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if HMt piqmy.
The Mystery
of the
Boule Cabinet
Copyright, 1913, by Burton E.
Wo Meet M. Pigot.
I HAD, of course, read In the pa
pers many times of the Gargan
tuan exploits of Crochard "The
Invincible," as ho loved to call
himself, and with good reason.
"Crochard is ono of the greatest
criminals who ever lived, full of Im
agination and resource and with a
sense of humor most acute." said God
frey. "I have followed his career for
years. It was this fact that gave me
my first clew. He killed a man onco
before. Just as he killed this last one.
Tho man had betrayed him to the po
lice. He was never betrayed again."
"What a flend he must bel" I said,
with a shudder.
But Godfrey shook his head quickly.
"Don't get that Idea of him," he
protested earnestly. "Up to the time
of his arrival in New York he had
never killed any man except that
traitor. Him he had a certain right
to kill according to thieves' ethics,
any way."
"But Drouet and Vantlne," 1 ob
jected. "An accident for which he was in
no way responsible." said Godfrey
"You mean ho didn't kll! them?"
"Most certainly not This last man,
he did kill was a traitor like the first.
Crochard, I think, reasons like this:
To kill an adversary is too easy; It Is
too brutal; it lacks finesse. Besides. It
removes the adversary. And without
adversaries Crochard's life would be
of no Interest to him."
"I can't understand a man like
that," I said.
"Well, look at this," said Godfrey
and tapped the letter again. "He
honors me by considering me an ad
versary. Does he seek to remove me?
On the contrary, he gives me a handi
cap." "
"But, surely, Godfrey." I protested,
"you don't take that letter seriously!
If he wrote It at all, he wrote it merely
to throw you off the track. If he says
Wednesday, he really Intends to try
for the cabinet tomorrow."
"I don't think so. I told you he
would think me only a tyro. He wrote
that letter right In the Record office.
That Is a sheet of our copy paper. He
sat down there, right under my noe,
wrote that letter, dropped It Into my
box and walked out. And all that
some time this evening, when the office
was crowded."
"But It's absurd for him to write a
letter like that, if he really means it.
You have only to warn the police."
"You'll notice he says it is In confl
"And you're going to keep it so?"
"Certainly 1 nm. I consider that he
has paid me a high compliment I
have shown It to no one but you also
in confidence."
"It Is not the sort of confidence the
law recognizes." I pointed out. "To
keep a confidence like that Is practical
ly to abet a felony."
"And yet you will keep It," said God
frey cheerfully. "You see. I am going
to do everything I can to prevent that
felony. And we will see if Crochard is
really invincible!"
"I'll keep it.'" I agreed, "because I
think the letter in Just a blind. And,
by the way." 1 added. "I have a letter
from Armand & Son confirming the
fact that their books show that the
Boule cabinet was bought by Philip
Vantlne. Under the circumstances. I
shall have to claim it and hand It over
to the Metropolitan."
"I hope you won't disturb It until
after Wednesday." said Godfrey quick
ly. "1 won't have any Interest In it
after that" I agreed to do so.
I was Just getting ready to leave the
office the next afternoon when Godfrey
called me up.
"How are you feeling today. Lester?'
ho asked.
"Not as fit as I might." 1 said.
"How would you like a whiff of salt
nir this evening?"
"First rate. How will I get it?"
"Tho Savole will get to quarantine
about 0 o'clock I'm going down on
our boat to meet her. 1 want to have
a talk with Inspector Pigot. the Krench
detective. Will you come -along?"
"Will I!" I said. "Where shall" I
meet you?"
"At tho foot of Liberty street at 5
"I'll be there," I promised. And I
The boat was cast loose as soon as
we got aboard, backed out Into the
busy river, her whistle shrieking shril
ly, then swung about and headed
down stream. There were two other
men on board the regular ship report
ers, I suppose.
- Godfrey and I stood for some time
looking at the harbor In silence.
