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HilLsdoro, July 13. 1911.
1 Retail Grocers
Wheat, bushel...., ;., 90
Corn....... 63 TO
Oats... ., 40
Potatoes new .. . ,
White Deans, bushel a
nutter a 20
Eggs, Dozen 1 is
YoungCulckens u
Chickens, per lb it
Turkeys, per lb a
Ducks, per lb a
Hacon liatDS, per lb a II
Bacon Sides 12 a
Hacon Shoulders 8a 19
Lard 11
liay.ton 25 00
retail riticRS
Er . o. Sugar , a 6
ASugar. a
Granulated Sugar a tH
Cut loaf and Powdered Sugar..... a 10
Coffee, lllo 25a 40
Tea, Imp. It. u. and G, H perqr.. 20a 70
Tea, Black .,,.,:... 20a 88
Cheese, factory 22
Flour.goodfamllybrands.cwt... 2 40
., ,' bbl a
Molasses, N O , gallon a 60
" Sorghum a 40
Golden Syrup a 40
Coal Oil 12a 16
Salt a 135
Hams, city sugar cured, lb a 18
Deeves, cwt.. gross 5 60a 8 75
lleeves, shipping 6 00a 7 40
Sheep and Lambs, per cwt t 00a 0 50
Upgs, cwt.. gross.. 7 40a 7 85
Milch Cows with Calves 5 00a 40 00
Editor and Manager
PXIBtilSIIBD BV33IIY 1'HTme33-A.5r
One Year (In Advance) 81.00
Six Months 50
Three Months 25
Entered at Post OQlce, Hillsboro, Ohio, as Second Class Matter.
ADVERTISING RATES Will Be Made Known on Application.
School Bond Issue.
We have heard no one claim that the improvements which will
be made at the school buildings jif the bond issue carries are hot
If the full $20,000 of bonds is sold it will mean that for every
$1000 of property a citizen returns for taxation he will have to pay
40 cents additional taxes for the next twenty years.
A new heating plant and sanitary toilets at the Webster build
ing, a skylight in the auditorium and repair of the boys toilet at
the Washington building are essential to the comfort and health of
the children of Hillsboro.
The question of whether you vote for or against the bond issue
will be decided by whether you place the wellfare of the children
first or the expenditure of this small additional sum first, as it will
be small to each person.
The board of education has been absolutely fair with the people
of Hillsboro. They have told why they think each improvement
should be made, how they intend to make it and what it is estimat
ed it will cost.
We have heard no one who presented either facts or figures
showing how the necessary changes could be made at less cost,
although we have heard several make the statement that it could
be done for less. Inquiry, however, showed that their opinion was
not based on any examination of conditions or knowledge of the
cost of such work. It was simply their opinion.
The election to determine whether Hillsboro is going forward
or back will be held today.
If you vote for issuing $20,000 of bonds you will say hat you
place the safety, comfort and health of the children of Hillsboro
before a few dollars. If you vote no on this question you will
think more of a few dollars than you do of the children.
Do not forget to vote and be sure to vote yes.
Fooling" The People.
Are you reading the novel entitled "The Fakers" by S. G.
Blythe in the Saturday Evening Post ? It gives a remarkable in
sight into political conditions in this country, although it is unques
tionably overdrawn as is nearly always true of novels.
The theme of the story is that the people want to be fooled ;
that the successful politician is usually a demagogue, a man who
hands out a lot of salve and jolly to the people ; that politics is sim.
ply a game.
We are firmly convinced that Mr. Blythe has a great deal of
foundation for his statements. You almost never attend a political
meeting that the speaker does not, according to his audience, make
some reference to the honest farmer, the back bone and sinew of
the nation, the down trodden and oppressed laboring man, the
grasping and greedy capitalist and corporations, etc., etc. This is
simply buncombe. Politicians have come to believe that the people
want this and they feed them what they want in order to promote
their selfish purposes.
It is indeed seldom and unusual for a candidate for office or a
paid spellbinder to make a political speech when he fairly and
clearly discusses public questions. He must wave the flag and ap
peal to the passions and prejudices of his audience using a bunch
of stock phrases, among which he intersperses a number of stale
and musty jokes.
The way the large part of the average audience will eat and
relish such stuff, proves that it is the kind of pabulum ey should
be served, if you want their votes and that is what t) fididate
for office wants.
The politicians have become thoroughly convi"' T,
Barnum knew what he was talking about when) e
people want to be fooled."
Only when the rank and file of the people L, 3d
with such slush and demand a fair and clear presentation W lie
questions will they secure competent and efficient public servants.
Vote for the bond issue for the schools.
The one opportunity for you to buy the best I
Clothing Bargains ever offered 1
I have gone over my entire Men's Suits stock 1
and where I had only one, two or three of a
kind I have placed them on a separte counter
and you can buy your choice for 1
Many of the best selling styles of the season
are in this sale. Over 100 suits which sold for 1
$13.50 to $18.50 to select from. It will pay
you to call in and buy one of these.
Big Money Saving for you. Every Suit
in the house has been reduced in price.
