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March 2, 1014.
Mrs. Ed. Srofeis In Cincinnati with
her father who Is seriously 111 at the
Jewish hospital.
Mis Ethel Griffith, of Leesburj,
was entertained at the home of George
DeLaney Saturday
Miss Vada Murphy Is with Miss
Mollte Ditty, of Columbus. Miss
Ditty was so unfortunate as to slip
and fall on the Ice last weekr which
will confine her to the house several
Chas. Pickerel Is very sick at this
Mrs. Pat. Holland, of Chllllcothe,
was a visitor here last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Slmpklns, of
New Vienna, spent Saturday with her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Eiglln.
Edwin and Lewis DeLaney were In
Cincinnati Saturday sight seeing.
The Ladles Aid of the M. E. Church
will meet with Mrs. G. T. DeLaney
Thursday afternoon. 7
The new furnace is being installed
in the Christian Church this week.
The Ladles Aid of the Christian
Church prepared a nice lunch and
met with Mrs. Naomi Farls on last
Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Farls had
not been able to meet with the society
for some time. A very enjojable af
ternoon was had by all present.
Miss Lillian Chaney Is attending
the millinery openings In Cincinnati
this week.
Gus Bering will attend the funeral
'of his uncle, Frank Bering, in Cincin
nati Wednesday morning.
Lewis Dewey, or Blanchester, was a
visitor at the Cleveland home Thurs
day and on Sunday Mrs. Cleveland
had the three little sonsof Mr. Dewey
with her.
Mesdames Murphy, Felke, Linton,
Henderson and Hopkins were with
Mrs. Ona Delaney on Saturday after
noon celebrating her birthday annl.
Dr. M. L. Chaney is in Dajtonfor
several days.
The Home and E'orelgn Missionary
Society of the Lutheran Church wh
meet with Mrs. Cinna Miller Thurs
day afternoon.
Rev. D resch closed the series of
meetings at this place Sunday.
The C. W. M B of the Christian
Church will meet with Mrs. O. W.
Roush on Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Carl Hlmes spent part of last
week with her parents at Mt. Olive
Mrs. Sam. Gritlin, of Hillsboro, was
called here Monday on account of the
serious illness of her grandmother,
Mrs. Hall.
Mr. ana Mrs. John Benham, of Wal
nut Illils, were with Mr. and Mrs. W.
B. Ruble Sunday.
Miss Manetta Kellls, of Columbus
and Mrs. Eva Schaurer, of Wabasji,
Ind., were called to the bedside of
their father on Wednesday of last
week. Leslie Kellls, of Xenla, and
Mr. Schaurer, of Wabash, were here
to attend the funeral of Mr. Kellls on
Mrs. Clarence Dean visited her sis
ter, Mrs. Connor, of Blanchester, Sat
urday. W. L. Stautner was in Cincinnati
and Covington on Thursday and Fri
day. Roy Slmpklns entertained at dinner
Wednesday evening Harold Hodson
and friend, Mrs. Welsh, of Columbus,
Dana McAdow and Wendle Perry.
Mrs. O. W. Roush has her sister,
Mrs. Raymond, of New York, with
her for a prolonged visit.
Robert Grlshem received the sad
news of the sudden death of his moth
er at Westboro Sunday. Mr. Grlshem
and family left immediately for that
The Murphy families of .this place
met at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Murphy on Saturday to remind
Mr. Murphy of another birthday an
niversary. George Fenner and family, of near
Hillsboro, moved on the W. A. West
farm north of town.
Again we are reminded how rapidly
the old soldiers are passing to the
groat beyond On last Monday even
ing James Kellls suffered a stroke of
apoplexy from which he died Thurs
day night. Mr. Kellls was one of our
highly respected citizens, industrious,
honest and thoughtful of the rights of
others. Soon after the close of the
Civil war he removed to this village
frequently serving the village as com
missioner and street commissioner.
He was assiduous in the discharge of
every duty Imposed upon him by his
fellowtownsmen. He leaves a .widow
and several children to mourn his de
parture. Mr. Kellls was 72 years old.
The funeral was held at the home on
Monday afternoon conducted by Rev.
I) resch.
George DeLaney and wife were in
Cincinnati Thursday.
Mrs. Wm. Cleveland received a m'es
sage Monday morning of the death of
he? mother-in law, Mrs. Rachel Cleve
land. Mrs. Cleveland had been with
her daughter. Mrs. 0. B. Kuffell, of
New York City, since November. The
body will be sent to this place for bur
ial. Mrs. Cleveland was one of our
most highly respected ladles.
Miss Margaret DeLaney, of Cincin
nati, was with her parents over Sun
day. W. A. Saylor transacted business in
Hillsboro Friday.
