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" 'Hit 1" fc'r '.-,rrJ-m,u ym Wq-i
Hilujdoro, Mar. 10. 1911.
Retail Orocer
nuriNO rittuct
Wheat, bushel ,. - SO
Corn Cn 70
Oats , 40
Potatoes new
While Deans, bushel a
nutter - a 10
Eggs, Dozen .,.... 27
Young Culckens 10
Chickens, per lb . 10
Turkeys, per lb ....,. a
Ducks, per lb a lT
tlacoh flams, per lb, . a IS
Bacon Sides , 12 a -
Bacon Shoulders - 8a IS
Lard 11
Hay, ton 28 00
Ex. c. sugar a 6
A Sugar ,. a
Granulated Sugar -. a CH
Cut loaf and Powdered Sugar..... a 10
offee.Klo 2Ba 40
Tea, Imp.. It. H. and G. H per qr.. 20a 70
Tea, Black aoa 80
Cheese, factory SB
Flour, good family brands, cwt... 2 40
"i " " ubl a
Molasses, N O , gallon a CO
" Sorghum a 40
Golden Syrup ,. a 40
CoalOil 12a 19
Salt a 1 3S
Hams, city sugar cured, lb a. 18
Beeves, cwt., gross............ ...,.6C0a 8 75
Beeves, shipping .... 6 ooa 7 40
Sheep and Lambs, per cwt 4 00a 0 KO
Hogs, cwt., gross , 7 40a 7 86
Milch Cows with Calves.... 5 00a 40 00
It is up to You"
- Editor and Manager
, .
One Year (In Advance) $1.00
Six Mouths - -50
Three Months 25
F YOU want everybody to come to your public sale'
haveyour bills printed by the' News-Herald Job De
Entered at Post Office, Hillsboro, Ohio, as Second Class Matter.
Good Influences.
In the March Atlantic Monthly is an article entitled "The Other
Side." In it is presented the view that in the last few years too
great prominence has been given to the shortcomings and failings
of mankind and not enough attention paid to his virtues and good
Without discussing the question of whether it is time to cease
holding up for public gaze the faults and errors of men, wehpnestly
commend the suggestion made in this article that it would be well
for young people to study the history and lives of the great men and
women of all ages and to read the best in literature.
That a boy or girl will make a better man or woman by being
taught honesty, sobriety, truthfulness, courtesy, politeness, indus
try and thrift is undoubtedly true. Neither can it be questioned
that to read and know of the great men, men of high character and
unselfish purpose, will be an inspiration to them to do right.
Washington and Lincoln stand out pre-eminent among the great
men of America and the boy or girl who studies their history will
make a better man or woman for so doing and so it will be with the
study of the life of any man of lofty ideals, noble thoughts and
rreat deeds. We can not learn of good and beautiful thoughts and
acts of others without being influenced in our own thoughts and
The writer of "The Other Side" also makes a plea that we read
the best in literature instead of wasting so much time on light,
frivolous and trashy bookr, which have become so popular No one
doubts the benefits that are derived from an intimate acquaintance
ship with Shakespeare, Milton,
Burns, Byron, Irving, Emerson,
authors. To r jad their works is
and broadens the mind ; elevates
arouses a desire for the beautiful
If as the writer of "The Other Side" claims we are losing sight
of the virtues and the good things
evil and the continual flaunting of
is time to call a halt But can not
evil and still nurture in out hearts
and good, keeping a knowledge
crimes from the young people during the formative period ?
All men are "chicken" fanciers.
Hope springs eternal in the
Most of the men who are urging war with Mexico want some
one else to do the fighting. "
When an editor quotes, "he
he is not speaking figuratively.
