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1 SUAY, MARCH 5, 114.
awrscnooL I
Lesson a
(By E. O. SELLERS, Director of Evening
Department, The Moody Bible Institute,
She Could 'Not Be
ed head to the shoulders of his perfect,
ly fitting gray coat. Ho was Immac
ulate. Yet the InHt time Itognllnd hail
seen hlra he had bc-Jcn jjarbed hi blue
ovcntlls, nnd n ragged tniw hut hail
been tossed on the bntk of his head.
He had been loading cornstalks on a
farm wagon the ver.v day put left Put
wold to go on the stage.
"How do you do, lien?"' asked Itosa-
Und demurely.
Benjamin Hall looked up quickly and . Iheie lived In medieval times In
stared at Rosalind. Ills (list careless 1'h'iein e, Italy, a iiolhenmn. one of Hie
clancn at her entrance had seen noth- rmln fiiiullj. wlm fell uniler the dls
A Woman
(Temperance Lesson.)
TJESBON TEXT "Luke 12:35-45.
GOLDEN TEXT "Blessed are those
.rvants Whom the Lord When he cometh
shall And watching." Luke 12:37.
well marked us now. Oluse)ie Cull
da. having been a mau of action, nat
urally fell to levying tribute from
travelers for n living. He passed years
I supporting Ills family In this way and
was at Inst shot by the police and
Ing pave (lie crown nnd brim of the tip pleasure of Lorenzo de' Medici anil wus
.......-......-..... tilted hat. Ho had not looked under It obliged to lly for his life, He lound
The Htation platform was crowded because ho rather thought girls were a Ills wuy to the island of Slelly and
with people waiting for the gates to bore, a" save one took up his abode on U.e fooilnlis be-
open to admit them to the Boston ex- . ""M "oslc Mefrctn! ?"V ' " '-. where he was Joined
press waiting down thereon the lruc:;s. " ont onc f tbe "l br0Wn by 1,1s wife and chl.d.en.
Knanllml Xtnrntnn with 11 (li.villltl Dttna' Those WUC tlOtlllloUM tlUlCS. 1111(1 tile
cnvnXi on J S side 0 her era hi "Bcn' d J0U man that yon ""J1.1 "' line between making a bMng
waller on either side of he.gr eful recogn,ze me?(. agke(1 noaa,ni, wh
iirrin vmvnr cuiii iiiriii. nuiiriii ii , . . i. I. ...-. .. -
....... ..... . .-.--- icurs in uer eyuy, ut'tuusy 11 un mi
The words of Jesus aro the greatest glimpse of her reflection in the narrow g00(i to see a face from home once
authority the believer has upon Which nlirror 0f a siot machine, nnd the tired mbrc. "Are you going home?"
to found his belief in the Second Com- look vansued f,-nl i,cr lustrous hazel "I am. And you are, too?" he asked
ing. Somo refuso to have much to do eyeg Uosmlind j,, u tip tilted little hat eagerly, his eyes never once leaving
wun mis important memo uccuuhb uiu- .m. - v.,lvr Htrun ,,... uer rou,i i.,,- )ovniv taco. I
nSndTihlroerhSS VWto chin, with a pink rose tucked "Yes, Just for the week end. Tell , kIll((1 lsnv i,,,,,, .rw!0ty y
TTZirrJJnr whnrn nrf S s dCr the brim, w-l.ere two little brown me where you have been and what you ( o)( , lrt, f(II. sevural .ounr ',..
in the New Testanfent there are 318 curIs a,uigied eoiiuettlshly. was an tin- have been doing." answered HosJ-allud, ! dtt,
distinct references to this theme, a far chanting sigt even to herself. feeling.an odd embarrassment in Ben- j i,;,lwl Coni,ni UuvlllK ,)t.ell brought
greater proportion than is placed upon wlth ,m0 youtu , citIlor cnow jumln Hall's presence. ,, without a knowledge of anv way
some of the doctrines upon which Rosalind was safe'lv nlloted through iwimnin fU bmv hi hvm Htmlvlns f .in.i-i,,.- ,. ii..iii,n..,i n..... i.,.t..r1,.i,t.
tHAlA 4 A wf n 41 m tv A A linjtn A1I n rl - a 4 -. 4. V . -
"uu,a cuumtuowuui. naD uu iuuuu- me crowu aim rciuetiintiy reienseu ni her face as If he would read in Its denied-
tho gate, through which she passed openness some record of the three
Relative Value. with a farewell smile that included yCnra since they had parted.
