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The Hollow
of Her Hand
dm $wf
"That was mo htt time tne man
was seen alive. No one has seen the
woman since the door closed after
tho servant, who distinctly remembers
hearing the key turn In the lock as
Bhe went down the hall. It seems
pretty clear that tho man ate and
drank but not the woman. Her food
remained untouched on the plate and
her glass was full. 'Gad, It must have
been a merry feast! I beg your par
don, Mrs. Wrandall 1"
"Go on, please," said she levelly.
"That's all there Is to eay bo far as
the actual crime Is concerned. There
She Sank Into It Limply.
were signs of a struggle but It Isn't
necessary to go Into that. Now, as to
their arrival at the Inn. The blizzard
had not set In. Last night was dark,
of course, as there Is no moon, but it
was clear and rather warm for the
time of year. The couple came here
about nine o'clock in a high power run
about machine, which the man drove.
They had no hand baggage and appar
ently had run out from New York.
Burton eays he was on the point of
refusing them accommodations when
the man handed him a hundred-dollar
bill. It was more than Burton's cu
pidity could withstand. They did not
register. The state license numbers
had been removed from the automo
bile, which was of foreign make. Of
course it was only a question of time
until we could have found out who
the car belonged to. It is perfectly
obvious why he removed the num
bers." ' At this Juncture Drake entered the
room. Mrs. Wrandall did not at first
recognize him.
"It has stopped snowing," announced
the newcomer.
"Oh, it Is Mr. Drake," she murmured.
"We have a little French car, painted
red," she announced to the sheriff
without giving Drake another thought.
"And this one is red, madam," said
the sheriff, with a glance at the coro
ner. Drake nodded his head. Mrs.
Wrandall's body stiffened perceptibly,
as if deflecting a blow. "It is still
standing in the garage, where he left
it on his arrival.
"Did no one see the fae of of the
woman?" asked Mrs. Wrandall, rather
querulously. "It seems odd that no
one should have seen her face," she
went on without waiting for an an
swer. "It's not sirange, madam, when you
consider all the circumstances. She
was very careful not to remove her
veil or her coat until the door was
locked. That proves that ehe was not
the sort of woman we usually find gal
lavanting around with men regardless
of ahem, I beg your pardon. This
must be very distressing to you."
"I am not sure, Mr. Sheriff, that It is
my husband who lies up there. Please
remember that," she said steadily. "It
1b easier to hear the details now, be
fore I know, than It will be afterward
If it should turn out to be as Mr.
Drake declar.es."
"I see," said the sheriff, marveling.
"Besides, Mr. Drake is not positive,"
put in .the coroner hopefully.
"1J am reasonably certain," said
"Then all the more reason why I
should have the story first," said she,
with a shiver that no otae failed to ob
serve. The sheriff resumed bis conclusions.
"Women of the kind I referred to a
moment ago don't care whether they're
seen or not In fact, they're rather
brazen about it. But this one was
different. She was as far from that
as It was possible for her to be. We
haven't been able to find anyone who
89 w her face or who can give tho least
io a nh. h ii, in,- .,....,
log a general description of her figure,
her carriage and the outdoor garments
she wore. We have reason to believe
she was young. She was modestly
dressed. Her coat was one of those
heavy uteter affairs, such as a woman
Muea in motoring or on a eea .voyage,
George Barr
Author of "Gran stark r
There was a small sable stole about
her neck. Tho skirt was short, and
she wore high black shbes of the
thick walking type. Judging from
Burton's description she must have
been about your size and figure, Mrs.
Wrandall. Isn't that so, Mrs. Bur
ton?" The innkeeper's wife spoke. "Yes,
Mr. Harben, I'd say so myself. About
five feet six, I'd Judge; rather slim
and graceful like, In sDlte of the big
Mrs. Wrandall was watching the
woman's face. "I am five feet six,"
she aid, as if answering a question.
The sheriff cleared his tlnoat some
what needlessly.
"Burton says she acted as if she
were a lady," he went on. "Not the
kind that usually comes out here on
such expeditions, he admits. She did
not speak to anyone, except once in
very low tones to the man she was
with, and then she was standing by
the fireplace out In -the main office,
quite a distance from the desk. She
wpnt upstairs alone, and he gave some
orders to Burton before following her.
That was the last time Burton saw
her. The waitress went up with a spe
cially prepared supper about half an
hour later."
