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One Year (In Advance) $1.00
Six Months CO
Three Mouths 25
Entered at Post Office, Hlllsboro,
Concerning- Amusements.
Whether we do certain things and our friends do them largely
determines whether we think they are right or wrong, also whether
we enjoy doing them has a great deal of influence with us.
This is true of almost everything concerning which people differ
as to being right or wrong.
Almost without exception the people who are opposed to danc
ing, card playing and theater going never have done these things
or have done them so seldom that they have not learned to enjoy
them. If we think it is wrong to take motor trips on Sunday, we
have not had the opportunity to take them and our friends do not
take them. Attending ball games and other forms of amusements
on Sunday playing billiards and pool and bowling are all things to
which the same rule may be applied.
We have heard people severely condemn others for attending a
ball game or going to an amusement park on Sunday and have
known these same people to go on Sunday for pleasure motor trips
We have heard people criticise and condemn other people for attend
ing dances, who think it is all right for boys and girls to join in
many other forms of amusement. We know people who are bitterly
opposed to the theater, but are regular attendants at the moving
picture shows. And so the comparison could be carried on indefi
nitely. We cannot see that there is anything wrong in doing the
things we enjoy doing, but the things others do, which we do not
know how to do or do not enjoy, we think are very wrong.
In regard to these things concerning which people differ must
not each of us determine for himself whether it is right or wrong
to do it ? Always taking into consideration how these things are
looked lupon by other people, as it may be that it is not just
prejudice that makes them think them wrong. Also may it not be
that the way we do things may determine whether they are right
or wrong, remembering that by abuse almost anything may be
made wrong.
Bond Issue For Schools.
On next Thursday the people of Hillsboro must pass upon the
question of whether they will issue $20,000 in bonds for making
improvements of the school buildings.
The improvements that will be made if the bond issue carries
are the installation of a steam heating plant and providing sanitary
toilets at the Webster building ; repair of boy's toilets and putting
in of skylight in auditorium of Washington building ; also the re
painting of class rooms in both buildings. All of these improve
ments except the painting have been ordered by the state inspector
of buildings.
In talking with prominent citizens in regard to these matters
we have found them without exception heartily in favor of making
the improvements. Most of them, however, have seemed to think
that the improvements could be made for less money than asked
for by the board. At least this was the feeling before the clear and
frank statements made by Supt. Patterson through the press last
Supt. Patterson has convinced us that too large a bond issue
has not been asked for in order to do the work as it should be done.
A makeshift policy is almost without exception false economy.
It is'foolish to think of making changes here that will answer the
purposes at the present and take no heed of the future. The sav
ing of a few thousand dollars now will probably mean the expendi
ture of several times as much in a few years.
Certainly there is no need to advance arguments in favor of
any of the improvements contemplated. Without the new heating
plant and the toilets the state will not allow school to be held in
the Webster building. The skylight and the repair of the toilets
are badly needed at the Washington building.
The children of Hillsboro should have comfortable and sanitary
school buildings. If you will visit the buildings you will find that
now they do not have them.
From our acquaintance with and knowledge of the members of
the school board and Supt. Patterson we are confident that they
will not waste the public money ; that if the bond issue carries they
will see to it that the money is wisely and economically expended.
We urge everyone to vote for the bond issue so that the schools
may be put in condition to meet the needs of the times and the
children have the opportunity to secure an education as good as
that afforded in ather towns the size of Hillsbpro. We can not
afford to be niggardly with our schools.
Is it that people get pleasure out of the discomforts and em
barrassment of others that most remarks that are considered bright
and clever are mean ?
The paragraph in our last issue that "when a girl marries she
not only takes the man's names but everything else he has" our
bookkeeper, who is of the weaker but not meeker sex, says is wrong.
Her version is that when a girl marries she not only gives up her
own name but everything else she has. And we did not attempt
to argue the matter with her.
June 29, 1914.
Miss Myrtle Hatcher, who has been
spending several months in Florida,
returned to her brothers last week.
Mrs. Arthur Fawley spent the latter
partpf last week with her mother,
Mrs. Lute Overman, of Leesburp.
Stanley Frost and "family spent
Thursday evening with Arthur Kler
and family, of Hoagland.
Clltlord Hill, of Hillsboro, spent
last week with his uncle, F. L. Crosen
and family.
Editor and Manager
Ohio, as Second Class Matter.
Made Known on Application.
Arthur Fawley and wife were the
guests of Wm Sinclair and wife, of
Sharpsville, Sunday.
