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Oue Year (In Advance) ' '. ,1,0
Six Months 50
Three Months 25
Entered at Post Ofllce, Hillsboro,
Good Move.
The action of the grocers of Hillsboro in closing their stores at
six o'clock each evening, except Thursday and Saturday, should be
acquiesced in by their patrons without complaint. While it may be
slightly inconvenient until the people become accustomed to the
new order it is only fair to the grocers and their clerks. It will give
them their evenings to be with their families and for recreation
and everyone, if a little forethought is used, can easily do his trad
ing before six o'clock. It is not fair to require a man to keep his
place of business open fourteen hours each day, just to accommo
date a few people who are careless about making purchases. The
first time you start to make a kick just stop a minute and think how
you would hate to work five evenings in the week until eight o'clock
and on Saturday until ten o'clock or later.
He Is Awful Fat.
Old bachelors aren't the most desirable American citizens, but
they have their use. It is proposed to draft all over thirty-five
years of age for service in the Mexican War. Fayette Advertiser.
The Wilmington Journal-Republican pledges its editorial support
and we, herewith and hereby, announce our eternal, everlasting
opposition. Hillsboro News-Herald. Evn though acting under
the President's watchful waiting orders not to shoot until the enemy
has barked all the trees in your immediate vicinity, we haven't read
yet where a soldier is prohibited from moving about some, and if
the News-Herald man were not prevented from dodging a little, we
don't believe the Mexicans could hit him with a gatling gun at 100
yards range it's hard to hit a string when the wind's blowing.
Wilmington Journal-Republican. During the very delightful,
pleasant balmy weather we have recently been enjoying, we have
no doubt the Journal-Republican man has wished that he did not
waddle when he walks. When we see a fat man, and Miller is fat,
in the summer time, we give thanks that we are thin. It is fine to
be a string blowing in the wind these days.
Taking An Interest In Politics.
In another column will be found a list of the candidates for
nomination on the respective tickets for county offices at the pri
mary in August. From this list the different tickets will be com
posed and later you must select the men who will conduct the busi
ness of the county.
Are you going to do your duty or will you shirk it ?
The only way that efficient administration of public bnsiness
can be secured is for the people to take an interest in their business.
In private affairs if the employer does not take an interest in his
business, his employees almost without exception are careless and
negligent, if not dishonest. So with public business when the people,
who are the employers, do, not take an interest in their business,
their employees, the public officials, usually become careless and
extravagant in its conduct, if not corrupt.
Your first duty is to take part in the primary ; have a hand in
the selection of the men who will go on the tickets. If good men
are not nominated, good men can not be elected.
We have heard many a man say, "I do not care who holds the
offices. I do not take an interest in politics. ' ' But did you ever see
a man who did not complain because of poor roads, bad bridges or
waste of the public money in any way, which he knew about. And
still it is the public officials who spend all the money raised by
The man who kicks about how the public business is conducted
but does not take an interest in politics is displaying about the same
sense and judgment as the man who stands behind a mule and
tickles its heels.
You can not mix booze and labor any more than you can oil
and water.
The only way you can make some people realize they are but
ting in is to plainly tell them so, and they will then probably doubt
The Bible says, "a man cannot serve two masters, God and
Mammon", but it is easy in comparison to serving two mistresses,
Business and Pleasure.
If all the Liars were struck dead tomorrow the first time they
lied, the population of the United States the next day would be
about as many people as there are in Morrow, Ohio. Luke McLuke,
in Cincinnati Enquirer. We never knew before how very few
lived in Morrow.
June 15, 1914.
Children's Day was observed at the
Presbyterian church Sunday morning.
A large crowd attended and enjoyed
the well rendered program.
M Pierce and wife and Will EuverJ
ard and wife, of Hillsboro, attended
children's services here Sunday.
Mrs. Ed. Lyons, of Buford, was
shopping here last Saturday.
Mrs. Rlda Roberts spent a few days
last week with relatives in Taylors
ville. The Itebekah ELodge will hold a
memorial services next Sunday after
noon in the Presbyterian church. The
address will be given by Rev. Wallace,
of Sardinia.
Laura B. Cornetet, of the Wester
ville school is homefor a vacation with
her parents.
The funeral of Grandma Druho was
Editor and Manager
31 -sr thtthsday
Ohio, as Second Class Matter.
Made Known on Application.
held in the Presbyterian church Sun
day afternoon in the presence of a
large assembly of relatives and
friends. The services was conducted
by Rev. Milton In an impressive man
ner. James McQultty and wife of. Bu
ford, spent Sunday with friends in
this community.
