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One Year (In Advance) . $1.00
Six Months ." ' 50
Three Months 25
Entered at Post Ofllco, Hillsboro,
The Light Problem.
Shall Hillsboro renew its contract for electric lighting with the
Hillsboro Light & Fuel Co. and if so upon what basis or shall the
town build, own and operate a municipal light plant ?
This is an important question for the people of Hillsboro to
answer. It should be considered without passion and without
prejudice upon one basis only and that is what is the best thing for
the town. It is purely a business proposition. How can the people
of Hillsboro secure electric light at the least cost ? Can this be done
through a privately owned and operated plant or through a publicly
owned and operated plant ?
We have talked to various members of council and also to Mr.
Beecher and to say the least their figures do not agree. After a
talk with Mr. Beecher and being shown his figures and data it would
seem that the proposition of the Light Company to make a contract
to furnish street lighting for $69.50 a light and commercial lighting
at 9c a killowat is eminently fair and the best the Light Company
could do.
When we talk to members of council and see the figures and
data that they have it would seem that the price asked by the Light
Company is much too high.
While it has been said that "figures won't lie" they certainly
seem to tell different stories in this case. We frankly admit that
at this time we do not know what is the right thing to do ; that we
must have more information before we can arrive' at a decision.
This we hope to secure and when we have secured it will give it to
our readers.
We know that for years the feeling has been general that the
Light Company has been charging exorbitant prices for light in
Hillsboro ; that its members are thieves and robbers and that they
have been cursed eloquently and earnestly many times. Whether
this feeling and belief is justified, we can not say, we only know it
has and does exist.
No man or company of men conduct a business without expecta
tion of profit and this is right. It would be foolish to run a business
on any other basis. The first proposition then is that the Hillsboro
Light & Fuel Co. believes that it can make money out of any con
tract that is is willing to make with the village. The second propo
sition is that if the Light Company can make money out of such eL
contract, the people could secure the village light and the private
light at a less figure if they owned their own plant, if (and here is
the big question) they would conduct it as efficiently and economi
cally as the Light Company.
We all know that politics too often enters into the conduct of
public business and if Hillsboro had a municipal light plant there
is the danger that men would be employed to run it because they
were Republicans, Democrats or Progressives and not because they
knew anything about running a light plant. If positions in it were
secured because a man had political influence and not because of
his efficiency we know that it would be an expensive proposition
for the people of Hillsboro. Will the people be so alert and wide
awake to their interests that if a municipal light plant is erected
that they will see that it is not made a political plaything ?
This is not a time for hasty and inconsiderate action. It is a
time for investigation, reason and good judgment, because we must
decide an important problem.
March 16, 1914.
Ira Miller spent Sunday with his
daughter, Mrs. James Eikins.
Mrs. John Donohoo returned home
Saturday after a couple of weeks visit
with relatives In Dayton.
I. T. Vance and wife were guests of
Joseph Strain and wife Sunday.
Stella Garen spent Friday afternoon
with her mother at Swine Valley.
Lawrence Smith and wife, of Lynch
burg, Clias. Carrier and son, Ervin, of
Danville, were pleasantly entertained
at the home of W. H. Carrier Sunday.
Rev. Brines, of Cleveland, filled the
pulpit at the Baptist Church last.
Sunday morning and was the guest of
Rev. J. II. Hollingsworth and family.
Mary McReynolds was the guest of
Mrs. Chaney and daughter, Saman
tha, Sunday. Newt. Whlsler, Mrs.
Piggot and Miss Mandy, were also
callers at the Chaney homo Sunday.
Ed. Franklin has had a Bell tele
phone installed In his home.
Orla Shaffer and wife spent Sunday
with G. M. Shaffer and family at Dan
ville. Clarence Brewer left Monday 'for
Wilmington, where he will work at
the Carpenter trade.
James Eaklns and Reuben Fawley
assisted Otto Fawley and family move
fromjilarshall to the Parnell Brown
farm near Belfast last week.
