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UiLLSoottb, Mar. Sl( 1911.
rtetatl Grocers
Wheat, bushel , BO
Corn , v 6ft 70
oats....... .. ..... ,...4. ., ........I 40
Potatoes new .,
White Ueans, bushel. ., a
nutter ..i a 20
Eggs, Dozen , .... IK
Young Chickens,., It
Chickens, per lb II
Turkeys, per lb.. ,...... a
Ducks, per lb a
Dacon Bams, per lb ,.. a IS
DaconSldes 12 a
Dacon Shoulders .... 8a 19
Lard , 11
Ilayi ton. 25 00
Ex. O. Sugar a 6
A Sugar........... ., u, ,.. a
Granulated Sugar a 8M
Cut loaf and Powdered Sugar a (0
oilee. Rio . 25a 40
Tea, Imp , R. u. and G. fct per qr. . 20a TO
Tea. Black v, 20a 80
Cheese, factory 22
Flour, good family brands, cwt... 4 40
" " " bbl a
Molasses, N O , gallon a 60
" Sorghum a 40
Golden Syrup a 40
Coal Oil 12a 10
Salt a 1 85
Hams, city sugar curpd. lb a 18
Beeves, cwt., gross S 00a 8 76
Beeves, shipping i 6 00a 7 40
Sheep and Lambs, per cwt 4 ooa 6 60
Hogs, cwt., gross 7 40a 7 86
Milch Cows with Calves 5 00a 40 00
Editor and Manager
PUBtilSlIRX) 3G3 XT 33 OR. "V T IX XT 31 S 3D .A. T6T
One Year (In Advance) $ll0
SixMonllw 50
Threo Months) 25
Entered at Post Olllce, Hillsboro, Ohio, as Second Glass Matter.
ADVERTISING KATES Will Bo Made Known on Application.
The Toll Exemption Policy.
We can not see why any foreign nation has any right to ask or
demand that the United States shall follow any particular policy in
regard to the Panama canal. The canal is purely an American
enterprise, the result of American brains, American energy, Ameri
can labor and American money and should be ours to do with as we
see fit. Under these conditions it is presumptious for any other
nation to question our policy in its use and weakness upon our part
to allow another nation to tell us what to do.
While we do not question the good intentions of President Wil
son in asking congress to repeal the provision granting toll exemp
tions to American coastwise trading vessels, we can see no good
grounds for his so doing.
We have always been in favor of political parties carrying out
their platform pledges and the Democratic platform specifically ap
proved of exemption from tolls for American coastwise trading
If the United States desires to allow vessels owned by Ameri
cans and engaged solely in American trade to pass through a canal
built and owned by the United States without charge, it would
seem that it was none of England's or any other nation's business ;
that this is a matter which concerns the United States only.
The greatest benefit from the Panama canal should be derived
by the United States and citizens of the United States and if this
will come about by allowing American vessels engaged in coastwise
trade to Dass throuerh the canal free of charge, they should be
allowed to do so.
The only reason that we have seen why President Wilson wants
the toll exemptions repealed is because other nations do not like it
and this in our oninion is no reason. The first thing to be consid
ered in the conduct of this governifient is what is for the best
interests of its people, not whether some other, nation approves or
disapproves. Surely we do not have to ask England, France, Ger
many or any other nation how we are going to conduct our internal
A man can not succeed in business who allows other people to
tell him how to run it neither can a nation succeed which allows
other nations to dictate its policy. England is looking after the
interests of England and the United States should be looking after
the interests of the United States.
Wants Roosevelt in White House.
Quoting the memorable words of Theodore Roosevelt when the
Americans Percardis was held captive in Morocco: "This Govern
ments wants Percardis alive or Raisuli dead, ' ' Representative Mann,
of Illinois, Republican floor leader of the House went on to say :
"If Andrew Jackson had been in the White House then he would
have said the rame. Theodore Roosevelt was in the White House
and that is what he said. Would to God that either one or the other
of those men were in the White House today to deal with the
Mexican situation.
