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Editor and Manager
PTTBIjtSItBX) 33 XT 33 I. "ST 1'XIXT3Fl.ef33-A.-X"
One Year (In Advance) $.00
Six Mouths r,
Three Months 2C
Entered at Post Oiuce, Hillsboro, Ohio, as Second Glass Matter.
ADVERTISING RATES Will Bo Made Known on Application.
New Way of Judging People.
At a lecture here recently the statement was made that you
could determine the average intelligence of a community by the
forms of entertainment patronized ; that if the halls were packed
at lectures and high class entertainments, the people of the commu
nity are a thinking, cultured people but if such entertainments are
poorly supported and the cheap, light, trashy shows draw packed
houses the people do not think.
This was a new way to us of fixing the intellectual standards of
a community, but it seems a fair way the more we think of it.
If the people of a community turn out in large crowds to wit
ness a performance made up of low comedy, eccentric dancing,
trashy songs and with many lines bordering on the vulgar they
must have a form of intelligence to which such things appeal.
If the people do not go to hear lectures where important ques
tions are discussed or go to plays which depict the best in literature,
they do not care for such things.
When you look at the matter from this view point you can
arrive at but one conclusion and that is that it is a just way to
judge the people of a community.
In making the above statement we would not want any one to
conclude that we think that because a person attends an entertain
ment which is largely light comedy that he is not intelligent and
cultured. We believe in comedy,, in humor, in wit. We believe
that all of these are necessary to make life really worth while.
But the serious, the important, the beautiful and the pathetic things
also are need id and they should be mixed with the light, frivolous
and amusing. People need a balanced ration in their entertain
ments. Why not try an experiment ? It would be certain to prove
interesting. Here in Hillsboro where you know everyone, look over
the audiences at the entertainments you attend. See who attends
the light frothy shows. See who attends the best things. See
who attends both kinds. Then judge how true was the statement
of the lecturer.
Candidacy of Senator Foraker.
Former.U. S. Senator Joseph B. Foraker has announced that
he will be a candidate for U. S. Senator from Ohio in the coming
primary. Senator Foraker was born and reared in Highland county
and is one of the nation's ablest men. The people of Highland
county are justly proud of its famous son.
If the Republican party is to become the conservative party of
the nation, Senator Foraker is that party's ideal candidate for
United States senator. We consider him one of the big men of the
country. He has wide learning and large experience and possesses
a clear analytical mind. In addition to all these qualities he is a
remarkable orator, forceful, eloquent and convincing. He could
not be other than a conservative.
And here it may be well for us to define what we mean by a
conservative. A conservative is one who is opposed to changing
the existing order of things, believing the present conditions are
for the best ; has .none or little sympathy or regard for new ideas
and views of a political nature.
Why do we so confidently assert that Senator Foraker could not
be other than a conservative ? The answer is easy. Under exist
ing conditions Senator Foraker has prospered and succeeded. He
arose to a high position in the affairs of the-nation and became
immensely wealthy. . It was becanse of the popularity of liberal or
progressive ideas that he was not re-elected to the United States
senate or nominated for president. For the last thirty years at
least, he has had as his intimate friends and associates the wealthy
and the aristocratic and his business dealings have been exclusively
with men of great wealth and big business. The people whom he
Considers of importance have prospered under existing conditions.
Such an environment can have but one result upon a man. It
will inevitably cause him to think and believe that as he has pros
pered and his friends and associates have prosp'ered that the condi
tions which have brought this about are right. He is certain that
if people are poor and needy, live in squalor and want that it is then
own fault. He will sympathise with them and give liberally from
his bounty for their relief. He can not, however, see that social
or political conditions are to blame. There is one statement of
Christ's that he absolutely believes, "the poor you have with you
always" and he does not think it worth while to attempt to lessen
their number. He judges the prosperity of the nation by the
prosperity and contentment of his friends and business associates.
And we believe that he thinks that what willjincrease the wealth
of the wealthy is also the best for the man in moderate circum
stances and the poor.
These things are true of all of us. ' Few of us worry about
people generally as long as we and our friends are prosperous. It
is human nature.
To all conservatives we commend J. B. Foraker as a candidate
for U. S. senator as we consider him their ablest and most forceful
representative in Ohio and if a conservative is to represent Ohio in
the U. S: senate, he is the logical choice.
The light that lies in woman's eyes usually lies. "
The Chicago Tribune has a department in which it publishes
"the best editorial of the day." So far it has not published one
from the News-Herald but this is undoubtedly because the man
who selects them does not see the News-Herald.
Buy your clothes as care
fully as your wife buys hers !
Women know what they
want and keep going until they
get it and at the right price.
Watch your wife sometime.
That's because instinctively a woman
is the guardian of the family income the
saver, not the spender.
Try saving once yourself. Try
Styleplus Clothes $17.
In fabric, in workmanship, in trim
miners, and surelv in stvle. vou will find
$81' Styleplus your kind of clothes. You can
save $J .to $8 witnout a saennce.
