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Stand over a tub and
work this hot weath
er. Buy a pound of
Soap Chips
and soak the clothes.
Save work and cash.
Try just one pound,
you won't have to be
asked to try the sec
The plaoe where you always
get the BEST
Miss Frances Campbell, of Bain
bridge, Is visiting Mrs. W. F. Klbler.
Miss Maude Fling spent Saturday
and Sunday in Cincinnati.
Lang Doggett, of Cincinnati, was
the guest of Col. and Mrs. L. B. Boyd,
Saturday and Sunday.
Burcti D. Huggins, of Columbus,
spent from Saturday until Monday
with his father, Judge H. M. Huggins.
Misses Ruth Smalley and Mary Cald
well, of South Salem, are spending this
week with Miss Mabel Smith.
Judge and Mrs. J. Frank Wilson and
children visited relatives in Chilli
cothe, Sunday.
Mrs. Dick Rockhold entertained
Tuesday evening with a tea for Mrs.
Fred Hlbben.
Miss Lucy Reed, of Cincinnati, has
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wood
row, the past week.
Miss Katherlne Evans returned
Monday from a visit with Miss Mar
garet Richards, at Sabina.
Mr. and Mrs John McMullen, who
have been visiting their daughter at
Mansfield.returned home Monday.
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan West, of Cleve
land, were the guests of the former's
mother at Berry ville, Sunday.
Miss Lena Scott, of the Point, was
the guest of Mrs. S. P. Scott, Thurs
day. Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Larkln entertain
ed a few friends with a dinner party
Friday evening.
James Mullally.of Madlsonville, was
a guest at the home of Mrs. S. F.
Steele, Sunday.
Miss Hazel Worley returned Friday
.from a several weeks' visit with rela
tives and friends in Cincinnati.
Dr. J. Bliss Glenn, of Greenfield, was
the guest of his parents, Dr. and Mrs.
W. W. Glenn, Sunday.
The Marshall W. C. T. D. will meet
at the home of Mrs. Daniel Williams,
at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, July 7.
Mrs. Wesley Lemle and son, of Nor
wood, are visiting her sister, Mrs.
Oscar Grilllth, this week.
Mrs. John C. Spargur returned
Monday from a several weeks visit
with relatives at Henderson, Ky.
Misses Ruth, Anna and Martha
Ervln, of Eaton, are visiting their
cousin, Miss Margaret Ervln, east of
Mrs. W. A. Teter, of New Vienna
and daughter, Mrs. Roy Barrett, of
Leesburg, spent Friday here with Mr.
Mrs. Ida Rector, of the O. S. & S. O.
-Home at Xenla, has been visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. James G. Lyle,
since Saturday.'
The Ladles Aid Society of the Su
gartree Ridge M. E. Church will hold
a lawn fete on the school groundat Sug
artree Ridge on Saturday evenng.July
Rev.-Timmons will preach a sermon
on the "Conditions of Our Country"
at the Sugartree Ridge M. E. Church
on next Sunday, July 5.
Absolutely Puro
The only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
Dr. and Mrs. Earl R. Slutz; enter-
talnedajfew of their friends at dinner
Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Marks and Misses
Gertrude and'Edlth Gardner, of Wash
lngton C. II , spent Sunday afternoon
with Marie T. Jones and Miss Mar
garet Chaney.
Miss Lena McOoppIn, who is in
structor of music In Mansfield College,
Manfield, La, Is spending her summer
vacation with her mother, Mrs. Mary
Mrs. W. F. Klbler will entertain a
company of ladles this afternoon with
bridge for her sister, Mrs. Harry Le
Fevre, of Denver, Col.
Mrs. J. M. Hlbbon returned Thurs
day from Chicago, where she attended
the biennial convention of the Federa
tlon of Woman's Clubs.
Prof, and Mrs. C. C. Patterson en
tertained with a dinner Wednesday
evening for Miss Mary Fltts, of New
ark, N. J., the charming guest of Dr.
and Mrs. Earl R. Slutz.
The ladles of the M. E. Church at
Dallas will give an Ice cream social on
the school house lawn Saturday night,
July 4. Proceeds for benefit of the
church. Everybody cordially Invited.
Fred Hibben, of Cleveland, will ar
rive here today to spena a few days
with his wife and children, who are
visiting relatives here.
Mrs. James E. Evans and Miss Jane
Evans went to New York City Wednes
day, where they will attend the sum
mer school of Columbia University.
Dr. W. J. McSureiy, of Oxford, was
the guest of Dr. and Mrs. W. W.Glenn,
from Friday until Monday. He con
ducted services at the Presbyterian
church Sunday morning.
