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N. High
Basket Sale
A splendid assortment of Fancy Bas
kets. Various sizes nnd shapes. Prices
from 10c to 25c. WASTE PAPER BAS
KETS from 25c to 75c.
Pitcher Sale
Decorated China Creams; large and
small sizes. Reduced for this sale to 10c
to 25c. Glass and Semi-Porcelain Water
Pitchers, a4sorted sizes, 35c to 50c each.
Tumbler Sale
cial, 5c each.
ICED TEA TUMBLERS, engraved or
cut, 1.50 to 3.00 per doz.
75c doz.
WATER SETS Pitcher and six glasses
star cut or wreath Cut Glass for 1.93.
Imitation Cut Jelly and Olive Dishes,
Plain Handled Sherbets, 5c.
Cut and Engraved Sherbets 1.50 to
3.00 per doz.
Writing Paper
Various kinds for summer correspon
dence. "Kara Linen", a fine linen fin
ish paper in pound boxes. Regular price
35c pound. A two week's special, 29c a
Letter Paper Stamps with Initial; special
25c per box with 24 Sheets and 24 Envelopes.
Popular Priced Fiction for
Summer Reading
35c to 50c per voluiie
Alger Books For Boys
Two complete stories in one volume.
Regular price 50c; for this sale 19c.
Library Books
100 copies to sell this month to make
room for later books at a mere fraction
of the original price.
Take advantage of our Fiction Circu
lating Library this month for summer
Season End Wall Paper
Sale Is Announced
OUR Annual Wall Paper Clearance Salo be
gins Jury 1st. This is not a sale of old
papers. It 1 an up to-date 1914 stock.
We have too many goods for this time in the
year. After the busiet-t season we have ever
had, we are prepared to make liberal reduc
tions during this July Sale.
If you are thinkintr of papering bettor do it
now and save money. Hundreds of beautiful
papers suitable for anv room, 4c to 9c a roll.
Parlor Papers with wide border, 7c to 15c roll.
Ingrains and Oalmeals, 10c to 32c per roll
for the best imported.
Now is the time to select the papers for
Churches, School Houses, Store Rooms and
Entire Houses. Real estate men and land
owners should take advantage of this sale by
" The Leading Wall Paper Dealers "
Fancy Goods
From which to select a beautiful
gift for the summer bride. Attractively
displayed on tables.
Sugar and Cream Sets, Berry Seta,
Bread Plates, Vinegar Cruets, Salt and
Pepper Sets, Vases and hundreds of
articles of fine Imported wares.
Pictures and Framing
All pictures in stock at 20 per cent,
off regular prices.
Bring In Diplomas, Marriage Certif
icates and Plotures of all kinds this
month for framing. We have all the
newest Ideas and styles in Picture Mould
ings. Remnants at greatly reduced prices.
The modern art glass substitute.
For Church Windows, School Houses,
Bathrooms, Halls, etc. Very attractive
and useful.
Things that will add to the pleasures
of Children's Vacations.
Toys and Games.
Dolls from lo up to $3.00, Teddy
Bears 25o to 50c. Toy Dishes lOo to 50c
set. Street Cars 25c up. Banks 10c to
25c. Drawing and Painting sets. Work
Boxes, 10c to 25c. Little Dressmaker
Sets, Spelling Boards. Games of various
kinds from 5c upward. All this class of
goods at Clearance Sale prices.
Dinner Sets
Small sets for six people In a very
pretty pink spray decorature with gold
trimmings at $2.05 up.
Discontinued Sets
We have many odd pieces from our
open stock patterns that we will dlscon
tlnue this season.
Tureen, Meat PlatfS, Gravy Boats,
Bowls, Dessert Saucers, Dinner Plates.
Many at Cost to Close Out.
I am a candidate for the Republican
nomination for county auditor subject
to the will of the voters at the August
Primary. i nominated and elected
I will do my best to give the people
an efficient and economical adminis
tration. Chakles F. RODKilTS.
I will be a candidate for Clerk of
Courts of Highland county, subject to
the decision of the Republican electors
of the county at the coming August
Primary. Your support will be ap
predated. E. C. Wisecut,
adv Liberty township.
I am a candidate for nomination as
county commissioner on the Republi
can ticket, subject to the will of the
voters at the August Primary. If
nominated I will do my duty without
fear or hope of reward.
tf Frank L. Chosen.
For Congress.
To the Editor of The News-Herald ;
Please announce my candidacy for
the Republican nomination for Con
gress in the Sixth District of Ohio.
