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the news-Herald, hillsboro, ohio (hursua, april9, 1914.
Questions Put to Applicants For
County Certificates.
Prepared by the 8tate Superintendent
of Public Instruction to Test the
Mental Qualifications of Those Who
Seek Positions as Teachers In the
Public Schools.
Foljowing Is the list of question
a prepared under direction of thp
Btate superintendent of pubjlc In
struction nitd submitted at the county
examination for teachers April i, for
elementary school certificates:
1. A merchant marked his coods so
that he may allow a discount of 5
from the tnarked price and still make a
profit of 15. Find the marked price
of broad cloth that cost him $3.80 3
2. A man bought a horse which he
sold at a loss of 10. If he had re
ceived $45 more for him, he would have
gained 12J4. Find cost of horse.
3. Bought stock at 65, and afte re
ceiving a dividend of SVz, I sold it at
82, and made a profit of $1125. How
much stock did J buy and what rate of
profit did I realize on my investment ?
4. Find the diameterof a ball which,
if dropped into a cylindrical vessel 8
inches in iliamjter and 1 foot deep, will
cause the water, rilling 1316 of it, to
rise to the brim.
5. A commission merchant sold a con
signment of Hour and pork tor $25,372.
The charge for storage was $132 and
the rate of commission was 6i. What
was. the net proceeds of the sale?f
6. A train, 156 ft. long, is running at
the rate of 60 miles an hour. I low Ion?
will it take the train to completely cross
a bridge 295 feet long?
7f,Two men engage to build a house
for $540. The first worked J4 as many
days as the second plus 40, and received
$300. How many days did each work?
8. What was the list price of goods
bought at 20, 16-and 6' off, if.
the sum of the discounts is $506.25? If
the retailer should sell theSe goods at
the list price, what percent would he
(Includlnc Civil Government.)
. 1. Why did the North oppose the ex
tension of slavery west of the Missis
sippi? Why did the South demand it?
2. What terms of surrender did Grant
give to Lee at Appomattox ? What was
the effect of the granting of such terms?
3. What is the method of amending
the constitution of the U. S.? Give the
provisions of the last two amendments.
4. What are the advantages that will
result from the opening of the Panama
5. What were the grounds for our
claims of the Oregon region, 1792 to
6. Give our reasons for woman's suf-
frage. If voy prefer, give your reasons
opposing th'S.
7. Why did the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska
bill cause so great a po
litical disturbance in the country? Who
was the author of the hill and when was
it passed?
8. What is meant by the "spoils sys
tem"? What is the civil service system?
Give arguments in favor of the latter
1. Classify sentences as .to form and
as to use. Illustrate.
2. Conjugate "to write" in the active
voice indicative mode and common
form, f
3. Diagram, classify clauses and parse
underscored words :
(a) A man who is honest will prosper.
J know I17IO is in the garden.
The nlace where I live is beau
I know where the fairies dwell."
lVh'en summer comes the flowers
will bloom.
I will do what. you want me to do.
4. Point out and explain the fmures
of speeclftin the following:
(aj A star was in her midnight hair.
(b) 'The child is father to the man.
(c) This roof protects you.
(d) He was the ugliest of the sons
, of men.
(e) I see bfore me the Gladiator lie.
5. Scan and name kind of verse and
Tis the sunset of life gives me
mvs'ical lore.
A cobbler there was and he lived
in a stall.
Once upon a midnight -dreary.
while I pondered weak and
The king was on his throne.
The satrans thronged the hall:
A thousand bright lamps shone
O'er that high festival.
6. Write the plurals of Ox. Solo, Fly,
Tailor's-Goose Negro, Mr., Miss. Mrs.
Johnson. BroOiT-in-law, snoonfjil.
7. Define Indfinite pronoun, relative
pronoun, indefinite adverb, relative ad
verb, and neuter verb.
8.) Write sentences illustrating (a a
gerund, (b") a nart:"irle; (c) a participle
noun, (d) a factitive object, and (e)
a cognate dbiect.
nfr-Anl. a,, nn.MvalMn
incuni nu r-HMoiiiic.