If we ever write Chapters of
chapter will be entitled "Stung,"
From what we can learn of
would improve things any to have
president of Mexico. If a man is
difference whether he is shot in
A friend told us the other day
that the News-Herald was the best paper published in Highland
county, but he is unquestionably wrong as we know people who
would never admit that anything that the editor did was good, to
say nothing of being better than
In another column appears an article by a leading farmer on
the Warnes Tax Law in which he highly commends the law. We
are well aware that his view is different from that of most farmers
and as the law is of such vital importance to the people we would
appreciate it if someone opposed to the law would give their rea
sons for their opposition. A fair discussion of this law is certain
to be nefit the people.
March 9, 1014.
Mrs. Allle Henderson and daughter,
Blanche, spent Saturday night with
George Dunselth and family at Roos
terville. Mrs Ella Miller and Mrs. Scott Lud
wick spent Tuesday afternoon with
Mrs. Jim Dlbbs
Curtis Aber is working for Ernest
When the automobiles were stored
away on account of the big snow on
Feb. 17, Lawrence Gibler made a trip
to Lynchburg on his big Yale motor
cycle. Jonah Armentrout spent Sunday at
OwcnsvUle with his brother and wife.
Misses Daisy Taylor, Ora Taylor and
Gaby Strieker, of Norwood, spent Sun
day with Frank Strieker and family.
Mrs. May Ilathomand Mrs. Elsie
Dunselth spent Wednesday with Mrs.
Walter Fouch.
Oscar Chaney, of Cincinnati, visited
Frank Tedrick and family Sunday.
Gus Shaffer and family spent Sunday
with Ed Runyon and family.
Miss Rose Stroup Has returned from
a visit with ter uncle, Wra. Fox, at
Bfan Chester.
Jos. Brlggs and family spent Sunday
with J. W. Carroll and family.
Pete Surchey and wife, of Pricetown,
Made Known on Application,
Dickens, Thackeray, Tennyson,
Hawthorne and others of the best
a refining influence ; it develops
ones thoughts ; ennobles the soul ;
and the good.
of life in our exposure of the
the evil has contaminated us it
we continue our crusade against
and minds a love of the beautiful
of the revolting and degrading
breast of the true base ball fan.
who steals my purse, steals trash"
A Possible Autibiography one
and another "Stung Again."
Gen. Villa, we can not see where it
him, succeed Gen. Huerta, as
murdered it does not make much
the stomach or the back.
that it was universally conceded
someone else.
spent Sunday with their daughter,
Mrs Jas. Bibbs.
Ben Wilkin and wife visited Isaac
Fawley and wife Friday.
Several of ouryoung people attended
the spelling school at the Cross Roads
school house Friday night.
J. J. Conrad and family spent Sun
day with friends at Fayetteville.
Ir vin Stroup and wife, of Lynchburg,
spent Sunday with friends here.
T. E. Aber and wife entertained
several of their friends Wednesday
evening with games and music.
John Pratt and family spent Sunday
with M. 0. Stroup and family.
m m m
Nonce -
John Pfarr will clean and press anc
mend that suit until it will look u
good as new. 1 also do dry cleaning.
Give me a call. Brunner's Shoe
Shop. adv
' e
"Had dyspepsia or Indigestion for
years. No appetite, and what I did
eat distressed me terribly. Burdock
Blood Bitters reaches the cause." J.
H.. Walker, Sunbu'ry, Ohio. adv
Hostess (gushingly) They tell me
doctor, you are a perfect lady killer.
Doctor (modestly) I assure you, my
dear madam, I make no distinction
whatever between the sexea. London
partment and the matter published in the paper.
Our price is right. We will print you 50 Sale Bills
in two colors and run the matter in the News-Herald from
the time of printing until the day of the sale for
When you think of sale bills think of
The News-Herald
Shdrt Street
Memorial of
Virginia Belle Skeen, daughter of Na
thanlal J. and Nancy M. Puckett, was
born April 1, 1870, passed to the high
er life January 29, 1014, aged 43 years,
9 months and 28 days.
She was untied in marriage to Daniel'
E Skeen August 21, 1890 To this
union were born seven children, four
sons and three daughters, who did all
that loving hands could do to restore
her, but God said "come up higher"
and it is well. She has said good
morning to her father and brother,
who have preceeded her to the higher
life and will wait our coming to meet
no more to part.