"It seems quite clear, Mrs. Wran
dall, that shii robbed the man after
stabbing him," said the coroner.
Mrs. Wrandall started. "Then she
was not a lady, after all," she said
quickly. There was a note of relief
in her voice. It was as If she had
put aside a half-formed conclusion.
"His pockets were empty. Not a
penny had been left. Watch, cuff
links, scarf pin, cigarette case, purse
and bill folder all gone. Burton had
seen most of these articles in the
"Isn't it but no I Why should I
be the one to offer a suggestion that
might be construed as a defense for
this woman?"
"You were about to suggest, madam,
that some one else might have taken
iu vaiuauieo ib mi in unuu iuc
"Had you thought of it, Mr. Sheriff?'
"I had not. It Isn't reasonable. No
one about this place Is suspected. We
have thought of this, however: the
muraeress may nave tasen an oi
these things away with her In order
to prevent immediate idenuncation or Wondering, the others backed from
her victim. She may have been clever the room ghe watched them until
enough for tbat. It would give her a tney ci0Bed tne door
start," "Not an unreasonable conclusion, i L,i8tenine. they heard hor lower tho
when you stop to consider, Mr. Sher-
iff, that the man took the lnltiatiye in
that very particular," said Mrs. Wran
dall In such a self-contained way tbat
the three men looked at her in won
der. Then she came abruptly to her
feet. "It is very late, gentlemen. I
am ready to go upstairs, Mr. Sheriff."
"I must warn you, madam, that Mr.
Drake is reasonably certain that lt is
your husband," Bald the coroner un
comfortably. "You may not be pre
pared for the shock that "
"I shall not faint, Dr, Sheef. If lt
Is my husband I shall ask you to leave
me alone in the room with him for a
little while." The final word trailed
out into a long, tremulous wail, show
ing how "near she was to the breaking
point in her wonderful effort at self
control. The men looked away hast
ily. They heard her draw two or
three deep, quavering breaths; they
could almost feel the tension that she
was exercising over herself.
The doctor turned after a moment
and spoke very gently, but with pro
fessional firmness. "You must not
think of venturing out in tnis wretched
night, madam. It would be the worst
kind of folly. Surely you will be
guided by me by your own common
sense. Mrs. Burton will be with
you "
"Thank you, Dr". Sheef," she Inter
posed calmly. "If what we all fear
should turn out to be the truth, I
could not stay here. I could not
breathe. I could not live. If, on the
other hand, Mr. Drake is mistaken, I
shall sta. But If it is my husband, I
cannot remain under the same root
with him, even though he be dead. I
do not expect you to understand my
feelings. It would be asking too
much of men too much."
'T think I understand," murmured
"Come," said the sheriff, arousing
himself with an effort.
She moved swiftly after him. Drake
! and the coroner, following close be
hind with Mrs. Burton, could not take
their eyee from the slender, graceful
figure. She was a revelation to them
Peeling as they did that she wap about
to be confronted by the most appalling
crisis imaginable, they could not but
J marvel at her composure. Drake's
mJnd dwe,t on the stories of the gulllo -
t,ne ond tbo heroines who went up Jo
tlt ,n tho6e Woody days without so
raucl as a 1ulver of dread. Somehow,
to n,m' th,B woman woe a heroine.
They Passed lnt0 tho ha an
mounted the stairs. At tho far end
oi tnc corridor a man was Boated in
front of a closed door. Ho arose as
the party approached. Tho sheriff
signed for him to open the door he
guarded. As he did so, a chilly blast
of air blew upon the faces of those In
the hall. Tho curtains in the window
of the room were flapping and whip
ping In tho wind. Mrs. Wrandall
caught her breath. For tho briefest
instant It seemed as though she was
on the point of faltering. Sho dropped
farther behind tho sheriff, her limbs
suddenly stiff, her hand going out to
tho wall as if for support. The next
moment she was moving forward res
olutely Into the Icy, dimly lighted
A single electric light gleamed in
tho corner beside the bureau. Near
the window stood the bed. She went
swiftly toward it, her eyes fastened
upon tho rldgg that ran through the
center of it: a still, white ridge that
seemed without beginning or end.
With nervous fingers the attendant
lifted the sheet at the head of the
bed and turned It back. As. he let it
fall across the chest of the dead man
he drew back and turned his face
She bent forward and then straight
ened her figuro to its full height, with
out for an. Instant removing her gazo
from the face of the man who lay
before her: a dark-haired man gray In
death, who must have been beautuui
to look upon in the flush of llfo.
