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The Best Thing
Tho beat thing about a boo Is not that ho la a
worker, but ho la a SAVER. Tho worst thing
about him you have no doubt had reason to ex
perience if ho ever backed up on you.
But people overlook tho fact that he has a
stinger because he banks the products of his labor.
Be ta bee. Any long-tailed wasp can Btlng. It
takes a bee to deliver the honey. If you make our
bank your "hive" you will get back all you put in
and more too.
The ilillsboro Bank and Savings Co.
May 18, 1914.
John Duncan and wife and Frances
Ludwig and wife and daughter, Flor
ence, took dinner with Harlie Ludwlg
and wife and son, Lionel, Sunday.
Ed Runyon and wife, of Dodsonvllle,
spent Sunday wltii Elmer Foster and
Misses Mae and Pearl Clalbourn and
Emma Shaffer spent Sunday with
Gertrude McCrelght.
Mrs. Will Stuart and daughter, Mil
dred, of Monterey, spent Saturday and
Sunday with her father, H. P. Chaney.
John Winkle and wife and daughter,
Opal, of Hlllsboro, spent Sunday with
J. W. Thornburg and family. Sher
man Winkle and wife and daughter,
Reba, of near Danville, were also their
guests in the afternoon.
"I suffered Habitual v fromconstlpa
tion. Doan's Regulets relieved and
strengthened the bowels so that they
have been regular ever since. " E. Da
vis, Grocer, Sulphur Springs, Tex. adv
Cats hate water, probably because
their fur has nothing oily about it and
consequently takes a long time to dry.
Mother Has Earned
Convenience : Jofefef
J I jfiv Y J 0 fa iiijlnnmrm-rigTJj
More than 250,000 "Mothers" in country homes
are today enjoying this comfort and convenience;
Gas Lighting and Cooking with Gas
These greatest of modern conveniences are
today available for every, home no matter where
it is located.
The modern farm home can have its own
miniature gas plant the PILOT Lighting Plant
which supplies pure home-made Acetylene a
better light than the city home enjoys.
The World's Standard
These PILOT Lighting Plants are so compact and per
fectly constructed that they can be placed right in a corner of
the cellar or in an out-building; as you prefer.
If we had space we would tell just how the PILOT
makes pure Acetylene, automatically, from Union Carbide and
water, a little at a time
How the PILOT has stood the test of years until today,
it is the Standard of all Acetylene Machines
How its record for safety, efficiency and satisfactory service
surpasses that of any other lighting device in the world. So
much so that the highest authorities in the Insurance world
allow its installation in insured property without Increase in
insurance rates
How the United States Government uses the PILOT for
lighting many of its Indian Schools, and other public buildings.
A Hundred Uses for Acetylene
Acetylene is. used in a hundred different ways in many
industries all over the world till it is today one of the most
Universally used gases, we know anything about.
Hundreds of thousands of automobiles are lighted with
Acetylene from little generators or Prest-O-Lite or Search
light tanks
Countless numbers of little Acetylene lamps are used by
miners in their work beneath the ground
Locomotive lieadlights and passenger coaches are lighted
-with Acetylene
Light-houses and buoys use Acetylene
Parts cf the Panama Canal are lighted entirely with
The use of Acetylene for welding and cutting metals
has become one of the big factors in the great metal industries
of tho world
The story of Acetylene and its uses is one of the most
fascinating commercial stories of the age. It would take
pages to tell.
May 18, 1914.
Raymond Murray and wife, of Cin
cinnati, were in the home of his par
ents from Saturday until Monday
Martha Stotler was visiting in the
home of Lemuel Stilwell and wife, of
New Vienna.
Loyd Fetro attended services at
New Vienna Sunday night.
Joe Thompson and Lee McDaniel
spent Sunday with their parents here.
Lafe and Emma McDaniel were
calling on Madge and Frank Brown
Misses Ruth Bird and Rachel
Michael were buggy riding through
our place Sunday evening.
Electa Loman is teacher for Duncan
school this coming winter,
Cheapest accident insurance Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil. For burns,
scalds, cuts and emergencies. All drug
gists sell it. 25c and 50c. adv
Lime was one of the earliest mate
rials used to improve soil, being men
tioned in the writings of Plato and
Delay Has Been -Dangerous in
Mrs. A Elmer, Water St., Batavla,
Ohio, says : Four years ago one of the
famllylwas all run down and suffered
almost constantly from kidney trouble
We became alarmed. At times for
several days he could hardly get around
the house. Ills back was so stiff and
lame that he could hardly bend to tie
his shoes and when he sat down, he
couldn't get up. He couldn't rest well
at night and had to get up every little
while, owing to kidney weakness The
kidney secretions were scanty and dis
ordered. He had but little ambition
and he couldn't eat. When he got up
in the morning he felt tired and his
head ached badly. He doctored for
some time, but got no better and was
about discouraged when a friend told
him to try Doan's Kidney Pills. We
got a box for him and In a few days
after using them, he felt much better.
