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June 1, 1014.
Miss Mary Stevens spent part of
last week with her cousin, Miss Oleo
Brown, of Hlllsboro.
Ben Bussey and wife took dinner
with their mother, Mrs. Bussey, Sun
day. Frank Lyle and wife, of Marshall,
took dinner at the home of the lattor's
parents, Sunday.
Vernon Hammon and Clarence Tur
ner were trucsts of the latter's aunt,
TTTt 1 . ft ln1l Cftttl-1
alia, wiiuriBY, ui ureuuuoiu, oorai-
Vernon Rtttenhouso and wife, of
.near Ralnsboro, and Hamer Lyle and
wife spent Sunday at the homo of the
latter's brother, Harry Lyle, of Dan
ville. Mrs. Albert Morris and daughter,
Mable, Mrs. Emma Bussey and fami
ly, Ed Merldth and family and Ben
Bussey and wife were entertained at
the home of Wm. West Saturday
A black hat was found" Saturday
evening near the residence of James
Elton, of near Hlllsboro on the pike
leading to Ralnsboro. The owner may
secure same by calling at the home of
O. M. Stevens.
John DuUleld and wife called on J.
S. Lovett and wife Thursday.
Mrs. Elizabeth Carlson, of Hlllsboro,
Is visiting Mrs. Allle Rowe.
Chester Chrlsman, of Leesburg,
spent Sunday with W. E". Chrlsman.
J. L. Montgomery and family took
dinner Sunday with W. W. Wolfe and
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Junel, 1914.
Miss Eva Hart, of Dayton, came
home Saturday for a short visit.
W. E. Burton and family visited
Lewis Rish at Lynchburg, Saturday.
Clifton Faris and son, Emll, of Mar
lon, Ind , and Jesse Farls, of Danville,
111., who were guests of B. T. Farls
recently have returned to their homes.
Miss Goldie Burton Is at the home
of her aunt, Mrs. L. Rish, in Lynch
burg. The number of pupils in Bible school
Sunday was 103, offering 83.11, The
contest is growing in Interest.
Miss Isma Faris spent Sunday with
Mrs. Flossie Smith.
Mrs. Margaret Hart and daughter,
Eva, visited Bettie Winkle and family
Misses Hazel and Ethel Shaffer vis
ited Lewis Shaffer and famlly,recently.
Wm. Larrlck, of Leesburg, is the
guest of his parents.
Rev. A. D. McMurry will preach
here Sunday.
Ed Barnes and wife, of Hlllsboro,
and Mrs. John Barnes, of Cincinnati,
called on Sara Barnes, Sunday.
David Kesler and wife visited rela
tives at Lynchburg the first of -the
At Bremen, Ga , W. M. Golden, of
the Equitable Life Assurance Society,
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bach ache or
having kidney trouble,
. .
rheumatism should be
find such a wonderful
very glad
The mills of Belfast, Ireland, em
ploy nearly 30,000 women workers.
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The hustlo and worry of business
The hard work and stooping of work
men, The woman's household cares,
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Backache, headache, dizziness, .
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frequently follow,
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Junel, 1014.
J. L. Stelnmeltz and wife came last
Monday to spend a few days with rela
tives here.
Mrs; F. M. Main and Miss Goldie
Fanning spent Thursday with Frank
Kelly and wife, of Prospect.
Little Geo. F. Lucas, of Ralnsboro,
took dinner with Mrs, Fannie Spruance
Mrs. Don Main spent Tuesday and
Wednesday with her parents, Chas.
Ashmore and wife, of Hlllsboro.
James Anderson and family, of
Stringtown, took dinner Sunday with
Milton Reed and family
Jesse Patton and family and Elmer
Garen and family spent Sunday with
Arch Cameron and wife.
Rev. W. E. Shriver and wife, of
Ralnsboro, took dinner Sunday with
M. G. Lucas and family.
F. M. Kelly and wife, of Prospect,
spent Sunday with home folks.
Stanley Miller and family and Geo-
Puckett and family, of Berry ville, at
tended church here Sunday and took
dinner with Miss Margaret Roads.
Burch Watts, wife and two child
ren were guests Sunday of Mrs. R. L.
Watts and family.
Frank Elliott and family spent Sun
day with Harry Wright and family.
Harry Kelly and family visited horqe
folks Sunday.
Misses Fay and Glady's Cummlngs,'
nnrkn wiin-Avt n f 4 nvnAnn tulf It I rn
Hunter and family.