Based in part on Milner's The Teacher. 5-10. Spell : visier, apparel, wily, sal-
1. Mention the chief difficulties likely , able, easel, avarice, parallel, sapphire,
to be found in the work of a beuinner obelisk, artillery, bivouac, soliloquy, pa
in teaching. latial, cornea, peninsula, lariat, sorghum,
2. What principles would Vou emolov pharmacy, eulouire, intuitive.
ipdetermipinrr the subjects or topics to
be taueht in any urancii, such for ex
ample as physiology and hygiene, or
geography r
3, Who was Froebel? What were the
chief principles of his educational doc
trine t
4, How do you teach the use of the
dictionary? In what grade do you re-
aulra pupils to use the dictionary? What
i ft. fundamental difficulty" in ordinary
dictionary definition?
I, Discuss environment as a factor in
thi education of the child. Hew may
the school trie the child's home environ
ment and pre-school experiences in his
'further training?
6. What is the relation between clear
thinking and a good memory?
7. Point out many difficulties that
arise between the teacher and the par
ents of his pupils. To what extent
should the teacher become acquainted
with the child's home environment?
8. Point out several advantages ol
having recitations at stated intervals
tacit day. Explain briefly your method
Of keeping the grade record of class rec
itations. GEOGRAPHY. "
1. Name the Standard Time Belts ot
the United States. What is the longi
tude of the reckoning mcredian for
each? In which belt is each of the fol
lowing: Boston? Pittsburg? Salt Lake
ity? Til Paso? Atlanta?
2. What is the Tide Water Region?
The Piedmont Region? The Fall Lin?
Name five cjtics located on the Tall
3. For what export is each of the fol
lowing por's especially noted: Sisal?
Santos? Para? Iquique? Belfast?
Oporto? Carrara? New Orleans?
4. What form of government has
Tava? Madagascar? Cevlon? Luzon'
Cuba? Iceland? Great Britain? Ha
waii? New Zealand and Hayti?
5. (a) Over what railroads would vnti
travel in going from New York to San
Francisco via Pittsburg, Chicago, and
Albuquerque? (10 Over what bodies
of water would you travel in going from
Chicago to Constantinople via the Pan
ama and Suez Canaltf?
6. What is a citv of the firs! class?
Of the second class' Of the third class?
Name ten cities of the Uni'etl 'aj's
having a population of over 250.000 in
habitants. 7. Compare the United States and
Jnnari in area, population, resources, and
8. Describe the Missinsinni Vallev as
to extent, prndnc's. commercial advan
tages, and ind"ris
1. Describe an up-to-date corn cut'er,
wheat drill, and po'ato digger. What
is considered a good crop of potatoes
per acre?
2. Explain the danger of overwater
ing plants. Give the prrfper steps taken
in the transplanting of mants.
3. Explain 'n detail the method and
time for budding peach trees. What is
meant by pruning?
4. Name at least four weeds that are
destructive to growine plants. How
tnav each of thce weeds be destroyed
to best advantage'
5. What is a commercial fertilizer?
How are commercial fertilizers gener
ally made? (Name the principal ingre
f 6. Write briefly on the result the same
crop has on the soil nf a fie'd if the crop
IS piailicu icir scvciai iaLt5ic jmia
in the same soil.
7. What i meant liv layering? When
is the best time of the vear for this
work? What plants may be propagated
in this way'
8. Name four varieties of winter
apples Two varieties of pears. Three
varieties of peach" -Three varieties of
plums. Two varieties of cherries.
1. What do vnti understand hy insect
pollination? T-.xplain the value of in
sect pollination.
2. Why is crop rotation necessarv?
What are the results nf planting the
same crop in the same field from year
to vear?
3. At what time in the vear should
seed corn he tested' Explain hriefly a
good method for testing seed corn.
4. State several reasons why farmers
cultivate frrowintr corn and potatoes
other than to dest'nv weeds.
5. What is the "n Jose s-ale1 How
does this scale destrnv trees? 'What is
the hest known solutions to. kill San
Jose scale?
6. Explain the efT--t of the peach
borer on matured peach trees. Explain
how the pear tree girdler destroys pea"
trees. ' 7. What is the coddlnie moth' Ho
does the coddli"" "toth destroy fruit?
When do the coddlintr moths ordinarily
8. Write hrfiV " prr?nue"int and
care of hot heels Win is a cold' frame?
Name two varieties of relery.
