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April 13, 1014.
Mrs. Bertha Seaman, of Buda Spring,
Kan , Is the guest of relatives here.
Stanley Miller and family spent Sun
day with Mrs. Higglns, at Illllsboro.
Misses Ada Brehm and Isla Edwards
have returned home, after a visit with
Mrs. E. E. West.
The Sewing Circle will meet Wednes
day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Byrd Hlgglns. Everyone Is Invited
to come.
Mrs. Elizabeth West Is not so well
this week.
Mrs. Harry Shannon spent Saturday
with Mrs. Evelyn McCoy.
E. E. West and wife spent Sunday
with the latter's mother, Mrs. N. B.
Lafferty, In Illllsboro.
Burch Hott and wife were the guests
of Albert Fling and wife, at Folsom,
Miss Cora Hochlnberger, of Hamil
ton. Is visiting her parents here .
George Ballentlne and wife, of Hills
boro, and Roy Gustln and wife, of Co
lumbus, were In this locality Sunday.
Newt. Farls and wife and children,
of nillsboro, visited in this locality
Wm. Ballentlne and wife entertain
ed their son, George, and wife, of
Illllsboro, Sunday.
Estel Mullenlx and wife and daugh
ter were In this locality Sunday.
The Sunday School at Prospect M.
E. church was reorganized last Sunday.
The following are the officers: Supt.,
Ellis West ; Asst. Supt., Ed. nunter ;
Sec'y., Miss Cunningham ; Miss. Cor.,
Eoger Farls ; Pianist, Mrs. riott.
April 13, 1914.
Mrs. David Pence and children, of
Columbus, are the guests of her par
ents, Warren Morrow and wife.
Clarence Dean and wife were called
to Blanchester Sunday on account of
the serious illness of the former's
mothhr, Mrs. W. W. Dean.
Misses Marietta Kellls, Inez Morrow
and Gertrude Pfister, of Columbus,
spent Easter with home folks.
Mrs. Clay Gordon and daughter, Miss
Fay, of Greenfield, were guests of rela
tives here Sunday and Monday.
Mrs. Jos. Stabler, of Illllsboro, spent
Sunday with her father, Isma Troth.
Thomas Berry, of Columbus, was a
guest of friends here Monday.
Arthur Blshlr, of Chicago, spent
the week end with his mother here.
Mrs. Goddard and daughter, Hilda,
and Mrs. -Hammond were shopping in
Cincinnati Friday.
Dr. Murphy andson, John, of Green
field, attended the funeral of J. G.
Bayless Saturday.
Mrs. H. B. Galliett and daughter
are both confined to the house by a
severe attack of la grippe.
Tiie Seniors and High School teach
ers were entertained on Thursday
evening at the 'home of Supt. and
Mrs. Galliett.
Mrs. Lida West and little daughter
visited relatives in Wilmington Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. -Bering, of Covington,
visited relatives and friends here Sat
urday and Sunday.
Miss Marlle Van Winkle spent Sun
day with her father, J. D. Van Winkle,
at New Market.
Mrs. Boosveld and daughters, Gladys
and Minnie, were shopping In Cincin
nati, Wednesday and Thursday.
John G. Bayless, one of our most re
spected citizens, and one who served
during the Civil war in the U.S. Navy,
died at his home litre Thursday morn
ing. Mr. Bayless has long bpen Iden
tified with the business interests of
Lynchburg and wasalways progressive
and in favor of public Improvement.
He was 73 years old and leaves a widow
and one son, John G.
Wm. Lemon left Monday for Colum
bus where he is engaged to play ball
for the edification of the Inmates of
the State Institutions.
Louie Shaper left for New York this
morning where he will rejoin the Navy.
Why "it Suits Particular People.
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound Is
prompt and effective for coughs, colds,
croup hoarseness, bronchial coughs and
throat troubles. Thomas Verron,
Hancock, Mich., writes: "Foley's
Honey and Tar quickly relieves tick
ling throat and stops the cough with
no bad after effect." It contains no
opiates and is pure; That's why It
suits particular people. adv
Garrett & Atbks.
