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Muffins, Gems,
Waffles made
in a Minute
Self-rising Gra
ham Flour.
Time Saving
The place where you get the BEST
Mr and Mrs. Will Rodes are the
guests of relatives In Chllllcothe.
George Stevens Is the guest of
friends at Delaware and Columbus.
Mrs. J. A. Head and Miss Jessie.
Barrett spent Tuesday in Cincinnati.
Miss Catherine Mclntyre, of Cincin
nati, spent Sunday with relatives here.
George L. Garrett was in Greenfield
on business, Thursday.
Will Rodes purchased an Oakland
roadster last week.
Miss Alice Hanlon visited friends in
Cincinnati last week.
Miss Rose Kincad, of West Union,
is visiting Mrs. John L. Miller.
Miss Mae Larkin spent Friday in
Hon. and Mrs. J. J. Fugsley spent
Sunday with relatives at Oakley.
Judge J. Frank Wilson was In Logan
on legal business Tuesday and Wednes
day. m
W. H. Hopkins, of Lynchburg, spent
Sunday with his daughter, Mrs. O. A.
Matthew' Carey is taking a course in
the Bliss Business College in Columbus,
Mrs. Joseph Hetherington has been
' visiting relatives at Lynchburg and
WestDoro, since Tuesday.
"Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Phillips, of New
Vienna, were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Will Kibler, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Orebaugh have
as their guests Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Pence, of Dayton.
Clarence Doggett and family have
moved here from Lynchburg. They
are living on S. Elm street.
The Hillsboro Auto Co. sold Ford
Touring cars to Mack West and Harley
Kelly, of Folsom, last week.
Mrs. Kate Doorley visited her daugh
ter, Miss June, at Oxford, from Friday
until Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Roush were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hogsett,
at the Inflrmary,Saturday and Sunday.
Emery Knelsley, of Clear Creek, spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon
Yan Zandt.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Costello, of
Tlshimingo, Okla., are visiting tlie
former's brother, E. W. Costello.
Dr. J. Bliss Glenn, of Greenfield,
spent Thursday with his parents, Dr.
and Mrs. W. W. Glenn.
Mrs. Lloyd Shirley will entertain a
company of ladies with a luncheon and
bridge this afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Walker, of
Norwood, were the guests of relatives
here over Sunday.
Mrs. Ova Ballentlne and Miss Ellza
both Eggellng spent Sunday in Nor
wood with the former's sister, Miss
Louanna Ambrose.
Absolutely Pure
Mrs. Will Powell and daughter, of
Dayton, are visiting her other, Mrs
Gertrude Winegardner.
Miss Louie Carlisle, of Columbus,
was the guest of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Carlisle, from Saturday un
til Monday.
Mr and Mrs. Ham Tudor returned
to their home in St" John, Kan.,
Thursday, after a week's vi It with
the lattor's brother, W. W. Bean.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Sanderson, Mr.
and Mrs. H. J. Swisshelm and Sam R.
Free returned Thursday from a de
lightful motor trip through Kentucky.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy B. Roush and
children, of Cincinnati, visited the
former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T.
Roush, from Thursday until Sunday.
Nnrmin n. Tlfifio.her. ot New York
City, was tho guest of his parents,
Rev. and Mrs. G. B. Beecher, from
Thursdayuntll Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rldgway were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
Caldwell, at Greenfield, from Saturday
until Monday.
Dr. Earl R. Slutz attended a dis
trict ministerial convention of the M.
E. church at Batavla Tuesday and
Thomas Mitchell and sister, Miss
Lettha, Burch Rlber and Mrs. Charles
Riber spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. James M. Richards, at Sablna.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver L. Perln, of
Montgomery, and Oliver L. Perln, Jr.,
of Cincinnati, were the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. J G. Perln, Sunday.
Mrs Murrell Lemon, who has been
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs
John Cooper, returned to her home In
Springfield, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Morrow had as
their guests Sunday the latter's
brother, D. 0. Austin and two daugh
ters, of Wilmington.
Miss Faith Glenn spent Thursday
with Miss Ellen Steele, in Cincinnati,
attending the performance of the
Lambs Club at the Grand Theater
that night.
The new superintendent of this
division of the B. & O. S. W., G. D.
Brooke, was here Saturday to meet
the business men and get in touch
with the shipping situation.
J. T. Thompson, of Salt Lake City,
Utah, returned home Saturday, after
a short visit with his sisters, Mrs.
Rleves and Mrs. Tuttle, and brother,
Henry Thompson.