Now is your chance to buy one cheap I
It may take time to do it, but if you do not control your temper
it is because you do not try.
Joe Tinker may have had some reason to be sore at the owners
of the Cincinnati ball team, but he has certainly got good and even.
Careful observation for many years has convinced us that the
rich girls want to get married just as badly as the poor ones.
Some people will never know the meaning of the words, con
sideration or accommodation, as you must really practise these traits
to know what they are.
One comforting feature of the general situation is that a great
many of the babies don't turn out anywhere near so badly as the
neighbor women fear they will, the way they're humored and all.
Ohio State Journal. But a distressing feature is that they never
turn out as well as the fond mothers expected.
Humphrey's Remedies Everywhere.
When you go on your vacation, It Is
not necessary to take Humphreys'
Remedies with you as they are on sale
at every store where medicines are
sold. It would be well however to
take along a copy of Dr. Humphreys'
Manual (its pocket size )
Tells all about the treatment and
care of the sick, Just plain medical
talk. Mailed free on application.
Humphreys' Moraeo. Medicine Co.,
150 William Street, New York. adv.
India, last year, Imported $2,745,000
worth of matches.
Severe Attack of Colic Cured.
E. B. Cross, who travels in Virginia
and other Southern States, was taken
suddenly and severely ill with colic.
At the flrst store he came to the mer
chant recommended niiamlmrlaln'H
OollC'Cholera and Diarrhoea. Romprlu f
Two doses of it cured him. No one1
should leave home on a Journey with
out a bottle of this preparation. For
sale by All Dealers. adv
The average government salary in
Washington Is 81079, and the average
all over the country Is 8948.
July 0, 1914.
John Shackelford, C. C. Redkey, R.
R. Jones, S. R Ousley and Emll Wil
son motored to Cincinnati last Friday.
Mrs. Dixon and daughter, Olive,
spent the Fourth with friends at
Washington C. n.
Mrs. Charles Slaughter and children
are visiting relatives in Xenla.
Miss Hazel Fultz,of Columbus, spent
from Friday until Monday with her
parents, E. J. Fultz and wife.
The Fourth In Leesburg was observ
ed in a very sane manner, the most
exciting thing of the day being an
lnterestlnggame of base ball at Kuhn's
Park played between Balnbrldge and
Leesburg, the score being 10 to 2 in
favor of the home team.
W. H. Moon and family visited rela
tives in Sablna last Sunday.
R. R. Jones and family motored to
Xenia Saturday, where they were the
guests of Dr. Noble Pavey and family.
Mrs. John Newlana and daughter,
Louise, are visiting relatives in Spring
field and Dayton.
Little Miss Virginia Patterson, of
Bloomingsburg, is (visiting her grand
parents, Silas Sparks and wife.
S. A. Leaverton and wife were shop
ping In Chllllcothe last Saturday.
Mrs. Sara Dooley left last Friday
for London, for a months visit with
her sister, Mrs. Morrison.
Rev. Swlnehart, of Greenfield, was
a visitor here Friday.
The Bethany Bible Class met last
Thursday evening with Miss Sara
Redkey at her home on West Main
street with eighteen members pres
ent. After the transaction of all
business a short program was rendered
at the conclusion of which a social
hour was enjoyed whlla the hostess
served dainty refreshments.
MlssEathryn Sanders entertained
to luncheon Saturday evening Misses
Luclle Ferneau and
Bernlce Kent,
Atrice Cox.
Ira Miller, of New Market, was the
guest of Mr. Lawhead and family over
G. A. Pavey and wife spent the week
end in New Carlisle, the guests of Dr.
Alford Kester and wife.
W. H.' Mason and family visited
relatives at Millwood Saturday and
Arthur Naylor and family were
guests of relatives near Greenfield
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. ana Mrs. Monroe and Mr. and
Mrs. Nichols, of Gallon, were guests
over Sunday of F. T. Pavey and
Miss Henrietta Browder, of Hills
boro, spent Saturday and Sundav with
i her aunt, Mrs. E. R. Johnson and
Impure blood runsyou down makes
you an easy victim for disease. For
pure blood and sound digestion Bur
dock Blood Bitters. At all drug stores
Price, $1.00. adv
The host was nervous and inexperi
enced, and he rose hurriedly at the
conclusion of the song.
"Ladies and er gentlemen," he
began, "before Mr. M started to er
sing he asked me to apologize for his
er voice ; but I omitted to do so
er so I er apologize now."
Hillsboro Citizens Gladly Testify
and Confidently Recommend
Doan's Kidney Fills.
It is testimony like the following
that has placed Doan's Kidney Pills so
far above competitors. When people
right here at home raise their voice in
praise there is no room left for doubt.
Read the public statement of a Hills'
boro citizen :
Mrs. Annie L. Newman, 334 N. East
St., Hillsboro, Ohio, says: "I know
Doan's Kidney Pills are all they are
claimed to be. It is a pleasure to toll
my friends about them. As a kindey
remedy, there is nothing better than
Doan's Kidney Pills."
