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One Year (In Advance) $1.00
Six Months 50
Tliree Months 25
Entered at Post Office, Hlllsboro,
What About Mexico?
From what we have learned of the situation in Mexico we
judge that the resignation of President Huerta will not change
conditions materially. A change of rulers is I not the essential
thing and will be of slight if any benefit to the people of that
Before a stable, enlightened government can be established,
a firm foundation must be laid. And the only firm foundation is
an educated, prosperous, happy and contented people.
All reports convince us that the great majority of the native
Mexicans live practically in bondage; that their poverty is abject
and that they are very ignorant; that the man who can read and
write is the exception instead of the rule as in civilized countries.
It is only natural for people living in such conditions to listen
to the first man who promises them better things and join him in
an uprising, rebellion, revolution or whatever name you may care
to call it. You cannot blame them. Their condition could not be
worse and they are promised better things. Is it not what you
and I would do under like conditions?
A strong man may become president of Mexico and rule it with
an iron hand as did Diaz. But if he does there will be continual
uprisings throughout the country, which it will be necessary to
mercilesslv and brutally crush. It will mean a government of no
real benefit to the country. Foreign capital and foreigners may
be temporarily safe and reap benefits, but in a short time another
successful revolution will be carried on and the country wasted
and devastated.
There is but one solution to the Mexican situation and that is
the education and betterment of the condition of the great mass of
people. The government must be established whereby three
fourths of the Mexicans will not be peons, iiving in worse than
slavery. Their condition must be improved. They- must have
schools. They must have opportunities to have decent homes and
to acquire property by thrift and industry. When this is done
there will come peace, prosperity and progress,
Can the Mexicans work out their own salvation and secure
such a government? If they cannot do it, who must? To this last
question there is but one answer, the United States. Upon.us the
responsibility must fall. We are the strong nation of this conti
nent and the wealthiest and it is more important to us than any
other nation that Mexico have a strong, stable government. We
do not believe in annexing Mexico, but we do believe in forming a
protectorate over it, if -order does not soon come out of chaos.
And this protectorate should make education compulsory and abol
ish poenage ; encourage thrift and industry and lessen poverty and
Only when the majority ot the people have fairly comfortable
homes and feel that they and their children have equal opportuni
ties for improvement and advancement as others have will any
nation be peaceful and its people happy. In some way such a
condition must be brought about in Mexico. -
Some men work from sun to sun while other's work is never
dene because it is never begun. '
It is not necessary to sing your own praises all the time, if
others will do it part of the time for you.
The saying "Brains will tell" is true, but often the way you
can tell a person has brains is by his not telling.
With the present styles a girl who wears hose that are silk
half the way up does not fool anyone.
July 20, 1914.
Ellsworth East and family, of Oyn
thiana, spent Sunday with James
Thompson and family.
Cassius Eubanks and wife and
daughter, of near Conway Chapel,
called on Mrs. Walter Rhoads Sundav
Miss Myrl Thompson, of ClftI Range,
spent Saturday and Sunday with her
parents, John Thompson and wife, in
Beech Flatts.
Leslie Cartwright, of Poplar Grove,
called on Harvey Holten Saturday
Dick Stults and family, of Fair-
view, were the guests of O. P. Carter i
and family Sunday.
II. V. Matthews, H. M. Eubank, T.
E. McCoppln and Lee Iliatt motored
to Marshall Wednesday evening and
attended the traction meeting.
Mrs. Anna McCall and daughter, of
Carmel, and Mrs. Mary McCall, of
Oynthiana, spent Thursday with
Mrs, J. O. Stults.
Mrs. Cinderella Rhoads and grand
son called on Mrs. flarvlo Holten
Sunday evening.
Alma Countryman is expected home
tomorrow from Middletown, whero
he has been visiting his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Ilenry Countryman, for a
Lawrence Freeze, of Springfield, is
the guest of his grandparents, J. L.
Reed and wife.
Miss Dora Hockman, of Cincinnati,
Bobco and Floyd Hockman, of Wash
lngton 0. IT., were called home Satur
day by the sudden death of their
Editor and Manager
33 H. "ST. T XI XT 31 J3 3D -A. "ST
Ohio, as Second Glass Matter.
