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l?ea Estate List.
114 acre, farm, rolling land, located
3 miles from Ripley, on IUpley and
nillsboro pike, nice one and half-story
house 7 rooms, two Rood barns, all
out-buildings good, also Tnice tenant
house. One of the nicest farms In the
county. Price $100 per acre.
204 acre farm, level and rolling
land, on pike 3 miles from Russell villa,
number one grain and stock farm,
nice two story house, barn 48x100, all
out buildings good. Price 350 per
110 acres level land, a good story and
half house, all out buildings good,
barn 40-48, farm well watered, located
5 miles from Russellvllle. Price $3500.
50 acre farm rolling land, number
one tobacco land, nice frame house,
cellar, cistern, well, other out build
ings good, barn 30x62, 4 miles from
Georgetown. Price $5000.
100 acre farm level and rolling land,
number one tobacco farm, located 5
miles from Ripley, on Red Oak. Price
152 acre farm, level and rolling land,
nice two-story house, well, cistern, cel
lar, barn 46x60, other out-buildlngs
good, fruit of all kinds, on pike, good
location. Price $6000.
252 acres number one tobacco land,
nice two-story frame house, other out
buildings good, also a nice tenant
house, two good barns, located 3 miles
from Felicity. Price $7000.
841 acres one-story and half frame
house, two nice barns, other out build
ings all good, also a nice tenant house,
located on pike, 3 miles from George
town. A very desirable home. Price
Call on or address
W. E.
Office in Bank Building.
Phone 19 W.
July 13, 1014.
O. A. Stanforth and family visited
Milton Reed and family at Marshall,
Mr. Hlzer, of Greenfield, was a busi
ness caller here Saturday.
D. A. Elliott and family, Mrs. W.
F. McCoy and R. O. Elliott spent Sun
day with Harry Post and wife.
Rev. T. M. Scarff, of Spring Valley,
preached an Interesting sermon at
Prospect, Sunday night.
T. S. Soale will move to Hlllsboro
Clyde Stanforth, of Norwood, visited
King Stanforth and family Sunday.
Marlon Post, of near .Marshall, spent
Sunday with home folks.
Chas. Krebs attended the Ice cream
supper at Hoaglands, Thursday night
Starley Post and wife spent Sunday
with C, D. Miller and wife, of Clear
J. D. Post attended .meeting at
Prospect Sunday.
For regular action of the bowels ;
easy, natural movements, relief of con
stipation, try Doan's Regulets. 25c at
all stores. adv
The membership of tho United Mine
Workers of America is said to have
almost doubled in the last two years.
Acetylene 'Gives
Acetylene not only supplies good
light for the farm home, but cook
ing fuel as well the hundred and
one "systems" that Acetylene has
crowded out, all.furnish light only.
Acetylene gives the Country home
owner double value for his money.
As a result Pilot Lighting sys
tems now outsell all others. We
are today the largest manufacturers of
light plants in the world. We have a
tig Eastern factory in Newark, N. J., and
a big Western "factory in Chicago,
Pilot Acetylene Generators are Im
portant and necessary features of modern
Country Home equipment just as nec
essary and quite as permanent as a, bath
room or a heating plant.
114 acres level and rolling land, nice
one story house, bar n 30x48, out build
ings all good, close to school and
church, located. 4 miles from Russell
vllle. Price $4000.
07 acre farm, rolling and level land,
nice one-story house, barn 38x36,
plenty fruit of all kinds, close to
school, 1J miles from Russollvllle.
Price $2700.
80 acre farm, level and rolling land,
nice two-story house, out buildings of
all kinds, two nice barns, farm well
watered, a very desirable home, loca
ted on Russellvllle and Winchester
pike 85100.
53 acre farm, level and rolling land,
small house but good, good barn, lo
cated on pike 4 miles from Russell
vllle. Price 81600.
140 acre farm, level and rolling land
good two-story house, good barn, plen
ty fruit of all kinds, farm well water
ed, located 11 miles from Russellvllle.
Price $40 per acre.
200 acre farm, rolling and hill land,
number one tobacco farm, nice two
story house, 4 good tobacco barns, 1
good stock barn, farm well fenced and
well watered, located five miles from
Ripley on pike. Price $7500.,
100 acres of level and rolling land,
nice house, two good barns, out build
ings of all kinds, plenty of fruit, farm
well watered, located i mile from
HamersvihX Price $6500.
