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A son was born to Mr. and Mrs
Thomas Carey, Sunday afternoon.
Col. D. Q. Morrow returned Monday
from a business trip to North Carolina.
James Puckett has sold his property
on 8. High street to Joseph List.
Spraying material for fruit trees at
Smith's Drug Store, adv
Mrs. 'Van Miller spent Friday in
Miss E1116 Bodes, of Anderson, Is
visiting her uncle, Will Rodes.
Book Free. Directions for spraying
fruit trees at Smith's Drug Store, adv
Df. and Mrs. V. B. McConnaqghey
spent Monday and Tuesday in Colum
Mrs. uharles W. Scott entertained
with a luncheon Saturday for Mrs
Bush .Evans.
Muresco, the sanitary wall paint at
Smith's Drug Store. Very Economi
cal. adv
Tomato Seed Yet?
Bush Evans, of .Dayton, spent from
Friday until Sunday, here with his
wife, who Is visiting Miss Cora E. Bell.
Miss Mary McCormlck left yesterday
for an extended visit with relatives at
Miss Catherine Mclntyre, of Cincin
nati, spent Saturday and Sunday with
relatives here.
Coat your walls with Muresco.
Economical, sanitary and beautiful.
10 colors at. Smith's Drug Store, adv
Miss Nelle Nelson, of Madlsonvllle,
was the guest of her mother, Mrs.
John'. Nelson, Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Oscar Hardin, of McKenzIe,
Tenn., has returned home, after a short
visit with Mrs. Walter Doggett.
MissGoldlePuckott returned to her
home at Blancliester Friday, after a
visit with her father, James Puckett
Mrs. 0. C. Roush and daughters and
Miss Lily Tedrlck visited relatives at
Prlcetown, Thursday and Friday.
Miss Leo Parker, of Cincinnati, spent
Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Seaver Parker. -
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Walker and
daughter, Ersyl, visited Mr. and Mrs.
E. N. Pulllam, at Prlcetown, Sunday.
Mrs; Mlnott Pulllam, of Winkle, was
the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Gossett, Sunday.
James Puckett will sell his house
hold goods at public auction this
afternoon at 1 o'clock.
Mrs. Charles M. Kerns is visiting her
sister, Mrs. 0. B. Kirk, at Mansfield,
John Shackelford and Charles Bed
key, of Leesburg, were business visitors
here Monday.
Charles D. Johnson, of Greenfield,
was the guest of tils aunt, Mrs. H. C.
Dawson, Thursday.
Mrs. Barley Wilkin and son, of
Washington C. II., are visiting the
former's parents, Mr: and Mrs. W. N.
John Blount, who is an officer at the
Boys Industrial School at Lancaster,
was the guest of his mother, Mrs. John
Howard, from Friday until Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Overton Hire and son,
Spencer, of Greenfield, were the guests
of Mrs. Hire's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. Spencer, Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs James Donohoo, of
Prlcetown, were the guests of their
daughter, Mrs. Thomas Carey, Monday
and Tuesday.
Mrs. M. P. Felbel, who has been
spending the winter at Daytonla and
St. Augustine, Fla., returned home
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. John S, Faris and
daughter, Miss Madge, spent Sunday
with Rev. and Mrs. Frank Foust, of
Mrs. Frank Ayres, Mrs. H. P. Mor
row and Mrs. N. Craig McBrlde spent
Friday with Miss Stella Hatcher, of
Try a pound of Selph's Steel Cut
Coffee". This is the .only Steel Cut
Coffee In town for 25c
Buy the Soods afc
Conards Grocery
Tho plaae whore you get the BEST
C. M. Lacy was a business visitor In
Cincinnati, Tuesday.
Walter Lemon and family spent Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. L.O.Stockweil,
at Danville.
Climax Wall Paper Cleaner is the
best brand. On sale at Selph's, 3 for
25c. ' adv
Mr. and Mrs. George Pugh were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth
Wllkins, near Danville, Sunday.
Charles Bose spent Saturday and
Sunday at Mowrysiown with his fath
er, who Is very sick.
