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Picking Them Out
Bald a business man to his companions the
other day'. "Pick out 20 young men as you meet
them and not Ave out of the 20 are making any
' effort to save money.
Pretty stiff statement, young man. Something -hero
for you to think about, and It is better to
think about it now than later. Business men aro
watching you. Are you one of those who are
saving? If not, we invito you to commence now
by opening an account at out bank and getting on
the safo side.
The Hillsboro Bank and Savings Co.
March 23, 191?".
Walter Lemon and family, of Hills
boro, .visited L. C. Stockwell and wife
Saturday night and Sunday.
Loyd Wood and sister, Anna, are
spending a few days with friends In
John Williams and family, of near
Dodsonville, were guests of Mrs. Wil
liam's father, 0. E. Shaffer, Sunday.
Ira Fawloy, of Milford, spent Satur
day and Sunday with relatives here.
Danville was well represented at the
literary at Pricetown Friday night.
Ed. Cochran and wife entertained a
number of their relatives at dinner
Miss "Vernie Roebuck was a guest of
her aunt, Mrs. Geo. Mann, Sunday.
John Knauer returned home Friday
after several weeks visit with rela
tives in Cincinnati.
D. W. Brown and wife and daugh
ter vkltfiri the former's uncle, L. R.
People You Know
Hillsboro Citizens.
The greatest skeptic can hardly fail
to be convinced in the face of evidence
like this. It Is impossible to produce
better proof of merit than the testi
mony of residents of Hillsboro, of peo
ple who can be seen at any time. Read
the following case of it :
Mrs. Lewis Leaverton, 443 E Main
8t., Hillsboro, Ohio, says: "Two years
ago I suffered so much from a dull
pain. across the small of my back that
if I happened to make a wrong move
or lift something too heavy. I got a
stitch In my back It felt as if some
one had driven a knife into my back
and I couldn't straighten up for several
minutes. In the morning I could
hardly dress myself, my back was so
stiff a"d lame. Doan's Kidney Pills
were so highly recommended in the
paper by a friend that I got a box at
Duckwall, who Is seriously ill at His Garrett & Ayres' Drug Store. They
home in Hillsboro Sunday afternoon, brought on ire satisfaction Now,
Mrs. Nancy Berry spent part of last whenever I have any annoyance from
week with Clarence uoinaay
Wm. Shaffer is visiting relatiyes In
C. 0. Winkle and wife, of East Dan
ville, and Geo. Pugh and wife, of
Hillsboro, spent" Sunday with Elza
Wilkin and family.
Richard Roush is recovering from a
severe attack of inflamatory rheuma
tism. John Bennett and daughter, after
snendlncr several weeks with Ed.
Knauer and family returned to
home near Hooker, Oklo ,
They expect to return here
my kidneys or have pain in my back,
a few ao-es of Doan's Kidney Pills
give relief."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
States. ' v
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
Marcli 23, 1914.
Mrs. Anna Park and Mrs, Anna
Frye spent Friday with Mrs. George
Saturday, j Marman.
in the Mrs. Elmer
early fall to make this their home.
Rev. Frank Foust filled his regular
appointment at the Christian Church
Sunday. 'There were 75 attended the
S. S. at this church and CO at the Re
formed Church.
For the Stomach and Liver.
I. N. Stuart, West Webster N. Y
writes : "I have used Chamberlain's'
Tablets for disorders of the stomach
Just as represented. They are mud In
their action and the results have been
satisfactory. I value them highly."
Por sale by AUDealers. adv
Cowman and little
grandson, Dane Wolfe, spent Tuesday
with her parents at Bridges.
Jesse S pence and family visited C.
A. West and family at Ralnsboro Sun
day. Grace,Chrisman and Glenna Garman
spent Saturday night and Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Washburn at
John Wise and son, Harry, made a
business trip to Cincinnati the first of
the week.
and liver off and on for the past five The ladles of the Presbyterian
years, and it affords me pleasure to Church will give an entertainment at
state that I have found them to be the I. O. O. F. Hall Saturday night
for the benefit of the church.