1. What-is a nroteid, fod? A non
proteid food Name three foods of
each of these clasps
2. Point out sev"-al advantages of or
ganized play in the one room country
schools. Explain howyou would direct
such nlay.
3. wnat is tne eifrt oi exercise upon
the persons' abearance ot novs ano
rirls? Is chorine and hnmr vnrk on
trie farm sufficient exercise for hoys and
Kirls ha.t live on the farm' Discuss.
4. What :s a nerve c'l? A nerve
fiber? A nerve wnfr' Explain briefly
the value of reflex action.
5. Name at leat three of t'1" more
common defects of 'lie eye. How are
these defect- caused?
6.., Explain b" dm wine or ohrwise
the ' construct! rt the ear, and the
mechanism of I'eannir.
7. Write hrieflv of how to treat incised
and lacerated wounds. Also how to
best treat bn'isrs.
8. How and n wht extent do you
teach the ininrious fff-cts of tobacco
and alcoholic linnor Is it the nhvsical
or the moral r""Uc ,,,-' vou emphasize?
1. What is the value of accent? Ex
plain what is meant .by a syllable of a
2. What is an aspirate sound? Name
all the aspirate sounds.
3. IJow is. it possible to have forty or
more sounds represented by the letters
of the alphabet? Explain in full.
A. Illustrate one use of the cedilla, the
I . .. .... i
transverse liar, tne time.
1, Write a brief explanation Of what
poem is. What is the best measure oi
the true value of a poem?
2. Choose any one of the following
Itibjects anc write brieny ot tne pnn-
ilpal characters described in the story
Fwlce Told Tales. The House of Sere
1 liables, and the Scarlet Letter.
I 3, What reasons would you offer for
i reeommendinar Uncle Tom's Cabin for
vouna people to read? State yow ob
jection to this book.
The Latest Advance Spring Styles
Ask About the Hew S'yles in Our Pattern Department Today
S- R Hibben & Son
April 0, 1914.
N. B. Upp and O A. Clyborne were
business vlsltprs at Urbana the first
of last week.
Harry Mercer, of New "Vienna, was
the guest of friends here last Monday
and Tuesday.
Mrs. W. E. Shrlver left Saturday to
spend a few days with her mother at
Norman Foraker, of (Jynthiana,
spent Sunday with friends here.
Wm. Hill and family, of Greenfield,
were guests of relatives here on last
Mrs. Lizzie Freshwater returned to
her home in Columbus last Thursday,
after spending several weeks here at
the home of Iter parents.
Dwlght Cope and wife, . of New
Petersburg, were guests Surday of
relatives here.
The Epworth League will render an
Easter program at the M. E. Church
next "Sunday evening, beginning at
7:30." The music will be given bv the
pupils of the High School under the
direction of Miss Grace Coleman.
John Foraker and wife visited rela
tives at Leesburg the lirst of last
Mrs. Eva Wilkin and children, of
Marshall, were guest's of A. G. Camer
on an.d wife last Tuesday and Wednes
day. Miss Elizabeth Spargur spent part
of last week with relatives in Xenla.
James Rowe Iibs purchased the res
taurant of J. S. w. Spirgur and has
National Sunbeam Mazda Lamps
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500 round 3.85 4.15
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1000 round 8.00 8.25
We carry the most up-to-date stock of Lamps, all sizes,
shapes, frosted, and clear. We do Electrical wiring and are
unsurpassed in workmanship.
See us for prices and terms which are reasonable.
Electrical and Machine Shop. Office Kramer Hotel Bidg.
Are Now Here injjthe New
Our Beautiful
Spring Fabrics
There never was a time when the making of attrac
tive, fashionable clothei at home was so easy as now.
Not only do present styles cut and drape easily in
spite of the somewhat extreme prevailing modes, but
the perfection that McCall Patterns have obtained
through nearly fifty years of experienced manufacture,
add to the gown you can make yourself that touch of
style and refinement that the well-dressed women de
mands. Our new Spring Fabrics made up from McCall
Patterns will add distinction, style and personality to
your wardrobe and make it easy for you to always
look your best in attractive, becoming gowns at a
very moderate cost.
been renovating the interior and get
ting ready to serve the public.
The work on Clarence West's new
residence is progressing rapidly.