Made Known on. Application.
father, T. A. Hockman.
Glenn Countryman and Opal Bar
ton were business visitors in Hllls
boro Saturday.
Miss Louisa Lawson spent a few
days last week, the guest of her
daughter, Mrs. Charlie Johnson, in
Beech Flatts.
Edward White and J. B. Turner
spent Sunday at the bedside of the
former's father, H. C. White, of near
Cliff Range.
J O. Stults and wife were business
visitors in Balnbrldge Saturday.
H. V. Matthews and wife, Bess L.
Butler and Grace Havens were guests
of the former's parents, D. O. Mat
thews and wife ac Greenfield Saturday
night and motored to Leesbunr. High
land, New Vienna and Hlllsboro Sun
Blanch Cartwright, Mrs. Dora But
ler and son, of Sinking Spring, spent
Friday with J. P. Havens and family.
Mrs. Rebecca Stults was the guest
of her sister. Mrs. Jane Stults from
Saturday till Monday.
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Hay Fever.
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asthma and hay fever use Foley's
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An Austrian government bureau has
officially estimated the population of
that country this year at almost 20,-000,000.
t Republican Candidate for Auditor t
f My opponent has just finished two terms a"s County Com- t
t He is a man of wealth and influence; has as much need t
for the salary as a wagon has for five wheels. t
I I have never asked for an elective office. ' J
t I served one term as Hillsboro's postmaster. f
i After a careful" investigation President Taf t made my ap-
I pointment a personal one. I
I went into that office as clean as a h6unds tooth, others
wise I could not have had it. t
I came out of it just as clean. .
j I want the Auditor's job for the salary, because it means
t a living and education for my children. t
t That is, where the postmaster's salary went and I am
t proud of the result, altho it left me just one jump i
t ahead of the wolf. You who have finished the edu- I
t cation of your children can appreciate the sacrifices. 1
It will take a battle royal to win and thus far-1 have had
f to battle for every inch of my progress. X
t I am asking you for your personal favor. If you grant it I
1 I win and I assure you it means everything to me. t
i Respectfully, i
Dllam a candidate for the Republican
nomination for county auditor subject
to the will of the voters at the August
Primary. 'If nominated and elected
I will do my best to give the people
an efficient and economical adminis
I will be a candidate for Clerk of
Courts of Highland county, subject to
the decision of the Republican electors
of the county atj'the coming' August
Primary. Your support will be ap
preciated. E. C. Wiseoup,
adv Liberty township.
I am a candidate for nomination as
county commissioner on the Republi
can ticket, subject to the will of the
voters at the August Primary. If
nominated I will ao my duty without
fear or hope of reward.
tf Fbank L. Chosen.
For Congress.
To the Editor of'The News-Herald ;
Please announce my 'candidacy for
the Republican nomination for Con
gress in the Sixth District of Ohio.
I shall be glad to talk or correspond
with all about the issues before the
people. Mark Crawford,
Portsmouth, Ohio,
To the Republican Voters of High
- land County:
I desire to respectfully announce
that I am a candidate for the office of
county commissioner subject to the
will of the Republican voters ac the
August primary.
If nominated and Selected I shall
strive to be commissioner in the best
interest of all therpeopie regardless of
politics or location.
Any favorsshown me In either circu
lating my nominating 'petitions or in
support at the primary will be sincere
ly appreciated.
IrvinK. Rousn,
of Union Township.
To the Editor of The News-Herald :
Please announce that lam a candi
date for the Republican "nomination
for congress, subject to the will of the
voters at the August Primary.
I would like to meet every voter in
this district, but this being impossible
It will be appreciated by me if anyone
who desires to know how I stand on
any public question will write me.
