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Can't Hold It
You can't hold all the money that comes Into
your hand, but it 1b your duty to try to hold SOME
of it.
Why not try making a fair allowanco'for ex
penditures and then trim down enough to permit
you to make a deposit at our bank as a guarantoo
against future needs. Consider this regular doposit
as a debt that must be paid from your income.
We will carefully guard it for you and help you to
increase it.
The Hillshoro Bank
March 10, 1914.
John Willison, of Wilmington, visit
ed ills brother, Frank, last week.
Carey Kirkpatrlck and wife and son,
Chester, spent Tuesday with Will
Kelley and wife and also called on
David Sprinkle near Carlisle Spring.
Miss Pearl Prlne spent Thursday
night in HlUsboro and was the guest
of Miss Florence Felko.
Mesdames Dell Robblnsr""Walter
Powell. Rollo Powell and daughters,
Mary Edith and Louella, and Mable
Stratton were callers at the Pleasant
Hill School Friday morning.
Charles Sirabro called on George
?rlno Friday evening.
Albert Shelton, the New Market
township assessor, made his trip
through this section Friday morning.
A. S. Welty, of Hillsboro, spent
Thursday with Charles Slmbro and
Walter Powell and wife and Mabel
Stratton spent Wednesday evening
with friends In Hillsboro.
Charles Simbro and wife and son,
Charles, called on Carey Kirkpatrlck
and family Monday night.
Miss Bessie Meyers, of Hillsboro,
spent Saturday night and Sunday, with
Miss Grace Simbro.
W. E. Noftsger and wife and child
ren spent Sunday In Hillsboro.
Miss Florence Prlne attended H. C.
T. A. In Hillsboro Saturday.
Luther Campbell and wife are con
nected with the outside world by the
Home telephone.
Dr. Humphreys' Manual By F
Humphreys, M. D.
This edition is In celebration of Sixty
Years of continuous progress of Dr.
Humphreys' Remedies.
It forms a book of 144 pages, with a
colored cover of Noah's Ark indica
tive of the uses of Humphreys' Re me
dies for every thing
The great point of superiority of this
work and the treatment over all others
Is the directness and simplicity, lead
ing to a greater posltlveness and
Sent absolutely free on receipt of
Humphreys' Homeo. Medicine Co.,
150 William Street, New York, adv
- March 10, 1914.
B. C. Carey a'nd wife spent one day
last week with their daughter, Mrs.
Howard Fisner.
Mrs. Roy Beck Is sick.
Mrs. Ova Creed and Elsie Michaels
spent from Friday until Sunday at
F. L. Carey and wife, of Wilming
ton, spent from Saturday until Mon
day with friends and relatives at' this
Mrs. Clara Purdy and daughter spent
Sunday with Wm. Dudley and family.
S. E. Michael and wife and daughter,
Rose, spent Sunday with Klrby Chaney
and family.
Miss Lora Underwood, of Hillsboro,
and Ethel Thornburg took dinner with
Ethel Carey Sunday. ' -
Carey Priest and wife spent Sunday
with the former's parents, Thomas
Priest and wife.
Taylor Martin and wife and daugh
ter, Dora, of Ylenna, spent Sunday
with Mrs. Martin's parents, Samuel
Engle and wife.
Marlle Jones and mother called on
Samuel Engle and wife Sunday even
ing. Elmer Ockerman and wife spent
Monday with R. H. Ockerman and
B. C. Carey and wife are rejoicing
over the arrival of a granddaughter,
born to Howard Fisher and wife.
E. n. -Edwards and wife spent Sun
day with Salked Larkln and family.
When baby suffers with eczema or
some Itching skin trouble, use Doan's
Ointment. A little of it goes a long
ways and it Is safe for children. 60o a
boX at all stores. adv
and Savings Co.
SHln Blomlshea
Caused By Germs
skin or lit a broken
flace, and It la hard
o get rid of them.
Pus gorea or olmnlea
Antiseptic Salve
oon destroys these, germs and keeps them
clean and healthy untilnature heals, use It on
the face, lips, in tha nose, anywhere, for It
"Tell It Dy The Dell"
March 16, 1914.
The first and second divisions of the
Ladles Aid Society served a chicken
pie supper and held a market Saturday
afternoon and evening In the M. E.
church basement. The proceeds which
amounted to about 832 will be used for
a payment on the parsonage furnace.
Daryl Johnson, of Blanchester, ,was
the guest of his parents Sunday.
Miss Ethel Griffith spent Saturday
in Blanchester with relatives.
Mrs. W. A. Teter, of nillsboro, is
the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Roy
Elmer Keene, of Chicago, was the
Week-end guest of his parents, C. P.
keene and family.
Supt. C, H. Lewis, Prof. Elmer Nay
lor, O B. Cox, Ira Young and the
Misses Ethel Carey, Florence' Hadley
and Madge Purdy attended the II. C.