I For a long time she stood there
looking, as motionless as the object on
..t.lnt. nits, rrnrwmi TInlltnfl IOT WOrfl tfof) '
niUlill OliO IAGU. JJVU1UU U1. TT - Vf vuw
tense, keen-eyed men, not one of
whom seemed to breathe during the
grim minutes that passed. The wind
howled about the corners of the inn,
but no one heard It. They heard the
beating of thoir hearts, even the tick
ing of their watches, but not the. wall
of the wind.
At last her hands, claw-like in their
tenseness, went slowly to her, temples.
Her head dropped slightly forward,
and a great shudder ran through her
body. Tlw coroner started forward,
expecting her to collapse. i
"Please go away," she was saying
in an absolutely emotionless voice.
"Let me stay here alone for a little
while." I
That was all. The men relaxed. They
looked at each other with a single
question in their eyes.' Was It quite
-safe to leave her alone with her dead?
They hesitated.
She turned on them
spreading her arms in a wide gesture
of self-absolution. Her somber eyes
swept the group.
"I can do no harm. This man is
mine. I want to look at him for the
last time alone. Will you go?"
, "Do you mean, madam, that you In-'
tend to " began the coroner in alarm. T
She clasped her hands. "I mean
that I shall take my last look at-hlm
now and here. Then you may do
what you like with him. He is your
dead not mine. I do not want him
Can you understand?
I do not want
tnlB dead tnmg- But there Is some-
thing I should say to him, something
that j mUBt Bay Somethlng that no
one muat hear Dut the good God wno
icnowB now much ho haa hurt m0. I
wflnt to Bav lt c,oae to thoae Erav hor.
rjd earB
Who knows? He may hear
-window. It sauealed like a thing in
Ten minutes paseed. The group in
the hall conversed in whispers,
"Poor thing," said the Innkeeper's
"Well," said Drake, taking a. deep
breath, "she won't have to worry any
more about his not coming home
nights. I say, this buslnesa.wlll create
a fearful sensation, sheriff. The Four
Hundred will have a conniption fit."
"We've got to land that girl, who-
BVO gut U) 1UUU luav Sin, wuu-
ever she is," grated the omcial. "Now
that we know who he Is; it shouldn't
be hard to pick out the women he's
... . -
been trailing with lately. Then we
can sift 'em down until the right one
is left. It ought to be easy."
"I'm not so sure of it," said the cor
oner, ebaking his -head. "I have a
feeling that she isn't one of the ordi
nary type. It wouldn't surprise me If
Bhe belongs to well, you might say
the upper ten. Somebody's wife, don't
you see. That will make it rather dif
ficult, especially as her tracks have
been pretty well covered."
"It boats me, how she got away
without leaving a single sign behind
her," acknowledged the sheriff. "She'e
a wonder, that's all I've got to say."
I At that instant the door opened and
Mrs. Wrandall appeared. She stopped
short, confronting the huddled group,
dry-eyed but as pallid as a ghost. Her
eyes were wide, apparently unseeing;
her colorless lips were parted in the
drawn rigidity that suggested but one
thing to the professional man who
looks: the "rials sardonlcus" of the
strychnae victim. With a low cry,
the doctor started forward, fully con
vinced that she bad swallowed the
deadly drug.
, "For God's sake, madam," ho began,
But as he spoke her expression
changed; she seemed to be aware of
their presence for the first time. Her
eyes narrowed in a curious manner,
and the rigid lips seemed to surge
with blood, presenting tho effect Of a
queer, swift-fading emtio that lingered
long after her face was set and seri-
"I neglected to raise the window, Dr.
Bheef." she said in a low voice. "It
, waa very cold in there.-' She shivered
slightly. "Will you be so kind as to
tell me what I am to do now? What
formalities remain for ma"
The coroner waa at her Bide, "Time
enough for that, Mrs. WrandalL Tbe
flret thing you are to do is to take
something warm to drink, and pull Jt
yourself togethor a bit "
Sho draw herself up coldly. "I am
qulto mysolf, Dr. Sheet. Pray do not
alarm yourself on my account I shall
bfl obliged to yon, however, If you will
tell me what I am to do as speedily aa
possible, and lot mo do It bo that I
may leave this this unhappy place
without delay. Noi I mean it, sir.
I am going tonight unless, of course,"
sho said, with a quick look at the sher
iff, "the law stands In the way."