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Garman, Leigh
ton Park 'and son, Leonard, spent
Sunday with D. M. Frye and family.
Remember the Ladies Aid meeting
April 2, at the home of Mrs. Williams.
There will be preaching next Sun
day afternoon at M. E. Church.
Everybody invited
March 23, 1014.
B. F. Farls and daughter, Missjsma,
of Falrvlew, spent Tuesday with his
mother, Mrs. Eliza Farls.
Mesdames America Robinson and
Mary Robinson, of Winkle, and Aman
da Lelnlnger were guests Saturday of
U. C. Abraham and children.
Theodore Shaffer and wife visited
his parents, Lewis Shaffer and wife,
near Danville, Sunday.
Abe Roberts died at the asylum at
Athens. The body was brought to
this place Saturday afternoon and the
funeral held at the Christian church,
conducted by Rev. Frank Foust. He
was a brother of Mrs. J. W. Gossett,
bf Hillsboro. Mrs. Gossett is the only
one of this family that Is left.
Perry Fawley and wife and children
spent one day last week with her par
ents, H. 0. Roush and wife.
Frank Emery and wife, of East Dan
ville, were guests Saturday of their
son, nomer, and wife.
Cunls Walker and family, of Hills
boro, spent Sunday with E N. Pulllam
and family.
Mrs. James Donohoo and Mrs Laura
Ruble visited Thomas Carey and wife,
at Hillsboro, Sunday.
Mrs. C. C. Roush and two daughters
and Miss Lilly Tedrlck, of Hillsboro
spent Friday night and Saturday with
relatives here.
The Literary was well attended Fri
day night. On next Friday night
there will be a debate on Woman's
Mrs. T. C. Duncanson and two sons,
of Lynchburg, spent from Sunday un
til Tuesday with her parents, D. A.
Pulllam and wife.
Warren Workman and wife and
baby, Helen, of Winkle, spent Friday
inlit with his parents, M. M. Work
man and wife.
Misses Gertrude and Stella Whitley
spent Sunday with their grandmother,
Mrs. Na'icy Cochran.
Homer Emery and wife spent Sun
day with his parents, Frank Emery
and wife.
John S. Farls and wife and daughter,
Miss Madge, of Hillsboro, spent Sun
day with Frank Foust and family.
P. H. Shaffer and family spent Sun
day evening with J. A Young and
To Enjoy the Popular Dances,
The feet must be free from pain. Many
women and men realize the comfort
to he enjoyed by using Allen's Foot
Ease, the antiseptic powder to be shak
en into the shoes before the dance.
Since dancing has become so popular,
Allen's Foot-Ease Is in demand every
where because it rests the feet and
makes dancing a delight. For Free
sample, Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
LeRoy, N. Y. (3 12) adv
Think of the Company behind the
car and you'll realize why Fords
and Government bonds are bought
with equal assurance. Strongest
financially world-wide in scope
largest in volume of output. We
build our reputation into the car.
Better buy a Ford.
Five hundred dollars Is the price of the Ford run
about; the touring car Is live Uftyj the town car
seven fifty f. o. b. Detroit, complete with equip
ment Get catalog and particulars from Hillsboro
Auto Co , Hillsboro, Ohio.
2?roBior.a (J.rd
Both Phomtiln Ollict ind Rtsldcncc
Office Sbnrt St , Opp. Court Bouie
I. W. CnRET,
Borne 'Phone 34U. Bell 'Phone 141
HlllBboro, OHIO.
I Orrioi In Hnlrnes
Orriot Hours to is a
I 8 D. m.
Doth 'Phones In Office ind Kramer
HullriltlK NortL H't
m. 2 to inC ' It
March 23, 1914.
