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Subscription rates
One Year (In Advance) 81:00
Six Months 50
Three Months ' ' 25
Entered afc Post Office, Hillsboro,
Kind Acts.
Why is it that we are all so prone to criticise others and so lax
jn praising them ? We seldom if ever overlook an opportunity to
criticise a man if he does something of which we disapprove. We
are unsparing in our condemnation.
sincerity or honesty of purpose the
he does not agree with us and therefore we speak harshly ot him
Let this same man do something which we approve. Will we
make it a point to tell him how good we think it is and praise him
for it. Under "this condition we will probably say nothing to him.
Our harsh criticism has probably hurt him ; has him made de
pressed and unhappy for days. If when lie had done the good work
we had praised him, it would undoubtedly have been an inspiration
and incentive for him to do better work, have made him resolve t0
strive to higher and better things.
We all know this to be true from our own experiences. The
criticisms have been many, the compliments few. The criticisms
have made us unhappy and depressed, the compliments have brought
us pleasure and aroused our ambitions.
Our experiences, however, do not change our conduct. We
continue to be free with our criticism and sparing with our praise.
And not only will praise of another bring pleasure to him, it
will also brfng pleasure to you. The next time someone does some
thing of which you approve make it a point to tell him about it.
This kind act will make you feel better all day, will cause you to go
about your work cheerfully and hopefully as well as having brought
pleasure to someone else. Try it.
A Foolish Argument.
Political speakers have a great fondness for talking about the old
flag, the old constitution, the great statesmen of former days, etc.
When you hear them you would think that all the virtue, all the
courage, all the learning, all the wisdom, all the patriotism of this
country died fifty years ago. Ask these same speakers about
whether this country is advancing and they will say we have made
wonderful progress in all forms of civilization, they will point to our
rapid strides in all forms of commercial life, our large colleges, our
great public school system, our fine churches, the wonderful discov
eries of science, and they will wind up by saying that the world is
growing better.
It is generally conceded that business is being conducted upon
an entirely different basis from what it was fifty years ago ; that
a man must keep up with the changes continually going on or fail
in business ; that our social and commercial conditions are much
more complex than formerly.
We believe that our governmental problems have changed just
as our business and social affairs have grown and changed ; that it
is absurd, foolish and silly to say that there is no necessity for
changes in our manner of conducting our public business when
everything else has changed.
We honor and revere the men and women who founded and
builded this nation. We think that they were wise, energetic, brave
and patriotic, loving their homes, their country and their God ; that
no nation has greater reason to be proud of its history.
If our forefathers could be brought back and could see the great
changes that have taken place in every form of life, visit our great
cities,see the wonderful manufacturing plants, the immense stores,
the modes of transportation and the marvelous things we have done
with electricity, they would feel helpless. Our forefathers did not
even dream of a social and business life such as now exists. How
then could they draft a system of government that would meet and
answer the needs of today ? They could not. As our social and
business life has changed, so changes should be made in the conduct
of our public business to deal with the changed conditions.
Surely if we can improve upon everything else our ancestors
did we can improve upon, or at least alter to meet changed condi
tions, their manner of conducting public business.
Every man has at some time made application for membership
in the "Hand Holders Union."
As often and as terribly as the
it is a wonder it does not die.
A friend suggests that we could improve upon the News-Herald
a great deal if we had more thoughts and fewer words.
A few years ago one of the popular songs was, "Everybody
elses girl looks better to me than mine" and while we do not feel
that way, when we see all the people who have automobiles we think
that, "Everybody elses business looks better to me than mineV'
BERRYVILLE. .this place, while he was visiting in
v m ii ion Cincinnati, last week. Mr. Chaney
may li, iuu. wasaweli unown stock dealer and
Ova Shannon was In Columbus on 'had many friends here, and in ad
Thursday and Friday. joining counties where he has travel
Miss Ladora Reams,, visited Mrs. 'ed for many years. He leaves a fam.
