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Real Estate List.
114 acre farm, rolling land, located
Smiles from Ripley, on Ripley and
Hlllsboro pike, nice one and half-story
house 7 rooms, two Rood barns, all
out-bulldlngs good, also nice tenant
bouse. One of the nicest farms In the
v county. Price $100 per acre.
204 acre farm, level and rolling
land, on pike 3 miles from Russellvllle,
number one grain and stock farm, ,
nice two story house, barn 48x100, all
out buildings good. Price $50 per
110 acres level land, a good story and
half house, all out buildings good,
barn 40-48, farm well watered, located
6 miles from Russellvllle. Price $3500.
50 acre farm rolling land number
one tobacco land, nice frame house,
collar, cistern, well, other out build
ings good, barn 36x62, 4 miles from
Georgetown. Price $5000.
100 acre farm level and rolling land,
number one tobacco farm, located 5
, miles from Ripley, on Red Oak. Price
152 acre farm, level and rolling land,
nice two-story house, well, cistern, cel
lar, barn 46x60, other out-bulldlngs
good, fruit of all kinds, on pike, good
location. Price $6000.
252 acres number one tobacco land,
nice two-story frame house, other out
buildings good, also a nice tenant
house, two good barns, located 3 miles
from Felicity. Price $ 7000.
84i acres one-story and half frame
house, two nice barns, other out build
ings all good, also a nice tenant house,
located on pike, 3 miles Irom George
town. A very desirable home. Price
114 acres level and rolling land, nice
one story house, barn 30x48, outbuild
ings all good, close to school ana
church, located 4 miles from Russell
vllle. Price $4000.
67 acre farm, rolling and level land,
nice one story house, barn 30x30,
plenty fruit of all kinds, close to
school, U miles from Russellvllle.
Price $2700.
80 acre farm, level and rolling land,
July 0, 1014.
Miss Virginia Glbler, of Springfield,
arrived the Fourth for a visit during
her vacation.
Mrs. Rose Orange left the first of
the week for a visit with her daughter,
Mrs. Harry Eyre, in W. Alexandria.
July 0, 1014.
Mrs. Jane Stults and Mrs. Mary
Boob spent Friday with Mrs. J. O.
Granville Ilockman made a business
trip to Hlllsboro Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Havens enter-
Rev. L. Well, of Prlcetown, preached tained Thursday Mrs. Elmer Oamer
nice two-story house, out buildings of
all kinds, two nice barns, farm well
watered, a very desirable home, loca
ted on Russellvllle and Winchester
pike $5100
53 acre farm, level and rolling land,
omnil iinusn but eood. Kood barn, lo
cated on pike 4 miles from Russell
vllle. Price 81600.
140 acre farm, level and rolling land
good two-story house, good barn, plen
ty fruit of all kinds, farm well water
ed, located U miles from Russellvllle.
Price 840 per acre.
200 acre farm, rolling and Mill land,
number one tobacco farm, nice two
story house, 4 good tobacco barns, 1
good stock barn, farm well fenced and
well watered, located five miles from
Ripley on pike. Price $7500.
100 acres of level and rolling land,
nice house, two good barns, out build
ings of all kinds, plenty of fruit, farm
well watered, located i mue irom
Hamersville. Price $6500.
97 acre farm, level and rolling land,
nice two story house,' out buildings of
all kinds, good barns, plenty of fruit
all kinds, close to school and church,
on pike 2 miles from Georgetown.
Price $80 per acre.
Also a nice line
for sale.
here Sunday having exchanged pulpits
with Rev. McMurry. He gave a very
practical sermon.
W. Gossett and wife, of Hlllsboro,
w ere the guests of Ted Roush and wife,
Saturday and Sunday.
Sunday, July 10, will be Rally Day
In Sunday School. A good attendance
Is expected. Number present last
Sunday was 101, offering $2.20. Next
Sunday Rev. Bennett will be here.
Mice Toma Paris left Friday for an
extended visit with Bert Farls and
wife, in Springfield. She was accom
panied by her father as far as Cincin
Mrs. Frank Tedrick has been visit
ntr v,pr ann. Scott, and family, near
Jamestown, since Tuesday.
W.E. Burton and wife spent Wednes
day at the home of Ralph Smith, In
Miss Edith Hadley visited relatives
in Hlllsboro, Sunday.
Lewis Shaffer and wife and children
spent the Fourth In Cincinnati with
the former's sister, Mrs. Ludwlck.