L The exhortation to watch, vv. 35-. them both. Dearly as they believed ' jle told her that he had left PUlwold
40. This is the beginning of a new they loved the pretty little actress. a few months after her own departure,
paragraph. Jesus has been showing there wns no Jealousy between them. lc death of his patents had left him
the relative value of material posses- because they had n common ground of free t0 stllrt ijre anew. He had sold
sions and the Kingdom of God and fellowship they were both acutely 8pme woodland and had rented the
epitomizes his teaching in v. 34. He jealous of a third young man, TJanford Uoineatoad to strangers. lie had gone
now sets before his disciplines what Beeks, the millionaire, whose bouquet wcst iIlltj jIOught an Interest hi a mine
shall their attitude towards him during of violets and orchids nestled in the .ii, y uncle controlled. He had
his absence (II. Pot. 3:11, 12 H. V., Ti- lnce frills of Ilosalind's coat. prospered. He was going back to Put
tus 2:13; II. Tim. 4:8). Thus to bo The trnln left the city and went wold lle .,lH fcroln back lo thu lan,i
watchful seems to contradict his sug- thundering out inio the country to- wuici, ,s tiucestors had tilled.
gestions about anxiety. We need to wnru too iew linmpsnire uuis, wuere
remember, however, that the child Rosalind had been born. She was go
of the Kingdom is in entirely new ing there to spend a few days. The
relationship with the World. His stock company of which she was n
desire Is not for self enrichment but member was undergoing the throes of
rather to bo in such relations with Ood reorganization before going out on the
as hla rights demand and thus to bring ronu' nnd tUL're wi,s something that
to others their highest good. This. par- Rosalind wanted to think over In the
able epitomizes opportunity, nightly 'lu'(,t of th country.
tn mnlc i,HB nf nnnn'n nnnnrtiinltlos uaniora HOOKS wanted w marry uer.
"I'm homesick for (he farm," he .told
her. "I've beeu west, and I've .studied
the way they do things out there, and 4
shall know how to make It pay. Now
tell me about yourself, Uotjle."
Ilosallud told lilni briefly. There
seemed so little to tell in her narrow
life of hard work.
"And you are going back?" he asked.
epeils happiness for the disciple when She pinejl for the happiness that she ' i huppm,. so. sam uosanno,
., ii .. m was sur6 must be attained when one flushing warml.
had millions of dollnre to spend upon "Is this truer asked Benjamin quiet-
plcasure. She saw in her mind's eye ly as he look a "newspaper clipping
the old red farmhouse transformed from his notebook audi gave It to her.
into a benutiful mansion set in the Rosalind rend it with down bent
head: "It is rumored that .Miss Rosa
lind Merelon. the lovely little Ingenue
in the popular comedy, 'Lavender
Flowers.' W soon lo wed one of our
most' energetic young millionaires."
"Is it truo, llosie?" asked Benjamin.
Rosalind shook her head.
"No, not yet." she said Impulsively,
and then blushed scarlet at her self
Benjamiu looked at the violets and
orchids nt her breast and sighed sharp
ly. He had hoped' to be in time to of
fer Rosalind many things, but lie was
too late. He wondered tlercely what
sort of chap this man was. Did Rosa
lind love him or was she dazzled by
the millions' Who could blame her?,
he asked himself tlercely.
Adroitly he changed the subject, nnd
when the meal was over he accompa
nied Rosalind back to her seat In the
day coach. Sitting there beside her
with tho rugged scenery of New Hamp
shire blurring into the dusk, Benjamin
felt a growing contldence in himself.
He was nearing his own hills; he was
on his own ground, and the girl he
hnd always loved was beside him.
wearing another man's orchids, per
haps half promised to this rich man.
"Rosalind." he said suddenly, "aro
you engaged to this man?"
"No." said Rosalind quickly.
"Do you expect to be?'' he demanded
he the king shall appear. The evidence
that we are watching for his appear
ing consists of the readiness of the In
dividual who is or is not watching,
v. 35; I. Pet. 1:13. Jesus knocks at tho
individual heart (Rev. 3:20) hut when
ho comes 'twill be to be present at a
feast, v. 36. We cannot contract this
time and there is no call to service to
morrow. Lions girt, ready for the bat
tle or for the race, and lamps burn
ing, (light is always the result of some
thing being consumed), are today's vis
ible evidence of continuous service.
Peter's Question.
II. The explanation to Peter, vv.
41-48. Between this parable and tho
one which follows, Peter interrupts by
asking the question, "Lord, speakest
thou this parable unto us, or even un
to all?" That which follows is his an
swer to that question but it is also a
continuance of the teaching just given.
