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(By E. O. SGIiLKHS, Director of Evening
Department, The Moody Bible Institute,
LESSON TEXT-Luko 14:25-35.
OOLDKN TKXT "Whosoever would
wave lila life shall lose It; and whosoever
shall lose his life for my "ake shall And
'it." Matt. 15:25.
While this discourse Is recorded
only by St. Luke, still ttaero are many
things mentioned hero to which our
Lord made reference on other occa
sions. Last Sunday's Easter lesson
made a break In tho sequence of les
sons we have been following, ana shall
follow for several succeeding Sundays.
Leaving tho chief Pharisee's house
wherein he criticized both host and
guests, "great multitudes" followed
our Lord. Turning, ho uttered some
of the severest and yet the most won
derful words that ever fell from his
,Hps, as we shall see If wo follow all
of this part of otfr lesson series.
I Multitude Rebuked.
I. A Caution, v. 26. On another oc
casion, John 6:2G, Jesus rebuked tho
multitude which followed him. This
multitude who pressed abput him did
not realize what was involved in a
true following. They wero Influenced
by the psychology of the crowd, and
did not count the cost. Jesus does not
mean that our dlsciplcshlp will lessen
our love for our kin (Bph. 5:25, 28-31;
C;l-4), but as compared, with our love
for him It Is aversion. See Matt.
10:37; Phil. 3:7, 8; Ps. 73:25, 26. Aver
slon Is to turn aside, and the Master
told.us that those who shall turn aside
thuB shall have an abundant reward,
see Mark 10:28-30. Jesus Christ must
bo supreme in a Chrlstaln's affections.
He who freely gave his own self (John
3:16, Phil. 2:8) has a right to demand
a like devotion to himself, and aa
men have approached nearest to such
a consecration he has exalted them.
Tho Cross means the shame, sorrow,
pain and death of self and all that lies
In the pathway of loyalty and devo
tion to him. II Tim. 3:12, Acts 14:22.
II. A Challange, vv. 27-32. (1) The
Instruction, v. 27. As If to make this
caution more solemn, Jesus set3 be
fore the multitude the manner of his
approaching 'death and tho condition
of dlscipleshlp. He here lays down
the first declaration of the severe
terms of dlscipleshlp, but explains
the meaning of his words. There Id a
new meaning of this passage sug
gested by the Revised Version of v.
38, "so likewise" is rendered, "so
therefore." Our Lord does certainly
insist that those who Jiulld a tower or
conduct a war must count the cost; so,
likewise, thoy who follow him. But
by thls'change the opposite thought Is
suggested, viz., that those who follow
him must do so whatever the cost may
bo. (2) The Illustrations, (a) The
builder of a tower, vv. 29, 30, and (b)
The King at war, vv. 31, 32. Too often
we present to men what Is to be gained
by- Christian dlscipleshlp. The gain
does outweigh the cost, but as wise
builders we must present the cost side
of the transaction.
Homely Illustrations.
III. The Conclusion, vv. 33-35. We
have already indicated tile conclusion
towards which Jesua was leading with
torrlflo loglc and by looking back to
the first verso of the lesson we see
what it was he was seeking to Impress
upon the minds of the thoughtless
multitude. Again the Master uses
one of those homely illustrations
gathered from the common experi
ences of llfo which he employed bo
frequently lo amplify or to drive home
a great truth. There mutt b'e quality
as well as devotion to this dlsciple
shlp. Salt preserves from corruption,
seasons insipidity, freshens and sweet
ens. These qualities are referred to
abundantly by Scriptural writers. Salt
is highly prized in the East. The
natural man is presented .also as be
ing corrupt, Gen. 6:11; 8:21; 'Ps. 14:2,
3; Eph. 2:1-3. Tho remedy, for this is
the active presence of his disciples
among their fellows. The true dis
ciple is like salt with a good savor.
On the other hand, salt that has- lost
Its savor is not even fit for a dung
hill, but 1b thrown out and trodden un
der foot of men. So our Lord sets
aside that disciple of his who has lost
his usefulness. This expresses our
Lord's contempt and scorn of those
who lack, not merely a certain kind
of character, but those whose profes
sion and appearance would indicate a
better expectation.
This lesson presents tho severity
of the claims of Jesus. Irresistibly he
drew the multitudes to himself. Wit
ness the crowd following him as he
leaves the house of the ruler. But he
paused and by his teaching sifted
them, and seemingly made it difficult
to follow him. I
What Is the purpose of dlscipleshlp?
