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June 15, 1914.
Buss Slmpklns entertained
Mlss.s Nonle and Nelle DeLaney and
Hazel M. Qalllett Sunday.
Chas. Morrow and wife had lor
their guests Sunday, Grover Hagger
ty, wife and daughter, Mary, of
Mrs A. C. Martin and daughter,
Anna Belle, Mrs. Grace Bumgardner
and daughter, Eleanor and Mrs. Lizzie
Mlnzler spent Sunday at the Child
ren's HomelnSprlnglleld. They were
accompanied home by Miss Emma
Martin, who has been attending Wlt
tenburg College.
Rev. Erwln, of Loveland M. E.
church, ailed the pulpit at the M. E.
church here, Sunday morning. Ills
sermon was every much appreciated
by all present.
Class No. 3 of the M. E. Sunday
School was entertained at the home
of Mrs. Geo. Smith, Thursday after
noon. A very enjoyable afternoon
was spent.
Mrs. Dresch was with her husband i
Eev. W. 11. Dresch at St. Bernard I
over Sunday.
Harley Tedrick and wife enter
tained his sister, Mrs. Ocie Nleman,
of Chicago last week Mrs. Tedrick
and son, Edward, accompained her as
far as Blanchester Sunday, where they
expect to spend a week with relatives.
Joe Townsend and wife entertained
his brother and family, of Greenfield,
Mrs Frenger and two children, of
Blanchester, returned home Monday
after visiting W, A. West and family
for a week. Mrs. Frenger and family
expect to leave for California next
week to make that place their home.
Dr. McAdow" with his wife and
father J. A. McAdow, were with
friends at Buford Sunday and at
tended the Sunday School convention
where the Dr. made the address.
Mrs. Ella Parker entertained Rev.
Erwin, of Loveland, Sunday.
Mrs. Harry Murphy was with rela
tives in Hillsboro Wednesday and
W. E. Turner and wife, of Martins
ville, were guests of Dan Turner and
wife, Sunday.
Frank Smith and wife, of Martins
ville, were entertained by J. B. Hun
ter and family and Geo. Smith and
wife Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Agnes Barr was the week-end
guest of her parents at Webertown
Clara Stautner and Mary Gibson
were visitors at the country home of
Mr. and Mrs. Jap. Chaney, of Fayett
vllle from Friday until Sunday.
John Kesler and family have moved
into the Scott residence vacated by
B. E. Moses and family.
David Archer and wife had as their
guest last week, Mrs. Sara Fouch, of
Mrs. Naomi Farls e itertalned her
grandson and lady friend and daugh
ter, Miss Llllle, of Cincinnati, Sunday.
Geo. Ritt and family, of Chase town,
were guests of Mrs. Anna Kellis and
family Sunday.
Mrs. Belle Montgomery has returned
to Ralnsboro after spending several
months with her daughter, Mrs. Bert
Garner at this place.
J. W. Ellis, of Sharpsvllle, Mrs. R
P. Wlggens, Thos. Runk and wife and
Rev. Ester were guests at the home of
Clarence Dean and wife, Sunday.
Miss Helen Murphy, who has been
attending school in Wilmington came
homo Friday for her summer vacation.
The Fair which has been planned by
the Home and School Association will
be held In the school building Friday
afternoon and evening. The admis
sion will be 5 and 10 cents.
Warren Connel and wife and Mrs
Morrow were guests Sunday at the
home of Cal Si roup and wife, of Dod
sonvllle. Miss Hazel M. Galllett, of the Cov
ington schools was with her parents
the last of the week.
Fine for Dairy Farms
Wo Bell a fireat many Pilot Lighting
Plants to dairy farmers. Because dairy
farmers can get even more out of an
Acetylene installation than anybody else.
Our Dairy farmer patrons make these
Acetylene plants do double work. They
run an extra line of pipe to each barri
and sometimes to other outbuildings. In
these buildings they fasten the great balls
of Acetylene light to timbers or rafters.