97 aero farm, level and rolling land,
nice two story house, out buildings of
all kinds, good barns, plenty of fruit
all kinds, close to school and church,
on pike 21 miles from Georgetown.
Price $80 per acre.
Also a nice line of town property
for sale.
Sstato 3V&&T&,
Russellville, Ohio.
July 13, 1914.
F. M. Main and wife and Mrs. Don
Main and children spent Wednesday
with Frank Kelly and wife, near Pros
pect. Misses Clara Frances and Helen
Kesler, of Rainsboro, spent a few days
this week with their grandparents,
Benton Kesler and wife.
Mrs. Ella Reed and Mrs. Leota Wise
were shopping in Hlllsboro, Thursday.
Harry Wright and family and Mrs.
Fannie Spruance called on M. F.
Kneisley and family, of near Cynthl
ana, Friday evening.
Norma JForaker and Miss Ruth
Kneisley took dinner with Harry
Wright and family, Sunday.
Harry Boatman and family, of Fall
Creek, and Fred Watts and family, of
Leesburg, were guests of Mrs. R. L.
Watts and family, Sunday.
Gus Wright and-famlly, of Wilming
ton, took dinner with Joshua Gall
family Sunday and attended the con
vention in the afternoon.
Carrie Carlisle and family took din
ner with Harley Suiters and family,
There will be preaching next Sun
day at the C. U. church, also commun
ion services will be held.
narlle Spruance and wife called on
Ruth Spruance Sunday evening.
Double Value
Vou simply feed your Pilot the gas pro
ducing Btono Union Carbide, about once
a month the Pilot does the rest. Auto
matically .It makes gas just as you use
It just enough to supply you with
brilliant white light In your home and
barns cooking fuel for your kitchen
range. Pilot plants have brought
the greatest of City conveniences to
the Country. Write for names of
satisfied users in your district,
Just address i
Walton, Ky,
Stleunin for
July 13, 1014.
A. D. Hess and family and Bro.
Screechfleld were guests of Frank
Vance and family Sunday.
Dexter Carpenter and family enter
tained his son, Leonard and wife, and
Mrs. Anna Shaffer, of Lynchburg, Ezra
Carpenter and family and J. W. Mor
gan and wife, Sunday.
Mrs. J. W. Morgan spent Tuesday
at the home of Emanuel Roush.
Wm. Custer and wife entertained L.
A. Landess and wife, of New Market,
Sunday, and Misses Ida Landess and
Bessie Lance.
Thomas Screechfleld, of Allensburg,
filled the pulpit of the Christian
church Saturday night and Sunday.
He will preach here again July 20.
Brother Moore, of Union, will preach
here next Saturday night.
There is Healing in Foley Kidney
You need a mighty good medicine
if once your kidneys are exhausted by
neglect and overwork, and you' have
pot it in Foley Kidney Pills. Their
action is prompt, healing and tonic.
Sound health and sound kidneys fol
low their use. Try them. adv
GAimrcn? & Aykks.
July 13, 1914.
George Prlne and family motored to
Russellvllle Sunday and spent the
day with the former's brother, Wilson.
Richard Sprinkle and family, of near
Wilmington, are visiting relatives
here and at Carlisle Springs.
Ernest Harris, of Harrisburg, spent
Thursday afternoon with Raymond
Miss1 Pearl Prlne spent Thursday
night with Miss Elizabeth Upp.
Lewis and Georgia Prlne spent Sat
urday afternoon with Raymond and
Chas. Beam Slmbro.
Rollo Powell and family spent Sun
day afternoon with Carey Kirkpatrlck
and family.
James Boyd, of Locust Grove, Is
spending a few days with Chas. Rob
bins and family.
Earl Mason, of Carlisle Springs,
spent Sunday with the Robblns broth
ers. Chas. Slmbro and family spent Sat
urday night with Carey Kirkpatrlck
and family.
Miss Martha Utman and nephew,
Chas. Utman, spent Sunday with
Starling Lemon and family.
A Perfect Cathartic.
' There is sure and wholesome action
In every dose of Foley Cathartic Tab
lets. They cleanse with never a gripe
or pain. Chronic cases of constipation
find them invaluable. Stout people
are relieved of that bloated, congested
feeling, so uncomfortable especially
in hot weather. They keep your liver
busy. adv
Garrett & Ayres.