It means co-operation. The Work of
the King is to build and to battle, so
the disciple must wield both sword
and trowel. He must set aside his in
terests and devote himself and all of
his strength to the work and the war
fare. Wo must not, aa has been lntl
inate,d, allow ourselves to Imagine
that these sayings of Jesus conflict
with his tender words about the homo
or of men coming to him for rest
Matt 11:28-30). The ultimate end of
disclpleships 1b that tho surging rest
lessness of the multitude shall Indeed
&&A ret la him.
April 13, 1014.
Clias. Cadwallader, wife and two
children, of near Harwood, and Ira
Cadwallader and family were enter
tained by Clark Cadwallader and fam
ily, Sunday.
Mrs. Dora Bllderback and two
daughters, Velma and Clarice, of Lit
tleton, spent Monday with Mrs. A. E.
'Albert Davidson and wife and Mrs.
Amanda" Roush spent Sunday with
Walter Harshbarger and family, of
Point Victory.
Miss Olllo Wilkin spent Friday night
with Miss Elizabeth Dallnger, of
Anderson Crossing.
Roy Garrison and sister, Carrie, of
Lynchburg, wore tho guests Sunday of
Ed Lewis and family,
Louis Foucli, who has been 111 for
sometime, died Saturday night. Short
services were held at the home this
morning. Interment, In the Stroup
cemetery, He was aged 70 years.
Harry Lylo and wife spent Sunday
with Chas. Pennington and family, of
near New Market.
Peter Saura and family and Willie
McCrelght and wife were the guests
Sunday of David Saum and family.
Miss Lucille Cadwallader is visltirlg
Clark Cadwallader and family.
Mrs. Emery and Miss nazel Conard,
of HUlsboro, spent Sunday with M rs
Anna Conard and son.
Lee Splckard spent Sunday with
Arnqld and Hugh Wilkin,
April 13, 1914.
Mrs. Jane Stults returned home Fri
day after spending sometime at the
bedside of her daughter, Mrs. Elmer
Cameron, of near Marshall.
Bessie Deardoff spent Sunday with
her cousin Eva Rhoads.
Elva Cartwrlght and wife, of Sink
ing Springs, spent Sunday with J. P.
Havens and wife.
D. O. Matthews, of Greenfield, spent
from Saturday until Monday with his
son, II, V. Matthews.
Carlton West has purchased a new
Carroll buggy. (
Mrs. J. O. Stults spent Friday with
friends at Cynthiana.
Harvey nolten, wife" and youngest
children spent Saturday night and Sun
day with the former's brother, James,
at Idaho.
Mrs. Peter Cartwrlght, of near Cedar
Point, spent Tuesday night and'
nesday with her daughter, Mrs. Aus-
tin Eubanks and family,
Mrs. Fred Spargur and children, of
near Rainsboro, spent Friday after
noon with H. M. EUbanks and wife.
J.'P. Havens was a business visitor
In Hillsboro, Thursday.
Ed White and wife spent Easter
with the former's father, H. C. White
of near Cliff Range.
Mrs. Laura Countryman and Mrs.
Lene Reel called on Mrs. Rebecca
Stults, Thursday afternoon.
John Covan, wife and baby, of Slnk
ng Spring, spent Easter with T. A.
Hockman and'family.
Ray and-Chester Deardoff spent Sun
day with their cousin, Verna Rhoads.
Glenn and Nellie Smith, Of Lathem,
spent Saturday night and Sunday
with Miss Edltha Holten and brother.
Mrs. Jane Stults and Mrs. Mary
Bobb, of this place, and Mrs. Dora
Butler and son, of Sinking Spring
spent Sunday with Mrs. Simpson West;
Mrs. Rebecca Stults has been sick.
Wm. Johnson, of Beech Flatts, was
the guest of Simpson West, Sunday
Ben Butler and wife ate dinner with
Ausker Irons and wife, of near No. 5,
Anna Rhoads and family spent Fri
day with Mrs. S. S, Deardoff.
April 13, 1914.
Ben Fenner and children spent Sun
day with Ed Larrlck and family.
Amos Hopkins and wife spent Sun-4
day with Orlle.Huff and wife.
John Newell and family, of HUls
boro, were the guests of Lewis Frost
and family, Sunday.
Harry Fenner and family, Ray
Frost and family, Geo. Fenner and1
-wife, of Lynchburg, Everett Hlxson
and family and Arthur Hlxson and
family spent Sunday with James Hlx
son and family. I
The Ladles Aid Society of this place, '
held an Easter Market at Hillsboro,
Saturday. Proceeds were $22.