They also equip these lights with igni
tion devices to make them light with
the pull of a chain without matches.
Two of these Acetylene barn lights will
'make a big dairy barn as light as day.
They will give more light than a dozen
lanterns and unlike lanterns, they can
not be tipped over.
The same is true ot Acetylene house
lights. They burn in handsorrfe station
ery bronze or brass fixtures securely fast
ened to ceilings or walls.
From a Hillsboro Citizen.
Is your back lame and painful
Does it ache especially after exer
tion? Is there a soreness In the kidney
These symptoms suggest weak kid
neys. If so there is danger in delay.
Weak kidneys get fast weaker.
Give your trouble prompt attention.
Doan's Kidney Pills are for weak
Your neighbors use and recommend
Read this nillsborb testimony.
S. Ravenscroft, N. High St., Hills
boro, Ohio, says: "I have used Doan's
Kidney Pills for several years and have
always found them to be all that is
claimed of them. Traveling seems to
have a bad effect on the kidney?, which
at times is very annoying. It only
I takes a few doses of Doan's Kidney
I Pills to relieve the trouble."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co , uuuaio,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
Zllphah Inlow was born January 16,
1855, in Highland county, Ohio.
She was married Sept. 20, 1872 to
Abraham Inlow. To this union were
born nine children, eight girls and one
boy. Two of whom have preceded
Mother in death. The children'wlth
a sorrow stricken husband and twenty
two grandchildren are left to mourn
her going away.
She united with the Church of the
Brethren Feb. 1, 1888, and served
faithfully In the office of Deaconess.
When in health she was the friend of
Her hands ministered to all classes
In need. She was with them In sick
ness, bereavement, poverty and trou
ble. She hath done what she could by
being an angel of mercy wherever she
went. She left this earth June 4, 1914,
aged 59 years, 4 months and 22 days.
Comforting to Stout People.
Foley Cathartic Tablets are a speci
ally good little regulator that keeps
your system In perfect working order.
No biliousness, no constipation, no
distress after eating, no greasy, gassy
taste. A stout person who uses them
constantly will really feel thinned out
and more comfortable as a result of
their use. adv
Garbktt & Ayiies.
June 15,1914.
Abe Aber and family, of near Dan
ville, visited Elmer Aber and family,
Harley Ludwlg and wife and son,
Lionel, visited Turner Hart and wife,
at Fairview, Sunday.
Mrs. Willard Cailey spent Saturday
night and Sunday with her daughters,
at Norwood.
Harold Screechfleld, of Rurtonvllle,
spent Sunday and Monday with rela
tives here.
Carey Henderson and wife visited
Joseph Newton and family, near Price
town, Sunday.
Misses Ocle Chaney, Daisy Carpen
ter, Tessle Shaffer and Oliver Ludwlg
visited the former's sister, Mrs Nellie
Smart, at Monterey, Sunday.
Get Rid of the Torment of Rheu
matism. Remember how spry and active you
were before you had rheumatism,
backache, swollen, aching joints and
stiff, painful muscles? Want to feel
tnat,way again ? You can just take
Foley Kidney Pills. For they quickly
clear the blood of the poisons that
cause your pain, misery and torment
ing rheumatism adv
Garrett & Ayres.
Acetylene is too, a double boon to the
women folks. In addition to the beauty
of the llcht, it brines even a greater conven
ience In the gas cooking- stove.
For Acetylene Is used in gas cotking ranges
In thousands of country homes, Just as city gas,
Is used in millions of city homes.
In all of these homes the gas range has short-
ened cooking hours and has done away with
the drudgery of handling coal, wood and ashes.
You will belntensely interested in the simple
mechanism of the Pilot which makes It differ
ent from all others in principle. Its patent
safety features make it quite trouble proof."
Writs for our advertising llteratureand be sure
and say how many rooms and barns you have.
Walton, Ky.
Salesman for
June 15, 1914.