In this part Jesus refers to stewards
(bohd-servantB) that- it Is their su
preme business to seek the Kingdom
hy selling in order to give. The one
work of a servant Is to give to tho
members of an household, each in duo
season his portion of the father's
hountiful grace. John 21:15-17: I. Pet,
5:2; Jer. 3:15. There are many de
qeltful servants who first feed them
selves, or feed only a portion of the
household, or who feed chaff rather
than bread, even the true bread of life,
I. Pet. 2:2; 4:10, 11. Jesus teaches us
that each bond-servant shall likewise
ho judged and that suddenly.
III. The exhortation. Jesus Christ benjamin told iier, his eyes studyino bluntlv.
here presents to us the fact that we "-" rAU1" ..IIe hns nskea me admitted Rosa
shall all be Judged. That the measure mmst or a iorniui garaen, wnne ner Und
of our reward or of our punishment father nnd mother rode luxuribusly in
is dependent upon the measure of our costly motorcars. Gone would be the
knowledge and of our opportunity, ancient surrey nnd the fat white horse,
James 4:17. To hlra to whom much Reeky, who had drawn them to church
is given, of him shall much be re- Neach Sunday every year within Rosa
Aiiirod. our nrfiHont rPsnnnRihiHtv is Unfl'a recollection. Riches nnd ease
that of being ready for the coming of would follow her beloved parents the
King and of his Kingdom. The ex- J M Lays vlr. sne. .marrum ttan- "';--, " " , ' ;
roru ueeus. uow giau iney wouia ue,
"Do you love him?" went on Benjn
mln relentlessly.
Rosalind hesitated. She wondered,
because she felt no anger against Ben
jamin and his questioning. '
His hand touched her nrm. her hand.
the King and of his Kingdom.
presslon of that readme
by our lives of service,
pression oi ma reaainesa is eviuenceu . - -, - - ". - - ,. nsk,, nnIptI..
There are of '""' ". """ ."". b.c ?!' l", ."- n;..,i ,
Do you love this man. Rosalind?"
Into the gray
Vo, VUoa It ZJ sion which she hnd adopted after a Rosalind looked up into the gray
course many other phases of service ... .'. .IM, fivpa . inoutiii). miiM not withdraw
t InMiuToJ In ,!, noi-QMn hut n1. ""- "" "-l""".".c ...t"
Lord is emphasizing opportunity, stow- i'nlput0i j
der to fulfill our service we must enter
some actresses who were summering her gaze.
"No, no. no!" she said intensely.
Because of her Ignorance of the "Ah. Rosalind. I have always loved
Y1TSV..1.1 niwl Ifu nTrll ini'ki TYnanll.wl linri rnn " lin enlrl ..linlrliifrlv
into fellowship with the king in his brusbed UB,(le nll temptlng pleasures "And 1, oh. Ben, I believe I have,
reign, and thoso who enter into that nnd turown ilerseif jnto her work, for That's why I've longed for Putwold
fellowship, who are faithful, he will wulcU she ,,,ssessed somo talent. But and the old farm, and father and
reward vv. 37, 43. The measure of our sho wns weary ot It Unknown to her- mother will be so glad, and. Ben. some
punishment is conditioned upon the sef the ca ot uer bloo(1 was for on0 wln seu yoa.
measure of our knowledge (v. 48) and tuoso sin'lpi0 rTomestio duties which n "I don't care." said Ben boldly. "The
our knowledge can bo enlarged as we ong uno tf puritan ancestors had no- whole world can know how happy I
use our opportunities. bly fulfilled, nra in wlnnlugOlie girl I love!"
IV. The Golden Text, (v. 37). Is Rut this offer of Hnnford Beeks! And he kissed Rosalind,
intended to fix our attention upon the He wns a splendid type of young "Did you send word to your mother
acts of our Lord when ho shall return. American, and ho wns honest In his that you wore coming?" he a'skqd as
It seems astonishing that he shall com- desire to mnke Rosalind happy. She they neared Putwold
pel those whom he finds watching to had been dazzled by hh proposal, and
seat themselves that be may gird him- she bad begged for time.
self and' serve them. Here wo gird There was one obstacle In lie way.
ourselves that we may serve him byl She didn't love Hnnford Beeks.
serving others (Matt. 25:40). But In The dining car was attached at
that tomorrow the day of his victory, Springfield, und Rosalind slipped oft you are sure sure that you won't re
he will gird himself and serve those her eoaf. nnd went to dinner. There gret the money nnd the motorcars and
who have been watchfulness and obe- was Just one nvallabln seat in the yachts and everything that tnls man
dient Bervants. Thl3 1b a suggestion, crowded enr, and thnt was at, a table .has offered you? I've heard he 1b a
ot the exceeding graco mentioned by where sat a solitary young man.