Hnnrv A. Pence and wile visuea
friends in Hlllsboro Saturday.
Mrs. L. E. Handley and Mrs. Pearl
Overman and son visited Mrs. Edith
Hathaway Tuesday.
of town property
Call on or address
W. E. Hook,
1iW &sata e,w,
Cured of Indigestion.
Mrs. Sadie P. Clawson, Indiana, Pa.,
was bothered with Indigestion." My
stomach pained me night and day,"
writes. 'T would feel bloated and
have headache and belching after eat
ing. I also suffered from constipation.
My daughter nad usea uiuimuBrmiii o
Tablets and they did her so much good
that she gave me a few doses of them
and Insisted upon my trying them.
They helped me as nothing else has
done." For sale by All Dealers, adv
Office in Bank Building.
Phone 19 W.
Russellville, Ohio.
July 6, 1914.
Mrs. Flater, state lecturer of the
W. C. T. U., will give a lecture in the
M. E. church here next Saturday, July
11, at 2 p. m. Everybody Is cordlallj
Invited to attend. She Is a very fine
lecturer and all who hear her will be
Miss Bertha Russell, who spent a
few days visiting relatives and friends
here, has returned to her home in
Newton, Iowa. She was accompanied
by E G. Boatright and daughter,
Miss Virginia, who will spend a few
weeks visiting Mr. Boatright's sons,
George and Homer, and other relatives
and friends In Iowa.
MissJVanana Strange and Stanley
Kesley spent Saturday and Sunday in
Miss Jennie May Oldaker spent Sat
urday and Sunday with her sister in
Ova Hopkins and family, of Hllls
boro, and Mrs. Emma Meek and son,
Glenn, of New Castle, Ind., were at
Frank Burton's Sunday.
George Culhane and family visited
Charles Trop and family Sunday.
Simpson Oldaker and wife and
Misses Llda and Katherlne Oldaker
visited William Stoltz. at New Vien
na, Sunday.
Miss Grace Hart, who underwent a
successful operation at the Highland
Oountv Hospital, has returned to her
home here and Is getting along nicely.
Mrs. Kesslnger and Slgel Lowman
and wife are visiting relatives at Co
lumbus. Dora Sadler, who has employment
at Hamilton, spent Sunday with his
Ed "Ellis and wife and son, Hollle, of
New'Vlenna, called on friends here
Sunday School next Sunday at 9 a.
m. Everybody cordially invited to
August Hald and family and Mr.
Cother, of Hamilton, spent Saturday
and Sunday at the home of Dora Sad
ler. J. M. Wooddell visited Stewart Bur
ton's, atlllettsvllle, a day or two
last week.
Oscar Bennett and family spent last
Saturday in Hlllsboro.
Mrs. Belle Wood was a guest of Ben
Wilkin and family one day last week.
She has returned to her home In
The next regular meeting of the G.
A. R. will bo held on Saturday, July
25, at 2 p. m. Let the comrades avail
themselves of these opportunities to
meet together. v
Robert Wayne, son of C. C. and
Minnie Redkey, was born July 1, 1913
His coming brought much Joy. Only
a few months before the Death Angel
had claimed the baby of the home and
le'ft the household lonely but the new
baby helped dispel the gloom. Little
did the fond parents think as they
lavished their affection on him that
their hopes were once more to be
blighted but the Master saw that he
had need of him and at 7 p. m on
Tuesday, June 23, 1014, he gently
folded him to his breast and took
him home.
His -stay on earth was brief, a few
days less than one year, but it was
long enough for his cunning ways and
sunny smiles to win him many friends.
Early last spring when the cradle roll
was organized in the M E. Sunday
School his name was among the first
entered on the list and now, he is the
first to be promoted to the Heavenly
roll. The family circle is broken once
more but as we think of the number
on earth growing less let us remember
that another pair of little feet Is added
to the number treading the golden
strand and that now two pair of baby
hands instead of one are reaching out
beckoning their loved ones to Heaven,
ly lands.
if Kidney and Bladder Bother Then
Foley Kidney Pills.
Overworked kidneys will break dow n
If not helped. When they can no
longer protect the blood and the body
from the poisons that come to them,
then look out for Brlght's disease, se
rious kidney trouble and bladder
annoyances. Foley Kidney Pills are
your best protection, your best medi
cine for weak, 6ore, overworked kidney
and bladder weaknesses adv
Gakhett & Aykks.
Dumper You owe me $30,000, which
you say you can't pay. Why don't you
marry Miss Oldgirl ? She's worth twice
that amount. , .