F. L. Crosen and family spent
Thursday with Chas. Johnston and
family. I
Miss Edna Heart, of Russell, spent
several days last week with her sister, '
Mrs, Ruth Thompson. I
Walter Scott and wife spent-Sunday
with John Gilllland and wife,
Financier What's all the hubbub In
the director's room ?
Steno Somi wise minority stock
holder Just found that the office cat is
on the pay roll for $3,000 a year under
the name of T. Feline Milwaukee
April 13, Klir
C. W. Garen and wife and Homer
Catiln arc! wife, of New Market, were
visitors at the homo of Dr. Cropper
Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Estle Pence, who has been em
ployed at tho Howe Military School at
lloweflnd, for the past week, Is at
home and with her brother, Floyd
Itoush, and wife, will leave shortly for
Cincinnati, where they will locate and
engage In keeping boarders. Mr. Roush
will have a public sale Thursday,
April 10.
George Pugh and wife and Glenn
Wilkin, or HUlsboro, and Elza Wilkin
and wife and son, Gale, were visitors
of Win. Stockwell and wife, Sunday.
G, M. Shaffer, after a long illness,
died at his home near this place Thurs
day, April 9. The funeral was' held
at the Reformed church Friday morn
ing conducted by Rev. Howard, of
HUlsboro, interment in the Mt. Zlon
cemetery. He leaves a wife and six
sons, who have the sympathy of the
community in their bereavement.
Roy Pence and family and Mrs Rach
el Pence, of East Danville, were guests
of Lewis Pence and wife, Sunday.
Frank Davis and family moved from
Dayton last week to the property
he recently purchased form' the Hop
kins heirs.
Richard Roush is confined to his bed
suffering with pneumonia.
Mrs. Mack Groves and children, of
Boston, and Carl Hlxson and family,
of Shackelton, spent Sunday with Dan
Henderson and family.
Lewis Foucli died at his home north
of here Sunday morning. Funeral
services were held at the home Mon
day morning; intermentin the Stroup
cemetery near Dodsonville.
Geo. Shatter, or Delaware, was called
here last week by the death of tils
father, G. M. Shaffer. .
Hugh Stockwell closed a very suc
cessful term of school in District No.
6, Friday, with appropriate exercises
Chris'Roebuck and wife, of Middle
town, are the guests of relatives and
friends here.
Roy Winters, of near New Market,
spent Sunday with Roy Wood.
Thomas Berry, of the O. S. U., spent
his spring vacation with his mother,
Mrs. Wm. Berry, last week.
Rev. Howard, of HUlsboro, will
preacn at tne tteformed church next
bunday, both morning and evening
services. 100 attended the Sundav
Wed-'School at this church Easter, the
j largest attendance on record.
i m
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weakness, turn- -quickly for help to
Foley Kidney Pills. You cannot take
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Gabkett & Aywes.
There were five schools and 150 pupils
In the Brooklyn kindergartens organ
ized by Superintendent William H.
Maxwell 15 years ago; now there are
40,009 children In the kindergartens of
Greater New York.
National Sunbeam Mazda Lamps
10 .30 .33
15 ,.30 . .33
20 '.30 .33
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April 13, 1014.
C. W. Johnson treated his school to
a spelling bee, Friday.
M. FJ. Harris and daughter, Clara,
visited U. E. Euverard and family, at
Maplo Grove, Friday.
Born to Virgil Slulton and wife last
week a girl.
Sara Fettro Is working for Grant
A. L. Anderson andon, "Dude" of
HUlsboro, were callers here Thursday.
G. B. Taylor, of New Market, trans
acted business here, Friday.
D E. Vance and family entertained
at dinner Sunday II. L. Sanders and
family and Rurton Vance and wife.
Virgil Shelton and son, Ernest Al
bert, called on T. R. Vance and wife
C. D, Borden, pf Sorg, was a business
caller here last Monday.
W. II. Hughes and wife left here
Monday for Washington, la., where
they will make their f uturclhome.
G. W. Sanders, Clyde Shelton, wife
and son, Geo., wero tho guests of T.
R Vance and wife, Sunday.
One way to relieve habitual consti
pation is to take regularly a mild laxa
tive. Doan's Regulets arerecommend
ed for this purple. 253 a box at ail
drug store.s adv
April 13, 1914.
Ova Creed and family; and narry
Chanoy spent Saturday and Sunday in
Annie Purdy and Ruby Carey were
shopping In Illllsbjro, Saturday.
Donald Carey spent from Saturday
until Monday with home folks.
B. F. ana Roy Borden, of Sugartree
Ridge, and B. W. Smith and family,
of Wilmington, spent Sunday with T.