Don't suffer longer with
No matter how chronic or hou helpless
you think your case may he, you can get
quick and permanent relief by taking
nature's remedy, "SEVEN BABKS." Get at
the root of the disease, and drive the nrio
acid and ull other poisons out of your
system for good. "SEVEN BARKS" has
been doing this successfully for the past
43 years. Price 60 cents per bottle at
all druggists or from the proprietor,
LYMAN BROWN, 68 MarrySt,New Yk,N.Y.
Juno 15, 1014.
Miss Avis Duncan entettalned
Hazel and Ethel Shaffer Sunday.
Dr. B. D. Granger, of Hillsboro
visited his sou, Fred, and family,
Miss Elizabeth McCall, of Lees
burg, is spending the week with Miss
Inez Stroup.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hudson and two
daughters, Janet and Lulu, of Ulan.
Chester, were visitors the past wetk
at the home of Mrs. Geo. Smith.
Mrs. Pearl Overman and little son,
of Los Angeles, Cal., are expected
here this week or a visit with her
mother, Mrs. L. E. Handley.
Mrs. Margaret Burton and children
visited relatives in Allensburg, Sun
day. Mrs Dora Aldrldge spent Saturday
and Sunday with her parents.
C A. Lemon and wife entertained
the following guests for dinner Sun
diy: 'Misses Emma Smith, Hattle
Tedrlclc, Inez Stroup, Elizabeth Mc
Call Isma Paris, Doris Lud.wlck, and
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith, Ernest
Roush and son, Wllmer, Orley Teboe,
and Leslie Smith. The occasion was
thn birthday anniversary of Miss Isma
Farls, one of the guests.
A surprise was given John Larrlck
Sunday at the home of his daughter,
Mrs. Lewis Shatter, It being his GUI)
anniversary. Those present wero
Jacob McUonnaughey, wife and son,
Everett, of Shackelton, John Roberts
and family, of Martinsville, Wyatl
Roberts, wife and son, Samuel, of
Wilmington, Charlie Larrlck and
family, of Farmers Station, Mrs. John
Larrlck and daughter, Ora, of Wll
lettsvllle, 'Mrs. Foster and son, ol
Hillsboro, Isaac Larrlck and family,
of New Market. All enjoyed the day
and wished Mr. Larrlck many more
happy birthdays.
Only One Entirely Satisfactory
"I have tried various colic and
diarrhoea remedies, but the only one
that has given me entire satisfaction
and cured me when I was afflicted is
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoea Remedy. I recommend it to
my friends at all times," writes S. N.
Galloway, Stewart, S. C. For sale by
All Dealers. adv
Juue 15, 1914.
A. R. Stockwell and wife visited
Noah Roads and family at liar wood
Miss Mary Dellass, of Cincinnati,
spent Saturday and Sunday witli
friends here. She will leave soon for
Michigan where she will spend the
John McConnaughey and wife
visited their daughter Mrs. Bruce
Jones, and Mrs. Frank Davis last
Miss Melissa Vance, of Topeka, Kan
is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Geo.
Vauzant. Mrs. Thomas Hall and
daughter, of Hollowtown, also visited
Mrs. Vanzant Friday.
Roy Fuhr, wife and baby, Master
Julius Davidson, and Lawrence
jtUmeii and wife, of Williamsburg,
ana Mrs. Edward Knauer ana chil
dren vlslieU Mrs. Elizabeth Knauer
Clyde Winters and family, of High
laud, visited his parents, Samuel Win
ters and wife, Sunday.
(Jhaste Wiggins and wife, of East
Danvilie, spent Sunday with Robert
Roush and family.
Mrs. Belle Wood, of Springfield, is
visiting relatives and friends here and
is the immediate guest of Miss Ella
N. P. Landess has sold his property
to Mrs. Geo. Brown and will move to
his farm adjoining town this week.
Mrs. Amanda Hawk and Mrs. Dallas
Hawk spent one day last week in UJn
John Foucli, wife and daughter,
Miss Mattie, of East Danville, were
guests of Homer Burton and wife Sun
uay. C. E. Shaffer visited his daughter,
Mrs. Nettle Williams, near Dodson
ville, Saturday and Sunday.
Representative Pence and family,
of Shackelton, attended church here
Sunday morning and were guests at
dinner of D. W. Brown and wife.
They attended the S. S. convention at
Buford in the afternoon, where Mr.
Pence made an address.
Miss Mary Landess, of Hillsboro, is
spending the week with relatives
The Danville band boys will give a
festival at the school grounds here on
Saturday evening, June 20th. Music
by the Lynchburg and Danville bands.
