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(By E. O. Srll.LERS, Director of Evening
Department, Tho Moody Bible Institute,
LESSON TEXT-Mark 11:1-11.
GOLDEN TEXT-"BeJolce greatly, O
daughter of Zfonj shout, O daughter of
Jerusalem, because thy king cometh unto
thee." Zech. 0:9 n. V.
Mark devotes 233 verses to his ac
count of the last week of our Lord's
life and 425 to all the balance. Mat
thew devotes seven chapters and Luke
flve. If all of tho life of JeBUs had
been given to us in liko ratio It would
have taken at least 80 volumes In
which to tell us, tho story.
Today's lesson Is tho Introduction
to that week. We must consider his
entry In its light upon the whole
movement of his life. His Instruc
tions how to secure the colt seem to
Indicate his intention to provoke a
demonstration. Though often In Je
rusalem before, this was a different
occasion, and for a different purpose.
Bdfore he did not provoke his con
ilicts, now he courts publicity, that he
may fasten his clalmB upon the at
tention of all.
Test of Faith.
I. "The Lord hath need of him,"
vv. 1-7. It was a test of faith for these
disciples to obey the Lord's command
(v. 2), yet they did precisely what
they were commanded to do (v. 6).
Obedience is the supreme test of dis
cipleship, John 15:14. When the dis
ciples entered the village (v. 1) they
found the colt "whereon no man ever
yet sat." Jesus knew all and had
the keys to the human heart. Perhaps
this colt belonged to a disciple, hence
the willingness to let It be used for
the occasion Jesus was for the first
and only time assuming.
Many disciples are not willing to be
so explicitly and simply obedient.
This obedience is heightened when
we remember how the disciples had
followed Jesus towards Jerusalem
"amazed" and perplexed.
Those who stood by asked the very
question suggested by Jesus, v. 6 cf.
v. 3. As these disciples cast their
garments upon the colt for Jesus to
sit upon, they proclaimed their al
legiance to him as king.
II. "Hosanna" vv. 8-11. Literally,
"save now," Ps. 118:25, 26. His en
try was characterized by a remarkable
outbreak of enthusiasm. Before this
only the disciples accepted his king
dom claims, now the multitude found
their expression of gratification. Pass
ing Into the city, sitting upon the colt,
he was accompanied by their chants
of praise. Theh first word was, "Ho
sanna" their last "Hosanna in tho
highest." Between these they ex
claimed, "Blessed is the kingdom that,
cometh, of our father David." It has
been suggested that this host was made
up largely of Galileans, and that theirs
was an appeal to the city to receive
the one who was coming, hence their
double blessing to the king and to tho
kingdom. Jesus seems to have yield
ed his whole soul to this glad acclaim.
It was a necessary part of that dig
nity which should properly bo accord
ed to the Messiah on thU his last
entry Into the Holy City. This sug
gestion about the Galileans may ex
plain the cry uttered the last part of
the week by the citizens of Jerusalem,
"Crucify him." Still we feel Bure
that many of this same crowd Joined
this latter cry. The use of the word
"many" (v. 8) seems to indicate that
everyone Joined tho acclamations of
Effect of Psychology.
Some of that crowd were doubtless
moved by the "psychology of tho
crowd," and their devotion was short
lived. It is not hard to Imagine' the
effect this strange procession must
have produced upon the city as It
moved on to the temple. Some threw
their garments upon the ground to
pave his way. Others took palm
tranches (John 12:13) and strewed
them In his path.
Some of the Pharisees cried out
against this demonstration, Luke 19:
89, but the Master replied, "If these
should hold their peace the stones
would immediately cry out," Luke 19:
40. From Luke's account we see that
Jesus did not seem to share the Joy
of that day, Luke 19:40-44. He saw
the end from the beginning, and right
ly estimated, at Us true value, the
evanescent adulation of the crowd.
8ummary. This is a strange triumph.
What a variety of emotions it must
have aroused. Those of the disciples,
tho crowd, the Jewish sects, the Ro
man soldiers and citizens, and in the
breast of Jesus. How different than
the triumphal processions of Rome.
