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j hi ft S.HJKA1. juLL&BORO, OHIO, THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 1914.
fProfiaaional ($rmt
The Dividing
The bank account is often the dividing line be
tween success and failure.
Great things often come from small beginnings.
Start the saving habit. Open an account at our
bank, no matter how small. Systematic saving will
firmly fix the habit that will lead you from poverty
to Independence and a home of your own. Wo will
be glad to help you in any way we can.
The Hillsboro Bank
April 13, 1914.
Floyd Moler and family and Mrs.
Jack Shrope, df Mt. Orab, were guests
at W. A. Orange's Easter.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stroup, Mrs.
Joa BrulDort and daughter, Miss Inez,
were entertained at the home of J. W.
Brlggs Sunday.
Alvln Lemon and wife spent Easter
with Mrs. Pratt and family.
The latest report from A. (J. Shaffer
is that he Is improving nicely and will
soon be able to be moved home.
Miss Inez Stroup visited Joe Brul
port and wife near Fayettsville sever
al days the past week.
D. B. Hogan, of Brown county at
tended church here Sunday and with
Mrs. Hogan were guests of the latter's
sister, Mrs. Sarah Shaffer.
Mrs. Nancy Vance came Saturday to
remain for some time at the home of
II. A. Fence.
Mrs. Laura Pence, Mrs. Elma Kirk
hart and Miss Maggie Roush were
shopping in Hillsboro Saturday.
Castlewood school observed Arbor
day on Saturday. It was also fruit"
day, as they received a treat of or
anges from the teacher, W. A Orange.
Eddie, the little eleven year old son
of W. S. Burton, was taken to St.
Mary's Hospital in Cincinnati Wedm s
day to be examined by a specialist and
if necessary to be operated on. It was
decided by the doctors that an opera
tion could do no good and the parents
returned with him Saturday. The
doctors diagnosis of the case was tu
berculosis of the spine. His passing
away is expected at any time as he is
growing weaker rapidly.
Ml .
Stomach Trouble Cured.
Mrs. H. G. Cleveland, Arnold, Pa.,
writes, "For some time suffered from
Btomach trouble I would have sour
stomach and feel bloated after eating.
Nothing benefited me until I got
Chamberlain's Tablets. After taking
two bottles of them I was cured." For
sale by All Dealers. adv
tobacco. "
Stag Isn't
I Over AH ! IBIEBBf -
M The greatest advance in PURE Wpmmf
1 . GOODNESS ever made in smoking WSksSf&i
and Savings Co.
April 13, 19U,
Elmer Foster and family, of Allens
burg, spent Sunday with Ed Runyon
and wife.
F. N.Shaffer and wife, of Hillsboro,
spent Sunday with Mrs Allle Hender
son T. C. Pratt and family spent Sunday
with iiis mother.
J. J. Conrad and daughter attended
church at Fayetteville Sunday.
Aaron Stroup and wife were guests
oMirauk Warman and family, near
Marathon, "Sunday.
Chas. Stroup and family, of Lvnch
burg, spent Sunday with the former's
parents, Cal. Stroup and wife.
Miss Emma Shaffer, of Allensburg,
spent one night last week with her
brother, Lewis Shaffer.
Mrs. Henry Orebaugh entertained
her Sunday School class Saturday.
Will Troutwine and family, of Web-
ertown, and J. W. Carroll and family
spent Sunday with Mrs Sophia Stroup.
Theodore Hawthorne and family
spent Sunday with Noah Shaffer and
family, at Allensburg.
Frank Strieker and wife and Dal
Wilktn and family spent Sunday with
Walter Fouch and family,
Nothing; so Good for a Cough or
When you have a cold you want the
best medicine obtainable so as to get
rid of It with the least-possible delay,
There are many who consider Ch,m
berlaln'siCough Remedy unsurpassed
Mrs. J. Boroff, Ellda, Ohio, says, "Ever
since my daughter Ruth was cured of
a severe cold and cough by Chamber
Iain's Cough Remedy two years ago, I
have felt kindly disposed toward the
manufacturers of that preparation I
know of nothing so quick to relieve a
cough or cure a cold.." For sale by
All Dealers. adv
You know your duty,
looked for it and did
No man ever
not find it
I Phillips Brooks.
just a little better,
You can't smoke half a pipeful without realiz
ing this. Try it and see. ' "
LOnvepient raCKages. The Handy Half-Size
Tin, the Full-Size 10-Cent Tin, the Ponnd and Half-Pound Tin Hi
and the Pound Glass Humidor.
For Pipe and Cigarette
,.,.(WW,W. ... .
iCZZwtW Lorlllard Co.
Est. 17601
Just as Scores of llillsboro Peo
ple Have.
Waiting doesn't pay.
If i on neglect kidney backache, Uri
nary troubles often follow.
Act in time by curing the kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Pills are especially
for weakened kidnejs
Many people in this locality recom
mend them.