B. Smith.
Lettle and Gladys Smith spent Sun
day evening with Madge and Gladys
Brent Woodmansee and wife spent
o . rr - o j
Sunday afternoon with Henry Sanders
aud wife.
Lora Underwood and Rosco Morris
and family spent Sunday with Wen-del-Sumraers
and wife.
Wm. Levo spent Sunday with How
ard Fisher and family.
Elmer Ockerman and wife spent
Sunday with R. II. Ockerman.
G. B. Carey and wife spent Sunday
in Samantha. '
John Pfarn will clean and press and
mend that suit until It will look u
good as new. 1 also do dry cleaning.
Give me a call. Brunner's Shoe
Shop. adv
"Old Rockybllt is a great benefact
or," said the Boob. "He has done a
lot of good things."
"Yes," replied the Grouch. "I'm
one of them." Cincinnati Enquirer.
Itching piles provoke profanity but
profanity won't remove them. Coan's
Ointment is recommended for Itching,
bleeding or protruding piles. 50c at
any drug store. adv
The firm of BROWN & AYRES will, $
tor the season, keep for public service
in their stables at Hillsboro, imported
draft stallions described as follows, viz:
MINOS. Sorrel, BoVhn, age 10, weight 202.5
SULTAN, Sorrel, Belgian, age 0, weight 2100.
COMP TABLE, Black Percheron, age 8, weight 1800.
JOSUE, Gray, Percheron, age 5, weight 2050.
KILLOG RAM METRE, Gray Percheron, age 3, weight 1900.
All these houses are sound and all registered In the respective
record nooks of Belgium and France, and also in this country.
TERMS $15 to Insure a living colt for all, except Killogram
metro which will be $20. Parting with mare after service, without
definite arrangement with stallion owners forfeits the Insurance.
At Lynchbure under the management of Robert Brown,
ARCOLE DESTUYVE, Sorrel, Belgian, 5 years old, welghtl880
JONGLEUR, Black Percheron, 5yearsold, weight 1875.
Both sound. Terms $15 as above.
April 13. 1914.
Mrs. Ivers, of Washington, O. II.,
Is spending the week with her son, J.
H. Ivers and family..
Frank Lucas, wife and little grand
son, of Marshall, were guests of rela
tives here last Saturday.
The Aid Knc.lptv will moot .,-. tl.o I
home of Mrs. Clara Browninir on
Thursday afternoon.
Tom Spargur left last week for
Louisiana aud expects to be imne a
couple of weeks.
Miss Eva Pearce,
burg, was the guest
Bell over Sunday.
New Peters
Miss Georgia
W. G. Hodge and wife visited friends
at Washington, C. II , last Tuesday.
Mrs. Lizzie Freshwater, of Colum
bus, has been the guest of her parents
here since Thursday.
O. R. Kerns and wife and H. W.
Spargur, of Bainbrldge, were guests of
I relatives here, Sundav,
' """"
Mrs. Paul Baruer and Miss Ulllan
Barger, of Leesburg, spent Friday af
ternoon with friends here.
Miss Ruth Warnock, of Dallas, was
the guest of Miss Kathryn Harring
ton, last Saturday and aunday.
Rev. C. M. VanPelt, the District
Superintendent, will preach In the M.
E. church, at 10 o'clock Sunday, April
20, and will hold quarterly meeting at
New Petersburg on the afternoon of
the same day.
The Gleaners are arranging to give a
musical entertainment at the K. of
P. hall on the night of May 2.
Miss Lillian Barger, of Leesburg,
will give a recital at the M. E. church
on Saturday night of this week. Ad
mission 15c and 25c. A per cent, of
the proceeds will go to the Ladles Aid
The Sophomore base ball team, of
Hillsboro played the school team here
last Friday afternoon. The game re
sulted In a victory for the home team.
Geo. Free and his Sunday school
class of boys will enjoy an egg roast at
K. of P. hall tonight.
Another meeting in the interests of
centralization will be held at the
school house on Frldav nlo-hr. nf nvt,
week. It Is expected that the state
school Inspector will be present and
also othei able speakers and it is earn
estly desired that there should be a
good attendance.
James Ersklne died at the home of
his daughter, Mrs. Laura Clay, last
Thursday afternoon after a long Ill
ness. Funeral was held at the M. E.
church on Saturday morning, con
ducted by Rev. Shriver and the body
was taken to Greenfield for burial
Ellsha Beaver, who has been 111 for
several months, is now in a critical
condition and his many friends are
saddened to know that the end is not
far away.
"We are thinking of giving old Go
trox the degree of doctor of languages."
"lie's no linguist."
"No; but he" has $4,000,000, and
money talks "Kansas City Journal.