Elizabeth West Saturday. jllyof eight children to mourn their
Mrs. Alta Shannon was in Hillsboro great loss, his wife having died live
Earl Redkey spent Sunday with the
home folks.
We are sorry to learn of the. illness
of Chas. Ashmore.
Miss Hazel Hastings spent Thurs
day with Misses Gettie and Marglne
John Fox and wife and baby, of
Ripley, visited her mother, Mrs Mary
Fox, Saturday.
The people of this locality were
shocked when they learned of the
tragic death of George Chaney, of
- - - Editor and Manager
Ohio, as Second Glass Matter.
Made Known on Application.
We do not give him credit for
only thing that matters is that
English language is mutilated,
years ago. We regret our loss and ex
tend sympathy to the bereft family.
Travelers, Sojourners In almost any
part of the world, will find Dr.
Humphreys' Homeopathic Remedies
for sale in the leading drug stores.
Before starting, it would be well to
send for a free copy of Dr. Humphreys'
Manual of all diseases, to take along.
It is a small compact little book, takes
up very little room, Humphreys'
Horoeo. Medicine Co., 150 William
Street, New York. -adv
May 11, 1014.
Wtu. Stockwell and wife visited 8.
M. Thompson and wlfo near. Dodson
villo Sunday.
Mrs. Eliza Harshbarger and daugh
ter, Jessie, ot New Market, were
guests of Mrs. G. A. Wood and child
ren Thursday.
Mrs. Katharine Holmes and Win.
Landcss of Marion, Ind., and Mrs.
Louisa Stevens and son, Ennis, of
Washington, 0. II., and Arch Landess
and wife, of Cincinnati, were in at
tendance at the burlel of P. C. Lan
dess at the Uhapman cemetery near
here Friday.
Elmont Donohoo and wife were
guests of relatives near Hillsboro Sun
day. Mrs Orley Shaffer, of Ilarrlsburg,
spent Thursday witli her parents,
John Roush and wife.
The funeral services of Jake Ililkin
was held at the Reformed church at
tills place Thursday, interment made
in the Redkey cemetery. "
Di.k Brown and family visited John
Pricket and wife in Buford Sunday.
Frank Davis has commenced the
ejection of a large blacksmith shop on
the lot adjoining his house in the
west end of our village.
The relatives of Mrs. Mary Gage
Shaffer received the sad news of her
death at her home at West Elkton,
last week.
Carl Hixson, wife and two children,
of Shackelton, visited Dan Henderson
and wife Sunday.
Mrs. Geo. Brown spent Friday with
relatives in Hillsboro.
Ed Lyons and Bircli Brown accom
panied by their wives, of Buford, were
guests of D. W. Brown and family
Mrs Chas. Elliott, 'of Hillsboro, vis
ited her mother, Mrs. Jane Smith,
Miss Mattie Redkey, of Dodsonville,
spent last week with C. S. Burton and
Geo. Pugh and wife, of Hillsboro,
were guests Sunday of Elza Wilkin
and family.
Jas. Cochran and wife, of Middle
town, came down Thursday for an ex
tended visit with relatives and friends
C. C. Winkle and wife, of East Dan
ville, visited Dr. Cropper and family,
Chas. Cadwallader and family, of
Harwood, were guests Sunday of Perry
Fawley and wife.
Bond Roush spent the past week
with his grandparents, Chas. WIggens
and wife, at East Danville.
Miss Sarah Leighman spent from
Saturday until Monday with Clarence
Vance and family In Sardinia.
Arthur Berry and wife visited the
latter's parents A. S. Calley and wife
at East Danville, Sunday.
Wm. Knauer spent part of last week
with relatives in Dayton.
Fred Henderson is spending the
week in Sardinia.
Rev. John Howard, of Hillsboro,
will preach at the Reformed churcli
next Sunday evening.
