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A Theatre that is always Clean, Cool and Sanitary.
Complete Change of Air Every Throe Minutes
"The Garden of Brides"
Seventh Number of Series of
The Greatest Animal Series Ever Issued to the public
Full of Gripping Climaxes and Sensations.
coming Thursday,
Thrilling Climax of Four Reels of Sensations. Most
Daring Spectacle the world has ever known.
Six-Swift Sudden Sensations-Six
That will make you hold your breath in suspense
See The Great Plunge to Death from the Cliff at Niagara,
Don't Forget the Time and Place. See it! See it!
Yes, I sell good Cut Glass Cut Glass
that is finer cut and finer made.
I sell Cut Glass that is made by the finest
Cut Glass manufacturers in America.
My-stock consists of every known shape
and pattern.
While the Cut Glass I sell is really the
finest made, my prices on it are not lancy
ones. I sell Cut Glass at the same reason
able price that I sell other goods.
It's to your interest to look at my ' Cut
. Glass before making a purchase.
They Stand For All That is Good in Paint
Excellent covering capacity, absolute opacity, unfailing durability,
permanency and brilliancy of colors. lasting gloss and gradual, even
wearing, thus leavlng.the surface In a good condition for repainting
To apply a cheap paint costs as much as to apply a good one and
practically twlca the cost or the paint.
The value of paint Bhould therefore be Judged not by the price per
gallon but by the durability and lasting power,
Foy'b Best Bodied Paints combine both qnality and economy.
The Philippine government recently
granted Its first concession to foreign
capital, an English company getting a
20-year right to develop hardwood
June 11 coming
By All Paint Specialists
That tbe best paints are composed of
more than one pigment solentltically com
bined by machinery.
That Lead Is necessary for body and
That Zinc is needed to temper or coun
teract the softness of lead and to produce
whiteness and clearness of tones.
Canadian Northern has 6604 miles of
road completed and 7152 miles under
operation In Canada. Tim r.-imnWori
mUoJDra htanDt I, ffnnnf nj,tAM .'
equipment, 8303,310,232.
Inventor of Celluloid Appropriately
Honored by Chemical Societies
of United States.
The eighth Impression of the Perkln
gold medal for Important work In In
dustrial chemistry was presented to
John Wesley Hyatt, Inventor of collu
lold, at a joint meeting of the New
York sections of the Society of Chemi
cal Industry, the American Chemical
society, and the American Electro
chemical society.
Mr. Hyatt, active in spite of his seventy-six
years, expressed his sincere
thanks and gave an interesUng ac
count of the Invention of celluloid.
Mr. Hyatt was born at Starkey,
Tates oounty, New York, In 1837. In
his early boyhood he acquired a strong
taste for mechanical affairs In his
father's blacksmith shop In his six
teenth year he went to Illinois and
learned the printing business, working
at this trade for ten years.
Later ho went to Albany and worked
as a Journeyman printer for about two
years. Seeing a ?10,000 offer for a
substitute for ivory for billiard balls
he began experimenting nights and
Sundays In the hope of gaining the re
ward. He made a number of useful
plastic compositions, none of them,
however, good enough for billiard
balls, but he started to make checkers
and dominos of pressed wood.
It was some time afterward that he
Invented celluloid and began the man
ufacture of celluloid and bone dust
billiard and pool balls. Metallurgical
and Chemical Engineering.
Plane for Egyptian Waterway Con
template a Uniform Depth of
Thirty-Nine Feet.
When,the Suez canal was originally
made, for a great part of Its 100 weary
miles nothing but a mere furrow cut
through sandy desert, It had a depth
of eight meters, or 26 English feet.
At various periods It has been
deepened, until It reached its present
depth of 32 feet. Operations are
now In progress- with a view of
making It uniformly 39 feet
deep, a process which, with other
great works of improvement also go
ing on, will involve a very large ex
penditure. In one respect the Suez
canal has a fortuitous advantage over
other great artificial waterways, such
as, for instance, the Panama canal
and the Manchester ship canal It is
not affected by tides to any appreci
able degree, and has therefore no need
of locks. There is not a Bingle lock
between the almost tldeless Mediter
ranean and the Red sea, and the
waterway remains constantly at an
almost uniform depth. The 39 feet will
represent the minimum depth at low
tide at Suez.
Novel Opera Plan.
Richard Strauss, the composer, has
suggested a plan whereby German
cities of from 20,000 to 60,000 inhab
itants, in groups of three, might have
their own opera. By pooling funds
they could afford to engage a first
class managing director at a salary of
?12,600 a year, who should be equipped
with sufficient funds to organize a per.
manent Instrumental and singing or
ganization, to divide the period of nine
months, beginning in September and
ending In May, between the three cit
ies. The remaining three months of
the year should be devoted to vaca
tions and rehearsal of new pieces.