Heaven also saw tho events of that
The clothing cast before him speaks
of sacrifice on his behalf. The chant
Ing of children's voices were a proph
ecy of his ujtjmate victory,
The disciples and the multitude were
filled with hope. The Galileans poured
for;th their paean of praise and exulta
tion. The on-looking rulers of Israel,
already plotting his arrest, must have
presented dark and sinister faces. In
tho midst of all this what of his
heart? Was It not filled with lone
liness? Did he not know the mistaken
EeL the false hopes, the aroused an
tijiathy? Yet, he Is not alone, for h
b4 the Father with him.
Popular Excursion
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Washington O. H...., 1.10 '
Sabina 1.10
Wilmington 85'
Leave Hilsboro 8:20 a. m.
Arrive Columbus 11:15 a. m.
Returning train leaves Columbus
7:00 p.m.
Arrive Hillsboro 10:25 p. m.
For Further Information
Call on or address S. 6. GriUln,
Agent, Hillsboro, O. L. G. Paul, D.
P. A., Chilllcothe.
July 27, 1914.
Charley Barlow Is visiting his moth
er at Dayton
Rev. Foust conducted the funeral
of Jonah briiton at the Mt. Olive
church Saturday afternooti.
'Joe Stratton and family returned to
their home at Lima Sunday, after
visiting his mother, Mrs. George Ted
rick, for three week.
Quite a large crowd attended the
celebration at this place Saturday.
The Danville Baud furnished some
excellent music. A good program was
Ervln Leininger and wife had as
their guests Saturday evening, Henry
Bobbiit and wife, Mrs. Montgomery
and sons and Mrs. P. C. Robinson, of
M. M. VVorkman and wife, who have
been visiting relatives at Middletown
and Dayton, returned home Sunday.
A daughter was born to Henry
Swearlngen and wife, July 24.
J. W. Gossett and wife, of Hillsboro,
are visiting relatives here.
Miss Stella Shaffer entertained a
number of her friends Saturday night.
Miss Merl Houk, of near Dodson
vllle, was a guest of Miss Mary Gossett
Saturday night.
Miss Ruth Pulllam, of Cincinnati,
will return to her home this week ac
companied by her parents, Bert Pul
Ham and wile. She has, spent the past
month with her grandfather, D. A.
Rev. Weil will fill his appointment
here next Sunday morning and night.
Jesse Cochran and family spent Sun
day with D. A. Pulllam and wife.
Mrs Frank Pence and sons, of
Lynchburg, spent part of last week
with her parents, John McConnaha
and wife
A son was born to John Bennington
and wife, July 27.
Elijah Lafferty was burled In the
Barker cemetery one day last week.
J. O. Farjs and family, of Danville,
111., B. F. Farls and daughter, Miss
Isma, of Falrview, and Charley Farls
and wife, of Hillsboro, spent Sunday
with their mother, Mrs. Eliza Farls.
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-A.nd Home-Coming
AUGUST 11. 12, 13, 14, 1914
Great Racing Program Daily Large Entries in Show Glasses
Gome Every Day and Bring the Family
S. A- TURNER, President
July 27, 1914.
Misses Grcae Fahrlander, of Spring
field, and Dorothy Beard, of Hillsboro,
are spending a few weeks of their va
cation with thelrgrandparents, Casper
Donnelly and wife.
Miss Anna Wood, of Hillsboro, Is
the guest of Iter mother, Mrs. Ella
Wood, this week.
Mrs. Sarah Purdy, of Hillsboro, vis
ited her daughter, Mrs. D. W. Brown,
Thursday and Friday.
Fred Smith and wife attended the
funeral of the former's grandfather,
Jonah Brltton, near Mt. Olive, Satur
day afternoon.
Lee Williams and wife, of near
Lynchburg, were guests of O. E. Shaf
fer, Sunday.
Dr. Cropper and wife and two daugh
ters, Ruth and Helen, Mrs. Win. Cat
lin and Mattie Purdy attended the
home coming at the Baptist church at
New Market, Sunday.