Mrs. Ruth Sams, who has been in
failing health for some time, Is much
Warren narper and family, of Good
Hope, were guests of J. B. Davis and
wife Sunday
Dr. O. R. Evlar was called to Indi
ana one day last week by the illness of
his sister.
Floyd Tiixson, of Columbus, is the
guest of his parents here.
Mrs. Wm, Russell, of Greenfield,
was the guest of her daughter here
last week, r
A spelling school will be held at the
public school building next Saturday
night to be followed by a discussion of
centralization. The 'board of educa
tion earnestly desires that the people
attend these meetings and enter freely
into the discussion, that some definite
plan may be mapped out for action on
the school problem.
The many friends of Rev. J. H.
Davis will ' e pleased to learn that he
is gradually improving from his long
N. B. Upp and family were visitors
lp Chillicothe last Saturday.
Jas. Erskine, who has been ill for
some months, is now in a critical con
dition and his death is expected at
any time.
Have your sale bills printed at the
News-IIebald. 50 bills in two colors
and matter run in piper for 3 00,
J Weekly Pashion Letter.
New York, April 8, 1014.
Following closelv upon the heels of
( the wonderful Paquin exhibition are
the spring openlnsof the large stores.
In yearsgone by this was announced
I by cards sent to different patrons who
came to view models displayed on
forms, or at the most upon wax ligures.
But now people are demanding more,
ana me people are rising to tne occa-
slonand striving to appeal to their
customers in a theatrical dlbplay of
wieir gowns on living moaeis, ai.u in a
setting befitting the exquisite and
gorgeous COStUinBS
One store had for Its recent display
a setting In the garden of the Palais
Roy ale, as suggested by a scene in "Les
Merveilleuses", a play now being given
at the Theatre des Varieties in Paris,
There lias probibly been no time
when there has been greater doubt as
to what may be the next turn in Fash
ion's wheel, and this was shown in the
choosing of the gowns exhibited. The
Directolre type mingled freely with
the crinoline styles of the early Victo-.
rlan period; the st right lines of the'
former style, with its coats short in
front and long behind, contrasting
forcibly With berulled skirts reeded to
stand away from the body, and with'
one example of the daintiest of cliilTon
and organdy pantalettes exposed at
every movement.
Among tne coats ana wraps were
many capes They were very full at i
the back, and sometimes fastened to a
a loose-tittlng sleeveless vest. Talleta
and moire were used for those for even
ing wear, while broadcloth and du
vetyne were used for street and after
noon wraps. A handsome coat of taf
feta was shown. It was very full in
the back, blousing over an exaggerat
edly low waistline, below which hung
a plain circular peplum Several
jackets had a cape of the same male
rial fastened to the shoulders and
hanging to the waist. One had double
circular capes which came just below
the shoulders.
A smart tailored suit of tan ladles'
cloth had a short jacket with body and
sleeves In one. It was short in front :
but in the back was cut with a panel
rounding at the bottom, which extend
ed well below the waist. A Japanese
collar and cuffs trimmed the waist of
checked tan, green and yellow cloth.
The skirt had two pleated rutlles of
the checked goods about eight Inches
wide, each headed with a bias band of
the Ian. A crushed girdle of the
checked material ended in long ends,
which were attacked in the back well
below the line of the lower ruflle.
Indian Trimming Aids This Frock of
Deep Red Ladles' Cloth to be
Especially Smart
Among the jackets, the kimono cut
was most prominent, by far exceeding
the raglan or set-in sleeves This cer
tainly should please the woman who
makes her own clothes. A tan Jacket,
made in this manner, was very short in
front and longer in the back. A circu
lar piece was attached just below the
bustline, about three inchees wide,
fitting plainly in the front and gradu
ating to eight inches in the back,
where it was very full and ripply.
The skirt had a tunic which bloused
over in the back.
Tunics and panniers were on all
skirts except the milled crinoline ones.
They were plain, draped and puffed,
short and long, until it is safe to say
that the length may be governed by tne
most becoming line to the figure. Some
reached acrossed the front only, others
crossed the back, while still another
mode had gathered pieces at either
side not meeting in front or back.
Striped skirts are worn with plain
jackets. A black and white striped
taffeta skirt was scalloped on the bot
tom and bound with ribbon. The
coatee worn with It was of black taffeta.
