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The Hollow
of Her Hand
He got out and gave directions to
the chauffeur. Then he did a very
strange thing. He hailed another taxi
and, climbing in, started off in the
wake of the two women. From a
point of vantage near the corridor
leading to the "American bar," he saw
Hetty sign her slips and move off
toward thq left. Whereupon, seeing
that she was quite out of the way, ho
approached the managers office ana
.asked for accoinmodatons.
"Nothing left, sir,"
"Not a thing?"
"Everything has been taken for
weeks, sir. I'm sorry."
"Sorry, too. I had hoped you might
have something left for a friend who
expects to stop here a Miss Castle
ton." "Miss Castleton has just applied.
.We could not give her anything."
"Fortunately we could let her have
rooms until eight this evening. We
were more than pleased to offer them
to her for a few hours, although they
are reserved for parties coming down
from Liverpool tonight."
Booth tried the Cecil and got a most
undesirable room. Calling up the
Savoy on the telephone, he got her
room. The maid answered. She in
formed him that Miss Castleton had
just that instant gone out and would
not return before seven o'clock.
"I suppose she will not remove her
trunks from the station until she finds
a permanent place to lodge," he in
quired. "Can I be of Tiny service?"
"I think not, sir. She left no word,
, sir."
He hung up the receiver and
straightway dashed over to the Savoy,
hoping to catch her before she left the
hotel. Just inside the door he came
to an abrupt stop. She was at the
news and ticket booth in the lobby,
closely engaged in conversation with
the clerk. Presently the latter took
up the telephone, and after a brief con
versation with some one at the other
end, turned 'to Hetty and, nodded his
head. Whereupon she nodded her own
adorable head and began the search
for her purse. Booth edged around
to an obscure spot and saw her pay
for and receive something in return.
"By Jove!" he said to himself,
She passed near him, without seeing
him, and went out into the court. He
watched her turn into the Strand.
When the night boat from Dover to
Calais slipped away from her moor
ings that evening, Hetty Castleton and
her maid were on board, with all their
bags and trunks, and Brandon Booth
was supposed to be completely at sea
in the heart of that glittering London
town. The night was fog-laden and drip
ping, and the crossing promised to be
unpleasant. Wrapped in a thick eea
ulster Hetty sat huddled up in the lea
of the deckhouse, sick at heart and
miserable. She reproached herself for
the scurvy trick she was playing on
him, reviled herself and yet pitied her
self. A tall man came shambling down
the narrow space along the rail and
stopped directly in front of her. She
started in alarm as he reached out his
hand to support himself against the
deckhouse. As he leaned forward, he
"You were thinking of me, Hetty,"
said the man.
For a long time she stared at him,
transfixed, and then, with a low moan,
covered her eyes with her hands.
"Ie it true is It a dream?" she
He dropped down beside her and
gathered her in his strong, eager arms.
"You were thinking of me, weren't
you? And reproaching yourself, and
hating yourself for running away like
this? I thought so. Well, you might
just as well try to dodge the smart
est detective In the world as to give
me the slip now, darling."
"You you spied on me?" she cried,
in muffled tones. She lay very limp in
his arms.
"I did," he confessed, without shame.
'JGad, when I think of what I might
be doing at this moment if I hadn't
found you out in time! Think of me
back there In London, racing about
She Stared at mm, Fransnxea.
like a madman, searching for you In
every "
"Please, please!" she Implored.
"But luck wa3 with me. You can't
get away, Hetty. I shan't let you out
of my sight again. I'll camp in front
of your door and you'll see me wither
ana die of sleeplessness, (or one.or the
other of my eyes win always De'open."
"Oh, I am so tired, so miserable,"
she murmured.
"Poor little sweetheart!"
"I wish you would hale me."
"Lie where you are, dearest, and
"If I only could forget!"
"Rest I will bold you tight and
Veepjrou warm. -We're in for a nasty
cro8stnx. but it Is rr'1'"! for rss. I
George Barr
Author of "Gran, star k.7
COFYRiaHT-1918- uv
- - - ' "
am mad with the dellgnt of having you
here, holding you close to me, feeling
you in my arms. The wilder the night
the better, for I am wild with the joy
of It all. I love you! I love you!" He
strained her closer to him in a sort of
She was quiet for a long time. Then
she breathed Into his ear:
"You will never know how much I
was longing for you, just as you arc
now, Brandon, and in the midst of It
all you came. It is like a fairy story,
and oh, I shall always believe in
A long time afterward the throbbing
ceased, bell-buoys whistled and clanged
about them; the sea suddenly grew
calm and lifeless; they slid over it as
if it were a quavering sheet of ice;
and lights sneaked out of the fog and
approached with stealthy swiftness.
