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Dlla n a candidate for the Republican
nomination for county auditor subject
to tho will of the voters at the August
Primary. ;if nominated and elected
I will do ray best to Rive the people
an eluilent anl economical adminis
tration. CHAKLES F. ROUI5UT3.
I will be a candidate for Clerk of
Courts of Highland county, subject to
the decision of the Republican electors
of the county at;the comln? August
Primary. Your support will be ap
predated. E. C. WisKCur,
adv Liberty township.
I am a candidate for nomination as
county commissioner on the Republi
can ticket, subject to the will of the
voters at the August Primary. If
nominated I will ao my duty without
fear or hope of reward.
tf Prank L. Chosen.
For Congress.
To the Editor ofjThe News-Herald ;
Please announce my candidacy for
the Republican nomination for Con
gress In the Sixth District of Ohio.
I shall be glad to talk or correspond
with all about Jthe Issues before the
people. Make Crawford,
Portsmouth, Ohio,
To the Republican Voters of High
land County :
I desire to re3pectrully announce
that I am a candidate for the office of
county commissioner subject to the
will of the Republican Jvoters at the
August primary.
If nominated and Selected 1 shall
strive to be commissioner In the best
Interest of all the people regardless of
politics or location.
Any favors shown me In either circu
lating my nominating petitions or In
support at the primary will be sincere
ly appreciated.
Irvin R. Rousii,
of Union Township.
To the Editor of The News-Herald :
Please announce that Iam a candi
date for the Republican nomination
for congress, subject to the will of the
voters at tho August Primary.
I would like to meet every voter In
this district, but this being impossible
it will be appreciated by me if anyone
who desires to know how I stand on
any public question will write me.
Here I can only say that I am a firm
believer in tha cardinal principles of
the Republican party and if nominat
ed and elected will endeavor to hae
them made the policy of our govern
ment as In my opinion they will bring
the greatest measure of prosperity to
all classes of people, farmers, capital
ists, manuafcturers, merchants and
laboring men, as there can be no sub
stantial prosperity to one class unless
all classes prosperjand are happy and
Soliciting your support and assuring
you that if I am electel) I will strive
at all times for what I believe is the
lest Interest of jail the people, I am
Yourb very truly
Charles C. Eearns,
Batavla, Ohio.
John Pfarr will clean and press and
mend that suit until It will look u
good as new. I also do dryj cleaning.
Give me a call. Brunner's Shoe
Shop. adv
S. S. Contest Picnic.
All are cordially Invited to attend
the S. S. Contest Picnic to be held on
the Stroup Reunion Grounds Saturday
afternoon, July 18. The defeated side
will serve refreshments. Entertain
ment for all who come and enjoy the
afternoon with us.
The Ladles Aid Society will have
charge of a refreshment stand on the
grounds, where you may be refreshed
at anytime. Lots of fun for both old
and young. Laura B. Gallaiier.
Miss "Virginia Wedding, of Ander
son, Ind., came here Tuesday for a
ilslt with her grandmother, Mrs. J,
H. Wedding.
Ralph and Louis Purdy, of Madison
vllle, are spending their vacation with
their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C.
W. Falrley, and will spend a week
with their uncle, Charles Falrley, at
Mr. and Mrs. Djn Purdy, of Midi
ionvllle, are the guests of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Falrley. Mr.
Purdy will spend Tuesday and Wednes
day In Columbia attending the Lum
bermen's Association.
The petitions, which have been in
circulation in this county to inlatiate
an amendment to the state constitu
tion giving women the right of suf
frage, were sent to the state head
quarters of the Woman's Suffrage As
joclatlon Saturday. Seven hundred
and forty-one signers were secured in
fhls county.
The New York market loses 1,000,
00 eggs a year by breakage.
In llillsboro to Put One Per Cent.
Tax Provision In the
Petitions have been In circulation
here sines Monday to Initiate, an
amendment to the state constitution
A synopsis of the proposed amend
ment follows :
Taxing officials may spend 10 mills
levy without the consent of the vo
ters. Consent of votes necessary to spend
In excess of 10 mills, exclusive of
sinking fund and In tea est.
Where the rate is less than 10 mills
in any taxing district, officials cannot
spend more than year before, but
from year to year maj take advantage
I of revenues derived from increased
Taxing officials cannot Increase rato
but electors may vote to Increase in
debtedness. Property should be divided into
three classes, real, tangible personal
and u ntanglble personal. General as
sembly may fix rate on classes. Gen
eral Assembly may provide to exempt
mortgages from taxation.
The State Board of Commerce Of
Columbus is back of the amendment,
George McConnaughey and Kenneth
Conard are circulating the petitions
here and Wednesday at noon had se
cured 425 signers.
