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SATURDAY, APRIL 4 Matinee and Night.
"The New York Zoological Park"
Positively the greatest collection of Wild Animals in
captivity. A great show for the Kiddies and.the Grown
ups also.
Wild Animal Pictures appeal to everybody who loves
Nature and the Great Outdoors.
A Throbbing two-part Vitagraph, showing life in the
Mountains of North Carolina.
A Comedy with a laugh for every foot.
Henry Blossom's Greatest Success
mammon- ' - . rj" v ' - K "- -1- -1) --w
With Thomas W. Ross and Katherine La Salle in Title Role
Complete in Six Parts.
Special Matinee at 2-30 p. m. Night Shows 7:15 and
8:45. Seats in advance. Admission 10 cents. 100 at 15c
John Pfarr' will clean and press and
mend that suit until it will look u
good as new. I also do dry cleaning.
Give me a call. B runner's Shoe
Shop. adv
"Fob Sale Sow with 8 pips. James
Setty, milsboro, Ohio. Bell phone. at
Fok Salk -Irish Potatoes. Wilson
Chaney & Sons, Crystal Spring Farm,
milsboro, Ohio, Home Phone. (4-9)
The funniest Topsy, Lawyer Marks
and Aunt Ophelia. The meanest Le
gree. The most faithful Uncle Tom
and the most beautiful Eva, all com.
bine to make Ilarmount's Big Pro
ductlon of Uncle Tom's Cabin the
Ideal attraction of the theatrical sea
son. Watch for the band. At the
Opera Saturday, April 4. adv
A number of the high school pupils
attended the performance of Richard
Mantel in King John at the Grand
Theater, Cincinnati. Saturday.
We have a car each of Cana
dian white and Iowa white oats,
For Every Living Thing1 On The
' Farm.
Free ; a 500 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm;" horses, cattle, dogs
sheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Yetinary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
up. Free by mail on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co.
Corner Williams & Ann Ste.,N.Y. adv
The season's smartest models,
tailored and walking ..hats, our
own creations, exact copies of
imported models, in all the lead
ing shades at
Children's Hats, in Milan and
Tagal braids, in white and colors
About Buggies.
We have adopted the SHELDON
TON DON AXLE on all the buggies
we make. The spindle is case harden,
ed steol so hard on the surface that a
tile will not scratch it. The iiiner
lining of the boxings is made of Phos
phor Bronze. This combination (case
hardened steel and phosphor bronze)
makes an ideal bearing tint will wear
smooth, but will not wear out. The
TON DON AXLE is guaranteed to
never brnk from tiny cuiiso
whatever, no matter what tlio
conditions may bo. It Is the only
perfect axle evor put on the market.
Did you ever notice how light and
neat In appearance the CARROLL
buggy Is This lightness is possible
because we use the best selection of
second growth hickory and Norway
wrought iron in all our gear parts.
On our new buggies we also use the
celebrated Kelly Springfield Rubber
Tires, the best rubber tire on the
market, the original patent. We' of
and FINIS Q.
TECTION TO YOU. We have them
at $70.00 and up.
The M. F. Cakkoli. & Sons Co.,
Hillsboro, O.
Public Sale.
Having sold my farm and going to
move to town, I will sell at Public
Auction at my residence, five miles
south of milsboro, four miles east of
New Market on the West Union
pike, on
Commencing at 9:30 o'clock, a. m.,
the following property, to-wlt:
Four head of horses. Consisting of
one Draft Brood Mare, 10 year old, in
foal by Brown & Ayres' Horse, weight
1400 lbs. One Draft Mare, 3 years old,
weight 1300 lbs. One 2yearsold Draft
Mare. One 2 year old Mare Colt, sired
by Charlie Patch.
Ten head of Jersey cattle. Consist
ing of 4 Milch Cows, bred to my Jersey
Herd Bull; age and test given on day
of sale. 3 head of Jersey Heifers, due
to freshen April 15. 1 yearling heifer
and 1 yearling Bull.
18 head of Hogs. Consisting of 7
Brood Sows, 0 due to farrow before day
of sale; 1 due April 15. 11 Feeding Hogs.
G head pure bred Oxford Down Sheep,
9 Lambs at side.
All my Farm Implement. Consist
ing of one Troy Wagon, one Buggy,
one Empire Grain Drill, one McCor
mick Mower, one Tiger Corn Planter,
one Kraus Riding Cultivator, one Disc
Harrow, one Section Harrow, one
Breaking Plow, two Double Shovel
Plows, one Cutting Box, Corn Shelter,
Drag, nay Hake, Hay Lad
ders, Sled, Gravel Bed, three Lad
ders, 14, 16 and 22 feet long, Log
Chains, Set Buggy Harness, two Sets
Work Harness and all small tools that
are useful on the farm. Also one De-
Laval Cream Separator
Feed, 400 bu. corn in crib, 8 tons
Clover Hay In mow.