Bells rang below and above them,
sailors sprang up from everywhere and
calls were heard below; the rattling of
chains and the thumping of heavy lug
gage took the place of that steady,
monotonous beat of the engines. Peo
ple began to Infest the deck, limp and
groaning, harassed but voiceless. A
mighty sigh seemed to envelop the
whole ship a sigh of relief.
Then it was that these two arose
stiffly from their sheltered bench and
gave heed to the things that were
about them.
The channel was behind them.
Rattling Old Bones.
They journeyed to Paris by the night
mall. He was waiting for her on the
platform when she descended from
the wagon lit in the Gare du Nord.
Sleepy passengers crowded with them
into the customs department. She,
alone among them all, was smiling
brightly, as if the world could be sweet
at an hour when, by all odds, It should
be sleepiest. '
"I was up and on the lookout for you
at Amiens," he declared, as they
walked off together. "You might have
got off there, you know," with a wry
"I shall not run away from you
again, Brandon," she said earnestly.
"1 promise, on my honor."
"By Jove," he cried, "that's a re
lief I" Then he broke Into a happy
11 shall go to the Ritz," she eald,
after her effects had been examined
and were ready for release.
"I thought so," he announced calm
ly. "I wired for rooms before I left
"Really, thlB is ridlc "
"Don't frown like that, Hetty," he
As they rattled and bounced over
the cobble-stones in a taxi-meter on
the way to the Place Vendome, he de
voted the whole of his conversation to
the delicious breakfast they were to
have, expatiating glibly on the won-1
derful berries that would come first In
thnt fllwnvii.tn.ha.rAninmhiipoH muni '
She was ravenously hungry by tho
time they reached the hotel, Just from
listening to his dissertation on chops
and rolls and coffee as they are served
in Paris, to say nothing of waffles and
honey and the marmalade that no Eng
lishman can do without.
Alone in his room, however, he was
quite another person. His calm assur
ance took flight the Instant he closed
the door and moodily began to prepare
for bis bath. Resolution was undi
minished, but the facts in the case
were most desolating. Whatever it
was that stood between them, there
was no gainsaying Its power to Influ
ence their lives. It was no trifle that
caused her to take this second flight,
and the sooner he came to realize the
seriousness of opposition the better.
He made up his mind on one point
in that half-hour before breakfast; If
sbo asked him again to let her go her
way In peace, It was only fair to her
and right that be should submit to the
inevitable. She loved him, be was
sure of it. Then there must be a very
(To be Continue d
( Two Thousand Dollars in Two Weeks. I
5 How will I do it? I'll tell you. There are two ways. One Is to borrow It from the bank,
c which I do not want to do. The other Is to sell my stock of merchandise at a loss. I have 5
chosen the last way. I'll make a plain statement. I need this money to meot a payment which
r Is due on my building. It must be met So to meot this payment I am going to ofle r mv en-
tire stock at one fourth, one-third and one-half off of our already reasonable price. Of course I 5
j cannot make reduced prices on contract goods, such as Cm Namel Varnishes, Standard Patterns,
E etc, but the Reduced Prices will prevail on everything else.
Now, will you, my friends and enemies, help me by helping yourself at these low prices.
1 Store Open for the Sale Wednesday Aug. 5, at 9 p. m. 1
I will quote you only a
found all over the store.
All Wallpaper above 10c in price at one-half of!