I shall be glad to talk or correspond
with all about the issues before the
people. Maiik Crawford,
'Portsmouth, Ohio,
To the Republican Voters of High
land County :
I desire to respectfully announce
that I am a candidate for the otllce of
county commissioner subject to the
will of the Republican voters ac the
August primary.
If nominated and elected I shall
strive to be commissioner In the best
Interest of "all the people regardless of
politics or location.
Any favors shown me In either circu
lating my nominating petitions or in
support at the primary will be sincere
ly appreciated.
Irvin R. Rousn,
of Union Township.
June 29, 1914.
Joe Suiter and family, of Marble
Furnace, visited Bert Frump and
family, Sunday.
W. A. Gall and wife, Chas. Ham
mond and family and Jack Setty and
wife Jvlslted friends at May Hill,
Jack Setty and wife, of MIddletown,
are visiting relatives here.
Lillian Hammond called on Ethel
Kesler Saturday afternoon,
Button Rhoads and wife, of Hllls
boro, spent Saturday evening with C.
C. Kesler and wife.
Miss Etta Countryman visited her
brother, Alva Countryman, and wife,
Sunday, and attended Children's Ser.
vices at Plsgah.
Jim Stults and LeRoy McNeil spent
Sunday with Frank Stults and wife.
Mia. Sarah Ward visited her moth
er, Mrs. Margaret Hammond, Thursday.
For Congress.
To the Editor of The News-Herald :
Please announce that I am a candi
date for the Republican nomination
for congress, subject to the will of the
voters at the August Primary.
I would like to meet every voter In
this district, but this being impossible
It will be appreciated by me If anyone
who desires to know how I stand on
any public question will write me.
Here I can only say that I am a firm
believer In tha cardinal principles of
the Republican party and if nominat
ed and elected will endeavor to have
them made the policy of our govern
ment as in my opinion they will bring
the greatest measure of prosperity to
all classes of people, farmers, capital
ists, manuafcturers, merchants and
laboring men, as there can be no sub
stantial prosperity to one class unless
all classes prosper and are happy and
Soliciting your support and assuring
you that if I am elected I will strive
at all times for what I believe is the
best Interest of all the people, I am
Yours very truly
Charles C. Kearns,
Batavla, Ohio.
June 29, 1914.
Mrs. Lydla Rhodes, of Buford, and
Dora Dyche, of Mt. Orab, were guests
of James Brown and family one day
last week.
Vivian Leber, of Hlllsboro, was the
guest of Mrs. Lou Ragland last week.
Mrs. Dora Taylor returned home
Thursday after a week's visit in Cyn
thiana, Ky.
Velma Dean spent last week In
Mrs. Alex. Farls spent Sunday with
Alva Hawk and family.
Perry Fawley and family, of Price
town, spen; Sunday with Charley
Cadwallader and family.
nelen Fawley, of Union, Is visiting
Charley Brown and wife.
Lillian and Alvera Brown, of
Lynchburg, are visiting their grand
parents, J. A. Brown and wife.
Wert Krug and wife and two child
ren, of Farmer's Station, T. J. Stod
gel and wife and Mr. and Mrs. Good
win, of Westboro, were guests of W.
V. Miller and wife Sunday.
Wilson Mount and wife, of Five
Mile, were guests Sunday of C. C.
Snider and wife.
Alarriage Licences.
Lewis Snyder and Blanche Serber,
both of Greenfield.
Robert L. Morton, of Brownsville,
and Ella Jean Adams, of Highland.
George Rhoades, of London, and
Estella E. Peterson, of Hlllsboro.
Joseph II. PInkerton and Ollle Co
vert, both of Lynchburg.
Delbert Secrlsts and May Inlow,
both of Leesburg.
Mack White, who la traveling for
Marrletta College, spent from Satur
day until Tuesday with his parents,
Mr, and Mrs. Jacob White.
Curious Epitaphs.
Old New England graveyards are
not the only ones which contain curi
ous epitaphs. The old time dweller of
Maine who "died of a falling tree." as
his headstone asserts, bad a fellow in
misfortune in faroff Austria, us is
shown by W. A. Baillie-Grohmnn's
"The Tyrol and the Tyrolese."
A wooden slab, painted with the rep
resentatlon of a prostrate tree under
which lies a man In spread eagle attl
tude, boars testimony to the violent
denth of "Johann Lemberger, aged
flfty-two and three-quarters years
This upright and virtuous youth was
squashed by a falling tree."
