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The News-Herald. (Hillsboro, Highland Co., Ohio) 1886-1973, April 02, 1914, Image 5

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Copyright Hart Schadncr & JIarx
t? ASTER is a time of renewing things; one of the nice things
about it is that most people make it the occasion of new clothes, new hats,
new things-to-wear generally. That is part of the real meaning of this great
holiday; everything becomes new
Time was when the ladies did most of this sort of celebration of the day; but now-a-days men are
making Easter their time for new clothes; and it's a good idea, too. Every man in this town who
pretends to be well dressed, or to care about his looks, should be dressed in his new clothes Easter
Hart Schaffner & Marx
clothes are such as you will find best suited for this occasion. The new fabrics, American and foreign,
offer many beautiful patterns and rich colorings. We shall be glad to show you the latest things to
wear; fine sack suits; new hats, new neckwear, new shirts, and all the rest.
The Iron Clad Clothing Store
Jacfc Frost, of Louden, has moved Mrs. Bore E.Englandand Miss Anna
hero and is working at Feibel Bros. zinj. gave a kensington Monday night
Store. for Miss Maude McCoppln.
Mrs. Margaret Gall ahd Mrs. Allie
Burnett moved here from Belfast last
Harry Day, of Dayton, was the guest
of relatives here from Thursday until
Samuel Evans, of Washington C.
B., spent a few days last week with
relatives here.
Dr. and Mrs. 0. F. Faris spent Sun
day with the former's mother at Price
town. o
Floyd Turner has accepted a position
in the shoe department of the Under
selling Store.
Vernon McAdams was the guest of
relatives in Cincinnati from Wednes
day until Sunday.
Miss Lucinda Simpson, of Xenia,
was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Adam
Erug, the past week.
Dr. L. Nelson and daughter, Miss
Norka, were the guests of relatives in
Cincinnati, Saturday and Sunday.
Miss May Reed, of Portsmouth, was
the guest or Mrs Margaret need, a
few days last week.
The D. A. R. met at the home of
Mrs. Charles F. Huggins Wednesday
It has been announced that Mrs.
Homer Robinson, Hubert Mason and
John W. Campbell are eligible to ap
pointment as postmaster at Sardinia.
They passed the recent civil service
examination in the order named.
Insures the 'most
delicious and healthful food
By the use of Royal Baking Powder a
great many more articles of food may he
readily made at home, all healthful, de
licious, and economical, adding much
variety and attractiveness to the menu.
The" Royal Baker and Pastry Cook,"
containing five hundred practical
receipts for all kinds of baking
and cookery, free. Address Royal
Baking Powder Co., New York,
1000 votes on $1 until end of con
test adv J. G. Bell.
Charles Richards is very ill with
Miss Bessie Hunter, of Lynchburg,
was the guest of Miss Ruth Mauntell
last week.
Will Patterson, of Cincinnati, was
the guest of his mother, Mrs. W. S.
Patterson, Sunday.
Miss Nelle Nelson, of Madisonville,
spent Saturday and Sunday with her
mother, Mrs. John F. Nelson.
Miss Hazel Worley returned last
week from a visit with Miss Mary
Frost, at Norwood.
The ladles of the D. B. Church will
hold a market and apron and bonnet
salo Saturday at Kent's Grocery.
Have your sale bills printed at the
Nbws-Hekald. 60 bills in two colors
and matter run in paper for 3.00.
Charles Teter, of iLeesburg, spent
Friday and Saturday with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Teter.
Miss Maude McCoppln, who Is teach
ing in the East Cleveland schools)
arrived at home Saturday for a weeks
Mis. R. B. Julian returned to her
home at Howe, Ind., Monday, after a
weeks visit with her mother, Mrs.
Stephen Hlckle.
Mrs. Dick Rockhold went to Cleve
land Sunday for a visit with her
brother, Fred Larkin, and sister, Miss
Adina Larkin.
Miss Mary Russ entertained a num
ber of young ladles with a kitchen
shower for Miss Lois Bean Wednesday
Miss Mary McCormick Is visiting
relatives at Greenfield and Springfield.
Will Granger, of Oklahoma, is vis
ltlng his father, Dr. B. D. Granger.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stanley were
the guests of relatives in Maderia
from Sunday until Wednesday.
Mrs. John F. Nelson, who has been
very ill with grip and heart trouble,
is much better.
Willard Wilson, who Is attending
Wooster College, spent from Saturday
until Tuesday with his parents, Judge
and Mrs. J. Frank Wilson.