Mary L. Vance was the guest of
Aunt Ilarrlett Roberts Sunday.
Miss Keta Miller, who underwent
&n operation for appendicitis at her
home Thursday evening, is getting
along nicely.
Roy Ilarshbarger and wife and
daughter, Beatrice, J. D. VanWlnkk
and wife called on Harley Parshall
and family Sunday,
O. 0 Muhlbach spent Sunday with
friends at Strlngtown.
- Editor and Manager
Ohio, a9 Second Glass Matter.
Made Known on Application.
John Miller, of Hillsboro, and Perry
Ruble, of Taylorsvllle, transacted
business here Monday.
Mrs. C. W. Carr spent Tuesday with
her sister, Mrs. Geo. Brognard.
The school board met in regular ses
sion Monday.
March 10, 1914.
Mrs. Alva Leaverton and children,
of Mltford, spent Saturday night and
Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Emma
Mrs Nancy Moore and two sons,
Lloyd and Floyd, of Ilarwood, Harvey
Blgham, of Monterey and Alfred
Shields, of Lynchburg, pent Sunday
with Milton Holden and family.
Orley Brooklns, of Rldgevllle, Ind
Is visiting friends and relatives here.
Mrs. John Hawk and L. G. Eud
wick, of Wilmington, took dinner
with Mrs. Luclnda, Ludwlck and
children Sunday.
Mrs. Nellie Stuart and daughter,
Mildred, of Monterey, spent a few
days last week with her father, H. P.
Albert Ellis and wife and little
nephew, Earnest, spent Saturday and
Sunday with her parents, Wllard
Calley and family.
Cyrus Chaney and family, of near
Prlcetown, Sherman Winkle and fam
ily, Sam Shaffer, of near Danville, and
uumi rvuiKieanu lamuy, or inns-
boro spent Sunday at the home of J.
W. Thornburg and family.-
Miss Tessie Shaffer spent one day
last week with relatives at Dodson
vllle. Carey Henderson and wife and Or
ley Brooklns, of Rldgevllle, Ind.,
spent Sunday with Robert Duncan
and family.
Lots and lots of people fall to reach
the goal Just because they have no goal
in view. Deseret News.
March 10,1014.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gibler spent
Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Roush at Danville.
Dr. Pratt and family will move this
week to the Dr Chaney properly ;
Jacob Stults'to the house vacated by
the Pratts and Kettsyl McLaughlin to
the house vacated by Mr. Stults.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodoro Shaffer and
Mr and Mrs Willie Tumor spent Fri
day with E. S. Redkey and family at
Sugartree Ridge
Miss Lilly Tedrlck, of Hillsboro,
spent the latter part of the week with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Ted
rlck. Mr. and Mrs Glenn Farls, of Hills
boro, and Rev. Well spent Saturday
night and Sunday with Frank Foust
and family.
Miss Madge Farls, of Hillsboro,
spent Friday night and Saturday with
her cousin, Miss Ruth Foust.
Mrs. Alva Robinson, of East Dan
ville, spent one day last week with Dr
Pratt and family.
John Bennington and family spent
Sunday with Alva Gossett and family
Mrs. Charley Barr and Misses Myil
Nellie and Cecil Wardlow spent one
evening last week with Mrs. Amanda
Mesdames Amanda Pulllam 'and
Alma Shaller spent one day recently
with their mother, Mrs. Nancy Coch
ran. Rev. Well will not preach at this
place until the first Sunday in April.
Ills subject in the morning will be
"Religious Influence in the Home."
Evening services will begin at 7:30
Mr. and Mrs. Ulrlc Stults and baby,
of Hillsboro, were guests of his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Smith Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Lyons and daugh
ter, Alberta, of Buford, Mr. and Mrs.
Ora Shaffer and daughters, Ruby an1
Gladys, J. A. Young and wife and
daughters, Thursle and Sylvia, spent
Sunday with J. C. Landess and fam
ily. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Fawley visited
Charley Cadnallader and family Sun
day. James Donodoo and son, Charley,
transacted business In Hillsboro on
Mrs. Perry Emery visited her pafc
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Moberly, one
day last week.
