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(Hy E. O. SELLERS. Director of Evening
Department, Tho Moody Bible Institute,
LESSON tfEXT l.uke 15:1-10.
GOLDEN TEXT- "Even bo, I Bay urito
you, there Is Joy In the presence of the
angels of God over one sinner that re
penteth." Luke 15:10.
I. Introduction, vv. 1-3. We now
co mo to that chapter in the Blblo
which contains threo of tho more
celebrated parables of our Lord. In
last week's lesson we had set before
us tho severe terms of dlsclpleshlp
laid down by Jesus to the multitude.
.which followed him as ho left tho
of tho Pharisee. The writer,
makes a close connection be-
the final admonition about
to hear" in chapter 14 and-
1 of this lesson, Jesus had
the crowd though he had left
(the door open to himself, for he was
seeking those who wore prepared to
share witti him In his enterprises of
building and of conflict, If they could
bear his teaching. This Is responded
to by those outcast ones, tho publicans
and the sinners. They had no
righteousness of their own, no spirit
ual hope centered In themselves and
they turned eagerly to one who was
unqualifiedly honest with them though
The firm of BROWN & AYRES will,
for the season, keep for public service
in their stables at Hillsboro, imported
draft stallions described as follows, viz:
MINOS. Sorrel, Belgian, ago 10, weight 2025,
SULTAN, Sorrel, Belgian, age 0, weight 2100.
COMPILABLE, Black Percheron, age 8, weight 1800.
JOSUE, Gray, Percheron, age 5, weight 2050.
KILLOGRAMMETRE, Gray Percheron, age 3, weight 1000.
All these horses are sound and all registered In tl:e respective
record oooks of Belgium and France, and also In this country.
TERMS-415 to insure a living colt for all, except Klllogram
metre which will be 20. Parting with mare after service, without
definite arrangement with stallion owners forfeits the insurance.
At Lynchburg under the management of Robert Brown,
AROOLE DESTUYVE, Sorrel, Belgian, 5 years old, weight 1880
JONGLEUR, Black Percheron, 5 years old, weight 1875.
Both sound. Terms $15 as above.
April 20, 1014
Clnda Haynes spent from Tuesday
until Sunday with her daughter, Ver
nice Carr, of Sonner's Chapel.
Miss Sarah Ball, who has spent the
past winter with Perry Moberly and
wife, has gone to New Hope.
Perry Moberly spent Monday with
Jacob Ridings and wife, of Mt. Oreb.
A. A Hall and wife, of Sardinia,
were the guests of his parents here
Thursday. Their daughter Ursula.
lUUgll I " - '
at tho same slime he set up heart j who has spent tne past winter-attena-searchlng
conditions. What a con- Ing school here, accompanied them
trast! The grumbling theologians, home,
criticizing and bickering, grieved that I Nathan Far, w,)0 ,, been vlslt.
he should demean himself by such). ,, , , ' ,,, ,,., .,!
associates. In reply, Jesus shows I ln8 and relatives here returned
them the truth of tho fundamental . t0 New Market Thursday,
purpose of God's attitude toward these Mrs. Bessie Euverard and son, Era
who eagerly sought to "hear," by glv- est, spent Friday with relatives, near
lng them these parables. In tho first Winkle
two, the sheep and the coin, we see
divine love seeking the sinner; In the '
third, the prodigal, we see tho sinner
Miss Ida Landessis working for Mrs.
Ella Marconett, who is in very poor
Victor Swisshelm spant the latter
part or the week with his cousin,
Myron Newton, of Pricetown.
Raymond Fawley was a business vis
itor in Hillsboro Friday.
Prof. John E. Burns closed a success
ful term of school here Wednesday. "
Miss Onle Davidson has the best re
cord In school attendance. She has
gone to school the past four terms,
never missed a day and was never
tardy. She lived one mile from school,
t B- S. Lindess, of Ft. Recovery, spent i
a few days last week with relatives
1 Miss Myrtle Fawley took the Patter
son examination at Hillsboro Saturday
Onle Davidson was calling on Mrs.
Viola Fawley Friday afternoon,
j Guy Custer, wife and son, Densyl,
was calling on relatives at Pricetown,
seeking the father. Christ's idea of
goodness consists in saving the bad. I
The Pharisee holds aloof. Christ goes
out from among the Pharisees and
among 'the outcasts. I
True and False Shepherds. I
II. Tho Lost Sheep, vv. 4-7. The
shepherd is God the son (John 10:11, '
12; Luke 19:10). He Is the "Truo
Shepherd," the Pharisees were false ,
ones. This adds point to the parable; '
see the Old Testament rebukes for the
same, Ez. 34:7-10; Zech. 11:16-17; Jer.
