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JESSE B. MALLOW, of Ross County
Mr Jesse B. Mallow, of Rosa county, is a candidate for the Republican
nomination for State Senator of the Fifth Sixth Senatorial District at the
ensuing primary election, August 11, 1014. ,
This district is composed of the counties of Ross, Highland,' Clinton Fay
ette and Green.
For a quarter of a century the Republicans of this Senatorial district
have maintained a rule of rotation by giving to each county in its turn the
nominee for State Senator Ross county has always been loyal to this rulei
and IT IS NOW Ross county's nomination by the rule and there is no more
reason for breaking the rule now than in the past.
Ross county presents for this nomination one of her best qualified citizens,
in the person of Jesse B. Mallow, of Frankfort, who by education and experi
ence, understands the needs and possibilities of the agricultural and commer
cial interests of this district, for he is a success in business life and a success
f ul farmer.
July 20, 1914.
Miss Ethel Griffith spent Friday in
Blanchester with her cousin, Mrs.
Harry Shank.
Mrd. Ad Man Van Pelt, of Cincinnati,
was the guest of her niece, Mrs. Hal
dane Evans, Thursday and Friday.
Supt. C. H. Lewis was a business
visitor in New Vienna "last Friday.
Donald Purdy and family, of Madi
sonville, were guests of Chas. Falrley
and wife, last week.
Mrs. M. A. Williams returned home
Friday morning from a delightful
vacation at Cedar Rapids.
After an illness of several month's
duration, Mrs McCoy died Friday
morning at the home of her son,
Samuel McCoy.
BVlrgil Robinson has returned to his
home near Hlllsboro, after making an
extended visit with relatives here.
Rev. Middleton and daughter, Belle,
of Yellow Springs, were called here
Friday on account of the death of his
son-in-law, O. F. Horst.
Cyrus Fairley and wife and son,
Herman, of Hillsboro, were gues,ts of
their son,' Charles Falrley, and wife,
south of town, last Thursday.
Silas Sparks and wife visited their
daughter, Mrs. Louis Mills and" family,
near Bowersville, Wednesday and
Thursday of last week.
Rev. A. P. Smith was at Milledge
vllle last week assisting in a series of
evangelistic services.
Mrs. Lulu Barber Wilson, of Inde
pendence, Kan., is visiting her parentsi
A. G. Barber and wife.
Misses Sarah and Madge Purdy are
syendlng a fortnights vacation with
their sister, Mrs. Lottie Roclnson,
south of Hlllsboro.
The people of our village were
grieved when a message came announc
ing the death of 0. F. Horst, which
occurred at his home in Hlllsboro,
Thursday evening about 4 o'clock.
Mr. Horst was formerly a resident
here. His remains were brought to
the home of his sister, Miss Pauline,
Sunday morning and funeral services
were held from the home Sunday
afternoon Interment in Pleasant
Hill cemetery. The most sincere
sympathy is extended to the grief
stricken wife and children.
Best Diarrhoea Remedy.
If you have ever used Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
you know that it Is a success. Sam F.
Guln, Whatley, Ala., writes, "I had
measles and got caught out In the rain,
and It settled in my stomach and bow
els. I had an awful time, and had It
not been for Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy I could
not possibly have lived but a few hours
longer, but thanks to this remedy, I
am now well and strong." For sale
by All Dealers. adv
July 20, 1914.
Ed. Roberts and wife and baby, of
Hillsboro, called on the former's
mother Sunday.
Samantha Chaney is making an ex
tended visit with relatives at New
R. O. Hull and wife, of Jessup, and
Frank Holmes and wife and daughter,
of Hillsboro, spent Saturday and Sun
day with Isaac Stanforth and family.
J. D. Van Winkle attended' the
funeral of Otto Horst, at Leesburg,
Sunday afternoon.
. Grant McConnaughey and wife were
the guests of the latter's mother,
Mrs. L.X. Eaklns, Sunday.
John Custer and daughter, Hazel,
of Chllllcothe, 111., arrived here Satur
day to visit L. B. Custer and family.
Mr. Custer returned home Sunday
evening, Miss Hazel remaining for a
Guy Purdy and wife, of near Hills
boro, were the guests of P. S. Bell and
family, Sunday.