"You are at liberty to come and go
as you please, Mrs. Wrandall," said the
sheriff, "but it Is most foolhardy to
think of"
(To bo Continued)
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April 13, 1014.
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Thursday. '
Mrs. Walter Powell Is visiting her
parents near New Petersburg.
Raymond and Charles Slmbro spent
Sunday with Lewis and GeorglePrlne.
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Chester, called on Charles Slmbro aud
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afternoon with Mrs. Luther Campbell. RSning-nB the followlnE llne' tKnlt : Uc"
Mrs. Rollo JPowell and daughters, At a point In the North Line the Stralght
Mo .ml Tam.ii. ...- i,'.u.,.(.. 'outand Buford rm turnpike, where a cer
Mary aud Louella, spent Friday after- tain county road intetsecissaid tree tum
noon with Mrs. Chas. Slmbro. I pike, near the residence of P. Q Fenner;
u,mo, uiuiuiu. thence with said county road In a northerly
Miss Verda Flttrn nf Fntenm U direction, about 28tf rods to where said
.A ..,,' lSOm, IS county road intersects the Old State Road
Visiting Miss Gertrude Hoop. I from Uanvl le to Ilutord east of tbe school
-,,,' ... . house lot District No 3. Clay township, in
Starling Lemon and Wife and son, Highland county. Ohio ; thence with said
Hfirhnrt- enpnt Potoi.nnrtn I n fllilo State Uoad In a westerly direction about&O
tierDerc, speni master bunaay in Hills- r0ds to a culvert wnich u built across said
boro with her mother. IMrs Utman. I State Roid at a point where the -Saluin and
uu.u mw nor luuuiur. mrs. uiuidii. c,ay townsnlp road intersects said State
James Settvand wife and datitrhtnr. Road, near the resldt nee of Henry Euver-
. mi. l . r, .
Of Hillsboro, spent Sunday afternoon
With her father Wm Settv i
mwi iier lamer, vv m. aeity.
A. S. WeltV. of H Dishorn RnentSun- under the provislons.of the General Code of
o. rveity, oi ujmsDoro, spenioun , relafing t0 the construction ot "One
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anrl wlfo Chapter 8 of Title 4 of Part Second of Said
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Doll and Pearl Robblns spent Sun- t0Fy 'h,ere,t , , ..
-j i.... .,. , , j .. ' And for the purpose of constructing Tree
day With Albert i'ence and Wife, at Turnpike Road tl-ev will ask for tbe levy of
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Miss Emma Campbell, of Mt. Wash
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after spending several weeks with her
cousin, Mrs. Luther Campbell.
William Johnson and wife enter
talned Sunday W. E. Crosier and wife
and son, Paul, of;stringtown. and Will
Haines and. wife and daughter, Mar
April 13, 1014.
Lew Igo and wife and two children,
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Amos Igo and family. I
Wn tj.,i,. i . i u r, -l,DK MicKeis on saie uany 10 April
. H. Hughes and wife, John Cap .K,. ,11C,,A J y
linger and family, John Prine and wife. I no,U8le ,.,.,,,
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Ferera, Congestions, Inflammations 25
iirmi, Worm lover , ,,i , f2i
Colic, Crjtng anil Woietulnesa of Infanta 25
Diarrhea, of Children ond Adult ...,25
Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis.,,,,,. 25
Toothache. Faceaone, Neuralgia 2i.
Headache, Sick Hvadache, Vertigo ,, 25
Dyspepsia, InUIgeatlon, Weak Stomach 2.V
13 Croup, Hoarse Cough, Laryngitis j;
14 Bait llheuin, Eruptions , ,.,,,..,3.1
15 Rheumatism, Lumjiago..., , 35
10 Perer and Acun, llolarla... ,
17 Plles,CUndorCleodlng,Eztcrnal,Interaal.:
IS Catarrh, Influensa, Cold la Head, ,., 23
20 Whooping Cough ..,,-., J
. jtl Asthma, Oppresuod.ClmcultCreatblng 25
Z7 Illilney Dlseaaa .. 21
28 Nerrous Beblllty, Vital Weakness 1,00
30 Urinary Incontinence, Wetting Bed.,,.., .25
34 BoroThroot. Quluejr , ,,,22
77 La Cflppc Crb 25
Bold by druggists, or lent on receipt of pries.
WWlm Bad Jinn 8it,Kevr York.

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