Mr. Mann was one of the crowd of politicians who cheated
Roosevelt out of the nomination for president at Chicago in 1912 and
who fought him bitterly as the,. Progressive nominee in the cam
paign which followed. He is partly responsible for Roosevelt not
being in the White House and now he sends an appeal to God that
Roosevelt were there. Is it not a strange appeal to come from the
lips of Mr. Mann ? He has been fighting Mr. Roosevelt for two
years and is still fighting the Progressive party of which Col. Roose
velt is a leader.
We could not help noticing that Mr. Mann did not pray that
Mr. Taf t, or any other member of the Republican party were presi
dent when a delicate situation was to be handled, but for the great
leader of the Progressive party.
Has Mr. Mann repented of his actions and will he join the
Progressive party, and assist in undoing the wrongs committed
and help God to answer his prayer by working to place Theodore
Roosevelt in the White House in 1916 ? By so doing he can show
whether or not he was in earnest in his prayer.
It is much easier to dine well than to dine wisely.
Did you ever notice the deep concern shown by all people for
fear a corporation will be treated unfairly ?
The Irish have been fighting for home rule for generations and
now when it is offered them they are fighting to prevent it. It
seems to be simply a case that the Irish must fight.
Team is in better shape than ever before at this season of the
year. Traning Quarter News Item. This has a familiar sound.
Do you suppose we could have read it somewhere before.
March 23, 1014.
Wm. Satterfleld was attending to
business matters in Cincinnati and
Martinsville a few days last week.
Tliurraan Gall and wlfo took dinner
with T. M. Frump and family, Sunday.
Frank Williams and family visited
Geo Henry Williams, Sunday.
James Satterueld and family spent
Sunday with W. L. Turnor and wife,
Miss Rosa Lewis took dinner with
Grace Williams Saturday and called
on friends at Elmville, Saturday af
ternoon. Mrs. Maud Storer spent Saturday
night and Sunday with friends near
Ernest Frump was a guest of Wm,
Courtney Sunday.-
Easter Suit is Ready
I Get The Best
Minutes Mean Dollars
Doubtless you know thedangcrof delayed treatment
of collo and other disease You also realize- that
wrongly applied remedies are often worso than no
treatment at all. In other words, not to diagnose
a disease accurately may prove fatal. Every owner
should be ablo to recognize an ailment and give
correct treatment at tha firt symptoms. Prompt
action is mo great secret
of treating hones.
Minutes mean dollars.
Of courso proper treat
ment Is al wo s necessary.
That Is just how Humph
re s COO page Veterinary
Manual will proo so vol.
tmiilo to you. It Is by
r. Humphreys, it D..V.R..
and leaches how to dlag.
noe r d glvo proper
This boot wUl savo you
hunJreJs of dollars and
co3Uounothlng. It will
be sent absolutely free
on request to any farmer
In order to Introduoo
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post cord by writing ror 1 1 cow.
fl P
iiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiififiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiijiiillliili:iiiiiii iiilJiiiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiaiiiiii.iiiiri
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
March 23, 1914.
Mrs. Will Charles entertained her
sister, of Hillsboro, a part of last week.
Mrs. Mary Gall called ou MrsJW. L.
Turner Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Harvey Carlisle Centertalned
Mrs. James Carlisle and Mrs. Newtou
Ross Friday night.
A large crowd attended the prayer
meeting at Harvey Carlisle's," Friday
Miss Nelle Butler Is spending a few
days with hor grandmother, Mrs. M.
Prayer meeting Friday evening at
Tom Gall's. Everybody Invited.
Albert Austrian will have a public
Clarence Roads and wife spent
fore part of last week with the
mer's parents, near New Market.
Grandmother Ruble and Mrs. Louie
Orebaugh spent Monday it) Hillsboro.