Five boxes made him as well as ever
and he was able to look after his work.
He can now rest well and gets up in
the morning feeling line. We think
Doan's Kidney Pills are a Godsend to
those who need a kidney remedy."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
"Didn't I hear your wife refer to you
as a human mince pie ?" said a curious
"Yes," answered Mr. Slrius Barker.
"Is that a compliment?" ,
"Not exactly. She means that I
never agree with anybody."
Most Children's Diseases Start
With a Cold.
Restlessness-feverishness an inflam
ed throat and spasmodic cough maybe
whooping cough is starting In. Give
Foley's Honey and Tar promptly. It
helps the children so very much, and
Mrs. Shipps, Raymondsville, Mo., says :
"I got line results from it and it is a
great medicine for whooping cough."
adv Garkett & Ayiiks.
Lighting end Cooking for Country Homes
The mission of the PILOT is to bring a clear, clean, sofa
light and quick, cool easy cookirg service, to ta';e the place cf
the drudgery, dirt and inconveniences of kercseno lamp3 and
the dirt, heat and labor of the old coal cr wood stove
Convenience in place cf back breaking labor
Cleanliness instead of dirt, grime and ashes
Beautiful city-like fixtures in place cf unsightly kero
sene lamps
A cool kitchen instead cf a hot, suT.ir.g one
Order instead of confusion
Comfort instead of dim, hot, sraeV.y lights
Safety instead of constant risk !
Twenty minutes once a month cr n to put Urlon
Carbide and water in the PILOT, instead cf a half hour
every day filling lamps
Light always on tap in every room
Barn lights, fastened to permanent iron plying and protected
by heavy glass globes instead of dangerous lamps and lanterns.
Automatic ignitors instead cf matches
All these and more costing no moro than you are now
paying for kerosene.
The proof is shown in 13 years of satisfactory results
In the large factories we have been compelled to build in
Newark, N. J. and Chicago, 111. to take care of the steadily
increasing demand for PILOT Lighting Plants
In our salesmen and dealers in more than a thousand
towns and villages throughout the country.
Consider Your Women Folks
They're the ones who have to spend half their days in the
kerosene grime of filling, cleaning ,and carrying oil lamps
around the house. In slaving away their strength and health
over hot, cranky Btoves.
Ask the "Mother" in your house how much this beautiful,
clean, always-ready light and a real gas range will mean to her.
Ask yourself if she hasn't earned this comfort and conven
ience when you consider it3 low cost a thousand times over.
Then write or phone me and let me come out and show
you how little this entire improvement will cost.
Do it today while you have it in mind.
Walton, Ky.
Saleaman for
t May 18, 1014.
Joseph Stroup and family, .of South'
Liberty, and Joseph Brulport and wife,
of Dodsonvllle. were guests of John
Briggs yesterday and attended Hie
Memorial Services.
Frank Durton was a business caller
in Ilillsboro last Saturday.
Miss Marie Jonte went to Columbus
today to attend Business College.
Edwin, Lee and Everett Combs, of
Norwood, spent Saturday and Sunday
with their aunt, Mrs. E. E. Edwards.
Miss Grace Hart called on friends
at Falrvlew Sunday afternoon.
E. M. Reaves and daughter, Mrs.
John Luck, of Lynchburg, called on
Mrs. E. E. Edwards Sunday afternoon.
John Bllderback visited at Riley
Hart, a few days ago.
A daughter was born to Ellis Roberts
and wife last week.
Slgel Low man and wife, of Ilillsboro,
Mrs. Lewis Roades, of Marshall, Will
Kesslnger and family, of Fairview. and
Mrs. Laura Hlnton visited George
Kessenger and wife, Sunday.
Mr. Sadler, of Hamilton, spent Sun
day here with his family.
James and Vernon Brewer were in
Russell one day recently on business.
Wm. Brltton is repairing his house.
Mrs. McMurray, who has been on the
sick list, is improving and able to be
about the house.
The Memorial Services here yester"
day were well attended. Rev. Dresch
delivered the memorial sermon , Rev.
McMurray read the scripture lesson
and also gave some additional remarks.
The music and the entire service was
highly appreciated.
Mrs. Hallle Roush, of Blanchester,
was with her parents, Wm. Roush and
family, over Sunday.
The following are the decorating
committee : Dunn's Chapel William
Sinclair, E M. Reaves, Charles A.
Chaney, Philip Belles, John F. Chaney.
Strange Cemetery, &c E'rede rick
Roush, John Webster, Lewis Ludwlck,
John Wllklns, Ell Roush, John McCall.