Screen Wire In all widths at one-fourth off
Any picture in the store at one-half price
$2.00 matting Rugs 9x12 82.18
All ice cream freezers at one fourth off
Flreless'Cookers at one-half off
Wire Window Screens at one-fourth off
$1.25 House Dresses $ .08
1.50 House Dresses 1.13
;i.98 Folding Screens 1,48
B-60 Edison Wax Records 31
0.00 Coal Oil Stoves (slightly used) 6 98
.50 Fly Traps 38
9.98 Standard Talking 'Machines . 4.98
2.00 Canvass Hammocks 1.48
22. 75;Marathon Bicycles 17.23
27.50 MarathonJBIcycles 22.48
2.25 Coaster Wagon l.oo
5'50 Coaster Wagon 4.23
There are HUNDREDS
be sold at the same reduced prices. You can reit assured that you will get extra good values for
; every penny that you spend here during this sale. Come in and buy something while jou are in 5
town attending the Fair and help me raise the amount of,money needed. I'll certainly appre-
J Stabler's 5 & 10c Store
1 Z "Teach Your $ $ $ to Have More Cents." 1
NorthHigh St. Hillsboro, Ohio jj
iiiTnTiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif iiiir
July 27, 1914.
Rev. J. Bachman and wife came in
from Portsmouth Friday evening for
a vlslt.J. The former conducted ser
vice at the Pearl street Christian
Church Sunday morning.
Mrs. SllasjVafJce and daughter, of
Glady, were guests of Robert Ballen
tine and family Friday.
Miss Marie Perry entertained her
S. S. class with a hay ride Monday
Mrs. Ethel Lemons and daughter,
Kathleen, of Cincinnati, were guests
of Mrs. Anna Kellis and other friends
Friaay and Saturday.
Mrs. Anne Archer spent Wednesday
and Thursday with her son, B. E.
Archer and family.
Mrs. W. A. Saylor spent Thursday
with Clarence Chaney and family.
Rev. ISmith, of Hillsboro, will
preach at the First Christian Church
on Sunday evening, August 2.
Grant Troutwlne and wife, of
Cleveland, are visiting J. B. Hunter
and family since Friday. They ac
companied their host and family to
Hillsboro Sunday and were guests of
George Mauntel and family.
Misses Clara Stautner and Dorothy
Farls spent Sunday with Robert
Abernathy and family.
Floyd Sonner, of Columbus, is
spending the .week with her father,
Isma Troth.
BWllNConner and family, of Blan
Chester, andjA. J. Bacl.man and wife,
of Portsmouth, were guests of Clar
ence Dean ard wife Sunday night.
About thirty-five members of the
Pearl Street Christian Church assist
ed J. W. Ellis In celebrating his birth
day anniversary Sunday at his home
east of town.
Rev. JMcMurray, of Fairview, was a
guest of;W. L. Stautner and family
n. G. Murphy and family will leave
Wednesday for their new home in
Mlss Fay Chaney, 6f Russell, spent
Sunday with James Roush and ram
Class No. 15 of the M. E. S. S. was
entertained by their teacher, Mrs. O,
W. Morrow, Tuesday afternoon with
a picnic in Morrow's Grove,
Mrs. Electa Glunt, of Savonburg,
Kansas, has been the guest of her sis
ter, Mrs. W. A. Bird, since Tuesday.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Carey McConnaughey on Friday.
The shed and a part ofthe machin
ery of Dan Turner's saw mill was de
stroyed by Are about 12 o'clock. Friday
few of the values that await your coming,
.59Chllds Wheelbarrow 3q
1.25 Child's Rocking Chair '. 98
5 00 Girls' Trycycle 3 OS
0 00 Girls' Trycycle 4.48
225 Two Wheel Sulky 1.78
.50 Porch Cushions 37
1 25 Comforts (for camping) 08
1.50 Comforts (for camping) 1,19
1.75 a gal. Real Estate Paints . 1.48
.10 Cake Maxlne Elliott Toilet Soap 07
Any Jardlenere in the Store at just Half Price
Sole Leather Strips at One-Fourth off
Any piece of Chlnaware In the store at one-fourth off
All Corsets reduced In price one-fourth
Women's Hats at one fourth regular price
Men's Overalls at onetfourth off
Silk Embroidery Floss 2 skeins for 6c
Men's Work and Dress Shirts, one fourth off
Oil and Gasoline
of other Items in t e store that you are
Norman Troth and Willie Dumenll
arrived here Sunday morning after
spending five weeks in Kansas
Mrs. Emma Mathias, of Keokuk,
Iowa, visited her relatives, the Mur
phy;famllles, last week.
Clark Johnson, of Norwood, is the
guest of his sister, Mrs. J. W. Town
July 27, 1914.
G. B. Eyler. of New Market, was a
business caller here Saturday evening.