Lewis Pltzer died at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. Ford Ratcllff on Sat
urday evening Feb. 25, after an illness
of one week. Mr. Pitzer was born
one mllo north of this place July, 1831
When a young man he took up the
profession of teaching, but volunteer
ed as a soldier during the Civil war.
On his return from the service In
1865, he, with Ills family removed to
the west and for twenty vears taught
school both in Illinois and Missouri In
which profession he was highly suc
cessful. Returning to Ohio in 1880 he
took up his residence In Lynchburg
and has since then been one of our
most respected citizens. At the early
age of fifteen he united with the
church and until his death was a
strong supporter of all Interests of the
church. Sunday before his death ho
was in his accustomed place both in
Sunday School and at the regular ser
vices of the church. The Influence of
such a life will long be remembered
and the good In such a life will live to
bless mankind. He leaves a daughter,
Mrs. Ferd Ratcllff, and son, who lives
in St. Petersburg, Fla., who was un
able to attend the funeral. The fun
eral services will be conducted by his
pastor, Rev. Dresch, assisted by Rev.
Gray and Dr. W. II. McAdow on Tues
day at 2 p. m.
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March 2, 1914,
Bernice and Evelyn McOoppin, who
have been very sick, are slowly im
proving. Rev. Kelly failed to fill his appoint
ment here Sunday, owing to the con
ditton of the roads and bad weather.
Mrs. Thomas Elliott called on Mrs.
James Penn Saturday afternoon.
George Garman and wife and daugh
ter, Nolle, and Chas. Keelor, of Rains
bo ro, spent Wednesday with Oscar
Keelor and family.
Mrs. Manford Law&on and little son
and Mrs. Harley McOoppin and son
visited relatives here last week.
Mrs. narry Post, of Hillsboro, visit
ed Charles McCoppln and family last
Miss Maude McCoppln, of Marshal),
spent Saturday night and Sunday with
home folks.
8tAs & I vh'.
Znskj'CovEacD,,Tne. grand Jfgg
BELL'S Opera House March 12
March 2, 1914.
Mrs. C. A. Lemon has returned
home, after spending several weeks
with relatives and friends in Illinois.
John Bell and wife, of Delaware,
spent last week here visiting friends.
Mrs. John Luck, of Lynchburg, was
the guest of J. D. VanWlnklej and
family last week. ""
James Eakins lost a valuable cow
last week.
Harley Parshall and family, of
Ralnsboro, will move to the Wyatt
Robert's farm this week.
A. E. nunter called on Lewis Ros
selott Wednesday evening.
P. S Bell is at Columbus, where lie
underwent an operation last Monday.
Word has been received that he is
speedily recovering.
Mrs. F. L Lemon, of Hillsboro, is
the guest of J. D. VanWlnkle this
Mrs. Mary McReynolds and Roy
Carr spent Sunday with R. G, Roberts
and mother.
David Carrier spent three days of
last week the guest of Lawrence
Smith and wife at Lynchburg.
Mrs. John Donohoo left Wednesday
to visit relatives In,Dayton for several
Mrs. John Davidson and daughter,
Josephine, spent one day last week
with Mrs. C. W. Carr.
A number of neighbors and friends
of John Eyler gathered at his home
Wednesday to remind him of another
Nelle VanWlnkle is spending this
week with Ben Vance and family at
Frank Sharp and wife, of New Vi
enna, spent Sunday the guest of the
latter's parents.
C. V. PurJy was a business visitor
at Sardinia Saturdays
March 2, 1914.
Don't miss the play to be given by
home talent Friday and Saturday,
March 13 and 14, at the Assembly Hall.
It is entitled "The Bank Cashjer."
Tickets on sale at C. F. Rosselot's
store. Benefit of M. E. Church.
The sale of Br Brown last Friday was
largely attended. There is no question
as to Mr. Brown being a good farmer,
was seen by the quality ot seed corn
he had on hand.
John Beltz, who has been very sick,
is Improving nicely.
Earl Weaver and wife and little son,
Herman, of Hillsboro, are guests at the
homevof J. A. Mabln.
Clarence Gossett purchased property
from James Martin last Friday on
Pleasant street, which he expects to
make his residence.
The Ladles Aid Society has post
poned Its sale until the weather settles.
Glen Scott, who was so badly hurt,
is slowly improving. His parents are
considering the advisability of sending
him to a hospital in Cincinnati.
Rev. Rjan filled his appointment
here Sunday evening.
Delay Has: Been Dangerous In
Do the right tiling at the right time.
Act quickly In time of danger.
In time of Kidney danger Doan's
Kidney Pills are most effective
Plenty of evldonco of their worth.