Thomas Deck and family, of New
Vienna, spent Sunday with John Lar
rick and family.
Sunday School here next Sunday at
2 o'clock, sun time, preaching at 3
o'clock by Rev. Virgil Maine.
Everett Fenner spent Saturday and
Sunday In Cincinnati.
Ora Laninger and wife, of Shoilner,
spent Friday and.Saturday with Ed.
Chaney and wife.
June 29, 1914.
Misses Pearl Glianoy and Agnes Barr
of Lynchburg, were recent visitors of
Homer Burton and wife.
Wm. Miller spent several days last
week in Springfield.
B. F. Cochran and daughter enter
talned a number of their relatives and
friends at dinner Sunday.
The Danville band will furnish the
music for an all day picnic at String
town, next Saturday.
Mrs. Alice Reslbolr and children, of
near Harwood, were guests of her par
ents, Armenor Strutip and wife, Sun
The Patterson commencement held
at the Christian Church last Friday
evening was well attended and the
splendid program was well rendered.
Mrs. La von Gossett and baby are
visiting relatives at Prlcetown.
The cltbens here will erect a band
stand for the band boys this week and
they will give weekly concerts during
the summer months.
A contest will be started at the Re
formed Sunday School next Sunday to
continue until the last Sunday in
August between the men and women.
Leteach member ba faithful in attend
ance and make this contest an inter
esting and profitable one. The defeated
side will treat the winning side. Mrs.
Mollio Pence and Mrs. Jennie Hopkins
captains for the women and Andrew
Calley and Perry Fawley for the men.
Eases Torment of Asthma and
Hay Fever.
For the discomfort and misery of
asthma and hay fever use Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound. It p'uts a
healing, soothing coating over the
swollen, tickling membranes, and
eases the thick and choking sensation.
Helps you to breath easily and natur
ally. In the yellow package.
adv Garuett & Ayrks.
June 29, 1914.
Miss Grace Boyd took dinner with
home folks Thursday.
Mrs. Frank Kelly and Miss Ocle
Spruance spent Thursday with F. M.
Main and wife.
Mrs. Wm. Ellhtt and Mrs. Clyde
Barrett spent Saturday and Sunday
with Rev. B. E.j Wright and wife, of
Blanche Hunter returned home
Friday after a two weeks visit with
relatives at the Serpent Mound.
Rev. Wm. Shrlver, ;and Judge
Hughes and wife and Mrs. John Shaw
spent Sunday with R. R. Watts and
Hamp Kesler and family spent Sun
day witli Benton Kesler and wife.
Misses Grace Boyd tj and Elva
Spruance spent Sunday evening with
Osa Spruance, of near Prospect.
Gurnle Wright and family, of Wil
mington, Ben Wright and sister,
Leanna, spent Sunday afternoon with
Harry Wright and family.
Mrs. Allie McConnaughey spent Fri
day and Saturday with her brother,
James Creed and family.
Mrs. Ella Burnett and Miss Grace
Boyd took dinner Sunday with Mrs.
Emily Carlisle.
Joe Stelnsmlthand wife left Sunday
for Cincinnati, where he has purchased
a store.
James Creed and family spent Sun
day with Clate Creed and wife.
Thomas Elliott spent Friday night
'with Taylor Rhoadsand wife,' of Hills
boro. Leslie Miller and family and Merle
Miller spent Sunday with Geo. Miller
and family.
Re.v. Shrlver tilled hlsjregular ap
pointment at the M. E. church, Sun
day morning.
Mrs. Byrl Mason and daughter,
Moora, spent Sunday with; Benton
Parks and wife, of Berry vllle.
Children's services will be held at
the Presbyterian church next Sunday
Mrs. Barley Suiters andjlchlldren
spent Sunday with Mrs. Lib Suiters,
of Harriett.
Miss Margurite Suiters, of Harriett,
is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Harley
Mrs. Lene Hunter visited Reece
Glaze and family Sunday.
"A great many people come here
"Yes," answered the keeper In the
zoo. "And I'm glad of it. It seems
to sort of cheer the animals up to see
a crowd." Washington Star,
is Sickness
J Sin? a sin of
or a Sin of OmlsslonT Or llottiT
We transgress Nature' laws, tha Liver
strikes, then we omit or neglect nntll
we ache or sicken.