Have your sale bills printed at the
News-Herald. 50 bills in two colors
and matter run in paper for 3.00.
Hicks Isn't Wlthlngton a long time
getting well? They told me three
weeks ago.that he was convalescent.
Wicks I see you don't know what a
pretty nurse Wlthlngton has Somer
vllle Journal.
Crawford I remember your wife
used to' make you go shopping with
her. How did you manage to get out
of It? :
Otabehaw I made a point to flirt
with the pretty salesgirls New York
The Ohio Royal
Thin in Mia Oar for vou to buv.
n.i ,,11 nmilnnnrl This Is no assembly car. every nart is made in the
factory at Cincinnati. Ohio.
Come in, let's talk the matter overl I have other cars the wH-noted
Aiihnrn ami other makes. Also second hand machines. No reasonable
offer refused.
' April 13, 1914.
Newton Bennington, of Taylorsvllle,
was a business .visitor here this morn
ing. John Gossett, and wife, of Price
town, were the guest of their son,
Clarence, Sunday.
Margaret Moberly. who has been
employed In Cincinnati during the
winter, has returned home.
Little Paul Weaver Is spending the
week at Ilillsboro with his parents,
E. G. Weaver and wife.
Clarence Vance, of Columbus, was a
recent visitor here.
Melvln Tolle, of Franklin, visited
his brother, A. M. Tolle, last week.
''Mrs. Bell Nlckerson, of Newark, N.
J., who has been at the bedside of her
aunt, Mrs Sanford Bradley, for the
past two weeks, will return home.on
James Martin recently purchased a
Ford automobile.
The I. O. O F. Lodge held its an
nual egg feast last Saturday' evening,
to which the families and old soldiers
were Invited. A good time was re
ported. The M. E Church will have an Ice
cream supperSatiirday evening, April
18, also a sale of many fancy articles,
such as one needs In spring house
cleaning, also a beautiful qullt. Pro
ceeds for benefit of the church. Every
body come.
The baccalaureate sermon will be
preached Sunday evening, April 19,
by Rev. Geran, of Sardinia.
School closes this week. The mem
bers of the Erraduatiner class are the
Misses Blanch Burns, Lola Roush, Cal
lle Puckett, MurllBeltz, Nellie Weav
er, Lola Puckett, Ethel Lyons, and
Messrs. Homer Ludwlck, Hallle
Huey, Wilbur Patton and Howard
April 13, 1914.
Burch Hilliard and family, ofHllls
boro, Olen Roler and family, of Tay
lorsvllle, and Otis Roler and wife, of
Danville, were entertained by Tom
Roler and wife, Sunday.
Ira Davidson and family, of Danville,
spent Sunday with F. C. Custer and
Geo. Brognard and family were the
guests of Loren Landess and wife
B. F. Overstake, of Flncastle, spent
Thursday and Friday with Nat Tan
nehill. Jacob Saunders and wife spent Sun
day with Allen Rotroff and wife, at
Sugartree Ridge.
Mrs. John Davidson, of Sugartree
Ridge, was the guest of Wm. Sonner
and wife, Sunday. "
Mrs. A. R. Williams called on Mrs.
Nat Tannehill recently.
Albert Davidson and wife spent
RlinHaw roll-H Wattor TTaroViH'ivfToi' nnti 1
T. M. Wilkin and family and Miss
Madge Moomaw were the guests of H.
E. Wilkin and family Sunday.
Hazel Carrier, Amle Lemon, Ralph
Miller and David Carrier were guests J
of Miss Clara Sonner Sunday.
Ed. Brewer and wife, of New Mar.
ket, A. N. Overstake and wife, of
Mowrystown, called on Nat Tannehill
and wife, Sunday evening.
April 13, 1914.
Mrs. Jacob Stroop, of Dayton, ar
rived here Sunday to spend some time
with Geo Eyler and wife.
Bessie Whlslerspent Friday evening
with Pearl Strain.
A. N. Overstake .and wife, of
Mowrystown,' were the guests of Nat
Tannehlll and family Sunday.