Jumper No ; I can't do that ; but
you might marry her yourself and pay
me the difference.
July 0, 1914.
J. H. Boyd-and wife and daughter,
Ruby, of Marshall, spent Saturday and
Sunday with relatives here.
Miss Lettie Smith, of Wilmington,
has been visiting relatives here.
Mrs. Mack Sonner, of Hlllsboro,
spent from Friday evening until Mon
day morning with her father, Wm.
Miss Ruth Bunn, of Mowrystown,
spent Saturday night and Sunday with
her parents here.
Wm. Shelton and wife, Ray Shelton
and wife and Clyde Shelton and wife
and son took dinner with n. E Mar
lott and wife Sunday.
Jacob Ludwlck and wife and little
daughter, Hazel, of East Danvillei
spent Sunday with Mrs. Ludwick's
parents here.
Henry and Edwin Temple and Miss
Ruth Hoss called on Amy Igo Thurs
day night.
Denny Morris, of Leesburg, spent
Monday and Tuesday with Lew Igo
and family.
Best Diarrhoea Remedy.
If you have ever used Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
you know that It is a success. Sam F.
Guln, Whatley, Ala , writes, "I Had
measles and got caught out in the ram,
and it settled in my stomach and bow
els. I had an awful time, and had it
not been for Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy I could
not possibly have lived but a few hours
longer, but thanks to this remedy, I
am now well and strong." For sale
by All Dealers. adv
on, of Marshall, and daughter, Mrs.
Nellie Medesker and son, of Dayton,
Mrs. J J Hutler and son, Mrs. Elva
Cartwrlght and Miss Tool, of Sinking
Spring, Mrs Jane Stults and Mrs.
Mary Bobb.
Daniel Williams and wife, of Hllls
boro, spent Friday at Butler Springs.
Ray Deardoff was the guest of
Verna Rhoads Sunday
Walter Badgley and wife and
daughter, of Greenfield, Mrs. Jane
Kepllnger, of Anderson, Ind., Mrs.
Nathan Leedom, of Newfaln, were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. O Stults
Mrs. Alice Spargur. of Carmel, re
turned home Friday after being at
the bedside of her father, Wm.
Countrj man, for a few days.
Misses Jane and Grace Havens were
the guests of their sister, Mrs. Elva
Cartwrlght, at Sinking Spring, Satur
day and Sunday.
Mrs. Fred Spargur and two child
ren, of Ralnsboro, spent Friday with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Eu-
banks. She was accompanied home
by her sister, Miss Helen
Miss May Anderson and friend, of
Idaho, were the guests of Harvle Hoi
ten and family Sunday.
Charlie McCoppin and wife and two
daughters, of Carmel, called on J. O.
Stults and wife, Sunday afternoon.
Lawrence Kessler and daughter and
Mrs. Mary Bobb were the guests of
relatives at Sinking Springs, Sunday.
Fred Rhoads and two sons spent
Sunday with S. S. Deardoff.
Joe Eubanks and family, of Green
field, were the guests of his father,
Enos Eubanks, Sunday.
nenry Countryman and son in-law,
Wm. Bailey, of Mlddletown, were the
guests of the former's son, Alma,
from Friday until Monday.
J. P. Havens and wife spent Sunday
with C. A. Rhoads and wife.
Miss Genevlve Eubanks and broth
er, Paul, of Akron, and Bernlce Res
sler, of Barberton, spent the most of
last week with the former's, father,
Enos Eubank and family.
How's This?
Wo offer Ono Hundred Dollars tie
vcrd for any caso of Catarrh ti.at
cannot bo cured, by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
T7c, tlio undersigned, liavo known T. 3.
Cheney for tho lact 15 years, nnd bellcvo
lilm perfectly honorable In nil business
transactions and financially ablo to carry
out any obligations mado by Ills firm.
,, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taken Internally,
acting tj.rcctly upon tlio blood nnd mu
cous Biirfaccs of tho system. Testimonials
sent free. I'rlro 73 cents per bottle. Sold
by all Prustlsts.
Take Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
"Profataiorxal Qrd
Beth Pfconestln Office and Rutdtnci
Mr. Foggy London Whatcauses the
delightfully clear weather you have
In New York ?
Mr. Man Hattan Skyscrapers, dear
boy Life.
United States lumber Industry year
ly pays out more than $307,000,000 In
actually milUont
IS Mid millions ot
" eerras that grow
from ono or two that
got under tho skin
uid into tha blood.
