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Over the Wall
There's a fortune awaiting every man Pos
Bibly yours la still over the wall of circumstance,
but it's there waiting for you just the same.
How to get it? Sure, , that's the important
question. There are three steps that will put you
in sight of it. They come in this order: "Work,"
"Save." and "Invest." The work is the first and
easiest attained. Our bank will help you with the
next two if you will giye us the chance.
The Hillsboro Bank
April 6, 1J14.
Hampton Kesler and family, of Har
riett, were the guests of the former's
parents, Benton Kesler and wife, Mon
day. Miss Helen Overman was visiting
her grandparents, R. R. Watts and
wife a few days last week.
Walter Lucas and familv, of Wood
vllle, who have been visiting the for
mer's parents, A. W. Lucas and wife,
returned home Tuesday.
Mrs. O. H. Roads, of Harriett, spent
Tuesday with Miss Margaret Roads.
Rev. B. E. Wright and wife, of
Marathon, and Rev. W. E Shrlver
a-d wife, of Rainsboro, were the
.guests of Wm. Elliott and wife,
Mrs. N. M. Overman and son, Rob
ert, of Overman, spent from Trfursday
until Saturday with home, folks.
Mrs. Edith Burnett and Mrs. Nell
Barrett spent Thursday with Fop Mo
Coppln and wife, of Carmel.
There will be a spelling bee at the
Marshall school building Friday night,
April 10. Everyone is cordially invited.
D. A. McCall and wife, of New Pet
ersburg, spent from Friday until Sun
day with home folks.
Harry Wright has moved from Mrs.
Ella Burnett's property to the proper
ty of Mrs. Clara Knelsley last week
and Lem Hunter will move to the
property vacated by Harry Wright.
Ruth Knelsley, of Cynthlana, spent
Saturday night and Sunday with
Harry Wright and family.
Glen Spruance, of Rainsboro, spent
Saturday night and Sunday with home
Public Sale.
I will sell at Public Auction on the
John S Arnott farm, two miles south
of Greenfield,
20 head of first class Jersey Cows.
These Jerseys have passed, the Tuber
cullne test as given by the state, and
are in first class condition. 1 Register
ed Bull "Justa Gordos Prince" 2 years
old. 1 Jersey Cow, 5 yeaTS old fresh.
1 Jersey Cow 7 years old, good milker.
1 Jersey Cow 0 years old, due to fresh
en In May. 1 Jersey Cow 7 years old,
due to freshen In May. 1 Jersey Cow
5 years old, extra heavy milker, due to
freshen in September. 1 Jersey Cow
5 years old, extra heavy milker, due to
freshen April 26. 1 Jersey Cow, 3 years
old, due to freshen May 12 1 Jersey
Cow, 4 years old, fresh last December.
1 Jersey Cow, 3 years old, fresh April
10. 1 Jersey Cow, 3 years old, good
ml.ker. Jersey Heifers. 2 years old,
fresh. 1 Jersey Heifer, 2 years old,
fresh soon. 1 Jersey Heifer, 2 years
old, due to freshen May 14. 5 Jersey
Heifers, 1 year old. 4 Brood Sows due
to farrow in May. 9 Ewes if not sold
before day of sale.
Farm Implements. 1 Simplex Cream
Separator, 1 Hay Fork and Rope, 1
Wheat Drill. 1 Wagon, 1 Tonquelln
Cultivator, 2 Randal Harrows, 2 Spike
tooth Harrows, 1 Shunk Breaking
Plow, 1 Double Shovel Plow, 10 or 12
Cow Stunchlons.
Terms made known on day of sale.
Sale to begin at 12:30 p. m. Standard,
adv M. T. Rose,
Auctioneer, Col R. T Scott.
The handle of a new cane for men
resembles a golf stick and contains
receptacles -for cigarets and matches.
The average depth of the ocean bed
is about 1200 ftet, as against the aver
age land helght,bove sea level is 2300
4W Wh.
and Savings Co.
Plenty More Like This in Hillsboro.
Scores of Hillsboro people can tell
you about Doan's Kidney Pills. Many
a happy citizen makes a public state
ment of his experience. Here Is a case
of It. What better proof of merit can
be had than such endorsement?