Complete line of Garden and Flower
Seeds In BOLK, at
adv Selph's Cash Gbocery.
C. L. Workman has been in Ken
tucky the past two weeks on a busi
ness trip.
J. A. Fling returned home Tuesday
from a three monthe business trip
through the state.
Fancy stock of eating and seed
potatoes at right prices. Quality con
sidered at Selph's. adv
Steward Kincaid and family moved
from Willow street to the Dawson
property on E. Main street Tuesday.
George Cooper has sold his home on
E Main street to C. F. McNeil. Mr.
Cooper will build on the adjoining lot-
Fancy California dried Apricots,
Prunes and Peaches at Selph's, at bar
gain prices. adv
Mrs. L. S. Wright returned last week
from an extended visit with relatives
at Greenfield.
Dr. H. V. A. Spirgur, of Cincinnati,
spent Sunday with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry W. Spargur.
Mr. and Mrs. -Ewlng Newby were
the guests of relatives at Centerfleld
over Sunday.
Clarence Doggett, of Lynchburg,
was the guest of his sister, Mrs. J. B.
Worley, Saturday night.
Have your sale bills printed at the
News-Herald. 50 bills in two colors
and matter run in paper for 3.00.
Mrs. J. A. Head was the guest of her
sister, Miss Jessie Barrett, at Colum
bus, for a few days the fint of the
Mrs. D. D. Downing, who has been
visiting her brother, D. M. Meneley,
returned to her home In Columbus on
Mrs. W. B. Edgar returned to her
home In Chicago, Saturday, after a
visit with her sister, Mrs. James J.
Mrs. James Beece and Miss Ellen
Reece were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
David Reece in Cincinnati over Sunday.
Miss Blangle Wilkin has been con
fined to the house the past ten days
with a sevoro attack of tonsllitis. She
is much better.
Lyman Beecher attended the State
Convention of the Ohio Gas Companies
Association at Columbus, Tuesday and
Mrs. Susan Rlttenhouse, who has
been visiting herdaughter.Mrs. Hamer
Lyle," on Fall Creek, the past month,
returned home Saturday.
Never can tell when you'll mash a
linger or suffer a cut, bruise, burn or
scald. Be prepared. Thousands rely
on Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil. Your
druggist sells It 25c and 50c. adv
No Substitutes
RETURN to the grocer all sub
stitutes sent you for Royal Bak
b ing Powder There is no sub
stitute for ROYAL. Royal is a pure,
cream of tartar baking powder, and
healthful. Powders offered as sub
stitutes are made from alum.
Mrs. 0. B. Sawyer, of Boston, Mass.
Is visiting her nclce, Mrs. D. B. Scott.
Miss Viola Sexton, of. Belfast, has
been the guest of Miss Jessie M'ullenlx,
since Saturday.
Rev. William Patton, of Williams
burg, was the guest of his brother,
John, on Fall Creek, Monday and
No services will be held at the
Christian church at Elollowtown next
Sunday because the pastor, Rev. Well,
Is holding a meeting In Kentucky.
A small out building on the premises
occupied by Grover Kesslnger on W.
North street was dostroyed by fire
Tuesday morning. The origin of the
fire Is unknown.
"nad dyspepsia or indigestion for
years. No appotlte, and what I did
eat distressed me 'terribly. Burdock
Blood Bitters reaches the cause." J.
11. Walker, Sunbury, Ohio. adv
Mrs. H. H. McKeehan and daughter,
Miss Eliza, returned to their home in
Cleveland Sunday, after a short visit
with the former's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry W. Spargur.
Get your tickets early for Blchards
& Pringle's Famous Georgia Minstrels,
the big city aggregation- of colored
minstrel and vaudeville Stars, who ap
pear at Bell's Opera House on March
27. This old and favorably known
organization has a great show this
season, andis breaking the house rec
ords everywhere. Seats are now on
sale at Van Zandts. adv
Real Estate Transfers.
Ann Curry to William Haines,
Hillsboro, lot, 31.
Chas. L. Carlier to Wm. J.. Carlier,
Highland & Brown Counties, 100a, SI.