"It's a great sight. Isn't It?' he said
at last, "nello! Look at that boat!"
ho added, as a yacht coming down the
bay drew abreast of us and then slow
" ly forged ahead. "She can go some,
can't she? This boat of ours Is no
slouch, you know, but Just look how
that one walks away from us. I wonder
wboshols?'WhntboatlH that, captain?"
be called to the uiau ou tho bridge.
-ion t Know, Bir, answered tiieeop-
tain, after n look through his glasses,
"Private yncht cnu't make out her
name there's a Dag or something
hanging over the stern. She's flying
tho Trench flag. There come the other
press boats behind us, sir." he added.
"And thero's tho Savolo Just slowing
down at quarantine."
Far nhead we could see the great
hull of the liner, dark agaUiBt the hori
zon and crowned with row upon row
of glowing lights.
Tho Savole had slowed down until
she was Just holding her own against
the tide, and ono of her lower ports
swung open. A moment later a boat
puffed up beside her, made fast and
three or Tour men clambered aboard
and disappeared through tho port.
"There go the doctors," said God
frey. "And thero Is that French bout
going alongside."
Tho tug from quarantine dropped
astern and the French yacht took her
place. After a short colloquy oiieinnn
from her .was helped aboard the Sn
vole. Then It was our turn, mid a
moment later Godfrey and I tind the
other two men were aboard the liner.
My companions exchanged greetings
with the officer In clnuge of the open
port, and then we bun led forward
along a narrow rorrldur, smelling of
rubber nnd heated inetiil. then up stair
after stair, until at last we came to
the mtiln companion wny. Here the two
men left us, to seek i-ertaln distinguish
ed passengers. Godfiey stopped In
front of the purser's office and passed
his card through the little window to
the man Inside the cage.
"I should like to re M. Pigot of the
Paris deteethe force." lie said "Per
haps you will lie -ii kind as to have a
steward take my card t him?"
"That is unnecessary, sir," replied
the purser courteously. "That Is M.
Pigot yonder the gentleman with the
white hair, with Ills back to us. You
will have to wait for a moment, how
ever. The gentleman speaking with
him Is from the French consulate and
has but this moment come aboard."
1 I could uot see Inspector Plgot's
face, but 1 could see th.it he held him
self erect. In a manner bespeaking
military training. The nies.venger from
the legation war. a youngish man, with
waxed mustache and wearing an eye
glass. He was gieet lug M. Pigot at
the moment and, after a word or two.
produced from an Inside pocket an of
ficial looking en elope, tied with red
tape and bee u red with an Immense red
M. Pigot looked at it an instant,
while bis companion added a sentence
In bis ear. Then, with a nod of assent,
the detective turned down one of the
passageways, the other man at his
'Official business, no doubt," com
mented the purser, "lie will, no doubt,
soon be disengaged "
"Yes, but meanwhile my esteemed
contemporaries will arrive," said God
They are on
frey, with a grimace.
my heels. Here the.v are now
III Mill, HM I III. I1CM lt-ltl lillUUlUO j
reporters from the other papers kept
li f .l.if- fm 4 It .. i,.i.t fiiiiuift' niliiiltfia
arriving, till there was quite a crowd
before the purser's office. And from
nearly every paper a special man , had
been detailed to interview .M. Pigot,
Evidently all the papers were alive lo
the importance of the subject. There
was some good uatured chaffing, and
then one, of the stewards was bribed
to carry the cauls of the assembled
or tue assemuieu ,
'Igot's stateroom,
multitude lo .M
with the leijuest for an audience.
The steward went away laughing
and came bark presently to say that
M. Pigot would be pleased to see us
in a few minutes, tut when live min
utes more passed and lie did not ap
pear impatience broke out anew. The
lords of the press were not accustomed
to being kept waiting.
"I move we storm his castle." sug
gested one man.
And just then. .M. Pigot himself step
ped out Into (he conipaiilouway. In
an Instant he was surrounded.
