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April 0, 1014.
Dr. and Mrs. McAdow entertained
W. S. Martin, of Cincinnati, Herschel
Henderson and wife and sons and
Chas. Linton and wife, Sunday.
Mesdames S S. Puckett, Alex Puck
ett and Frank Lacy were In Cincinnati
Mrs. Mary Nolder Is entertaining
her sister, Mrs. Wolfe, of Illllsboro.
Mrs. Clara Andrews, of Dlanchester,
Is with her sister, Mrs. Garner, for a
lew days.
Wm. Granger, of Oklahoma, and
Fred Granger and family, of Russell,
were entertained at the home of War
ren Morrow and wife, Thursday and
on Sunday Warren Connell and wife
and Mrs. Eliza Morrow were their
Tasso Terrell and wife, of New Vi
enna, spent Sunday with Mrs. Aseneth
Terrell and daughter.
Fred Simpson and wife and son and
W. T. Nolder and family were with
Burch Reams and wife, Friday even
lng, It being Mrs. Reams' birthday.
George Smith and wife are visiting
relatives at Cuba.
John Hastings, of Chllllcothe, visited
friends here Sunday.
Miss Bessie Hunter is visiting in
"Wilmington this week.
Mrs Lizzie Archer was with her
daughter, Mrs. Chas. BUckmore, at
illllsboro, Friday.
C. E Dumenll, W. A. Saolor, W. G.
Ross and Joe Roush were business
visitors in Greenfield Wednesday.
Rev. Martin will hold communion
services at the Lutheran church at
Dodsonvllle Sunday morning and in
evening an Easter program will be
The Ladles Aid Society of the M.
E. church will hold an Eister market
in Herschel Henderson's ollice Satur
day. Clark Montgomery and wife and
daughter, Madge, attended the funeral
of a friend at New Vienna, Monday
Mrs. H. b Galllett was in Cincinnati
and Covington, Ky., last week.
Miss Pearl Chaney is visiting friends
and relatives in Wilmington.
A son was born to Frank Plnkerton
and wife Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Ernest Dumenll will entertain
Class No. 3 at her home Thursday
W. T. Nolder has purchased an in
terest of Clifford Shaffer in the White
Star Grocery Co., Dana McAdow being
the other partner.
Granville Thompson Is a' Martins
ville, Ind , taking treatment for
Mrs Julia Garner and daughter,
Lida, and Grant Hopkins and wife at
tended the funeral of Mrs Allle John
son, at Farmer's Station, Friday.
Mrs. Wm. Cleveland and Gus Bering
were with relatives in Covington the
latter part of the week.
Mrs, Wra. Cleveland entertained a
number of friends at her beautiful
home on Broadway, April 1, in honor
of her nephew, Gus Bering, the occa
sion being his birthday. A very enjoy
able evening was spent.
Rev. and Mrs. Dresch were In Cin
cinnati Thursday.
Dave Archer and wife were with
relatives at Danville Sunday.
Mrs SM. Srofe returned home Mon
day morning, after spending a few
days with her son, at Leesburg.
Rev. Martin is holding services at
theLutheran church each evening
this week.
Miss Norine DeLaney did not return
to her school work on Monday, owing
to the sickness of her father.
Miss Hazel Gallfett, who is teaching
In the Covington schools, is spending
a weeks vacation with her parents.
Mrs. Ella Parker spent a part of last
week with relatives In Loveland.
C. C. Triplet died at his home on
Pearl street Tuesday morning at 3
o'clock, aged 74 years Mr. Triplet
was a highly respected citizen, a mem
ber of the M. E. church and a regular
attendant at all church services. He
Is survived by a wife and two daugh
ters, Mrs. Louie Meyer, of this place,
and Mrs. Fltzpatrlck, of Chicago.. The
funeral services were held in the M.
E. church Friday morning at 10 o'clock
conducted by Revs. Martin and Dresch.
Interment was made at Westboro.
Those who attended the funeral from
a distance were Mrs. Fltzpatrlck and
daughter, of Chicago, and Lawrence
Fltzpatrlck, of Fayettevllle.
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low and high heels $1.08
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all shades, worth $1.50 special.... 93c
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colors $1.70
75c white embroidered skirts 48c
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$1.25 plain white silks 05c
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April 6.-1014.
Miss Kellle Bussey, who has been
visiting in Springfield during the win
ter, has returned home.
mIrs Marv Stevens soent from Satur
day until Monday with Misses Helen
and Mary Rittenhouse.
O. D. Sams, wife and daughter,
Susan, and Robert West and wife were
guests at the home of Hamer Lyle,
Wm. Hamilton, wife and son spent
Sunday at the home of their parents,
Wm. Hamilton and wife, near Beech
Mrs. Wm. Howe and Miss Helen
Rittenhouse visited relatlves'in Green
field, Saturday.
The Friends monthly meeting will
be held at Hardin's Creek next Batur-
C. M. Stevens and wife spent Satur
day night at the home of Wm. Tomp
kins, of Monroa
Wra Walker and daughter, Alvla,
were guests at the home of W. W.
Wolfe, Sunday.
James Rittenhouse and family and
Miss Mary Stevens called at the home
of Chas. Spence, Sunday afternoon.
Miss Alvla Walker entertained Sun
day evening, Misses Mary and Juanlta
McNcal and Gladys Walling and James
Beath, Pedis Barton and narry Du
Witt. Aunt Martha Wolfe and Miss Mary
Shoemaker went to Lynchburg last
WeaHesaay for a lew weeks visit -with
Ben Bussov and wife were guests at
the home of Albert Morris, of Beech
Wood, Sunday.
Mrs. Chas. Spence called on home
folks Monday afternoon.
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