Members of the M. E. Sunday School
are planning to enjoy a picnic next
Friday on the Monroe picnic grounds.
Mr and Mrs. Gilford and son, Clark, '
of Cincinnati, spent Sunday with Mrs.
Glfford'a mother, Mrs. Nancy Thur
man. Mrs. Mark Beard and little son ar
rived at home Friday from a pleasant
visit with relatives near Columbus.
Miss Anna Mumma visited relatives
in Columbus the past week.
Next Saturday beginning at 9 a. m.
In C. B. Cox's store, Circle No. 1 of the
Ladles Aid Society will hold a market,
consisting of home made bread, pies,
cakes, dressed chickens and everything
good to eat. Your patronage is solicited
The I. O. O. F. and K of P. Memo
rial services wore held Sunday after
noon In the M. E. Church. Music for
the occasion was furnished by the
Guthrie Band.
Mrs. T. B. Evans spent the past week
in Columbus the guest of her sister,
Mrs. Dunlap.
Dr. A. J. Holmes and wife, of New
Westminster, B."C., and H. L. Wiggins
and wife, of Hillsboro, spent Sunday
with Misses Sarah and Madge Purdy.
QMrs. Elizabeth Vance, of Martins
ville, is the guest of her daughter,
Mrs. S. R. Ousley.
The June meeting of the Angelina
Johnson Altruistic Association was
postponed until Tuesday, June 23.
Misses Arethusa Hugglns and Wll
muth Morris are home from a pleasant
vfsl with friends In Wheeling, W. Va.
Levi Mumma has returned to his
home in Hoaglands, Inti.
Harley Ladd and wife and the Misses
Elmira and Nettie Ladd and Norma
Carey motored over to Wilmington
1' riday to attend the Commencement
exercises of Wilmington College.
Miss Sylvia Sanders, of Wilmington
College, visited relatives here Saturday
Misses Arethusa and Josephine Hug
glns will leave Saturday for Oxford,
where they will attend a six weeks
Normal School.
C. H. Dewey was a business visitor
in Cincinnati last Saturday.
R. R. Jones and family had as their
guests the past week his brother, Dr.
Jones, and family, of Columbus.
Lyman Smith is visiting friends in
uaroia bmitn, wno has been em
ployed in Dayton the past few months,
is at home.
Get Rid of Your Rheumatism.
Now is the time to get rid of your
rheumatism. You can do It if you
apply Cnamberlain's Liniment. W
A. Lackhard, Homer City, N. Y.,
writes : "Last spring I suffered from
rheumatism with terrible pains in my
arms and shoulders I got a bottle of
Chamberlain's Liniment and the first
application relieved me. By using one
bottle of it 1 was entirely cured." For
sale by All Dealers. adv
June 15, 1914.
Edward Elliott and wife, of New
York, are visiting his parents heie.
C. A. West and wife spent Sunday
with Jesse Spence and family.
Mrs. Clarence Montgomery and
daughter, Evelyn, of Columbus, are
visiting her parents, Elmer Cowman
and wife.
Mrs. Hobson and daughter, of Iowa,
are visiting her sister, Mrs. Strobel.
Elizabeth Pommert spent last week
with her sister, Mrs. Oscar Hamilton,
near Centerlleld.
Mrs. F. M. Garman lsinXenla with
her mother, who is seriously ill.
Lulu Patterson, who has been visit
ing her parents, Enoch Falrley and
wife, returned to her home In Xenla,
Mrs. Anna Parkes and Mrs. William
Taylor have returned from Indiana,
where they visited relatives.
David McCall will have charge of
the Patterson Commencement here.
There will be preaching at the Pres
byterian Church next Sunday night at
7:30 by Rev. McClellan.
Willie Slilvers and wife and son,
Raymond, spent Sunday with Robert
Shivers and wife.
Dr. and Mrs. Ambrose, and Mrs.
Grace Eugene, of Cleveland, spent
Friday and Saturday with their sister,
in Dayton.