James Elliott and family and Miss
Margaret Watts bpent Sunday with
Aunt Ann Elliott
The young people of the M. E. Sun
day school will have an Ice cream sup
per at the K. of P. Hall Saturday
nlghp, June 0. Everybody Is Invited.
For An Impaired Appetite.
To improve the appetite and
strengthen the digestion try a few
doses of Chamberlain's Tablets. Mr.
J. II. Seltz, of Detroit, Mich., says:
'They restored my appetite, when im
paired, relieved me of a bloated feel
ing and caused a pleasant and satis
factory movement of the bowels." For
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The annual death rate per 1000 In
the Canal Zoneu Including both em
ployes and civil population for a recent
'month was 19.CQ. The total for 1907
' n ,.- T 1
was 31.07. In the preceding year, 1000,
it was as high as 43.32.
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June 1, 1014.
John Hlser and daughter, Elizabeth,
of Mlllldgevlllo, spent the past week
at the home of his sister, Mrs. M. J.
Cummlngs. f
Verna Williams, Mrs. Brown and
Letha Beekman spent Saturday with
relatives In Plko county.
D. C. Dick lost a valuable horse
The W. O. T. U. and the Missionary
Society of Marshall held a meeting at
tho Presbyterian church Wednesday
aftornoon. A short program was
rendered and a good time was enjoyed
by all.
Mrs. Grace Rice Is spending "a few
days with home folks.
Mrs. M. J. Cummlngs and daughter,
Mary Elizabeth IHsbr, and father,
John, Sanford and Paul Cummlngs
took dinner with Reece Cummlngs
and family Sunday. They motored to
Gatch Redkey's and spent the evening.
. .1 i s n -
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matism. ,.
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were before you had rheumatism,
backache, swollen, aching joints and
stiff, painful muscles ? Want to feel
tnat way again ? You can Just take
Foley Kidney Pills. For they quickly
clear the blood of the poisons that
cause your pain, misery and torment
ing rheumatism. adv
Gabhett & Ayiies.
June 1, 1914.
Cary Carlisle and wife entertained
at dinner Sunday, Bub Countryman
and wife and Elmer Steele and family.
Mrs. T. M. Frump and sons visited
C. A. West and family, at Ralnsboro,
Saturday and Sunday.
Harvey Carlisle and wife will move
to Belfast soon.
Joe Shaw and family called on Har
vey Carlisle and wife Sunday.
Mrs. George Henry Williams has
blood poisoning in her hands, but is
Mrs. Mary Gall and Mrs. Thurman
Miller called on Mrs. Ella Williams,
Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Sora Shoemaker, Llda Shoe-'
maker, Mauda Yarger and Ola Ayres
and daughter, Daisy Lee, visited Mrs.
George Henry Williams, Sunday.
Little Wlllene Carlisle is spending
a few days with Bub Countryman and
Comfortimff to Stout People.
Foley Cathartic Tablets are a speci
ally good little regulator that keeps
nnn avctom In narfon.t. wnrVlntf nrfiar
h,1InnsnfiSS. no cons, .nation, no
distress after eating, no greasy, gassy
taste. A stout person who uses them
constantly will really feel thinned out
and more comfortable as a result of
their use. adv
Garkett & Aykes.
June 1, 1914.
Mrs. Cyrus Newby, of Hlllsboro, was
the guest of her son, Herron, and wife,
Monday and Tuesday.
E. E. West and wife were in Hllls
boro Friday.
Miss Martha Cunningham has re
turned home, after a visit of two weeks
in Columbus with her cousin, Mrs.
Roy Gu'stin.
Mrs Harry Shannon and Mrs. Ellis
West spent Monday in Hlllsboro.
Miss Elizabeth Ballentine, who is a
teacher in the Blanchester schools, has
arrived at home to spend the summer
with her father, Andrew Ballentine,
and her sister, Miss Alice.
Frank II Inkle and wife, of Hamilton,
were the guests of the latter's parents,
Frank Hochenberger and wife, last
Mrs. Ellis West entertained a com
pany of ladies last Thursday after
noon. Tourists.
Travelers, Sojourners In almost any
part of the world, will find Dr.
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up very lltt e room. Humphreys'
Ilomeo. Medicine Co., 150 William
Street, New York.
Japanese hatmakers are making a
hat which is dlfllcult to detect from
the South American Panama
DISEASED EYES' are mirclj mnito
strong, clear, been, lienllliy onU
bright by tlto gently curative pro
perties of EAGLE EYE HALVE.