Mrs. Newman is only one of many
Hillsboro people who have gratefully
endorsed Doan's Kidney Pills. If your
back aches if your kidneys bother you
don't simply ask for a kidney remedy
ask distinctly for Doan's Kidney Pills,
the same that Mrs. Newman had the
remedy backed by home testimony.
50c 'all stores. Foster-Milburn Co..
Prop., Buffalo, N. Y. "When Your
Back is Lame-Remember the Name."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
m Tsar Crad-DaiL'aH6lm
m TcuCrtuCraad-04 Tea
I All used May-Apple HflOX4
I Root to Jtlttttpur WmHM
1 bfle from th liver. WWjPf''M
It frtped those day' Wx9rYvm
buTlnthe PODOLAX fi$C JM
TS, lormuts the. tripe his Hsfi&w
. been ttken out. v
L Buy It and try It T
"Our neighbor Is rather difficult."
"How so?"
"She borrows eggs and wants to pay
back in lessons on the piano." Kan
sas City Journal.
Headache and Nervousness Cured.
"Chamberlain's Tablets are entitled
I to all the praise I can give thorn,"
, writes Mrs. Richard Olp, Spencerport,
N. Y. They have cured me of head
' ache and nervousness and restored me
l to my normal health." For Sale by
' All Dealers. adv
Theso, remedies aro scientifically and
carefully prepareclproscriptions; used for
many years by Dr. Humphreys in his privata
practice, and for nearly Biity years by tho
people with satisfaction.
Medical Book mailed freo.
Ho. ron price
1 Fever, Congestions, Inflammations 23
2 Worms, Worm lever 2".
3 Colic, Crying and Wakefulness of Infants. 2."
4 Diarrhea, of Children and Adults 2"i
7 Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis 23
H Toothache. Faceache, Neuralgia 2,
O Headache, Sick Headache, Vertigo 2.1
10 Dtspepsla, Indigestion, Weak Stomach 2.
13 Croup. Hoarse Cough, Laryngitis 2".
11 Salt Itlieum, Eruptions 2."
15 Ulieumntlsm, Lumbago 2.".
10 Ferer and Aeur, Malaria 2,,
17 Piles, Blind or Weeding, External, Intemal.2.
19 Catarrh. Influenza, Cold In Head 2.,
20 Whooping Couzh 22
21 Asthma, Oppressed, DIfflcult Breathing 2.",
27 Kidney Disease 1',
28 Nervous Debility. Vital Weakness 1.00
30 Urinary Incontinence, Wetting Bed 22
31 Bore Throat. Quinsy 25
77 La Grippe Grip 25
Sold by druggists, or unit on receipt of price.
William and Ann Btrtt.Nrw York.
Important Change in Time of all
Trains will depart from Hillsboro
daily except Sunday as follows: 7:55
a m., 3:40 p. m., 6:25 p. m. Sunday
only, 8:20 a. m., 0:25 p. m.
Trains arrive except Sunday, 10:35
a. m., 0:10 p m , 0.25 p. ra.
Sunday only 10:35 a. m , 9 p. m.
For Furthe.r Information
Call on or address S. G. Grlffln,
Agent, Hillsboro, O. L. G. Paul, D.
P. A., Chllllcothe.
Farn S50-S7K trpeklv elllntr immrmntavA TTnUKB. .
Hotter? nd Sweaters for lartreat tnfr. In Amerli a Fn
so years O Compute eultll PSIba Write MADISON
MILL. DapLW, 480 SUQstfarajr.NowYerkCllj.
TITlTfle fl
&. ?.aZ.rn,t for CHI-CHES-TBR'S
Gold metallic boxes, sealed with Blue'
juooon. uKB no oinnn. liar or 7
vrHHSUi uu lor VllI.VUCS.ldUB
Drasslal aad ask for 01II.CllKS.Tf
jreara regarded as Best, Safest. Always Reliable,
Shoe Polishes
wrnrrnrvNfh. .t t.i., -,.- j .. .
positively contains OIL, Black, Pollthes antf Pre
nerTe. ladles' and children's shoes, shines without
rnbblna.MC. TIUMCH ClOSS.- 10c7 '
"STAB" combination ifor clesnlnn and pollthlna all
klndsol russet or tan shoes, 10c "BANDIT sl ,5jc.
"QUICK WHITE" (In liquid form with sponitoloulck.
ly cleans and whitens dirty canvas ehocs. 10c.i 25c.
"ALBO" cleans and whitens BUCK. NUBUCK
SOEDE. and CANVAS SBOtS. In iwiTwhItac.Sc.
packed In zinc boxes, with sponge, 10c In hand
some, large aluminum boxes, with sponge, 23c
II Tour dealer dora not keep the kind yon want, lend as
the prlie In lUmpi for lull alia pacluie, ebajsVai-il"
20.P.6 Albany Street, Cambrldoo, Mask
Tit Oldttf and Ijirxest Manufacture of
SJioe fbluJtft in Iht World.
Celluloid wings or aeroplanes that
are said to be so transparent as to be
Invisible 300 feet in the air hare been
invented by a German engineer.
r- A
; Jjl'ta
r iiJ -
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