Here I can only say that I am a firm
believer in the cardinal principles of
the Republican party and if nominat
ed and elected will endeavor to have
them made the policy of our govern
ment as In my opinion they will bring
the greatest measure of prosperity to
all classes of people, farmers, capatal
lsts, manuafcturors, merchants and
laboring men, as there can be no sub
stantial prosperity to one class unless
all classes prosper'and 'are happy and
Soliciting your support and assuring
you that if I am elected; I will strive
at all times for what I believe is the
best Interest ofjall the people, I am
Yours, very truly
Chables O. Keabns,
Batavla, Ohio.
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neglect and overwork, and you have
got it In Foley Kidney Pills. Their
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low their use. Try them. adv
Garrett & Ayres.
July 20, 1014.
Mrs. Nancy Redkey, who has been
the guest of her sister in Washington
D. C, for several months, has re
turned home.
Miss Elizabeth Spargur visited
friends In Springfield last week.
John E. Spanrur Is vlsltiner relatives
at Washington C. H.
Harold Davis nearly severed one of
his toes from his foot with an axe
while chopping wood one day last
A son was born to Gilbert Hodge
and wife last Thursday.
Miss Georgia Dowler, of Washing
ton O. H., is visiting at the home of
her uncle, J. H. lvers.
J. E. Dpp, of Greenfield, spent part
of last week here looking after busi
pess Interests. '
MissJEsther Cameron left last week
for a visit with relatives at Springfield.
Jos. I. Taggart, of Washington C.
H., visited friends here last week.
Miss Martha Lee Beavers leaves to
morrow for a visit with relatives at
Mrs. Wm. Russell, of Greenfield, Is
the guest of her daughter, Mrs, John
D. Roads.
G. G. Garman .spent part of last
week with friends In Dayton.
Frank Mink and wife, of Columbus,
visited relatives here last week, re
turning home Thursday.
Miss Elsa Roads Is visiting her aunt,
Mrs. Barrett, at Greenfield.
J . B. Upp and Mrs. Josephine Sams
have returned from the Dahl-MUllkan
excursion to Cedar Point.
Mlss,Helen Hodge Is the guest of
relatives at Washington C. H.
Mrs. Carrie Flatter delivered two
addresses here on Sunday in the Inter
ests of the work of the W. C. C. U. in
the Important question of the day.
During her stay here she was ' the
guest of Mrs. Cora Davis.
A blaze in the roof of the Spargur
Hotel last Saturday evening caused
considerable excitement for a short
time, but luckily the 'Are was extin
guished before it gained much head
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you an easy victim for disease. For
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July 20, 1014.
Jonah Brltton and Mrs. Lizzie Hod
son are sick.
' Mrs. Hannah Murrav. an atred ladv.
died at the, home of her daughter,
airs, waiter nates, itrmay mgnc. Fu
neral services were held at the home
Sunday afternoon, conducted by Rev.
Poston, after which the remains were
laid In the cemetery here.
Miss Ollie McDanlel, formerly of
this place, but now of Peebles, was
married on last Wednesday to Homer
Stephenson, of Peebles.
O.JR. Eeelor, of Carmel, spent part
of last week with Thos. Holladay.
$1C0 Reward, $100
The readers of tills paper will bt
ptoased to learn that there Is at least on
drnaded dteeaso that science has beer
ablo to cure In all Its Btaucs, and that il
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fraternity. Catarrh being a constltutlona
disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken In
ternally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system, there
by destroying t'10 foundation of the dis
ease and giving the patient-strength by
building up the constitution und assisting
8ature In doing its work. Tho proprietor!
ave so much faith In Its curative pow
srs that they offer One Hundred Doll an
for any case that It falls to euro, Send
ar list of testimonials.
Mdress V. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, Ohio
' 'i b7 Ml jDnvriisti. 7,-.
.e Hall's Family rub toe conatipatlou.
Candidate for Republican nomi
nation for Congress
A member of Congress should be a
man who is well posted upon the is
sues of the day and have decided views
upon public questions. Ho should also
be able to express his views and con
victions clearly and forcefully so that
they will be heard attentively and be
carefully considered. The Republicans
of the New Sixth District have such
a candidate in Charles C. Reams, of
Clermont county.