The important features of the pro
posed amendment are the embodying
of the one per cent, limitation in the
constitution ; the classifying of prop
erty and the power to exempt mort
gages from taxation.
A black snake four feet long was
killed at the home of Fred Hill, east
of town, Saturday morning. Mrs.
Hill saw the snake go In the kitchen
door. There were no men at the
house and Mrs. Hill called her neigh
bor, Mrs. Mary E. Skeen to help her
kill the snake. Mrs. Skeen secured a
shovel and Mrs. Hill a potato digger
and they started the search for the
reptile. They made a careful search
of three rooms and finally found the
snake in the fourth room. M rs. Skeen
pined it to the floor and Mrs Hill
killed it with the potato digger.
Uhlna Snake.
While fishing in the Fort St George
moat, at Madras, a correspondent of
. Country Life saw a snake fifteen Inch
' es long come out of the water with a
fish In Its mouth. On catching Bight
of tho writer it dropped the fish and
bolted, leaving the fish on the bank
alive. On another occasion, while fish
ing In a reservoir near Ghaziabad, be
again saw a snake emerging from the
water with a fish in Its mouth. This
snake was about twenty-four inches
lone, and on kllllntr it he was able to
identify the fish as a common species !
1 of Indian fresh water fish. Later on
he saw a viper, nearly four feet long,
lying in shallow water. The writer
I booked it ashore with bis tackle, upon
which the snake attacked him, leaving
a large yollow fung in bis fishing rod.
Privilege of London.
London still retains its picturesque
ancient rights and privileges, and as
an instance-it may be mentioned that
whenever the ruling monarch pays a
formal or state visit to the city It is
customary for the lord mayor and slier-i
Iff 3 to meet the sovereign at the bound-
ary of the ancient city, where he will
enter. A sword Is extended to the king
(implying that permission to enter is
given), who touches It and returns it
to the mayor. By ancient right, upon
the decease of the sovereign and until
the proclamation of the new monarch,
the lord mayor Is nominal bead pf the
state, with full authority and powers.
England' Great Aquarium.
The aquarium at Brighton, England,
Is one of the lnrgout and most beauti
ful aquaria In Europe. It Is operated
with annexes, like a theater and res
taurant, but the place is admirably
maintained and during the summer Is
one of the attractions of the English
watering place.
Unfair Advantage.
"Your valet went on strike, did he?
I hope you did not accede to bis de
mands?" "Ton my life, I bad to, old chap
The cunning creature actually threat
ened to leave mo one morning wben 1
was half dressed." London Opinion.
A Trying Position.
"This is going to put me in a very
trying position." he muttered.
"What, my dear?" she asked.
"I have been summoned to serve on
a Jury." Loudon Telegraph.
Nettle and Bee.
Little Bertie bad Just been stung by
a nettlo. "Mother," be asked, "If a bee
settled on a nettle would the bee sting
the nettle or would the nettle sting the
Galvanized Iron.
Galvanized Iron la merely Iron dipped
In molten zinc. The coating Is not
electrically applied, as the word gal
vanized seems to imply.
All Danish passenger steamers and
ferry boats on tho route between Swe
den and Germany will probably soon be
equipped with the wireless telephone.
Telephone stations will be erected on
the coast.
I Is Getting Bigger Every Day.
10 Per Gent
10 Per Gent
25 Per Gent Off On All Suits and Goats
10 Per Gent Off On All Carpets
10 Per Gent Off On All Mattings
10 Per Gent Off On All Curtains and Draperies
10 Per Gent Off On All Lace and Embroidery Flouncings 1
New Summer Goods Coming In Every Day at This Progressive Store j
I South High Street Hillsboro, Ohio 1
Testa Two Managers Uced to Get the
Right Kind of Employee.
"How do you pick out your stenog
raphers? By their clothes or for their
looks?" asked the sales manager of the
correspondence man.
"By neither. Just by their hands. I
look at those much more carefully
than I do at their faceB. A combina
tion of rings and ink stains, or rings
and carelessly kept nails, means that
the girl cannot have the Job.
"It is simple enough when you como
to think of It The girl who takes pains
to keep ber hands immaculate and her
nails trimmed will turn out letters that
are Just as carefully neat If she has
a white, clean, well kept hand she will
be a good employee, and you are wel
come to the information. It took me
some years to discover It for myself.
How do you pick out your salesmen?"
"Not by 'their hands," laughed the
sales manager, "but by another phys
ical characteristic. I pick them out by
their mouths.
