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A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. George McGulre last week.
Miss Luella Wood Is spending this
week with her mother at Danville.
Lawrence Landes3 was the guest of
relatives at Danville Sunday.
Mrs. J. A. Miller has as her guest her
brother, Orr May, of Cincinnati.
W. H. Cowman, of Greenfield, was
calling on friends here Wednesday
Hon. Coke L. Doster, of Greenfield,
was here on legal business, Tuesday.
- o
Mrs. Willis Herbert Post, of Battle
Creek, Mich., Is visiting her daughter,
Mrs. Blair M. Boyd.
Miss Adlna Head spent from Friday
until Sunday with relatives at High
Aaron Spargurand Emll Mossbarger,
of Greenfield, spent Sunday with
friends here.
Will Patterson, of Cincinnati, spent
Sunday with his mother, Mrs. James
W. Patterson.
Stewart Hamilton and son, of Bel
fast, visited Mr. and Mrs. Enos Tanne-
hill, Sunday.
The Altruistic Association will
meet Friday of this week at Forest
. . m
Mrs. L. B. Boyd went to Cleveland
Tuesday to visit her daughter, Mrs.
Ralph Mitchell.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Zlnk spent Sat
urday and Sunday with relatives at
Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Stevens and
children visited Mr. Stevens' mother
at Pricetown Sunday.
Mrs. M. F. Carroll has been visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Hoyt Grllllth, at
Pittsburg, Pa., since Tuesday.
Mrs. Clara Brunner and Mrs. Charles
Moore visited relatives at Martinsvillo
last week.
Mrs. James W. Smith entertained a
company of ladles with bridge on
Monday afternoon for Mrs. George W.
Gill, of .Columbus.
Mr. and Mrs. John Newton and
children spent Sunday with Mrs. New
ton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Stultz, at Prlcetown.
Lieut. Harry L. Pence, U. S. N., of
Annapolis, Md., will arrive here to
day for a few days visit with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Pence.
The Paint Township Sunday School
Convention will be held at the New
Petersburg M. E. Church on next
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Glenn and
daughters, Misses Nina and Faltb,
spent Sunday afternoon with relatives
at Sardinia.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Beechor, Miss
May Cummlngs and A. E. Hough wenti
to Cleveland Wednesday for a few
days visit with relatives.
The Washington C. H. Advertiser
was" purchased last week by the News
Record and the two papers consolidated
under the name of News-Record.
Judge and Mrs. T. M. Watts and Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Watts went to Lynch
burg, Va., Tuesday for a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. J. Edgar Ware.
Mr. and Mrs. Elgar Barrere and Mr.
and Mrs. Glenn Nlckeson and baby, of
Clrclevllle, were the guests ot Mrs.
George W. Barrere, Sr., Sunday.
Mrs. Louis Anderson and Misses
Eflle and Jean Rodes, of Chlllicothe,
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will
Rodes. Sunday.
The Boys Scouts defeated the men
of the Christian church In a close and
exciting ball game at the Webster
school grounds Friday afternoon by
the score of 9 to 8.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown, of Hyde
Park, Cincinnati, were the guests of
Mrs. Brown's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Ed Colvin, a few days the first of the
Judge and Mrs T. M. Watts, Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Watts and Mr. and
Mrs. John McMullen were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Watts at Mar
shall Sunday.
Absolutely Puret
The only Baking Powder made
Mrs. Miller, of Norwood, Is visiting
ner sister, Mrs. John Link.
Mrs. D. F. Scott is the guest of her
daughter, Mrs. Frank Durnell, In Co
lumbus. Misses Elizabeth and Lucy Ridge
way visited their sister, Mrs. Ed Cald
well, at Greenfield, Sunday.
0. W. Fairley and son, Herman,
were the guests of the former's daugh
ter, Mrs. Don Purdy, at Madlsonvllle,
Capt. and Mrs. Paul Ilarsha had as
their guest Saturday, Rankin Paul, of
Washington, C. H.
Miss Neta Elliott returned to her
home In Springfield Tuesday, after a
visit with Mr. and Mrs Ernest Elliott.
