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A Theatre With Real Ventilation
Don't Miss This One or you will always regret it.
AdmissionJOnly 5 and 10 cents.
May 25, 1914.
Misses Grace Redkey and Amy Cly
bourne spent Sunday with Mrs. Lor a
Copeland near Millwood.
II. S. Foriker Jwas the guest of
friends near Washington C. H. part of
last week.
narold Roads left;thelast of the
week for Greenfield, where Jhe will
work In the Pad factoryjjdurlng the
summer months.
Mrs. Kate Redkey, of Faint, is
spending a few days.amongjher child
ren here.
Rev. W. E. Shriver attended the
funeral of a relatlvejat Greenfield last
Ora Garman and wife beganj'house
keeping last week on the IfarmJJnorth
of town.
Granville Moore, of Michigan, was
the guest of his daughter, Mrs. Frank
VYeddell, part of last week.
C. E. nolllday spent Saturday and
Sunday with his brothers Dat Man
chester. Ilenry Copeland and family spent
Sunday with friends at Washington
O. H.
Miss Ilelen Hodge Is the guest of
her uncle at Jeffersonville this; week.
Dr. O. C. Hook, of Buena Vista,
was called here Sunday on professional
George Free and wife and son, Rob,
and John Roads and wife attended
the Ross County Sunday School Con
vention at Chlllicothe last Wednes
day. J. A. Head and family, of Ilillsboro,
and Miss Jessie Barrett were guests
of J. B. Davis and wife Saturday
Miss Nell Garman is sick with ty
phoid fever.
Miss Margaret Ballentlne enter
talned the Sunbeams at her country
home last Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Chatterton, of Williamsburg,
Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. E.
The members of the W. C. T. U.
will be the guests of the union In
Bainbrldge Friday afternoon of next
week, June 5.
John Watts, Geo. Free and W. T.
Hodge appraised the property of the
late Ellsha Beaver last Thursday.
Howard Hodge and wife have gone
to housekeeping on the farm of Homer
Quite a number of persons from this
place attended the Paint township S.
a. Convention at New Petersburg on
Sunday afternoon.
Maurice Costello and Mary Charlesan in
"Iron and Steel"
Rosctta Brfre and John Ince in
"The House of Fear"
"Snake ville Fire Brigade"
A Real Old Time Comedy.
Lillian Walker and Wallie Van in a new
Comedy Creation
A Two Part Feature that is different
"The Coming of Sophie's Mamma"
Just a Scream from Start to Finish
Thomas Bailey Aldrich's
Great Masterpiece in Four
"Judith oi Beihulia"
Proclaimed by many as
the most Wonderful Film
ever made.
Made and staged in Amer
ica by the greatest living
Motion Picture Director
David Griffith.
An All Star Biograph Cast
Including Blanche Sweet,
Henry Walthall, Mae Marsh
and Robert Harron.
500 Performers-300 Horsemen
N. B. Upp was a business visitor at
Chlllicothe last Thursday.
The Board of Education of Paint
township have abolished six districts
In the township viz : Nos. 1, 3, 9, 10,
12, 16 and the pupils will be taken to
either New Petersburg, Dallas or
Ralnsboro according to their locality.
This is a big step toward centraliza
tion and the board is to be commend
ed for its action.
Mrs. Susan Fletcher died at her
home near Rocky Fork Caves on. last
Thursday morning after a long Illness.
Funeral services were held from the
home at 1 p. m. on Sunday, conducted
by Rev. Shriver and the body was
then taken to Bainbrldge for inter
ment. FOLSOM.
May 25, 1914.
Rev. and Mrs. N. S. Hoggott and
two children, of Chaney's College, vis
ited at the home of A. J. Fling, Thurs
and Friday.
Mrs. Etta Hott and two sons, of
Hlllsboro, visited home folks here
Rev. L. Davis, of Belfast, occupied
the pulpit here Sunday.
Chas. Cox, wife and children, of
Buckrun, and J. L. Walker and wife.
of Cedar Crest, were guests of I. W.
beets and family, of Bunker Hill. last
N E. Denham and wife were enter
tained at the home of J. M. Grlllltb,
of Harrlsburg, Sunday.
Misses Grace Hopkins and Bessie
Wright and Mary Collins!! were quests
of Leone Hopkins Sunday.
Homer and Matt. Collins, of Hllls
boro, vl9lted relatives here Saturday
and Sunday.