MM There is a great scientific plan behind .the
making. Sensible economies have reduced the
price and maintained the quality.
All the new styles and fabrics for Spring.
Special styles for young men.
f Xfl-1
Glbbs What do you thinks of this
' ciea of counting 10 before you speaks
when angry
Dibbs Well, I know this, that
counting out $10 when my wife Is angry
has a mighty soothing effect. Boston
Positive In action lor backache, weak
back, rheumatism, kldnej and bladder
troubles. P. J. Boyd, Ogle, Texas,
writes; "After taking two bottles of
Foley Kidney Pills, my rheumatism
and kidney trouble are completely
gone." Safe and effective.
adv GAnnETT & Ayhes.
April 13, 1914.
Born lo John G rover and wife, Apr.
d, a daughter
Dave McCill and wife spent Sunday
with home folks at Marshal).
The Presbyterians are putting some
new improvements on their church.
Oren Tavlor spent from Friday until
Sunday with relatives.at"Ralnsboro.
Airs' A. P. Murdock and daughter,
Ruby, visited friends at Vienna the
latter part of the week.
Mrs. Laura Carper has returned
home after several weeks visit with
relatives In Fayelte county.
Mrs Harry Dixon is visiting her
parents, Robert Snodgrass and wife.
A son was born to Charles Dixon and
wife, April 10.
Richard Wlnegar and wife and
children spent Sunday with Robert
Shivers and family.
Glenna Garman left Monday for an
extended visit with relatives at Xenia,
Wilmington and Dayton.
There will be communion services
at the Presbyterian church next Sun
day. Everybody Invited
April 13, 1914.
Mrs. Ella Vanzant and baby spent
Monday with her aunt, Mrs. Harley
Suiters and family.
Irs. Lewis Cameron and children
spent Monday and Tuesday with Elmer
Cameron and family.
Joe Vanzant returned home from
Dayton Tuesday.
Mrs. Flo Creed took dinner with W.
J. Frump and family Tuesday
Mrs. Jesse Medsker, of Dayton, was
called home last week by the serious
Illness of her mother, Mrs. Elmer
"Smoothes and Soothes"
Child op grown-up thera li Just one
"VSf nindUng colds, croups, couchs
and r-Uthosa hscUnu throat troubles
that' to SooUw and Smooths with
Dr. Bell'a
!t a cold eo tod It EMS. It boss
U OTr ererrbodr n the family crts
It. Booth aod firooolh and ft doesn't
frerr jrenulno bottt ef DR. BELL'S
.-.& iAK.uuflbr nas a lieu on II.
and a pictura of "Cranny," too.
At All Dm Store. 2Sc Bde ILCO
"Tell By ThB Bell"
Mrs, Byrl Mason a'uidaughte, Mora
spent Thursday with relatives at
Misses Maude and Margaret Camer
on called on their brother, Arch Cam
eron, and wife, Thursday.
Katherine Creed spent Saturday
with Miss Blanche Hunter.
John Hogsett, of New London, Is
visiting friends and relatives here.
MesdamesDr. Maon, Jesse Patton
and Margaret Cameron were shopping
in Hlllsboro Saturday.
' Clarence Cowglll and family, of
Strlngtown, and Harry Boatman and
family, of Fall Creek, were the guests
of Mrs. R. L. Watts, Sunday.
Mrs. Lewis Cameron and children,
of New Petersburg, and Glen Spruance,
Rainsboro, took dinner with Gatch
Spruance and family. Sunday.
Joe Morrow and family and Mrs.
John Morrow and grandson spent Sun
day with Wm. Stethem and wife.
George Miller and wife and son
Clarence, Frank Kelly and wife, of
Berryville, and F. M. Main and wife
and sons took dinner with Burch Mil
ler and family, Sunday.
Miss Maude McCoppIn spent Sunday
with her parents at Carmel.
Mrs. Wm. Elliott called on Mrs. El.
Hunter, at Berryville, Thursdav.
Mrs. Byrl Mason and daughter,
Mora, spnt Sunday with Johp Dick
and family.
Helen Dick spent Sunday with Mary
Jane Dirk
tub nitional rorests contain water
powers with an aggregate estimated
capacity of 12,000,000 horse power,
available for use under permit from
the secretary of agriculture
'Why don'tyougetan automobile?''
"Because I don't know whether or
not I could manage one."
"You didn't let that consideration
stop you when you wanted a wife."
Boston Transcript.
"Majolica pitcher brings '8G65 in
sale 1" read Mrs. Fan.
N'Huhl" sneered Mr. Fan. "He
can't be much of a player." Buffalo
a mm
Canadian authorities say that since
1905 the emigration of farmers from
the United States has taken nearly
$800,000,000 In money and property out
of this country into the Dominion.
One of the most important details in the plan
ning of your new house is the selection of
the hardware.
Hardware furnishings must be durable, safe
artistic must harmonize with the architecture
of the house and interior furnishings.
The safest way is to get your hardware here.
Ouc hardware adds not only to the beauty
of your house, but to its selling values.