July 6, 1914.
Miss Treacle Hamilton is spending
this week with her grandparents,
John Fawley and wife, at Dunn's
Sam Walker, of Fairfax, built a
bridge here, last week.
Mrs. G. B. Eyler and Miss Esther
Holllngsworth, of New Market, were
business callers here Friday.
J. M. Rizer & Son, the stock dealers,
of Hlllsboro, recently purchased of
Chas. Edglngton, of the Lost Branch
Stock Farm, the finest and best calf
they had bought this season.
Mrs. S. R Rhoades is visiting her
son, Clarence and family, at Shackel
ton. C. D. Yance and Homer Sanders at
tended lodge at East Danville, Satur
day night.
McClirttock& Worlaumont vs W.
II. Sonner, was the style of a suit
tried in Esq. Vance's Court, before a
jury last Monday. Granville Barrere
appeared for the plaintiff and H. P.
Morrow for the defendant. The jury
agreed to disagree.
T. S. Soale and wife spent Sunday
in Hlllsboro the guests of A. L. Ander
son and family.
Owen Huff transacted business in
Columbus, Monday.
Harvest all up and threshing done
in this section. Wheat is above the
average crop.
Grant McConnaughey and wife were
the guests of L. O. Warne and family
M. E. Harris and daughter, Clara,
spent Wednesday with Marian Shoe
maker and family, at Pleasant.
Four couple of young people- from
nillsboro, held a picnic in God's Gar
den, Sunday evening and called on
Ye Scribe and wife and treated us to
some fine melon. Come again.
n m I
"Why do you go away all summer
and leave this beautiful home. You
could be perfectly comfortable here." j
"I know that, but we have to go
away In self defense. We really can't
take care of all the dogs, canaries, cats,
goldfish and rubber plants on the
block. ' 'Louisville Courier-Jou rnal,
How's This?
Wo offer Ono Hundred Dollars Ro
wt;d for any caso of Catarrh that
cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. 3. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, O.
Wo, the undersigned, havo known F. J.
Cheney for tho last 15 years, nnd bcllevo
him perfectly honorable In all business
transactions and financially ablo to carry
out any obligations mado by his firm.
W Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taltcn Internally,
acting directly upon tho blood and mu
cous surfac i of tho system. Testimonials
sent frco. Prlco 73 cents per bottle. Sold
by rll nni3."Ists.
Take Ball's Family Fills for r-onstlpatlon.
July 13, 1914.
Loyd Hottle and wife spent Friday
with Robert Hottle and family.
Tom Dillon, wife and baby were the
guests of Herman Wilkin and wife
and Will Charles and family the first
part of last week.
Bertha Chaney, Mrs. Belle Pence,
Mrs. Jessie Frost and Mrs. Anna
Pence visited Mrs. Aneta Barnett,
Mrs. Sara Purdy, of Hlllsboro, spent
the latter part of last week with her
daughter, Mrs. Allen Pence.
John Robinson and wife, of Tile
Junction, were guests Sunday of Ed.
Chaney and family.
Marie and Edgar Orebaugh visited
their grandparents at Hlllsboro the
latter part of last week.
Mary McKee and Mrs, Wright Faw
ley were the guests of Mrs G. G. O.
Pence Wednesday.
Chas. Jonte spent Monday and Tues
day with his sister, Mrs. George Cul
han, of Russell.
Miss Josephine Wilkin Is spending a
few days with her grandmother, Mrs
Berlin, of Hlllsboro.
Chester Hardin, wife and son, Don,
of Wilmington, were guests of Chas.
Trop Sunday.
Mrs. Herman Wllklnand Miss Mary
McKee spent Thursday with Mrs.
Will Charles.
Frank Orebaugh and family spent
Sunday with Mrs. Rebecca Sanders, of
Mt. Oreb
Kezzie Pence and daughter, Zelpha,
of Tile Junction. Mrs. Edith Pence
and two sons, Mrs. S J. Pence and
Stella Orebaugh were guests of Mrs.
Chas. Trop Thursday.
Henry Coffman, wife and daughter
and Mrs. Wesley Kesler, of Hlllshoro,
were entertained at the home of Ed.
Bales Saturday night ana Sunday.
