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Many Petitions Presented For
and Lights Again.
The regular meeting of the village
council was held Monday night. All
of the members were present except
Mr. Kelly.
Mayor Wllklns reported $30 collected
in tines and licenses.
The receipts of the city scales were
$13 60.
The street commissioner reported
that he had expended $120 in the last
two months for repair of the streets.
The Water Works Trustees reported
receipts of $140.10 and expenditures of
The usual batch of bills was pre
sented and as usual all were allowed
except the bill of the Light Company
for street light. This was laid over on
account of lack of money. Among the
bills was one for $3 "5 to tlamer Chaney
for catching dogs.
A petition signed by 35 citizens of
the town asking for the construction
of a walk through the alley running
from Main to Walnut street and com
monly known as Felbels alley was
presented. Mr. Ilead stated that
council had neither the money nor the
power to build such a pavement. The
petition was referred to 'the street
committee for investigation and re
port. A petition was also presented asking
council to open the alley at the north
end of the S. nigh street plank walk.
This alley appears on the village plat
but has been closed for years and Is
now used as part of the garden of
"William Zane. Solicitor Watts was of
the opinion that If the alley had been
closed over 21 years, which Is the case,
that adverse possession had run against
the village and condemnation proceed
ings would be necessary to open it.
The matter was referred to the street
committee for Investigation and re
port. E. W Schumacher, Ray McBrlde and
Prof. W. II. Vance asked permission
to build a cess pool at the south end
of the alley which runs past the A. M.
E. church. The pool If built will be
located near to and the overflow from
It will empty into the branch which
runs through the hollow at the foot of
theS. High street hill. The gentle
men stated that the cess pool they
were using had been condemned by the
State Board of Health and ordered
closed by May 20 and they asked imme
diate action. Mr Meneley, Mr. Brooks
bank and Solicitor Watts were
appointed a committee to look after
the matter with power to act.
A committee representing residents
on the west side of Main street were
present and asked council to take steps
to compel all persons ordered to make
walks In that neighborhood to build
them. The matter was referred to
Mr. Watts and he was instructed to
prepare necessary papers.
A resolution was passed, Mr. Head
voting no, awarding the contract to
Charles Mullenix to build sidewalks
on E. North street adjacent to the the
property of Mrs. Henrietta B. Nelson
and on Willow street in front of the
property of Peter Lewis. These prop
erty owners had been notified to build
pavements and had failed to do so.
Mayor Wilkin reported that O. E.
Stanforth had resigned as a member
of the Five Department and he ap
pointed Gordon McClure to fill the
vacancy. The appointment was con
firmed by council.
A request was made for a grade for
the construction of a- three foot pave
ment on the south side of the Chllll
cothe pike running from the front of
the Childrens Home past the Hospital
grounds. The request was granted
and the city engineer ordered to make
the grade. The pavement will be built
by property owners along the JIne and
in that neighborhood.
Lyman Beecher, representing the
j-aKiib wuiuyauj, vvaa picacni, auu
to have some money for streetlights.
The village owes the Company for
seven months street lighting, a little
over $4000. The solicitor was instructed
to draw up certificates of Indebtedness
covering the amount. Council then
adjourned until next Monday night
when the matter will again be taken
Marriage Licenses.
Eli V. Barnes, of Xenla, and Minnie
L. Mercer, of New Peterburg.
A. P. Mayleand Edith Williams,
both of nillsboro.
C. C. Shrlver and Jean Garrett,
both of Greenfield.
To Whom Paid and For What "Farm Life and Christian Citizen-
Purpose theAloney of the
County is Expended.
Hills ndw Co , sup Ct House, $8 1(5.
Milton Zink, repair Ct House, $050
Jno. Cunningham, sal Janitor, $40.
B. O. Pratt, expense, $1 25.
W. A. Teter, bx rt, exp & pos, $7 93.
J. Strain & Son, livery $30
Jno Cunningham, help cln win, $5
Jerry Lynch, coalf $10.50.
C. N. Winkle, box rent, $1 50.
Johnson & Watson, supplies, $7.
Superior Ptg. Co., supplies, $37 73.
Frank Haller, chcar F. T 9, $0.
John Fawley, viewer F T 09, $12.
Hamer Fawley, viewer F T 99, $"12.
C. N. Bennington, ch car F T 99, $0.
Robt. Fawley, ch car F T99, $0.
A. Q. Landess, viewer F T 99, 12.
Lem Vance, axman FT 99 4
Chas. Swlsshelm, livery sheriff, $10.
Illllsboro L & F Co., light, $30 08
Dispatch, supplies, $23.
Gazette, sup & pub notice, $17 88.
Barrett Bros., supplies, $0.
George Cooper, supplies, $4.35.
Stakalka Pen Co , supplies. $41.05.
Drs. W. & M. Hoyt, med prls, $19 50.