Don't miss It.
' Peter nunter and wife, of Green
field, were visitors of the latter's sis
ter, Mrs. Dallas Hawk, Saturday.
The Patterson commencement will
be held at the Christian Church on
Friday evening, June 20th. Mrs. Al
bert Davidson has charge of the pro
gram. The Prlcetown orchestra will
furnish the music. Prof. II, O. Vance
of Hillsboro, will make the address.
Hillsboro, Ohio
Parker House
One Day Only Hours 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Remarkable Success of these Talented Physicians
in the Treatment of Chronic Diseases
Offer THeir Services
Free of Charge
The United Doctors, licensed by the
State of Ohio are experts In the treat
ment of diseases of thn blood, liver,
stomach, intestines, skin, nerves,
heart, spleen, kidneys or bladder, dia
betes, bed wetting, rheumatism,
sciatica, tape worm, leg ulcers, appen
dicitis, gall stones, goitre, piles, etc.,
without operation, and are too well
known in this locality to need farther
mention. Laboratories, Milwaukee,
Wis. Call and see them. (0 IS) adv
June 15, 1914.
Mrs. Christine Iltlterbran and Cecil
Rhoads spent Wednesday with Mrs.
F. M. Porter.
An auto party from Clrcleville mo
tored through here Wednesday en route
to Serpent Mound.
Mrs. James Rlioads and son, Lowen,
spent Wednesday with Mrs. F. M.
Gary Cirtwrlght has returned to
Sprlngtleld, after visiting here. '
Rev. Van B. Wright has returned
home after visiting in Dayton.
Children's Day Services at the M.
E. Church Sunday night was well
Bessse Porter visited relatives at
Nacevllle, Thursday.
Mrs. Samuel Selzer and daughter,
Mrs. Leona Swlsshelm, Mrs. Virgie
Phillips and Mrs. Carl Phillips called
on Mrs. Dora Tolle, Friday.
Rev. Elton Kelly made a business
trip to Hillsboro, Friday.
Ernest Tolle, of Marshall, spent
Friday night with his parents here.
Miss Verda Ferguson, of Springfield,
visited her parents here recently.
Curtis Butler and wife visited the
latter's parents, Wm. Smith and wife
last week.
Mrs. Blanche Lowman and children
were the guests of Mrs. Rose Robey,
last week.
Ernest Swlsshelm, of Marshall,
called on Miss Carolyn Fry Snndiy.
A surprise party was given at the
home of Miss Lulu Butler Sunday In
honor of Forest Charle3.
Ilerschel Gatlin, of Peebles, attended
the Liston Bros, show here Friday
Don't Lose Sleep Coughing at
Take Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pound. Itglldes down your throat and
spreads a healing, soothing coating
over the inflamed tickling surface.
That's immediate relief. It loosens
up the tightness in your chest, stops
stuify wheezy breathing, eases distress
ing, racking, tearing coughs. Child
ren love It. Refuse any substitutes
Contains no opiates. adv
Garrett & Ayres.
"Professor, I know my son is rather
slow, but in ihe two years that you
have had charge of his education he
must have developed a tendency in
some direction or other. What occu
pation do you suggest as a possible out
let for his energies, such as they are ?"
"Well, sir, I think he is admirably
fitted for taking moving pictures of a
glacier." Birmingham Age-Herald.
Indigestion and Constipation.
"Abont five years ago I began tak
ing Chamberlain's Tablets after suffer
ing from indigestion and constipation
for years without finding anything to
relieve me. Chamberlain's JTablets
helped me at once and byjuslng them
for several weeks I was (cured of the
complaint," writes Mrs. Mary E. Mo
Mullen, Phelps, N. Y. Forsale by All
Dealers. adv
"He is the most tender hearted man
I ever saw."
"Kind to animals?"
"I should say so. Why, when he
found the family cat insisted on sleep
ing in the coal bin, he immediately
ordered a ton of soft coal." Tit-Bits.
DISEASED EYEH nro Barely raads
frond clear, keen, healtby aad
bright 1st tht sre&tljr curative pro
perties el KAOI.E F.TB 8AS.VE.
He He. tabe works) wonder.
Remarkable Story, Long Current In
North of England, of How Sir John
Macdonald Escaped After Dis
astrous Culloden Battle.
A story la told of an old clock which
may very likely be true, though the
hero of it must have been very slight
ly built, says the Young Woman.
