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Plenty More Like This in Hillsboro.
Scores of Illllsboro people can tell
you about Doan's Kidney Pills. Many
a happy citizen makes a public state
ment of his experience. Here Is a case
of It. What better proof of merit can
be had than such endorsement
D. C. Blackmore, 327 John St., Hills
boro, Ohio, says : "Some years ago I
was suffering greatly from kidney
trouble and rheumatism. I could
scarcely get up or down on account of
the Intense pain across tho small of
my back. One day the kidney secre
tions would be profuse ana then again
scanty. Although 1 doctored with
some of the local physicians, I got no
relief. I had often read about Doan's
Kidney Pills and finally got a supply at
Garrett & Ay res' Drug Store They
helped me so much that I continued
taking them for 6ver a year. Now I
have no trouble."
When Mr. Blackmore was inter
viewed on August8, 1913, he said : "It
has been three years since I was cured
by Doan's Kidney Pills. They are
certainly a wonderful kidney remedy
and I never hesitate to recommend
them to my friends. My former en
dorsement holds good."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
June 22, 1914.
Miss Daisy Abers, of Cincinnati,
was a recent visitor of her parents,
Abe Abers and wife.
Wm. Robinson and family, of near
Winchester, came up In their auto
Saturday and spent the day with his
nephew, Dr. Cropper and family.
O. A. Landess and wife and two
daughters, of Hillsboro, and Wm. Mc
Laughlin and family were guests of
N. P Landess and wife, Sunday.
Mrs. Margaret Setty moved into part
of Lewis Pence's residence last week.
Mrs. J. M. Davidson and Mrs. Mary
Pohl, of Williamsburg, are spending
the week with the former's mother,
Mrs. Elizabeth Knauer.
Mrs. Almyra Landess and daughter,
Mrs. J. S. Cochran, left Monday for a
short visit with the former's sister,
Mrs. Mollle Boatman, of Winchester.
-Miss Dorothy Beard, of Hillsboro,
has returned home, after spending
several weeks with her grandparents,
Casper Donnely and wife.
Fred Reno and family and Abe Wal
ker and wife were guests of Lee Walker
and family, Sunday.
A large crowd attended the festival
given by the band boys Saturday
evening and about $65 was realized.
Roy Wood entertalried three of his
cousins from Taylorsville, Saturday
night and Sunday.
Wm. Roush, of Dayton, who former
ly resided here, visited friends here
Mrs. Bessie Pence and two little
sons, of Lynchburg, were guests of
her sister, Mrs. Frank Davis,-recently.
Carl Hixon and family and Edward
Hopkins and wife were guests of Dan
Henderson and wife, Sunday.
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Living Thing On
Free ; a 5O0 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm;" horses, cattle, dogs,
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phreys' Vetinary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
np. Free by mall on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo Mod. Co.,
Corner Williams & Ann Sts., N. Y. adv
June 22. 1914.
Mrs. George Mlgnery and Mrs.
Stanley, of Mowrystown, spent Mon
day with George Capllnger and
Miss Fannie Capllnger left Tuesday
for Washington, Iowa, to visit her
uncle, W. H. Hughes.
Mr. and Mrs. Bartley Stanforth, of
Hillsboro, spent Saturday night and
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charlie
Aunt Eliza Burns, of Mowrystown,
is visiting her niece, Mrs. Curtis Ro
troff. Miss Marie Burrls Is spending the
summer with Mrs. Lavena Lewis.
Mrs. Mack Stanforth and son, Ed
ward, of Jessup, spent Thursday and
Friday with relatives here.
T. R. Vance called on George Cap
Ungerone evening last week.
John Gotherman, who has been
quite sick, Is slowly improving.
The first woman to take up the diplo
matic service as a profession has just
been appointed In Cnristianla. She Is
Miss Henrietta noag, and Is to be the
first secretary of the Norwegian Lega
tion In Mexico.
June 22, 1914.
Miss Jane Havens spent Saturday
night with her sister, Mrs. Blanche
Cartwrlght, at Sinking Spring. .
Charles Johnson, of Beeci Flats,
was the guest of Simpson West and
family, Friday.
Mrs.Dr. Chapman, of Sinking Spring
spent Thursday with her sister, Mrs
Maud Matthews.
Joe Patton and wife, of Dallas, were
called here Sunday by the illness of
the latter's father, Wm. Countryman.