Mr. and Mrs L. B. Banks and daugh
ter were the guests of Prof, and Mrs.
W. R. Cornetet, at South Salem, Sun
day. Mrs, W. E. CoQ man, of Akron, who
has been visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. S. C. Storer, returned home Sat
urday. J. T. Thompson, of Salt Lake City,
Utah, is visiting his sisters, Mrs.
Rieves and Mrs. Tuttle, and brother,
nenry Thompson.
R. D. Klrkpatrlch, of North Liberty,
has been here since Monday to hear
the trial of Well Bros. vs. Connecticut
Insurance Co.
The Ladies Aid Society of the Chris
tian church will hold an Ice Cream and
Strawberry Social Thursday evening
on the Court House lawn.
Mrs. Gertrude Wlnegardner, of this
place and son, Dr. Joseph Wlnegard
ner, of Alliance, returned here Thurs
day after an extended visit with rela
tives at Atlanta, Ga.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Conwell and
children, of Washington, C. H are
the guests of Mrs. Conwell's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. George Kesler.
The corner stone of the new high
school building at Greenfield was laid
Wednesday afternoon with approprl
ate services. The main address was
made by Gov. James M. Cox.
Mr. and Mrs. William McClure and
children, Arthur McClure and Robert
Duncan, of Columbus, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Zlnk, from Satur
day until Monday.
Dr. and Mrs. I. W. Carey attended
the Baccalaureate Services of the
Leesburg High School at Leesburg
Sunday night. Their- daughter, Miss
Norma, is a member of the graduating
Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Shields went to
to Chicago Monday. The Doctor will
detend the General Assembly of the
Presbyterian church and Mrs. Shields
the National Biennial Convention of
Woman's Clubs.
Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Miller, of Nor
wood, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Davis, of
Leesburg, and Miss Grace Miller, of
Washington, C H., were here Sunday
to attend the funeral of Mrs. Lucy
The New Market Township Sunday
School Association will hold a conven
tion at New Market Presbyterian
Church on Sunday afternoon, May 24,
at 2 o'clock sun time A good pro
gram has been arranged.'
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Sanderson, Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Swlsshelm and Sam
R. Free'left Sunday for a weeks motor
trip. Misses Emma and Lucille
Schubler and Myrtle Kester joined
them In Cincinnati. They will visit
Mamouth Cave, High Bridge and other
points of interest in Kentucky.
The Hillsboro Military Band will go
to Cincinnati Friday, having been
employed by the Cincinnati Musicians
Association to assist In furnishing the
music for the big parade Friday even
ing. The boys will return that night
on a special car leaving Norwood at 11
Mr. and Mrs. Burch Rlber and
daughter were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. James M. Richards, at Sabinai
Monday and Tuesday. They attended
the commencement exercises of the
Sablna high school Monday night, Miss
Margaret Richards, a sister of Mrs.
Rlber, being a member of the class.
To Whom Paid and For What
Purpose the Aloneyof the
County is Expended.
G. A. Pavoy & Son, burial Ellen
Gough, $75.
Barrett Bros., supplies, $8.75
W. A. Teter, fees due aud, $127 11.
Jno. Cunningham, laundry and re
pairs, $2.40.
J. M. Scarborough, Insurance, $31.25.
O U Tel Co., rental & tolls, $9.00.
.Tas. M. Foley, repairs, $3.70
Hill Tel Co, rentals & tolls, $24 25.
Burrough Adding Mch Co, rep, $2 55
City Water Works, water, $29.75
I. McD. Smith, oiling street around
Court House, $75.
C. A. Michael, com sol bur. $4.
City Work House, malnpris. $110.40.
Burch Ervln, livery sheriff. 9.
Hillsboro Ice Dellv Co, ice, $6.50.
R. Schwelnsberger, night watch, $2.
Mer Nat'l Bk, rent deposit box, 2.
Dispatch, pub road notice, $9 75.
News-Herald Co., supplies, '$26.60.