There are more than 1000
suffra.o organizations In the
Release that dammed-up Bile and most
o! your ill are rellsvod. Mollycoddle
Laxatives do not touch the LIVER.
Podophyllln (May Apple Root) does.
PoDoLax Is Podophyllln with the tripe
taken out.
Than Try
June 15, 1914.
Mrs Nathaniel Wilkin and daugh
ter, Mozelle, of Hoaglands, Mrs. Jss.
Cochran, of Mldnletown, and Mrs. Jas.
Harris, of Harrlsburg, were entertain
ed Thursday by Mrs. Frank Willlson.
Carey Klrkpatrlck, wife and son,
Chester, spent Friday with Chas Sim
bro and family.
Geo. Prlne and wife and James
Lovett and wife spent Sunday after
noon with Sam Lemon and wife.
Mrs. Walter Powell and Mabel
Stratton spent Friday afternoon with
Mrs. Starling Lemon
S. A. Willett and daughter, of
Pricetown, spent Friday with his
daughter, Mrs. Geo. Stubbs.
Carey Klrkpatrlck called onClarence
Patton oast-of Hillsboro, Sunday af
ternoon. Lewis and Geo. Pilne spent Satur
day afternoon with Raymond Simbro.
James Richards, of Sablna, was In
this vicinity Monday afternoon.
Carey Klrkpatrlck and family called
on Geo. Prlne and family Saturday
Chas. Simbro and family spent Tues
day evening with Frank Willlson and
Wilson Chaney and family spent
Sunday with friends near Mt. Wash
ington. W. E. Noftsger and wife spent Sun
day in Hillsboro.
Frank Willlson spent Saturday and
Sunday with relatives in Wilmington.
A T. Rogers and wife, of Hillsboro,
are visiting W. E. Noftsger and wife.
Misses Eva and Clara Simbro spent
Saturday night with their aunt, Mrs.
Frank Willlson.
Mr. and Mrs. James Harrisand John
and Ernest Harris, of Harrisburg,
spent Sunday with Chas. Simbro and
Floyd Frasler, of Dunn's Chapel,
spent Saturday night and Sunday with
the llobblns brothers.
Aunt Sis Griffith, of Hillsboro, is
visiting Mrs. Emerson Hathaway.
Mrs. Chris. Rockel, of Hillsboro, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. Rollo Powell.
Misses Eva and Clara Simbro spent
Sunday afternoon with Miss Helen
II. G. Powell, wife and grandson,
Harold. spent Sunday with Mrs. Ernest
Carper at Boston.
Mrs. Walter Powell called on Mrs
Delbert Robbins Sunday afternoon.
At Bremen, Ga , W. M. Golden, of
the Equitable Life Assurance Society,
says he found Foley Kidney Pills to be
the best remedy for kidney and bladder
troubles, also for rheumatism He says
"any person having kidney trouble,
bachache or rheumatism should be
very glad to find such a wonderful
remedy." adv
June 15, 1914.
Miss Helen Ooleman, who has been
teaching at Akrcn, the past year, Is
at home for the summer.
Mrs. J. A. Beaver visited friends at
Balnbridge last Thursday.
Isaac Dodds and wife, of Bridges,
spent part of last week at the home of
Jordan Ladd.
Mrs. Orpha Upp has returned home,
after spending several days with her
daughter at New Petersburg.
Miss Ruth Clyborne is visiting rela
tives at Columbus.
J. II. Ivers and family and Mrs.
Elliott and son, of Kokoino, Ind.,
spent Sunday with C. L. Red key and
Several from here attended the K.
of P. Memorial at Marshall on Sunday
C. D. Doggett and family, of Hills
boro, were guests of J. Horace Roads
and family over Sunday.
F. A. Cameron and wife, Vernon
Holmes and wife and A. G. Cameron
and wife were among those who at
tended the grand lodge of K. of P., at
Cincinnati, last week.