Mrs. John F. Nelson, who has been
with Mrs. Rodney Trimble and Miss
Alice Trimble, In New Vienna, for
several months, returned home Mon
day. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gustln, of Colum
bus, were the guests of the latter's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. George M. Bal
lentlne, Sunday. Mr. Gustln returned
home Sunday evening. Mrs. Gustin
remaining for a visit.
Rush Evans returned to Dayton
Sunday after a visit with his sister,
Mrs. J. W. Evans. His mother, Mrs.
Alphonso Hart, of Washington D. C,
who has been visiting here, accom
panied him for a visit.
William Barrett, who recently grad
uated from Ohio State University, is
visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.
R. Barrett. He will go to Norwood In
a few days, where he has secured em
ployment with the Allis-Uhalmers Co.
Mrs. William F. Klbler will enter
tain a company of ladles with bridge
Friday afternoon for her guests, Mrs.
Harry LeFevre, of Denver, Colo , and
Miss Frances Campbell, of Balnbrldge.
Mrs. Fred Satterfield gave a very
pleasant children's party Monday
afternoan for her niece, Miss Charma
Kelly. The invitations were quite
novel reading, 'Will you come and
play with me from 2 to 5 Monday
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Rogers and
daughter, Miss Ellen, and son, Dwight,
of Mineral Springs, spent Monday with
friends here. They came to see Prof.
John Richards to arrange for Dwight
to attend Lake Forest Academy at
Lake Forest, 111., of which Prof. Rich
ards Is head master.
Frank Emmerllng will leave Friday
for Detroit, Mich., where he will visit
a friend, whom ho knew In Germany
and came to this country thirty years
ago, but has not seen since. After a
few days visit In Detroit he and his
friend will go to Montreal, Can. and
sail for Europe, spending the summer
in Germany.
The United States Express Co. dis
continued business Tuesday night,
June 30. The business of the company
has been taken over by other express
companies. The Well-Fargo Co. has
assumed charged of all olllces served by
the B. & O. R. R. Co., which Includes
the HUlsboro olllce. H. T. Magill,
who has been the agent of the United
States Express Co. here for several
years, will rematn as the agent of
Well-Fargo and E. E. Roberts will
continue as.the driver of the wagon.
This will mean that the transfer will
be made without a hitch in the busi
ness and without the people realizing
that a change had been made.
Dr. McCurdy, J. O. McManis, L, A.
Satterfield and Scott Spears, of West
Union, were here Thursday. Dr. Mc
Curdy, Mr. Satterfield and Mr. Mc
Manis were given the Knight Templar
degree In the Masonic Ordor. Follow
ing the work an elaborate banquet was
The Larkln Club was entertained at
the home of Mrs. Wm. Smith last
Thursday. Those present were Mrs.
Wm. Davidson and son, Ora Lee,
Mrs. John Luwls and daughter, Ethel,
Mrs. T. W. McCoy and daughter,
Maud, Miss Mary Jenkins, Mrs. J. B.
Carpenter and two children and Mrs,
Minnie E. Carper and son, Wilbur.
William R. Wedding, of Norwood,
and Miss Vivian Brown, of Loveland,
were married at the home of the
bride's parents in Loveland Thursday
evening at 8 o'clock. Mr. Wedding
formerly resided In HUlsboro and is a
son of Mrs. J. H. Weddings. For
several years he has hold a responsible
position with the United States Play
Ing Card Co., at Norwood.
Judge J. B. Worley cut his left hand
badly Saturday morning. He was
attempting to open one of the windows
in the probate judge's office. The
window stuck and he was pushing
against It with his hands, when his
left hand slipped and went through
one of the panes. He cut quite a gash
In his little finger and on his hand just
below it. Three stitches were neces
sary to sew up the wound.
Hon. Charles C. Kearns, of Batavla,
one of the candidates for the Republi
can nomination for congress, was in
HUlsboro Thursday. Mr. Kearns is
one of the leading lawyers of Clermont
county and you will go a long ways be
fore you will find a finer fellow socially.
He has many friends in this county
who appreciate his ability and many
good qualities who will make certain
that he receives a large vote in the
August primary.
Prof. E. L. Porter, who has been
superintendent of the West Jefferson
schools, was last week employed as
superintendent of schools at Upper
Sandusky. There were forty appli
cants for the position. The position
is a very desirable one, Upper San
dusky being a town of about 5000 and
having excellent schools. It Is a de
served promotion for Prof. Porter.
Prof, and Mrs. Porter are both former
residents of this county and have been
visiting relatives at Mowrystown.