' wit
Beaded bauds are being used for
tlmmings; sometimes In brilliants, and
again in Indian designs, with rich,
crude colors. The gown I have chosen
for my Illustration Isjespeclally suited
to the spring season. It Is ot deep
colorp. The waist is kimono cut, with
extra fullness added by two tucks
caught under a band of Indian bead
ing, whose colors blend richly with the
red of the gown, and fastened on either
side or the belt. A frill of finely
pleated net finishes the neck. The
skirt is made with an Inverted pleat in
the front and double tunics, both
longer in the fio it than in the back
With this was worn a hat of mllan
braid, with a novelty fiatherstandlrg
sillily on one side. The style of the
hat depends upon Its being placed upon
ti,e ilead at t.,B oroDar anizlB.
A dalntv lltlle frock of deltcatelv
flnw.r..l Onllv VarHnn silk w ma-n
w(,i, Verv full oannlers in the back.
giving the same elfect as the skirts
worn years ago when the real bustle
was a part of every woman's wardrob .
April 6, 1914.
Samuel Engle and wife spent a few
days last week with their childrer,
Mrs Taylor Martin and Walter Engle,
at New Vienna.
Mrs. Elmer Ockerman spent part of
last week at Wilmington visiting her
Mrs. Roy Beck is spending a fewdajs
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walker
at Belfast.
Ellis and Estel Cook were badly
burned about the face and hands one
day last week by the explosion of
F B. Smith was in Wilmington
Wednesday attending Clinton coun v'
Camp M. W. of A
Kirby Chaney and family visited
F L. Carey and wife, at Wllmlngto i,
Saturday and Sunday.
Richard Woodmansee and wife and
son, tfloyd spent Sunday with the
latter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Prle i
Thomas Illatt and wife spent Friday
in Hillsboro.
Martha Snider spent Sunday at
New Vienna.
Elmer Smith and Elsie Michel
spent Sunday with the latter's mothe ',
Mrs Andrew Firman.
Ona Kester and wife, of Cincinna I,
spent Saturday and Sunday with I s
parents, Jas Kester and wife.
e -
Resolutions of Respect.
Whereas John Conard, 1st Serge mt
Co. B, 12th O. V. I., on March 10, 1!U4
answered the last roll call and cIoskI
his eyes in death to awaken in th it
Dright clime, and to join the Heavei y
host of the grand army above. Be 1 1
Resolved, by J. M. Barrere G. A It.
Post No. 205 Hillsboro, Ohio, that In
the death of Comrade Conard we have
lost a faithful member of our order, a
good citizen and a kind hearted friend.
Be it further
Resolved, that we extend to his
widow and mourning friends our sym
pathy. John McMullen, H. C. Am
brose, Jacob Groves, Committee.
April 0, 1914
Stanley Berger spent Sunday with
relatives at Westboro.
Ed. Rhoades and wife were gu-sts
of Linn Allen and wife Thursdaj.
Stanley Smith and wife and daugh
ter Mary, were guests of Wm. Bion
and wife Sunday afternoon
Clate Rhoades and wife, of .Bn ford,
spent Sunday with James Brown and
Mrs. Charles Brown was a guest of
Dora Brown Saturday afternoon.
In Nemory
Of our darling child, Delbert, who'de
parted this life April 13, 1911 :
Lonely hours since our darling lelt us
Whom w fc loved and cherished dear,
Can we help feeling lonely
When Delbert Is not htre ?
No more his kind and loving face
Shall light the gloom of home
Yet In memory we see him,
While In sorrow we're alone.
His loving parents Mr. and Mrs Bert
Because women may not legally work
more than eight hours daily, Denver
stores will hereafter open at 0 a. m. and
close at 5:30 p. m.
L By the
On the front ot every carton and on tho
Ubel of every bottla of the GENUINE
you will find tho BELC la a circle.
Granny Uetcilfe. the me of Weilern
Kentucky, tari "SUrtln' right and itarln'
li(ht beat! gtttin' IlKht." Bo, with ttieae
precaution!, you know what to bur, ail it can
"Tell By The Bell"
, lO.., ei.OO, AT DRUQ STOKES.
I El
red, one of tho fashionable spring
UJ2l . ..

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