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fiProftttionai ($ra,
A Wise Bird
Said Shiftless Sam: "There Is no chance for
a poor man these days. The guyH with money
gobble up all the good tilings and it is no use for a
poor man to try."
Then the wise old bird handed him his one:
"Nine out of evory ten rich men started poor.
They worked hard. They saved, and kept their
savings in a reliable bank. They have by skill,
industry and economy earned a right to some of
the good things of this world. If you want to suc
ceed, get busy and follow the example of suc
cessful men and quit your 'knocking.' " And the
owl was right.
The Hillshoro Bank and Savings Co.
April 20, 1914.
Mrs. E. G. Vance and son, Earl, of
Highland, visited relatives here Fri
day. Miss Treacle Hamilton spent from
Friday until Sunday with her aunt, in
Mesdames Nora Shelton, Lottie
Vance, Mary Sanders and Sadie Hat
cher were guests of Misses Adallne
arid Josephine Huff, Friday.
Ed Brewer, of New Market, has
been working for D. E. Vance.
S. S. Winter, of Danville, was a bus
lness caller here last Thursday.
Walter Hamilton and family spent
Sunday evening with relatives in Hills
Our school will close Friday, April
A. M. Roush and wife, of New Mar
ket, spent Wednesday with Minnie
Clarence Rhoades, of Shackelton,
called on his parents here last Thurs
Dr. Bayless and wife, of Dayton,
came here Sunday to visit his aunt,
Mrs. Harris.
Reliable-Foley's Honey and Tar
Justbesure that you buy Foley's
Iloney and Tar Compound It Is a reli
able medicine for coughs, colds, croup,
whooping coughs, bronchial and la
grippe coughs, which are weakening to
the system. It also gives prompt and
definite results for hoarseness tickling
throat and stuffy wheezy breathing.
adv Garrett & Ayres.
April 20, 1914.
Miss Mary Miller, of llillsboro, Is the
guest of her aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth
Earl and Gale Roush, of Wilming
ton, came down in their automobile
Sunday and visited at the home of
Gus Cailey.
Mrs. Rebecca Roush and Sarah Cus
ter are spending a few days with rela
tives at Prlcetown.
Mrs. Sallle Purdy, of Hlllsboro, was
a guest of her daughter, Mrs. D. W.
Brown, last week.
A. R Stockwell and wife, of Spring
field, will remove to this place this
week and occupy the N. P. Landess
property west of town.
Miss Vemle Roebuck, of near Price
town, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Geo.
JZf" rt, iW
VW&1 JmWS Convenient
Mann, this week.
Joe Cochran and family visited his
father, H. F. Cochran, north of town,
Bruce Jones, wife and son, Ray
mond, t-psnt Sunday afternoon wlthicenlSi
relatives at Prlcetown.
MlssConnard, a trained nurse of
Cincinnati, was called here last week
to attend Richard Roush, who Is ser
iously sick with pneumonia.
Mrs. Lewis Fouch will have a public
sale Thursday, April 23, and will move
to Winchester, where she will make
her home with her son, Robert'.
Miss Mattle Redkey, of Dodsonville,
is spending a few weeks with Elza
VUlkln and family.
Miss Luella Wood, of llillsboro, is
the guest of her mother, Mrs. Ella
Wood, this week.
Children's Diseases Very Prevalent
Whooping cough Is about every
wher& Measles and scarlet fever al
most as bad. Use Foley's Honey and
T.ir Compound for lnllamed throats
and coughing. Mrs. I. O. Ilostler (
Grand Island, Neb , says: "My three
children had severe attacks of whoop-
lng cough, and a very few doses of Fol
ey's Honey and Tar gave great relief."
adv Garrett & Ayres.
April 20, 1914.
Joe Thompson was the guest of his
mother over Sunday.
Mary Foster Is quite poorly.
Ollle McDaniel is visiting her sister,
Mrs. Harvey Kellls, of Peebles.
Mrs. G. V. Brown and little daugh
ter, Madge, were guests at the home
of Mr. Houser Sunday.
Walter Long, of Farmer's Statloni
called on friends In this place Easter.
Harvey Kellls, wife and baby, Ollle
and Lee McDaniel took dinner Easter
with their sister, Mrs. Otta Rolf, of
Mt Olivet.