Miss Josle Spargur visited friends at
Seaman last Friday.
Ferris Wolfe and wife and son, of
New-Petersburg, spent Sunday with
Howard Hode and wife.
Warren Harper and family, of Good
Hope, were guests of J. B. Davis and
wife, from Saturday until Monday.
Several of the friends of Mrs. Ed. C.
Roads gave her a surprise dinner last
Thursday In honor of her birthday.
Frank Smalley and family, of Green
field, were guests of John Watts and
wife on Sunday afternoon.
Children's Day was observed at the
M. E. church on Sundiy night with a
splendid program.
The K. of P. will hold their Memo
rial services here nest Sunday. The
members of the ordor will meet at
their hall at 1:30 p. m. and march to
the M. E church where the address
will be given by Rev. Slutz, pastor of
the M. E Church, at Hillsboro. i
i -
1 France maintains an institute o.
zoological psychology on a farm near
Paris for the study of the habits of
animals under natural conditions.
Got Any
I J2L11
Do you really want to heal It? Badencmrhto
tpend 35c? Then go to the atora and bur a
box o( UR. DLLU'S
Antiseptic Salve
XI If (now white and tnow pure and tf ft
doein't do tha work, get your money back.
"Tell It By The Bell"
June 15, 1914.
Mrs. D. O. Matthews, of Greenfield,
Is spending a week with her son,
H. V. Matthews.
Simpson West and wife were busi
ness visitors in Hillsboro Thursday.
Alva Rhoads and wife and son, of
Cedar Point, spent Saturdry night
and Sunday with their son, Fred.
J. O Stultz and wife spent from
Friday until Sunday with the former's
brother, Jacob Stultz, and family near
Fay Cowman, of Greenfield, was the
guest of Miss Reah Eubanks Sunday.
Miss Ruth Hughes and Charlie Car
roll were the guests of H. V. Mat
thews and wife from Saturday till
"Mrs. Jane Stultz was the guest of
her daughter, Mrs. J. J. Butler, at
Sinking Springs, Tuesday.
Dr. Chapman and wife, of Sinking
Springs, spent Sunday with H. V
Matthews and wife.
Chess Seamon and wife, of Locust
Grove, spont Sunday with the latter's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Eubanks
Mrs. Louie Butler called on Mrs.
n. V. Matthews Saturday afternoon.
Ansker Irons and wife, of Sinking
Springs, were guests of Mrs. Sarah
Butler Sunday.
J. J. Butler and wife and son, of
Sinking Springs, were guests of C A.
Rhoads and wife the latter part of the
R. B. Peddicord and wife, Wm
Westerfleld and wife and daughter,
E. S. Edward and Mr. and Mrs. Mur
ray, or Washington, u. u.. uiyae
Cameron, Miss Edna McMechen, of
Balnbridge, John Hoggsett, of New
London, and Miss Flossie Watts, of
Marshall spent Sunday at Butler
Bladder Irritations, kidney troubles,
dull headaches, weariness, pain in back
and sides, all show the kidneys need to
be toned up, strengthened, their regu
lar action restored. Foley Kidney
Pills will do it surely and quickly.
They Rive good health, freedom from
pain, a return of appetite and sound
s'eep. Try them. adv
Gahkktt & Aykes.
Jones If Mr Oldboy makes any such
assertion I will denounce him as a liar.
President Mr. Jones, I call you to
order. Our by-laws do no. allow you
to go that far.
Jones Then 1 call Mr. Oldboy a liar
as far as it Is permitted by the by laws
of this association London Tit-Bits.
"Generally debilitated for years.
Had sick headache, lacked ambition,
was worn out and all run down. Bur
dock Blood Bitters made me a well
woman." Mrs. Chas. Freltoy, Moos
up, Conn. adv
The course of study in Alabama nor
mal schools is to be radically changed
to Include such subjects as rural sociol
ogy, biology, domestic science, domes
tic art, library methods, school garden
ing and agriculture.