M. E. Harris and daughter, Clara,
are visiting; relatives at Dayton,
Toledo and points on the Lakes.
L. O. Warne and family will leave in
a few days for an outing and fishing
excursion, on theiakes.
T. K. Vance and wife spent last
Tuesday in Hillsboro the guests of W.
Boyle and family.
Frank Wllllson and niece, of Pleas
ant Hill, visited God's Garden, Wed
J. O. Harris and wife visited rela
tives at Pricetown, Thursday.
Mrs. Sam Rhoads and family visited
Clarence Rhoads and family Sunday,
at Shackelton.
, Walter Hamilton, will sow eight
acres of turnips. He savs he has to
have something for his stock to eat.
Mary Anderson, of Hillsboro, spent
last week with T. S. Soale and wife,
at Oak Ridge.
July 27, 1914.
Miss Margaret Ervln entertained at
dinner Thursday, Rev. Ervln and wife,
of Dayton, Ky., and Rev. Shields and I
wife, of Hlllsboro. I
Mrs. Carey Roush and son Forest, I
of Hlllsboro, were the guests of Mrs.
Wm. Hixon, Wednesday evening.
Miss Ruth Stout, who has been ill at
Portsmouth with bronchitis, is homo
to spend a week with her mother,
Mrs. Wikln Woodrow.
Harry Fettro, and wife and Miss
Margaret Ervin and brother, Scott, at
tended the picnic at Serpent Mound,
last Tuesday.
Mrs. Clarence Wlsecup and daugh
ter, Margaret, of St. Lawrence, Mo.,
are visiting Mr. Wisecup's father, "J.
C. WIsecup.
Mrs. Anna Woodrow spent Friday
night with her daughter, Mrs. Vada
Winters, at Flncastle.
When baby suffers with croup, apply
and give Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil at
once. 8afe for children. A little goes
a long way. 25c and 50c. At all drug
stores. adv
Many many more to be E5
Cans, one fourth off
needing everv dav that will
. July 27, 1914.
Mrs.. Stella Carlisle, of' Georgetown,
arrived here Monday for a visit with
friends and relatives.
Marshall was well represented at
the Serpent Mound, Tuesday.
Mrs.' Elizabeth Brlndle returned
Misses Maud and Margaret Camer
on, Margaret Watts, Claude Cameron,
Wilene Hunter and Sam Bumgarner
took advantage of the excursion
Thursday and went to Cincinnati.
Mrsi Stella Carlisle spent Wednes
day night with Mrs. Harley Suiters.
Mrs. Fannie Spruance took supper
Friday evening with Hamp. Kesler.
and family, of Harriett.
Fent. Kesler and family, of Ralns
boro, spent Sunday with Harry Wright
and family.
Don Lucas and wife and Homer
Lucas spent Sunday with Ray Boyd
and family.
Frank Lucas and wife and Rev
Shriver took dinner Sunday with
Robert Watts and wife.
A. W. Lucas, wife and daughter,
Etta, spent Sunday with Mrs. Loyal
Dick and family.
John Watts and two children and
Ed Shannon and family and Elva
Overman spent Sunday with Mrs R.
L. Watts and family.
Geo. Miller, wife and son, Clarence,
Ed Hunter and family and W. R.
Noland and-family, of Belfast, were
entertained Sunday by Wm. Elliott
and wife.
Ralph and Wilbur Milner.of Bridges,
visited Jesse Wise and family, this
Mrs. Ines Hunter spent Saturday
night and Sunday with home folks.
Misses Blanche Hunter and Mary
Bell called on Elva Spruance Sunday
Impure blood runsyoudown makis
you an easy victim for disease. For
pure blood and sound digestion Bur
dock Blood Bitters. At all drug stores
Price, $1.00. adv
Ties made of species of native hard
wood have been used on the Panama
railroad without renewal for more
than 50 years.
If you have neglected your kidneys,
and suffer from backache, weak back,
headache, rheumatism and distressing
bladder weakness, you will find Foley
Kidney Plllsjto be the honestly made,
healing and curative medicine you
need to give your health and strength.
They are tonic in action, quick to give
good results. They will help you.
adv Gabbett & Aybes.
Peoples' I
Column I
Farm and Town property always
for sale. Money loaned on Real Es
tate. Wade Tubnek,
Merchants Bank Bldg.