Clarence Holladay was a guest of his
parents near Hillsboro, Sunday. '
C. E. Shaffer left Monday for sever
al weeks visit with relatives in Okla
homa. John Cochran and wife visited her
parents, Wm. Shaffer and wife, at
Lumberton, Sunday.
May 11, 1Q14.
Edward Eyres and family, of Seaman
visited at the home of W. R. Noland,
one day last week.
Chas. Sprlnklo and wife spent Sun
day at the home of his sister, Mrs
Perry Streets.
Alex Easter and wife and little
daughter, Evalyn, spent Friday In
Earl Shrlver and Mrs. Macy Rotroff,
of Sugartree Ridge," spent Saturday
with her sister, Mrs. Hattle William
son. ,
The Ladles Aid Society was enter
tained on Thursday afternoon by Mrs.
M. E. Milburn, 10 members being
Mrs.Mary Milligan spant Sunday and
Monday with Miss Levera Milburn.
The L. A. S. will give an ice cream
supper in the I. O. O. F. hall Saturday
night, May 30. Good music will be
Misses Edna Campbell and Emma
Gllmore spent Thursday with Miss
Levera Milburn.
Quite a number from here attended
the funeral of George Chaney, of Pros
pect, Wednesday.
Mrs. n E. Wilkin and son spent
Sunday with her sister, Mrs. J. H. Gall.
Mrs. Chester Brown gave a party in
honor of her son, James ', fifth birthday.
narold Milburn spent Saturday
night and Sunday with his grandmoth-
er, Mrs. M. J. Cummlngs, of Marshall.
Mrs. George Umphlet spent Thurs
day with home folks at Hillsboro.
a) a
The mills of Belfast, Ireland, em
ploy nearly 30,000 women workers.
N May 11, 1914.
Wm Barrett and wife and daugh
ter, Bertie, spent Saturday night at
the home of their daughter, Mrs. Jas.
Walls, of Centervlllo.
The W. O. T. tJ, will nnet next
Thursday at the homo of Mrs, Joseph
Hamer Lyle and wlfo ente 'talned
Burch Parshall and wife Sunda.'.
Wm. Rowe lost another horse last
Wednesday. It fell and broke1 Its leg
and had to bo killed.
Mrs. Gertrude Karnes and son,
Clarence, Joe Karnes and wife and-
daughter and Miss Marie Karnes
spent Sunday with the former's
daughter, Mrs. Stanley Stowe, of
Highland. "
Next Sunday will be Decision Day
at the Friends Church. Rev Mllner
will give the address. The teachers
will also address the classes in Sunday
Joseph Karnes and wife and daugh
ter, of Omaha, Neb., are visiting their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Karnes.
Wm. Rowo and wife spent Sunday
at the home of J. S. Lovett.
Joe Miller and wife and son, of
nillsboro, were guests of C. M. Stevens
Wm. Wolfe and family, James El
ton and wife and Mrs. Amanda Cow
gill spent Sunday at the home of
Frank Shoemaker.
W. E. Chrisman and wife and two
sons called on Ray Washburn and
wife Sunday afternoon.
Madge Stevens spent Sunday with
Miss Ruth Warnock, of Dallas.
May 11, 1014.
George Hetherington and wife were
the guests of Nat Tonnehill and fam
ily Thursday.
Mrs. J. R. Powell, of Norwood, has
bee"n the guest of Samantha Chaney
the past week. -
Nelle Van Winkle had as her guests
Sunday Misses Mabel Lemon, Mary
Russ and Florence Elifrltz, of Hills
boro, and Esther Holllngsworth, of
this place.
Verd Sonner, of Point Victory, Is
assisting Mrs. Ben Morton with her
house work.
Ray Naylor and wife, of Sugartree
Ridge, attended services at the Bap
tlst Church Sunday flight.
J ames Burns and family, of Miller's
Chapel, spent Thursday with ,Chas.
Garen and wife.