T. A. in Hillsboro last Saturday
Mrs. W. H. Penn has been 111 the
past week at her home on E. Main
Mrs George Haas has returned home
from an extended visit with relatives
In Colleeville, Kan.
Miss Tura Kuhn, of Columbus Bliss
Business College, is spending a short
vacation with her parents.
A. G". Barber and wife attended the
funeral of an aunt In Jamestown last
An enthusiastic meeting of the Busl
ness Mens' Club was held Saturday
afternoon at their new headquarters.
Music for the occasion was furnished
by the Citizens' Band.
Miss Florence Jones delightfully en
tertained Saturday afternoon In com
pliment to Miss Geneva Pavey, an
April bride-to-be.
Rev. E. R. Purdy and wife returned
Saturday to their home In Wilmington
after spending the past two weeks
here assisting Rev. McMillan in his
special evangelistic services. These
services will still continue throughout
the coming week and Rev. Purdy will
present a part of the week to assist.
Supt. O. VH. Lewis and P. O. Mumma
attended the meeting of the S. S. Su
perintendents in Hillsboro Friday
Fred Wolfe transacted business In
Cincinnati last .Saturday.
Fletcher Van Pelt and family are
moving this week to the property on
South street, which he recently pur
chased of A. G, Barber.
Miss Rose Cohn Is slowly recovering
from her recent Illness.
Mrs. Bessie Cox visited relatives In
Hillsboro Tuesday of last week.
March 10, 1914.
Rev. Tlmmons and niece spent
Wednesday with Henry Llndsey and
Miss Flotilla Carr, of Pike College,
attended school here Friday afternoon.
Frank Edmlnston and wife, of near
Winchester, spent Sunday with his
brother and wife here.
Low Igo and son spent Sunday with
nenry Igo and family, of near Miller's
Rev. Foust tilled his regular appoint
ment at the Christian church here
Sunday, both morning and evening.
Miss Ruth Haas took dinner with
Amy Igo Sunday,
Miss Hattlo Martin and friend, of
Seamen, spent Saturday night -and
Sunday with her Bister, Mrs. B. F.
Match 10, 1914.
Mr.Larrickand wlfo.o'fWillettsville,
were the guests of their daughter,
Mrs. Louis Shaffer, Tuesday.
Charles Wolfra'm, of Hillsboro, at
tended the sale here Tuesday.
Ellle Taylor and son, of Lynchburg,
were with Hi Shaffer and famih
Eddie Strieker has returned' home
for the summer.
Abram Aber and wife, of near Dan
ville, spent Tuesday with his brother,
T. E Aber.
Roy Redkey and wife were guests of
his parents Tuesday.
Mrs. Grace Pratt spent a few days
last week withM. C.Stroupand family.
Mrs Cleveland Murtland spent Sat
urday and Sunday with her parentr,
Aaron Stroup and wife.
Ill Shatter and wife and daughter
spent Sunday .with Clell and Alpha
Calvin Stroupmade a business trip
to nillsboro Saturday.
Mrs. R. II. Orebaugh, Mrs. T. C.
Pratt and son, Roy, were shopping In
Lynchburg Saturday.
The sick are Mrs. Janus Phibbs,
Loney Wilkin and Frank Strieker.
Misses Altie and Nettle Hriggs, of
Russell, spent Sunday w 1th their grand
parents, P. L. Baker and wife.
Mrs. Harvey Walker spent Friday
with Earnest Lemons.
Orlen Roads and family, of Har-
wood, were the guests of J. M. Roads
and family Sunday.
John Tedrlck and family spent Sat
urday and Sunday with their son,
Warman, at Harwood.
Henry Miller and sister, Ella, and
lonard Aber attended the Literary
at J'rlcetown Friday night.
Miss Ljona Stroup spent Saturday
night wllli her cousin, Miss Rosle
Oscar Baker make a business trip to
Danville Friday.
Theodore Hawthorne and family
were the guests of Lewis Shaffer and
wife Sunday.
Miss Mag Stroup visited her sister,
Mrs. John Pratt, Saturday and Sun
J. J. Conard and Ben Wilkin made a
Business trip to Willettsvllle Sunday.
To the Housewife.
Madam, If your husband Is like most
men he expects you to look after the
health of yourself and children. Colds
and coughs are the most common of
the minor ailments and are the most
likely to lead to serious diseases. A
child is much more likely to contract
diphtheria or scarlet fever when it has
a cold. If you will inquire into the
merits of the various remedies that are
recommended for coughs and colds, you
will llnd that Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy stands high in the estimation
of people that use it. It Is prompt and
effectual, pleasant and safe to take,
which are qualities especially to be de
sired when a medicine is Intended for
children. For sale by All Dealers, adv
'f'B ." -
, rrFiitwmz. ;& wwwfflWN&res-.' ; vr
They all see it now what Henry
Ford saw years ago that the light,
strong, quality car, sold at a low
best meets
all the people.
following where
Five hundred'taollars is the price of the Ford run
about; the touring car Is live fifty; the town car
seven titty 1. o. b. Detroit, complete with euulp
ment Get catalog and particulars I roni Hlllsboru
Auto Co , Hillsboro, Ohio
March 10, 1914.