D. Leadbetter, reai estate, nre In
surance and pensions. Office 134 S,
High street.
Fob Sale Two second hand buggies
In good condition. Paul ITahsha,
tf adv Hlllsboro, Ohio.
Fon Sale 110 acre Efarm on pike
near New ,Market. For particulars
inquire at this odlce. adv tf
Fon Sale Lumber for building
purposes, sawed to order, on the old
Spargur farm at Ratnsboro. Address
Fred Miller, Ralnsboro. 8-6
Teachers' Examination.
The Highland county Uoard'of School Ex
aminers hereby elves ictlce that examina
tions of Applicants of CertlQcates will take
nace in me Washington school Building.
UlUboro. on the flrst Saturday oi everv
Patterson examination will he hoM nn the
third Saturday of April and on the third
Saturday ol May.
As prescribed bv law. the fee for teachers
examinations will be w cents, while, for
Patterson examinations no fee 1b charged.
O. A. Thneu, Sinking Spring, Pres.
adv W. H. Vance, Hlllsboro, Vice Pres.
U. B. GAtxiRTT, Lynchburg, Sec.
Notice to Taxpayers of the Com
pletion of the Tax Lists.
Notice is hereby elven that the Tax Lists
of Highland County, Ohio, for the year 1014
have been completed and are open tor public
Inspection at the office of the District Asnpq.
sor at the Court House In Hlllsboro, Ohio.
Complaints against any valuation or assess
ments, except valuations uxeu ana assess
ments made by the Tax Commission of Ohio,
will be heard by the District Board ofrom-
B latins at Its office at the Court House In
lllsboro. Ohio on the first Monday of August
1914 Comnlalnts should be made In writing
op blanks which will be furnished by the
ui'uriti Assessur auu uicu wuu me uouniy
John M. McMdllen,
District Assessor of said County.
Hillsboro, Ohio, July 20, 1914. adv
Do you have htadachet?
Do your eyes water?
Do they ache?
Does print run together?
Do thing's become dim
Are your Eyes inflamed?
Do your eyes tire after read
ing- awhile.
Dr. C. F. Fa i is.
Office 1 door East of Economy store.
Main Street, Hillsboro, O.
Minutes Mean Dollars
Doubtless you know the danger of delayed treatment
of colio and other diseases. You also realize that
wrongly applied remedies are often worse than no
treatment at all. In other words, not to diagnose
a disease accurately may prove fatal. Every owner
should be able to recognize an aliment and give
oorrect treatment at the flrst symptoms. Prompt
action is the great secret
of treating horses.
Minutes mean dollars. t
Of course proper treat
ment Is always necessary.
That Is just bow Humph
reys' BOO page Veterinary
Manual will prove so val
uable to you. It Is by
F. Humphreys, M D..V.3..
and teaches how to diag
nose and give proper
This book will save you
hundreds of dollars and
costs) ounothlng. It will
be sent alisolutelv free
on request to any farmer
In order to Introduce
Humphreys' Veterinary Remedies. Remember.lt la
absolutely free. You do not have to order any
remedies to secure tho book. Address. Humphreys
nomeopathlo Medicine Company, 158 William Street,
Mew York City. This Is a -splendid opportunity to
obtain a veterinary treatise that you should have
In your library. As a reference work you will and
It Invaluable. Tobaveltlnthetlmeofneedwlllbe
worth many dollar, whercoaltwlll cost you but a
postcard by writing for It cow.
wJA.. W AC
'. w
ftft 7.nj?rS?l,A JTJ. cm-cnns-TBR's
lib. Blue0
s-tk V
u..w...u uMflij JUJ.14 la KKD
uulu luciaiuc Doxes, scaled with
Ribbon. Takb no OTnutt. Bar f
BrassUI and ask for GIII.ClIls.T
DIAMOND BIliKB PII.I.8, for twenty-OvS
years regarded as Best, Safest, Always Reliable.
New York's population is now esti
mated at 5,444,)30.
j- H-rfldsSSSsf STjI
itSm vrfL,
rii!' Wm
VyJT Nil
; . ,ia;KA jt-ifcfCL.a4fe.ifc' A-te.JSj- iS ..-.
ja , a araife-tAaw u -ii'MatetSfciira
-iS. M.-Jn

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