in the wash this coming week and
Mary'll be good and angry when I tell
her she has to wash out some ahead
of time so I can fix up the guestroom
bed! And It's so hard to keep serv
ants contented here Ir. the country.
I should think you would have thought
of that! I Just know Mrs. Powell will
sniff at the simplicity of tho place
though when the cretonnes are up and
the flower boxes are filled it Isn't so
bad. I hate to have people see the
place when It Isn't at Its best. Hon
estly, I could cry!"
"Don't cry," sold Harstetter.
"What's the use?"
"How are we going to get them here
now that the ferry's stopped? Could
you expect Mrs. Powell, In something
perfectly lovely from Paris, to walk
a quarter of a mile through the sand
and come across the lake in a row
boat as you do, James Harstetter?
She'll hate us!"
"Well," said Harstetter, cheerfully,
"now that you've got your blood to cir
culating you said you wero chilly
when we sat down to dinner I'll men
tion that that's precisely what Mrs.
Powell did do! She very sweetly de
clined the Invitation, because she said
she knew you'd be so busy packing
"Jimmy Harstetter, I Just hate you."
exclaimed his wife. Chicago Daily
0 1
Matinee and Night
"Base Ball's Peerless
Frank Chance, Mana
ger of the New York
American League Team
and Gwendolin Pates in a
big two reel Comedy-Drama.
and many of your favorites.
Supberb Scenes Faithfully Portraying
The Greatest Play in American History
Positively The Greatest of All American Military Dramas
Matinee at 2:30. Night Shows at 7 and 8:30 p. m.
Seats on sale Saturday. Better order early.
r- 1
Commencing Friday, February 20th at 1:00 p. m.,
and continuing every day and evening till 9:00 p. m.,
until our entire stock is sold.
Everything must be sold regardless of cost,
Hats, Plumes, Fancy Feathers, Silks, Satins, Vel- III
vets, Ribbons, Veiling, Flowers, Children's Coats and
Caps, Underwear and Hosiery.
Cohn's Millinery
WALTER ROGERS, Auctioneer.
February lo, 1914
Mrs. L. O. Bennington ana son,
Tom, who had spent the past two
months with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Ben
nington, have returned to their home
in Sheridan, Wyoming.
Mr. and Mrs. A Marconett, of Hoi
lowtown, visited their daughter, Mrs.
A. L. Carr, Tuesday.
Mrs. Ulrlc Shaw, who has been
quite sick with measles, Is able to be
about again.
A. L. Carr made a business trip to
HUlsboro and Blanchester Saturday.
L. E. Euverard and wife entertain
ed sleigh riders Saturday evening.
. Mrs. William Custer, of Hollow
town, was calling on her daughter,
Mrs. C. N. Fender, Sunday evening.
D. G. Marconett and family, of Ilol
lowtown, were entertained Sunday by
L. E. Euverard and family.
Tom Roberts and family, of Sugar
tree Ridge, spent Sunday.wlth Dave
Fender and family.
L E. Euverard and wife spent Sun
day night with his father, Chas. Eu
verard, of Maple Grove, who Is quite
1 Ed. Winkle and family, of Olive,
spent Sunday with Wm. Lance and
The evangelistic meetings at the
Presbyterian church closud Sunday
with twenty three accessions to the
church. Dr. W. J. Dempster, the
evangelist, was a forceful, eloquent and
appealing speaker and it is believed
that lie has done an excellent work in
For Every Living Thing On The
Free ; a 500 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Tiling
on tho Farm;" horses, cattle, dogs,
Bheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetinary Specifics ; also a st
bio chart for ready reference, to hang
np. Freo by mall on application. Ad
dress Humphreys ilomeo Med. Co.,
Cornor Williams &AnnSw.,N.Y. a1v0Bs3.
It's the Size
That Counts !
If you-eep chickens we want you to
sec the biggest and strongest chicks you
ever saw in your life !
Come in and see these chicks while
they are hatching and let us prove to
you that a Buckeye Incubator will batch
bigger chicks, stronger chicks and mora
chicks than any old hen or incubator
you ever owned.
The Buckeye Incubator is so simple
that a beginner can operate it just as
successful' as the experienced poultry-,
man, and they are guaranteed to hatch
every hatchable egg.
Made in 5 sizes CO eggs to 330 eggs.
Sold as low as
On the market 21 years over 325,00(1
in successful operation. Ask for a Buck
eye Catalogue.
Recognized Advantages.
You will find that Chamberlain's
Coufih Remedy has recognized ad van
tages over most medicines In use for
coughs and colds. Itdoesnot --up press
a cold but loosens and rellewslt. It
aids expectoration and opens the ecrp
tions, which enables the fjMem to
throw off a cold. It counteacts any
tendency of a cold to result In pneumo
nia. It contains no opium or other
narcotic, and may be give 1 to a child
as confidently as to art adult. For sale
by All Dealers. adv
Tricycle taslcabs have been intro.
duced into Germany with great t-uo
.i&M, jjfcjjk - Wl . -.t-i' ja fli j - .jt. . ' llji

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