Those who attended the funeral of
Geo. Chaney at Prospect Wednesday
from this place were Joseph Emery
and wife, Jessie Harshbarger, Roscoe
and Orland McConnaughey, A. E.,
Hunter and C. V. Purdy and wife.
Miss Martha Barrere entertained
the W. C. T. D. at her home Thurs.
day afternoon.
Alva Harshbarger, of Point Victory,
spent a couple of days last week with
his uncle, Roy Harshbarger. -
Charlie Garen and wife spent Sun
day the guests of Wm, Caplinger and
family. Tiiey were accompanied
home by their niece, Lou 2 11a Caplin
ger, who will spend some time with
. John Baker, of Seaman, and Belle
McConnaughey were united in mar
riage by the Rev. J. H. Holllngsworth
Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. D. S. Harshbarger and daugh
ter spent one day last week with Mrs.
Cary Wood and children at Danville.
D. Q. Morrow and Irvin McD.
Smith, of Hillsboro, called on Martha
Barrere Sunday evening.
Mrs. Margaret Glblur is staying
with her sister, Mrs. Roberts, who
has befcn very sick the past week.
Purdy & Hunter unloaded a car of
corn Wednesday-.
Dull Feeling-Swollen Hands and
Feet-Due to Kidney Trouble.
Your kidneys need help when your
hands and feet thicken, swell up, and
you feel dull and sluggish. Take Foley
Kidney Pills, They are tonlc.'stimu
latlng and strengthening and restore
your kidneys to healthy normal action.
Try them. adv
Garrett & Atbes
Magistrate (to offending motorist)
You are fined 40 shillings.
Motorist All right, old man I You
must take it out of a fiver.
Magistrate You are now fined five
pounds. Anything else to say f
Motorist By Jove, sir, no I You're
too quick at repartee. Sketch.
1Q &nd rollilooi of
germi tut vrov
from oo or two Umt
got under tno akin
and Into tt bloo.
aifii11w mtlllona
Antiseptic Salve
testUd right away would hire fclltad Ihoaa fi
i fair
tarmf and kapt t&esa millions from btlas born.
To bar Ha. box of this mIto mdr far raw.
(oats. Mat tor Dr. JttU't Amiiffka dMva.
-7M U By Tfca Ball1
May 11, 1914.
Florence Keslnr and Margaret Suit
ors, of Harriett, spent Weduo'sday
with Harley Suitors and family.
D. A. McCall and wife, of New Pet
ersburg, moved to their property here
last Wednesday.
Little Frank Lucas, of Ralnsboro
spent Wednesday and Thursday with
Thomas Elliott and wife.
Miss Mary Watts visited Mrs. J. E.
Shannon and Mrs. O. E. Fairley, of
Hillsboro, from Wednesday until Sat
urday. Guy Gordrey and wife took ,dinMr
with James Creed and family, Wee 043
day. C. P. Carey, of Madison, Wis , who
has been vislttng his parents, Wm.
Carey and wife, returned home, last
Arch Cameron and wife and Mary
Bell wero guests Sunday of Ed Camer
on and family.
Frank Kelly and wife, of Berry vllle,
spent Sunday with F. M. Main and
Harry Wright and family spent
Sunday with Frank Elliott and fam
ily. Myrtle .and Margaret Watts wero
guests of Burch Miller and family.
The Ladles Aid Society will meet at
the home of Mrs. Wm. Elliott next
Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Dr. Beam and Miss Conard, of
Hillsboro, spent Sunday afternoon
with Mrs. Byrl Mason.
Mrs Lem -Hunter called on Mrs.
Rosa Bobb, Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Leota Wise and children called
on Haney Suitors Sundav evening.;
Hampton Kesler and family visited
Harry Kelly and familySunday.
a a
John Pfarr will clean and press ant
mend that suit until It will look a
ood as new. 1 also do dry cleaning
Give me a call. Brunner's Shot
Shop. adv
Fig growing, "which was so success
fully introduced in California, is being
taken up in Texas.
