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GRANVILLE BARRERE - - - Editor and Manager
One Year (In Advance) $1.00
Six Months 60
Three Months , 25
Entored at Post OfHce; Hillsboro, Ohio, as Second Class Matter.
ADVERTISING RATES Will Be Made Known on Application.
Elect New Executives.
"If I am elected I pledge you I will be merely an executive and
assume no part of the law-making or office-filling, which should be
left entirely to the people."
This is an extract from a recent speech of Hon. Frank B. Willis,
a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor. In our
opinion it is simply buncombe, but if that is the way Mr. Willis
honestly feels he should not be nominated for nor elected governor.
Every real executive officer be he the president of the United
States, the governor of a state or the mayor of a city is always ac
cused of usurping the powers and duty of some other branch of
the government and it may be that theoretically he is. It may be
that the sole duty of an executive officer is to see that the laws are
carried out ; that the president should not use his influence and
power to have congress pass certain laws ; that a governor should
not use his influence or power over the members of the legislature
or the mayor with the members of council. Theoretically on the
basis of our govex-nment being conducted on the principle that we
have three distinct coordinate branches, executive, legislative and
judicial, we say this may be true.
Honestly though how do you think it would work out in prac
tice ? If this was followed out the least important places in public
life, except in the time of some great crisis, would be the executive
offices. The president, the governor and the mayor would be usually
figure heads and strong, forceful able men could not be found to
fill them.
Whatever may be the theory, the people expect the president
and the governor to see to it that the legislative branch carries out
the promises made by his party. And not only do the people expect
him to do this, but if the things done while he is in office meet with
their approval he receives the credit and if they meet with their
disapproval he receives the blame. And we think this just and
proper. The party stands or falls on the record of its executives.
A president or governor, who when he took office, sent a mes
sage to congress or the legislature in which he recommended that
certain legislation be enacted and then said, "I have performed
my duty. The responsibility now rests with the legislature. It would
not be right for me to exert any influence to have these things done
or insist that they be done in a certain way," would not be of any
value in the office. The salary he would be drawing would be
thrown away.
A man fit to be president or governor is going to use all of his
influence with the members of the legislative branches. If he does
not do this he is not an executive, he is simply holding an execu
tive office.
No man should be elected to an executive office who does not
VlflVfi rlprndflrl vifiws nnrl pnnvir'f-.innH nv wVin Vina nnf Vio nnnrtifra n
use all of his influence and power to have the legislative branch "
carry out his views and convictions. At least let us have a real
man for president or governor, one who can secure results from
the legislative branch and is willing to stand responsible for what
is done, not one who will make the excuse that he asked congress
or the legislature to do something and that they would not do it
and that he has done all that could be expected of him.
And above all do not let some candidate for office curry favor
by an appeal that he will leave everything to the people. The
chances are that He is simply playing to the gallery in the hopes of
securing votes.
The one opportunity for you to buy the best j
Clothing Bargains ever offered 1
I have gone over my entire Men's Suits stock
and where I had only one, two or three of a
kind I have placed them on a separte counter
and you can buy your choice for
si 0.00 I
I Many of the best selling styles of the season
are in this sale. Over 100 suits which sold for 1
$13.50 to $18.50 to select from. It will pay
you to call in and buy one of these.
Big Money Saving for you. Every Suit
in the house has been reduced in price.
I Now is your chance to buy one cheap
A hammock is a coeducational institution.
If a man has brains, energy and nerve he is certain to succeed.
The night has a thousand eyes but the only ones that bother
lovers are those behind the lights of an automobile.
Our memory goes back to the time, as the Ohio State Journal
paragrapher would say, when it gave a man a certain social, not
to say anything about financial, prestige to own an automobile.
The melancholy days are here, the saddest of the year; of
blazing sun and parched crops and meadows brown and sear. The
foregoing is given with apologies to whomever they are due.
July 13, 1014.
Hamer Lyle and wife and son,
Charles, were guests Sunday of Burch
Farshall and family.