Isaac Larrlck and wife and two
children called on Mrs. M. H. Eyler
A. E. Hunter and Jessie Harsh
barger spent Sunday with Jas. Hunter
and family, at Hoaglands.
Roscoe McConnaughey spent Sunday
under the parental roof.
Misses Maggie and Nettle Bloom, of
Sugartree Ridge, were the guests of
Mrs. O. W. Garen, Sunday.
C. V. Purdy transacted business at
Pricetown, Saturday.
Roy Harshbarger and wife and
daughter, spent Sunday afternoon
r with relatives at Point Victory.
Joe Miller and family, of Hlllsboro,
spent one day last week with Nelson
Barrere Sr. and family.
Effort McCoy and wife, of Miller's
ChapelJ attended the festival Saturday
night and were guests of Wm. Carrier
and family, Sunday. -
Ellsworth Eaklns spent a couple of
days last week at Mowrystown.
Mrs. J. D. Booth and daughters, of
Sugartree Ridge, were callers here
W. E. Lemon, of Hlllsboro, was here
on business last week.
. Cured of Indigestion.
Mrs. Sadie P. Clawson, Indiana, Pa.,
was bothered with indigestion." My
stomach pained me night and day,"
writes. "1- would feel bloated and
have headache and belching after eat
ing. I also suffered from constipation.
My daughter had used Chamberlain's
Tablets and they did her so much good
that she gave me a few doses of them
and insisted upon my trying them.
They helped me as nothing else has
done." For sale by All Dealers, ady
Philadelphia is about to spend more
than 81,000,000 on grade crossing elimination.
July 20, 1914.
Miss Norine DeLaney is spending a
few days with friends in Oxford.
, Mrs. W. T. Nolder and daughter,
Sarah, are with the formei's sister,
Mrs. J. E. Stabler, at Hlllsboro, for a
weeks' visit.
Miss Audrey Slaughter, of Coving
ton, and Miss Clara Stautner were
visltjrs In the Stabler home Friday.
Miss Ger'trude Pilster returned to
Columbus, Monday. She was accom
panied as far as Blanchester by her
sister, Miss Leone.
Miss Louella Ellis, of Sharpsvllle,
spent the week-end with her aunt,
Mrs. Clarence Dean.
Mrs. Florence Keys was the guest
of her sister, Mrs. Harley Carpenter,
at Sharpsvllle, last week.
Loomls Chaney, of Sharonville, is
visiting relatives here this week.
Warren Connell and wife entertain
ed Warren Morrow and wife and
their guests, Charles Reeder and wile
and Mrs. D E. Pence and children, of
Columbus, on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.
Reeder leaving for Columbus Sunday
Mrs. M. E. Sonner and son, Floyd,
and Mrs. Clarus Rouslf spent Sunday
with Frarik Haller and wife, at East
Elmer Wlllett has accepted the posi
tion of engineer of the Water & Light
Plant here. He was formerly with
the Hasket Brick Co., at Dayton.
Miss LUlie Faris, of Cincinnati, and
brother, L. L. Faris, of Columbus,
were with their families Sunday.
Lewis Ellis and wife, of Westboro,
spent.Sunday with relatives here.
lsma Troth spent Thursday night
and Friday in Hlllsboro.
Mrs. Sallie Puckett and daughter,
Mrs. Frank Timms, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
returned Wednesday from a two weeks
visit with Mrs. A. E. Thornhill and
Mrs. Lacy, at Sablna.
Mrs. Clara Slaughter and daughter,
Miss Audrey, of Covington, visited
W. E. Stautner and family, from
Wednesday until Sunday.
Miss Hazel McCann spent Tuesday
In Westboro.
Miss Julia Johnson, of Norwood, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. J. W. Town
send. C. W. Morrow and E. C. Srofe left
Sunday on an automobile trip to Mat
toon, 111.
Mayor Ruble and wife, G. L. Bering,
Miss Lillian Chaney and Mrs. Sadie
Cleveland spent Sunday at Sulphur
Lick Springs and Chllllcothe.
Isma Troth and wife were guests of
their daughter, Mrs. Eldo Morrow, at
Columbus, on Monday.