H. W. Harwood, repairs, $4.50.
W. H. Stanage & Co, supplies, $26.
Trust Whiteoaktp, use of grades, $2.
W. A. Roberts, repairs, $6.
Martin Denninger, labor, $5 75.
D. T. Holladay, cleaning snow, $1 50.
W. B. Jacks, labor. $3.
Dodson & Wardlow, labor, $21.50.
Beach Mfg Co, steel bridge, $482.
W. A. Roberts, repair, $3.
A. V. Fettro, repair, $2 20.
Colvin & Zlnk masonry, $82.50.
Thos. Wheelen, repair, 30.35.
E. O. Gotherman, repairs, $6.25.
F. W. Coyner, lumber, $83.85.
Ed Green, repair sewer, $1.75.
Jas. Ramsden, repair sewer, $9.80.
W. H. Walker, conveying prls, $11.84-
Death of Mrs. Homer Fawley.
Mrs. Homer Fawley died at her
home on W. Main street Sunday after
a long Illness. Death resulted from
tuberculosis, following a severe attack
of typhoid fever. She was 30 years of
age and is survived by her husband
and two small children. The body
was taken to the Cowan's Creek Bap
tist church In Clinton county Tues
day, where the funeral services were
held, conducted by Rev. Long, of
Normal School.
The Hillsboro Normal School will
open June 8 and all indications are
that It will be very successful.
Arrangements have been made so
that pupils can secure lodging at a
very reasonable price. With two In a
room the price will be from 75c to $1
a week for each pupil. Good board
can be secured here Jat as reasonable
a price as anywhere.
The course of study has been author
ized by the state superintendent of
public Instruction and the same cred
it will be given as at the State Nor
mal at Oxford.
Teachers should bear in mind that
after this year they can not teach un
less they have six weeks of Normal
training. If you want to teach you
must attend Normal school some
where and the opportunities offered
here should appeal to all teachers of
Highland county and adjoining coun
ties. m m
Judge J. B. Worley, D. L. Satter
field and John M. McMullen attended
the services in laying the corner stone
of the new high scnool building at
Greenfield, Wednesday.
Misses Margaret and Kathryn An
derson, of Cincinnati, daughters of
Bishop and Mrs Anderson, returned
home Wednesday after a week's visit
with Dr. and Mrs. Earl R Slutz.
At the dual track and field meet
between Miami University and Cln
clnnati University at Cincinnati Sat
urday, Ralph Sams, of this place, won
the 120 yard Hurdle Race. Cincinna
ti won the meet 51 to 43.
Stanley Jordan and Donald Scott
have accepted employment with a
company making automobile road
maps. They will work In New York
Stale first. T.iey will begin work
next week. They will travel on motor
cycles. The work will take them all
summer and fall.
Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Glenn spent
Wednesday in Cincinnati.
Former State Fire Marshall J. W.
Zurber is here for the trial of Well
Bros. & Co. against Connecticut In
surance Co.
Starling Bolden, a yonng colored
barber, tried to commit suicide Thurs
day night. He shot at himself three
times with a revolver only one bullet
taking effect. This struck him In the
left side but only made a flesh wound.
He is recovering rapidly and will be
out in a few days. Family troubles
are thought to have caused him to
attempt to take his life. '
Some people cast their bread onthe
waters only when they are sure It will
be mentioned in the newspapers.
Coprrlght Htrt Schtffner & Marx
OU'VE no idea of the v.alue
satisfaction men find in
Clothes unless you have actually worn them.
There's the satisfaction of knowing you're
dressed in the latest and best fashion; that you
have the finest qualities that can be bought; that
you've actually saved money. One of these suits
will outwear two of the ordinary kind.
Naturally we feel a good deal pleased at thes slections we
have here for you; you'll feel the same when you see them.
Extra values at $10, $12.50, $15, $18, $20.00.
E. H. McClure &
Miss Susie Renner, of Chlllicothe, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. John D. Renner.
A. R. Donohoo, of Westboro, visited
relatives here a few days last week.
An ice craam festival will be held at
the school house at Samantha, Satur
day evening, May 30. (5 28)
Mrs. J Frank Wilson has returned
from a visit with her son, Williard,
at Wooster.