Poultry, 3 Pure Bred Turkey Hens
and one Tom (Bronze.) 4 dozen Ply
mouth Rock nens.
Some Household and Kitchen Fur
niture. Terms made known on day
of sale. Lunch Stand on the Ground.
T. M. Siielton & Son.
Col. J. L. Mercer, Auct.
G. C. Collins, Clerk.
Ilarmount's Grand Production of
Uncle Tom's Cabin at Bell's Opera
House Saturday, April 4. Nothing
like it ever seen before. The one op
portunity of seeing this great play
produced as it should bo, with all
special scenery, capable cast, scenic
and mechanical effects, and like old
friends improve with age. Watch for
the band. adv
Mrs. Jerry Black left Tuesday for
Oklahoma City, Okla., after a visit
with Mrs. Margaret L. Gregg. Mrs.
Black has been living in Los Angeles,
Cal., but will make her home in the
future with her daughter in Oklahoma
Safety First
The tread with the
grip of a traction
Yon -will bo satisfied with
Goodrich Safety Treads
wo guarantee them. And
tho extra thickness of the
Goodrich Tough Rubber
Tread at the point of con
tact guarantees extra wear.
&25 Tire's
ILet'a get together call
or phono when in need of
P00n SKEEM & CO,
March 30, 1014.
Levi Capllnger and wife and son
spent Saturday night and Sunday
with his mother, Mrs. Mary Capllnger,
of near Mlddletown.
Mrs Jennie West, of Greenfield, is
the guest of lior sister, Mrs, Mattie
Misses Katie and Myrtle Lawhorn,
Blanche Tompson, Osa and Bessie
Deardoll spent Sunday with Misses
Louisa and BIrta West.
Qlva Cartwright and wife and Fred
Kissling, of Sinking Spring, spent
Wednesday evening with Mrs.J. P.
Havens and family.
Mrs. Jane Stults was the guest of
her daughter, Mrs. Elmer Cameron,
near Marshall, Sunday.
Ott Reed returned from Springfield
Mrs. J. O. Stults spent Saturday
with Mrs. Lute Kelly, at Cynthlana.
Mrs. Anna Rhoads and children
called on Mrs. Permelia A. Kissling
Thursday afternoon.
Henry Carl, of Winchester, and his
neice, Miss Margaret Chapman, of
Sinking Spring, called on Mrs. Maud
Matthews Wednesday afternoon.
Jamie Deardoff spent Saturday night
and Sunday with Verna Rhoads.
Austle Eubanks visited at the home
of J. O. Stults Sunday.
Ed. White, Jr., spent Friday and
Saturday with his grandfather, H. C.
White, of near Cliff Range.
Harlle Tener and wife and son, of
Portsmouth, took dinner with tho
former's cousin, Mrs. Artie Eubanks,
Wednesday. ,
Mrs. Jane Stults spent from Monday
until Wednesday with her daughter,
Mrs. Dora Butler, at Sinking Spring.
Miss Clara Spargur, of Rainsboro,
spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs.
J. O. Stults.
Dr. Chapman and wife and son,
Benson Butler, of Sinking Spring,
spent Sunday with H. V. Matthews
and wife.
Manlove Reed, of Sinking Spring,
spent Wednesday night with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Reed.
Public Sale.
I will offer for sale at public auction
at my residence C miles east of Hills
boro and 2 miles west of Marshall, be
tween the Prospect and Marshall
pike, on
Monday, April 6,
the following property to-wit :
1 general purpose mare, 8 years old.
1 10 month old colt.
2 young cows.
1 2 year old heifer and calf.
1 2 year old steer.
15 head of she op with their Iambs.
1 buggy.
1 set of double buggy harness.
1 buggy po.le.
3 sets of work harness.
1 saddle.
1 Brown wagon.
1 set of 13 ft. hay ladders.
1 Johnson binder.
1 P. & O. edge drop corn planter.
1 John Deer riding cultivator.
1 disc harrow.
1 CO tootli section harrow.
1 14 tooth cultivator.
1 5 shovel cultivator.
1 Oliver steel plow and cultivator.
1 grind stone.
1 cutting box.
2 log chains, 12 and 18 feet.
1 Deering Mower.
All tools in good shape and other
articles not mentioned.
Hay in mow.
Steel corn cutter.
lHay Bake.