Chas. L Carlier to W. J. Carlier,
rown & Highland counties, 08a, $4600.
U. S. Stanley to James H. Butters,
Brushcreek tp, Ilia, Si.
Wallace D. Vance to Wm. Conard
et al, Hillsboro, lot, $1.
Frances A. Kesler to Amy Easter,
Jackson & Marshall tps, 71a, $1.
Lydla L Shaffer to Cyrus E. Shaffer,
Danville, lot, $100-
Rose P. Byran to Myra Beatty,
Greenfield, lot, $1.
Frank Beard to Wm. Tatem, Hills
boro, lot, $80.
J. H. Eutsler to Walter Duncan et
al, Liberty tp, lot, 81.
Herschel Roades to R. R. Watts,
Marshall, lot, $1.
Sarah J. McCormlck to Frank M.
Tumbleson, Concord tp, 24a, 81.
Paul Caron to D. B. Allman, Mow
rystown, lot, 81.
H. C. Vance to A. D. Hess, Clap tp,
la, 81.
Lewis Conard to 0. D. Kester et al,
Penn & Union tps, 28a, SI.
M. Irwin Dualap to Ella Jackson,
Greenfield, lots, 31.
William R. Rotheret alto Josephine
Collins, Hillsboro, lot, 81.
James L. Houston to Carey Tlce et
al, Highland county, 104a, $3500.
Lewis V. Hall to Amanda Hall, Clay
and Hamer tps, 4a, $1.
C. C. Patton to W. L. Garman,
Brushcreek tp, 50a, 81.
W. L. Garman to C. C. Patton,
Brushcreek tp, 87a, 31-
John Meyers to Phllura Roe, Green
field, lot, 81.
H. P. Roush et al to Myrta L. Rob
erts, Hamer and Whlteoak tp, 11a, $1.
Inis V. Bhoads to Carlton T. Wil
liams et al, uenterfield, lot. 8100.
Carlton T. Williams et al to Inls V.
Bhoads, Brushcreek tp, 183a, 31.
Ella D. Wilson to W. D. Vance,
Hillsboro, lot, $1.
P. L. Fulkerson to Gordon Fulker
son, Paint tp, 4a, 8050.
Jay G. McClure to B. H. McOlure,
Fairfield tp, 108a, 81333 75.
J. A. Armentrout to Hiram Shaffer
et al, Dodsonvllle, lots, $1182
Jane Buble to Louie Orebiugh," Int.
82a, $1.
About Buggies.
We have adopted the SHELDON
TON DON AXLE on all the buggies
we make. The spindle is case harden
ed steel so hard on the surface that a
file will not scratch it. The Inner
lining of the boxings is made of Phos
phor Bronze. This combination (case
hardened steel and phosphor bronze)
makes an Ideal bearing that will wear
smooth, but will not wear out. The '
TON DON AXLE is guaranteed to
never break from any cause
whatever, no matter what tho
conditions may be. It is the only
perfect axle ever put on the market.
Did you ever notice how light and
neat in appearance the OABBOLL
buggy is ? This lightness Is possible
because we use tbe best selection of
second growth hickory and Norway
wrought Iron In all our gear parts.
On our new buggies we also use the
celebrated Kelly Springfield Bubber
Tires, the best rubber tire on the
market, the original patent. We of
TECTION TO YOU. We have them
at 870.00 and up.
The M, F. Carroll & Sons Co.,
Hillsboro, O.
The new tariff law has made
it. possible for men of particularjtaste
to enjoy many new foreign weaves
this Spring; such fabrics as have not
before been used in ready clothes. ,
As you might expect,
Hart' Scbaffner & Marx
are the leaders in getting'these goods
in.; and we're showing a lot of them
in the new suits for Spring.
Black and white, blue and white,
plaids, club checks, tartans and a
host of other good things. We
want to have you see them and know
more about them.
We got them for your special benefit.
H. S. & M. Suits $20.00, $22.50, $25.00
Clothcraft Suits $10.00, $12.50, $15, $16.50, $18.
Copyright Hart SchafTner & Marx
sugartre;e ridge.