Mrs O. E. Young, of Georgetown,
has been the guest of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. George Grove, near Marshall,
the past week.
Mrs. Charles Ryan, who has been
visiting her aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth N.
Hill, returned to her home In St. Louis,
Mo., Thursday.
Feel languid, weak, run down?
Headache? Stomach "off" ? A good
remedy is Burdock Blood Bitters. Ask
your druggist. Price 81.00. adv
Mrs. Emma Barrett will leave today
for Hill City, Minn., to spend the
summei with her daughters, Mrs. II.
V. Eastman and Mrs. J. L. Dlven.
Edward Uhrlg, of Columbus, was
the guest of his aunt, Mrs. Henry
Schwelnsberger from Monday until
Wednesday. j
Miss Ruth Rlzer has been visiting
Miss Cinderella Richards, at Wooster,
and Ml; a Margaret Rlchards.at Sablna,
the past week.
Prof, and Mrs. N. B. LaMonda and
children, of Hamilton, were called here
last week by the death of Mrs. La
Monda's father, George W. Renoe.
They returned home Sunday.
The following points In Highland
county have been granted state aid
for farmers' institutes, season 1014-15:
Lynchburg, Buford, Marshall, Rains
boro and Leesburg. Institute season
opens December first and closes March
first. Notlco of dates and speakers
will be given later.
Come in To-Day-
Mrs. H. P. Smith is at Oxford to
attend the commencement exercises
of Western College for Women, her
daughter, Miss Mabel, being a member
of the graduating class.
Mrs. Walter Hllllard and Miss Mary
Morrow returned Saturday from Ox
ford. Mrs. Hllllard has been visiting
Miss Mabel Smith and Miss Morrow,
Miss Ruth Foust, at the Western
Mrs. John M. McMullen and Miss
Mabel Lemon went to Delaware
Wednesday to attend the commence
ment exercises of Ohio Wesleyan Uni
versity, the former's daughter, Miss
Marie McMullen, is a member of the
graduating class.
Dr. and Mrs. W. noyt are at home
after a two week's visit with relatives
at Wllllamsport, Mt. Gilead and Chll
licothe. The Doctor returned home
Sunday, being called here by the ill
ness of his grandson, Robert Hoyt
Boulware, who was quite sick with
pneumonia, but is much better. Mrs.
Hoyt remained in Chlllicothe, return
ing home Monday.
To the Republican Voters of High
land County :
I desire to respectfully announce
that I am a candidate for the olllce of
county commissioner subject to the
will of the Republican voters ac the
August primary.
If nominated and elected I shall
strive to bo commissioner in the best
interest of all the people regardless of
politics or location.
Any favors shown me in either circu
lating ray nominating petitions or In
support at the primary will be sincere
ly appreciated.
Ibvin R. Rousn,
of Union Township.
Col. L. B. Boyd went to New York
City on business Tuesday.
or the extreme
Hillsboro. Ohio.
For Every Living- Thing On The
Free ; a 500 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm;" horses, cattle, dogs,
iheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetinary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
up. Free by mail on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co
Corner Williams & Ann Sts.,N.Y. adv
BOOKS make appropriate pres
ents for graduates. They show re
fined taste in the givor.
Thoy are inexpensive ; from 25c
to ?2.00 will buy a beautiful bound
booklet, a volume of Poems, Fic
tion, History or Biography.
Some one well acquainted with
books and their contents will as
sist you in making selections if de
sired. Other Articles Suitable for Gifts
Manicure Sets, Collar and Cuff
Boxes, Hair Receivers, Framed
Pictures, Book Racks, Desk Sets,
Fine Stationery in boxes, Puff
Boxes, Bou-Bon Dihhes, Vaces, In
dividual spoons, hundreds of arti
cles suitable for Birthday, Wed
ding, Annivorsary, or Graduating
If you want a gift for any occa
sion you can always find it at the
price-you wish to pay at
Bowles & Go's.
N. High St. Opposite Mouument

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