Albert Chaney, of Sandusky, Is vislt-
iighis brothers, John and Lon Chaney.
Rev. McMurray announced the dedi
cation of lils church at Lynchburg to
take place on Sunday, May 21, an all
day service.
For a Torpid Liver.
"I have used Chamberlain's Tablets
oil and on for the past six years when
ever my liver shows signs of being in a
disordered condition. They have al
ways acted quickly and given me the
desired relief," writes Mrs. F. II. Tru
bus, Sprlngville, N. Y. For sale by
All Dealers adv
May 18, 1014.
Quite an Interest Is being manifested
in the Sunday School here, 80 being
present Sunday morning. Each class
Is represented by a class color of flowers
T. C. McGuIre has resigned his posi
tion in J. W. Ilurst'sstore, on account
of ill health.
C. A. McCoy and wife and daughter,
Geneva, and Mrs.Joseph Swonger spent
Sunday afternoon with friends at
North Liberty.
Rev. D. Davis, who has been spend;
in the past five weeks In Kentucky
and Tennessee, Is expected homo
Charles Fels and sisters, Misses Cora
and Carrie, spent Saturday afternoon
at the home of Noble Batteilleld.
Mildred Easter, youngest daughter
of Otis Easter, who was recently oper
ated on for adnolds, is much improved
in health.
C. C. Jamison and wife, of Seaman,
spent Sunday with their daughter
Mrs. Alex Easter and J. A. Easter
called on Jacob Fling, of Hlllsboro,
Charles Sprinkle and wife attended
church here Sunday and dined with
the home folks.
Miss Elsa Page, of May Hill, is
spending a few weeks at the home of
J. A. Inloe.
Several from here attended the
funeral of George Renoe, at Pleasant,
last Thursday.
The Ladles Aid Society will meet
on the church lawn next Thursday
a(ternoon to complete the arrange
ments for the Ice Cream and Straw
berry festival which will be held on
the njght of May 30, in the I. O. O. F.
hall, to which everybody is invited.
Some people spend their lives In
trying to acquire money to spend.
Got Any
Do you really want to heal Itt Hid enough to
pend 35c. ? Then so to the store and bur a
box ot UH, BELL'S
Antiseptic Salve
It If now white and mow pure and It It
doesn't do tha work, get your money back.
"Tell It Br The Bell"
m m3k m
Ida Cornottet, second daughter of
Lewis and Leah Cornettet, was born
in Highland county, Ohio, May 17,
180 and departed this life May 10, 1014,
aged 40 years, 11 months and 2i days.
In the year 1884 she was married to
Noah Gay mon, Rev. Wlndorasolemnlz
lug the marriage. To this union were
born 5 children, 2 sons and 3 daughters.
One son having preceded his mother
to the great beyond during Infancy.
At the early age of 14 years she sur
rendered her heart to God and joined
the United Brethren church at Tay
lorsvllle under the pastorate of Rev.
Howe. She was loyal to the church of
Jesus Christ and remained a faithful
member of the church at Taylorsvllle
until the message came suddenly and
she passed peacefully into the arms of
her Savior whom she loved and faith
fully served. Sister Gaymon always
delighted in the services of her blessed
master. She was Intensely Interested
in the Kingdom of her Lord, going to
the services when possible at all, and
many tlmrs when she was not able to
go. She was loyal and devoted to her
family, being kind, compassionate ana
sympathetic in the home. She always
loved flowers and took a great interest
in raising beautiful flowers which
shows that she longed for the higher
and nobler things of life.
She always had an open door for the
mlnlstsrs of the gospel, welcoming
them In her home, always treating
them with love and respect. Sister
Gaymon always had great sympathy
for those who were In distress. In
these acts she has emphasized her
Christ like spirit. For the Master has
said: "Inasmuch as ye have done It
unto one of these, my brethren, ye
have done It unto me."
In her death the children lose a de
voted mother, the husband a loving
wife and the community a loving
Christian citizen.
On Jan, 10, 1013 she was stricken
with paralysis. From this shock she
never fully recovered. She bore her
afllictlon very patiently for 10 months,
often remarking that If she could not
get well she would like to go to her
heavenly home. On May 10, 1014 she
had another stroke which sent her
soul home to God. She leaves to mourn
her death 2 sisters, 1 brother, 4 child
ren, 0 grandchildren, a devoted hus-
oand and a great number of other
relatives and friends.
A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved Is still ;
A place Is vacant In our home,
Which never can be filled.
Farewell, mother, thou hast left us,
Ana our loss we deeply feel ;
But 'Us God who has bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal.