The Seniors of the High School en
tertalned the J unlors with a hay ride
and nlcnlc Frldav afternoon. The
picnic was held at Pike's Chapel and
everyone had a fine time.
Mrs. Susan Fletcher died at her
home near '.he Highland County Caves
nn Thursdav after a lone illness. The
funeral was held Sunday afternoon at
1 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Wilkin and
son, Daniel, of Washington C. H., were
the guests of their parents here Sun
day. Mrs. Wilkin and son remained
for a few days visit.
Lieut. Harry L. Pence, U. S. N., re
turned to Annapolis, Md., Sunday,
after a short visit with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Pence. He has
been on duty at the Naval Academy
the past year but expects to be as
signed to the U. S. battleship Arkansas
soon for duty in the Mexican coast.
Hon. M. R. Denver, of Wilmington,
former member of congress from the
Old Sixth District, is being urged to
accept the Democratic nomination in
the district In which Clinton county
Is now located, the New Seventh.
This district is largely Republican
under normal conditions.
A petition was recently presented to
the National House of Representatives
by Congressman Fess, signed by many
Highland county people, asking for
the passage of the resolution propos
ing an amendment to the Constitution
of tho United States for Nation-wide
The trial of Cecil J. Ulble, which was
set for trial in tho Clinton county com
mon pleas court last week, was indefi
nitely postponed. Mr. Uible Is indicted
for arson as an accomplice In the burn
ing of his building in Westboro. At a
former trial he was found guilty, but
the case was taken to the higher courts
and remanded for a new trial.
Roy MoElhaney, of Portsmouth, was
hereFrlday and Saturday. Mr. Mo
Elhaney is a candidate for the Republi
can nomination for congress. He is
now serving his second term as clerk
of courts of Scioto county and an idea
ot his popularity at home can best be
judged by the first time he was elected
two years ago by over 1000 majority,
when a number of the Republican
candidates .were defeated. He has
been making a trip over the district
and thinks the outlook for his nomina
tion is good. He met a number .of
Republicans while here and made a
favorable impression. He is a pleasant,
affable and courteous gentlemen.
Judge R. M. Dlttey, of JColumbus, is
visiting friends here.
Aaron Baer, of Cincinnati, was here
on business Tuesday.
An ice cream supper will be held a".
Carmel Friday night for the benefit o
the school. Everybody Invited.
Miss Elizabeth Walker is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Clark Cadwallader.
near Danville.
Mrs. Cowglll, of Columbus, is here
for an extended visit with her sister,
Mrs. Anna Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Scott and Mls3
Lena Scott, of the Point, were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Blair M. Boyd Sunday.
Mrs. L. B. Boyd returned Tuesday
from a visit with her daughter, Mrs.
Ralph Mitchell, in Uleveland.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Shirley will leave
Friday for a visit with relatives in
Mrs Lloyd Shirley entertained a
company of ladles with a luncheon and
bridge Tuesday afternoon.
C. C. Farls and son, Emll, of Marlon,
Ind., and J. O. Farls, of Danville, 111 ,
are visiting Dr. C. F. Farls and other
relatives near here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Watts returned
Wednesday from a visit with the for
mer's sister, Mrs. J. Edgar Ware, at
Lynchburg, Va.
Miss Elizabeth Anderson returned
Saturday from Danville, where she
was trimmer In a millinery store the
past season.
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'Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Beecher, Miss
May Cummlngs and A. E. nough re
turned Monaay from a visit with rel
atives in Cleveland.
All of the otllces of the county of
ficials in the Court House will be
closed all day Saturday on account of
Memorial Day.
James Hammil, of Minneapolis,
Minn., was the guest of his father,
Barney Hammil from Friday until
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Charles D. Johnson, of Greoniield,
was the guest of-hls aunt, Mrs. 11. C,
Dawson, Tuesday, and attended the
banquet of the Knight Templars that
"I suffered habitually from constipa
tion. Doan's Regulets relieved and
strengthened the bowels so that they
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Mrs. George B. Beecher and Rev. L
E. Durr went to Portsmouth Tuesday
to attend the annual Episcopal Con
vention of the Southern Diocese of
James McDermott, Jr., who is at
tending a school for printing in Indi
anapolis, Ind., is spending this week
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James
E. McDermott.
Misses Lucy and Olive Clark, who
have been visiting their aunt, Mrs. II.
M. Brown, will leave Friday for Am
hurst, Va., where they will join their
father and brothers and where they
will make their home.