The all Day Meeting will be held
next Saturday, July 18, at the Friends
church. Mrs. Carrie L. Flatter, a
State worker of the W. C. T. U., will
be present and make a short address
Come and bring your basket filled and
spend the day.
Mrs. Fred Ulen, of Wampum, Pa ,
is visiting her parents, C. M. Eltevens
and wife.
Miss Roma King, of Greenfield, Is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. Wra. Rowe.
J. L. Montgomery and family "and
Charley Post and wife, spent Sunday
with Jake Smith and wife, of Fruit
dale. v Frank Shoemaker and family, Mrs.
Martha Wolfe, W. W. Wolfe and
family and James Wolfe and wife
spent Sunday with relatives in Lynch
burg. Mrs. Fennel Tompkins and daugh
ter, Mis. J. I. Brackenstoe, of East
Monroe, were guests of Mrs. Wm.
Rowe one day last week.
Hamer Lyle and wife called on J. S.
Lovettand wife Saturday afternoon.
Master Harold Stevens, of Cincin
nati, is visiting his grandparents, C.
M. Stevens and wife.
Kenneth and Joseph Skeen, of Col
umbus, are visiting their grand
mother, MrB. Sallie Skeen.
Charles Spence and wife spent Sun
day with Dwight Cope and wife.
Miss Ethel Barnes spent Sunday
with her sister, Mrs. Charles Hamil
ton. Miss Anna Blram, of Roxvllle, is
visiting Mrs. Charles Spence.
Wm. Rowe and wife, Roma King
and J. S. Lovott and wife called on C.
M. Stevens and wife Sunday.
George Kames and wife and Mrs.
Joseph Karnes called at the home of
Charles Spence Sunday evening.
Headache and Nervousness Cured,
"Chamberlain's Tablets are entitled
to all the praise I can give them,"
writes Mrs. Richard Olp, Spencerport,
N. Y. They have cured me of head
ache and nervousness and restored me
to my normal health." For Sale by
All Dealers. adv
July 13," 1014.
Attendance in Sunday School July
12, 111. The offering ?2.15. Rev. Ben
nett delivered the sermons both morn
ing and evening. Next Sunday will be
Rally Day.
Charley Roush and family spent
Sunday at the home cf D. Noble.
Mrs. Rosannah Orange returned
Tuesday from a week's visit with rel
atives in Alexandrlavllle and was ac
companied home by Hershell Grabill,
who will visit here for a while.
Mrs. Sally Shaffer entertained Tues
day Miss Virginia GIbler and Mrs.
Pearl Overman. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Morgan enter
tained over Sunday Miss Vivian Le
ber, of Hillsboro.
Miss Goldle Burton is visiting rela
tives in Blanchester.
Lewis Shaffer and wife entertained
Sunday Rev. Bennett and wife.
Mrs. Ellen Zink and daughters,
Mabel and Marie, of Newtown, are
visiting Mrs. Winkle and family.
Miss Isma Faris returned home
Tuesday, after a visit with relatives
In Springfield.
A. C. Shaffer accompanied his son
Harley, on a trip to Denver, Colorado,
Tuesday. They go for the benefit of
the latter's health.
Miss Virginia GIbler returned to
Springfield Monday, after a week's
visit here.
R. C. Dalsley and wife entertained
John Wiat and family, of Farmer's
Mrs. Earl Stroup and children, of
Dodson, visited her father, Sunday,
who is slightly improved.
When baby suffers with crouD. annlv
and give Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil at
once. Safe for children. A little goes
a long way. 25c and 50c. At all drug
stores. adv
July 13, 1914,
Mrs. Wilraer Scott, of Ft. Flagler,
Washington, arrived Monday for an
extended visit with her mother, Mrs.
Isma Troth and other relatives.
John Williams and family left
Thursday morning to visit relatives
at Washington, C. H.
Clarence Dean and wife entertained
their uncle. Geo. McCool and dancrh.
ter, Ella, of Lawrenceburg, Ind., the qU'h.!!
nastwpnir. .Sunday
Mrs. Ed. Basenberg and daughtor,
Marcia, were guests of Mrs. 0. W.
Morrow, Tuesday.