J, D. Post, of Hlllsboro. visited his
daughter, Mrs. W. F. McCoy, Sunday.
Dorsy Collins and daughter, and
Neal Collins, of Hlllsboro, have been
vi9ltlng her grandmother, last week.
Insurance Notice.
To the members of the Central
Mutual Fire Insurance Association.
The annual meeting of the members
of the Central Mutual Fire Insurance
Association of Hlllsboro will be held
at the office of the Association in the
Richards Building, SouthJHIgh street,
Hlllsboro, atl o'clock, p. m., on Thurs
day, June 4, 1914.
Themeotlngls for the election of
officers and for such other business as
may properly come before the Asso
ciation. U 0. MuuLmon, Prea.
Otto F. Hobst, Sec
Hlllsboro, O., May 27, 1914. adv
In Many Ways They Have an Impor
tance That at First Seems Out
of Proportion.
A seemingly insignificant word is'
"Detail," but have you ever Btoppcd to
consider that success is dependent on
It in a largo measure or that failure
may be the oulcomb, If you neglect the
most trivial detail?
Competition today is so keen that
the alert and energetic business man
will make it a point to see that the
smallest and seemingly unimportant
part of his business has tho same
care and attention as the most im
portant parts, for It is the looking
after these little things that assists
In materially Increasing your business
and putting It on a higher piano.
We are prone to attach little sig
nificance to letter writing, and Btlll
have you ever roallzed. that your let
ter Is a true Index to your business
methods, and that carefulness In writ
ing Is essontlal, for the impression it
conveys Is very Important?
The receiving of complaints and
the adjusting of them Is another es
pecial detail. Haw many future sales
are assured by proper adjustment of
somo wrong, whether real or fancied,
and, too, consider tho good Impression
you have helped to promote.
If we were to attempt to enumerate
all tho trifles there still would be
some missing when we got through,
for tho little things that need your
attention are so varied and happen
ing so unexpectedly they necessitate
constant watching.
Little Thing Like Having Head Cut
Off Apparently Did Not Worry
California Hen.
A headless hen that for 12 hours
after she was decapitated, walked
around the corral like any other
chicken, has been worrying Ephralm
Tucker, a local stationery merchant,
residing at 408 Eureka Btreet, accord
ing to a Hedlands (Cal.) dispatch to
the New York Herald. The hen had
been suffering several days from what
Is known as the gapes. She became
so sickly that often a conference with
his wife Tucker decided to cut the
hen's head off and end her misery.
When he performed the operation
the wound did not bleed. Instead ol
fluttering to tho ground tho hen
walked off a few feet and stood still.
Tucker was puzzled.
When he returned at 11 o'clock he
went back to the corral with a lan
tern. The hen was still standing, and
in addition had laid an egg.
Next morning the merchant went to
the chicken yard once more. The head
less hen had moved 20 feet, but was
apparently as full of life as any ol
the other chickens.
Tucker could stand It no longer. He
seized the hen and with tho hatchet
cut off what was left of Its neck. This
time tho hen fluttered and died.
A Century Ago.
Mortlmor M. Jackson, a distin
guished Jurist, was born 100 years ago,
March 6, in Rensselaervtlle, N. Y. At
the age of twenty-four he moved to
Milwaukee, where he engaged In the
practice of law. He was a member of
tho Territorial convention of 1840, and
helped to organize tho Whig party In
the territory and to oppose the exten
sion of slavery. He was attorney gen
eral of the territory for five years and
one of the first circuit court Judges
of the state of Wisconsin. In 1857 he
was the defeated Republican candi
date for United States senator. In
1861 President Lincoln appointed him
United States Consul at Halifax,
where during the Civil war he ren-'
dcrcd the country valuable service. In
1882, after more than 20 years in the
consular service, Mr. Jackson returned
to his home in Madison, Wis., where
he died in 1889.
Measuring Man's Worth.
Dr. Katharine M. H. Blackford told
tho Efficiency society at ltB annual
meeting some of the ways of meas
uring man's worth almost as accur
ately as though his moral and mental
qualities could be placed upon the
scales. All that the man doing the
measuring has to do 1b to keep tab
on something like 64 characteristics
and qualifications. "One must be very
careful not to make mistakes," Doc
tor Blackford admitted. "There was
a foreman, once who expressed dissat
isfaction with the methods. Ho
showed his tables. Tho group of
workmen under him measured up:
Cheerfulness, 100 per cent.; accuracy,
orderliness, 100 per cent 'Then,'
asked his employer, 'what's the mat
ter?' Aw, said the foreman, 'they're
so darned gloomy.'"
a8trathcona's Big Banquet.