D. C. Blackmore, 327 John St., Hills
boro, Ohio, says : "Some years ago I
was suffering greatly from kidney
trouble and rheumatism. I could
scarcely get up or down on account of
the Intense pain across the small of
my back. One day the kidney secre
tions would be profuse and then again
scanty Although I doctored with
some of the local physicians, I got no
relief. I had often read about Doan's
Kidney Pills and finally got a supply
at Garrett & Ayres' Drug Store. They
helped me so much that I continued
taking them for over a year. Now I
have no trouble "
When Mr. Blackmore was inter
viewed on August 8, 1813, he said:
"It has been three years since I was
cured by Doan's Kidney Pills. They
are certainly a wonderful kidney reme
dy and I never hesitate to recommend
them to my friends. My former en
dorsement holds good."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co, Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. . adv
Bank Teller This check Is all right,
but you must be introduced. Can't
you bring In your husband ?
Woman Who? Jack? Why, if Jack
thought you wanted an introduction to
me, he'd knock your block off ! Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
Children's Diseases Very Prevalent
Whooping cough is about every
where. Measles and scarlet fever al
most as bad. Use Foley's Honey and
Tar Compound for inflamed throats
and coughing. Mrs. I. C. Hostler.
Grand Island, Neb, says: "My three
children had severe attacks of whoop
ing cough,and a very few doses of Fol
ey'sJHoney and Tar gave great relief."
adV GAItRETT & Ayiies.
April 0, 101s.
Miss Nellie Marconnett was a guest
of Miss Madge Roebuck Friday night.
Rev.. Well was entertained at the
home of Marlon Whitley Saturday
night and Sunday.
J S. W. Young, who has spent the
past five months with his brother,
John A. Young, andslster, Mrs. James
! Ollver.'left for his home at Beatrice,
Neb., one day last week.
Leslie Warman and family spent
part of last week with Thomas Carey
and family at nillsboro.
Frank Barker visited relatives at
this place Saturday night and Sunday.
Clarence Pulse and family spent
Sunday with Frank Foust and family.
Misses Loree and Bessie Jones, of
Danville, attended the literary Friday
night and were guests of their grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John McCon
naha. Frank Davis and family, of
Dayton, were their guests the latter
part of the week.
Istah Shaffer and family and Mrs.
Glbler, of near South Liberty spent
Sunday with Frank Glbler, and family.
Mrs. Glbler remained for a visit with
her sons, John and Frank.
Mrs. Orlan Marconnett visited her
sister Mrs. Frank Pence, at Lynch
burg, part of last week.
No more meetings of the literary so
ciety will be held until next fall as
school closes on Friday.
"So you are going to adopt the fash
ion of wearing colored wigs ?"
"No," replied Mrs. Leedwell. "I
shall give a party at which they are
worn, merely for the sake of demon
strating that they are two absurd to
become fashionable." Washington
April 0, 1014.
Mrs. Alice Hartley, of Delaware, is
spending a few weeks at the M. E.
J A. Easter and wife spent Sunday
at the home of their daughter, Mrs.
Chas Sprinkle.
Misses Mabel Kerr and Mary Ballard
returned today to Oxford, after spend
ing their spring vacation wttlr home
Leo Fels, wife and daughter, Miss
Eva, returned today from an extended
visit with their daughter, Mrs. Her
bert Keller, of Cincinnati.
W. S. Haigh and family, John Haigh
and wife and Ottls Easter and family
attended the funeral of Miss Ellen
barger, of May Hill, Sunday.
Miss Emma Gllmore and Mrs. Molly
Sims have been sick with grip, also
T. C. McGuire has been off from work
on account of sickness.
Rev L. Davis is expecting to leave
the latter part of the week to visit his
brothers in Glasgow, Ky., and on to
Red Bolleg Spring, Tenn , where he
will spend sometime for the benefit of
his health.
A reception was given at the
home of Noble Satterileld Sunday in
honor of Ills son, Arch, who was mar
ried about a month ago to Miss Eva
Gllmore. The children were all pres
ent except Branson, of Columbus
Ed and W. E. .Williamson made a
business trip to Cincinnati the first of
last week.
Lolah Sharp, of Bjlngton, is at, the
Swonger Hotel. t
Born to Chester Brown and wife
Sunday, a son.
W. R. Noland and wife entertained
at dinner Sunday, Rev. T. M. Scarff,
wife and son, of Spring Valley, Rev L.
Davis and wife, Mrs. Hartley, J. C.
Campbell, wife and daughter, Miss
Edna, Rev. John Naylor and Henry
Hunter, of Hillsboro.
Misses Ada and Ethel Jamison spent
Sunday at the home of Leo Fols.
Edward Martin and wife, of Sea
man, spent the latter part of the week
with friends here.
Mrs. W. R. Noland, Mrs. Joseph
Swonger and Miss Maggie Calvert
spent last Friday with Miss Iva Tan
nehlll. John Hamelton and wife spent Sun
day with S. R. Hamilton and wife.