"My good friends of the press." he
said, speaking slowly, but with only
the faintest accent, "you will pardon
me for keeping you in waiting, but I
had bomi' matters of thu first impor
tance to attend to. and also my bag to
pack. Steward." be added, "you will
find my bag outside of my stateroom
door. Please bring It here, so that
I may be ready to go ashore at ouce."
The steward hurried away, and M
Pigot turned back lo us.
It was to Godfiey that the position
of spokesman naturally fell.
"We wish t't-st lo welcome you to
America, M. ilgot." he said, "and to
hope that you will have a pleasant and
interesting stay In our country. We
hope that with your assistance our po
lice mny be able to solve the mystery
surrounding the death of the three men
recently killed here, and to arrest the
murderer. Of themselves they seem
to be able lo do nothing."
M. Pigot spread out bis hands wltb
a little deprecating gesture.
"I also hope wi. may be successful."
SSlr 'irllI'lr'llSSi
been, my poor help will be of little nc
count" .
i lie spoke with un accent so sincere
that I was nlmoxt convinced he meant
every word of It. but Godfrey only
, "It Ib a proverb," ho said, "that the
French police nre the best In the world.
You, no doubt, have n theory in regard
'to the dentb of these men?"
' , "I fear It Is Impossible, sir." said M.
Pigot regretfully, "to answer that
question at present, or to discuss this
.. .,. ,vu. , .mi ui, .w u0l
to make to the chief of your detective
bureau. Tomorrow I shall be most
happy to tell you nil that 1 cau. But
for tonight my lm are dosed, sad as
it niakea me to seem discourteous."
I I could hear behind me thu little lo-
drawn breath of disappointment nt the
failure of tho direct attack.
A volco was heard Inquiring loudly
for Moossccr Piggott. I recognized that
voice, and 'so did Godfrey, and I saw
tho cloud of disappointment which fell I
upon bis face. An Instant later Grady,
with SImmonds in his wake, elbowed
lita writ, tln-niffrli hrt ffpnnn '
"Moosseer Plggottl" ho cried, and
envcloDcd tho Frenchman's slender
hand In his great paw and gave it a
squcezo which was no doubt painful.-
"Glad to sce-you, sir. Welcome to our
city, as wo say over hero In America.
I certainly hope you can speak Eng
lish, for I don't know n word of your
lingo. I'm Commissioner Grady, In
charge of tho detective bureau, and
this Is SImmonds, ono of my ulen."
AI. Plgot's perfect suavity was not
even ruffled.
'1 am most pleased to meet you. sir.
and you, Monsieur Simmon." be said.
"Yesr I speak English, though, as you
Bce wltl) 80me ,iifflculty
"These reporters bothering your llfo
out. I see." And Grady glanced about
...- ., I T. . i.
t,uu feiuui't ov.vTtttij ia uid ujw UJfc
"I havo but Just told them that my
first report must bo made to you. sir,"
sold Pigot. "1 was hoping that we
might go ashore at once. I havo my
papers ready for you"
"All right" agreed Grady. "And
after I've looked over your papers I'll
show you Broadway, and I'll bet you
agree with me that It beats anything
in gay Pare Our boat's waiting, and
we can start right nway. This your
bag? Yes? Bring it along, Sim
monds." And Grady started for tho
But the attentive steward got ahead
of SImmonds.
M. Pigot turned to us with a little
"Till tomorrow, gentlemen." he said.
"1 shall lie at my hotel and shall be
glad to see you shall we say at 11
o'clock? 1 am truly sorry that I can
tell you nothing tonight"
Uo shook hands with the purser,
waved his hand to us nnd Joined Gra
dy, who was watching these amenities
with evident Impatience. Together
they disappeared down the stair.
"Come' on. Lester." Godfrey said,
"we might as well be getting back. I
can send the boat down again after
the other boys." and he turned down
the stair.
Godfrey bade me goodby at the dock
and hastened nway to the office to
write bis story. As for me. that whiff
of salt air had put nn unaccustomed
edge to my nppetlte. nnd I took n cab
to a good restaurant, deciding to spend
the remainder of the evening there,
over a good dinner.