Here's one case :
Mrs Ida Mahau,KnauerSt., Datavla,
Ohio, says : " Four years ago one of the
family was in bad shape with an attack
of kidney trouble, ills back caused
him so much pain that he could hardly
do his work. He complained almost
constant y. He was unable to lift
without getting sharp pains across his
loins. His kidneys caused htm much
annoyance, disturbing his rest at
night and he got up In the morning
feeling all worn out. Many a day l.e
felt more like lying down than work
ing. Nothing seemed .to give him re
lief and he gradually grew wors,
Doan's Kidney Pills were highly rec
ommended by a friend and he usid
them. The first box relieved him if
the misery in the back and after 1 e
had taken four boxes, his kidneys were
normal. He hasn't had any pain in
ills back since and ills kidneys are all
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co , Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
April 13, 1914.
John Pendel and wife spent Sunday
at the McDanlel home.
Harry Powell and wife and daughter
were in New Vienna Friday.
Mrs. Nellie Kellls and baby, of Pee
bles, are visiting her parents.
Mrs. George Rolfe and daughter,
Oletha, spent Thursday with her par
ents. Harvey Kellls returned to his home
near Waverly Monday, after spending
a few days with friends here.
C. H. Murray and wifespentSunday
with his brother, John.
Mrs P. D. Stotler and daughter,
Leota, spent Thursday evening with
Carrie McDanlel and family.
Willie Speelman spent Sunday even
ing at the Houser home.
Mrs. Frank Kester and children
spent Sunday with her mother.
Children's Diseases Very Prevalent
Whooping cough is about every
where. Measles and scarlet fever al
most as bad. Use Foley's oney and
Tar Compound for inflamed throats
and coughing. Mrs. I. C. Hostler.
Grand Island, Neb, says: "My three
children had severe attacks of whoop
ing cough, and a very few doses of Fol
ey'sHoney and Tar gave great relief."
adv Gakkett & Aykes.
There are 2G10 dally and 572 Sunday
papers in the United State
ws a reveia-BI&,
Cent (S L'ffl aA W tfvK
XEEfflJ "No string." m r-r-Sfe3HJaS3E.
j2rg.,yjr-ry?r'wwu. . .m. mmcWvrYflYn'wrm W&
toEaa&L. - tEBK? -ri l" il ilMm
If you deal In values you'll ap
preciate the Ford. Its simplicity
its economy and its dependability
give it a value that connotbe meas
ured by its price. The Ford is the
one car that has "made good" in
world-wide service.
Fle hundred dollars la the price of the Ford run
about: the touring car la live tlfty; the town car
seven Ufiy-f. o. b. IJetrolt. complete with equip
ment. Get catalog and particulars from llillsboro
Auto Co , Llillsboro, Ohio
April 13, 1!)14.
Miss Ruth Henry spent Sunday w Ith
Miss Maud Simpson.
Frank Elliott and wife and daughter
Edna, called on Floyd Stethem and
wife Thursday night.
Mrs. Mary McCoppin visited rela
tives near Sinking Springs last week.
Miss Ruth Henry spent Monday with
Miss Alma Keelor.
Mrs Emma Sninnir anil Mrs. Stella
simoson called on Mrs. Alice McCod
pin Monday afternoon.
Miss Ruth Henry called on Mrs. Ella
Beaver one evening last week.
Reliable Foley's Honey and Tar
Justbesure that you buy Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound It Is a reli
able medicine for coughs, colds, croup,
whooping coughs, bronchial and la
grippe coughs, which are weakening to
the system. It also gives prompt and
definite results for hoarseness tickling
throat and stuilv wheezv breathing,
adv Gakuistt & Ayuks.
"S he praised her singing, did he?"
"Yes; -aid it was heavenly."
"Did he reallt a tint?"
"Well, not ex ictly, but he probably
meant that. He stld It was unearth
ly." Liverpoo Mercury.
m i
Rheumatic Pains Relieved.
Whi suffer from rheumatism when
relief im) be had at so small a cost?
Mr . Elmer Hatch, Peru, Ind., writes,
"1 have been subjtct to attacks of
rheuwatUm forbears. Chamberlain's
Liniment alw.tjs relieves me immedi
ately, and I take pleasure in recom
mending it to others." 25 and 50 cent
ooiLies. ror sale by All Dealers, adv
April 13, 1914.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Otto Work
man Easter morning a son.
Mrs. Frank Pence and son9, of
Lynchburg, spent the latter part if
the week with her parents, Mr. at d
Mrs. John McConnaha.
Misses Ethel and Lurella Lyons and
brother, Albert, of Buford, visited J
C. Landess and family recently
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Workman and
daughter, Helen, of Winkle, were
quests of M. M. Workman and family.