The record of Mtchnel Gerstner is
even more succinct and convincing
He "climbed up, fell down and was
Baseball Versus Cricket.
We have known only one big league
ball player to partake both of baseball
and cricket as a pastime. He was the
late Harry Vaughn, who played cricket
In his early English days and later on
became one of the star catchers of the
Cincinnati Reds Remember Rhlnes
and Vaughn? .
We asUed Vaughn one day what he
regarded as the main difference be
tween baseball and cricket.
His answer was the keenest we have
ever heard to this query.
"The main difference," he replied,
"might be summed up In the difference
between the war cries of the two
sports between 'Well tried, old top.'
and 'Slide, you bonehead. sUdel' "Collier's.
Judge (to prisoner at the bar) So
you confess that you robbed the sav
ings bank. Have you anything to
urge in the way of extenuating cir
cumstances? The Prisoner I have,
y' honor. I deposited all the money
In the savings bank the very next day
NewYork Post.
Didn't Want to Lose Her.
"Why are you going around In that
horrible coat?"
"My wife needs a new gown."
"You shouldn't spend all your money
on her."
"Well, If she doesn't get that new
gown I'm afraid she'll get a new bus
baud."- Exchange.
What to Take For It.
Smart I know Just what to take for
seasickness Waggles (eagerly) Do
you? What Is It? Smart An ocean
Her Dear Friend.
Maud Jack told me last night that 1
was beautiful Ethel And yet people
say Jack has no imagination. Boston
Don't dissipate your powers. Strive
constantly to concentrate them.
An Irnn mnnnmpnt. In fr.h fnrm nf o
.. . !... . . . I
aieppeu pyramid, surmounted Dy a
globe, 00 feet high, has been erected at
Lelpslg to symbolize the German iron
and steel Industry.
Uraguay Is building a deep-water
port on its Atlantic coast to serve as
an outlet for a vast section tapped by
a railroad extending across the republic.
Not Without Honor.
William Phelps Eno, who devised the
lystem of traffic regulation now prac
ticed In New York and who has been
called the "father of street traffic reg
ulation," had a hard time at first im
pressing bis Ideas on public officials.
Foreign cities appreciated them moro
than American cities. Paris, threatened
with a strike of the cab drivers unless
the system Eno were put in effect,
adopted it Then Buenos Aires sent
for Mr. Eno, asked him to work out a
plan for its traffic and agreed to ev
ery suggestion lie made.
A year or two later Mr. Eno was in
troduced as a traffic regulation author
ity to a much traveled resident of
The globe trotter shook hands with
him and then said In a rather patroniz
ing manner:
"If you want to know what's what
In a street traffic system, Mr. Eno, you
ought to see the way they do the trick
In Buenos Aires." New York Pdst
The Fungous Plant.
All the energies of the fungous plant
seem to be directed to the production
of germs for propagating Its kind.
Their number Is often almost Incalcu
lable. You have doubtless observed
that the common puffbaU when ma
ture Is filled with a fine dust, and this
consists entirely of spores correspond
ing to seeds, which are eventually dif
fused In the air by the bursting of the
puffbalL In a single puffball more
than 10,000,000 of them have been
counted, and when these minute bod
ies are once set afloat In the atmos
phere they are distributed abroad over
an indefinite space, being so small that
It Is difficult to conceive of a place
from which they could be excluded.
Their astonishing fertility and rapid
ity of growth are among the most re
markable characteristics of this vege
table tribe.
Real Shaves In India.
The natives of India go In a great
deal for shaving and do not confine
themselves to merely shaving the chin,
but on occasion will shave the eye
brows as well, and In the case of cer
tain rites and ceremonies the head,
too, Is completely shaved. No soap is
used, but the beard is softened by be
ing rubbed over with a little cold wa
ter. The razors employed are general
ly of native manufacture and have fix
ed handles that do not fold. More
over, they are very much heavier than
those of European make. The strop
consists of a small piece of leather
the size of a man's palm and Is held
in the open hand during stropping.
The recognized cost of a shave is 1
pice, which is the exact equivalent of
1 farthing. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Differences In Time.
When It is noon in New York the
time in foreign places is as follows;
Amsterdam, Holland 6:20 p. m.
Berlin, Germany 6:64 p. ra.
Bremen, Germany 6:33 p. m.
Constantinople Turkey 6:68 p. m.
Copenhagen, Denmark 5:60 p. m.