Feibel Bros., shoes pris, $3 48.
Jas. A. Wilkin, mayor fees criminal
cases, $7.50.
W. II. Walker, marshal fees crimin
al cases, $4 35.
F. M. Garman, repairs, $1.50.
Waldo Powell, repairs, $0.
C. W. Polk, repair, $0.05.
H. D. Michael, drainage, $0.
J. A. nodson, repair, $8 40.
C. R. Plndle. repair, $12 75.
Chas. V. Purdy, damage, $5.
W. C. Duckwall, workonculvert. $5.
Western Union Tel. Co , rental bd.
of elections. $5.
O G. Suiter, labor, $9.
W. W. Fawley, cleaning road, $4.
C. R. Plndle, labor, $10.50.
Rebecca Arthur, treasurer Childrens
Home, $288.
Keeping Indigent Colored Child
ren, $100 50.
Death of Mrs. C. C. Walker.
Mrs. C. C Walker, aged 57 years,
died at her home here Friday, after a
long illness. The funeral services were
held Monday morning at 11 o'clock,
conducted by Rev. W. II. Shields.
Burial was made in the Hillsboro
The following sketch of her life was
reaa at the funeral :
The bright sun of May 1 was midway
In the West when the earthly eyes of
Emma Andrews Walker, wife of C. C.
Walker, closed and her eternal spirit
was softly, sweetly wafted to Its
Heavenly home of peace and joy.
She was born near Indianapolis,
Ind., and in early womanhood became
the wife of C. C. Walker, of Highland
county, Ohio. Their married life was
spent In this county. The past twenty
one years in Hillsboro that their
children might have better education
al privileges.
Mrs. Walker was a true wife and
mother in the broadest, holiest sense
of the wbrd. It never was self first
but ever her husband and children.
As all good women she never counted
anything she did for her family as a
sacrifice but as a love duty or a blessed
privilege. Truly they may follow in
her footsteps and thus be led to lasting
happiness. She was especially inter
ested In the education of her children
In both Christian and secular lines and
continually urged them toward excel
lence in their work. She was an
earnest, faithful and consistent mem
ber of Presbyterian church and loyal
to all Its Interests, never shirking any
duty that came to her.
Five children were given her, all of
whom were with her In the last days
of life Mrs. Will Rodes, Ernest and
Lynne, of Hillsboro, Mrs. John Mullln,
of Somerset, Pa., and Herschel, of
Jefferson Medical College, Philadel
phia. These with the husband, three
sisters, ' one brother and a host of
irienas are leit to rememDer her un
selfish life and to know that it was not
death but birth into a higher life that
caused the separation and that she is
now watching and waiting for the
reunion that will come soon.
Broken and suffering for months we
saw her so. Dropping from strength,
from time detaching slow. And scarce
ly could we know how earth's dark ebb
was Heaven's overflow.
ship" Just Published
By Mrs. D. F. Scott.
Mrs. Eliza J. Scott has written a
book entitled "Farm Life and Chris
tlanshlp." It is a work of 332 pages' and deals
largely with life in Highland county
In its pioneer days, some of it being
as told to the author by her parents,
but largely dealing with tier own life
in her youth.
The author In her introduction
states that the purpose of the book Is
First To try to perpetuate the
memory of our pioneer ancestors by
telling of their Christian integrity
and persevering Industry and by
showing the beauties, pleasures and
remuneration of farm life iGO and 70
years ago, when they were not nearly
so great as now.
Second She hopes to demonstrate
how much more blessed Is a Christian
and temperance community than is an
irreligious and intemperate one and
thus make a plea for Christian citi
zenship and temperance
Third It is hoped that enough of
the books may be sold to materially
help in purchasing a hall for the xiso
of the Woman's Christian Temper
ance Union and by them to be kept
open every day of the year for a rest
room for the women of Highland
county when they come to Hillsboro.
It Is Intended that every dollar net
profit from the sale of the books will
be given for that purpose.
The editor only received a copy of
the book Saturday and so far has only
had time to glance through it. But
what little he has read and the table
of contents is sufficient to show that
it will be both Instructive and inter
esting and its purpose Is a most laud
able one.
The book Is dedicated to Mrs. Scott's
grandchildren, Donald Durnell, Mrs.
Ilarley Wilkin and Mrs. Howard Tolle
and her great grandson, Daniel Scott
New Market Baptist Church.
Mother's Day will be celebrated
next Sunday. Subject, "Compensa
tions for Being a Woman." The pas
tor will take the ground that it is
better to be a woman than a man.
"The Latest and Best Styles for Men
and Women" will be the theme In the
evening. Don't miss this. There
were fine congregations last Sunday
with an Increase of about 25 In Sun
day School. Drop In and make your
self at home.
Social at the Manse.