General Pence and family spent
Monday evening with Ed. Chaney and
Mrs. George Robinson, who has been
seriously 111 the past three weeks, is
able to be up.
Ellis Wilkin and wife were guests
Thursday of home folks at Allensburg.
The Willing Workers spent last
Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Wright
Fawley. Seventeen ladles were pres
ent and quite a busy and pleasant af
ternoon was spent. The next meeting
will be at the home of Mrs. John Rob
inson, July 10, Anyone wanting bon
nets, aprons or rugs please leave your
For Every
Living Thing1 On
Free ; a 500 1 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm ;" horses, cattle, dogs,
sheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Yetinary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
up. Free by mall on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co.
Corner Williams & Ann Sts., N. Y. adv
July 13 1914.
Walter Fawley and family, of
Sharpsvllle, visited his brother, Ar
thur Fawley and wife Sunday.
Clarence Kler and family spent
Sunday with Fred Plerson and family,
of Mt. Olive.
Arthur Illxson and family, Tom
Hlxson and family and Albert Buz
zard and wife, of Norwood, spent Sun
day with Taylor flixsonnd wife.
Several from here attended the fes
tival at Hoaglands Thursday night.
Horoce Johnson and wife and chll
dren. of Jamestown, Dan Frump and
wife, of Bowers vllle, and F. L. Crosen
and family spent Sunday with Steward
Burton and family.
Mrs. Collins and son, of Spring Val
ley', spent several days last week with
John McCrelght and wife.
Mrs. John Kesler spent Thurs ay
with Roy Kesler and wife.
' cuSure and Safe Remedyfbr
Seven Barks, which is the extract of
Boots and Herbs, will make your food
digest, banish Headaches, regulate
your iilver ana Kidneys, give you
new life, and keep you well. Price
50 ots, a bottle at all druggists or
from the proprietor,
Lyman Brown. (8 Hurray 5t, New York CHy.
July 13, 1014.
Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Pulllam and
granddaughter, Helen Pulllam, spent
Sunday with Mrs. John Bennington
and family.
The Danville Band has been em
ployed to furnish the music for tho
celebration that Is to be held at this
place Saturday, July 20,' In Robert
McLaughlins .Grove.
Orland Cochran and family visited
his cousin, Mrs. Verda Ilouk, near
Dodsonvllle, Sundav.
The Prlcetown orchestra furnished
the music for the Mowrystown Com
mencement Saturday night.
Warren Workman has purchased
the tJane Ruble farm of Theodore
Mrs. Eflle Puckett and daughter,
Miss Gertrude, of Blanchester, are
visiting relatives at this place.
Opal and Pearl Landess spent Sun
day with their grand parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Young.
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Workman
transacted business in Hlllsboro one
day last week.
Mesdan ts Ruth Pulllam, Lncy San
ders and Alice Pulllam and son, Rus
sel, visited Mrs. Minnie Cochran and
family Saturday evening.
Miss Virginia Gibler, of Springfield,
spent part of last week with her
father, John Gibler.
Ross Shaffer and wife and daughter
Elma, visited Ervln Shaffer and fam
ily Sunday afternoon.
The Hartman children spent Mon
day with their aunt, Dora Brown, of
near Harwood.
Otto Workman and family visited
Elza Roush and wife Sunday at Fair-
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Landess and Mr.
and Mrs. Ed. Landess were guests on
Sunday of P. F. Certler.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Emery spent
Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs.
O vie- Roberts and were guests of John
Fenwick and family at Mowrystown
Cured of Indigestion.
Mrs. Sadie P. Clawson, Indiana, Pa.,
was bothered with Indigestion." My
stomach pained me night and day,"
writes. "I would feel bloated and
have headache and belching after eat
ing. I also suffered from constipation.
My daughter had used Chamberlain's
Tablets and they did her so much good
that she gave me a few doses of them
and Insisted upon my trying them.
They helped me as nothing else has
done." For sale by All Dealers, adv
July 13, 1914.
Ed Fawley and family, of near Tay-
lorsville, spent Sunday
with John
Roush and wife.
Mrs. Lewis King and three children
were guests of her parents, Henry
Walker and wife, at East Danville,
Mrs. Geo. Brown visited Wm. Berry
and family, Sunday.
Mrs. Clarence Vance, of Sardinia,
was a guest over Sunday of her par
ents, Geo. Lelghraan and wile. Geo.