Mrs. Ed Rhoads and Mrs. Elva Cart
wright, of Sinking Spring, were the
guestsof the former's slster.Mrs. Artie
Eubanks, Thursday.
Miss Grace Havens spent Saturday
night with Miss Bess L. Butler.
Mrs. Fred Rhoads and family spent
Friday with Mrs. S. S. Deardoff.
Wm. Dodson, John Smith, Wm.
Wardlow and Charles Brouse, of Price
town, are in our vicinity repairing the
Iron bridge near here.
Mrs. D. O. Matthews returned to
her home In Greenfield Wednesday,
after spending a week with her son,
H. V. Matthews.
Mrs. John Nace, Mrs. Edith Covan
and little daughter, of Sinking Spring,
were guests of Mrs. Permelia A. Kiss
ling, Sunday.
Lawrence Kesler and wife and babe
spent Sunday with relatives at Sink
ing Spring.
Miss Edltha Holten accompanied by
Miss Vivian West, of Beech Flats, left
this morning for Oxford to attend a
six weeks Normal.
J. O. Stults entertained Dr. J. E.
Chapman and family, of Sinking
Spring, Mrs. D. O. Matthews, of Green
field, H. Y. Matthews and wife and
Bess L. Butler with an elaborate sup
per Monday evening.
H. O. White and wife have been at
the bedside of their father, H. C.
White, of Cliff Range, who is quite
Recorder John Farls and wife and
daughter, Glenn Farls and wife, Ho
mer Dean and wife, Clarence Lepley
and wife and Miss Rldgway, of Hills
boro, motored to Butler Spring Sunday
evening ana had a picnic supper.
Marshall and Sinking Spring played
ball at Butler Springs Sunday after
noon. The seore was 20 to 10 in favor
of Marshall.
Indigestion and Constipation.
"Abont five years ago I began tak
ing Chamberlain's Tablets after suffer
ing from indigestion and constipation
for years without finding anything to
relieve me. Chamberlain's .Tablets
helped mo at once and byusing them
for several weeks I was Jcured of th
complaint," writes Mrs. Mary E. Mc
Mullen, Phelps, N. Y. For sale by All
Dealers. adv
' June 22, 1914.
Misses Olive and Mae Crute, of
Hillsboro, spent Tuesday afternoon
with Mrs. Arthur Fawley.
Alec Splckard is spending several
days with his daughter, Mrs. Ed.
Steward Burton and family and
Mrs. Bell Burton were guests Sunday
of Frank Burton and family of Rus
sell. Mrs. Harry Hill and son, Clifford, of
Hillsboro, spent the latter part of last
week with F. L. Crosen and family.
Wm. Hatcher and family and Clar
ence Kier arid family spent Sunday
afternoon with Amos Hopkins and
Steward Burton and family spent
Friday with Albert Burton and fami
ly, of near Russell.
Frank L. Crosen and family enter
tained Sunday his aunt, Mrs. Mary
Gorman and Harley Ladd and wife, of
Leesburg, and Miss Marie Myers, of
Battle Creek, Mich.
Don't Lose Sleep Coughing at
Take Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pound. Itglldes down your throat and
spreads a healing, soothing coating
over the inflamed tickling surface.
That's immediate relief. It loosens
up the tightness in your chest, stops
stuffy wheezy breathing, eases distress
ing, racking, tearing coughs. Child
ren love It. Refuse any substitutes
Contains no opiates. adv
Garrett & Ayres.
In Nuromburg, Germany, 800 work
men are employed in making lead
soldiers and lead toys.
One Lone Germ
Breeds Millions
A tore or cut letj tho
f:erms under ui akin.
f you don't stop Its
breeding there will bo
mtlUonsln a t tv days.
Stop ft BrttiMg K7A DR. BELL'S
Antiseptic Salve
It etops the breeding at once. It keepe iwit all
other germs. It soothee and beaU as euro as
you use It. A c. box wul prevent busdrcos
of dollars et trouble.
"Tell It By Tho Bell" ,
June 22, 1914.
Miss Hazel Galhett has been re-employed
as teacher In the Covington
The Floral and Domestic Exposition
given by the Home and School Associ
ation, at the school building on Friday
afternoon and evening was well at
tended and pronounced a success.