On Friday evening at 7:30, May 8,
Rev. and Mrs. W. n. Shields will en
tertain Mr. Shield's Bible Class. Each
member of the class is privileged to
bring one guest.
Young men who were formerly
members of the class are also invited
with the same privilege.
Let this social be a real evening of
pleasure for the members and friends
of this class.
Real Estate Transfers.
Itaac K. Tance to Charles Rldgeway.
Liberty tp, 50a, $1,
Hersey A. Patton et al to T. H. Mc
Clure, Brushcreek tp, la, $1.
Louise Heabron to John S. McClel
land, Lynchburg, lot, $1.
Elizabeth A. Beverly et al to Edna
Snyder et al, Leesburg, lot, $500.
William Mllburn to B. S. Warning,
Leesburg, lot, $1.
S. F. Treber to John Covah, Sinking
Springs lot, $400.
E. R. Mills to C. E. Hlmes, Lynch
burg, lot, $120.
C. E. Illmes to Thomas W. Duvall,
Lynchburg, lot, $1.
Samuel Selzer to J. F. Belleson,
Sinking Spring, lot, $50.
J. S. S. Riley to L. J. Cole, Green
field, lot, $1.
L. J. Cole to D. T. HIser, Greenfield,
lot, $1
Clarus H. Roush to Frank C. Ilallen
Whlteoak tp, 80a, $1.
F. u. Haller to Guy O. Mauntel,
Hamer tp, OCi, $1.
William A. Bennet to Alice E. Bur
nett, Greenfield, lot, $1.
Noless Coffman to B. F. Keethler,
Clay tp, lot, $1.
R. W. Pratt to Jacob Stults, Pri.e
town, lot, $1
James W. Flshback to H. M. Fish-
back, Madison tp, 50a, $1.
W. H. Bobbltt et al to Nettle Bur
nett, Lynchburg, lot, $1.
Anna L. Newton to Florence Haw
thorn, Dodsonville, lot, $100.
Florence Hawthorne to Archie Hart,
Dodsonville, lot, $100.
Samantha Cemetery Assn. to Thos.
McLaren, lot, $6.
Anna Euverard to William Custer,
Clay tp, lot, $75.
Harry Hall to Ollle Hall, Greenfield,
lot, $1.
New Modern Dancing.
The leading Expert and Instructor
in New York City, writes : "Dear Sir
1 have used Allen's foot-ease, the
antiseptic powder to be shaken into
the shoes, for the past ten years. It
Is a blessing to all who Jare compelled
to be on their feet. I dance eight or
ten hours, dally, and find that Allen's
voot ease keeps my feet cool, takes
the friction from the shoe, prevents
corns and Sore, Aching Feet. I recom
mend it to all my pupils."
(signed) E. FLETOnEit Hallauobe,
Sample FREE. Address, Allen S.
Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y, adv
Mr and Mrs. J. W. Rogers have
gone to the Mineral Springs to ar
range for the opening of their hotel
for the summer season.
Cheapest accident insurance Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil. For bums,
scalds, cuts and emergencies. All drug
gists sell it. 25c and 50c, adv
(Rugand Carpet Sale
I Is Getting Bigger Every Day
150 Room Size Rugs Goon Sale This Week
500 Pairs of Lace and Swiss Curtains go on Sale this Week x
1 0D Rolls of Matting go on Sale This Week
Don't miss our Big Sale. Now is the time
to buy. Pick them out now. We will keep
them tor you and deliver them when you are
ready for them.
( 500 Yards 72 inch Bleached Table Linen I
I Worth 75c. Sale Price this week 59c. I
All colors and all widths. Let us give you our
prices. The reasons why we sell most of the
Carpets, Curtains, Rugs and Linoleums. Our
prices are lower. We have more to select
from. Ours are all new.. Our Carpets are on
the first floor. Our Carpet Department is as
light as daylight can make it.
$ 8.98 9x12 special
, 12.50 9x12 Brussels
15.00 9x12 Special Brussels
17.50 9x12 Special Yelvet
. 20.00
19.00 9x12 Extra Special Velvet 22.50
Don't You Think It Pays to Save These Differences in Prices
I Come in and let us prove these statements
1 We Can Fit That Odd Size Room 1
Women In WHHamsport, Md., have
nominated a municipal ticket, declar
ing that while they do not have the
right to vote there Is nothing in the
charter to prevent them from holding
Magistrate (to offending motorist)
You are fined 40 shillings.
Motorist All right, old man I You
must take It out of a fiver.
Maglstrate-iYou are now fined five
pounds. Anything else to say ?
Motorist By Jove, sir, po ( You're
too quick at repartee. Sketch.
Another Lot ot the Extra Special Lace Curtains For
$1.00 Go On Sale This Week
1 1. M. KIKN
I South High St. " Hilllsboro, Ohio I
i',i-;ULiJ.,S'U.ftWiAUfc.t -J.Jto.

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