There remains to mourn her loss,
her husband, four sons, three daugh
ters an aged mother, live brothers, two
sisters, and a host of relatives and
friends who will sadly miss her.
She was a dear wife, a kind and lov
ing mother, a good sister, always
ready to do what she could In time of
She united with the C. U. church in
early girlhood and later in life she be
came a member of the church of Latter
Day Saints, living a true and faithful
member until her death.
Her life has been one of service for
her family, her neighbors and her
church. She is gone, we know not
why. "God's will, not ours, be done",
but let us remember that while we
miss her service, her counsel, her cheer
and her comfort, that God has called
her to a higher and nobler service free
from the toils and pains of this life to
joys and happiness of the higher life.
"Dearest mother thou hast left us,
Herothylosswe deeply feel.
But 'tis Sod that has bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal."
Funeral services were held in the
M. E. church at Sinking Spring. Ser
mon by Elder A. B. Klrkendall, of
Creola, Vinton county, from text,
"She was full of good works."
We thank the neighbors and friends
for their kindness during the sickness
and death of our loved one Also El
der A. B. .Kirkendall and Funeral
Director O. A. Tener.
Tab Family.
March 9, 1914.
V7. C. Hughes and wife and Alfred
Miranda and family spent Friday with
George Capllnger and family.
- Edward Gotherman and wife and
Alva Wilkin and wife spent Sunday
with Curtis Rotroff and wife.
Misses Louise and Cedora Hatcher
spent Sunday with Mrs. T. S. Soale,
at Folsom.
John Stanforth, of Jessup, was the
guest of Fay Ferguson Saturday night.
Harley Stanforth and family, of
Praspect Crossing, spent Saturday and
Sunday with J. C. Larrick and family.
Misses Elsie Wllklns and Lillian Igo
and Wendell Igo called on Ruby Cat ley
Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Jas. Manger, of Dayton, was
called home last week by the Illness of
her mother, Mrs. John Capllnger..
Curtis Rotroff. has purchased, the
Wm. Hughes farm and will move in
the near future. Mr. HugheH expects
to move to Iowa.
California labor unions have an Ag
gregate membership of more than
1 ' 1
Parker House
Tuesday, March 24, 1914
Hours 9 A, M. to 6 P. M.
Remarkable SUCCeSS
of th'se Talented
Physicians in the Treatment of
Chronic Diseases
Offer Their Services Free
of Charge.
The United Doctors, licensed by the
State of Ohio for the treatment of de
formities and all nervous and chronic
diseases of men, women and children,
offer to all who call on this visit, con
sultation, examination and. ad vice free,
making no charge whatever except the
actual cost of treatment for the pur
pose of proving that they have at last
discovered a system and method of
treatments that are reasonably sure
and certain in their results.. -
These Doctors are among America's
leading stomach and nerve specialists,
and are experts in the treatment of
chronic diseases of the blood, liver,
stomach, intestines, skin, nerves,
heart, spleen, kidneys or bladder,
rheumatism, sciatica, diabetes, bed
wetting, tape worm, leg ulcers, weak
lungs, and those afflicted with long
standing, deep seated chronic diseases,
that have baffled the skill of other
physicians, should not fail to call.
Deafness has often been cured in sixty
According to their system no more
operation for appendicitis, gall stones,
tumors, goiter, piles, etc. By their
method these cases uncomplicated are
treated without operation or hypoder
mic injection. They were among the
first in America to earn the name of
"Bloodless Surgeons," by doing away
with the knlve, with blood and' with
pain in the successful treatment of
these dangerous diseases.
If you have kidney or bladder trou
bles bring a two ounce bottle of your
urine for chemical analysis and micro
scopic examination.
Worn-out and run-down men or wo
men, no matter what your ailment
may be, no matter what you have been
told, or the experience you have had
with other physicians, settle it forever
In your mind, If your case is incura
ble they will tell you so. Consult them
upon this ylslt. It costs you nothing.