50:6. Tho lost sheep belongs to the
fold, hut was out of place. These
outcast ones were still Israelites and ,
the backsliding Christian still belongs
to the fold. A sinner Is a lost sheep.
He Is away from the care, the protec
tion, the guidance of the shepherd and
is torn, bleeding, and "ready to die." (
One such lost one will call forth tho
shepherd's utmost endeavor to save it,
far beyond the care lavished upon
the nlnety-and-nlne already safe in the
fold. This means labor, toll, and pri
vation, and he keens ui the search
"until he finds it." This does not Dan Hess and family were guests of
mean that all will be saved, see John P. Q. Fenner and family Sunday.
17:2, 12 K. V., but every "shoep" that , Geo. Vance and wife snent Snnd.iv
with A. Q. Landess and family
Orpha Martin called on Othle Lan-
is astray he will find. Once found It
rests upon his shoulders, is kept by
his power, I Pet. 1:5. Over It he and
the father rejoice, vv. 23, 24, S2.
There Is here tho evidence of the In
terest in the flock which is incom
plete and the Interest of the owner
as well. The 'safety of tho lost one
depended upon the shepherd's Interest.
Work of Holy 8plrlt.
III. The Lost Coin, vv. 8-10. These
three parables are a unit in the fact
that they reveal the attitude of God
toward men who are in their deepest
need. Each Is the story of something
being lost and the fact that it is
found. Tho first is a revelation of the
son, the last of the father, while this
central one sets forth the work of
the holy spirit through the church.
Rev. 22:17; Eph. 6:25. One of ten
coins in this woman's marriage neck
lace is lost,-hence the incompleteness.
The spirit will not rest until it is
found, nor should tho church. The
woman takes her lamp the word of
God, Ps. 119:105; Phil. 2:15, 1G and
sweeps the house. It has tfeen sug
gested that sweeping usually stirs up
a dust and that some are likely to
object. So tho world will object when J
tho church of tho living God begins to
stir up a dust and they are annoyed
at any eager search for the lost ones, J
Acts 17:6. The woman is a sugges
tion to us In that she sought ''dili
gently until the lost coin was found.
Then sho, too, calls in her neighbors
that they may rejolco with her. Ikies .
the church keep up a like search? ,
And do wo know anything about the
"Joy" of the holy spirit? Gal. 5:22, '
I Thesa. 1:6. Over tho wellbeing of
tho home the woman watches and I
again the search is in the Interest of
the owner, and in the interest of tho
IV. Summary. The chief valuo of
these two pictures is in their revela
tion of the work and Interest of the
son of tho spirit. The crowding mul
titude of publcans and sinners, held
in contempt by tho Pharisees, Jesus
viewed as lost ones. Appalling as
this suggestion Is, yet the sheep be
longed to the shepherd and the coin
was the property of tho woman. This
suggests tho dignity and value of men
and the tragedy of their condition.
Knowing all this and. understanding
the full significance of that tragedy,
the son as the shepherd has under
taken to seek and to save tho lost
dess recently.
April 20, 1014.
Vrs. O. H. Roads, of Harriett, spent
Monday with her sister-in-law, Miss
Margaret Roads.
Mrs. D. A. McCall, of New Peters
burg, spent Tussday with her parents,
Thomas Elliott and wife.
Benton Parks and wife, of Berry
vllle, were the guests of their daugh
ter, Mrs. S. M. Mason, Tuesday.
N. M. Overman and wife and son,
Robert, of Overman, and Marsh Lyle
and wife took dinner with R. R. Watts
and wife, Wednesday.
A large number from this vicinity
attended the sale of Bert Noble, of
near Harriett, Wednesday.
Stanley Miller and family, of Berry
vllle, spent Thursday with his brother,
Burch Miller.
John Hogsett, of New London, re
turned home this week, after spending
a few days In this vicinity.
Little George F. Lucas, of Rains
boro, spent Saturday with Tom Elliott
and wife.
Winnlfred and Clold Main visited
their grandparents, F. M. Main and
wife, Saturday.
Mrs. Elmer Cameron and Mrs. Har
ley Spruance visited relatives at Sink
ing Spring, Saturday.
Misses Mary Bell, Mary Jane Dick.