A Russian has Invented a floating
store house for fuel and other naval
supplies, which can be sunk out of
sight In the sea at the approach of a
Eases Torment of Asthma and
Hay Fever.
For the discomfort and misery of
asthma and hay fever use Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound. It puts a
healing, soothing coating over the
swollen, tickling membranes, and
eases the thick and choking sensation.
Helps you to breath easily and natur
ally. In the yellow package.
adv Gabrett & AYitiis.
July 6, 1014.
J. W. Aber, of Harwood, spent last
week with his son, F. E. Aber.
Toby Strieker, of Cincinnati, was
with home folks, Sunday.
Frank Tedrick entertained several
of his friends Saturday evening.
Miss Maree Aid. of Norwood, was
the guest of Alvin Taylor and family,
Geo. Taylor and wife spent Saturday
and Sunday with their son, Harley, at
Mrs. David Ludrlck, of Hoaglands,
was with her daughter, Mrs. Oscar
Baker, Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Homer Brlceand children spent
Sunday with her parents.
Born to Oscar Baker aud wife, July
4, a 10J pound boy
Miss Georgia Henderson spent Sun
day with Miss Leona Stroup.
Mrs. Earl Stroup called on Mrs.
Addle Aber Saturday evening.
Elmer Shaffer and wife, of Hlllsboro,
moved to his father's farm south of
town, one day last week.
Mrs. Mary Stroup and Mrs. Mary
King spent Sunday with friends at
Irwin Stroup and wife, of Lynch
burg, were the guests of home folks
Mrs. Ella Briggs, of Russell, is the
guest of her brother, Oscar Baker.
Clarence Aber, of Harwood, was the
guest Sunday cf his brother, Tom.
Jesse Orebaugh and family were
guests Sunday of the latter's parents,
Asro Stroup and wife. -
Jesse Shaffer, of Martinsville, was
calling on Henry Orebaugh and wife,
July 0, 1014,
Misses Louisa and Grace Harper, of
Good Hope, were guests of their
grandparents here over Sunday.
Mrs. Ellen Glenn Is spending a few
days with her daughter in Columbus.
Mrs. Mary Beaver has been suffer
ing for several days with an attack of
Miss Alma Keelor, of Carmel, spent
last week here.
Norman Ewing and the Misses Pen
rod, of Columbus, are visiting rela
tives here.
Horace Roads spent last week at
Washington C. H. at the bedside of
his son, Homer, who is in a hospital
Mrs. Kate Redkey, of Paint, Is vis
iting at the home of her son, C. L.
Miss Lois Post will entertain the
Gleaners at her country home next
Saturday afternoon.
Miss Margaret Ballentlne is spend
ing a few days with relatives in Col
umbus. Mrs J. B. Davis and son, James,
and Dwlght Roads and sister, Eva,
visited relatives at Good Hope last
Friday and Saturday.
John Foraker spent the Fourth
with friends in Cincinnati.
The Happy Hustlers will give an
ice cream supper at the K. of P. Hall
on Thursday night to which the pub
lic is cordially Invited.
Howard Hodge and wife spent Sun
day with her parents at Cynthiana.
Mrs. Hulitt Hope and children, of
Paint, were guests of friends here
last Thursday.
Miss Alma Keelor has returned
from a visit with her sister at Coving
ton, Ky.
Mrs. J. C. Roads will entertain the
Aid Society on Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Horace Roads and son, Smith,
spent Sunday with friends at Wash
lngton C. H.
A tenant house on the farm of Mrs.
Anna Park, that was occupied by El
bert Pence and family, caught tire at
dusk last Tuesday evening and burn
ed to the ground with all Its contents.
The parents were absent from home
at the time the fire started, but the
five year old boy who had been left In
charge of the house had presence of
mind enough .o carry his baby broth
er from the burning building and
saved his life.
Warren Harper and wife and Ralpn
Graydon and wife, of Good nope,
were guests of friends here on Sunday
Office Short St., Opp. Court Bouts
tflennBlg. HILL8B0BO,9,
Home 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone lit
Hlllaboro, Ottlo.
Ornoi In Holmes Building,
Ornoi Hocus: 8 to IE i. m., z to
up. m.
Both 'Phones In Office and Residence,
North Bin
no s ts
For "Your Flo-were.
Funeral Directors & Embalmors
!A Full Line of High Grade
Prompt Delivery. Courteous Treatment
Your Patronage Solicited
(Successors to J. C, Koch)
Ottlcekear't.ot Traction Depot
Home Phone 344
Frank Ayres
Insurance Agt
Opera House Block
Representing ', six of the strongest
Old Line Fire insurance Companies.