Mrs. Flint Rockhold went to New
York City Saturday to attend the
graduation exercises of her daughte ,
Miss Elizabeth, who has completed a
course for trained nurses at Hahne
man Hospital.
Rev. J. W. Kllse went to West
Union to attend the General Council
of Christian Union. Rev. Kllse Is the
National Moderator of the Union and
made the opening address. The Coun
cil will be In sesssion over Sunday.
Robert D. McCIure, real estate deal
er, sold last week the Charles A.
Chappln farm of 227 acres on the
Greenfield pike about two miles north
east of Hillsboro to Dr. J. C. Larkin.
This is one of the finest farms In tho
The Gross-Felbel Co. made a ship
ment of safety deposit boxes to Mun
cle, Ind., Monday, equipment for the
Merchants National Bank of that
city. The president of the bank, Har
din Roads, and the vice-president, Al
bert Matthews, are both former Hills
boro men.
The members of Co. D, O. N. G. went
to Hartwell Saturday and spent Sun
day in target practice, Co. K, of
Batavla, and Cos. G. and F, of Cincin
nati, also took part. The Hillsboro
boys made the best record of any com
pany,, sergeant oigei aiuuenix made
the best record 43 out of a possible 50,
Grover Stout 42 and Jack Robblns and
Sherman Van Zandt, each 41. The
boys returned home Sunday night.
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Mrs. Will Hugglns and Miss Leila
Huggins were In Cincinnati Saturday.
Nelson Sparks, of Chicago, spent a
few days with friends here last week.
Wendell Haynle, of New York City,
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. S.
Hays, the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Murphy, of
Lvnchburg, wero the guests of rela
tives here, Sunday.
James Hern, of Norwood, was the
guest of her mother, Mrs.- Samuel
Hern, Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Eva Pearce spent Saturday and
Sunday with her parents at New
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lemon and
daughter spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. William Stockwell, at Danville.
Mrs. J. B. Spencer and Mrs. J. Ray
McBrlde visited the former's daugh
ter, Mrs. Overton Hire, near Green
field, the past week.
The members of the Junior Class
spent Monday at the Caves. They
were chaperoned by Mrs. Ernest
Jacob Wisecup, who has been sick
for some time, had a fainting spell at
Parkes Grocery Wednesday evening.
He is able to be out again.
Farmers throughout this county are
complaining that the fly Is damaging
the wheat orop a great deal. That it
is worse than it has been for years.
Miss Harriett Ayresgave an address
on her work in Mexico and her experi
ences from in escaping from that
country at the Methodist church in
Blanchester Sunday afternoon.
Michael Broadstone. of Xenia, is a
candidate for renomlnatlon as state
senator from this district on the Re
t M..KlliAn t-filrat- 'Plio vntatlnn vulaliaa
always been observed in this district
but Senator Broadstone hopes and ex
pects to break it.
You can get fertilizer any time afc
the Hillsboro Hdw. Co. (4-14) adv
Herbert Uhrlg, of Cincinnati, spent
Sunday with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Jacob Uhrlg.
An Ice craam festival will be held at
the school house at Samantha, Satur
day evening, May 30. (5 28)
- -
Mr. and Mrs. John Collins, of Dela
ware, were the guests of the former's
mother, Mrs. C. H. Collins, from Sat
urday until Tuesday. Mr. Collins is
In a serious condition with cancer of
the face and may go to Now York
City to take the radium cure.
Nelson Williams, of Hamilton, depu
ty grand commander of the Grand
Commandery, of Ohio, Inspected
Highland Commandery Tuesday nlgLti
A banquet was served following the
meeting. A number of Masons from
Lynchburg and New Vienna were
Marshal W. H. Walker has been ap
pointed parole oUlcer for Highland
county by the officials of the State
Boys Industrial School. He has tho
names of all boys out on parole from
this institution and if any of them
violate their parole, he has authrity
to return them to the institution.
The annual Ascension Day services
of the Knight Templars were held at
the Presbyterian church Sunday morn
ing. Dr. Shields delivered an excel
lent address, appropriate for the occa
sion and very beautiful music was
rendered by the choir.
WilliamJUchards and Joe Taylor on
Monday closed a deal for F. H. Dunn's
saloon and are now busy getting the
room formerly occupied by Richard's
saloon ready to open next Monday.
Balnbrlage Observor. Mr. Richards '
formerly lived in Hillsboro and had
conducted a saloon jn Balnbrldge for
a number of years, until the new
license law went into effect. Under
this law Balnbrldge could only have
one saloon and the license was granted
to Mr. Dunn putting Mr. Richards out
of business.
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