J. B. Hunter and family, J. A. Kes
ler and family, Misses Hilda Goddard
and Julia Johnson spent Sunday at
Ft. Ancient.
If Kidney and Bladder Bother Then
Foley Kidney Pills.
Overworked kidneys will break down
If not helped. When they can no
longer protect the'blood and the body
from the poisons that come to them,
then look out for Brlght's disease, se
rious kidney trouble and bladder
annoyances. Foley Kidney Pills are
your best protection, your best medi
cine for weak, sore, overworked kidney
and bladder weaknesses. adv
July 20, 1914.
George Ballentine and wife, Burch
Hott and wlfo and Henry Kelley and
family visited Mrs. Lucinda West,
Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Thomas Cunningham enter
tained the sewing circle this week and
the Misses Ballentine last week.
Mrs. Chaney of Greenfield, spent
Sunday at the home of Grover McCjy.
Mrs. Alta Shannon is entertaining
relatives from a distance.
E. E. West and wife were In Hllls
boro Saturday.
Rev. L. Davis and wife, of Belfast,
took dinner with Henry Spargur and
wife, Sunday.
Dan West, of Samantha, is the guest
of his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth West.
Mrs. C. C Eaklns was the guest of
her parents in Hillsboro, Saturday.
Herron Newby and wife were In
Hlllsboro, Saturday.
A Perfect Cathartic.
There Is sure and wholesome action
In every dose of Foley Cathartic Tab
lets. They cleanse with never a gripe
or pain: Chronic cases of constipation
find them invaluable. Stout people
are relieved of that bloated, congested
feeling, so uncomfortable especially
in hot weather. They keep your liver
busy. adv
Garbbtt & Ayres.
"Why don't you want to serve ?"
"I have conscientious scruples
against capital punishment."
"I don't understand such foolish
ness," snapped the attorney, roughly,
"No," replied the other, serenely.
"I didn't suppose a lawyer would."
Kansas City Journal.
Little Care Aay Save Many
Hillsboro Readers Future
Watch the kidney secretions.
See that they have the amber
of health.
The discharge not excessive or
Contain no "brick-dust like" sedi
ment. Doan's Kidney Pills are especially
for weak kidneys.
Here's Hillsboro proof of their merit
Cary Roades, retired farmer, 130 E.
North St., Hillsboro, Ohio, says : "For
several years I suffered greatly from
1IHnotT wonbriaiifl T nipr w xr Vn tr
vears aim and whenever I cauirht cold '
years ago ana wnenever i caugnc coia .
it was sure to settle there, causing
sharp twinges of pain. The kidney
secretions became scanty and were
highly colored. I commenced using
Doan's Kidney Pills, procured at Gar
rett & Ayres' Drug Store and was
greatly relieved. I still hold a high
opinion of Doan's Kidney Pills. They
have proven a wonderful kidney medi
cine in my case. The statement I
gave In their praise before holds good."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
July 20, 1914.
Mrs. Frank Kelley and Miss Osa
Spruance, of near Prospect, spent
Wednesday with F. M. Main and
Mrs. John Howard and sister, Mrs.
Anna Hughes Marks, of Hillsboro,
took dinner Friday with O. H.
Hughes and wife.
Gatch Spruance and Ed. Capllnger
spent Sunday with John Capllnger
and family, of near Slater's Mill.
Benton Parks and wife and Mrs.
Cunningham and daughter, Martha,
were guests Sunday of Dr. Mason and
Harry Wright and family and Jas.
Creed and family motored to Saman
tha Sunday.
Harley Suiters and family attended
camp meeting at Harriett Sunday.
Misses Osa and Elva Spruance
spent Sunday with home folks.
John Boyd and family were guests
Sunday of William Stethem and wife.
Frank Kelley and wife spent Sun
day with Don Main and family.
Lowell Hunter and Miss Faye Oum
mlngs spent Sunday with Lem Hun
ter and family.
Mrs. Fred Shlnkle called on Jesse
Wise Saturday night.
Mrs. Carrie L Flatter. W. C. T. U.
State Lecturer, of Greene county,
gave a very interesting lecture here
Friday afternoon and Friday night.