Ova and narry Shannon, of Berrys
vllle, were here Saturday buying
Mrs. Forest Emery and son, How
ard, and Mrs. P. S. Bell and daughter,
Ophelia, will entertain at the Carr
home Thursday.
A. E. Hunter and Jessie Harshbar
ger called on Nat. Tannehill one
It Is low in price and well constructed
evening last week.
R. G. Roberts spent Sunday after
noon with Jas.,Lelntnger.
W. E. Borden left today for Pennsyl
vanla where he will work for the
Clark Grave Vault Co.
D H. Carrier and Orlle McCon
naughey attended meeting at Sugar-
tree Ridge Sunday evening.
James Eaklns was working for Chas.
Borden at Sorg Monday.
Purdy & Hunter unloaded a car of
fertilizer Friday .
L. H. Fawley and wife, of Peebles,
Lawrence Smith and wife, of Lynch-
bum. and Frank Sharp and wife, of
New Vienna, were guests of Wm.
Carrier and family Sunday.
Josephine Carr and sister, Anna Ey
ler, were guests of Geo. Brognard and
wife Friday.
Ellsworth Eaklns, of Mowrystown,
called on Mrs. Anna Eaklns Saturday.
C. V. Purdy and wife spent Easter
with L. A. Purdy and wife.
Amanls Young, of Hollowtown, and
Jas. Wilkin, of Prospect, spent Tues
day night with the former's brother,
Wesley Young, and wife.
Carey Emery and Minnie Vance, of
Harrlsburg, were entertained by Mack
Roush and wife Sunday.
Mary Vance called on W. H. Par-
shall and family Sunday.
Mabel McConnaughey, of Dodson
vllle, Is helping Mrs. Paul Fawley
with her spring work.
C. W. Garen and wife and A. E,
Hunter and Jessie Harshbarger called
on friends at Danville Sunday.
Financial Side of Tobacco Habit.
jsaitor inews-uerald lsam m a
former article that the cigarette and
tobacco habit was financially injurious
to the one who had acquired the habit.,
Therefore we must give the proof.
The first problem we give for your
solution will be a simple mathematical
If a man or boy uses five cents worth
of tobacco per day how long will It re
quire him, to use up the amount neces
sary to purchase a home ? Answer, In
twenty six years. A 'man will chew
and smoke and spit away a nice little
cottage house worth $1100. If the
consumption of the weed Is ten cents
it will be the waste of a house worth
32200. I have known men to spend as
much as twenty five cents per day,
which amount with the Interest would
buy a $5500 farm or house. Who can
afford this waste of finance. We an
swer only the man who can do It with
out Injuring his family.
The poorman cannot afford it. How
many of the luxuries of the table could
be supplied with this worse than
wasted money. All of this waste of
money is to satisfy an artificial, culti
vated appetite. ' Man's nature cries
out against the Introduction of tobacco
into the system and it requires some
time and cultivation before we can
allow tobacco to remain as
morsel around our tongue.
a sweet J
xnat js ,
only when our finer nature has been
brought Into subjection to the influ
ence of nicotine poison.
Young map put your money, into
savings banks. Then you can draw it
out at any time and if you allow It to
remain there for 26 years It will buy,
you a home. But If you Invest it n
the smoke house'or over any tobacco
counter It is gone forever, and after you
have lived for twenty-six years and
spent your money in the latter way
without a bank book you will say,
"what afool I was." Yes and you will
want to marry about that time, and
the time is coming when girls who
marry will want a, home. I am
not l
writing this for money or honor but
that some young men that I love may
become thinking men. My next article
will be the tobacco as a commercial
business, etc.
Interested Citizen.
Mrs. Martha Thompson and Mrs.
Mary Lewis entertained the Larkln
Club at their home near Dallas Friday
night. Those present were Mrs. Nancy
Buntaln, Mrs. AJ Smith, Mrs. John
Spruance, Mrs. Ella PaVldsonand two
children, Beryl and Ora Lee, and Mrs.
Minnie E. Carper and son.. Wilfred.