Saturday Prof. Porter went to Cedar
Point to attend the State Teachers
Convention and from there will go to
Columbia 'University to attend sum
mer school. Mrs. Porter will spend
the summer with relatives at Mowrys
town. Surprize Party.
About 135 of the friends and neigh
bors of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Rowe, of
near Barrett's, expressed their friend
ship and good wishes byjgathering at
their beautiful country home on Sun
day, June 28, and giving -them a com
plete surprise. A bountiful dinner
was served after whlchj Rev. Frank
Mllner In a few chosen words, ex
pressed the high esteem In which Mr.
and Mrs. Rowo are held by the people
of their community. A prayer was
then offered In which alU silently
joined asking for them a happy and
prosperous life. Thosejpresentjwere:
Mr. and Mrs. King and) family, of
Greenfield, Mr. and Mrs. Workman
and Mrs. Florence Kelly, of HUlsboro,
W. E. Tompkins and family, Edward
Meredith and family, George Bussey
and family, Moses Pearce and wife,
Mrs. Emma Bussey and family, Chas.
Post and son, Rev. Frank; Mllner, U.
M. Stephens and family, Wm. tWrett
and wife, J. W. Stephens aiid wife, U.
M. Stevens and family, J. U. Cowglll
and wife, W. E. Crosier anJ wife and
son, Harry Karnes and family, Edward
Roads and wife aud daughter, Bert
Hamilton and wife, G. G German and
wife, S. J. Ross and family, Mrs. Jos.
Morrow, Mrs. Delia Morrow, C. D.
Sams and wife and daughter, W. M.
Chrisman and family, J. M. Rltten
house and family, W. W. Woodward
and family, Elmer Post and wife, W.
W. Wolfe and family, Wm. Brock and
family, M. R. Elliott, Elizabeth J.
Lewis, G. W. Brock, J. L. Montgomery
and family, Ben Bussey jandj wife, C
E. Keolor, AlfredJ Shinkle, Clarence
Pearce, Harriett Euverard, Nelle Gar
man, Sara Garman, Ruth Wyatt,
Calvin Workman, Samuel Workman,
Cleo Brown, Byrdle Barrett, Inez
Limle, Gladys Moon, Mabel Morris,
Nettle Humphrey, Belle Troth, Mary
Elliott, Emma Tompkins, S. J. Lovett
and wife, L. F. Woodland wife and
daughter, Jessie Troth, Katie Crosier,
lone Troth, S. W. Stephens, Sylvester
Smith, Elmer Cook, P. W. Cowglll and
Vernon Hammond.
Methodist Church Notice.
Sunday School at 9 a. m. Preaching
by the pastor, Rev. Earl Slutz at 10:30
a. m. Subject "Conceit."
Union Service on Presbyterian lawn
at 0:30 p. m.
A French scientist is experimenting
to prevent fog by floating small quan
tities of oil on the surface of rivers to
check evaporation, to which he con
tends fogs are due.
The Steamship
Copyright, 1914, by Associated Lit
erary Press.
The pilot bad not yet left the Mon
arch, bound from Loudon to Sydney,
when I was fairly well posted on the
puNsoiiRpr list. There were twenty
ladies In the cabin, and half the num
ber had their liimlmurfH alone There
were tulrty-tlve men, ami all hut ten
were free of bondage. Of tin twenty
ladles three or four were slncle. three
or four were widows and others ban
left husbands In LIuKland or were go
Ing to join husbands in Australia.
When this list had been boiled down
there was Just one to fall in love with,
who was down as Mrs. Ethel Warner.
That means she was a widow, twenty
five years old, and rich and good look
ing. Before we were off soundings I
had made up my mind to fall In love
with Mrs. Warner.
On the third day out, which Is the
proper time to begin a flirtation, pro
vided the weather Is all right, I found
that the other twenty-four men were
of my way of thinking.
It is easy enough to bring about
an Introduction on shipboard. If you
can't find a mutual acquaintance, then
Introduce yourself. When I got ready
to fall In love with Mrs. Warner I
walked up to her, handed her my card
and a few compliments, and the thing
was done. She was pleased to say
that she was glad to make my ac
quaintance, aud un hour later I was In
Mrs. Warner was as well bred as she
was handsome. She asked no ques
tions about Ave or six children. She
didn't express surprise that I had lived
to the age of forty without having
fallen in love before. She might have
shown some little doubt In her look or
speech when I said that I was going
out to Australia to sell out my sheep
ranches and return to England with
$200,000 and marry and settle down,
but nothing occurred to alarm me. At
the end of a couple of hours I felt that
I had won her, and there could be no
sort of doubt In her mind that she bad
me hooked fast. I walked about know
ing that twenty-four men envied me
and hated me and called me names be
hind my back, but not for long. That
same evening a young doctor who was
going out to the colony got some one
to Introduce him, and I saw Mrs. War
ner hanging to hla arm as lovingly as
she had hung to mine. Later on I
found the doctor in his cabin. The Im
pecunious shrimp had retired to grin
and chuckle and feel puffed up. I am
an aggressive man. I allow nobody to
interfere with my vested rights. 1 de
termined to squelch that doctor right
on the start, aud when I had been ad
mitted to his cabin I dldu't lose a min
ute in saying:
"Sir, I desire you to understand right
here and now that 1 am as good as
engaged to Mrs. Warner, and I want
no more of this lollipop business!"