Miss Mary Milligan spent the latter
part of the week in Hillsboro.
Miss Lulu Williamson has been sick
the past two week.
Mrs A. W. MUburn spent the latter
part of tho week at the bedside of her
aged mother, Mrs. M. J. Cummlngs,
who has had an attack of pneumonia.
Miss Page is visiting Miss Sylvia
Why it Suits Particular People.
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound Is
prompt and effective for coughs, colds,
croup hoarseness, bronchial coughs and
throat troubles. Thomas Verron,
Hancock, Mich., writes: "Foley's
Honey and Tar quickly relieves tick
ling throat and stops the cough with
no bad after effect." It contains no
opiates and is pure. That's why it
suits particular people. ad?
Gahbett & Aykes.
A bell in a temple in north China
has been kept ringing for a century.
A tax is levied In the district for pay
ing relays of ringers to work incessant
ly day and night.
It Is believed that previous to civlli
zation baldness was unknown among
American Indians. The uncivilized
Indian apparently Is yet free from pel
lagra and almpst immune from cancer.
q U.IH minim my ijfffjfeP3
Wm . Fragrant n
lllllkC 41 Mellow Fresh Cool
rl Smooth Mild. ' W
sAJnl Jriyz? delightfully satisfying in so PL
sYiW many ways. J
EZJiiMillllMWillia Convenient Packages: The Handy Haif-Size 5-
"Sjm Coni Tin t!l Full-Sizo IP-Cent TJn, the Pound and Half-Pound i
I jaSnfea mtnSi Q"pp ' """'" Hur.idors and fie Hound Glass Humidor. j
I8l hri'c, I If23 ESfssl Sk J II
laflfe'11! v cjrir,tf EsfctS- is &T & sSi-Hu gy
MMummzm,.wm9M.mitmm?2sk' , -,iT-
"j:wvtevT"i v-vr
. - " --y
On six Continents the Ford is the
favorite car. And it's gaining con
stantly in world-wide popularity.
It's the one car built for all coun
tries all climates all conditions.
And its light weight and unequaled
strength make it most economical.
Five hundred dollars Is the price of the Ford run
about: the touring car Is live fifty: the town car
seven Ufty-f. o. b. Detroit, complete with equip
ment, (Set catalog and particulars from Hillsboro
Auto Co , Hillsboro, Ohio
April 0,1914.
Stewart Burton and wife and son
Marvin, spent Sunday and Mondiy
with J. W. Rurton and wife, of near
Harley Parshall and wife and son, rt
New Market, spent Thursday with
Bennle Fenner.
Albert Burton and family took din
ner with Frank Burton and family,
of Russell Sunday.
About thirty of Ben Vance's friends
gathered at his home last Friday
avnniiiiT frr rami nri Vilt-vt sf lilts 11 ft lirl a tf
All left at a late hour wishing Mr. j
Vance many' more happy birthdays.
Dainty refreshments were served. '
The Ladles Aid Society will hold an
Easter Market Saturday, April 11,
beginning at 0 o'clock at Hethering
ton's Grocery. I
CJarence .Kier and family spent
Thursday with Ed King and wife, of
Snow Hill.
Mrs Amos Hopkins returned home'
Thursday, after spending several days
with relatives at Belfast.
Mis. Charley Hart and children, of
Chillicothe, and Mrs. Frank Burton of
Russell, spent Briday with Steward
Burton and family.
Clarence Kier and family spent Sun
day with Arthur King anJ family, at
Alex Fox and family and Walter
Burton and wife spent Sunday with
John McCamey and wife, of Hoaglands.
F. L Crosen and family spent Sun
day afternoon with relatives at Lees
Mrs. Spahr Glae Is spending several I
days with her sister at Leesburg
When run down with kidney trouble,
backache, rheumatism or bladdtr
weakness, turn quickly for help o
Foley Kidney Pills You cannot take
them into yoursystem without hating
good results Chas. N Fox, Himyod,
N. Y , says : "Foley Kidney Pills have
done me more good than-SlCO.OO worth
of medicine." They give you good
results. adv
GAttUETT & Ayhes.
The known coal areas of the United
States cover 310,000 square miles and
there are 160,000 square miles believed
to be underlaid with marketable coa1.
S7i8p LorUlard Co. Est.
- " r. w. --.. -. -.- ,.,. j,-. r- - "-,- " ' AoliZ.IWTKf
April 0, 1914.
Francis. Ludwig and wife spent
Sundiy with Carey Henderson aid
Wm. Ludwlck and wife, of East
Danville, spent Sunday with Mrs Lu
cinda Ludwlck and children.