Such a co-operative system would,
Strauss thinks, enable medium sized
communities all over Germany to hear
really first-class opera which they
could consider their own enterprise,
and would also offer new opportuni
ties for aspirants, conductors and
Sea Steals Land.
Aldeburgh, which today holds its
feast of sprats, has run considerable
risk In recent years of providing a
feast for the sprats themselves. Fierce
gales In the eighties and nineties did
very great damage, and almost com
pleted the ruin begun by the sea that,
swallowed up ancient Dunwich. At
one time the land went a quarter of a
mile farther out to sea and an old
map preserved In the venerable Moot
hall shows that the church had at least
ten times more land toward the sea
than It has now. The market place
and the cross are among the trifles
which the sea has stolen, while in 1799
eleven houses disappeared. The arras
of the borough were selected with
some sense of humor "A ship in the
waves of the sea, all sayles bearlnge."
London Chronicle.
Bacon vs. Baking.
A member of one of San FranclB-'
co'b oldest families, a woman gentb
and prim, entered one of the large U
of the department stores the other
day in quest of the book department,
and more specifically of B.acon's Es
says. She approached a salesgirl and
inquired: "Can you tell me where I
can buy Bacon's Essays?"
The girl flipped her thumb over her
right shoulder, a gesture as charac
teristic to a salesgirl as a cigar is to
a politician, and confidently replied:
"You will find the cook books on
tho other aisle."
War on Ranch Pests.
According to Dr.-A. K. Fisher of the
biological survey of the department of
agriculture, more than 400,000 prairie
dogs, gophers, ground squirrels and
mice have been killed In the govern
ment's campaign of destruction, The
forafee these rodents feed on would be
sufficient for about 16,500 sheep, or
About 1.600 to 1-SOO head nf o.HIol
worth' at least tlW.003.
Old Collegian Found the '"Rah! "Rah"
of the Football Held a Help In
Time of Trouble.
"On board a launch on which I was
sailing up the Yangtse river were
about thirty Chinese soldiers of such
a ragamuffin appearance as to excite
my suspicions, but fortunately without
their rifles," writes Bartlett G. Yung
In the World's Work. "As evening of
the first day came on, they crowded
around the small deck house and de
manded of the native agent to know
what the 'foreign devil' was doing
hero. Now, I had been cleaning and
oiling the various parts of my machine
gun during the day. Before nightfall
I drew the blinds of the deck house
and, quickly assembling it, slipped 'In
a loaded belt. I now told the agent,
who was white with fear, to tell these
fellows that this 'foreign devil 'be
long crazy' and also hun lehl' (vory
fierce); and as a sort of warning to
'keep off the grass' I opened the door
and let off a string of about flf(y Bhots
into the air, at the same time giving
the Yale college yell, which was the
handiest war cry I could think of at
the moment. Whether it was the in
formation imparted by the agent Chen,
the shots, or the Yale cheer, I cannot
say, but all hands crowded to the other
end of the launch and remained at a
respectful distance until Nanchang
was reached to the great amusement
of the Chinese captain and engineer,
who, however, had deemed it good pol
icy to nllow their passengers to settle
their own disputes without Interfer
ence. This incident is pleasant to re
member, but at the time I was badly
Proof That Bone May Be Grafted In
the Body Without Connection -With
Living Tissue.
It has hitherto been a cardinal prin
ciple of surgery that bone can be
grafted in the body only when it Is
closely connected at some one point
at leaa with living bone-producing
tissue. But experiments made by Dr.
Clarence A. McWllllams in the surgi
cal research laboratory of Columbia
university, New York, prove that this
is not the case.
In an article in the Journal of the
American Medical association illus
trated with X-ray photographs he
shows grafts of bones made upon sev
eral dogs, in which bone has not only
lived but grown after being trans
planted to soft parts. Their life de
pends upon a sufficient blood supply,
for practically 100 per cent, are suc
cessful when the periosteum, or mem
brane covering tho bone, is on the
graft, and 48 per cent of his grafts
have been successful without perios
teum. He also proves that periosteum
alone, without bone, will when trans
planted into soft parts, produce new
bone in a certain proportion of cases.
Drastic Justice.
Mexican methods with prisoners of
war the "take no prisoners" order
recall the short and sharp Justice
meted out to the communists in the
Paris of the '70s. Sir William Butler
in "An Autobiography" tells of a visit
to the prison of La Roquette: "We
were shown Into a small courtyard by
a young naval lieutenant, who coolly
explained to us the processes of the
trial and execution of the communists,
'We strip" their right shoulders,' he
eald. 'If the skin of the neok and
shoulder shows the dark mark pro
duced by the kick of the chassepot
rifle the court pronounces the' single
word "classe;" if there la no mark of
discoloration on the shoulder the pres
ident says "passe" and the man is re
leased. Those to whom "classe" is
said are shot. One hundred and fifty
were shot at daybreak thlB morning
In the courtyard.'"