After the fatal day of Culloden, ft
famous battle in Scotland, the sol
diers of the defeated army fled in all
directions, and one of them took ref
uge In a small farmhouse, where-ho
found sympathizing friends. rx.ie
gave him food in the kitchen, while
some one watched in case he was
pursued. He had finished his meal,
and hoping he had escaped notice, was
Just preparing to set off again when
there was a cry, "The soldiers are
coming!" He attempted to make off
by the back way, but it was seen that
the party had divided, and ,were ap
proaching from both directions.
There was a hurried Icok around for
a place of refugo. "Into the clock
with you, lad," said the farmer, and
into the long case the fugitive
squeezed. ' But there was not room
for him and for the pendulum to
swing. "You must pull on the wheel
yerself," said the owner, and the clock
responded with a steady tick! tick!
"Has Sir John Macdonald passed
this way?" demanded the captain, as
the troop entered the kitchen, and,
hardly waiting for a reply, began a
thorough search upstairs and down.
They were soon satisfied that he
whom they sought was not there.
"Well for you, farmer, he's not," said
the captain grimly. "Give us some
food before we start off again. We
shan't lose him In half an hour, as
he's on foot and we ride."
How slowly the seconds seemed to
pass while the men ate and drank,
till at last the welcome sound of
pushed back stools scraping on the
flagged floor told the human pendu
lum that his task was nearly done.
"Good-by, farmer. Your clock warns
me we must be off," and at last the
captain marched off with his men.
Tick! Tick! Tick! Hardly had the
last man gone when the fugitive fell
in a dead faint. The strain of keep
ing the clock going at on even pace
had been terrible. He got safely
away, but it is said that to his dying
day the ticking of a clock In' a quiet
room made him feel faint.
Was a Fine Course.
Donald Brian, the musical comedy
star, gleefully chuckled the other
night when the conversation in a
theatrical club turned to golf, lit said
he was reminded of an incident that
happened at a country club In New
England. One day a member of the club was
entertaining a friend, and after con
siderable persuasion Induced him to
take a turn at golf. The friend was
Just about as familiar with the game
as a golden harp tuner Is with a
blacksmith tongs, and naturally the
fUBS he made was certainly some
In trying to make a brassie shot he
tore up considerable turf, which
struck him fairly in the face. This
happened twice, and Just at that mo
ment another club member ap
proached. "Mr. Jones," he said, as the visitor
paused to scrape his complexion,
"what do you think of our course?"
"It's fine!" was the prompt response
of the visitor. "As a matter of fact,
I think It Is the very best I have ever
tasted." Philadelphia Telegraph.
Ingenious Defense.
At the Investors' league dinner in
New York the speeches were made
between the courses a new inven
tion, as President George Whigelt
pointed out, for saving the time of
"Their defense," Resident Whigelt
later, apropos 6f a notorious firm of
patent infringers, "their defense re
minds me In its absurdity of Jack
son's. "Jackson, a rough, sued a man for
assault, and yet, when the man ap
peared in court, he was bitten all
over the face and ears horribly.
"'How about this?' the Judge said
to Jackson sternly. 'Here you sue
a man for assault, and he comes into
court marked, all over with your
".'Well, Judge, your honor,' said
Jackson, 'he pounded me so hard
while he was assaultln' me that I
had to have something to bite on,
or else I couldn't have stood it.' "
Novel Street Lighting Plan.
In the little city of Leetonla, Ohio,
the street lamps are controlled by a
home-made time switch operated by
an ordinary alarm clock. A circular
piece of metal soldered to the alarm
winding key wraps a heavy cord about
It as the alarm rings and is attached
to a lever. This withdraws a sliding
bar from beneath a weight, which la
falling jerks a rope attached to a cir
cuit breaker. Once a Uay the super
intendent winds the clock and seta the
alarm at the proper hour for switch
ing tho lamps Into the circuit. By
rnverdlrip fh hooka and Hetttnir the
reversing tne hooKB ana setting too
alarm the lamps are extinguished at
daybreak. Electrical World. s
' I
Added Zest.
M.T n...r thm.cht vn w
the kind Of girl Who WOUld take pleas-
are In llotealng to a divorce case.
Marjorle But, my dear, I happened
to know the co-reapondeat Judgt.
" -
-0 . ....... D- ,,- ...
Ult-Lsiioito, May 20. 1911.