R. A. McDaniel transacted business
In willettsville recently.
Roy Ludwlck Is visiting friends in
Lafe McDaniel called on Lawrence
Fetro Sunday.
Mrs. Everett Hodson and three
children visited her father near Win
Chester last week.
One way to relieve habitual consti
pation Is to take regularly a mild laxa
tive. Doan's Regulets arerecommend
ed for this purpose. 25s a box at all
drug store.s adv
WggTOBSssii iiium limning
Lots For
There are lots of good tobaccos.
Good luck to them I
But the man who once tries STAG Is
interested in no other tobacco.
He's reached the Promised Land!
Packages: The
tha Pound and
llillsboro Citizen Gladly Testify
and Confidently Recommend
Doan's Kidney Pills.
It Is testimony like the following
that has placed Doan's Kidney Pills so
far above competitors. When people
right here at hame raise their voice in
praise there is no room left for doubt.
Read the public statement of a llills
boro citizen :
Mrs. Annie L Newman, 334 N.
lEist St. llillsboro, Ohio, sajs : "I
l know Doan's Kidney Pills are all they
are clalmeu to no it is a pleasure to
tell ray friends about them. As a
kidney remedy, there is nothing bet-
kQl Villain un a Miuiiwj a.
Mrs. Newman is only one out of
many llillsboro people who have grate
fully endorsed Doan's Kidney Pills.
If your back aches if your kidneys
bother you don't simply ask for a
kidney remedy ask distinctly for
Doan's Kidney Pills, the sa i.e that
Mrs. Newman had the remedy back
ed by homo testimony. 50c all stores
Foster Milburn Co , Props , Buffalo,
N. Y. "When Your Back Is Lame
Remember the Name."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
Foster Milburn Co , Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
April 20, 1914.
Miss Jennie Sprinkle, of Carlisle
Springs, spent Saturday afternoon
with Mrs. Ralph Sprinkle.
Mrs. James Harris and grandson,
Ernest, of Harrlsburg, spent Sunday
afternoon with Chas. Slmbro and fam
ily. Mrs. Delbert Robblns and Miss
Mabel Stratton visited the Pleasant
Hill school Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Carey Klrkpatrlck spent Tues
day afternoon with Mrs Chas Slmbro.
Mrs. Walter Powell returned home
Sunday, after spending a few days
with her parents, near New Peters
burg. Carey Klrkpatrlck called onularence
Patton, east or llillsboro, Thursday.
Misses Florence and Pearl. Prlne
spent Sunday afternoon with Miss
Grace Slmbro.
Carey Klrkpatrlck was called to the
death bed of his father, at Belfast,
Sunday night.
Frank Wllllson and wife spent Sun
day with Luther Campbell and wife.
Miss Ada Johnson spent Sunday af
ternoon with Mrs Luther Campbell.
The largest railway station In the
world, so far as area Is concerned, is
the New York City station of the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company,
which has an area of 23 acres, iollow
ed by tha Gire St La.ire, Paris, with
25, and Edinburgh, Weverly, with 23.
One Lone Germ
Breeds Millions
A sore or cut lets the
(terms under the skin.
It you don't stop its
breeding there will bo
milllonim a few days.
Slop the Breeding frith DR. BELL'S
Antiseptic Salve
m It stODS the breed In tr at once. It kerca iwiv all
other eerms. It soothes and heals ss sure as
you use It. A 25c. box will prevent hundred
of dollars ot trouble.
-Tell It By The Dell"
Handy Half-Slie 5-Cent Tin, tha
Half-Pound Tin Humidors and the Pound
(f aLIi
number in the garage. A big rea
son for Ford popularity is Ford de
pendability. The Ford is 'Johnnie-on-the-spot"
three hundred sixty -five
days a yeaf. It gives un
equaled service to its owner.
Five hundred dollars Is the price of the Ford run
about; the touring car la live ilfty; the town car
seven flfty 1. o. b. Detroit, complete with equip
ment. Get catalog and particulars from llillsboro
Auto Co , llillsboro, Ohio.
April 19, 1914.
Mrs. Mary Edwards called on her
sister, Mrs. Thomas Hlatt, Tuesday.