I ambled through tho dinner in a
fnshlnn so lolsnrplv nml trlflrvl nn Inne
over coffee and cigarette that it was
far past 10 o'clock when I came out
. . . . . ,
into Forty-second street. After an In-
stunt's hesitation I decided to walk
home and turned back toward Broad-
' Wflyf u'njndy filling with the after the-
Headline Madison snunre I walked
out u,,der V10 t,cos' aS ' nlmost
ways do. fo have a look at the Flatiron
Duiiumg, wnite against tne SKy. rnen
I glanced up nt tho Metropolitan tower,
higher but far less romantic In appear
ance, and saw by the big illuminated
clock that It was nearly half past 11.
I crossed back over Broadwny nt
last and turned down Twenty-third
Ktrnot In tho ftlrnpHnn nt rlin fnrn-
"" -- ----- --.
thon, when. Just nt the corner I came '
t race to race witn tnree men as tney
swung around the corner In thq same
direction, nud. with n Ilttlo start, 1 rec-
ognlzed Grndv and SImmonds. with M.
Pigot between them. Evidently Gra
dy had been Introducing the .stranger
to n number of typical American
drinks nnd the result of all this was
that Grady's legs wobbled perceptibly.
As a matter of racial comparison, I
glanced nt M. Plgot's, but tbey seemed
in every way normal.
i "nello, Lester," said SImmonds In a
VOiCO Which BhOWed that he bad not
wholly escaped tho Influences of the barrels per minute, can fill 5 such tanks 7. Draw an outline map of Ohio. In
evenlng's celebration, und even Grady in 30 minutes, provided one-third of the dicate thereon the coal, corn, .fruit,
condescended to uod, from which I in
ferred that he wns feeling very unusu
ally happy.
' "Elello, SImmonds." I answered, and.
as I turned westward with them, he
dropped back and fell Into step be
side me.
i "Piggott Is certainly a wonder," he
said. "A regular sport wanted to see
everything and taste everything. He
says Paris ain't in tho same class wltb
this town."
I "Where are you going now?" I
"We're going round to tho station.
Piggott Bays he's got a sensation up
bis sleeve for us It's got something to
do with that cabinet."
i "With tho cabinet?"
, "Yes: that shiny thing Godfrey got
me to lock up in a cell."
"SImmonds." I said seriously, "does
Godfrey know about this?"
"No," said SImmonds, looking a little
tuicomfortable. "I told Grady we
ngbt to phone ,llm t0 come Pt but
thC CU,ef 80t mDd aUdt0,d m0 t0 m,ni1
ray own business. Godfrey's been after
bltzi. you know, for n long time."
Rnnnivaa I nlmna him" I' eilrrnrnctnrl
'Tbcvo'd be no objection to that
would there?"
,,. , ... . .. .,,,
"I won't object.' said SImmonds.
"and I don't know who else will, since
nobody else will know about It. Good
night," and be followed bis corarnn
Ions Into the station. .
(To be C n'lnued)
Bill Everything he touches turns
JillI don't believe it.
HillWhy not?
Jill .Because he was
here and
' touched" me
to day.-
Yo n k e r ' s
Questions Pot to Applicants For
P.MintV fiprt f f!afO
6. Show the necessity of proper work-
I ing relations between teacher and pupils.
Prepared by the 8tate Superintendent To what extent is the teacher rcspon
of Public Instruction to Test tho Me." h.is relationship? .
' . . .. , -, .!, t 7. What is an elementary course of
Mental Qualifications of Those Who tudv? Have vou ever followed the di-
8eek Positions as Teacher In the.
Publlo Schools.
Following Is thi Hit of question
as prepared under "direction of the
ntata superintendent of publlo In
structlon and submitted at tho county
examination or teachers March 7, for
elementary school certificates.
(Including Civil Government.)
, ,., ., , . a t t.. --..i...f nt
T briefly o th tUnt o
New jersey and Delaware, emPhasizing
the purpose of these settlements.