Miss Silvia Pierce, of Cleveland, Is
visiting Miss Hazel McCann and sis
ter. ,
The Lynchburg Home Coming is an
nounced for August 13 and 14.
Supt. C. A. Puckett and wife, of
Bainbrldge, were guests of Albert
Felke and wife Saturday night and
Mrs. D. E. Pence and children, of
Columbus, are visiting her parents,
Warren Morro wand wife, and other
relatives, since Saturday.
Mrs. J. E. Stabler and son, of Hills
boro, were guests of Isma Troth and
family, Wednesday.-
Mrs. Sydney Pearce entertained a
number of her friends Saturday even
ing, at her home on Northern Ave.,
in honor of her birthday anniversary.
Delicious refreshments were served.
Clark Ogden and wife, of Hillsboro,
were guests of the latter's uncle, Chas.
Dumenil, Sunday.
A. D. Wise and J. D. Bobbltt were
In Cincinnati, Friday.
Mrs. Chas. Reoder and daughter, of
Columbus,are spending a few days with
her uncle, Warren Morrow and wife.
Misses Dorothy, Margaret and
Frances Fltzpatrick, of Chicago, came
Saturday evening to spend their vaca
tion with;thelr grandmother, Mrs.
Trlplett and aunt, Mrs. Louise Myers.
1 lumii.siii J
Hiptsuono, July l o. lot.
Retail Grocers
Wheat, bushel. ,.,,, ' 90
Corn , ox TO
Oats ,,.,,. o
Potatoes new
White beans, bushel a
Dutter ,..,.,, i........ a SO
Eggs, Dozen 15
Young cntckens 11
Chickens, per lb 11
Turkeys, per lb, a
Ducks, per lb a
Dacon Bams, per lb a II
Daconsides,. 12 a
IJacon Shoulders 8a IS
Lard t.iKT.. 11
Liar, ton 25 00
Ex. 0. Sugar , a
ASugar , 4 a
Granulated Sugar a 8X
Cut loaf and 1'on-dered Sugar a 10
Coffee. Rio 2Sa 40
Tea, Imp.R. H. andQ. H perqr,. 20a 70
Tea. Black , 20a 8fl
Cheese, factory , 22
Flour, good family brands, cm.. . 2 40
' " " bbl a
Molasses, N O , gallon a 83
" Sorghum a 40
QoldeuSyrup a 40
Coal Oil 12a 16
salt ...... a 135
Haras, city sugar cured, lb a 18
Beeves, cwt.. gross B 00a 8 7b
Beeves, shipping e 00a 7 40
Sheep and Lambs, per cwt 4 ooa 8 60
Hogs, cwt., gross 7 40a 7 85
Milch Cows with Calves 5 00a 40 00
Minutes Mean Dollars
Doubtless you know thodangcrof delayed treatment
of collo and other diseases. You also realize that
wrongly applied remedies are often worse than no
treatment at all. In other words, not to diagnose
a disease accurately may prove fatal. Every owner
should be able to recognize an aliment and give
correct treatment at the first symptoms. Prompt
action is the great secret
of treating horses.
Minutes mean dollars.
Of course proper treat
ment is always necc wry.
That is just how Humph
reys 600 page Veterinary
Ilanual wUl prove so al
liable to you. It is by
T. Humphreys, M D., V.S..
and tiaches how to dlag'
nne red give proper
This book will save you
hundreds of dollars and
cosUjounothlng. Itwlll
be sent nliHoliitely Tree
on request to any farmer
in order to Introduoe
Humphreys' Veterinary Remedies. Rcmember.HU
absolutely free. You do not have to order any
remedies to secure tho book. Address, Humphreys'
UomeopathloModlctno Company, 156 William Street,
New York City, this is a splendid opportunity to
obtain a veterinary treatise that you should hare
In your library. As a reference work you will find
It Invaluable. TohavoitinthotlmeofncedwlH be
worth many dollars, whereas itwlll cost you but a
post card by writing for it row.