Itetall Grocers
nun no pntCES
Wheat, bushel B0
Corn 0.i TO
Oats 40
Potatoes new
Wblte Deans, bushel , a
Ilutter , i a 20
Errs, Dozen , 15
Young Chickens u
uhlckens, per lb . 11
Turkeys, per lb..... a
Ducks, per lb a
llacon liams, per lb. a IS
Uacon Sides , 12 a
nacon Shoulders.... ...,.., 8a 19
Lard ,... li
Hay, ton , ,. ,. 25 oo
Ex. O. Sugar t a
A Sugar a
Granulated Sugar a 6W
Cut loaf and PowderedJSugar a 10
i oflee. nio 25a 40
Tea, Imp., it. II. and G. U perqr.. 20a 70
Tea. Lllack 20a so
Cheese, factory 22
Flour, good family branilR, cwt... 2 40
' " " bbl a
Mola'ses, N O . gallon .'. a 60
" Sorghum , a 40
Golden Syrup a 40
Coal Oil ,. 12a IS
Halt...... a 135
Hams, city sugar cured, lb a 18
Deeves, cwt.. gross 6 00a 8 75
Heeves, snipping 6 09a 7 40
Sheep and Lambs, per cwt 4 ooa 6 60
uor8. cwt., gross , 7 40a 7 85
Milch Cows with Calves 5 00a 40 00
Minutes Mean Dollars
Doubtless you know the danger of delayed treatment
ot collo and other diseases. You also realize that
wrongly applied remedies are often worse than no
treatment at all. In other words, not to diagnose
a disease accurately may provo fatal. Every owner
should be able to recognize an ailment, and giro
correct treatment at the first symptoms. Prompt
action is tne great secret
of treating horses.
Minutes mean dollars.
Of course proper treat
ment Is always necessary.
That Is Just how Humph.
rc a' S00 page Veterinary
llauual will prove so val
uaulo to you. It Is by
F. Humphreys, M.D., V.S..
and teaches huw to dlaj.
nwo rrd glvo propor
This boob will save you
nun In ds ot dollars and
costs) ounothlng. It mil
be sent nhsolutety free
on request to any farmer
In order to Introduce
Humphreys' Veterinary Ilemedles. Remember,! t la
absolutely free. You do not have to order any
remedies to secure tlio book. Address, Humphreys'
Homcopathlo Medicine Company, 150 William Street,
New York City, This Is a splendid opportunity to
obtain a veterinary treatise that you should have
In your library. As a reference work you will find
It Invaluable. To have It In the time orno-d will bo
worth many dollars, whereas It will cost jou but a
cost card by writing for it now.
June la, 1914.
Ezra Carpenter and family enter
tained Rev. Screechtield Saturday
night. He spent Sunday at William
Ezra Carpenter and family and Mrs.
Malinda King were entertained by
Dexter Carpenter and family Thurs
day. Miss Sena Hess is attending school
in Hillsboro.
Rev Thos. Screechlield, of Allens
burg, tilled the pulpit at the Christian
Church Sunday.
Washlngtsn Surber and wife were
guests of George Lance and family
Pearl Marconette and wife were
called home by (he Illness of his wife's
sister. They live in West Virginia.
Amlel Marconette and wife, Wm.
McLaughlin and family and Edward
Marconette and wife were guests of
W. E. Ii'awley and family Thursday.
John Kler and family spent Sun
day with his brother, William.
Jean Stlers spent Tuesday night at
Henry Euverard's.
J. W. Morgan made a business trip
to Mowrystown Sunday.
Amlel Marconett and wife and Ed
ward Marconette and wife spent Sun
day with Wm. McLaughlin and fam
ily. T. P. Hall and wife and daughter,
Grace, were entertained by J. W.
Morgan and wife, Sunday.
Matt Fawley and wife were at Estel
Fawley's Sunday.
Henry Tedrlck spent a couple of
days last week with Edward Ted-
John King and family visited at
I. J. Davidson's Stnday.
The Ladies Aid will give a festival"
June 27th. Music by the Danville
band. Come everybody.
ft Shoe Polishes
R 1 I I J3I
"CUT EDGE." tha Only ladies' shoe dressing that
positively contains oil, Slacks, Polishes anf Pre.
Mnrea ladles' and children's shoes, ililacs without
uMln.ssc- TRENCH GLOSS." 10c
idmUofrusotoruashoo,ioc "LuNaveizeVasc.
, ,,p0lCKWinit(UiHBi4formwithipoDirejaBkk.
lyelesni and whlteai dirty canvas shoes. JOciliUc.
"AlBO" cleans and whitens BOCK, NUBUCK.
SUEDE, and CANVAS SHOES. In round while cakes
I.'ickiln dnc boic wllh sponpe, 10& In hand.
emu,,, urge siammum noxes, wua sponge, use
20.2a Albany Street, Cambridge? Man
I olJ"! "' J-"'? yanyfarturtr ef
I Sioe folUUfi in Iht World,
huvctmw" mm
' ; 1
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f-ili)'' r.
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