Loosen the damraed-up bile. Keep It
looia with the old time-tried Mar Apple
Hoot, (Podophullin.) Podophyllin with
the gripe taken out Is called
A Dread
Of Peace
"Did you Kft wounded wuile you
vwrp si'i-vltitf lu the Ctibiui-AtiK'rli-un
"Not it mmtcliV''
Wiiry NiTiitrli."
"Col nick"
"Xut t'vi'U a stomach ache."
'Tlint'H HiiiKiilur. I nlwiiyi supposed
In wnr ii inafi is exposed to grent dun-
"So lie Is. but lie's always In danger
lUi.vway. It in fate tliut decides when
he gels lilt. The highest danger I ever
eueouiitered was so big that the risks
I was. obliged to take iu war seemed
nothing to It. 1 was walking along n
road one day In a country so peaceful
that there wasn't even a sound of a
lonely picket tiring at an imaginary
"Then the first thing J knew 1 didn't
know anything, or. rather, the first
thing 1 knew when 1 came to myself
was to feel a horrible crawly sensation
shooting from the hack of my. head to
every part or my body.
"I sat up. then got up. It occurred
to me Unit 1 had been sandbagged, so
I looked iu my pocket for two ten dol
lar bills that had been in my posses
sion. "They had been In a long pocket
book with home letters and papers.
The pocketbook. with everything iu It.
was gone. 1 dragged myself as far as
I could, then went Into a wood beside
the road to rest. I was looking for a
good place to lie down when I saw a
heap of clothing partly covered bj
leaes. Going to It. I found a dead
"1 searched for something by which
lo Identify the mini and found two ten
dollar bills. Satisfied that before he
died he hud robbed me, 1 took the bills
and put them In my pocket. 1 had
scarcely done so when 1 saw two men
coming toward me. They had simply
stumbled on me and the body. I told
them what had happened, and after :i
conference between tlie two, during
which they looked at me suspiciously,
they told me they would have to re
port the matter to the police and I
must go with them.
"We went Into a town near by. and
I tbld the story to tlie sergeant at the
desk. When I got through he thanked
the two men for bringing me in.
" 'What's your name? he asked me.
"1 told him my name was Daniel
Morris and that I had' but lately been
discharged from the army that took
Santiago de Cuba.
"He sent out for tin.' body, and when
It was brought In It was searched. My
pocketbook was found In It with pa
pers and letters bearing my name.
" "What's your game In taking the
man's name?' asked the sergeant.'
"'No game at all. I'm Daniel Mor
"He looked at me contemptuously,
but sjild nothing. He put me in a cpII.
however, and that was the end of my
liberty for months.
"Well. 1 .wished another war would
break out and I could enlist to go
where 1 could stand up and be shot nt
I'd had shells burst before me. behind
me. beside me and above me without
getting hurt. I'd been In the sweep
of Catling guns. I'd seen CO per cenl
of the brigade tu which I belonged
come down with camp fever or some
other disease. And hero 1 was iu a
peaceful country knocked senseless
and robbed, then arrested for murder.
" 'If ever I get out of this.' 1 said to
myself. 'I'm going to a country where
there's perpetual war, no matter how
"The evidence against me was over
whelming. I sent for my captnin to
identify me. but I'd been bleached for
a month In a cell, besides being thin
ned by worry, and when he looked at
me he wasn't willing to swear that 1
was Dan Morris of his company. I'd
been caught rilling a dead man whose
skull 1 had smashed, whose money I
had taken and who for some reason
that no one could understand I claim
ed to be. The consequence was that 1
was tried, convicted and senteueed to
be banged.
"You can have no idea how I longed
for a big battle. Somehow it seemed
that if 1 could hear the bullets and the
shells and the b-r-r-r-r-r of those (Jat
ling guns It would be sweet music and
I could shake off the horrible load on
me that had come in the midst ot
"Instead 1 was barred In and wait
ing to be strung up like an army spy.
X couldn't even be shot like u deserter
"My hanging day was pretty near
when the lawyer came to my cell to
tell tae that u letter addressed to Dan
iel Morris unilJ.been found on the per
son of a man who had been caught bur
gling. "When' nsked how be came by the let
ter, he said it was taken from a man
bis pal had robbed. This confession
led to his being charged with the mur
der of the man I had been convicted
of killing. They were both coiicerned
In my being robbed, had fought over
the plunder, nnd one bad killed the
"So. sir: I'll never get over the dam
ger of living in peaceful times. I'm
waiting for n war to break out. when
1 shall enlist and get over this borrjblo
He is now in hopes that a war will
come before ho passes the legal age
for enlistment
June 29, 1014.