J. A. Bering and wife and grand
daughter, Martha McLaln, of Coving
ton, Mrs. L. W. Dewey and children
and Mrs. Greenfield, of Blanchester,
were guests of Mrs. W. M. Cleveland,
U. B. Galllett and wife and daugh
ter, Hazel, left Saturday for Oxford,
where they will spend the summer and
enjoy lis educational and social advan
tages. Mrs. Arthur Buck, of Hillsboro. was
the guest of Harry Murphy and wife,
Jesse Plizer, of St. Petersburg, Fla.,
arrived Thursday for a visit with his
sister, Mrs. Ferd RatcllU.
Norman and Nelson Troth, Clifford
Shaper, George Pulse, Gerald Farls,
William Dumenll and Howard Me
Daniel left last week on a. business
trip through Kansas.
Jesse Brltton, of Martinsville, was
the guest of Ray Murphy and family,
Mrs. K 0. Meyer was called to Ada
Wednesday on account of the serious
illness of her brother.
Philip Henderson and Lewis De
Laney are guests of relatives in Nor
wood, since Wednesday.
Rev. Estes left for his home in Dal
las, Tex., Monday morning, stopping
over-in Tennessee to visit relatives.
Rev. Martin conducted the funeral
services of Charles Warman.at Dodson
vllle, Thursday afternoon. The Lynch
burg Jr. O. CJ. A. M., of which he was
a member, assisting.
Rev. Mayne, of Farmersville, will
have charge of the Lynchburg M. E.
Circuit for the remaider of the confer
ence year and will preach here Sunday
evening, June 28.
A reunion of the Ellis family was
held at the Broadway residence of G.
T. DeLaney and family, Sunday. Fifty
five relatives were present. Fair
mount and Marlon, Ind., Sprlngboro,
Jamestown, Bellefontalne, Leesburg
and Blanchester were represented.
Mrs. M. C. Montgomery and daugh
ter, Madge, were shopping in Hills
boro, Friday.
A. W. Keys and family entertained
Harley Carpenter and family Sunday.
Thomas Eaglln, an aged citizen, fell
from a ladder Tuesday while picking
cherries and sustained a fracture of
the hip.
J. H. Berryman and wife, of Hills
boro, spent Saturday night and Sun
day with their daughter, Mrs. Frank
W. N. Dumenll and daughter, Ruth,
were guests of Clark Ogden and wife,
in Hillsboro, Sunday.
W. T. Nolderand family and Miss
Isabel Troth were entertained Sunday
by Isma Troth and.wife.
Mr. Mauntel and daughters, Goldle
and Ruth, of Hillsboro, were guests of
James Hunter and family, Sunday.
Clinton Winslow and wife and
daughter, Layton Winslow and wife
and son and Elwood Ellis, of Fair
mount, Ind., spent several days this
week with the DeLaney and Garner
Mrs. Agnes Noel, of Glencoe, Ky., Is
with her daughter, Mrs. W. E. Staut
ner. Charles Ingersol, of Madlsonville,
was the guest of D. S. Simkins and
family over Sunday.
Bennie Miller and wife and children,
of Newark, were guests of relatives
here last week.
George Smith and family visited
Grant Farls and family, at Macedonia,
H. O. McDaniel and family and Carl
Hlmes and wife spent Sunday with
relatives near New Vienna.
June 22, 1914.
Mrs. Harry Shannon and baby have
returned home, after spending a week
with her grandmother, Mrs. Jane
Eakins, at Washington C. H.
Mrs. Bert MooYman, of Springfield,
was the guest of Ilugh Moorman and
family this week.
The committee, which was In charge
of the Ice cream social held at Pros
pect for the benefit of the church,
wish to thank all who contributed to
Its success, especially those who fur
nished cakes and tables.
Mrs. Hugh Moorman entertained
the Sewing Club last week.
Mrs. Eva Reno entertained at her
home last Thursday afternoon.
Miss Eva Storer, of Hillsboro, Is
the guest of Gettle Chaney.
Grant Matthews and wife, of near
Sugartree Ridge, were the guestsof
John Griffith and wife Sunday.
Miss Ola Johnson, of Carlisle
Springs, was here Sunday.
Herron Newby and wife were In
Hillsboro last Sunday.
Children's Day services will be held
at Prospect next Sunday.
June 22, 1914.
Miss Leneva Eubanks and brother
Paul, of Akron, are spending a few
weeks with their grandparents, John
Nace and wife.
Carl Phyllips and Hugh Puckett are
attending Normal school at Hillsboro.