James Wilkin and family, of near
rrospect, were guests Sunday of Ed
Fence and family.
Alvin Lemon and wife, of Falrvlew,
visited the former's parents, J O
Lemon and w ife, Tuesday.
Mrs. S. J. Pence and daughter.Stella,
and Ralph Pence spent Thursday af
ternoon with Mrs Chas Trop.
Mrs. Robert Ilottle and son, Em
mett, were entertained at the home of
Henry Saura, of Falrvlew, Thursday.
Mrs General Pence was the guest
of Mrs. Roscoe Walker, of Norwood,
from Thursday until Saturday.
Frank Orebaugh and family spent
Wednesday with Lewis Orebaugh and
wife, of Hillsboro,
Aunt Mahala McKee is no better.
Alva Overman and wife 'attended
the funeral of the former's grand
mother, Mrs. Muny, at Hillsboro, Sat
urday. Mrs. Ellis Wilkin visited Levi Wil
kin and family, of lloaglands, Thurs
day. Master Hubert Robinson spent Sat
urday at the home of General Pence.
The ladies of the Mt. Zion church
gathered at the home of Mrs. G. G. O.
Pence Wednesday afternoon and or
ganized a society of "Willing Work
ers." They elected the following of
ficers: Pres., Mrs. Edith Pence; Vice
Pres, Miss Bertha Chaney; Sec, Mrs.
Neta Barnett; Assistant Sec , Mrs.
Rose Overman, and Treas., Mrs. Lulu
March 23, 1914.
Ralph Sprlnklo, wife and son spent
Sunday afternoon with David Sprln
! kle, near Carlisle Spiings,
Carey Kirkpatrlck, wife and son,
Cbester, spent Sunday afternoon with
Sam Lemon and wife.
Born to Luther Campbell and wife,
March 10, a daughter.
C. V. Purdy, of New Market, Is saw
ing wood In tills section.
James HIest and daughter, of New
Petersburg, took dinner with Chas.
Robbins and family Tnursday.
Mrs. Walter Powell and Mabel StratJ
ton spent Thursday with Mrs. Chris.
Rockel, in Hillsboro.
Pearl Robbins called on Wilbur
Simbro Friday night.
Mrs. James Harris, of Harrlsburg,
visited her sister, Mrs. Frank Willlson
Thursday afternoon.
John Harris, of Harrlsburg, met
with what might have been a very
serious accident, Wednesday after
noon. While returning from Hills
boro his horse became frightened at a
passing vehicle and upset the buggy.
He escaped without injury but the
buggy was slightly damaged.
Chas. Simbro and family were enter
tained Sunday by Geo. Prine and famv
Mrs. W. E. Noftsger and Mrs. Sam
Lemon were shopping In Hillsboro
Geo. Prine, wife and son, George,
called on Carey Kirkpatrlck and wife,
Chris. Rockel and wlfo, of Hillsboro,
spent Sunday with Rollo Powell and
Mrs. Oliver, of Hillsboro, Is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Ralph Sprinkle.
Chas. and Glen Ellison, of Hillsboro,
spent Sunday with Carey Kirkpatrlck
and wife,
Russia has 113 facte ries for making
nonphosphorous matches.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
,by local applications, as they cannot
iteaoh tha diseased portion of the ear.
There Is Only ono way to cure deafness,
Jnd that is by constitutional remedies.
(Deafness Is caused by an inflamed condl
itlon of the mucous lining of tho Eusta-
IShlan Tube. When this tubo is Inllamcd
tarn have a rumbllns sound or imperfect
Albert Austrian will have a public Kou ,"ave a rumbUne sound or imperfect
- i.t .. - i i ii .. ftearlnff, and when It is entirely closed,
sale at his farm one half mile north Of Deafness is the result, and unless the in.