"If you are engaged to her she does
not know it." he replied after recov
ering from his surprise.
Then we had a scrap. In which blood
was drawn and clothing torn, and It
was understood that as soon as we
landed In Australia there should be a
shooting match. On the next day the
widow was mine for a couple of hours.
Whllo I talked love more or less, 1 felt
it my duty to warn her against the
other twenty-four men In the most sol
emn manner. The lady thanked me
over and over again for my more than
brotherly Interest, and when I at last
handed her to a seat and went off for
a smoke I was ready to ask her to
name the day.
After tiffin that evening, when I had
gone to my cabin to change coats. .the
door was suddenly banged open, and a
fellow named Itlehards entered. I had
learned that he was a needy lawyer,
going out to the colony In hopes to
better his purse.
"Sir, I want a few plain words with
you!" began the miserable wretch as l
confronted him. "I am as good as en
gaged to Mrs. Warner, aud If you will
only bear that In mind hereafter it
may save you trouble."
We came together. We clawed, kick
ed, hit and pulled hair, and we were
both bndly damaged wheu we got
As soon as I could properly appear
on deck I decided to settle matters one
way or the other. 1 was waiting for
the widow to appear when I was in
vited to the smoking room to debate a
matter of busluess. I found the other
twenty-four men there. When the
meeting had been called to order a cal
low youth arose and Inquired If It was
understood that the whole twenty-five
of us were lu love with some woman.
It was so understood, fie then stated
that be felt himself engaged to that
womnn and wanted to know If the rest
of us did. We felt so. Then the cal
low youth asked If any one had a sug
gestion to offer. Twenty-four sugges
tions were offered in chorus, but the
callow youth turned them all down
for one of his own.
Then everybody drew In his breath
and turned on his neighbor, but before
n blow had been struck the purser and
a lady stepped Inside. It was Mrs.
Warner. She nodded and smiled to
each man of the twenty-four, and then
the purser cleared his throat aud said:
"Gentlemen, permit me to Introduce
my wife. If her little escapade. has
been the cause"
But we all rose up and bowed and
laughed and shook hands all around,
lud during the rest of the voyage peace
ind harmony prevailed to such an ex
t'lit that the run was voted a bore.
GHANEY'S tpbCUltt ;
Perfect Ventilation, Glean, Cool and Sanitary
Number Nine of the Series of the
"Adventures of Kathlyn"
With Pretty Kathlyn Williams in Title Role
Oreatest Wild Animal Series Ever Issued
A Stirring, Gripping, Thrilling Melodrama of
Kentucky Family Feud
The Great Leap
The Climax to this Feature is the leap on
horseback by the heroine and hero from a cliff
Fifty Feet High to the depths of the river below
in order to escape.
An Unparalleled Feat of Daring in Pictures.
Don't miss this one or you will miss the best
one yet.
A Comedy every night this week. Genuine
Laugh Getters.
Five New Cases Filed in Com
mon Pleas Court Dur
ing Past Week.
Flve new cases were filed In the
Common Pleas (Jourt during the past
John II. Ely, plaintiff in errer against
. ,,, , n&n rt0fonrt,n.i,mr
the State of Ohio, defendant in error.
and Tom nughes, plaintiff in error
against State of Ohio, defendant in
error, are both liquor cases, coming
from the court of James E, Durrant,
mayor of Greenfield. In the trials
before Mayor Durrant, Ely and Hughes
were each found guilty of selling liquor
without a license to John W. Pen-
nlston, and eaclnwas lined $200 and
costs. Pennlston is an officer in the
employ of the State Liquor License
Commission. Ely and Hughes each l
claim that there was error in his,
trial before the mayor and ask that
the judgments against them be re
versed. The Home Building & Loan Co., of
Greenfield, asks for a judgment of
$1402.24 against Fannie D Taylor and bus, Sunday
George W. Taylor on a promissory I Mrs. Lucy Fair, who has been vi It
note and in default of their payment ing her mother, Mrs. C. Paley, re
of the judgment that its mortgage on turned to her home in Decatur, III.,
part of In Lot No. 149, given to secure Tuesday.
the note, be foreclosed and the proper- j
ty sold and the proceeds applied to the James McDermott Jr., who recently
payment of the judgment. John M. graduated from U. T. A. Technlc.il
Waddell and the Peck-Williamson' School of Printing at Indlanapoli-, is
Hontlnir Cn. am also ma.de defendants. at home.
the plaintiff alleging that they claim
to hold Hens on the premises. The
plaintiff however claims .hat their
liens are subsequent to plaintiff's.