Mrs. Gusta Ellis and son, Ernest, of
Norwood, spent a few days last week
with her parents, Wlllla.nl Calley and
Mrs. Mozella Holden visited relatives
at Monterey Sunday,
Lewis Thornburg and sister, Hazel,
and George Hawk visited Sherman
Winkle and family, near Danville,
Srofe Ludwlck went to Mowrystown
Monday to transact business.
Aaron Stroup and wife, of Dodson
vllle, spent Friday night with her
mother, Mrs. Luclnda Ludwlck.
Gent Yowell, of Hamilton, and Orley
Brookins, of Rldgevllle, Ind., spent
Sunday with Carey Henderson and
SIMON hide:
For "Your Flo-were.
March 23, 1914.
Mrs. John Ramsey and children, of
Mt. Washington, were the guests of
H. L. Harris and family Saturdaj
night and Sunday.
Miss Bessie Moomaw Is working for
Hamilton Wilkin I
Several persons from here attended
the funeral of Mrs. James Murray, at
New Market, Saturday. Mrs. Murray
formerly resided here and was highly
esteemed by every one.
C. D. Vance Is sick.
T. P. Vance was entertained by T.
S. Soale and wife Wednesday.
Wm. II. Hughes has sold his farm to
Allen Rotroff, of Sugartree Ridge.
Mr. Hughes and wife will leave soon
for Iowa, where they will make their
1 homo.
Snec.FHSOHN It) NUlll K &. lUHNEHt!
Funeral Directors & Embalmers
!A Full Line of High Grade
runNITTJ 3.33
Miss Florence Ludwlg, of Lynchburg Farmers are beautifying their farms
spent Sunday with her parents, Fran- with new fencing this spring They
els Ludwlg and wife. are building with woven wire, which
H. P. Chaney took dinner with his adds mucn t0 the appearance of the
daughter, Mrs. Daisy Fowler, Sunday, farms.
Olive Ludwlg Is driving a huckster I Joe Vance, of New Market, was a
wagon for Wm. Ludwlck, of East business caller here Saturday.
Danville. I H. II. Sanders and family and Burton
George Long and wife, of Danville, Vance and wife were the guests of
and Mont Yowell, of Hamilton, visited Hiram Emery and .family, at Hills-
Arthur Fouch and wife Sunday. bor. Sunday
Sammy Shaffer, of near Danville, I E. C. Vance and wife, of Elighlan i,
spent Saturday night and Sunday with called here Sunday evening,
hl&uncle, J. W. Thornburg and family. I Walter Hamilton and wife visited
Mrs. Eliza Towell spent one day last the latter's parents, at Dunn's Chapel,
One egg from a box of five dozen
slipped out while on its way to Mont
clalr, N. J., -and found loose In the
bottom of tl)e mall bag. It had trav
eled many miles with a heavy weight
pressing on it, but its shell was not
even cracked.
The number of unemployed in Ber
Hn is estimated at 100.000.
nri I po opera
DULL p mouse
Friday, March 27
' 30th Annual Tour 30th of the
,M arch 23, 1914.
C. W. Garen and wife were guests
of Wm. Capllnger and family Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Landess were
the guests of relatives at Hillsboro on
Ethel and Mabel Williams and
Lecta Tannehill spent Sunday even
ing with Nondas Lelnlnger.
Clara Sonner spent Sunday with
.Miss Neta Miller.
Burley Carrier spent Saturday in
Wm. Sonner and wife spent Thurs
day with B F. Morten and family.
Miss Bessie Whisler called on her
aunt, Mrs. Chaney, at New Market,
B. F. Morten and family spent Sun
day with John fiavldspn and family.
Recommend Chamberlain's Cough
"I take great pleasure in recom
mending Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy to my customers because I have
confidence in It. I find that they are
pleased with it and call for It when
again In need of such a medicine,"
writes J. W. Sexson, Montevallo, Mo.
For sale by All Dealers.- adv
Prompt Dvlhiry tuurlcns Trvatmanl
fuut ratritnuet- illclfed
(Successors to J. C. Aotftl
Office hrnr ut Jietmn fi
Home Phone 344
week with her brother, Dr. McBrlde,
of Hillsboro.