Charley Cadwallader and family
spent Sunday with W. W. Fairley and
Earl Workman, of Athens, is spend
ing his vacation with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. M. M. Workman.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hogan, of Afton,
visited Frank Gibler and family re
cently. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Landess. of Blan
chester, are visiting J. C. Landeas and
family. '
Mr. and Mrs. Orland Gossett and
baby, Norma, of Winkle, spent Sun
day afternoon with Frank Foust and
Frank Orebaugh and family, of
Shackelton, and Mr. and Mrs. O. C.
Sanders were guests Sunday ot Orland
Cochran and family.
The Christian Sunday School con
test of the Reds and allies closed Sun
day with the Reds way anead The
attendance was 209 and collection was
Mrs. Sophia Workman and nephew,
Orlie Teboe, spent part of .last week
with Willie Workman and family at
Winkle, helping to take care of the
Workman family who are sick with
The 1. O. O. F. banquet was well at
tended and all report a good time.
Paul Bennington spent Saturday
night with his cousins, Dwight and
Mary Gossett.
Mr. and Mrs. Thorap. Barker spent
part of last week with his paren's,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Barker.
Mrs. Ella Smith, of Middletown, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
O Newton.
The Easter services were well at
tended and a good program was ren
dered. For Every
Living- Thing On
Inn .
Free ; a 500 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm ;" horses, cattle, dogs
3heep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetlnary Specifics ;also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
up. Free by mail on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co.
Corner Williams & Ann Sts.,N.Y. adv
The salt'productton of the United' .Z" mt" "ndw,feland "
States has doubled in 15 years last "Idaker took a trip to Mid
year'soutputof about 33,330,000 barrels ,.Q ',"! esierua-
being 7 per cent more than the year n , IS??1? '
before Oklahoma last Saturday.
. aMlsses Hallle Roush and Luclle
Most disfiguring skin eruptions, Roush were recent guests of Wm.
scrofula, pimples, rashes, etc., are due
to impure blood. Burdock Blood Bit-1
ters as a cleansing blood tonic, is well
recommended. $1 at all stores, adv i
Got Any
Do you really want to heal ltt Bad enough to
apend 25c. ) Then so to the- store and buy a
box Ol DR. DELL'S
Antiseptic Salve
It la anov white and anow pure and If It
doean't do the work, get your money back.
"Tell It Dy Th Dell"
Both Phono.ln Office and Rttldtncc
Office Short St., Opp. Court Bouie
UlennBlg, HILL8BOEO,,
Honje 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone 14
Hillsboro, Ohio.
In Holmes
UulldlnK, North HljJt
Orrioi Hooks fl to it a
8 t. m.
2 to and 0 tt
Both 'Phones in OOlce and Rrtldeuce,
For Your Flo-were.
Funeral Directors & Embalmers
SA Full Line of High Grade
Prompt Delivery. Courteous Treatment
Your Patronage Solicited
(Successors to J. C, Koch)
OttlceRear ot Iractlon repot
Home Phone J44
April 13, 1914.
Evertt Fawley and family visited
his parents near Danville, yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs Boss, of Hillsboro,
were gueatsuf friendahere last Friday.
Miss Marie Jonte and Miss Jennie
Oldaker spent Saturday and Sunday at
the home of Loyd Hart In Chllllcothe.
S. Low man and wife, of Hillsboro,
were visitors Saturday and Sunday at
the home of her parents.
Chris Jonte spent Saturday and Sun
daj in Loveland, at the home of his
sister, Mrs. Mattle nodson.
Mr. Vanvantand family visited at
the home of Mrs Vanzants sister, Mrs.
Lon Chaney.
Ben Wilkin and family were guests
yesterday at the home of Geo Wilkin,
near Lynchburg.
Lewis Gibler, wife and little daugh
ter, of near Liberty, were visitors at
Ben Wllkins one day last week.
Wm. Kessinger and family, of Fair
view, spent Easter with home folks
Miss Eliza Oldaker is spending few
dajs with her sister, Mrs. Wm. Stolu,
at New "Vienna
Mrs Sadler and children spent yes
terday with her mother, Mrs. Leah
Winkle, o' Fairvlew.
John L Strange,- of GreenOeld, at
tended the funeral of Aunt Mahala
McKee, at Alt Zlon.
Chas. Hart and family have returned
to their home at Chllllcothe.
Chas. Brewer, of Detroit, Mich., is
spending a few days at Frank Burtons.
Rev. McMurry and family and Mrs.
Daisy Chaney spent one day last week
at Lynchburg
Roush and family.
John Strange and family hae re
turned to their home in Chllllcothe. .
Mrs Ella nart and daughter, Edna,
have been visiting at Evertt Thomp
sons, near New Vienna.
The Third Quartly meeting of the
Lynchburg Circuit will be held liore,
on Friday, April 24, at 2 o'clock p. m.
Everybody Is cordially invited to at
tend this service.
Mary Brewer, of Allensburg, was
visiting at Joshua Brlggs one day last
For earache, toothache, pains, burns,
scalds, sore throat, try Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil, a splendid remedy for
emergencies. adv

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