The laUer will teach school In the
primary room at this place the coming
Wm. Rolfe died at the home of his
nephew, at Loudon, last week. Inter
ment In the Bylngton cemetery,
A large crowd witnessed the mar
rlage of Miss Lauretta Stewart and
Carl Turley, popular young people of
this place which was solomnlzed at
the M. E. church Sunday at 12 o'clock.
Miss Blanche Crum acted as maid of
honor and Ray Johnson as best man,
Miss Rosalyn Hooper, a cousin of the
bride played the wedding march. The
ring ceremony was used.
Mrs. V. L. Rhoades purchased an
Overland auto last week.
Chester Tolle spent a few days last
week with the West brothers.
Mrs. Jasper Suiter and Mrs. Rose
Robey spent Thursday with the for
mer's sister, Mrs. Danle Hamilton,
near Locust Grove.
Leo McClure, wife and son, Wayne,
were business visitors at Peebles,
Miss Emma butter called on Miss
Ocie Porter, Thursday evening.
Roy Knlesley and Starling Parker,
of Latham, were business visitors here
Mrs. Loyd Butler, Mrs. Wm. Butler
and daughter were business visitors at
Peebles Friday.
June 22, 1914.
D. K. Ruble and family entertained
quite a number of friends at dinner
Mrs. Clara Wlndom, who has been
visiting relatives at Athens, has re
turned home.
Mrs. Thomas Donohoo and son,
Dwlght, of Camden, J. C. Vance and
family, James Donohoo and family
and Mrs. Ameilca Robinson spent
Sunday with Charles Moberly and
family at Buford.
C. N. Fender and family spent Sun
day with Wm. Custer and wife, of
Ed. Marconott and wife and Earl
Marconett and wife, of Weston, W.
Va., A. Marconett, of Hollowtown, A.
L Carr and wife and two daughters,
Elnora and Virginia, and H. L. Hawk
and family made a trip In automo
biles to Ripley Monday and brought
home quite a nice lot of fish which
they caught In the Ohio river.
T. T. Burrls and wife and David
Fender and wife spent Sunday with
Ed Cochran and family.
L. E. Euverard and wife and daugh
ter, Erma, and T. E, Fenner and
family spent Sunday with D. G. Mar
conett and wife, of Hollowtown.
Ed. Winkle and family, of Olive,
spent Sunday with Wm. Lance and
Mrs. James Moberly Is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. P. K Ruble.
Charles Bohl and wife and Mrs.
Josle Fender spent Sunday with C. A.
Roberts and family.
W. S. Wlllett and family visited
relatives in Mowrystown Sunday
Mrs. Tnomas Donohoo and son,
Dwlght, of Camden, Mrs. Stella Vance
and children, Mrs. Frankie Donohoo
and children and Mrs. America Rob
inson spent Friday with Mrs. E. L
Bladder irritations, kidney troubles,
dull headaches, weariness, pain in back
and sides, all show the kidneys need to
be toned up, strengthened, their regu
lar action restored. Foley Kidney
Pills will do It surely and quickly.
They give good health, freedom from
pain, a return of appetite and sound
sleep. Try them. adv
Garrett & Ayres.
It Is said that fully 12,000,000 horse
power can be developed from waterfalls
in the national forest reserves of this
Advertising Is difficult in Central
and South America because so large, a
part of the people can neither read nor
The pineapple pack in Hawaii this
season Is expected to reach 2,000,000
cases. Canning pineapples was begun
only in 1000.
m s m
John Pfarr will clean and press and
mend that suit until it will look at
good as new. 1 also do dry cleaning.
Give me a call. Brunner's Shoe
Shop. adv
Patience When George threatened
to kiss her, did she holler for help
Patrice Certainly not; she was able
to help herself. Yonkers Statesman.
Teacher Tommle, use the word
"Eureka" In a sentence.
Tommle When pa comes home, ma
I says, "Eureka the ale house." Judge.
June 22, 1914.
A. M. Roush and wife had as their
guests Sunday Rev. and Mrs. Holllngs
worth and family and Clyde Holllngs
worth and wife.
Albert Plgott returned to his work
in Springfield last week, after an ex
tended visit with his parents here.
W. E. Borden Is painting for Wm.
Moberley this week.
The Favor sisters, of Illllsboro, are
visiting at the home of their uncle,
Geo. Favor.
Robert Hull aud wife, of Jessup,
were guests Sunday of the latter's
father, Isaac Stanforth.
Henry Shelton, of near Hillsboro,
spent from Saturday until Monday
with Leslie Eyler.