Thomas Priest and wife spent Tues
day and Wednesday with friends near
Mrs Roy Beck spent Wednesday
evening with her sister, Mrs. Enos
Mrs. Jesse Thornburg Is spending a
few days with her mother, Mrs. Laura
Marlle Jones and sister, Mrs. Jesse
Thornburg. and son spent Thurday
evening In New Vienna.
C. N. Carey and wife and two child
ren, Helen and Grace, spent Sunday
with their daughter, Mrs. Isaac Dun
Howard Fisher and wife and little
daughter, Lois, spent Saturday night
and Sunday with B. C. Carey and wife.
Frank Smith and wife, of Pleasant
Plain, spent Sunday night with S. E.
Fred Johnson and wife, H. C. Sanders
and family and Mrs Hannah Powell
and daughter, Lettle, spent Sunday
with E. II. Edwards and family.
R. II. Ockerman and family and
Elmer Ockerman and wife spent Sun
day with Thomas Medskerand family.
Roy Beck and family spent Sunday
with Everett Hodson and family.
- ' -
Nothing1 so Good for a Cough or
When you have a cold jou want the
best medicine obtainable so as to get
rid of It with the least possible delay.
There aremany who consider Cham
berlaln'slCough Remedy unsurpassed
Mrs. J. Boroil, Elida, Ohio, says, "Ever
since my daughter Ruth was cured of
a severe cold and cough by Chamber-
Iain's Cough Remedy two years ago, I
have felt kindly disposed toward the
manufacturers of that preparation. I
know of nothing so quick to relieve a
cough or cure a cold." For sale by
All Dealers. adv
April 20. 1914.
The Baccalaureate sermon will be
delivered at the Christian church here
ob Sunday night, April 26, to the M
H. S. class of graduates. The Class
Play, "The Cuban Spy" will be ren
dered oniWednesday night, April 2'J
at the I. O. O. F. Opera House. The
Class Address will be by Lou J.
Beauchamp, of Hamilton, on Friday
night, May 1, at the Opera House.
Good music will be furnished for the
Cleo Allman, of Portsmouth, was
here the guest of his grandparents,
Ell Funk and wife were at Fincastle
last Sunday the guests of Robert Burns
and family.
Mrs. May Caron and baby, of Green
field, were guests of relatives here,
Monday and Tuesday.
Jake Goodman and family are
lng from here to Indianapolis,
Ind ,
where he wllltbe engaged In the
cantile business.
Miss Stella Badgley, who spent part
of the winter In Greenfield has re
turned home.
Paul Wilkin, who has een attend
ing school at Dayton has arrived here
to spend a vacation with his parents
Mrs. Mary A. Bechneawand daugh
ter, Mrs. Chas. Allman, of Brookvllle,
are spending the week with relatives
in this community.
Jess Ruble and wife were business
visitors in llillsboro Saturday.
Aunt Rachel Roberts Is seriously 111.
Cleve Winkle and wife, of Hlllsboro,
spent Sunday with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Vyinklo.
Mrs. Melton and daughter, Mildred,
were In Hlllsboro last Frldav, the
guests of Will Euverard and family.
April 20, 1914
Dr. Carey and wife, of Hlllsboro.
were guests of relatives here last Fri
day tvenlng.
Silas Sparks and wife arrived home
Friday evening from Bloomlngburg,
where they had been called on account
of the death of Mrs. Lina Patterson.
G. A. Pavey motored to New Carlisle
Saturday. He will be accompanied
home by Mrs. Pavey, who has spent
the past week at that place with her
daughter, Mrs. Alford Kester.
On last Friday evening the B. M A
I hall was the scene of a merry gather
lng of people who had assembled for
the purpose of holding an old fashion
ed "spelling bee." Drs K R. Teach
nor and J. A. B. Srofe choose sides and
'ere the evening was far spent It was
proven conclusively that the spelling
book lias not been relegated but holds
a prominent place in our schools of to
day as it aid In days gone by Classes
were arranged for all ages and several
prizes were given to the best spellers
Miss Ethel Carey carried oil first
prize and Mrs. Nannie Sanders, second
prize. An enjoyable social evening
was spent and the B. M. A treasury
was substantially replenished thereby.
I. V. Mitchell and wifeare rejoicing
over the arrival of a young son since
Thursday. On the same day a young
son came to gladden the home of M.
M Slaughter ana wife.