"Every man who applies has recom
mendations. I never read them. If a
man's Jaws close with a snap when he
talks that man has opinions that are
strong and can put up a good argu
ment He will put up a good argu
ment with our customers and a con
vincing one.
"On the other hand. If he closes his
mouth loosely or his Jaws wabble
when he finishes u sentence he will put
up a lame and uncertain line of argu
ment with an obstinute customer, and
obstinate customers are the ones we
are after. Take n look at the Juws of
the men who bae been great vote
getters and politicians, and you will
see what I mean. It's a simple thing
after all, isn't It?" New York Sun.
A Fable, Partly.
A fox met u monkey "Why Is it,"
said the fox, "that human beings like
you and don't like me? We are both
thieves by nature and yet tbey bunt
me with dogs, but make a pet of you."
"The answer Is easy." answered the
monkey. "True, we are both thieves,
and you are wiser than I nm, but 1
make 'em laugb, and they don't care
whether I steal or not. and tbey don't
care whether I am u fool or not"
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Inside Information.
"Father." said little- Hollo, "what Is
"Appendicitis, my son," answered the
deep thinking father. "Is something
that enables a doctor to open up a
man's anatomy atd remove bis entlro
bank account." Ladles' Home Journal.
Queered Herself.
"Do you permit old ladles to kiss
your baby?" asked tho one who was
still trying to appear girlish.
"Ob, yes,' replied the proud young
mother. "Go ahead and give the little
dear a smack." Chicago Record-Herald
"Father, what le the Prussian
"Rye bread and bear. Be quiet now,
will you?" Buffalo Express.
Off On All Wash Dresses
Off On Ail Wash Waists
July 13, 1914.
Elmer Ockerman and wife spent
Saturday night and Sunday at Port
Inez Butler, of Hlllsboro, spent
Sunday with Hugh Purdy and family.
Lorain Spargur and Mrs. Ova Creed
and brother, Glenn, spent Saturday
night and Sunday in Berry vllle.
Thomas Priest and wife spent Sun
day with Chas. Rhoads and family.
H. 0. Sanders aud family and E. H.
Edwards aud wife were entertained
Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ter
rell, of New Vienna.
George Hetherlngton and wife,
Emmet Moon and Ethel Smith spent
Sunday with T. B. Smith and family.
Kirby Chaney and family spent Sun
day afternoon with S E. Michael and
Henry Burnett died at his home at
Dallas Friday night, after a short ill
ness. He was aged 30 years. The
funeral services' were held at the Dal
las M. E. church Monday morning,
conducted by Rev. W. E. Shrlver, of
John Madden and daughter, Miss
May, were called to Elmwood Saturday
by the death of the former's brother,
Thomas Madden. Deceased was aged
72 years and had been ill for a long
time with stomach trouble. The
funeral services were held at the Elm-
wood Catholic church Monday morn'
ing, burial at St. Bernard. Many of
the older citizens of Hlllsboro will
remember Mr. Madden, he having lived
here when a young man. After going
to Cincinnati for 35 yeaas Ire was
watchman at the Eighth Street Cross
"Do you subscribe to many of Wlm
bleton's unconventional theories ?"
' No ; I do not have to subscribe ; he
gives them to me regularly without
going through that formality."
An Austrian government bureau has
officially estimated the population of
that country this year at almost 29,
000,000. Portland Cement
We have a large stock of
both the ATLAS and UN
IVERSAL Brand, the very
best made, at
I " (8 0)
Judge W. H. Middleton, of Waverly,
who Is a candidate for the Republican
nomination for judge of the court of
appeals, was here Tuesday looking
after his Interests. Judge Middleton
is now serving on the Common Pleas
bench In his district and has nfade an
excellent record.
Selig Hearsts Weekly of Current Events
Adventures of Kathlyn Series No. 10.
"The Warrior Maid"
This is the Series Everybody is Talking About
Greatest Wild Animal Feature Ever Issued.
Maurice Costello and Mary Charlesonin
Francis Bushman and Ruth Stonehouse in
A Great Show at a Small Price
Having purchased the entire Millinery Stock of the Berrvman
Hat Shop on North High Street, and
ont as soon as posulble In order to put In the newest in Fall Mil
linery, we have deolded to make a
Of our entire Stook regardless of Cost, Oome in now and get your
choice while the besi is hero. Sale will continue for 10 days, be
ginning Wednesday, July 16, and closing Saturday, July 25.
Ellen Leslie and Mary Doggett, Preps,
m V
During the 03 years he has been rec
tor of North Tawton, Devon, England,
the Rev Robert Hole has been away
away from his parish only three Sundays.
Odessa last year lmpo rted 230 auto
mobiles. ORPHEUM Sr
being desirous of closing it-
, .v
. n
' i
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