All reported a pleasant time.
RealQEstate Transfers.
Anna nook to J. P. Blair, Concord
tp, 40a, $800.
Geo. F. Ohanoy to M. A. Garrett,
Washington tp, 42a, $1200.
M. Irwin Dunlap to Chas. Sullivan,
Greonfleld,.lot, $1200.
Frank Clouser to J. L. Lafferty, lot,
Elabeth O.ISandors to Thomas W.
Watts, lots, East Monroe, $1.
W E. Artor to Arthur Buck, Hills
boro, lot, $1.
Edgar F. Caldwell to Moody Schwart,
lot, Greenfield, $1.
Moody Schwart to Edgar F. Cald
well, Greenfield, lot, $1.
John Foulk to Chas. M. Foullc, lot,
Greenfield, $1.
L. A. Surber to Earl L. Surber, 25a,
Whiteoak tp, $1.
L. A. Surber to Earl L. Surber, la;
Whiteoak tp, $40.
Jas. H. Puckett to Toe List, lot,
Hlllsboro, $1.
Christian L. Redkey to Esther R.
Hope, Paint tp, 47ia Jtalnsboro,lots,$l.
David H. Woodslde to H, E. Lemon,
Hlllsboro, lot, 91.
M. Irwin Dunlap to J. W. Rlckman,
Greenfield, lot, $1.
Wm. H. Roads to Ella Roads, Clay
tp, 10a, $1.
Howard D. Pavey to Mary Long,
Highland, lot, $1.
Mary Long to John Sharp, Highland,
lot, $1.
Jno. Q. Yankle to T. W. Gall,
Brushcreek tp, 54 a, $100 .
Sheriff to James Sonner, Whiteoak
tp, 114a, $3400.
Samuel Beatty to Mary V. Kelly,
Concord-tp, lots, $400.
Laura A. Gee so John J. Muntz,
Greenfield, lot, $1.
E. R. Mills to C. E. Patton, Lynch
burg, lot, $72.
Austin Florence et al to Rachel E.
Shaffer, 10a, Hamer tp, $1.
C. U. Moxley to James A. Nlckols,
Greenfield, lot, $1.
Ida M. Barr toEmma C. Stout, lot,
Greenfield, $1.
Thos. J. Hurley to Emma J. Roberts,
Hlllsboro, lot, $1
R. B. Barrett et al toH. M. Barrett,
7-8 of 203a, Paint tp, $1.
Oscar Heldlngsfeld to John L. Dwyer
lots, Greenfield, $1.
Receiver of Detroit, Toledo &Jron
ton R. R. Co. to New York Trust-Co.
Receiver of D. T. & L R. R. Co. to
Central Trust Co. of New York.
Frank Whlted to Isaac Whited, lot,
Greenfield, $1.
Perry O Pence to James EL Boyle,
Hlllsboro, lot, $1.
Martha A Mahan to.SallleM Reed,
80 poles, Liberty tp, $10.
Sarah A. Eckley to Sallle M. Reed,
80 poles, Liberty tp, $10.
O. J. Eckley to Sallle M. Reed, 80
poles, Liberty tp, $10.
Birda Mahan to Sallle M. Reed, 80
poles, Liberty tp, $10.
Nettle Burnett to Boosveld, Lynch
burg, lot, $1800. I
Joe W. List to Elizabeth Hill, lot,
Hlllsboro, 91.
Nannie M. Pence to Charles L..Lang
ley, Hlllsboro, lot, $1.
Mary Davidson to J. M. Lawson, 25
sq. rds., Brushcreek tp, $15.
W H. McAdow to Lawrence N.
Smith, Lynchburg, lot,'?!.
Lyman Beecher was in Dayton on
business Tuesday and Wednesday.
Miss Florene Roberts returned to
her home In Remington Monday after
a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. J". S.
Frank Holmes has leased the High
land House Livery Barn and will con
duct an up-to-date feed stable. Prices,
Feed 25c. hay 15c. Give him a 6all.