Dublin, Ireland 4:31 p. m.
Hamburg, Germany 6:10 p. ra.
Havre. Prance 6:00 p.m.
Liverpool, England 4:48 p. m.
London, England 6.00 p.m.
Madrid, Spain 4:45 p. m.
Paris, France 6:09 p. m.
Rome, Italy . 640 p. m.
Stockholm, Sweden 6:12 p. m.
BL Petersburg-, Russia. ........... 17:01 p. to.
Vienna, Austria (gap. n.
There are more than 3000 knots In
an average willow plume. '
June 29, 1914.
Jack Butler and wife and children,
of Elmvllle, accompanied by Mrs H.
M. Eubanks and youngest daughter
and son, motored to Greenfield Friday
and were the guests of Nellie Fuller
ton and family till Sunday.
C. A. Rhoads and wife, Mrs. Jane
Stults and Mr. and Mrs. Janies Bobb
attended meeting at Olive Branch
Austin Eubanks and wife and son
were the guests of P. B. Cartwrlght
and wife, of near Cedar Point, Sun
day. Several In this vicinity attended
the Patterson Commencement at
Sinking Spring Thursday night. Ben
son Butler, who is the guest of his
aunt, Mrs. Maud Matthews, was one
of ths graduates.
Osle and Bessie Deardoff spent Sun
day with Eva Rhoads.
J. O. Stults and wife accompanied
by Isabell Farmerler, of Cynthlana,
were the guests of the former's broth
er, Samuel, of near Hlllsboro, Friday
and Saturday.
Dr. J. E. Chapman and wife and
daughter, of Sinking Spring, spent
Friday with H. V. Matthews and
Elva Cartwrlght and wife, of Sink
ing Spring, were guests of J. P.
Havens Sunday.
Joe Hockman and wife and babv. of
Cynthlana, were the guests of T. A.
jaocKman ana xamiiy Sunday.
H. Vi Matthews, Bess L. Butler and
David Rhoads, of this place, and Mrs.
Rosa Rhoads and daughter, of Hllls
boro, motored to Waverley and Chil
licothe Tuesday.
Simpson West and son were visitors
in Cincinnati Saturday.
Jess Kessler and wife, of Sinking
Spring, spent the most of the past
week with their son, Lawrence, and
Mrs. Eva Eubank is the guest of
her sister, Mrs. Paul Barger, at Lees
burg. Marshall and Sinking Spring played
ball at Butler Spring Sunday. Score
11 to 12 in favor of the latter.
Postmaster McDermott and Blair
Boyd, of Hlllsboro, were visitors in
this vicinity Friday.
Summer Goods
It will pay you to come to our
store first to buy all those little
articles that are needed about the
home. Look over the list.
Whetstones 5C
Economy Jar Lids 20c doz
Mason Jar Caps 20c doz
Mendets 10 and 25o package
Paper Plates 25 for 10c
Paper Napkins. . .1 and 2 doz for 5c
Saddle Pads 100
Bath Brushes, (fine ones) $1.00
Lawn Mower Sharpeners 25c
Crepe Paper Lunch Sets I0c
White Hose 10 and 15c
Tumblers 35c to $1.20 doz
Waxed Paper 35c roll
Shoe Polish all kinds 5 and 10c
Lemon Squeezers i0c
Paring Knives C and 10c
Ohildren'n Dresses 25c
Rompers' 25c
Sprinkling Cans 10c to 50c
Come to our store first for any
of the little articles you need right
Stabler's S $ 10c Store
For Every Living: Thing: On The
Free ; a 500 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm;" horses, cattle, dogs,
sheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetlnary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
ap. Free by mall on application. Ad.
dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co.,
Corner Williams & Ann Sts.,N.Y. adv
John Pfarr will clean and press and
mend that suit until it will look u
good as new. I also do dry cleaning.
Give me a call. Brunner's Shoo
Shop. adv
m m
Spain rigidly prohibits the adultera
tion of olive oil.
We have offered and given many bargain sales in the past, but
have never offered suoh bargains as wo will have for you during the
next 10 days. Commencing WEDNESDAY, JULY 1st, and closing
FRIDAY, JULY 10th, we will offer a large quantity of the latest de
signs in trimmed and uutrimmed hats, including Panamas and Fanoy
Feathers, Plumes, Veiling and Ribbons at half prioe. If you are in
need of anything in the millinery line you cannot afford to miss this
sale. Give us a call.
A- ( jfW
.atfc Jg -- ' -jl

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