Cy. Chaney and family, of near Dan
ville, spent Sunday with J. W. Thorn
burg and family. Sherman Winkle
and wife and daughter, Reba, were
also their quests Sunday afternoon
Lewis Chaney spent a few das last
week with Sam Shaffer, of Danville.
Earnest Cailey spent Saturda and
Sunday with his sisters, Mrs. Gusta
and Albert Ellis, of Norwood.
Harlle Ludwig and wife and son,
Lionel, have returned home after
spending a few days with her parents.
Milt. Thompson, and wife, of Port
Miss Tessie Shaffer spent Sundiy in
Miss Florence Ludwig spent a few
days last week with her parents. Kran
cis Ludwig and wife.
Mrs. Ella Cox and nelce, Lonbelle
Roush, of Indianapolis, are speri'iinir a
few days with the former's mntlier,
Mrs. Lucinda Ludwlck
Agee Carpenter, of near Danville,
took dinner with ids brother, benj.i
n in, one day last week.
Gent Yowell ana family, of Hamil
ton, are spending a lew dajs wiih
Sirs. Elba Yowell.
actually millions
IS nd millions of
terms that grow
from one or two that
Cot under the skin
and into tho blood.
Antiseptic Salve
applied right away wcuM have killed those few
germs and kept these millions from being born.
To have a 25c. box of this salve P'ady for emer
gencies, ask for Dr, Hell's Antiseptic Salve,
"Tell It By The BH"
"We all think our own job the hard
est," observed the humorist on his
'Yew bet," agreed the farmer. "I
hev to talk like this and yew hev to
spell It." Puck.
lissr -jf v-
1760 .
Jroffioaat Qfcriu
Both Phono.1t Office r.d Roldmcc
3ffice Short St., Opp. Court Boute
nnn Big HILL8BOBO,,
force 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone 141
Hlll.boro, Ohio.
irrioi-In Holmes Uulldluc, North Bin
)rrioi Hooks b to is a m 8 to nfl e tt
oth Phones In Olicc and lleirldence.
For Your Flowers.
Funeral Directors & Ffmbalmera
.'A Full Line of High Grade
l-rompt Detltcry Courteous Treatment
Your Patronage Solicited
(Successors to J. C. Koch)
Otttcehear of traction Depot
Homi Phone 344
April 0, 1914.
John Q Roa'i", of nillsboro, was a
business, caller here Monday.
Frank Wilihon and wife spent
Wednesday with relatives in Hillsboro.
George Prlne and family had as their
guests from Frida jintil Snndav Wil.
'son Prine and George Cochran, of
Wm Matthews and son are In Pike
county looking after, matters on their
Carey Kukpatnck and wife and son,
Chester, called on Starling Lemon and
family Monday night.
Charles Prine and Russell Currin, of
Granville, are spending their spring
vacation with the former's parents,
George Prine and wife.
Charles Robblns and son, Doll, re
turned home Friday, after spending a
week with relatives in Indiana.
Mrs George Stubbs spent Tuesday
afiernoon with Mrs. Sam Lemon.
Eva and Clara Si mbro spent Wednes
day night with Lois May Noftsger.
Mrs Will Johnson spent Tuesday
with her niece, Mrs. W E. Crosier, at
Mrs. George Grlfllth and son, Burch,
spent Monday afternoon with D. G.
Powell and family.
Mrs. W. E. Noftsger 3nd Mrs. Lottie
Robinson spent Wednesday with Mrs,
Isaac Lariick, near New Market.
Wilbur Shaw of Hillsboro, spent
Sunday with Emerson Hathaway ami
Frank Willisonand wife entertained
on Saturday night in honor of Edgar
Dodds and wife the following guests .
Jas. Harris and wife, of Harrisburg,
Mrs Chester Hardin and son, Donald,
of Wilmington, A. S. Welty, of Hills
boro, and C. S. Slmbro and family.
Chas. Slmbro and wife attended the
funeral of Aunt Mahala McKee, at
Mt. Zion, Sunday.
David Sprinkle, of Carlisle Springs,
called on Carey Kirkpatrlck Sunday
Misses Ada and Fronia Johnson
spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs.
Luther Campbell.
Wilson Chaney and wife and sons,
Glenn and Leo, Will Harris and wife
and daughter, Martha, and Frank
Orehaugh and children spent Saturday
afternoon with William Johnson and
Miss Amelia Richards spent Friday
night and Saturday with Miss Olia
Spain lias more sunshine than any
other country in Europe. The yearly
average is 3000 hours. In England it
Is 1400.

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