Remember, this free offer is for this
visit only.
Married ladles must come with their
husbands and minors with their par
ents. (3-10) adv
According to the Mexican year book
the total capital employed In the Mexi
can mining industry Is $057,000,000.
Of this $500,000,000 is said to be
Joseph and Jamea Martin, brothers,
living in Syracuse, N, Y., have built a
wind mill attached to an ordinary buck
saw. Jt cuts as much wocl in a day
as 28 men.
Hillsboro, Ohio m
March 0, 1014
Miss Kathryn Sanders spent from
Friday until Monday with her grand
parents in New Vienna.
Ilarry Simpson was In Cincinnati
Mrs. Nancy Thurman left Friday
for a visit with relatives in Cincinnati
and St. Louis.
The firsthand second divisions of the
Ladies Aid Society will serve a chick
en pie supper In the M. E church
basement, Saturday evening, March
14. Your patronage is solicited.
Mrs. Margaret Teter was the guest
of Mrs. M. E. Gage last Sunday.
Rev. A. P. Smith organized an Ep
worth League Wednesday evening of
lastjveek and the following ofllcers
were elected: Prof. Elmer Naylor,
president; Miss Martha Syferd, first
vice president; Miss Lillian Ward,
second vice president; Miss Victoria
Huggins, third vice president; Harold
Gleadle, fourth vice president, Ed
ward Ousley, secretary, and Miss
Florence Jones, treasurer.
Mrs. Mary Miller left Friday for
Springfield to attencla family reunion.
From there she will go to Dayton,
where she will be the guest of friends.
Chas. Teter transacted business ih
St. Louis last week.
F. O. Doty and wife are rejoicing
over the arrival of a young daughter
since Tuesday of last week.
Mrs. G. W. Weeks Is at home after
an extended visit with her daughter,
Lucia, in Mansfield.
The special evangelistic services
which are in progress at the Friends
church will continue throughout this
week and the pastor, Rev. McMUIen
will be assisted by Rev. E. R. Purdy,
of Wilmington, until the latter part
of the week.
The banquet given by the Junior
class in compliment to the Seniors
last Friday evening in the I. O. O. F.
hall proved to be a happy event to all
present. After the rendering of a
most pleasing program games were in
dulged in until a late hour when they
departed for their respective homes
feell.ig tljat a most delightful even
ing had beei; spent.
Mrs. Denson Morris and daughters,
Mildred.and Mrs. Marie Murphy, were
guests of Miss Wllmuth Morris north
of town last; Friday.
Misses Maitha Syferd andArethusa
Ilugglns were visitors in Hillsboro
last Saturday.
Mrs. Ralston is seriously" ill with
pneumonia. '
Tho Bethany Bible class social,
which was to have been held last Fri
day evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Young, has been pdstponed until
the first Friday night in April.
The High School Literary Society
rendered an excellent program last
Friday afternoon in the presence of a
large company of the parents and
n.t,n f ti, i,ai u
ftlj.WUt V VM uww
are curable. AUVfaik
mean aufferbMr suad
dancer. The CAUSE
U oiwars Internal.
Dr. Leonhardt'a
m t n . m- ucbi
MTKRNAL CAUR. The pile, tie dried up end
The W. B. tetUi Oo. u. U ibatltaM.
Minutes Mean Dollars
Doubtless you know tho danger of delayed treatment
of colic and other diseases. You also realize that
wrongly applied remedies are often worse than no
treatment nt all. In other words, not to diagnose
a dlseaso accurately may prove fatal. Every owner
should be able to recognize an ailment and give
correct treatment at the first symptoms. Prompt
action is the great Becret
of treating hones.
Minutes mean dollars.
Of course proper treat
ment Is always necessary.