Satisfaction guaranteed. adv
Dr. S. O. Royal, pastor of the North
side Methodist Church, Cincinnati,
died Tuesday morning, after a short
illness. The funeral was held at the
church of whlch.he was a pastor. Dr.
Royal was for several years pastor of
the Hlllsboro M. E. Church and his
death came as a great shock to his
many friends here.
He was 62 years
of ace.
Friends here have received anj
nouncements of the marriage of Miss
Florence F. Hilton and Benjamin P, !
Posey, at Waynesvllle, N. 0 on Dec.
6, 1013. The bride Is a daughter of .
Dr. and Mrs. L. R. Hilton, of this
place, and a very charming young lady. .
The announcement was a great sur
prise to every one here. Mr. and Mrs.
Posey were the guests of Dr. and Mrs.
Hilton a few days last week, returning
to their home at Spartaburg, N. C,
m I
Recently the Business Men's Asso-
elation sent out a large number of let
ters soliciting new members. In each
letter was a postal dard addressed to.
the president of the association with
a place on the opposite side for the
signature of the' applicant, for mem
bership. One of these cards was re
turned, but the annllcanft fall art tn
slim h nam. Th oacnMaMnn h..
not want to lose this member norjhave
him think that his application was
rejected, lrvln Smith, seoretaryof
the association, asks that any person
who has made application by card,
'who has any doubt about signing it
tn nlwui nntitv him or-n.n nri
Sam R. Free.
C IJ D . ,.."-...
A I .Til r
The stout woman scltlod herself In
the rocker with a Blgh of relief. "I'm
always glad I live on the ground
floor'' she. Bald, "I should hate to
have to climb three flights of BttJlra
every time I'd been anywhere! still, of
course, the rents are cheaper up here,
I suppose. 1 hear that your EUioi got
engaged this summer, Mrs. Qlmmons."
"Yes," admitted her -hostess with a
pleasant smile. "Ethel Is engaged to
a perfectly young man. His name is
George. Winkum of the Indianapolis
Wlnkums, you know and is so good
looking and polite and so devoted to
Ethel! It was quite touching."
"You must be relieved," said her
caller. "Ethel has had so little atten
tion here In town. It was clever of
you to figure out that a change of
location might help. Sometimes
young men are caught In a hurry that
way before they have time to think
what they are doing. They have so
much spare time on their hands at a
summer resort that they get engaged
before they know it Just to kill time.
That's the reason that kind of en
gagements never last long. I hope
Ethel won't go and spend a lot of
money on a trousseau that she may
never have any Use for!"
"No danger of that,"- said Ethel's
mother,-indignantly. "George is crazy
about her. There were ten -girls to
one man there, so he had plenty of
choice. Of course, if Ethel was like
your Lillian I could understand your
taking the view you do but I don't
have to worry about Ethel's attraction
wearing oil. It muBt be sad for Lil
lian to realize that she is getting on
in years and all her-friends are marry
ing and she is left on the shelf! Lil
lian would bo a nice looking girl if
her nose was different and there
doesn't seem to be much she can do
for her complexion, does there? Ethel
is so lucky, having natural bloom!"
"She had it on so thick I could see
it clear across the street yesterday!"
Bald the visitor. "Lillian called mo
to the front window and said. 'Mam
ma, isn't it perfectly shocking the
way Ethel gets herself up?' I've al
ways been careful to have Lillian a
"Such a Resemblance."
modest, refined, lady-like girl. When
she marries she will get some fine
man who can appreciate"
"I suppose there is a chance for
every girl to get married," interrupted
the hostess, "provided she'll take
sort of an offer,"
"I've always kept Lillian away from
summer resorts," said the caller. "You
can't tell a thing about the men you
meet at thoBe places 1 They are so
likely to be chauffeurs posing as mil
lionaires. I hope you've had Ethel's
young man looked up carefully. You
should not let your Joy over her catch
ing him blind you to the fture. It
would be awful to have a son-in-law
to support, when you and 'Mr. Glm
monB live bo economically."
"Here 1b George's picture," said her
hostess in cold triumph as she pro
duced It "One look at him will show
you there's no danger of our having
to support him!"