Lewis Rosselott was taken suddenly
ill Friday morning, but Is some bet
ter. Lydla Plgott went to Carytown Sat
urday, where she has employment.
Mr. and Mrs. Ora Simpson, of
Greenfield, are here this week looking
after their farm.
C. W. Garen and wife spent Sunday
with relatives near Marshall.
Children s services were well at
tended at the Baptist Church Sunday
The Rosselott Brothers, of Buford,
and Ed. Fenner, of near Taylorsville,
called on Lewis Rosselott and wife
Saturday. Walter Purdy and wife, of
Mt. Washington, were their guests
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter F.
Mays, of Harshman, June 10, a daugh
ter, Margaret Menervla. Mrs. Mays
was formerly Miss Flora Eyler, of this
Ellsworth Eakins and Miss Jessie
Funk, of Mowrystown, were guests of
Mrs L. L. Eakins Sunday.
The W. C. T. U. will give an enter
tainment at the M. E. Church on
Thursday evening, June 25, entitled,
"The Old Maids Convention." The
Male Quartette, of West Union, will
furnish the music. Doors open at 8
Word was received here recently of
the death of Mrs. Mary Murray, of
Lytle. Mrs. Murray was formerly a
resident of this place and a sister of
Wm. Carrier. She had a host of rela
tives and friends in this community,
who were sorry to learn of her death.
Samantha Chaney spent the past
week with her brother, Dr. Chaney
and family, at Sugartree Ridge.
Get Rid of the Torment of Rheu
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were before you had rheumatism,
backache, swollen, aching joints and
stiff, painful muscles? Want to feel
tnatiway again ? You can just take
Foley Kidney Pills. For they quickly
clear the blood of the poisons that
cause your pain, misery and torment
ing rheumatism. adv
Garrett & Ayres.
June 22, 1914.
Mrs. J. A. Mabln spent several days
at Hillsboro last week.
EugenR Steers, of Missouri, Is visit
ing his sister, Mrs. Maly -nwn, and
other relatives here.
Alex. Wright and wife, of Topeka,
Kan., haye returned home, after a
weeks visit here with their grand
father, A. J. Tolle, and other rela
tives. Mrs. Louisa Sllghle, of Topeka,
Kan., is visiting relatives here.
Mrs. Sanford Bradley died at her
home last Tuesday morning, after a
protracted illness. Funeral was held
at the house Wednesday conducted
by Rev. Ryan.
Mrs. Kit Weaver and sister. Miss
Margaret Moberly, are attending the
funeral of Mrs. Lizzie Jennings, of
Columbus, today. Mrs. Jennlng was
formerly Miss Lizzie Carter, of this
A number from this place are at
tending the funeral this morning of
Mrs. Oh as. Griscol, of Harwood. Mrs.
Grlscol died Saturday of heart dis
ease. The following were guests at the
home of Chas. Moberly Sunday : John
Vance and wife, James Donohoo and
wife and Mrs. Bettle Donohoo, of
Union, and Mrs. Chas. Robertson, of
Miss Sweeney (at the dance) Where
dldyou learn to dip so elegant, George ?
Mr. McFadden Braking on freights
for three years, Llbble. Puck.
Can Hot and Do Not Touch the Liver
They may clear out the Intestinal tract,
but do not relieve the ciammed-up bile.
Years ago May Apple Root (called Po
dopliyllin) was a last-resort bile starter.
It griped feartully, but brought out the
bile. Fodophyllln with the gripe taken
out Is now to be had under the name
'Profttaional $mmU.
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Your ratronage Solicited
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OttlceRearlot Traction Depot
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Frank Ayres
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Opera House Block
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Most liberal Farm Policies ever writ
ten in the Aetna Co. Also Live Stock
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againstjdeath from any cause.
I represent the Aetna, Fidelity and
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Washington D. O
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Branch Ottiee, C25 F PL Washington. 11. V
.----- . - .- , --.
Scientists have determined that at
the age of 30 the female brain begins
to lose welgnt, but that of the male
not until the age of 40.
There is said to be one rat to every
acre of ground In England and Wales,
causing a loss to farmers estimated at
$73,000,000 annually.
"Generally debilitated for years.
Had sick headache, lacked ambition,
was worn out and all run down. Bur
dock Blood Bitters made me a well
woman." Mrs. Chas. Freltoy, Moos
up, Conn. ady
K5- Pa

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