Estel Carr lost a valuable horse one
day last week.
Rev Weil will fill the pulpit at Hoi
lowtown the fifth Saturday night and
Sunday and Sunday night.
Best Treatment for Constipation
"My daughter used Chamberlain's
Tablets for constipation with good re
sults and I can recommend them high
ly," writes Paul B. Babln, Brushly,
La. For sale by All Dealers. adv
. mi m
Vost of us overlook our own mistakes
in our rush to profit by the mistakes
of other Macon Telegraph.
m m
Resolutions of Respect.
The following resolutions from the
Mt. Calvary Reformed Sunday School
of Danville have been adopted :
Since 'death has taken from our
midst our beloved sister, Lydla Shaf-1
fer. The church and Sunday School
have been called to mourn the loss of ,
one of our worthy members. H er
presence will be missed as when her
health would permit, she was always
In her place in the choir singing the
songs she loved so well.
Resolved, That we bow In humble
submission to the will of our Heaven
ly Father, realizing that ourloss Is
her gain.
Resolved, That we extend to the be
reaved husband our heartfelt sym
pathy and commend him tqJSod who
alone can comfort him. """
.Resolved, That a copy of these reso
lutions be placed upon the Sunday
School records, a copy printed In the
county paper and a copy sent to the
bereaved husband.
Mus. Bertiia Chopper!
Mrs. Ella Coohran, Committee.
Every Cough Scatters Germs
TO BTOPTUE SPREAD J colds In the family,
alliy ths lint couehln by Soothing and
Smoothing the lnilamed bronchial tube with
Dr. Bell's
H alio Inhibit further
germ growth.
Granny Metcalfe says "It
ain't .what you're goto' to
do. It'a what you dodo that
counta whan you're ailing."
I b
VHVsJS .. B0.. I.OO. At All 1 1
MaggK4.V ! II llllff
rmmLWBKsyBk, J.
This nervo-racklng disease is caused from
impure blood andurloncld poison. External
applications sometimes give temporary re
lief but won't euro; the sure way to secure
jiormanentrosults is to thoroughly eradicate
from tho blood all tbo impurities. Nothing
on earth will drive out the poisons from
your system, keep the bowels, kidneys and
liver in good condition as SEVEN BARKS, the
wonderful remedy that has proved its great
merits tho vast 42 years. t
. SEVEN BARKS can ho had of all druggists,
at BO cents per bottle. Give It a good trial
and watch your rlieumnlism disappear.
LYM AN BROWN, 68 Murray St.. New York. N.Y
March 10, 1014.
Newton Ross and wife, of Hillsboro,
spent Friday with A. II. Wolfe and
Mrs. Hugh McNIcol and Mae Tucker
were tho guests of Mrs. Alice Leaver
ton Wednesday.
Miss Grace RIdgeway Is visiting her
sister, Mrs Austa Grim, of Samantha.
Harry McClure and wife and son,
Joseph, spent Thursday In Highland
George Smith Is ill with grip.
Mrs. Florence Kolley, of Hillsboro,
Is visiting at the home of her mother,
Mrs Elizabeth Tompkins.
Robt. Barker and wife, of Middle
towri, Alva and Carey Walker, of New
Petersburg, were tho iruests of J. T.
Patton and family Saturday.
Bert Hamilton and wife have moved
into the property recently vacated by
Mrs. Elizabeth Tompkins.
Clarence Dixon is sick.
Andrew McConnaughey and wife
spent Sunday with Harry Wise and
March 10, 1914.
Miss Mary Seaman, living south of
town, gave a party Saturday an her
home In honor of her twelfth birthday
anniversary. Several of her school
mates from this place were p restn
and all reported a good time.