S. B. Wllkln and W. 1. Wllkln have
purchased a Hart Parr Gas Tractor
which they have been grading tlie
roads with and expect to do threshing
Ellis Roberts and family, Bell
Woods, Ollie Wllkln and Edgar Wll
kln were guests at Ben Wilklns Sun
day. Mrs. B. G. Combs and son, Everett,
of Norwood, visited at the home of
her aunt, Mrs. Edwards, Saturday
and Sunday.
There was a large crowd at the fes
tival here Saturday night and was
quite a success.
Rev. Mayne, of Farmersville, con
ducted Divine Service here yesterday
at 2:30 p: m. He delivered an excel
lent sormon, which was greatlly ap
preciated, tie was accompanied by
Mr. McAdow, of Lynchbug.
Rev. McMurrav and famllv had as
their guests recently his mother and
brother and family, of Washlnington
C. H.
Born to Kenneth Kirkhart and wife
a daughter.
Miss Bertha Russell, who has been
with her sister, Mrs. Gem Terrell at
boston, Mass., for several mouths, ar
rived here for a visit with her aunt
and uncle, John W. Oldaker and wife.
Frank Clark and wife, and Walter
Clark and Mrs. Marearet Boatrisht.
of New Vienna, visited at E. G. Boat
right's, recently.
Mr. Benjamin Posev and Dr. R L
Hilton and family have the sympathy
of their many friends here on account
of the deatli of Mrs. Florence Hilton
A Perfect Cathartic.
There is sure and wholesome action
in every dose of Foley Cathartic Tab
lets. They cleanse with never a gripe
or pain. Chronic cases of constipation
lind them invaluable. Stout people
are relieved of that bloated, congested
feeling, so uncomfortable especially
In hot weather. They keep your liver
busy. adv
Garrett & Ayres
June 29, 1914.
A. Q. Landess and family entertained
John Fender, Louis Emery and family,
Wm. Fender and family, Edward
Burns and wife, Onle Davidson and
Ora Vance Saturday evening.
Hallle Huey, of Buford, spent Satur
day night with Othle Landess
Hester Brown entertained her friend
Miss Lucille Kincaid, of Sardinia,
Saturday night and Sunday.
Wm. Custer and wife entertained
Misses Opal and Gladys Fender and
Margaret Sophia Hess, Sunday.
Mamie and Ethel Carr were the
guests of relatives here Sunday.
Roy Euverard and family entertain
ed a number of relatives Sunday, the
occasion being Mr. Euverard's birth
day. Mac Haynes and family and Mrs.
Jennie Lavmon were calling on R. B.
Davidson and family, recently.
Walter Groves and wife, of Cincin
nati, visited R. C. Davidson last week.
Miss May Smith spent Saturday
night with Guy Custer and family.
R. C. Davidson and family enter
tained Walter Groves and wife, Ed.
Burns and wife, Ida and Othle Lan
dess, Madge Robuck and Onie David
son, Thu rsday evening. Ice cream and
cake were served and all had a fine
Mrs. Jennie Laymon has returned to
her home In Blue Ball, after an ex
tended visit with her parents here.
Neal Haynes left Sunday for Middle
town, where he has employment.
Miss Lola Carr, of near Sorg, is visit
ing her grandparent, Mac Haynes and
Don'tforgetChlldren's Services here
next Sunday night.
John Morgan was in Brown County
The festival given by the Ladles
Aid was a pronounced success. The
music furnished by the Danville band,
was very good.
George Lance and family entertained
Ora Surber, of Mowrystown, Sunday.
"Have you made up your mind what
party you will support In the" coming
"Not yet," replied Grafton Grabb.
"The only question is what party, if
successful, is most likely to support
myself and my family."
Everyman sooner or Jater requires the sen ices of a
Mew York Representative, some one to do any of a
thousand and one tilings from buying a hank of car
pet thread to arranging for tlieleaieof a skyscraper.
Do You Want To Bell Anything T
Do You Waul To Jiuy Anything?
Do You Itequlre Special Information T
Do You Want Any Matter Investigated?
Have You A Play To Produce T
Have You A Story To Publish 7
Save Time, Travel and Trouble,
Write for -fuller details. Suite 409-410,
1431-1433 Broadway, New York City.
UiLLsnoito, June 23.
Retail Grocers
Wheat, bushel
Oats ,,
Potatoes new '.