Your choice of design is very liberal
we offer many different patterns to se
lect from.
Before specifying your hardware, be sure
and see us. We can save you money
and give you a more beautiful home.
The Favorite Store of Hillsboro.
-' ' " . ........... i
UltXSBOUO, April 14. IBM
Retail orocers
Wheat, bushel ,, B0
Corn , 65 70
uata , to
Potatoes new ....,.,,,,1
White IJeans, bushel a
lluttcr a 20
Krks. Dozen 15
Young Ccilckens , 11
1 tllckens, per lb It
Turkeys, perlb , .',., a
Ducks, per lb ,.. a
llacnn Uams, perlb a IS
Dacon Sides 12 a
nacon Shoulders , 8a IB
Lard , . 11
Hay, ton , ,. - 85 00
llz O. Sugar a 6-
A Sugar ,.,,. a
Granulated Sugar a 6X
tlut loaf and Powdered Sugar a to
offee. Rio 25a 40
Tea, Imp.R. 11. andQ. U pcrqr.. 20a '70
Tea. Illacfc ,. 20a 89
Chci se. factory.. . 22
Flour.good family brands, cwt... 2 40
.. ,' " bbl a
Mola'ses, N O , gallon a 60
..." "orghum a 40
Uolden Syrup a 40
Coal Oil ,. 12a 18
Salt , , a t 35
Hams, city sugar cured, lb a 18
Reeves, cwt , gross 00a 8 75
lleevcs, shipping .6 00a 7 40
Sheep and Lambs, per cwt 4 00a 0 80
Mugs, cwt ,gr09s 7 40a 7 85
lllch Cows with Calves 5 00a 40 00
. 1 mmmmmmmm wm
Our Four Books sent Free with Hsu
of inventions wanted by manufic
Hirers and promoters, also Prizes of
fered for Inventions. Patents secured
Cletniei and beictUlei th halft
Promote! a lnrnriint trrnalH.
Zevcr Folia to IleBtore Onj
Prevents hair falllntr.
11 1-
a 1 drtnlrpr
in vi trnii ms
I I ' ! I . W
.,0 rn- oiUB
m-ml a h: n m , i
I am $-0-$75 weekly Belllnir guaranteed Underwear
Uu'UryandSweateraforlanreatTiifr.ln Araerha F u
SO jinr.OComplu outfit FREE. Write MADISOM
MILLS, D.pLW, 4BS Broa4wy,NswYrkClt7.
' kkfcAAgV,
Trade JMarks
Copyrights Ac.
Anrono sending a sketch and description may
lulckly ascertain our opinion free whether air
iivnnllrm Is nri)hnblr naientiihla Communlcn-
tlonsstrlctlycntindeutful HANDBOOK on Patents
mtit f re- Oldest fiirnncT far eecurlnff D&tents.
Patents taken thmueti Muun & Co. recely
tttcial notice, without charge, Id the)
Scientific mmnm.
A handsomely lllnatrated weekly. T-arcest cir
culation of any s (entitle Journal Terms, $3 a
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MUNN & Co.3B,Bfoada- New York
Branch Office. f2S V SU Washington, B. C.
Abraham Roberts, son of Abraham
and Mary Roberts, was born March 17,
1840. He departed this life March 19,
1914, aged 74 years and 2 days. He was
one of a family of 9 children, only one
of whom, Mrs. J. W Gossett, survive
him. In his early life he was a boy of
good, quiet, steady habits.
In the year-1805 he united with the
Church of Christ at Prlcetown under
the labors of L. L. Pinkerton. He
always maintained a high conception
of that which was moral and upright ;
and during all the years he was con
fined in the state sanitarium he stolid
ly refused to take part in any of the
amusements -which ho considered not
becoming a Christian.' The fidelity and
faithfulness has now received its, re
ward His has been a gloomy path. Early
In life the curtain was dropped that
cut off all his prospects for enjoyment
in this life ; but that curtain has now
been lifted and he is be holding today,
with an unclouded mental vision, the
magnificent beauties and splendors of
the glory world. "One by one they
are gathered home, to the beautlf uf
ianu immortal."
One more visit by the death angel
and that family reunion on the other
shore will be completed. v ,
There Is a world above
Where parting Is unknown,
A whole eternity of love
Form'd for the good alone.
And faith beholds the dying here
Transplanted to that happier sphere.
O Lord, in this valley of woe,
Our spirits for Heaven prepare ;
Then shortly we also shall know
And feel what It Is to be there.
Funeral services were conducted by
Eld. Frank Foust from Prlcetown
church In the presence of a large and
sympathetic assembly. His body was
laid to rest In the Ruble cemetery, to
await the call that shall immortalize
and faslilop it after His ownglorlous
A Cure for Sour Stomach.,
Mrs. Wm. M. Thompson, of Battle
Creek, Mich., writes : I have been
troubled with indigestion, sour stom
ach and bad breath. A f ter taking two
bottleH ot Chamberlain's Tablets I am
well. These tablets" are splendid
none better For sale by All Deal
ers, ady
1 !
. f

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