2 Wlm was Tnhn Eliott? Write brief-
, "o ,is effort'sto ctmvert the Indians.
What was the cause of the French
and Indian War? Upon what did the
French base their claim of the Missis
sippi and Ohio valleys?
4. What were the principal issues of
the political parties during Washington,
Adams and Jefferson's administrations?
5. Write briefly of the subject matter
of the constitution of the United States.
How many amendments have been
added to this constitution?
6. What has been President Wilson's
attitude toward Mexico during the last
year? What objections are offered to
Wilson's policy?
-7. Explain briefly the principal differ
ences between President Johnson and
Congress during the reconstruction per
iod. What was the final outcome of
these differences?
8. What were the principal issues be
tween the two leading, political parties
during the presidential election in 1896?
Who were the opposing candidates for
President and Vice-President?
1. What in vour oninion are the most
important results from the teaching of
agriculture in high schools?
2. (a) Name four suitable text books
on agriculture for high school use; (b)
four supplementary books that are not
text books j (c) four pieces of apparatus
suggested in tne state course; (d) two
subjects to-taught that arc suggested in
the state high school course under each
. 3- Ho,w m.any ,PU"S. ,e (?,V0W
ln secfe a hwhe ? J TS
oats, shelled corn, potatoes and beans?
4.'What is the potato blight? How
can it-be prevented?
S. ia) Give the details of a simple
method of testing soils for acid; (b) for
lime. . .1
A- L) What are pedaceous insects? ,
ll ,.... ....A ..pn.vml.fl
7 (r" WVint An vnn rnnsirlrr thp. hest
method of treating a field where a great
amount of the top soil has been washed
off? (b) What in your opinion should
be done to prevent floods?
8. What agricultural products of the
United States show the greatest net ex
ports? Imports? Name several im
nnllo nt 3 1, .fL S "'
ports of food products from which tar-
iff has recently been removed.
j, a, B and C ate seven oranges, each
an equal share. A furnished 4 and B 3
oranges, C paying 14c for what he ate.
How shall A and a divide. the.jnoneyr
2. B boueht coffee at. 2854c per lb. If
it falls short 5 in weight, and 10 of
sales shall be lost, for how much per lb.
must he sell the remainder to gain 20
on the cost?
3. A wholesale dealer sold a bill of
goods at J4, S and 2Vt off. The dis
counts amounted to $244.25. What was
the list nrice?
If four pipes, each delivering three
Knrrtt n.r minnti. fill a tanlf in 2 hrs..
,rt, manv mn ar1 Ulivrincr fnur
pipes are closed one-halt ot the timer
S. A grocer bought berries at $2.24 a
bushel. Allowing (5J4, for waste, at
how much a quart must he sell them to
gain 33-1314?
6. A merchant sold two thousapd
bushels of corn at a loss of 10. Had
it cost him $200 less, he would have
gained 20. What did he receive per
7. I sold two horses for $865.00. On
one I lost 20 and on the other I
gained 25. If I gained $65 by the
transaction, what did each hor'se cost
8. A room is 80 ft. long, 35 ft. wide,
and 25 ft. high. What is the length of
the shortest path a fly can travel by
walli and floor from the northwest
upper corner to the southeast lower cor
1, Write at least eight lines from your ,
favorite poem by an American author.
What part of- this poem especially ap
peals to ypu?
i. Who wrote "Annabelle lee . "ieii-
mg the Bees Tin; Last Leaf The
Sf fot lintomCanCy LPoTttesl
3. Name at least five books with the
authors, written hv the-, foltowitlff IT1M1
cnry van uyKc, incoaore Kooseveit,
ainaniei nawinorne, aipn vv. tracr-
son and Edgar Allen Poe.
4 Describe definitely your favorite
$Cne as pictured In Irving's "The
Legend of Sleepy Hollow",
5. During what period of English lit-
erature did John Milton write? What
is considered to be Milton's master
Based in part on Milner's
"The Teacher".
1. Which teachers of the elementary
hools should be considered profes
sional teacher??