Helen, Burnette and John McCon
naughey took the Patterson examina
tion Saturday.
Mrs. Burch Miller and children were
the guests of Frank Kelly and wife, of
Berryville, Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Harry Wright and Mrs. Guy
Hunter called on Mrs. Fannie Spruance
Sunday afternoon.
G. S. Gall and wife and son, Orza, of
Harriett, spent Saturday night and
Sunday with Harley Suiters and family.
Sam Garen and wife, Roy Watts
and wife and Clarence Garen took din
ner Sunday with Ed Cameron and
Mrs. Dvvlght Dick spent Wednesday
with Mrs. John Dick and family.
April 20, 1014.
Sam Roush and and wife, of Buford,
were guests of Clint Roush and family
F C. Pulse and wife and F O Pulse
and wife were shopping in Hillsboro,
Mrs Nancy Moore spent Saturday
and Sunday with her children at Mid
dletown Rev. Hoggatt, wife and baby, Ruth,
were guests of Albert Aber and wife,
at Mt. Oreb, Wednesday.
Ed Rhoadts and wife were guests of
Wm. Rhoatlea and wife, at Five Mile,
Mrs. Lllla Turner and Gertrude
Whitley were guests of Clara Duvall,
near Dodsonvllle, Friday
WlllieTurner and wife entertained
several relatives and friends Sunday.
Lucille Oadwallader is visiting rela
tives near Danville.
Harley Roush, who has been sick
and conllned to his bed for alrmst two
years was remembered by his many
friends on last Wednesday, April 15,
that being his blrthdaj, with a post
card shower. He received 221 cards
for which he wishes to thank his
many friends
Rev. Hoggatt, wife and children
were guests Sunday of Gideon Hoggatt
and family, at Westboro.
Simon Stroup and wife and grand
daughter, Helen Cochran, Geo. West,
wife and daughter, of near Lynch
burg, were guests Sunday of Howard
Cochran and family.
Born to Edmund Charles and wife
Monday, a daughter.
Mary Taylor was the guest of Mrs.
Mary C. Miller Wednesday and Thurs
day. Chas Rhoades and family, of Bu
ford and Geo. Brown and family, of
Lebanon, were guests of James Brown
and family, Sunday.
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"Yes," replied the round sliouldered
man. "It saves argument. When
ever the boss comes around he can
hear the typewriter and be sure you're
working " Washington Star.
Any reputable person can obtain a
license for the sale of wine, beer and
spirits in Belgium, excepting those
who have not paid their state, provin
cial or city taxes, or who have been
convicted of a crime.
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April 10, 1914.
Sarah Custer, of Marlon, Ind., and
Mrs. Rebecca Roush spent Saturday
and Sunday with Mrs. Eliza Farls
and Mrs. Margaret Stevens.
Opal and Pearl Landess spent Satur
day night and Sunday with their
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Arvllle Ruble is painting Irvin
Lelninger's residence.
Vernle Roebuck spent the latter
part of the week with her aunt, Belle
Mann, at Danville.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Jones and son,
Raymond, of Danville, spent Sunday
afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. John
Worth Foust and Starlie Smith
have new buggies.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank GIbler attended
the funeral of their nephew, little
Eddy Burton, at Fairvlew, Wednes
day,. Frank Barker spent Thursday night
with Wm. Hartman and family.
Wm Wardlow and family moved
last week to their farm which they
recently purchased of James Donohoo,
Rev. Weil was entertained at the
home of M. M. Workman Saturday
j night and Sunday.
Mrs George Burkett and daughter,
Gtorgle, spent Saturday with Mrs,
' Amanda Pulliam.
j Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Carrier were
guests Friday of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Gossett at Hillsboro.
Mrs. Sarah Custer is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Rebecca Roush.
Bond Roush is visiting his grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Wig
gins, at East Danville.
Earl Workman, after spending the
past week with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. M. M. Workman, has returned to
Athens to resume his studies.
Estel Carr and family spent one day
last week with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Carr, at Sugartree Ridge
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Stroup and
grand-daughter, of Dodsonvllle, and
Mr and Mrs. George West and daugh
ter, of Lynchburg, visited Howard
Cochran and family Sunday.
Ira Gossett and family, Mr. and
Mrs. W S. Barker, Mrs. Miller and
Dewey Warman were guests Sunday
of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Turner.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Shaffer en-
Joyed Sunday with the former's
brother, Ora, and family, near Dan
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i ""U'W. ' - - '

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