tho Apostle Paul, Rom. 11:33. I A wn,tor "rew out Uer cha,r and
v. Th T.mMnn i ...., Riir. handed her the menu card. Rosalind
gestod by the conduct of those who ,llfted her eyes ln one 8wlft appraising" , thnt was love. We can never be poor
are not watching tor the King's ap- f":T -" "- - -""' "- """ "" "'-b-
.rfno. tv ak rm, . i.ii,h,, Ing his soup. She had not noticed him The train came to n standstill, and
in the animal pleasures . the moment "' ?TS!J !SErV: !2 ? PCered frm the W'ndW "
ThA TrinmlAM rW flrr tt nnt In Antlni Hol,u M "" uu"" , uw -v i ti MlHi
uo iuubuuw f viwu . vn m uauu6 ,,., ,!
It was a homely countenance, rugged
"Yes. Won't they be surprised to
see us together, you nnd I. old play
mates?" asked Rosalind "gleefully.
Ben bent down suddenly and press
ed his cheek against hers. "Rosalind,
splendid fellow." ho added generously,
"Sure, Ben." said Rosalind steadily.
"There was one thing lacking and
Bl and drinking but consists of righteous-
' . . . t , .. , . . I 11 WUB U UUWCJJ 1,-UUUlCilUllV.Ci lUKKtU
SESt&m 14.17 The eftC t in str0DB Us b 0Wn NeW Hampshire
fPrL III' a Ih n!i,' hills, with steady gray eyes and dark
tomporance on the death rates, on the . , ,. . ,Z , tt, -
next generation, from an economic h?lr tha w"8 rus.ty red at he end181"
1.JTm iL1j Jvm !5 It was the face of a man who would
standpoint or viewed fromany angle, , ,,, , tut , i, ii.t .
is only the result of the most criminal nnd cfoudtd. mn&' boH "t. ""
,kr,rBPhtdnP. A dear ftnnrh., m,,unt obstacles. His big brown hands
.km of the fact of the immlnenaf , wow capable too. Rosalind looked him
L t,i. . ia .v.v i over from tho crown of his well bruRh-
bum revnru vvuuiv ma iua mis, , 1 1
Ben." sho cried breathlessly.
"there's father nnd mother, and they're
HfiA aBk HVH lPv7' IgT CijMMSkMT j aP s mA wm svt ffJf B
ed by bur father, saw no other way to
support the little ones Intrusted to
her care than by turning brigand.
Adopting mini's attire, she would go
out to some spot favorable for ambus
cade on a thoroughfare and lie In
wait for home luckless traveler, order
hlui to leave tils valuables on a rock,
and when he hud done so she would
permit him to pass on
But lilmi'-a hud a very sweet, wo
manly voice which she could not dis
guise. Indeed, she did not attempt
to do so She would say In her own
natural tones: "Slgnor, I hnve you cov
ered with my carbine. Place what
valuables you have with you on that
rock beside the road and proceed on
ypur way. If you refuse I shall kill
Some submitted through fear, but a
number were Influenced rather by be
ing comma tided by n woman with a
sweot voice. Perhaps there we're per
sons robbed who were well nrmed and
would have resisted had It not been
for this consideration. At nny rnte.
Blntica did not have to hurt nny one.
But so averse was she to her calling
thnt whenever she took in valuables
from a traveler she never robbed an
other till the plunder was all gone.
Klnuea was pitied by the people who
dwelt in her bcctlou of the Island, and
the -tor.v of her method of supporting
her brothers and sister spread abroad.
The young Count Tnrantola. a Floren
tine who was visiting Sicily, henrd or
her while sojourning at Palermo. He
knew of her connections in his native
city and had heard of the treatment
her father had received at the hands
of Loreii7o de' .Medici. He resolved to
make the anceut or .Mount Etna and
on the way attempt to becure an Inter
view with the woman bandit.
Ho purposely traveled alone on a
road on which he was told that Blancn
levied tribute. He heard that the night
before she had levied upon two differ
ent travelers, from neither of whom
she had secured more than a pittance.
Therefore he calculated she would try
It again the next night.
At the point where lie expected to be
robbed he henrd Hlauca demanding the
tribute in her accustomed voice.
"Slgiiorlnn." he replied. "1 have noth
ing to give you except the signet ring
of my family I leave It for you on
the rock, begging that you will not
turn It Into money, but wear It for the
sake of one who knows of your father's
treatment at the hands of the Medici
family and pities you sincerely."