"Why are you watching that fly so
"I was Just wondering if men will
ever be able to tango up and down the
walls like that. Wouldn't it beflne?"
Pittsburg Post.
She (out for evening stroll)-Oh, dear,
I'm very thirsty.
He (broke) Take a look at the big
dipper. Boston Transcript.
! a
The production of potato flour In
Holland Increases rapidly from year to
year and the product is also steadily
finding markets abroad. Tiie total
production Is now less than 275,000,000
pounds annually.
Feel languid, weak, run down?
Headache? Stomach "off" ? A good
remedy is Burdock Blood Bitters. Ask
your druggist. Price $1.00. adv
In Great Britain the' percentage of
insanity is Increasing faster than the
growth of population.
The word milliner is a corruption of
Milaner; from Milan, 'the city which
once established the hat styles for the
Cats hate water, probably because
their fur has nothing oily about it and
consequently takes a long time to dry.
For any itchiness of the skin, for
skin rashes, chap, pimples, etc., try
Doan's Ointment. 50c at all Drug
Stores. adv
f . a .
Lime was one of the earliest mate
rials used to improve soil, being men
tioned In the writings of Plato and
"Who built this snow house with the
Ice columns ?" asked the explorer. "It
has been put up since I was here last
year." ,
"That's our new Carnegie library,"
explained the Eskimo proudly Seat
tle Post-Intelligencer.
m a.
Cheapest accident Insurance Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil. For burns,
scalds, cuts and emergencies. All drug
gists sell it. 25c and 50o, adv.
Have your sale bills printed at the
Newb-Heraij 50 bills in two colors
and matter run in paper for 3.00.
a a
Harry Hill will have his famous
Texas Ranger Band, when he appears
here, May 16, adv
" a i m
Cemetery Visitors
The Harsha Monument Oo. have
received a shipment of unbreakable
Bouquet Holders for graves which
are far superior to fragile vessels for
such purposes.
Flowers kept fresh on graves give
the appearance of special attention-!
and In these unbreakable holders will
not be destroyed.
They are on wile at theft ofOoe on
Walnut Street, 6-14
HiLLsnono, Mar is
Retail Grocers
Wheat, bushel
Corn i
Potatoes new ,.,,,
White Deans, bushel
Hutter ,,
nggs, Dozen ,
Young Cfilckens
Chickens, per lb ....
Turkeys, per lb..,,..
Ducks, per lb
... 85
12 a
uaconuams, per id
Uacon Sides
Ilacon Shoulders.,,
liar, ton
25 00
Ex. O. Sugar , a
A sugar t a
Granulated Sugar a
Cut loaf and Powdered Sugar..... a
oflee. IUo. ( 25a
Tea, Imp , It. II. and Q. H per qr. 20a
Tea, Black. .. , 20a
Cheese, factory
Flour, good family brands, cwt.. .
" " " bbl a
Molasses, N O , gallon a
. " Sorghum ,. a
Golden Syrup,, a
Coal Oil , 12a
Salt..., , a
Hams, city sugar cured, lb a
Beeves, cwt., gross C 60a
Beeves, shipping .,... 6 00a
Sheep and Lambs, per cwt 4 00a
2 10
1 35
8 75
7 40
6 50
7 85
Hogs, cwt., gross 7 40a
Milch Cows with Oalvcs 5 00a 40 00
These remedies tiro scientifically and
carefully prepared prescriptions; used for
many years by Dr. Humphreys in his private
practice, and for nearly sixty years by tho
people with satisfaction.