Mr. Kearns Is one of the leading
lawyers of Clermont county, an elo
quent, convincing and forceful advo
cate. He has served his county as
Prosecuting Attorney and made an
enviable reputation; trjing and con
victing more criminals than any other
incumbent of that office. His high
standing in his profession is best
shown by the fact that he has been
leading counsel on one side or the
other of every important case tried in
his county in the last six .tears. '
The son of a Civil War Veteran Mr.
Kearns was born and reared a Repub
lican and is a firm believer and strong
advocataof the principles of the party.
Socially he Is always pleasant, affable
and courteous, a genial companion
and true friend, a mau whom jou al
ways enjoy meeting and the oftener
you meet him and the belter you know
him the better you like him.
If a a man is honored and respected
by those among whom his daily walk
in life falls, you know that he is a
man of worth and high character. It is
the truest test and the highest com
pliment that can be paid a man. No
man stands higher In Clermont county
than Charles C. Kearns. ..Those who
know Htm best, praise him most.
They speak in high terms' of his hon
esty, integrity, strong character, abili
ty and faithfulness to duty.
A young man, strong and aggressive,
Charles O. Kearns possesses the quali
ties in a marked degree which make
him an Ideal candidate for member of
Congress. If nominated and elected
he will serve his constituents faith
fully and well and his constituents
will be proud of their representative.
No mistake should be made at the
Primary Election in selecting the Re
publican candidate for congress and
none will be made if Charles C. Kearns
is nominated. adv
July 20, 1014.
Geo. Prlno and family were very
pleasantly entertained Sunday by
Frank Crosen and family at Dunn's
John Pence is in this neighborhood
with his threshing machine.
Mrs. B. F. Smith anddaughter and
Mrs. Martha McCannand granddaugh
ter, Miss Juol McCann, ofOlney, 111.,
are visiting relatives here.
Mrs. H. G. Powell and granddaugh
ter, Mary Powell, left Saturday to vis
it relatives at Williamsburg.
Lewis Pence, of Locust Grove, spent
Sunaay night with O. E. Robblns.
The friends and relatives of John
Welty gathered at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. Chas. Slmbro, on Sun
day to the number of Isixty-elght and
reminded him of hls;elghty-flfth birth
day. Emos Hopkins andjwife, of Dunn's
Chapel, spent Sunday with Jack Frye
and wife.
Chas. Slnibro'and family called on
H. G. Powell and family Sunday even
ing. Mrs, J. O. Harris and grandson,
Ernest Harris, of Harrlsburg, spent
Friday afternoon with her sister, Mrs.
Chas. Simbro.
Edgar Dodds and wife, of near Baln
brldge, spent Sunday and Monday
with her parents, Chas. Slmbro and
Edgar Jones, of Seamen, and Mr.
Freeman, of White Oak, spent Sunday
night with Carey Klrkpatrick and
Dr, and Mrs. Roy Rognrs and child
ren, of Hlllsboro, called on VV, E,
Noftsger, Sunday.
A reorganization of the Fish Pack
era' and Coopers' Union Is expected to
be effective soon In Halifax, Nova
HlLtsnono. July 1 3 IBM
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Wheat. bUHhel ,
Oats, ,,.
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8 Toothache, Foceache, Neuralgia .......2."
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13 Croup, Iloarao Cough, Laryngitis 2.".
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17 Piles, Blind or Bleeding. External, Internal.2.
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27 Kidney Disease 2,"
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SO Urinary Incontinence, Wetting Bed. 2.
34 Bore Throat. Quinsy 23
77 La Cfippe-Crlp 25
Sold by druggists, or sent on receipt of price.
William and Ann 8trals.New York.
Important Change in Time of all
Trains will depart from Hlllsboro
dally except Sunday ao follows: 7:55
a no., 3:40 p. in., 0:25 p. m. Sunday
only, 8:20 a. tr., 0:25 p. m.
Trains arrive except Sunday, 10:35
a. m., 0:10 p in , 9:25 p. m.
Sunday only 10;35 a. m , 9 p. ra.
For Further Information
Call on or address S. G. Griffin,
Agent, Hlllsboro, O. L. G. Paul, D.
P. A., Chillicothe.
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