Biauca henrd this request given In r.
voice no less attractive for a man than
hers was for a woman. She readily
made the promise. The count then beg
vd that she would penult him to see
Ifer. but she refused Ills request So
there wns nothing for him to do but
ii n ,
Count Tarantula ascended Mount Et
na, but lu was oblivious to what he
saw. for the voice of lllauca Cond;)
was ever sounding ln his ears. Ue
turning to Florence be went to court,
where lie had great Influence, became
an advocate for Hlauca Condn and her
young charges and succeeded In re
moving the ban against llieni und se
curing a restoration of their, estates.
But before they were recalled he ex
acted from the government a proml.se
to keep secret the fact that he had
been Instrumental In their change of
fin tunes.
One night nfter Blanca's arrival ln
Florence she was attending a ball
Suddenly she started. A voice behind
her was saying: "Good evening. slgna
ra. When did yon return from Rome?"
The words were spoken In the voice
she had heard the night she had rob
bed Couut Tiirnntnln of his signet ring
She hnd It ou her linger nt that very
moment She turned nnd saw the
young count, whose eyes met hers
The lady to whom be bad spoken
moved on. and. approaching Biauca.
he said:
"I have heard of your restoration to
your estates, slgnorinn. Permit me to
congratulate you."
He ndvanced and offered his band,
ninnca, whose cheeks were aflame, al
lowed hi in to tnke hers.
"What's this?" said the count "I
feel a Hug. the stone of which Is turn
ed In." f
Binncn knew by his expression that
she wns known n the woman who had
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drlvliiR old DecUy. now dear they all , robbed lilni of his rinc
loolrl' ' wns ll0t ,01,: nfter N''" "mt t,le
So'jhe trnln rumbled on after bring- ' "n,on oeeuniMl between the Tnrantola
Ins linek to Putwold village two of ""d Condn families. Nor did the lover
her children who had pone out Into 1 to toll that he hnd been the cause
tho world to neck wealth and happl- f the return of her .ntrlrnon to win
aeso only to come home and find it '"r- Tlmt K,,l AM n"t know till soma
there after all. 1 1'"1 rror they had beeu married.
March 2, 1914.
Ernest Cooper, of Bridges, was the
guest of friends here last week.
Eev. and Mrs. W. E. Shrlver attend
ed the funeral of Mrs. Delbert Weller,
near New Petersburg, last Tuesday i
Mrs. Florence Winegar will enter
tain the Aid Society at the home of
her father, J. B. Upp on Thursday
Grant and Helen Ulen, who had been
spending several weeks here with their
frrandnarents. left las Thursday for
their home at Sprlngtleld.
Fay Spargur was confined to his
home last week with a severe attack
of tonsilltis.
Mrs. Etta Pauley, ot Springfield,
has been visiting her parents, O. U.
Rhoades and wife, for two weeks.
A. G. Cameron visited friends at
Marshall last Friday and Saturday.
Several boys enjoyed a skating partj
at the Copeland farm last Wednesday
Miss Madge Cameron entertained
the Happy Hustlers last Saturday
Several of our people took advantage
of the cold weather last week and har
vested a largo supply of tee. '
The Dlelrlcs Musicians and Magi
cians will be the last attraction on
our lecture course at the K. of P hall
tonight (Monday), This company has
been on the platform for several years
and the program they present is so
novel and entertaining that they can
not fall to please their audlenco.
Ovvinir to the unusual heavy itiw
blockade last week travel on the public
highways was not only dllllcult but
dangerous and many of the r by roads
are not yet open for travel.
Recommend Chamberlain's Cough
"I take great pleasure in recom
mending Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy to my customers because I have
confidence in it. I find that the are
pleased with it and call for li when
again in need of such a medicine "
writes J. W. Sexson, Monteva'lo, Mo.
For sale by All Dealers. adv
March 2. 1914.
Mrs. J. V. Patton spent Thursday
ln Ilillsboro with her aunt, Mrs. Purk
hlser. David Snider and wife spent a part
of last week with relatives In Cincinnati.
Fay Grove and Inez Lucas called on
Mrs. Roy Warnock Saturday afternoon
Vernon Rlttenhouse and wife spent
Saturday night and Sunday with (be
latter's parents, Robert Wesi nd wife.
Mrs. Ella Butler entertained Miss
Faye Grove and Starling Montgomery,
Miss Carrie Easter spent Sunday
evening wlthMlss Inez Warnock.
A masked social will be given at the
school house next Frlday'nlght, March
0. Everybody Invited.
Brud Lucas moved to C. N. Grove's
property last week.

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