American Navy a Century Ago.
Ono hundred years ago the naval
force of the United States on the At
lantic coast consisted of 33 vessels,
27 of which were in commission.
Among them were a dozen great ships,
first-class frigates and sloops of war,
some of them carrying as many as 74
guns each. They were all sailing ves
sels. Tho era of the steam warship,
however, was close at hand. With
the aid of an appropriation from con
gress there was now nearlng comple
tion a "floating steam battery," de
signed by Robert Fulton. This ship,
which was launched a few months
later, was the first steam war vessel
ever built and was destined to revo
lutionize the methods of naval 'war
fare throughout the world.
Looking for a Bargain in Stamps.
A Kansas City matron, whoso fam
ily often has occasion to laugh at her
bargain hunting campaigns, decided
recently to issue upwards of a hun
dred Invitations to a social function.
While down town in company with her
daughter attending to some prepara
tory .matters, tho daughter suggested
that they stop at a postoffloe substa
tion in a department store and pur
chase stamps -with which to mall tbe
invitations. "Oh, no," replied the
mother. "We need so many let's go,
up to the postofflce; maybe we can
get them cheaper,"
In the Insane Asylum,
Visitor What is the matter' with
that wildly raging man, In a straight
Jacket over there?
Keeper He got that way trying to
understand the Income tax law.
Visitor And what delusion can the
man have who seems- to be always
Keeper He lmagisss be dees' sv
oerstand it.
Exercise of All Her Ingenuity and
Adaptability Is Demanded of
Jobless Man's Wife.
There haa been much anxiety at tho
city hall over the displacement of cer
tain employes who were deemed su
perfluous, and tho approaching "de
capitation" of others, according to
the Philadelphia Lodger. Quite apart
from the question of whether political
reprisal was an actuating motive of
removal, the curtain might bo lifted
upon the distress created in many a
home by the fact that the breadwin
ner has lost his occupation but into
tho merits of these cases it is impos
sible to enter here. Any man who ac
cepts a position under city, stato or
national government knows what are
the giddy vicissitudes of fortune's
wheel In politics. In the Industrial
world as well many men have boen
lopped off the pay roll and have found
themselves In dlro extremities to pro
vide for the sustenance of those de
pendent on them.
But the brunt of it all falls more
heavily upon the woman. As- to war
time tho more piteous suffering wan
that of her who was left at home to
await tidings of fatality or injury, so
the whole weight of business calamity
(and a great deal of business is war)
comes upon a woman's shoulders, her
heart and her anxious mind.
She must think for all tho family
she must plan things a woman can do
to make up for the absence of the pay
envelope. Her fingers fly to weavo
and stitch, to wash and Iron, to make
preserves. She takes care of chil
dren, she teaches them, she becomes a
purchasing agent, she acts as secre
tary. All the adroit and marvelous In
genuity and adaptability of the Amer
ican woman are bent to the end of
making' a living for those she loves. A
man out of work who has that one
great treasure of a true helpmeet has
not lost his fortune, and he cannot
In View of Present Cheap Electric
Conveyances There Seems to Be
Such a Possibility.
As a result of the quick and cheap
modes of conveyance prevalent nowa
days oeonle are not walklnsr so much
as formerly, asserts a writer In Lon-
aon Answers.
There was a period when we were
able to move our ears at will, but dis
use of the organ did away with the
power. It Is possible that our feet
may one day becomo obsolete
In the year 1912-13 3,219,857,293
was the stupendous total of the num
ber of passengers carried on the elec
tric tramways and light railways of
the United Kingdom.
In the steam period of 1898 the num
ber of passengers carried was 858.4B5..
512, and in the day of the horse, 187D,
tno ngure reached 160,881,515.
The DUbllo have certalnlv tmlnnd tn
convenience, but not in health. There
has never been any dispute of the fact
that walking is the most health-giving
and natural exeroiso possible. Anil
yet It does not come within the daily
curriculum of the average man and
woman to exercise nature's own nmiln.
ment, but bus or car Is hailed.
Green Hair the Latest Freak.
Green hair, which has so far mnrln
only a tentative and fugitive appear
ance at fancy dress ballB. is now to
become a recognized addition to the
wararoDe or tne woman of fashion.
That Is the effect of the action of the
"Fashions Committee of the nnlffmirn
of Paris," who have decided to equip
forthwith 40 mannequins with 400 col
ored wigs and to let them loose upon
a tolerant, but startled, world. Thn
t associated hairdressers find it no ob
jection mm me new comure win do
"extremely dear," botbTln Itself and in
virtue of the fact that each wig must
bjive a dress to match. Indeed, when
ono considers the obvious scope there
is for freaks which have nothing to
recommend thorn beyond their expen
siveness, one cannot but applaud the
lenience and moderation of the great
arbiters of fashion. Pall Mall Ga
zette. King Boosts Wages.