What is tho attitude of the general
public, toward tiachers In your com
munity? , ,
2. Write briefly of the agitation of
school affaiis in the state of Ohio dur
ing the last year. Vliat are the results
up to the present time?
3. Upon whom do the management
and control of the schools of any dis
trict depend? Discuss the relationship
between a teacher and his Board of Ed
ucation. 4. Illustrate by several examples what
is meant by the personality and poise of
the teacher.
5. Write briefly of the importance of
"discipline" in the public 'schools.
What standards of discipline, if any,
should a teacher set on beginning a
ichool in a stranze community?
rection of uch a course of study? Who
n.n4.jiil it?
ft Wtun nnA tinur rfn nn vnil for
would you) hold examinations in your
scnooisr wnai are me cmei purposes
of these examinations? Answer in full.
1. When is "as" used as a relative pro
noun? Illustrate by sentence. How; do
you distinguish between the relatives
who, which and what, and the same
words used as other parts of speech?
write nve irregular veros, giving
the;r . . ., Conj te in
- 'subWivTpa.ive
vn;. r-
Yi ,, ... .. ... .. . , i:.t.
a5 Bwhx Kton hthe mos
fJSTto tffaverSX?Wh?ch
Jeast esscnt;aip Explain.
4. What rank, tn matter of lmport-
ance, do j-ou give to English grammar
in the course of study? Explain fully.
5. Give at least five of the most im
portant rules for punctuation. Illustrate
the use of each rule.
6. What tenses are formed without
the use of auxiliaries? Explain and
illustrate the uses of shall and will.
7. Analyze or diagram the following
sentence and parse the italicized words:
"Being but dust, be humble and wise".
"8. What U ellipsis? When permissible?
What is abridgment? Give examples of
ellipsis and abridgment.
' 1. 'Write brief directions for" the prop
er cafe of the teeth. Name and classify
the teeth of the .permanent set.
2. Where are the gastric glands
located? What is the function of the
gastric juice?
1 3. Show how the evil results of alco
holism is inherited. What effect has en
vironment in influencing children
against the use of alcoholic liquors?
i 4. Name and locate all the bones of
the head. Why arc several of the bones
of the head very hard?
S. Write briefly of the treatment nec
essary for broken bones. How long does
it take for broken bones to mend?
6. What are t. ? lymphatics? Name
the largest of the lymphatic glands. ment of Uoad Commissioners to lay out and
Where is the thyroid gland? lestablisd a Free Turnpike Itoad along the
7. What is the portal circulation? following line to-wlt :
What arteries and veins carrv the blood Beginning at the UlllBboro. Danville and
vvnat arteries ana veins carry tne mooa prlcetown-turnplke, west of the residence of
in the portal circulation t . Frank Foust. In Salem township. Highland
8. Why is it necessary to keep the skin Connty. Ohio, and In the center of a county
rlean in nrtlrr tn have cood health? read; thence with said eounty road as nearly
Clean in oraer to nave goou ncamif as practlcabie. and In a southerly direction,
(Mate several reasons;. passing the residences ot c. O. Sanders, Alva
: Qossett and Matt Pulllam to the road known
.r.niDu"v a the Salem and Clay township road near
ufcOiaRAfrir. the residence of Nick Mari.onnett ; thence
1 Whv are the following cities great with said road In an easterly and southerly
1 wny are ine ioiiowihr cuics rcai dlrectUm passInB the residences of I .1.
commercial centers : Uevelana, ritts- Davidson and Wm Luster to the old states
burgh, St. I.OU1S, Indianapolis, New Or- road from Danville to Buford : thence wJtn
!.,. satd state road a distance of about TO rods to
o i i .i .u ....... a county roaJ Intersecting said state road
2. Name at least tnree sysjems 0I , east of schooTli.t district No. 3. Clay town
railroads that pass through Ohio. snlp . tnenCe with said county road In a.