Important Change in Time of all
Trains will depart from Hillsboro
daily except Sunday as follows: 7:55
a m., 3:40 p. m., 0:25 p. m. Sunday
only, 8:20 a. m., 0:25 p. m.
Trains arrive except Sunday, 10:35
a. m., 6:10 p m , 9:25 p. m.
Sunday only 10:35 a. m , 9 p. m.
For Further Information
Call on or address S, 6. Griffin,
Agent, Hillsboro, O. L. G. Paul, D.
P. A., Chlllicothe.
Mrs. Melissa Srofe and son, Edgar,
with C. W. Morrow and family motor
ed to New Hope, Brown county,
Thursday and spent the day at the
former's birthplace.
Dr. Frank Terrell has purchased a
new six cylinder Franklin touring
James Wolf and wife, Will Wolf and
family, Frank Wolf and family and
Mrs. Martha Wolf, of New Peters.
burg, were guests of Mrs. Mary Nolder
Sunday, July 12, was Go to Church
Day for Lynchburg and vicinity, al
though the day was unpleasantly
warm the different churches were
well attended.
W. A. Saylor and wife spent Monday
in Cincinnati.
L. O. Peale spent Sunday with his
wife and son at New Vienna.
Warren Morrow and wife were
guests of Mrs. Hadley and daughter,
Ruthanna, at Wilmington, recently.
Humphrey's Remedies Everywhere.
When you go on your vacation, it is
not necessary to take Humphreys'
Remedies with you as they are on sale
at every store where medicines are
sold. It would be well however to
take along a copy of Dr. Humphreys'
Manual (its pocket size.)
Tells all about the treatment and
care of the sick, Just plain medical
talk. Mailed free on application.
Humphreys' Momeo. Medicine Co.,
150 William Street, New York. adv.
A Virginia inventor's respirator for
persons entering smoke or gas filled
rooms Is in the shape of a "vest, the
pockets containing oxygen tanks that
are connected with a nose and mouth
piece by tubing,
ImDUre blood runs vou down malms
you an easy victim for disease. For
pure blood and sound digestion Bur
dock Blood Bitters. At all drug stores
Price, 81.00. adv
Farn SoO-$7 weekly selllnc (ruaranteed Underwear
riupiery nu ownien ior largest rarr. in Amen Kt
tlXf OomuUle outfit FREE. Write MADISON
MILL, D.pLW, 4a0BTM0'waylNMyrkClr.
Tinma t
&7.'!2!:,r?'M for Cm-CHHS-TKR'S
Ribbon. Tacb no OTlinn. ltaroFToa
. msK ter uuiuucirl,UH
DIAMOND DltAND PILLS, for twentr-fiT
Vfan rcrrr1(H na Tlcf Ci ". aln,..ri.iLi.i.
:r-s a
Shoe Polishes
"CUT EDGE." toe only ladles' (boo drewlne that
rWUvcly contains OIL, Black, PolUhet anif Pre
errei ladle.' and children', boom, ihineg wiraout
rnbbina.ftsc. Tkemch closs," lot "
tlndeof ru80tortan rhoee, 10c. "BAND?" iSe. tse.
-QUICK WHlTE(ln llqnld form with eponEelqulckl
ly cleani and whllenj dirty canvai ehoeiu luc. 1 85c.
rALBO" deans and whitens BUCK. NUBI1CK
SUEDE, and CANVAS SHOEs! In round white rikca
picked I n xlno boxes, with sponge, 10c In tumd
some, Urge aluminum, boxes, wiihtponge, SSc
If roardraler ion not keep the kind too wnt, tend m
the prlc. in lUmpi for fulfil., pactose. cbrti "
on . Wf'TTEMORE BMOS. & CO., .
20-28 Albany Street, Cambridge; Mass.
The Oldtit and Larzitt Manufacturer! of
Shoe foUihtt in the World.
The National Brotherhood of Opera
tlve Potters is to establish a tubercu
losis sanitarium for Its members near
Trenton, N. J,
. V
J t-UiJMJ" IPPill'
wvwmmivxiih 'W'wu' wl
ntftxwxwfprv -rfwynni'mintodissia

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