Why it Suits Particular People,
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound Is
prompt and effective for coughs, colds,
' croup hoarseness, bronchial coughs and
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Hancock, Mich., writes: "Foley's
Honey and Tar quickly relieves tick
ling throat and stops the cough with
no bad after effect." It contains no
opiates and Is pure. That's why it
suits particular people. adv
Gaiirett & Ayhes.
Mrs. Fox Great news, John
son is engaged to Miss Golder.
FoxWhat J Then I shall object to
the marriage.
Mrs. Fox Object 1 Are you out of
your senses ?
Fox Not at all; but If we don't
kick a little the Golders will think we
don't amount to much, and they'll
probably call It off Boston Trans
script. Work was obtained for 10,340 men
and women by Cleveland's free em
ployment bureau last year.
April 13, 1914
Harold Hass left Sunday for Ann
Arbor, Mich., to resume his studis,
after spending the Easter vacation
with his parents.
After spending a pleasant vacation
with his parents, J. D. Hodson a d
wife, Herman nodson has returned io
Cleveland to resume liic sn,Hio,t,,
I Medical College.
Daryl Johnson, of Manchester, spe.-it
Sunda with his n.irpntQ p n i
son and wife.
The HUlsboro High School base b d
team, accompanied by Prof. Mc Mul
len, came over last Fridav aften.o n
'and crossed bats with the local Mgli
ocnooi team, resulting in a victor for
the visiting team.
After an illness of several mo. ths
duration, Mrs David Gough died
urday night about 10:30 o'clock, at hr-r
home on Railroad street.
Miss Wllmuth Morris was the pu st
of MlssAvathusa HugglnslastSunu y
Mrs. Silas Sparks was called o
Bloomlngsburg, Saturday morning wi
account of the serious Illness of M rs.
Llna Patterson
Fred Robinson, from near Hillsbo-.i,
was the guest of relatives here Frhiay
Mrs. Elizabeth Vance, of Norwood,
Is the guest of her daughter, Mrs S.
R. Ousley and family.
Easter services were held In the
Friends' church Sunday afternoon and
In the M. E. church, Sunday evening.
P. O. Mummahad a Horal, opening
at his Greenhouse last Frlday'and Sat
urday afternoon.
Mrs. C. B. Cox spent Satuiday in
Miss Florence Hadley spent from
Friday until Sunday with her parents
in Wilmington.
After a pleasant ten days visit with
relatives here, Joe Hohler and w Ife re
turned Monday to their home in Day.
Miss Madge Purdy spent the pc';
end with her sister, Mrs. Lottie Uob
inson, south of Hlllsb ro.
C. E. Pavev. Of iJlanr.he-stP.r. snont-.
- ---- ., . ... u . . w
xrom "uaaJ' until Monday at home.
The High School Literary Society
rendered an Interesting miscellaneous
program Friday afternoon in the pre
sence of a large company of visitors
April 13, 1914.
Cy Chaney and family, of near Dan
ville, Miss Florence Ludwlg. of Lvru h-
I burg, and Mr. Williams spent Sunday
1 with Francis Ludvvlgand family
John Winkle and wife and daughter,
Opal, and Miss Ethel Thornburg, of
HUlsboro, and Henry Stroup. of Eist
i Danville, spent Sunday with J. W.
Thornburg and family.
Albert Ellis and wife, of Norwood,
and Delbert Pence, of Blaivlie ter,
spent Saturday and Sunday with v il
hard Calley and family.
Wm. Runyonand famllyspentSatur
day night and Sunday with Homer
Barker and family, of Damascus.
Mrs. Zella Hawk and children Spent
Sunday with her mother, Mrs Winkle,
of Falrview.
Mrs. Elmer Foster and children
spent Sunday with Ed Runyon and
family, at Dodsonville
Glenn and narold Foster took dinner
with Clarence Claibourn Sunday.
Rev. Martin and wife and daughters,
Annabel and Mrs. Grace Bumgardner,
and daughter, Eleanor, of Lynchburg,
Ortha Lud wick and wife and daughter,
nattie, of Cincinnati, Lewis Shaffer
and family and T. E. Hawthorne and
family, of Dodsonville, spent Sunday
with Noah Shaffer and famll.
Miss Ida Moore spent Sunday with
her mother, Mrs. Nancy Moore, of
Miss Dena Ludwlck, of Dodsonville,
spent Saturday and Sunday with her
mother, Mrs. Luclnda Ludwick.
MIes Emma Shaffer spent sevural
aays last week with her sister, Mrs.
jT. E. Hawthorn, of Dodsonville.
t -& ifefc-

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