One 23c tube works wonders.
virjjTTjr -
(By O. B. SELUEUB, Director of Even
ing Department Tho Mood Bible Insti
tute of Chicago,)
LESSON TEXT-LuUe 17:20-37.
GOLDEN TEXT "I.o, tho Kingdom of
God la within you." Luke 17:21.
I. The Kingdom Present, vv. 20, 21.
The Pharisees held some peculiar
Ideas about the coming of the king
dom. Contrary to their ideas there
are no special outward signs to herald
Its coming. Tho word "observation"
v. 20, Is an astronomical one and sug
gests that the kingdom was to come
In a bodily shape from the sky, a cur
rent expectation on the part of the
In answer to tho boastful Pharisees
(v. 20) Jesus plainly told them that
he himself Is the kingdom, and that
that kingdom was In their midst or
"among you," see (v. 21) margin.
Their question was a flippant one, one
of unbelief, and to it Jesus makes a
characteristically brief, but clear re
ply, that partook of the nature of a
rebuke. The kingdom would not
come with trumpets and drum. They
could not say, "Lo here! lo there!"
Its coming was not to be spectacular,
arresting tho attention of some who
In turn brought it to tho attention of
others. The authorized rendering
"within you" does not Imply that tho
kingdom already existed In the Indi
vidual lives of his questioners. Sub
sequent teaching of Jesus shows that
he here refers to another and a Anal
coming of the kingdom, at the time of
the final coming of the son of man.
What ho desired to teach these Phari
sees was that the kingdom of which
they spoke had already appeared duo
to the fact of his presence in their
midst. The carping Pharisees with
draw and Jesus speaks openly to hla
disciples of the days that will come,
a time of persecution when .they will
long for comfort.
Prophecy Fulfilled.
II. The Visible Son of Man, vv. t
22-24. The kingdom In Its outward
form was rejected by the Jews, John
1:26, 27. In Its spiritual form It iB
now In the hearts of believers (Rom:
14:17), but ho who was rejected with
contempt will ono day bo sought after,
though In vain, Matt. 23:37-39. Dur
ing the time of his absence many Bhall
claim to be Christ (v. 23), but wo
are not to believe such claims. His
tory has abundantly proved and ful
filled this prophecy. When ho really
comes there will be a sudden publicity
(v. 24), that shall flash from one cor
ner to the other of the heavens, Matt.
24:27; then "every eye shall behold
him." "So shall the son of man bo
In his day." This Instruction Jesus
glve3 to his disciples. Men shall
search for him, a time when he shall
not be present as ho then was. After
the false ones will come a day of
revelation when the whole heavens
will reveal him and all will know it.
Finality of Events.
III. The Day of the Son of Man, vv.
25-37. Before that day comes, how
ever, he must suffer and be rejected,
but following that rejection men will
marry, carry on merchandising and
merriment as In the days of Noah
and those of Lot
In the days of Noah
and of Lot there came a sudden halt
In these activities and a Judgment of 1
flood and fire, even so "after tho same '
manner shall it be In the day that tho i
son of man is revealed," v. 30. This I
refers to the finality of events when
the kingdom of God comes by way of
Judgment. Here Jesus sets his seal
upon the truthfulness or these two
events which preceded his first ad
Tent. If they bo not true then he la
a false teacher. Like as men dis
credit those events they likewise would
set asldo his teaching about, his sec
ond advent. Many claim that verso 31
refers to tho destruction of Jeru
salem; the context to us clearly dis
proves any such Interpretation.
Verses 32 and 33 must be taken to
gether. Summary. Quite emnhatlcallv this
passage is a teaching on tho subject '
of .the coming of the kingdom of God.
Thnt kingdom came when Christ camo
in grace. It will come when he comes
in Judgment. It Is coming constantly
between the two advents. Remember
his reading of Isaiah's prophecy, Luke
4:18, 19; cf. Isa. 61:1-9. In his first
advent ho did come to preach tho ac
ceptable year, the year of grace. That
day Is still with us. In his second
advent he will proclaim tho day of tho
vengeance -of God. Ho will establish
tho kingdom, will build the wasto
places and raise desolations. Today
tho kingdom of God is among us in
power through tho presence of Christ
by the spirit In the living church.