Mis3 Clickner, of Centerfield, wi
the guest of Mrs. Elmer Cowman the
past week.
Mrs. M. F. Garman Is visiting rela
tives at Xenia and Dayton.
Mrs. Hannah Grim is 111, also her
daughter, Mrs. Charles Weller.
Howard Weller, youngest son of Del
bert Weller. who has been very sick
with appendicitis, Is slowly Improving.
Mrs. EllaUlen and daughter, Elsie,
visited Jesse Carpenter and family
The Ladles Aid Society will be enter
talned on April 2 by Mrs. Laura Wil
liams and Mrs. Robert Snodgrass at
the home of Mrs Williams. All mem
bers are urged to be present as there is
very important business to discuss.
Oscar Hamilton and wife have moved
to the farm recently vacated by Bert
Hamilton and wife.
Mrs Laura Carper is visiting her
children, who live In Fayette county.
Mrs Wallace Hiattand son, Stanley,
attended meeting at Carmel Sunday
Recommend Chamberlain's Cough
"I take great pleasure in recom
mending Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy to my customers because I have
confidence in it. I find that they are
pleased with it and call for it when
again in need of such a medicine,"
writes J. W. Sexson, Montevallo, Mo.
For sale by All Dealers. adv
Thirteen was the sacred number of
the Mexicans and ancient people of
Yucatan. Theirweekhadl3days, and
they had 13 snake gods.
' far , -iiaiiiiiiHiiiimwiji wiiigil
For Pipe sr.d Gi,ree 11? '"" v $
- r-vra-tAcviKO-w good- M ;ii ',
Now they're all
Henry Ford led.
March 10, 1914
The meetings conducted here by Re
Scarll continue to Increase in interest
and much gool has been accomplished
Many regard Rev. ScarlT as tlie most
forceful speaker they have evpr heard.
Miss Ladora Reams is the guest of
Mrs. Cora McConnaughey.
Mrs. E. E. West was in Hillsboro
Saturday afternoon.
Mrs Ova Creed, of Careytown, Is
visiting her father, George Chaney
Charles Ashmore, of hillsboro, is the
guest of R O. Elliott.
Rev. Scarff spent Wednesday night
with E. E West and wife.
Henry Hunter, Charles Ashmore
and R. O. Elliott were guests of E. E.
West last week.
On her 83rd birthday Mrs. Elizabeth
West received many cards and presents
from relatives and friends. Although
a helpless invalid she is cheerful and
hopeful and wishes to thank all for
remembering her.
For the Stomach and Liver.
I. N. Stuart, West Webster N. Y.,
writes : "I have used Chamberlain's
Tablets for disorders of the stomach
and liver off and on for the past live
years, and it affords me pleasure to
state that I have found them to be
Just as represented. They are mild in
their action and the results have been
satisfactory. I value them highly."
For sale by All Dealers. adv
"War is hell," said Sherman, thus
anticipating tne feelings of those base
ball magnates who have had to double
the salaries of their playors as a result
of the baseball war. Charleston News
and Courier.
ikiSnSSiiih;.. i
' A tobacco that is instantly
distinguished from all others
by its fragrance.
The first time you get a whiff of
STAG, you(ll go buy some.
In the pipe, in the tin, indoors, out
doors, its natural lasting fragrance
will win you at once and forever.
Convenient Packages: The Handy Haif-
Size 5-Cent Tin, the Full-Size 10-Cent Tin, the Pound and
Half-Pound Tin Humidors and the Pound Glass Humidor.
Srof9taionu. $.
Both Phomr.In Ollitt tr.i Kttidtncc
Office Short St., Opp. Court Utttt
JlennBlg. HILL8BOBO,,
Home 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone 141
Hlllaboro, Olilo.
'PTloi In Holmes Hullrtlng, Uortfc lilt
IrriOK Hodks Pto 1J a, ra 2 to and f tt
6 p. m.
oth l'honee In unite ind iasnce
Funeral Directors & Embalmers
!A Full Line of High Grade
l-rompt Delivery Courteous Treatment
Your Patronage Solicited
(Successors fo J. C. Koch)
Ottlce.ktar or Traction Ttfot
Home Phone .344
To Enjoy the Popular Dances,
The feet must be free from pain. Many
women and men realize the comfort
to be enjoyed by using Allen's Foot
Ease, the antiseptic powder to be shak
en into tlje shoes before the dance.
Since dancing has become so popular,
Allen's Foot-Ease Is in demand every
where because It rests the feet and
makes dancing a delight. For Free
sample, Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
LeRoy, N. Y. (3 12) adv
"A Reno alumni propose to combine
and give the town a line statute."
"A replica of the Goddess of Libei ty,
I suppose." Washington Star.
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