Mrs. Wm Butler and daughter, Ma
belle, spent Friday with Mrs. James
Word was received here Monday of
the death of Floyd Copeland, son of
Bert Copeland and wife, which oc
curred at his home In Middletown
Saturday morning. The Copeland
family formerly lived here and Floyd
Is well remembered by his many
friends here. "
John Covan arid wife have moved
into tho Treber property on Mill street.
John Robry visited friends at Bylng
ton last week.
Jasper Suiter was a business visitor
In Peebles Saturday.
Mrs. Maude Johnson and sister, Ella
Alexander, have returned to their
home in Cincinnati, after visiting rela
tives here. Mrs. Rosa McAdow accom
panied them to Peebles.
Prof. R F. Allison, of Columbus, is
conducting a writing class of twenty
in the school building here.
Wm. Butler and wife have moved
from the hotel to their farm near
Orval Rhoads and wife have return
ed home after spending a couple of
weeks in Cincinnati.
O. A. Tener made a business trip to
Hillsboro Saturday.
N. J. Tolle is employed as sexton of
the M. E. church here.
ZoraSetty took dinner with Mrs.
Lena Rhoads Friday.
J. E. Chapman and wife spent Sun
day with Harve Klsllng and wife, west
of town.
Rev. Kelly rilled his regular appoint
ments at Plsgah and Carmel Sunday.
Floyd Chapman and Benson Butler
spent Saturday night and Sunday with
relative'frat Ft. mil,
March 10, 1914.
Rev. . Edmlnston, of Hillsboro,
preached at the M. E. Church here
Sunday afternoqn.
Mrs. Emma Mendenhall and daugh
ter, Ruth, spent last Tuesday with
Mrs. Shonknecker and family.
Inez Lucas visited relatives In
Greenfield Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. William Blount, of
Hillsboro, spentj Sunday with Mrs. J,"
W. Stephens.
Mrs. T. J. Grove Bpent Friday with
Mrs. H. M. Grove.
Miss Fayo Grove left Thursday for
Springfield to visit her sister, Miss
Hazel TaggarU
Pearl Stephens and family spent
Sunday with O. H. Stephens and
Arthur Lucas and family spent Sun
day with S. W. Meredith.
The body of Johnny Arbuckle was
brought here for burial Monday.
Raymond Clements, of Strlngtown,
moved to this place the first of tho
Mr. and Mrs. J. J?, Easter, of Hills
boro, called ori the latter'a father, J,
F. Johnson, Sunday evening.
' m mm 9 i
Have your sale bills printed at the
News-Herald. 50 bljls In two colors
and matter run In paper for 3,00.
Parker House
Tuesday, March 24, 1914
Hours 9 A. M. to 6 P. M.
Remarkable Success of tlrso Talented
Physicians la the Treatment of
Chronic Diseases
Offer Their Services Free
of Charge.
The United Doctors, licensed by the
State of Ohio for the treatment of de
formities and all nervous and chronic
diseases of men, women and children,
offer to all who call on this visit, con
sultation, examination and ad vice free,
making no charge whatever except the
actual cost of treatment for the pur
pose of proving that they have at last
discovered a system and method of
treatments that are reasonably sure
and certain in their results.
These Doctors are among America's
leading stomach and nerve specialists,
and are experts In the treatment of
chronic diseases of the blood, liver,
stomach, Intestines, skin, nerves,
heart, spleen, kidneys or bladder,
rheumatism, sciatica, diabetes, bed
wetting, tape worm, leg ulcers, weak
lungs, and those afflicted with long
standing, deep seated chronic diseases,
that have baffled the skill "of other
physicians, should not fail to call.
Deafness has often been cured in sixty
According to their system no more
operation for appendlcltls..gall stones,
tumors, goiter, piles, etc. By their
method these cases uncomplicated are
treated without operation or hypoder
mic injection. Tney were among the
first In America to earn the name of
"Bloodless Surgeom," by doing away
with the knlve, with blood and with
pain In the success'ul treatment of
these dangerous diseases.
If you have klaney or bladder trou
bles bring a two ounce bottle of your
urine for chemical analysis and micro
scopic examination.