What are the chief agricultural and southerly direction to the Straltout and llu
mineral nroductions shinned from Ohio? ford Free Turni ike near the residence of P.
m?eT?iffi l,V.fl", In ST, l,nH lV ,r. 9 Fenner. a distance of about three and one
Veyed in your section of the state. I
vc. township north, a
', V.naV ,5Ti , "ri' ," ,3 f t
'section? How are the sections Ot a
u. t,ui" l.....j .... ...- . ..
township numbered? I
4. Name at least five counties of the
. I tul -ml l. (.. A',-',Jm Mw..n Hi
state that are on the divide beHyeentlie
Lake Erie basin and' the Ohio river
UaSlll. .
M.,r. tv. fr Inrcrcf rivers that flow
Name the four largest rivers tnat now
ito the Ohio river from Ohio.
C Mnm. ll, lirA Inrcrect rivrrl nf the
into the Ohio river trom Unto.
5. Name the three largest rivers ot tne
New England states and at least two
cities located op each of these rivers.
Why is manufacturing tne cnici inuus-
try of the cities of the New England I
states? , j
O. Name tne lour leaaing corn siaics
of the Unjted States; the three leading
wheat states; the two leading wool
states; the state that leads in the pro-
Htirtinn nf cotton.
sugar, wneat ana tooacco regions.
8. Distinguish between political geo-
graphy, commercial geography and eco-
nomic geography.
1. Write five adjective and five verb
2. Exolain briefly how you conduct
your oral spelling class ana give reasons
wny vou conauct your ciass m una way.
3. Snell the following words and mark
diacritically : artifice, phosphorus, man
damus, valor, soherical.
4. Write brief directions for the cap
italization of letters fat least six).
5-10. Spell: peaceable, secede, medi
ocre, perrennial, dilatory, corroborate,
occurrence, interpret, erysipelas, sub
poena, synonymous, itemized, meer
schaum, rendezvous, sarsaparilla, apoth
ecary, rheumatism, paraphernalia, agri
culturist, separate.- ,
1. What Is the result of .frequent culti
vation of corn during the dry season?
Why are thr ears on a corn stalk not
llwavs well filled?
2. In what parts of Ohio are sugar
beets raised? What is Considered a good
crop of sugar beets per acre?
3. Name three plants that are prop
ftCated by RTZUmS, ExDU&ift tllC DrOCCSS
oi . uuuuuig a pcacii irec. wny w juuc
budding no'i desirable?
4. "Explain the best plan you know for
(estinor seed corn.
5. Point out several advantages of
clay soil. Also a few disadvantages ot
clay soil. Why does a clay soil make a
better pasture or meadow than a loam
6. What is considered a good crop of
potatoes per acre? Of corn? Of wheat? ' more than 500 will get to the maati- -
?t? At. t .,-."' factutlng stage and be a source ofin
. 7, What are the best recs to plant for . LtM
fence posts? or sliadef for a wina
break' What trees are best adapted to
drv soils 7
8. Name' three. VreeHs of sheep, Three
brferts jf iwat,
Three' breeds
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of M, F. Carroll deceased.
3. E. ( arroll has been appointed and nulli
fied as Administrator with the will Annexed
of the estate ot M, P. Uarrull late of High
land county, Qhlo, deceased.
Dated this Ith day of February, A. D. loU.
J. B. WOBtlT,
adv Probate Judge of said County,
Notice of Appointment. ,
Estate of R B. Hopkins, deceased.
Bobert Hopkins has i een appointed and
qualified as administrator of tne estate of
H. 11. Hopkins, late ol Highland Count?.
Ohio, deceased.
Dated this th day of March A. D. 19M
adv j ii. WoBLisr,
Probate Judge ot satd County.
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Mary Mary Iloush deceased
Myrta Chaney has Ueen, appointed and
qualllled as executrix o the estate of Mary
KoUBb, late of Highland County, Ohio, de-
Dated this 21st day of February A. D. 1914.
adv Probate Judge of Said County.
Teachers' Examination. .