Rev. Brugh will speak at the Re
formed church Sunday evening.
O. A. Landess and family, of Hills
boro, were guests over Sunday of rela
tives here.
The Sunday School celebration held
near Prlcetown Saturday was well
attended by the people from this com
munity. The children from the Re
formed S. S. thoroughly enjoyed the
ride down in the old style delegation
wagon drawn by four horses. The
program was most excellent. Rev.
Thornton, of Cincinnati, delivered a
very interesting address on S. S. work.
Other good speakers were also on the
Hugh Stockwell, Bruce Jones and
wife and Dr. C. C. Cropper and wife
attended the Farmers Picnic at Ser
pent Mound Tuesday, the former
playing with the Peebles band. They
made the trip in the Doctor's auto.
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July 27, 1914
John Prine and wife spent Sutidax
with John Henderson ana family.
Mrs. Charley Igo Is entertaining
her sister, Mrs. Birch Greenfield, of
Mrs. Harley Stanforth and Sadie
Bradley spent Thursday afternoon
with Mrs. J. O. Larrlck.
George Capllnger and family spent
Sunday with John Capllnger and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Moberly, of
Buford, were guests of the latter's
father, R. W. Bradley, recently. .
Fay, Luther and Herman Prlne
spent Sunday afternoon with Wendell
Misses Ruby Caley and Viola Fer
guson spent Sunday with Sadie Brad
ley at the home of narley Stanforth.
Mrs. T. S. Soale, of Folsom, called
on Mrs. Sarah Hatcher Saturday after
noon. $100 Reward, $100
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July 27, 1914.
Clark Cadwallader and family enter
tained the following guests Sunday :
Rev. and Mrs. Frank Foust, Rev. O.
G. Blackwell and H. R. Wilkin and
Ed Lewis and wife and daughter,
Lora, spent Sunday with Mrs. Jane
Smith and family.
Miss Joy Hizer, of Hillsboro, was the
guest of Albert Davidson and family
Saturday night and Sunday.
Mrs. Frank Cailey and son, Homer,
of near Hoaglands, spent Friday after
noon with Clark Cadwallader.
O. D. Elliott and wife, of Hillsboro,
spent Saturday night and Sunday with
her mother, Mrs. Jane Smith.
July 27, 1914.
An Ice cream supper will be given
at the school house for the benefit of
tut) Sunday School Saturday night,
August 1. Everyone invited.
Mrs. Lake Brown, of Greenfield, Is
visiting at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Cameron.
Mrs. W. C. McCoppln and daughter,
Miss Lena, of Hillsboro, are visiting
at the home of O R. Keelor and
Mrs. Tom McCall and daughter,
Elizabeth, visited at Cynthlana, Sun
day. Mrs. W. C. McCoppln and daughter,
of Hillsboro, visited T. E. McCoppln
and wife Wednesday and Thursday.
Mrs. Joseph McCall and children
visited her parents Sunday.
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W. PATTON, Seecretary
July 27, 1914.
Miss Margaret Foust, of Cuba, is the
guest of William Reams and wife.
Mrs. Etta Bates, of Kansas City, is
the guest of her sister, Mrs. Shannon.
Mrs. I. H. Anderson, of Windsor, is
visiting her sister, Miss LadoraReam.
Mrs Ida Greenfield, of Golden City,
Mo., is the guest of her parents, James
Trout and wife.
James Newby and wife visited his
parents, Judge Newby and wife, in
Hillsboro, Saturday. I
Henry Spargur and family, of near
Folsom, called on Mrs. Lucinda We3t,
Sunday afternoon. I
Mrs. Ellis West was In Hillsboro
Mrs. Wm. Noonan, of Toledo, is
visiting her parents, Frank flochin
Derger and wife.
The Misses Pearce, of Hillsboro,
spent Sunday with their sister, Mrs.
Harry Eakins.
C. E. Eakins spent Sundav in Cin
cinnati with his son-in-law, Lon El
more, who is in the hospital.
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July 27, 1914.
Ray and John Taylor were guests of
their cousin, Elmer Hall, at Sardinia.