During their recent stay at Band
rlngham King George and Queen Mary
gave much attention to the subject of
the wages paid to workmen on the es
tate, and in view of the Increased cost
of living It was decided that an all
round Increase of pay should be given
not only to the men who may be de
scribed as agriculturaUlaborora, bat
to woodmen, roadmen, and others. The
number of men affected is about throe
hundred. Simultaneously with tho in
crease of wages it is arranged that In
all cases In which the nature of tho
employment permits, work shall cense
at ono o'clock on Saturdays, instead
of three o'clock, as heretofore.
Failure of Artificial Food.
That It Is possible to llvo on arti
ficial food, or at least on the concen
trated extracts .of certain staples, is
a common belief, and It has even
been predtcted that some day .our
diot will consist of tabloid food. One
might live for a short time to .that
unsociable way, but recent Investiga
tion of diseases like bert-beri, scurvy
and pellagra, which are almost cer
tainly caused by a deficiency in the
diet, prove that such a life would be
ope of disease and could not last
Record Whaling Season.
The whaling season of 1018 baa
eclipsed all previous records, the total
yield of oil tor the world in that year
being estimated at 800,000 casks.
Peoples9 I
L Column I
Farm and Town property always
for sale. Money loaned on Real Es
tate. Wade Tuiineb,
Merchants Bank Uldg.
D. Leadbetter, real estate, nre In
surance and (pensions. Offlco 134 S.
High street.
Strayed or Stolen May 0, Brown
Water Spaniel. Liberal reward if re
turned to 326 West Main street, adv
For Sale Fresh Jersey Holstein
fine calf. Mrs. L. E. Handloy, Fair
view, Ohio. adv
For Sale Tho Glascock property
on E. Main street. Hillsboro. Inaulra
of W. E. Noftsgor, admr., Geo. L. Gar
rett or Wilson & McBrlde.
For Sale 0 oak dining room chairs,
1 oak wash stand, 2 oak stands, 1 wal
nut bureau, 16 yds. matting. Home
Phone 330. 258 E. North St.
Do you have headaches?
Do your eyes water?
Do they ache?
Does print r.un together?
Do things become dim
Are your Eyes inflamed?
Do your eyes tire after read
ing awhile.
Dr. C. F. Faris,
Office 1 door East of Economy store.
Main Street, Hillsboro, O.
Bev. Hoggatt spent Sunday at Fin
castle. Wm. Rhodes, wife and daughter, of
Five Mile, spent Sunday with Ed.
Rhodes and wife. Lew Allen, wife
and children were also their guests
Worth. Gossett and wife, of Hills
boro, are visiting their daughter, Mrs.
La Verne Pulse, and family.
Rev. Miller and wife, O. C. Snider
and wife were Sunday guests of Floyd
Wilkin and wife.
Alma and Fanny Chaney, of Hills
boro, visited friends here several days
last week.
Lewis Roush and wife entertained
several of the young folks Sunday in
honor of tJlyde Montgomery.
1 1 Shoe Polishes
""CUT EDGE." the onl ladles' alioe rireaalnir that
positively contains Oil. Black, Polishes and Pre
serves ladles' and children's shoes, tains wKhoot
robbing. ZSC. "FfiENCU GLOSS." 10c
"STAR" combination for cleaning and prWihtnn sll
klndeofrussetortai. shoes, 10c "DANDY" size, ISO.
"QUICK WHITE" (In liquid form with epongejqulck
Ijrclcani and whitens dirty canvas shots. lOc&xoe.
"ALBO" cleans and whitens -BUCK. NUBUCK.
SCEDE. and CANVAS SHOES. In round white cakes
packed In zinc boxes, with sponge, 10c In hand
some, large aluminum boxes, with sponge, S3c
If joor dealer does not keep the k Ind you Kant, tend as
the price la scant pa (or lull lite package, chare paid.
2028 Albany Street, Cambridge, Mess.
The Ol&tit and Largtil Manufacturer) of
Sk04 foUihtt in tht Worli,
Advertising Is difficult in Central
and South America because so large a
part of the people can neither read nor1
vyrjte. "
hi ' - .
ne Seventy-five dollars for a spring
hat It's a sin 1
She Never mind, dearest. The sin
will be on my head Chicago Record
m a ii
One Australian ranchman has 250,000
cattle and 200,000 sheep.
. --a -p ii - i ii
"That eminent statesman makes
very brief speeches '
"Yes," replied Senator Sorghum,
"He doesn't have to say much. He
always manages to et you know what
he. wants you to do before he begins to
' talk." Washington Star,
- si i.
-T. , . ., ,T-

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