Master Hersle Carlisle, of George
town, is visiting relatives here.
Mrs. Elizabeth Brindle, of Colum
bus, Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Thos.
O. H. Hughes, of Columbus, has
been spending a few days at home.
For Every
Living Thing1 On
Free ; a 500 1 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm ;" horses, cattle, dogs,
sheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetinary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
np. Free by mail on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co.,
Corner Williams & Ann Sts.,N.Y. adv
July 20, 1914.
Mrs. I. W. Beets and son visited at
the home of Mrs. Mary Fox, of Berry
vllle, last Tuesday.
Mrs. W. O. Hudson and daughter,
of Hyde Park, Cincinnati, visited her
parents here a few days last week.
El. Shannon and family, of Hills
boro, visited at the home of W. T.
Shannon last Friday.
John McCoy and wife were visiting
at the home of Harry Carey, of Carey
town, last Saturday and Sunday.
James Wilson, of Rldgeway, Hardin
county, visited his mother and family
from Friday until Monday.
Miss Alice Wilson, of Hillsboro,
visited home folks and attended
church here last Sunday.
A. C. Fling and wife visited his
aunt, Mrs. Jane Aber, of Harwood,
last Sunday.
Chester Brown and family, of Bel
fast, were entertained at the home of
W. A. Smart last Sunday.
An Ice cream festival will be held
here on August 15. Proceeds for the
Mrs. Bert Walker, of East Danville,
visited home folks here last Friday,
Mrs. P. A. Hopkins is sick.
The National Brotherhood of Opera
tive Potters Is to establish a tubercu
losis sanitarium for Its members near
Trenton, N. J.
July 20, 1014.
narrlsburg was well represented at
the New Market festival Saturday.
Herby Harris, of Port William, was
the guest of his parents here Saturday
Chicken thieves have been visiting
the neighbors chickens yards In this
community here of late. A good dose
of No. 8 shot well rubbed in will be a
good incentive to check the night
Mr. Ervln, of Rocky Fork, spent
Saturday evening with D. E. Vance
and family.
Ernest narrls while plajlng with
an old pistol last Monday, shot him
self through the left hand, the ball
entering the Inside of the hand pas-
,nR throuB making an ugly wound
n Mnol, j,q,i ft, ,,,,
Dr. McConnaha dressed the wound.
Jake Moomaw, who has been work
ing for Mr. Bayham the past summer,
is spending his vacation at home here
with his parents.
Rev. Pitzer, of Brown county, was
the guest of J. V. Sanders and family
Saturday night and filled the pulpit
at Miller's Chapel Sunday and Sun
day night.
The jury in the McCHntock & Wor.
laoumnt vs Sonner case returned a
verdict for plaintiffs.
Homer Harris transacted business
in Wilmington Monday.
Esther Hollingsworth and Mabel
Vance called on Benton Vance and
family Sunday evening.
Headache and Nervousness Cured.
"Chamberlain's Tablets are entitled
to all the praise I can give them,"
writes Mrs. Richard Olp, Spencerport,
N. Y. They have cured me of head
ache and nervousness and restored me
to my normal health." For Sale by
All Dealers. adv
July 20, 1614.
Mrs. Etta Runyan, of Chicago, and
Mrs. John FIte, of Cincinnati, are
visiting Mrs. Sarah White.
Dr. Elmer Miller and wife and little
daughter. Elizabeth, of Kentucky,
are spending their vacation at the
home of his aunt, Mrs Geo. Reedy.
Miss Helen Jennings and sister,
Elizabeth, of Columbus, are visiting
at the home of Chas. Moberly.
Born, July 19, to Earnest Patton
and wife, a daughter.
Wm. Roads, who met with a seri
ous accident last week, while moving
some machinery out of the barn, is
getting along nicely.
Glenn Scott is in a hospital at Oin
clnnatl, recuperating from an opera
tion, due to a serious hurt on the
head last winter.
Mrs. Foster Durnell and daughters,
Misses Alta and Louise,' of Dayton,
are visiting their father and grand
father, Frank Keethler.