We desire to thank our friends and
neighbors for their kindness, assist
ance and heartfelt sympathy during
the death of our beloved wife and
mother. The funeral services were
conducted from the United Brethren
church of Taylorsvllle, Ohio, at 10 a
m,, Tueslay, May 12, Rev. Azbell offi
ciating, assisted by Rev. Harris, of
Crooksville, who happened to be in the
vicinity at the time of her death. The
remains were interred in the Mowrys
town cemetery. The Family.
Feel Dull and Sluggish ? start
Your Liver to Working-!
It beats all how quickly Folep Ca
thartic Tablets liven your liver, over
come constipation m ake you feel
lively and active again. J. L. Mc
Knight, Ft. Worth, Texas, says : "My
disagreeable symptoms werb entirely
removed by the thorough cleansing
Foley Cathartic Tablets gave me.
They're a wonder " adv
Garrett & Ayres.
William, sen of Jacob and Rachel
Tompkins, was born Aug. 3, 1847 in
the Hardin's Creek neighborhood and
spent most of his life near there, ne
was one of a family of seven children,
all having preceding him to the better
world, with the exception of one sis
ter, Lydla Davis, of Washington, Kan.
He was married to Penuel Brown,
Oct. 28, 1875. To this union two
daughters were born, Mrs. J. W. Over
man, of Hlllsboro, and Mrs. Jesse
Backenstoe, of Washington C. H , who
with the mother are left to mourn the
loss of a kind and loving father and
ne and his wife united with the
Friends church under the administra
tion of Rev. John Riley, at the Fall
Creek church in 1884 and remained a
member of the Hardin's Ureek church
until his death, April 8, 1914.
Dull Feeling-Swollen Hands and
Feet-Due to Kidney Trouble.
Your kidneys need help when your
hands and feet thicken, swell up, and
you feel dull and sluggish. Take Foley
Kidney Pills. They are tonic, stimu
lating and strengthening and restore
your kidneys to healthy normal action.
Try them. adv
Garrett & Ayres
Women in Wllllamsport, Md., have
nominated a municipal ticket, declar
ing that while they do not have the
right to vote there is nothing in the
charter to prevent them from holding
?Tof,9t$ional ($t&.
Both Phontnln Office and Riaidtnce
Office Short St., Opp. Court H uiae
'Jorre 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone MX
Hlllalooro, Ohio.
0noi:-ln Hnlmes Building, North Hlr
Ottiob Boohs oto ila. m., Z to and 8 tl
8 p. m.
Both 'Phones in oace and Residence,
For Your Flowera.
successors to ruble & turnibJ
Funeral Directors & Embalmers
!A Full Line of High Grade
HOTH phones
Prompt Delivery. Courteous Treatment
Your ratronage Solicited
(Successors to J. C. Koch)
Ottlcehrar ot Traction Depot
Home Phone 341
Frank Ayres XZ
Representing , six of the strongest
Old Line Fire insurance Companies.
Most liberal Farm Policies ever writ
ten in the Aetna Co. Also Live Stock
Insurance. D Insuring your horses
againstjdeath from any cause.
I represent theJAetna, Fidelity and
Surety Bond Co. One of the largest.
Also with accident policies. Terms as
low as you can get in high class safe
insurance. 9-a
Registered Shire
Registered Shire Stallion, will make
the season of 1914 at John Morrow's
farm, one mile north of Oveiman, on
the Hlllsboro and New Petersburg
Rex Harold Is a roan 6 years old and
weighs 1900 pounds, he Is a sure breed
er and has tine disposition. Terms
$15 to Insure colt to stand and suck.
(ft 11)
Our Four Books sent Free with list
of Inventions wanted by manufac
turers and promoters, also Prizes of
fered for Inventions. Patents secured
700 Ninth St.
Washington O. O
nJrZiClctnirf and beaatifiel tha h.1
I romoiFi a mxuri.m rrowtn.
sfrever jaiia to iieatoro urajl
J--ttiiSl'ivvinta hair falllntr.
Ji3 J rv. nml SfnrtHt ItrnmHitn.
Trade Marks
Copvrights &c.
I 3bH(Hk&expefi,e:nce:
9 rMyyAiH
"mm it v.,'-r i i .
i 'tmm
Anyone aentflnc askctrh nnd description mar
qutcUIr uacertutik vir opmton free wbctber au
Intention la prtihn- y riientnhlo. Communion.
tlonamrlctlyrniudr Hal HANDBOOK on l'ateuu
sent free. Oldest npimcy for securing patenta.
l'aieuta taken turouKb Muim & Co. receive
tptetol twtlct, without cfaai-KO, In tho
Scientific ilnicsicdii
A handsomely lltnxtrcteil neeily. Lareeat elr
culatlon nf any trttntipe journal. Tenna, $3 a
yeart four rnontue, t L gold ty all newadealera.
MUNN&Co.36"5'0 New York
Er&i eti iuicu, 125 P 6U Waahlnvion. U C

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