Allle Roberts vs. M. W. Eubanks
and Bert EuDanks Is a suit on a prom
issory note on which the plaintiff
claims there Is now due $550.15 for
which he asks judgment. He says
that Bert Eubanks is commonly
known as Cyrus Eubanks.
Walter Farnsworth seeks a judg
ment against the Baltimore & Ohio
South Western Railroad Co. He alleges
that In April i914 he was arrested In
the depot of the Railroad Co at Chilli
cothe by a detective in the employ of
the company without probable cause ;
was assaulted and dragged through the
streets of Chilllcothe and imprisoned
for three hours ; that this was an In
jury to his credit, hindered him In
his busluess and greatly humiliated
him to his damage In the sum of $5000
for which he asks judgment.
The following telegram In Wednes
day's Enquirer In regard to an accident
which occurred at the sailing of the
steamer Cymric from Charlestown,
Mass., will be of interest to many
HUlsboro people. Mrs. J. WUlard
Gore and daughter, Miss Susan, of
this place, and L. Philips Shawe and
sister, Miss Laura, of Providence, R.
I., were passengers on the boat:
"Ilenry Cosgrove, an aged Roxbury
man, was killed and four other per
sons were injured, one seriously, when
a gangplank, leading from a pier in
Charlestown to the liner Cymric, broke
and fell upon a crowd below it today.
The victims were in the crowd that
had gathered to bid farewell to de
parting friends."
1 i
Two French scientists have built the
world's most powerful electro magnet,
but It Is so costly to operate that its
use is limited to laboratory work.
Misses Nannie and Margaret Falrley
spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Head, at Highland.
Mrs. Chambers Llggette, of Ripley,
is visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Rich
Frea Carlisle, who has been attend-
, inf? college at Worcester, Mass., Is at
home for the summer vacation,
... ,-.. T ",,. . .
i , , ."7 .v an'f n V jvho h s
i been visiting relatives in Washin,'-
ton C. H.,
returned iiome Friday.
Mrs. Johannas MInneman, of Berry,
Pa , returned home Saturday, after a
short visit with Mrs. Paul Harsha
Mrs. M. Ootterlll has removed to
Westboro where she will make her
home with Mrs. Marlah Donohue.
Paul Langley is at the Ross County
Sulphur Lick Springs for a ten days
Major and Mrs. R. B. Julian, of
Howe Ind., are the guests of the lat
ter's mother, Mrs. Stephen Hlckle
Mrs. George Ruble was the guests
of her sister, Mrs. James Zlnk. m
Lon Elmore underwent an opera
tion for appendicitis at Christ's Hos
pital, Cincinnati, Monday lie is
getting along nicely.
Mayor and Mrs. Henry T. Hunt and
Miss Caldwell, of Cincinnati were
' guests of Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Beam
Miss Lucy Helscher, who is staying
with Rev. and Mrs. O. L. Martin at
Zanesvllle, is at home for a couple of
Miss Lulu Anderson, of Norwood,
and Miss .Katherlne Sounentag, of
Cincinnati, were the guests of Mrs.
Eliza West and daughter, Miss May,
a few days last week.
Mrs. J. M. Hlbban gave a party
Wednesday evening for Mrs. I. L.
Mahan, of St. Louis, Mo., Mis. William
Richards, of Indianapolis, Ind., and
Miss Kitty Barrere, of Los Angeles,
Misses Narka and Patty Nelson,
Clara Belle McDermott and Catherine
Barrere will go to the Point Friday
for a few days visit with Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Scott.
Philip C. Berg and O. N. Sams re
turned Saturday from the State Bank
er's Convention. The convention
opened at Cedar Point and the mem
bers there chartered a steamer for a
weeks trip on the Great Lakes.
Dr. A. II. Beam is taking a six
weeks post graduate course in surgery
In Boston, Mass., and New York City.
Dr. John Garrett, a brother of Mrs,
Beam, went with him to Boston,
where he will take a six weeks course
In diagnosis.
United States lumber Industry ye ir
ly pays out more than $367,000,000 la

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