Frank Kline and wife, of Mt. Zion,
were guests of Bert Mercer and family
Clyde Montgomery, of Buford. was
a guest of his sister, Mrs. Clara Roush
.Saturday evening.
Alma and Fanny Chaney. of Hills
boro, were guests of relatives and
friends here last week.
Mazle Kinzer and Miss Capllnirer. of
Clinton county, are visiting T. J.
Stodgel and family.
Frank Hoggatt and family, of Pleas
ant Plain, are visltincr his father.
Rev. Hoggatt.
Minnie Kennedy and sons, of ohW-
go, 111., are guests of Ed Rhodes and
Lin Allen and wife and sons were
guests of Ed Rhodes and wife, Friday.
Worth Gossett and wife were truests
of F. C. Pulse and family last week.
Rev. W. V. Miller and wife spent
Wednesday and Thursday in Cincln
Howard Cochran and wife and
daughters were guests of Simon Stroup
and family, near Lynchburg, Sunday.
July 27, 1914.
Mrs. Jane McConnaughey has gone
for a two weeks visit with her sons,
S. L. and W. A. in Indiana and Illi
nois. O, H. Baker and wife and children
visited friends and relatives In Brown
county last Saturday and Sunday. .
W. A. Smart is putting a new roof
on his barn and building a new shed.
Miss Bernlce Walker entertained a
number of her young friends with a
watermelon social last Saturday,
Mrs Bert Walker, of East Danville,
visited her parents, P. A. nopklns
and wife, last Wednesday.
A. J. Fling and son sold 14 head of
fine beef cattle last week that brought
July 27, 1914.
Elmer Cowman is in Mnmim tu
guest of his daughter, Mrs Clarence
The Willing Workers will meet next
Thursday with Marjorle Hfatt.
The next meeting of the Busy Bees
will be held Friday with Augusta Eu
banks. Anna Park and sons, Lelghton and
Leonard, spent Sunday with D. M.
Frye and family.
Bert Hamilton and wife and Chas.
Hamilton and family were guests of
u. o. matt ana ramily Sunday.
I Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Spence spent
'Tuesday and Wednesday in Cincln-
The funeral of Chas. Weller will be
held at his residence this morning at
10 o'clock. The family have the sym
pathy of the whole c mmunlty. This
makes the third death In the family
since last November.
Mrs. Frank Strobel and Mrs. Jesse
Spence will entertain the Ladles A'id
Aug. 6 at the home of Mrs. Jesse
Spence. All members please be pre
sent. Paul and Donald Strobel were the
guests the past week of their aunt,
Mrs. William Pommert, of Green
field. Mrs Ambrose and her mother, Mrs.
Stephenson, are vlsltlncr rnhMvAcin
Ned Shivers and family returned to
their home in np.trnit. hct pri,tn
after a two weeks visit with relatives
Leola Fairley, of Chilllcothe, is the
guest of Link Taylor and family.
Severe Attack of Colic Cured.
E. E. Cross, who travels in Virginia
and other Southern States. w ton
suddenly and severely ill with colic.
"' "'h urst store ne came to the mer
chant recommended Chamberlain's
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out a bottle of this preparation. For
saie Dy All Dealers. adv
July 27, 1914.
The little daughter of W. S. Haigh
has been quite sick for several days
Miss LeVera Mllbum was enter
tained Wednesday at the home of Mr.
Rev. Scarff will hold a three days
meeting in August commencing on
the 7th and on Sunday will have a
dinner on the church iawn. All are
This community was greatly shocked
by the sudden death of Mrs. Autle
Gall, which occurred at the home of
her father, Hampton Gall, last Friday
morning Tne funeral was held Sun
day was held Sunday at 10 o'clock,
conducted by an uncle, Rev. S. W.
Campbell, of Dayton. By her true
Christian life she had made many
friends The relatives and friends In
attendance at the funeral from a dls
tance were her motner, Mrs. Byrd, of
Akron, Thomas Mattlnson and wife
and son, Frank Pugsley aid wife and
Mrs. Maude Yazell, of South Charleston

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