Tliatls Just how Uun.pli
rt js' CO) pago Vclerlnarj
Manual will prove so val
uable to you. It Is by
r. Humphreys. M.D., V.S..
and teaches how to diag
nose rf.d glvu proper
ThN book will save you
hun Ii.. lJ of dollars and
cosU j ou nothing. It will
bo sent absolutely Tree
on rciurat to any farmer
In order to Introdnoe
Humphreys' Veterinary Remedies. Remember, It 1
absolutely free. You do not have to order any
remedies to sccuro tho book. Addreas. Humphreys.
Homeopathic Medicine Company. 1S4 William Street.
New York City. This Is a splendid opportunity to
obtain a veterinary treatise that you should have
In your library. As a reference work you will find
It Invaluable. To havoit In tho time of need will be
worth many dollars, whereas It will cost you out &
nostcard by writing for It now.
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c
Anyone sendlne a sketch and description may
quickly ascertnln our opinion free wnetner an
invention is probably MtentnMe. . Communica
tions strictlyoonudoiilfnl HANDBOOK onPatenU
sent free. Oldest aiioncy for socorlngpatents.
Patents taken tbreuBti Munn & Co. recelva
Scientific Jiumm.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest cir
culation fit-any sclontlUo Journal Terms. 13 a
year i fourmoiilhs.fi. Bold by all netsdealers.
MUNN &Co.8B,Mn-New York
Branca Offlce. (2J F St., Washington, D. C.
u 4c
rnuvA uti
- " i" . .
!. fc w
- T Ii-- B UI.... n t. CMo
iu n.eu ct nvuicii, uujs !
wri fcr uivmo away imura
S)-y Large Beautiful Pictures
-Vi -AV vv,Itl 13 noxes or onr lanterns wmiih
"t'.f& h.VBnH1B B.lh.l JV14 WU M WH
'?zft zoc. per oox. iM.g b tier.
iVckTiNo two Dlcttiri's alike.
G20T jj ler cafh commission It j
1 you urrrer. Everyone '
In, va af tr ron ihow clo
tures. Agenrs make $3.00 dally. Scad
name anil address at onre wo nnd
ne and pictures by return maiU Write to-dsy.
f CHEMICAL CO., Dept G, Tyrone. Pa,
Our Four Books sent Free with list
of Inventions wanted by manufac
turers and promoters, also Prize3 of
fered for Inventions. Patents secured
700 Ninth 8t.
Washington D. O
Clunsci and beioUfiea tb htlx,
Promoui & laxariint rrowth.
Never Talli to Betor any
Prevents hair falling:. ,
6Qf. antl 1 1 W at Pnip'ii.H
e" trial. Cases where other remedies h
.ilcl, specially desired. Give particulars.
MM ContrclL Suite 517.Ka.400W.23tSUVeu
Tne steady or periodical (spree) drinker
rnn nil ruvmI In n Hnwa with hi.
knowledge. Or sepretlr. Mv rmriv fa
puaranteed. Gentle, pleasant Ijwr
feetly harmless, it does not matter Cow
ntk rnaUT Tears. 1 ma ts tne cerjulne home
iVkKW Treatment, medically indorsed and
JO ?l P'Witl I'y a le jlon ot testimonials, noon
... VS.-.Tt? E1r' ''Itrs.lroe.iMnnist't. .Addnss:
uW.J.W0tllb.534bkthAv, 200 B NewYcrk.N.Y.
Earn -S7i WMklr Mlllne guaranteed Underwear.
llo.lery and Sweaters for lanrest rafr. In Amerlra. Hnt.
80 years.. Campion, auttll PICEC Write WADISOM
KILLS, OspbW, 4so HreadwayowVarkOliy.
"Tr ' '"T a
.small stonea'and sand-and present
Rope-flledhorseshoes, which pickup
j rough surface, have been invented in
uermauy ior neiping oorses on slippery
Never .can tell when you'll mash a
finger or suffer a cut, bruise, burn or
scald. Be prepared. Thousands rely
on Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil. Your
druggist sells it. 26c and 60c. adv
Swl'OWll Jo 1 f i
vfeMMjf OVER 65 YEARS.
3H ZJ l i-l ! k-I ri
1 w
1 M
! '
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