Most liberal Farm Policies ever writ
ten in the Aetna Co. Also Live Stock
Insurance. D Insuring your horses
againstjdeath from any cause.
I represent the;Aetna, Fidelity aud
Surety Bond Co. One of the largest.
Also with accident policies. Terms as
low as you can get in high class safe
insurance. U-ti
Antiseptic Salve
applied right away would hare killed thus taw
Karma and kept these millions from being; born.
To bare a 25c box ol thli salvo ready tor emer
gencus, ult tor Dr. Utll'j niutpilo Solv.
"Tall It Br Th B.U"
Uraguay is building a deep-water
port on its Atlantic coast to serve as
an outlet for a vast section tapped by
a railroad extending across the repub
lic. When baby suffers with croup, apply
and gtve Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil at
once. Safe for children. A little goes
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stores. adv
"That 175th sou of yours seems busy
today, Mrs. Bluebottle."
'Yes ; the flies of his fraternity are
giving a dance tonight and he's on the
celling committee."
AE YOlJIt ETr.S watery, mattery,
wenLt? Oet a 2Sc. tube of EAUaTE
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irrannlated lids, prowl Im, tyen
uid other bad result tlint follow
4hU inra lin ol Infected eyes.
Kyea lor eieryooay u uiey
Kiurln Kvea for ni
July 6, 1914.
Mrs. Marlon Overman and son, Ma
rlon, of Los Angeles, Cal., and Mrs.
Chris Rockel, of Hlllsboro, were en
tertained Wednesday by Rollo Powell
and family.
Edgar Dodds and wife, of near Bain"
bridge, spent Saturday night and Sun
day with her parents, Chas. Simbro
and wife.
Walter Powell and wife spent Satur
diy night and Sunday with relatives
near New Petersburg.
Jacob McConnaughey and wife and
s Dn, Everett, of Shackelton, were guests
of George Prlne and family.
Mrs. Mary Klrkpatrlck, of Belfast,
Is making her home with her son, Carey
Klrkpatrlck and family.
Mrs. Joe Campbell and daughter,
Miss Jennie, of Mt. Washington, called
on Luther Campbell and family, Sun
day afternoon.
Delbert Robhlns and wife spent
Sunday in Hlllsboro, the guests of
Chris Rockel and wife.
Mrs. Walter Powell spent Thursday
evening with Mrs. Chas. Simbro.
Pearl Robblns spent Sunday after
noon with Peru Griffith.
Frank Willlson and wife, John Welty
and Miss Delilah Simbro spent Sunday
afternoon at Sugartree Ridge.
A. S. Welty, of Hlllsboro, spent Sun
day with Chas. Simbro and family.
Mrs. Delbert Robblns spent Monday
afternoon with Miss Grace Simbro.
Mrs. Robert Patteison is visiting
her parents near Springfield.
M iss Pearl Prlne spent Tuesday with
her cousin, Miss Helen Whlsler, in
Miss Olla Johnson is visiting friends
at Buford this week.
Our Four Books sent Free with list
of Inventions wanted by manufac
turers and promoters, also Prizes of
fered for Inventions. Patents secured
700 Ninth 8t.
Washington O. O
Clean"! and beautlfiej the halt.
Promotes a luxuriant rrowth.
Never Fails to Restore Graji
.utur a us loutoiui vuiuri
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Trade Marks
Copyrights &c
Anyone sending a aketch and description mar
qulclily ascermin nnr opinion free whether an
Invention Is prohnuly pateiitHhla. Coramunlcv
tlons strictly eonddontlal HANDBOOK onTateuu
ent tree, oldest ncency tor sccunnfrpatenis.
Patents taken throuBh iluiin & Co. receive
tptctal notice, without charge. In tho
Scientific JStiKilcatt.
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culatton of any rrlcnttac Journal 'lerms, 13 a
vear: four months, L Sola by all newsdealer.
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Branch Oftice. i F PU Wathlnmoa. 1. C,
With a four-horse power engine a
motor-driven plow invented in Eng
land cuts a six Inch furrow ataspeed
in excess of three miles an hour.
It Is said that fully 12,000,000 horse
power can be developed from waterfalls
In the national forest reserves of this
If you have neglected your kidneys,
and suffer from backache, weak back,
headache, rheumatism and distressing
bladder weakness, you will find Foley
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