Mrs. Mary Ludwlg spent Monday at
the home of Dr. Lleckner, at Lynchburg.
Charley Duncan and family spent
Sunday with his father, John Duncan
and wife.
Saturday night and Sunday
Mary and Clara Harris called on Mrs.
Ira Uaynes last Thursday.
For Every
Living Thing On
25c, 50c and 75c
Seats on Sale at VanZandt's
Coming April 4, "Uncle Tom's Cabin."
March 23, 1914.
Mrs. Sarah Hatcher and Mrs. J. C.
Larrlck spent Thursday with Mrs.
John Prlne. "
Bryan Stanforth, of Jessup, Howard
Bradley apd Mrs. Wilbur Moberly, of
Buford, spent Saturday night and
Sunday with narlle Stanforth and
Mrs. Sarah Hatcher and daughters,
Misses Louise and Cedora, and Mrs.
n. M. Igo and daughter, Miss Lillian,
spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. J.
G. Larrlck.
Henry Henderson spent Sunday
with Charlie Igo and wife.
Mrs. Charles Ferguson spent the
past week with her brother, Frank
Stroup, at Sholfner.
Kev I. N Walker, of Cincinnati,
will preach here next Sunday, Mar. 20-
Raze He's crazy about his wife.
Daze Yes; but he's sane enough
away from her. Judge.
Free ; a 500 1 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thins
Best Treatment for Constipation on the Farm ," horses, cattle, dogs
sneep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetlnary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
up. Free by mail on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co.
Corner Williams & Ann Sts., N.Y. adv
"My daughter used Chamberlain's
Tablets for constipation with good re
sults and I can recommend them high
ly," writes Paul B. Babin, Brushly,
La. For sale by All Dealers. adv
m m
Baker Have you noticed that our
dog looks like Shakespeare?
Barker Yes ; he has a Hall Caine-
lne expression Life.
In this country the telephone indus
try employs 152,000 people.
Mr. Gilford PInchot, of Washington,
has formally announced his candidacy
for the Progressive nomination for
' senator from Pennsylvania. This is a
great triumph for the District of Co-
lumbla. Indianapolis News.
March 23, 1011
P. D. Stoller and daughter, Leota,
Helen Graham, of Blanchestor, and
Doylo Foster, of Marlon, 111., were the
guests oi Jonu nuile aiui nno, Tnurs
day. Lafe McDani -I an I Frank Brown
called on Lawrence Mttro Sunday.
George Rolfeanil wifeandbiuy were
at the home of Mrs. Rolfe's pirents,
Saturday night
Mrs. Ford and son were chopping in
New Vienna, Saturday.
L. Thompson spent Saturday after
noon in the Murray home.
Emma and Madge McDwiiel enter
tained Madge Brown Sundiy af er
noon. iss Grace Stoller spc-ii SnyJay
with her parents
Lee MeD&niel and Ltslie Snelraan
were callers here Sunday evening.
More than 20,000.000 young trees
have been planicl in two Norway
counties borderl g on the sea since
a Bergen tree planting society was
formed 13 years ago.
r v, r.
fi $
rr ... -.fj.niAj.y. .- . vi(,
lUrtfy urrJVVCwi 0 J., iiij
certified smokers of STAG.
earth excopi rz:J.:.:'.j
Tho best c utdoor tobacco
becauss it holds all its nood-
nessSn the open air. cious
Convenient Packages: Th
5-Cent Tin, the
ina best inrjcor
uccauso ot its Ti'esi
J t-' -
10-Cent Tin
Hsndy Half-Sizo
Pound and Half.
SH A "i" '' Pound Tin Humidors and tho Pound Glass Hunvdsr.
Wl $ -i (V 4tSVER-4.AS7iNG-LVGOOD"ilS4'ily
m If ft Sfl' 5Mrop Pip?nnd y l glParieiNfftafil
1 1 if (I 7 1 k w t Jnj M i'lKJl I

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