It was the late Lord Btrathcona,
chancellor of the University of Aber
deen,, who was the presiding genius
of the quartercentenary celebrations
In 1906. He gave the gargantuan
banquet to about three thousand grad
uates and undergraduates. He built
a hall specially for the dinner, and
brought all the materials, together
with 700 waiters to serve them, from
London, in three special trains. The
organization was perfect, and the
colossal arrangements moved without
confusion or hitch.
Preserving a Memento.
"Bo this Is tho house where den.
George -Washington made his Jiead
quarters 1" said the stranger M ha
gazed at the Inscription,
"No, boss," replied Mr. Brutes Pish,
ly. "Train' ezackly da place. Dtfaoaa
w&ero da sign used to be was
down, so we had to av it"
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South High
May 25, 1914.
Mrs. Jane Stults was a visitor in
the vicinity of Olive Branch Satur
day. Mr. and Mrs. J. Stults entertained
Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Bert Noble and
son, of Marshall, Mr. Stineburg, of
Chlllicothe, and Mrs. Mary McCall
and son, Davld.of Carmel.
Fred Bhoads spent Saturday with
his brother, Oscar, of Cedar Point.
Melva Hockman called on Edltha
Holten Thursday,
Eva Bhoads spent Sunday with Jane
and Grace Havens.
John Kissllng visited relatives in
Sinking Spring Sunday.
Mrs. Eliza Beed, aged about 65, died
at the homo of her son, George, this
morning, after an illness of several
H. V. Matthews and wife, Benson
Butler and Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Stults
motored to Greenfield Wednesday and
took dinner with D. C. Matthews and
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Bhoads were
tho guests of Mrs. Jane Stults Sun
day. Mrs. Dr. Chapman, of Sinking
Spring, spent Thursday and Friday
with her sister, Mrs. H. V. Matthews.
J J. Butler and family, of Elmvllle,
spent Sunday wlthH. M. Eubanks and
Mrs. Rebecca Stults spent a few
days last week with her sister, Mrs.
Jane Stults.
P. B. Cartwrlght and wife and Har
vey Kissllng and wife, of Sinking
Spring, spent Sunday with Austin
Eubanks and -family.
Eli Moore and wife, of '.Sinking
Spring, spent Monday with J. L. Beed
and wife.
Faith Sams, of Carmel, spent Tues
day night with Eva Eubanks.
Walter Dunlap, of Greenfield, was
the guest of H. V. Matthews Satur
day night and Sunday.
J. L. Butler and wife spent Thurs
day night with their daughter, Mrs.
Lawrence Kessler.
Mrs. D. O. Matthews and mother,
of Greenfield, are spending a few days
with, the former's son, H. y. Mat
thews and wife.
Germany has 60 towns where women
are employed as policewomen.
'And what do you know about
"Please, teacher, it's my first Sunday
here and I don't know anybody, "
We hand you something new
in the soap-maker's art
Christie MacDonald, the
famous actress, says:
"Your Nyal's Face Cream Soap is Perfect.
It is one of the few soaps which lean use
and think yours the equal of any of the im
ported $2 and$3 cakes which I have tried. '
Yes it's all too true. Nyal's Face Cream Soap
is vastly superior to all other soaps, .It cleanses
and purines the skin, keeping it clear, rosy,
velvety and elastic.
It is fragrant and subtly sweet. No it will not
smart the most tender skin". Really it's the pride
of particular people why don't you use it?
Of course, you value a beautiful, healthy skin,
then use. Nyal's Face Cream Soap. It is the
acme of the soap-maker's art because it giyes a
soft bubbly lather and is fragrant as the flowers.
It costs twenty-five cents the cake and well
worth it. Nyal's Face Cream Soap will improve
your complexion. Come to our store get a
cake today, This is the one soap you've been
looking for.
Nyal's Face Cream Soap
Eor one week" only, one cake of the above soap and one
can of Nyals 25c Talcum 35c.
MILLER, The Druggist
North High Street,
Hlllsboro. Ohio
Hillsbooo, Ohio
y- .
; i

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