Worn-out and run-down men or wo
men, no matter what your ailment
may be, no matter what you have been
told, or the experience you have had
with other physicians, settle It forever
In your mind. If your case Is Incura
blethey will tell you so. Consult them
upon this visit. It costsjyou nothing.
Remember, this free offer is for this
visit only. '
Married ladles must come with their
husbands and minors with their par
ents. (3-19) adv
March 10, 1914.
Vawn Cope and wife and son, Paul,
and Dexter Cope and wife were the
guests at the home of Charles Spence
Wm. West lost a valuable milk cow
last Saturday.
Wm. Rowe and wife, W. W. Wolfe
and family and Bob Free visited at
the home of C. W. Stevens Sunday.
Mrs. Albert Morris visited her
daughter, Mrs. Wm. West, last
Tho W. O. T. U. metlat the home
of Mrs. Kline last Thursday and a
very Interesting program was render
ed. J. S. Lovett and wife entertained
last Thursday James Anderson and
wife, O. M. Stevens and wife and Wm.
Rowe and wife.
Aunt Martha Wolfe is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Joseph Hatcher.
.Mrs. Burch Parshal and Mrs. George
Fox called on Mrs. Hamer Lyle Sun
day afternoon.
Mrs Susan Rittenhouse, of Hills
boro, has been visiting her daughter,
Mrs. Hamer Lyle, the past three
John Turner and son, Clarence and
Miss Sarah Turner were guests at
the home of J. S. Lovett Sunday.
Earl Davidson and sister were
guest of the Chrlsman sisters Sunday.
O. O. .Mulbach and daughter, Elsie,
of near Newport, took dinner at the
homo of Mr. Crosier Sunday. Mr"
Mulbach delivered a temperance lect
ure at the Friend's Church Sunday
which was very interesting.
Wm. Davidson and wife called on
Aunt Martha Thompklns, Sunday af
ternoon. Deafness Cannot Be Cured
fcy local applications, as they cannot
reach the Utseabed portion of tho ear.
miere Is only one way to cure clearness,
god that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an lnilamed condi
tion of the mucous lining of the Eusta
chian Tube. When this tube is lnilamed
frou have a rumbling sound or Imperfect
gearing, and when It la entirely closed,
Deafness is the result, and unless the in
flammation can bo taken ..out and this
pibe restored to its normal condition,
searing will be destroyed forever: nine
toes out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
Snicn is notntnt; nut an innamea conai
an of the mucous surfaces.
I Vft. wfll al..niMl1nnAm4 TVtllfl ra AfinMi.
(safnaMleaaswlbycatarrhHbat cannot be cared St
aus unarm uoro. BMujzorcircniars.xree.
F. J. OIBNHY. & 00 . Toledo. Oslo.
Bold by DrosKlsts , T5e.
lltLLSDono, Mar. 17. 1UH,
Retail Grocers
Wheat, bushel , , 90
Corni... lis to
Oats 40
Potatoes new
Wblte Ueans, bushel ' a
nutter a 20
Eggs, Dozen .... 27
Young Chickens, 10
Chickens, tier lb 10
Turkeys, per lb a
ducks, per iu . a
Hacon flams, tier lb a II
HaconSldes 12a
nacon Shoulders 8a 18
Lard ,., u
Hay, ton.. 25 00
Er. O. Sugar a 6
ASuear a.
Granulated Sugar a 6J
Cut loaf and Powdereu Sugar a 10
i ollee. HIo 28a 40
Tea, Imp., It. II. and G, U per qr.. 20a 70
Tea. Mack soa 88
cheese, factory 22
Flour, good family brands, cwt. . . 2 40
'. " " " bbl a
Molasses, N O , gallon a CO
" Sorghum a 40
GoldcnSyrup , a 40
Coal Oil , 12a 16
salt , a 1 35
Hams, city sugar cured, lb a 18
Deevcs, cwt., gross B 00a 8 7&
Ileeves, shipping 6 00a 7 40
Sheep and Lambs, per cwt.. 4 00a a bo
Hogs, cwt , gross 7 40a 7 85
Milch Cows with Calves 5 00a 40 00
Theso remedies tiro scientifically and
many years by Dr. Humphreys in hla private
practice nd for nearly sixty years by tho
people with satisfaction.