North TTnlnn Saturday MovM, oo Mr '""nmaiion can be taiten out ana tnis
nuuii uniuii, oauiruay Aiarcn 5. Mr. ,. re..ori n it, normal r?nnd tion.
Ausman will then move to the- Sutn
will be destroyed forever: nine
jner'sfarm six miles from Hillsboro bUh isoth.n but an McS wnBS
on the Careytownplke. x , ty.&faSSffi&gg&to.wmM. a
all's Catarrh Cure. Bend for circulars, free.
F. J. CTI UK KT, CO, Toledo, Ohio.
Bold by Druggists. Ke.
Tiio U&U fojally FUU far cesttUwUW.
More than 35,0Q0 Irishmen left the
Ould Sod last year.
Geo. Griffith and wife entertained
Harry Andrews and wife and Milton
Mattox and wife, of Cincinnati, and
Mrs. Will Johnson and daughter, Miss
Olla, Friday.
Do not buy before you
see our NEW Seasons
BECAUSE We carry an Immense
stock, larger than most city stores.
BECAUSE Our papers are selected
by those having an intimate knowl
edge of the tastes of the people of the
large territory who shop In Hillsboro.
BECAUSE While we sell from sam
ple books we can show ono or more
rolls oi the design admired, giving a
fair idea of the appearance of the
paper when hung.
BECAUSE We have books of II
lustrations showing rooms all decor
ated, giving an Idea of the styles now
used and the way the papers should
be hung.
BECAUSE We take a personal in
terest in assisting you to secure the
best possible decoration for your home
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BECAUSE-We trim the paper Jf
desired, cut out the Borders, take back
the paper not used. Make the buying
of paper a pleasure rather than a bur
BECAUSE We have our remnants
so arranged that those who have small
rooms can always secure bargains in
.high class papers at a mere fraction of
the former price.
The Leading Wallpaper Dealers
N. High, St. Opp. Soldiers' Mon,
Anyone sending a sketch and description msy
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jpreial notice, without charge, In tha
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Cleantef and twatrilfief th tufa.
Iromoti a Iniuriint rrowtli.
If ever Foils to Restore Qrj
xi&ir (.u iia xuuuuua, buiur.
iTeventa nair rainnj
tuy ami ft W at
o trial. Cases w tiers other remedies i
i !i U, eptilally desired. Glte parttcni&ri.
Dr R C. C.trtll. Suite 5i7.No.490W.4SUNe"
When baby suffers with eczema or
some Itching skin trouble, use Doan's
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ways and it is safe for children 60c a
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Old Lady (reading her evening pa
pers) Japanese Turn Agnostics.
Second Old Lady What wonderful
things these Japanese acrobats can do.
Buffalo Express.
"At this point," said the narrator,
''she broke down and wept scalding
"My goodness ("exclaimed a listener.
"She must have been boiling over with
rage." The Pathflnder.
Can-Net and Do Hot Touch the Liver
They may cloar out the Intestinal tract,
but do not relieve tho darumed-np bile.
Years ago May Apple "Boot (called I'o
dopuyllin) ?as a last-resort bile starter.
It griped fearfully, but brought out the
bile. Podophyllln with tha gripe taken
out la now to. be bad under the name
r "i
flJTrw'atnieiit. mMlcAlly endorsed &ik1
itvVY PTrrt ''vajpfrfnn of trritniontM. Hoott
r piapuriMiMiiri, trr, powpnn. ntreii:
JU ..'0io.03-Siu,,Av, 26Q0 NewYork.rV
Oil Meal
A Car just r.eceived
Our Four Books sent Free with list
of Inventions wanted by manufao
turers and promoters, also Prizes of
fered for Inventions. Patents secured
700 Ninth 8t.
Washington D. O
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i.km. . ciiUr, pli'usnnl, ini
y harmless. II does not matter liow
ity year Hits Is the. conulnuhomn
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WILLS, DwLW. 4a Bra4wytMYrkClly.
Richards Mill

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