March 23, 1914.
Henry and Edwin Temple and Buth
Hass spent Saturday night with Lew
Igo and family.
Miss Buth Bunn has gone to Mowry
town, where she Is employed at the
telephone exchange.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Igo and two
children and Amy Igo took dinner
with Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Edmlnston
Lew Igo and wife and two children
spent Sunday with Martin Igo and
Several from here attended the
spelling school at Miller's Ohapel Fri
day night.
The Loyal Daughters of the Christ
ian Church will give an entertainment
on the night of March 28, after which
they wlll serve sandwiches, sherbet
and cake.
Henry Lindsey and family called on
Bev. Tlmmons and niece Saturday
Mrs. D. C. Askren called on Mrs.
James Houstand Sunday afternoon.
Clement Gaymon, of Hillsboro,
spent Saturday and Sunday with his
parents here.
Harold Long Is employed with How
ard Miller.
March 23, 1914.
Misses Ada Bosselott and Elsie
Puckett, of Cincinnati, are at home.
Lloyd Dunn has hired to Ben New
bry for the summer.
Mrs. Emma Bosselott spent Thurs
day and Frldav In Cincinnati.
The Ladies Aid Society will have an
all day sale Saturday, March 28. Ice
cream and cake will be served In the
evening at the school house.
Bev. Byan and Henry Flte were
guests at the home of George Mlnke,
Last Monday noted the 80th mile
stone In the life of Mrs. Elizabeth Fry.
Sixteen lady friends gave her a sur
prise party in the evening, calling at
her home carrying with them usefuj
and beautiful gifts and many pretty
cards. Mrs. Fry wishes to thank all
who so kindly remembered her.
The funeral of Henry Wright was
hela Wednesday from the M.E.church,
conducted by Bev. H. B. Byan. He Is
survived by 9 sons and 2 daughters, all
of whom were present at the funeral,
six of the sons actingas pall bearers.
Five of the sons live in Illinois and
two at Middletown ; one daughter at
Mt Orabandone, Mrs. John Smith,
with whom he made his home, at Bu
ford. Mr. Wright was an old soldier
and a worthy citizen.
Bev. Dr. Miller spoke at the M. E.
church Sunday evening. Subject
"Temptation of Jesus" splendid and
beautiful was the lesson drawn. One
can not hear Dr. Miller without feeling
the great need of the work to be done
both at home and abroad.
W. J. McConnaughey was arrested
Sunday charged with selling intoxicat
ing liquor as a beverage. He pleaded
guilty and was fined $100 and costs,
which he paid.
Sam B. Free was in Cincinnati
Wednesday to attend the funeral of
Abe Block, head of the wholesale
clothing house of Bloch & Co.
Featherstone Look here, Bobby, I
don't see you hanging around the par
lor as you did when I first came.
Bobble Not necessary since we got
the dictagraph. Life.
Teacher Tommy, next time you are
late bring an excuse from your father.
Tommy Who? Pa? Why he ain't
any good at excuses ; ma finds him out
every time. Boston Transcript.
The fastest steamship in the world
Is said to be the' new Bussian torpedo
destroyer Novlk, which, on her recent
trial trip, reached a mean speed of 37
knots over a measured mile and a
maximum of 37 3 knots.
The proportion of suicides in the
United States in the last year remains
the same, being 8G02 males and 450-4
On and after the first of April the Smith Dry
Cleaning and Pressing Works will be run on
a strictly cash basis. Positively no credit to
Balance of this Month
Men's Suits Dry-Cleaned and Pressed, $1,00
Jacket Suits Dry-Gleaned and Pressed, $1.00
I j lSHfl ."jflHf a tn" j
Little Mary Pickford as "Mercy.''
Positively the Season's Best Treat.
You will always regret it if you mi9s
Selig's Greatest Wild Animal Ser
ies. No. 2.
lfoss8f Jar
Full of Thrills and Action.
Two Reel Vitagraph Special
Saturday, April 19
We have a car each of Cana
dian white and Iowa white oats,
I mm
In this country the telephone indus
try employs 152,000 people.

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