Mr. and Mrs Terwilliger have pur
chased the Beverly property on Church
street which they expect to remodel
and make into a modern cottage.
Mrs. narvey Burgess is in Ada, the
guest of her daughter, Mrs Clitl Lang
don and family.
Mrs. C. L Pavey Is In a Washlngt n
C. H , hospital recovering from her re
cent illness.
Mrs. Lawr nee Cor win and young
son, of Washington, C. II., are guests
of her parents, Mr and Mrs. Pensyl.
F. D Ralston and wife were called
to Peebles Thursday on account of the
death of Mrs. Ralston's slsterj
Mrs. F. B MUner has returned home
from a peasant visit with relatives in
Appropriate Arbor D.y exercises
were given by the pupils of tlip Inter
mediate grade last Friday.
An especially inter-stlng and In
structive meeting of the W. C T. U.,
was held last lhursday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. Cynthia Johnson.
Miss Terrell, of High and, delighted
her hearers with a reading after which
Dr. McAllister, of Highland gave an
address which was greatly appreciated
by the society.
Friends of Mrs. Win George re
ceived word Sunday that she was ser
lously HI at her home in Bl.inchester.
Mrs George was a resident of this
place until recently when she with her
husband removed to Blauchester She
has man friends here who wish for
her a speedy recovery.
For earache, toothache, pilns, burns I
scalds, sore throat, try Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil, a splendid remedy for
emergencies. adv 1
Switzerland shares with Stiotluui
the distinction of being the best edu
cated country In the world. j
Don't suffer longer with
No matter how chronic or how helpless
you think your case tuny bo, you can get
quick awl permanent relief by taking
nature's remedy, "SEVEN BARKS." Get at
the root of tho diseaso, and drive the urio
acid nnd all other poisons out of your
system for good. "SEVEN BARKS" baa
been doing this successfully for the past
43 years. Price 50 cents per bottle at
all druggists or from the pioprietor,
LYMAN BROWN, 68 MorraySt.,New York.N.Y.
Both Phonei.ln Office and Residence
Office Short St., Opp. Court Bouse
Borne 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone 14
Hlllatsoro, Ohio.
rnoi In Holmes
Uulldlng, Nortti Htgl
Orrioi Hours 9 to 12 a m
2 to and 8 tl
8 p. m.
loth 'Phones In OUce and Residence,
For "Your Flo-w-ero.
Funeral Directors & Embalmers
!A Full Line of High Grade
hoth phones
Prompt Delhery. Courteous Treatment
Your Patronage Solicited
(Successors to J. C. Koch)
Ottlcchear of Traction Utrot
Home Phone 344
Frank Ayres
Insurance Agt
Opera House Block
Representing "six of"tlie strongest
Old Line Fire ii surance Companies.
Most liberal Farm Policies ever writ
ten in the Aetna Co. Also Live Stock
Insurance, o Insuring your horses
againetjdeath from any cause.
I represent thelAetna, Fidelity and
Surety Bond Co. One of the largest.
Also with accident policies. Terms as
low as you can get in high class hafe
insurance 9-6
Registered Shire
Registered Shire Stallion, will make
the season of 1914 at John Morrow's
farm, one mile north of Oveiman, on
the Hlllsboro and New Petersburg
Rex Harold Is a roan 6 j ears old and
weighs 190(1 pounds, he is a sure breed
er and lias tine disposition. Terms
$15 to insure colt to stand and suck.
(0 11)
Mike Begora Pat, an' you'd orter
b en In Columbus last spring whin
the Hood was on us. Ye never seen so
much water In all yer life.
Pat Aw gowan, are je thinkin' I
came over from Ireland In a taxlcib?
O. S. U. Sun Dial.
Feel It Heal.
"Mien vnr fttfjtfnn' n- n-rrt.
Pha.7r.l.'nnn .... -- -....
heal. It soothes and smnothem tit
raw spots" sa) s Qraany Metcalfe.
TTiat's Granny's way or nylng It, alter
elchty-nina years ot ex-'erl-nco. Can you
ay It bettrrt Can tha rao-t learned lay It
well? Uranny knows, and, the knows
sno knows.
A picture of bcth Granny and tha
Bell are oa every OENU1KE bottla ot
Dr. Bell's
25 Cents. M Cents. 1 1,00
"Tell By The Bell"

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