White lleans, bushel
Eggs, Dozen
YoungCnlckens..., ;.......
Chickens, per lb ..
Turkeys, per lb
Ducks, per lb
Bacon flams, per lb
tlacon Shoulders
liar, ton '."..'
Ex. O. Sugar.... ...
A Sugar ;
Granulated Sugar
Cut loaf and Powdered Sugar
12 a
25 00
Tea, Imp.. R. u. and G. U per qr. .
Tea, Ulack
Cheese, factory
Flour, good family brands, cwt.. .
,. , bbl
Molasses, N O.. gallon
..." Sorghum
Golden Syrup
Coal Oil .
Hams, city sugar cured, lb
live stock
Beeves, cwt.. gross s
Beeves, shipping 6
Sheep and Lambs, per cwt 4
v.vucC 1UU.,
2 40
a 1 35
a 18
00a 8 75
00a 7 40
00a 6 50
4ln 1 f
Milch Cows with Calves 5 00a 40 00
uugs, cwi gross
Minutes Mean Dollars
Doubtless you know thedaugerof delayed treatment
of collo and other diseases. You also realize that
wrongly applied remedies are often worse than no
treatment at all. In other words, not to dlagnoia
a disease accurately may prove f ataL Every owner
should be able to recognize an ailment and give
correct treatment at the first symptoms. Prompt
action is the great secret
of treating horses.
Minutes mean dollars.
Of course proper treat
ment Is always necessary
Thatls Just how Humph
reys' GOO page Veterinary
Manual wUl prove so val
uable to you. It Is by
r. Humphreys, It D., VA,
and teaches how to dlag
nnao end give propor
This book will savo you
huu Ireds of dollars and
costsjounothlng. It will
bo sent absolutely free
on request to any farmer
In order to Introduce
Humphreys' Veterinary Remedies. Remember, I tli
absolutely free. You do bot have to order any
remedies to secure the book. Address, Humphreys
Homeopathic. Medicine Company, 156 William Street,
New York City. This Is a splendid opportunity to
obtain a veterinary treatise that you should have
In your library. As a reference work you will find
Itlnvaluable. Tohavoitln the tlmeof need will be
worth many dollars, whereas It will cost you but a
postcard by writing for It cow.
Important Change in Time of all
Trains will depart from "Hillsboro
dally except Sunday as follows: 7:55
a. m., 3:40 p. m., 0:25 p. m. Sunday
only, 8:20 a. m., 0:25 p. m.
Trains arrive except Sunday, 10:35
a. m., 6:10 p m , 9:25 p. m.
Sunday only 10:35 a. m , 9 p. m.
For Further Information
Call on or address S. G. GriUln,
Agent, Hillsboro, O. L. G. Paul, D.
P. A., Chllllcothe.
Earn 50-$7 weekly selllnir sruaranteed Underwear
lloelery and Sweaters for largest mr. In America, f .t
SO years O Compl.la outlll FREba Write MSDISOM
Atk yor UniKclit for Cni-CHES-TER'S
uiuiunii iiKAnu riuiAi 'n kkd an
Cold metallic boxes, sealed with Blu
Bnnlll and aik far CII1.CUE8.TE1J
DIAMOND nitAM PILLS, for twenty-BvC
years regarded as Best, Safest, Always Reliable,
Shoe Polishes
. EDdBi
positively con talus Oil, Slacks, Polishes end Pre
serves ladles' and children's shoes, shines without
rubbing. Sic. TRENCH CIOSS." 10c
, ."STAB" combination for deanlm and polls Una U
klndsot russet or tan shoes, 10c "UAND V" sice, 15c.
ly clean and whllentdlrty canvas shoea. lOaJbic.
"AIDO" deans and whitens BOCK. NUBUCK.
SI1E0E. and CANVAS SHOES. In round white cakes
picked In zinc boxes, with sponge, inc. In baud
some, Urge aluminum boxes, wilh sponge, Mc
If roar dealer doe, not keep tha kind you van t. send n,
the price lusUmps tor fulitlruu.kae.cluLrE Pali.
20.20. Albany Etroot, Cambridge, Mass.
Tke OtdeU aurl utrtest Max u fat tut era of
SAoe Poliihtt in the Worli.
nritfinOlh, Mil tat.iaf ah.... ...t....--.
It is said that fully 12,000,000 horse
power can be developed from waterfalls
in the national forest reserves of this
1 KHMIlSVlUK.il Jwo I M I
lie m
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