Mrs. A Elmer, Water St., Batavla,
Ohio, says : "Four years ago one of
the family was all run down and suffer
ed almost constantly from kidney
trouble. We became alarmed. At
times for several days he could hardly
get around the house, nis back was
so still and lame that he could hardly
bend to tie his shoes .and when he sat
down, he couldn't get up. He couldn't
rest well at night and had to get up
every little while, owing to kidney
weakness. The kidney secretions were
scanty and dlsordeied. lie had but
little ambition and he could i't eat
When he got up in the morning he felt
tired and his head ached badly. He
doctored for some time, but got no
better and was about discouraged when
a friend told him to try Doan's Kidney
Pills We got a box for him and In a
few days after using them, he felt
much better. Five boxes made him
as well as ever and he was able to look
after his work. He can now rest well
and gets up in the morning feeling One.
We think Doan's Kidney Pills are a
Godsend to bhose who need a kidney
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-MUburn Co, Buffalo,
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take no other. a'Jv
March 2, 1914
You have heard the old saying, "If
March comes in like a Hon, It will go
out like a lamb " We hope that is
the case thli year.
Rollo Powell called on Chas. Slmbro
Tuesday night.
George Chancy, of Harrlsburg, Is
helping Ralph Sprinkle with his spring
Mrs. DelbertRobblnsspentTuesday
afternoon with her sister, Mrs. Fanny
Kincaid, of Hillsboro.
Chas. Slmbro and family, Frank
Wllllson and wife and John Welty
spent Thursday with J. O. Harris and
family, at Harrlsburg.
Miss Mabel Stratton, of Hillsboro, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Walter Powell.
Cary Klrkpatrick called on Joe
Campbell Saturday morning.
Miss Grace Slmbro, who Is staying in
Hillsboro, spent Saturday night and
Sunday with Chas. Simbro and wife.
Otway Purdy called on George Grif
fith's Tuesday morning.
Frank Welty and wife, of Leesburg,
spent Saturday night tnd Sunday with
Chas. Simbro and family.
Walter Powell and wife and Miss
Mabel Stratton were entertained at
the home of Chas. Robblns Thursday
Lewis and George Prine spent Satur
day afternoon with Raymond Slmbro.
On account of the snow storm Grover
Collins was unable to take up his
school until Wednesday morning.
Carey Klrkpatrick spent Sunday
afternoon with Chas. Simbro.
Need Attention
At all. The sooner they will get
it the better
Nothing can possibly be gained
by putting it off, and in all like-
lyhood their condition willbe ag
The wisest course for anyone
to pursue is to let us make an ex
amination at the earliest possi
ble moment.
That will determine exactly
the extent of the error and the
glasses that we will secure will
speedily and permanently correct
frank Emmerling
Jeweler and Optician
Assuming the population of the
United States to be 100,000,1)00, one
man out of every 40 owes his means of
livelihood and usefulness In. some de
groe to Edison.
Scarborough lusnrance, adv
IHMB4w3sS HV flBil flit1" 7yaBB H iffBroni w iPm?sa
The Perfect Storm Buggy
The Doors and Windows Wdrk Easier and Lock Tighter
Than Any on the Market
Positively" NO Rattle Not,cetoe construction. All panels and
all glass are put in from the outside, no
chanco for water to creep in under the edge of glass or panels. All glass
set on rubber. Entirely diffnrent from'all others.
Hinge windows on sides for ventilation; these" are greatly appreci
ated by the tobacco user.
Tastefully upholstered; cushion, back and side panels nicely tufted;
three pockets across inside front. Examine our cushions and you will
find eighteen cushion springs. Notice the heavy solid rubber mat on
bottom; no chanco for cold air to get through. Sash curtaius on curtain
rods at side und rear windows.
BODY Size 20x56 Inches, made of air-dried poplar, second growth
ash aills and frame.
WHEELS 42 and 40 inches; 5-10 round edge steel tire; 7-S tread.
Sarven patent, straight grain selected hickorj.
GEAR 1 inch steel axles, fan tall and swedged, regular arch. 12
inch fifth whnel.
DOUBLE REACH Ironed full length with channel reach irons.
SPRINGS 30 inches, French point, four-leaf front and rear, thor
oughly tested and guaranteed.
SHAFTS High heel, selected straight grain hlekory, well ironed ;
30 inch genuine leather points and round leather loops; Standard couplers.
PAlNriNO-Genuine lead and oil, the only system that will stand
the test.
PRICE $95.00
The M, F, Carroll
-AS .. ,
.. fc- ' """-- .
On the farm of Jas. E. Hogsett? one-half mile
south of Hillsboro, Ohio, beginning at 10 o'clock x
a. m., and continuing all day.
With Wide Spread Attachment
We want every farmer in Highland County to witness
this Demonstration.
J. G.
K ft
$ Men's Suits Dry Cleaned nd Pressed $1,00 ft
fj Jacket Suits Dry Cleaned. and Pressed $1.00 3
ft Last Cut Price this year - ft
t Smith Dry Cleaning
& Sons Company
'. m
S Pressing Works j

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