Miss Mary Grice, of New Vienna,
returned home Tuesday, after a weeks
visit with her sister, Mrs. D. N. Mc-Brlde.
Walter Lemon and family spent
Sunday with the former's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Lemon at Shack-elton.
Mrs. Thomas' Fitzslmmons has
moved from E. Main street, having
taken rooms with Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
Holt, on S. High street.
Mrs. Daniel Morgan and Miss Edith
Smith returned Monday from a visit
with their sister, Mrs. David Cady
Wright, at Louisville, Ky.
The Marshall W. O. T. hTwIH meet
at the M. E. Church at Marshall April
7, at 2 o'clock. Everybody cordially
invited to attend.
. i m
All Knights of Pythias are requested
to attend the meeting on Friday night.
There will be work in Third Degree
Rank. Refreshments will be served.
Harley Wilkin, of W ashington C. H.
spent Sunday here with his wife and
son, who are visiting Mrs. Wilkin's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Bean.
C. F. Whisler was In Columbus on
important business Tuesday and spent
Wednesday at Dennlson University,
Sam and Will Hlestand, of Colum
bus, were the guests of their sister,
Mrs. Margaret Reed, Sunday and Mon
day. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hlggins and
Miss Gladys Strait, of Galllpolis, are
visiting Mrs. Hlggin's sister, Mrs. C.
L. Workman.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. W. Spargur have
returned from Ashevllle, N. C , where
they have been spending the winter.
Roy McGuire, of Cincinnati, is vis
iting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James
James H. Williams, former clerk of
courts of this county, is very sick at
his home a few miles east of town.
Aaron Spargur, of Greenfield, was
the guest of Judge and Mrs. J. B. Wor
ley Monday night and Tuesday.
Mrs. Burch Riber and little daugh
ter are visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. James M. Richards, at Sablna.
Alvln Kent, of Chicago, was called
here by the Illness and death or his
father, William Kent. He returned
to Chicago Wednesday.
Mrs. J. A. Head and daughter, Nan
netta, who have been visiting rela
tives in Columbus, returned homo
Duncan Martin, of Melbourne, Aus
tralia, was' the guest of Thomas
Mitchell from Friday until Monday.
Mrs. Martha Baker and daughter,
Mary, returned to their home in Ken
tucky Saturday, after a visit with
Mrs. Baker's sisters, the Misses Bart
ley. Col. James H. Lakin, of Salt Lake .
City, Utah, and Miss Ella Lakin, of
Point Pleasant, returned home Satur
day, after a few days visit with the
former's nelce, Miss Eva Richards.
- m
Miss Mabel Smith, who Is attending
Western College at Oxford, arrived at
home Saturday for a week's visit with
hor parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. P.
Mrs. George M. Ballentlne Is the
guest of her daughter, Mrs. Roy Gus
tin, at Columbus.
Mrs. Isaac Colin and daughter, Miss
Lillian, returned Monday from a visit
with relatives at Georgetown, Ky.
Wrs. Will Collett, of Dayton, and
Mrs. Ed. Caldwell, of Greenfield, were
the guests of their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Ridgway, the past week.
Your Peas
Should be planted at once. We
have four kinds, Early Alaska,
McClain's Little Gem, Not's Ex
celsior and Everbearing.
All lOc Per Pint
And Tested Seeds
Conards Grocery
The place where you get the BEST
For earache, toothache, pains, burns,
scalds, sore throat, try Dr. Thoraxs'
Electric Oil, a splendid remedy for
emergencies. adv
Mrs. Ova Ballentlne entertained a
company of ladles with a kensington
and luncheon Thursday afternoon for
her cousin, Mrs. Dan Robertson.
Hardware Salesman I assure you,
madame, these kitchen knives rears.
sent the greatest value ever offered at
the price.
Customer They! certainly look nica
and seem very cheap. The only ques
tlon is, will they cut.
Salesman Ah. madam. If vou ask
me that, I'm bound to say they will
not; but that is their only fault
In rural schools in Missouri glrlsare
organized into pick-and-shovel clubs,
under the direction of the National
Congress of Mothers, to aid in the good
roads movement.
"Faint heart never won fair lady."
"I detest that proverb."
"Why so?"
"I consider It a slap at us bru
nettes." Kansas City Journal.
Lightning is more frequent in Illi
nols and Florida than in any other
Fashionable women in St. Peters
burg are painting tiny figures on their
faces and necks. Elephants, trees and
geometrical designs are the common
est designs.

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