The Highland coun y O tard of School Ex
aminers hereby glvet notice that examina
tions of Applicants ot rtlflcates will take
Slace In the Wastlngio i school Building,
illlsboro, on the flrst Saturday of every
Patterson examination will he hpld nn the
third Saturday of April and on the third
Saturday of May.
As prescribed by law, the fee for teachers
examinations will be 50 cents, while, for
I Patterson t.xamlnntlnno nn ft... la .hnrm.ri' .
O. A. Tbnkh, Sinking Spring, Pres.
adv YV. H. Vance, Hlllsboro, Vice Prer.
H. B. Galliett, Lynchburg, Sec.
Legal Notice.
In pursuance of an order of the Probate
Court of Highland County, Ohio, I will ofler
for sale at public auction on
Saturday, March 14th, 1914,
at 1 o'clock, p m on the premises herein
after described, the following real estate,
to-wlt :
Situate In the County of Highland, State
of Ohio, and In the village of Ralnsboro, and
bounded and described as follows :
Being In-lot Number Ninety (No. 90), as the
same Is known and designated on the record
ed plat of said village of Halnsboro. Being
8&me premises conve) ed by Amanda. House
man to Sarah Houseman, by deed dated
January 19tb. 1883, recordr-d In Deed Book 61,
page 28. Said real estate Is situated on the
noith side of Main street In said village and
is east of Mill street, but not between any
streets running north and south.
Satd premises are appraised at (360.00, and
cannot sell for less than two-thirds of
the appraised value. Terms, cash, on day
of sale. adv
(3-12) J. HoilACll ROADS, Adinr,,
of estate of Sarah Dammann, dee'd.
Notice Is hereby given that a petition will
be presented to tne Commissioners of High
land County at their session to be held on
lourinisui mues. ana Deine locaiea in aa-
lem.ciay and WhlteSak townships'. HI
county, (bbio. it is understood that
taxpayers desiring to do so, may wc
,hea',Cg which mav be assessed ;
it all the
work out
them tor the construction of said road at
their option, at the prices paid for labor In
the building and construction of said road
b tne superintendent or other person in
charge, and for the purpose of constructing
said Free Turnpike Koad. they will ask for
,w- ,.,., f in av.v nw mill.. n lha
Ilia t.v.a nhlrh mau 1,a .aaa.i.ri inrnlnsl
tne levy 0I an extra tax ot t-n mi
dol)ar for tne period of twenty
'upon all the lands and taxable
nronertv within the limits of the
VUG IC1J V, aU MUA bWL U. fc" U U.1..C UW .,..
dollar for the period of twenty Ave years
upon all the lands and taxable personal
property wiimn ineiimiia oi tne saio pro.
Jgtfg 8S$ $$?,?&,
7321, inclusive. General Code of Ohio, unless-
vuc gauc ucuuu wiuijicicu iuu jaiu.u..
Wm. Cdsteu And Others,
adv Petitioners.
Winter Tourists Tickets to Florida,
and points in south. Tickets on sale
daily, liberal stopover, long limit.
All Year Tourists; Tickets on salfr
daily to California, Oregon, and Wash
ington. See your agent for particu-
i jarg
Homeseeker ticketsto South, West
and Northwest on Jsale the first and
third Tuesday of each month,
Important change of time.
Trains departlf rom Hlllsboro as foU
8 a. m., 3:45 p. m., 6:30 p. m.
8:20 a. m. 0;30 p. m.
Trains arrive isJUillsboro asfollowsi
10:30 a. m., 0:05 p. m., 0:20 pf m.
10:30 a. m 9:20 p. m.
Two hour schedules to and from
Call on or address S. G. Grluln,
Agent, Hlllsboro, CC L. D. Paul, P.
P. A., Chlllicothe.
There were 60,000 patents applied for
in America last year. Only 35,000
'patents were granted. Of these not
. w.-.u "--
The United States imported fruits
and nuts worth (00.000,000 In the last
! n6cai yeart twice the' quantity Import
ed 10 jears ago,
o '(

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