Miss Mattle Rosselott and Miss
May Beltz, Miss Margaret Moler, and
Hermann Rosselott, Henry Roush
and Archie McQultty are attending
the Patterson Commencement at
Hlllsboro today to receive their
At a recent school board meeting
the following teachers were elected,
Prof. R. D. Tolle, W. C. Matthews,
Homer Ludwick and Ruth Hodson.
Severe Attack of Colic Cured.
E. E. Cross, who travels in Virginia
and other Southern States, was taken
suddenly and severely ill with colic.
At the first store he came to the mer
chant recommended Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
Two doses of It cured him. No one
should leave home on a journey with
out a bottle of this preparation. For
sale by All Dealers. adv
July 20, 1914.
Dr. and Mrs. Funk left for Fairfax
Sunday afternoon to spend a few days
with relatives.
"Dncie" Jack Osborne, an old and
respected citizen, died at the home of
his son, A. L, Osborne, on Sunday
morning. Funeral services will be
held In the U. B. Church Tuesday
morning. I
Frank Kler and wife are rejoicing'
over the arrival of a son at their home
since Thursday.
Everett and Mrs. Roush, of Dan
ville, were visiting J. W. Winkle and
wife, last Sunday.
Glennle Wood has returned from a
visit with friends in Cincinnati.
Mrs. Ray Moore and son, of Cincin
nati, are visiting Ell Funk and wife.
Mrs. Clarence TIssot and baby, of
Lima, are visiting relatives here.
Miss Marcel la Slrabry was a guest
of Mrs. Belle Borden, near New Mar
ket, Saturday night and Sunday.
The W. O. T. D. was re organized
here last week, Many of our women
have become members.
The little children of James Slrabry
and wife, east of town, became vio
lently sick last Sunday caused by eat
ing too much colored candy.
Beth Phor.mln Oillct and Routines
Office Short St., Opp. Court Bouts
Glenn Blji. HII,L8BOEO,,
Home 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone 141
w B-
Hlllaboro, Ohio.
Orriai: In Holmes
Building, North Hiia
Orrioa Hours: 9 to a. m
ft n. m.
zto and 8 tl
Both 'Phone In Oace and Residence,
For Your Fl
Funeral Directors & Embalmers
IA Full Line of High Grade
Prompt Delivery. Courteous Treatment
Your Patronage Solicited
(Successors to J. C. Koch)
OtllceRcarlot Traction repot
Home Phone 344
Frank Ayres
Insurance Agt
Opera House Block
Represent ing. six of the strongest
Old Line Fire iusurance Companies.
Mo9t liberal Farm Policies ever writ
ten in the Aetna Co. Also Live Stock
Insurance. O Insuring your horses
againstjdeath from any cause.
I represent the Aetna, Fidelity and
Surety Bond Co. One of the largest.
Also with accident policies. Terms as
low as you can get in high class safe
insurance. 9.6
Our Four Books sent Free with list,
of Inventions wanted by manufac
turers and promoters, also Prizes of
fered for Inventions. Patents secured
700 Ninth 8t.
Washington D. C
Clciiiirf and beaatifici the halt
Iitmotei m luxuriant STowtrt.
Never Falls to Restore Grayi
.Prevents hair fal liner.
fy. nrul gi oont DnTggigtg
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
Anyone tending a sketch and description mar
quickly ascertain onr opinion free whether an
Invention Is probably patentable. Coramunlrv.
UonBftrlctlycomwemi.il HANDBOOK onl'atents
sent free. Oldest agency for securingpatents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
tpeeial notice, without charge. In the
scientific jffflerican.
A handsomely lllnstrated weekly.
Largest clr-
eolation of anr ftcleiitluc loumal.
Terms. 14 a
rear) tour moinue, tu com cy all newsdoa en.
. jcnzir.t . .. . . .
ISranrti Ofiloo. 625 T eu Wa.hlngton. D. U.
"What are you wearing that thing
for?" asked Mrs. Crabb, w.jen her hus
band came home with a band of crepe
around ills hat.
''For your first husband," replied
Mr. Crabb. 'l'm sorry he died."
Cincinnati Enquirer.
To the close of 1913 Alaska has pro
duced known mineral wealth to the
value of $248,300 000.
The English postoffice is said to make
50,000 a year on unredeemed mbnif
orders. '
. tA&lAilj.. ov

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