Vance and wife, of Lumberton, were
also their guests Sunday.
Born to Stanley Davidson and wife,
on July 1, a son.
Dan Henderson and wife and Carl
Hlxson and family spent Sunday with
Edward Hopkins and wife, near
Rev. C. II. Brugh, of Tiffin, will
supply the pulpit at the Reformed
church until a regular pastor can be
secured. lie will preach next Sunday
morning at the regular hour.
Alec Davidson, of near New Market,
spent Sunday with his brother, Stanley
Davidson, and family.
Sheriff Satterfleld, or Hlllsboro,
transacted business here Thursday.
Ed Knauer returned to Knights
town, Ind., Monday, after spending
the past week with his family here.
Wm. Stockwell and wife left Tues
day for Perry, Io., where thay will
visit their son, Robert, and family.
They will go from there to Kalamazoo,
Mich , where they will spend several
weeks with their son, John, and wife.
Tom Hall, of Hollowtown, was here
on business Monday.
Mrs. Ella Wood and Mrs. J. B. Coch
ran and two little daughters were
guests of Mrs. Eliza Pence, Sunday.
D. B. Jacks, of East Danville, called
on friends at this place Monday.
Uncle Dan is always a welcome visitor.
The three townships, Hamer, Clay;
and Salem, will hold a Sunday School i
celebration In Robert McLaughlin's
grove near Prlcetown, Saturday, July
25 Good speaking, singing, reclta-'
tlons, drills, etc., will comprise the
splendid program that is being pre
pared, each Sunday School in these '
townships making up the program.1
The Reformed Sunday School will
meet on. Friday evening to arrange
for a drill for the little folks, also
practice for songs. The members are
bit Invited to attend this meeting.
The New York market loses 1,000,
000 eggs a year by breakage.
jprofauaional Srda.
Beth Phonetiln Office and Rtidnce
Officii Short St., Opp. Court Eouta
Glenn Big. HILLSBORO,,
Home 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone 148
Hlllvtooro, Ohio.
Oiwo: In Holmes
Building, North Bin
Oirnoi Bonus: 9 to it a. m
8 n. m.
I to and e tt
Both 'Phones In oaice and Residence,
For "Your Flowers.
snccEssons to bdble & turned!)
Funeral Directors & Embalmers
f A Full Line of High Grade
Prompt Delhcry. Courteous Treatment
tour ratronage Solicited
(Successors to J. C. Koch)
Otltcehtarlot Traction Depot
Home Phone 344
Frank Ayres
Insurance Agt
Opera House Block
Representing "six of the strongest
Old Line Fire insurance Companies.
Most liberal Farm Policie's ever writ
ten in the Aetna Co. Also Live Stock
Insurance. D Insuring your horse 8
againstjdeath from any cause.
I represent the.Atstna, Fidelity and
Surety Bond Co. One of the largest.
Also with accident policies. Terms as
low as you can get in high class safe
insurance. 9-6
Our Four Books sent Free with list
of Inventions wanted by manufac
turers and promoters, also Prizes of
fered for Inventions. Patents secured
700 Ninth St.
Washington O, O
Cleanief and bcaatlfiej Um hanV
Iromotea a luxuriant rrowth. i
Never Falls to Bettors Gray
Prevents bair falling.
nflr. htkI $1 QO at Pro girl t.
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anvone sending n, sketch and description may
quIcLly as certain our opinion free whether an
Invention la probably patent ablo. Comraunlcn
tlonistrfctlycnntldeiitlal HANDBOOK onl'atents
sent free. Oldest agency f or eecurinffpateuts.
Patents taken tnruupb Muun & Co. receive
tvtcial notice, without charge, in tho
citmtftc jwricatt.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly, r.areeat cir
culation of any tclemltic Journal. Terms, f 3 a
year: fourmontUa, U Sold by all newsdealers.
Brant Olflcu. !i F SU WaehlDRton, 11. C.
"Will you be my little chimpansee 1"
"Sir, you are extremely Insulting I"
"Why, I thought that was the pi oper
way to propose 1 It is according to all
the popular songs." Sudge.
I Canadian farmers are gradually dis
carding tho heavy fence rails which
have surrounded their properties for
decades, and are erecting serviceable
wire field fencing with attractive en
trance gates.
I Among the 1500 inhabitants in the
Joliet, 111., prison there is not one
4.. A

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