To the Pharisees he said: "Neither
shall they say, lo here! lo there! for
tho kingdom is in your midst." To
his disciples he said: "They shall say
lo there! lo here! go not away nor
follow them." We cannot localize tho
kingdom. On an anchnt Syrian frag
ment the words of Luke 1:33 read,
"and to his kingdom there shall bo
no frontier." On tho lips of the Pharl-
!sees, kingdom meant a political or
ganization and empire. With Jesus it
means a spiritual realm universal in
extent, a rulo of righteousness, and
i peace and Joy in tho Holy Spirit
' When he appears all will know.
jJgriKfjjrjsfeasayr'ir.c. . - TttT? - i,ii.t
Shin Blemihea
Caused B Germt
i (I ffl II
Germs fft under t
kin or In a broken
fUco. and It ! hard
o set rid of them.
Put tores or plmplei
Antiseptic Salve
toon destroy these germs and keeps them
clem and healthr untltnature heals. Use II on
tho face, lips, In the nose, anrwhere. for It
4 VT.l
Toll It Or Th. Dill"
Junel 1914.
Mr. and Mrs. James Ilarrls, of liar
rlsburg, spent Sunday with Mr,
Mrs. Frank Willlson.
Mrs. Starling Lemon and son.
bert, spent Thursday afternoon
, and
wih Mrs. II. G. Powell and family.
Mrs. Walter Powell and Miss Mabel
Stratton called on Chas. Slmbro and
family Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Dodds, of near
fiainbrldge, spent from Friday until
Sunday with the latter's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. Slmbro.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grimsley, of
Centerville, were the Sunday guests
of his uncle, Chas. Slmbro.
Mlssos Florence and Pearl Prlre
were entertained Sunday afternoon by
Miss Grace Slmbro.
Leo Chaney spent Sunday morning
with George Prlne.
Joe Campbellils sick again.
Glenn Ladd spent Sunday morning
with Burch Grltllth.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Campbell and
daughter, Catherine, spent Sunday
with Joe Campbell's, at Mt. Washing
ton. "Generally debilitated for years.
Had sick headache, lacked ambition,
was worn out and all run down. Bur
dock Blood Bitters made me a well
woman." Mrs. Chas. Freitoy, Moos
up, Conn. adv
June 1, 1914.
Mrs. Christopher Lewis called on
Mrs. Samuel Engle Tuesday af.ernoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Willard, of Cleveland
are spending a few days with their
aunt and uncle, Mr. ana Mrs. Thomas
Ralph Pemberton, of New Vienna
is spending a few days witli Brei t
Woodmansee and wife.
Mrs. Chas. Nordyke spent Wednes
day with Marlie Jones and her mother.
Brent Woodmansee was a business
visitor in Danville Wednesday.
Elsie Michael and Olive and Lettie
Smith were shopping in Hlllsboro,
GlennjHlll and family, of near Wil
mington, Jspent Sunday with Roy
Lettie and Gladys Smith spent Sun
day with Madge and Gladys Chaney.
Donald Carey spent Saturday night
and Sundayat!home.
Roy Beck and family spent Sunday
with John Pendle and wife.
Ova Creed and wife spent Sunday
with Mrs. Emma (Richards and fam
ily. Elmer Ockerman and wife went to
I Wilmington Saturday and returned
Walter Carey spent Sunday with
Klrby Chaney and family.
Harry Chaney spent Sunday with
T. B. Smith and family.
AzarlahJFlsher and family and Al
bert Terrell and family spent Sunday
with E. n. Edwards and wife.
noward;FIsher and wife and Thom
as Flsherlcalled on B. C. Carey and
Miss Julia JFirmen spent Saturday
nlfihtland Sunday at home.
Estel Cook spent Saturday night
and Sunday In Cincinnati.
Henry Sanders and family returned
home Sunday after spending a few
days In Indiana. They were ac
companied by two of their cousins.
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dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co.
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f Is Siokesess
Jl SitHl? AMnol
" mriamm m . Commission
or a Sin ol Omission? Or llottiT
Wo transgress Nature's laws, tho Liver
strikes, tnen we omit or neglect until
we acba or sicken.
Loosen the dammeit-up bile. Keep it
loose with the old time-tried May Apple
Root, U'odophyllin.) Podophvllln with
the gripe taken out is caUea
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J& ' JUL
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Your Patronage Solicited
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Old Line Fire insurance Companies.
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Surety Bond Co. One of the largest.
Also with accident policies. Terms as
low as you can get in high class safe
insurance. 9-6
Registered Shire
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the season of 1914 at John Morrow's
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the Hlllsboro; and New Petersburg
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weighs 1900 pounds, he Is a sure breed
er and has fine disposition. Terms
$15 to insure colt to stand and suck.
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tl ViVtlfl f ovcR 6G YEARS'
1 H lHlVS.
i &mevm$vmr
... ..fcV-g?. -1- ga.pTp

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