Terms of Sale : All sums of 85 and
less cash. Over that amount G months
time will be given, purchaser giving
bankable note.
Sale is positive as my health will not
permit me continuing the farming
adv Vernon Haggerty.
Fr.ank Ayres, Auctioneer.
Fair Concessions
Sealed bids will be received at the
office of the Secretary of the Highland
County Agricultural Society at Rains
boro, Ohio, until noon, Saturday,
April 18, 1914, for the following con
cessions: 1 Dining and Luucu
2 Ice Greain and Soft Drink
3 Ice Cream Candy, Pop Corn
and Peanuts
4- CIgnrH, Tobacco, Check Room
5 Novelties
O Score Card
Bids to bo made on each concession
separate and sold to the highest re
sponsible bidder.
The purchaser to take all responsi
bility in regards to weather.
The purchaser is required to ad
vance 25 per cent, of the purchase
price on date of purchase and if not
paid within 10 days from said date the
There she goes my Stylish Neighbor! Doesn't
she look stunning-! "New hat, new suit everything
new. She is fashion personified. I wonder how she
does it? We have been friends for over a year. John
and her husband are friends too. Their incomes are
about the same, and yet she always looks better
dressed than I do. I am not-jtalous of her, but I do
wish when I wafk down the street, my neighbors
might say of me as I do of her: "There goes my
stylish" neighbor."
A week or two later, the 'phone rang and Mrs.
(My Stylish Neighbor) said, "Good morning Mrs.
Blank, isn't it a beautiful day? I am going down
town to look at some new suits. Come along with
me. We can be back in a couple of hours and I think
we would enjoy going together to see the stores."
So at 10:30 the neighbors started down town,
aad, womanlike, found plenty of things to chat about.
Mrs. Blank finally remarked to Mrs. "Stylish Neigh
bor." If you only knew how many, many times I
have admired- your suits as you passed my house, I
am sure you would be flattered. I somehow can't
seem to get clothes that have the saute smart tailored
appearance, no matter how much I pay. You and I
are about the same sifce, and I certainly would like to
know yourseeret.
Mrs. "Stylish Neighbor" (blushing and laughing.)
"Why, my dear, there's no secret about it. In fact,
I never have a tailor for my coats or suits. ' I always
buy them ready made and don't believe they cost as
much as yours.
(Mrs. Blank.) "Is it possible! Well, they cer
tainly look custom tailored and are in such excellent
(Mrs. Stylish Neighbor.) "When I saw adver
tisements in the paper of Kerns' Style-Craft Cloaks
and Suits for women, I paid a visit to the store where
we are going now. The result was that I bought not
only a winter suit, but a cloak too. They fitted and
looked so well that when my husband saw them, his
face dropped about a mile and he remarked, 'Well,
there goes a mouth's salary.' But when I told him
what I had paid for them, he could hardly believe it.
That's the whole story of my clothes."
At last the ladies arrived at Kerns' Style-Craft
Store and were shown to the Cloak 'and Suit Depart
ment. The prices being plainly marked on each
Style-Craft garment, they felt no hesitation in trying
on the ones within he reach of their pockctbooks.
Mrs. Stylish Neighbor bought a suit and Mrs. Next
Door became enthusiastic and bought two. Delighted
with her purchase, her first thought was to hurry
home and show it to her husband, who commended her
good taste and economy. You may be sure that al
ways, now, she buys Kerns' Style-Craft Clothes, for
she has solved the clothes problem, and saves money
in the bargain.
Now, when the two ladies go shopping, other
ladies along the street remark "There go our stylish
neighbors," and if their eyes read this little true story
the secret of Mrs. Stylish Neighbor will be discov
ered., You can be just as well dressed as your "Styl
ish Neighbor" if you buy your clothes at Kerns.
Any woman who "dotes" on correct dressing can
come to Kerns' Style-Craft Store and find exactly the
suit or cloak which best becomes her. There is a
great variety for her to choose from and all the modish
garments are represented. The tailoring is of the
best. Everything good that can be said about a merchant-tailored
garment can be said about Kerns' Style"
Craft garments, which cost only about half as much
and are all ready to wear.
You will be welcome at the Kerns Style-Craft
Store. There is only one in town, 'and that is ours.
Make it YpURS, and enjoy greater clothes satisfac
tion than you have ever had before. Even if you don't
buy, we invite you to come in and take your time in
examining the New Spring Models.
South High St. Hillsboro, Ohio
' i
concession will be resold.
The board reserves the right to re
ject any or all bids.
R. L. West Leslie George
President Secretary,
B. D. 4, Greenfield, O.
U '
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