Medical Book mailed free. 'j
Wo. fob Fries
1 Ferera, Congestions, Inflammations.. 25
3 Worma, Worm 1 over 25
3 Colic, Crying and Wakefulness of Infants. 23
4 Dlarrhea.of Children and Adults 35
7 Cousin, Colds, Bronchitis u 25
8 Toothache, Faceacbo, Neuralgia 25
0 Ileodnche, Sick Headache, Vertigo 25
lO Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Weak Stomach 25
13 Croup, Hoarse Cough Laryngitis 25
14 Bolt Ilheunt, Eruptions 25
15 Rlieumiitlsm, Lumbago 22
10 Ferer andAeun, Malaria 2.,
17 Piles, Blind or Bleeding, External, Internal.2."
10 Catarrh, Influenza, Coldln Head 2..
20 Whooping Cough 25
21 Aatlima, Oppressed, DlfflcultBreatilng 25
27 Kidney Disease.., 35
28 Kerroua Debility. Vital Weakness l.(X)
30 Urinary Incontinence. Wetting Bad 25
34 Bore Throat. Quinsy 25
77 La Grippe-Grip 25
Bold by druggists , or sent d)i receipt of prloo.
William and Ann Streets, New York.
I r.c tn 'y or p.rixli,.J ecu. ) rtrtnfcer
mi ,,j ,i , ,i a lnyfi Willi U
1 i Ml v.. u s.nuly. ily renty Is
I nicel (.emle, pli-nsm-t per.
f , linnnlPM. i des not niauer how
. 2 ' v " "" m" l ''" renulrK-homu
J - liermMWit, imttlcHliy rpdorKd nd
1""wr!fi u'on i tp.llmonli.li. Jiouk
i r... i,(;M'Mt .(11reM:
-,SB t.ewrork.N.T
Fara &54-t7t weekly aelllnir R-naranteed Underwear.
Hosiery and Sweaters for lanrest rafr. In America. Fsc
SO years.e Camplala aiiim FREE. Write MADISON
MILLS, DepLW, 4ae BroadwayJowTortClly.
May 11, 1914.
Mrs. Anna Harrington, of Greenfield,
is the guest of her son this week.
MissChloe Miller, of Hillsboro, spent
Sunday with Miss Elsie Shlpton.
Thos. Wllburn and family moved
from the farm to the Redkey property
last Saturday.
A daughter was born to Fenton Kes
ler and wife last week.
- The Ladles Aid Society will hold
their annual election at the M. E.
church on Thursday afternoon.
Murray Browning, who has been
employed in Dayton for the past few
years, has returned here,
Miss Hester Snider, of Columbus, is
the guest of Mrs. W. T. Hodge.
Miss MeldaCameron, of Cynthlana,
has been visiting relatives here for
spveral days.
0. 0. Muhlbach, of Hillsboro, will
deliver a report of the National Anti
Saloon League at the M. E Church
here next Sunday morning at the close
of Sunday School. It Is desired that
all young people especially should be
present and hear this talk.
The M. E. Sunday School is steadily
both In number and interest, 162 per
son were present at the last session. A
cradle roll of 27 members has recently
been added to the school.
Rev. W. E. Shriver dellved the most
practical baccalaureate sermon last
Sunday night that it was ever our
privilege to hear. The church was
crowded to its utmost to hear this
wonderful address.
Feel Dull and Sluggish ? Start
Your Liver to Working I
It beats all how quickly Folep Ca
thartic Tablets liven your liver, over
come constipation m ake you feel
lively and active again. J. L. Mo
Knight, Ft. Worth, Texas.'says : "My
disagreeable symptoms were entirely
removed by the thorough cleansing
Foley Cathartlo Tablets gave me.
They're a wonder." adv
Garrett & Ayres.
a a '
Three fourth of afl the fur trapped
on the North American continent are
shipped to St. Louis houses to be sold.
a m i
For a Torpid Liver.
"I have used Chamberlain's Tablets
off and on for the past six years when
ever my liver shows signs of being In a
disordered condition. They have al
ways acted quickly and given me the
desired relief," writes Mrs. F.H. Tru
bus, Sprlngvllle, N, Y, For sale by
All Dealers, adv
" Qtt3flvg'jr'

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