Blllious ? Feel heavy after dinner ?
Bitter taste? Complexion sallow?
Liver perhaps needs waking up. Doan's
Regulets for blllious attacks. 25 z at
all stores. adv
"Pretty tough about poor old Spen
der, wasn't it?" asked the Grouch.
"What happened to him?" asked
the Boob.
"He got so far behind In his room
rent that he had to marry his land
lady," replied the grouch Detroit
Free Press.
The name Doan's inspires confi
dence Doan's Kidney Pills for kidney
ills. Doan's Ointment for skin itcl.
ing. Doan's Regulets for a mild laxa
tive. Sold at all drugstores, adv
By the use of wireless telegraphy to
measure longitude lc is believed that
a map of the Belgian Congo, which
would require 10 years to plan in the
usual way, can be made In two jears
or less.
Farmers, mechanics, railroaders
laborers, rely on Dr. Thomas' Electric
OH. Fine for cuts, burns, bruises.
Should be kept in every home. 25c
and 50c. adv
Madge--It'sawfultosufIer in silence!
Marjorle It must be, dear That
is why I'm glad I am a woman and
don't have to do It. Judge.
The world s Iron resources are esti
mated at 123,377.000,000.tons of ore, or
53,130,000,000 tons of iron
I JPro8fionaZ $rd
Both Pl.6nu.ln Office and Raldncc
Office Short St., Opp. Court Eruia
Glenn Big. HILL8BOBO,,
Home 'Phone 340. Bell 'Pbone 14J
Mlllastooro. Ohio.
Orrioi: In Holmes
Building, North Eli
Orrioa Hodiw 9 to IS a. m
Be. m.
z to and e tt
Both 'Pflonet in Office ana Residence,
For "Your Flowers.
Funeral Directors A Embalmers
!A Full Line of High Grade
Prompt Dclhery. Courteous Treatment
Your Patronage Solicited
(Successors to J. C. Koch)
Ortlcthtarlol TracTlcn repot
Home Phone 344
Frank Ayres
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Opera House Block
Representing Tsix of the strongest
Old Line Fire insurance Companies.
Most liberal Farm Policies ever writ
ten in the Aetna Co. Also Live Stock
Insurance. D Insuring your horses
apainstjdeath from any cailse.
I represent the Aetna, Fidelity and
Surety Bond Co. One of the largest.
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low as you can get in high class safe
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Our Four Books sent Free with list
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turers and promoters, also Prizes of
fered for Inventions. Patents secured
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700 Ninth 8t.
Washington D. O
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fine anl M no at limp-Hats
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Copyrights &.c.
Anvone sending a eketch and description mar
quickly ascertain oar opinion free whether aa
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tions MrlctlyconndTOtl.it HANDBOOK on Patents
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Patents taken tunniEb Munn A Co. tecolve
rprria! notice, without charco, lu tbo
Scientific Hiiiericati.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly.
I.areejt clr-
ciilnttnn (if anv ft lentitlc lournal
-. - . - .-,ii.iii ., -.-
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year; fnurinontua.il. Bold uy all newsdealers.
MIHlsl O n .-. . .. . M,., l-y.
...UKM U wO." - 'i.uilf tLi.'
Urnocb Oit.co. ( V Ft- Wastalneton. D. V
There are more islands In Lake Hu
ron than in any other known lake.
The number of persons killed by
lightning In the United States during
a year averages nearly 600 ; about 4000
cattle are killed and annual damage by
lightning Is $3,000,000.
Stranger (after being ruthlessly
butchered by rural barber for live min
utes) Are jou Interested in poetry ?
Barber (astonished) No, sir.
Stanger Indeed, I thought that you
might be trying to give an Imitation
of the Man with the Hoe Kansas
City Star.
I P1
. J.- i2Jbli!tiU,r$tuJ. A U , -tWklirfft ir -fe
t- . ,Jt km-

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