"My!" said the caller. "If.be doesn't
remind me of Jabe Stevenson back
home who robbed the First National
bank and ran away with the druggist's
"George is at the head of tho
Winkum paint factory," said Ethel's
mother with pride. "Such a respon
sible position and such a big in
come "
"I hope there 'won't bo a crash a
few months after their wedding like
tho one I just read about," said the
caller. "The DHIb, you know they
flew so high and she kept three girls
and now their furniture is being
auctioned off to pay the grocery bill
and her cook attached Mrs. Dill's dia
mond necklace for her pay. Lillian
has so often said: Mamma, I don't
long for great wealth. When I marry
I shan't care about money. I want
a real manly man, who "
"Lillian's waited so long, that she's
kind of got the habit, I suppose," said
the hostess, ''My Ethel is a very dif
ferent girl she has had so many
offers. Any other girl would have
grabbed at George but she kept him
waiting two weeks for his answer!"
"What a risk for her to take," said
tho caller, preparing to go. "I Just
dropped in to congratulatad.all of you.
It must be such a relief to, the family,,
It is perfectly remarkable how much
ha looks like Jabe Stevenson, though.
Tell Bthel everybody's so glad, that
she's finally got engaged)" Chisago
Daily News.
1 Peoples9
Farm and Town property always
for sale. Money loaned on Real Es
tate. - WxbB Turner,
Merchants Bank Bldg.
D. Leadbetter, real estate, lire In
surance and Ipensions. Office 134 S.
High street.
Fon Sa'lb Locus anchor posts.
Wolfe & McCoy, W. Main St, Hllls
boro, Ohio. tf adv
For Sale Anthony fencing 4000
rods to select from. Prices very low,
quality considered ; also round chest
nut timber braces better and cheaper
than sawed ones. Wolfe & McCoy
W. Main St., Hlllsboro, O.
Wait See Pete Lewis and get prices
before tiring your bugpy. Kelly
Springfield Good YearJWing and Dia
mond 8122 rubber tires. The Best.
(4-9) adv.
Liberal Commission and Salary
to look af terlour business in your com
munity. Interesting, dignified, health
ful work. International Magazine
Company, 119 W. 41st St., New York
City. adv ' (4-0)
For Sale Irish Potatoes. Wilson
Chaney & Sons, Crystal Spring Farm,
nillsboro, Ohio, Home Plione. (4-9)
For Sale Single Comb Rhode Is
land Red Eggs for hatching. 50c and
75c for 15. Extra selected pens $1.00
for 15. W. McCoy, Route 8.
Do you have headaches?
Dai your eyes water?
Do they ache?
Does print run together?
Do things become dim or
Are your Eyes inflamed?
Do your eyes tire after reading-
Dr. C. F. Fans.
Office 1 door East of Economy store.
Main Street, Hlllsboro, O.
A Car each of Atlas
and Universal brands
Richards Mill
D Australia hasa fence 1200 miles long.
"Father ?"
.j What Is-it, Comus?" -
"Why are somejmen called soldiers
of fortune?"
"I don't know, my son. I never saw
one of .them with money." Youngs
town Telegram
Brlggs I'm going to my broker's ;
I want to get rid of some bonds. Where
are you off to ? - ' !
Griggs To my divorce lawyers, I
want to get rid of some bonds, too,
Boston Transcript
For Every Living , Thing On The
Ftim.. '
Free ; a C00 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Tiling
on the Farm ;" horses, cattle, dogs,,
sheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetlnary Specifics ; also a sua
ble chart for ready reference, to hang"
up. Free by mall on. application. Ad
.dress .JBumpheys Homeo Med, Co.,
Corner Williams & Ann 8te.,N.Y, adv
The salt production of the. United
States has doubled in 15 years, last
year's output of about 33,330,000 barrels
being 7 per cent more than the year
"We are thinking of giving pld Go"
trox the degree of doctor of languages, ' ''
"He's no linguist.-"
"No; but he has il.OOO.ooo, a4
money talks. "Kansas City Journal.

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