Medical Book mailed free. -
So. ron Frleo
1 Fevers. Congestions, Inflammations 25
2 Worms, Worm lover....... 2,"
3 Colic, Crying and Wakefulness of Infants.!!.',
A Diarrhea, of Children and Adults..... 25
7 Couehi, Colds, Bronchitis f.,2.'.
8 Toothache. Faccnciio, Neuralgia .i.,25
O Headache, Sick Headacho, Vertigo 2.0
1 0 Dyspepula. Indigestion, Weak fbtomach 25
13 Croup, Hoarse Cough, Laryngitis 2-,
14 Salt Itheum, Eruptions 25
15 Rlieirmiitlsm, Lumbago ,...25
10 Fever and Ague, Malaria 2
17 Piles. Blind or Bleeding. External. Internal. 25
10 Catarrh. Influenza, Cold la Head 25
20 Whooping Coucl 25
21 Asthma, Opprossed,DlfllcultreaUilne 25
27 Kidney Disease 25
29 Neryous Debility. Vital Weakness 1.00
SO Urinary Incontinence, Wetting Bod 25
31 Bore Throat. Quinsy 23
77 La Cfippc-Crlp 25
Bold by drugglits. or sent on receipt of prlos.
William and Ann Streets, Heir York.
ER 06 YEAR3.
Tra'de Marks
'riiv" uopiHianiaab.
Anrone sending a sketch and description rosy
oulcklr ascertain ouroplnton free whether an
T i7 . -... .1.1 n. m,, ,M t vmmnnl,..,-
iSrlcUr&HdemYar HARDBOOKon-patenia
sent free. Oldest axeiier for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
ipMlal notice, without charge, in the
Scientific Jltttericatt
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culatlon of any si tontine inurnol Terms, (3 n
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per doz. uiff Beuer.
two Dletnnii alike.
cash commission !( i
Drcfer. Everrotie
after yon haw pic
U A rents make $100
flams and addrtia at once Kpnd
Cluverlne and pictures by return maJL Write to-day.
Our Four Books sent Free with list
of .Inventions wanted by manufao
turers and promoters, a'so Prizes of
fered for Inventions. Patents secured
700 Ninth 8t.
Washlnetou D. O
rlesjucf and DCAtitiAej th hate
Promotes a luxuriant mnrth.
Never Falls to Bestor Oraj
Prevents balr falling.
fiOS and t 00 at Drqgyl'rta,
1' ce trial. Cases where other remedies have
fHile'd, specially desired. Give particulars.
Dr n.G.ContrtlU Salle SI7. No:i00YV.2JdSUNcwYork
The steady or periodical spree)-drinker
nnn fin ftnvM.I In .,... .. t...
knowledge. On .secretly. Jly remedy is
Boaranlced. Mentle, pleaaitnt 'per
fectly nsrmttM. It does not matter how
many years. This It the eenalne noma
Treatment, medically endorsed and
proved by a legion of trillmonials. Book
flnn nnrllf nlnnv fra. iv.,iii.iii .,.,
W00DS.634 SUth Av. 263 8 HewVofk.lTr
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0,5?.cJ!"!t? J2!P!r""' torn Maiao
MILLS. DesLW, 488 Srewawar.Mswyarfccil
A late winter has the advantage of
discouraging the crop failure prophet.
Washington Star.
The reason the average man criti
cises the government is that It Is per
lectiy sare to do so, Topeka Capital.
'Some have greatness thrust unon
'I know. Thev blunder acoldon tall
Into a film. "Washington Star.
wKMi ov
mT To
.aw. J.
, i?''..'Jfe.'kfcfc6u.i iijj 'S'i

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